Today in Supreme Court History

Today in Supreme Court History: April 21,

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4/21/1800: Justice Alfred Moore takes judicial oath.

Justice Alfred Moore

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  1. “Moore is noted for having written just one opinion for the Court during his term of service: Bas v. Tingy, a minor case of maritime law. Although a member of the Court for nearly four years, poor health kept Moore from the Court’s business during much of his tenure. In particular he did not participate in Marbury v. Madison, a landmark case decided while he was on the Court. Moore was one of the least effective justices in the history of the Court, his career having ‘made scarcely a ripple in American judicial history.'”

    I guess we all can’t be Big Kahunas.

    1. Justice Moore? More like Justice *Less,* amirite?

  2. April 21, (what year)??

    Memo to Comments Editor: This guy makes Law Review over my dead body.

  3. He replaced Justice James Iredell, who was one of the Supreme Court justices selected by George Washington.

    Iredell is most famous for his dissent in Chisolm v. Georgia, his position being adopted and ratified as the 11th Amendment.

    Moore never had such a judicial/Constitutional legacy.

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