Election 2020

Bernie Sanders Suspends His Presidential Campaign

"I have concluded that this battle for the Democratic nomination will not be successful," Sanders told supporters in a livestreamed address on Wednesday morning.


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.) has ended his presidential campaign, clearing the final hurdle for former Vice President Joe Biden to secure the Democratic nomination.

"I wish I could give you better news, but I think you know the truth," Sanders said in a livestreamed address to supporters Wednesday morning. "I have concluded that this battle for the Democratic nomination will not be successful, and so, today, I am announcing the suspension of my campaign."

Sanders said he would have continued his campaign if there was a "feasible path" to the nomination, but that path does not exist. He congratulated Joe Biden as "an honorable man" and promised to work with him toward defeating President Donald Trump.

Sanders said he will remain on the ballot in remaining states and will continue accumulating delegates in the hopes of having greater influence over the internal party deliberations at the Democratic National Convention.

As recently as the morning of March 3, Sanders appeared to be the front-runner for the nomination after having won (or narrowly lost) the first few contests in the nominating process. But Biden turned a strong showing in South Carolina's February 29 primary into a national cascade on Super Tuesday that lifted him into first place and considerably narrowed Sanders' prospective path to victory. A week later, Biden swept a slate of four primaries and cemented his lead.

It was a stunning reversal of fortune in the span of just a few days—a reversal that was aided by several other Democratic candidates dropping out of the race and by Sanders himself, who chose the week before Super Tuesday to offer a bizarre defense of Cuba's communist regime.

But the real problem for Sanders during this election cycle was not his pie-in-the-sky economics or his history of praising communist dictators. It was the fact that he wasn't running against Hillary Clinton.

Sanders entered the 2020 race promising to build upon the large coalition he'd built during his surprisingly strong upset bid against Clinton in 2016. But the self-described democratic socialist found voters less enthusiastic about his promised political revolution this time around. By the end of March, it was obvious that Sanders was underperforming his 2016 marks. The true believers were still with him, but the sizable anti-Clinton vote that had inflated his support four years ago was now absent.

Sanders' decision to drop out of the race solves at least a few headaches for the Democratic Party. Several states have postponed primary elections in light of the coronavirus pandemic, and while those elections will still have to take place at some point, they can be scheduled without one eye toward the presidential race. It also precludes the possibility of a brokered convention—something that once seemed possible, or even likely—whenever the Democratic National Committee meets to officially decide the nominee (the convention has already been postponed from July until August).

Still, Sanders' defeat in 2020 (and 2016) has undoubtedly had an effect on the Democratic Party. As he pointed out in his address on Wednesday, the 78-year-old Sanders has done remarkably well with younger voters during both his presidential campaigns.

"In other words, the future of this country is with our ideas," Sanders said Wednesday.

In a statement, Biden praised Sanders for having "changed the dialogue in America" and credited Sanders for having put his "heart and soul" into the campaign.

"While the Sanders campaign has been suspended, its impact on this election and on elections to come is far from over," Biden said. Coming from a figure who has always been a reliable indicator of where the party's center falls, Biden's assessment is a telling one.

If the arc of the Democratic Party continues to bend toward the left, Sanders may be remembered as something of a Moses figure for the next generation of the party. He's led blue America to the edge of democratic socialism. But in 2020, at least, Democratic voters looked over and rejected what they saw.

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  1. If, in Sander’s words, “Trump is the most dangerous president in modern American history,” then good riddance to the most dangerous presidential candidate in modern American history.

    1. Sanders must have been in a coma during the LBJ years.

      1. Yes. LBJ lied and 50,000 died. LBJ was not only a liar but corrupt as hell. His Medicare bill was a payoff to the AMA.

        1. Also a racist and a pervert. But I guess if I had a 12″ dong I may whip it out at inappropriate times too.

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  2. Seems like the right call. It’s time for all decent and patriotic Americans — IOW, everyone except the alt-right — to unite behind Joe Biden.

    1. And Rose McGowan. She believes the woman Biden raped.

      1. Sexually assaulted, allegedly.

  3. I just saw this on facebook a few minutes ago, needless to say, there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth and rending of garments. I don’t think that the DNC can expect 90% of Bernie’s followers to show up for Biden on election day.

    That being said, unless it was a money thing, I don’t understand why he backed out. I think the chances are pretty damn good that Biden’s either gonna die from Kungflu or do something so senile that the media can’t cover it up, and if he had stayed in then he would have been the nominee by virtue of being last man standing. Granted, I don’t think he would have had a chance of beating Trump, but still.

    1. He was probably given a little something for incentive, and rolled over like a bitch.
      Same as 2016

      1. I’m wondering what it’ll cost the DNC this time. Another summer beach home?

        1. What this guy said.

        2. Now, now. His third vacation manse was bought fair and square with his con artist wife’s inheritance.

          That he has authored bills trying to outlaw inheritance for the serfs, in accordance with his Marxist ideology, is something that shall never be discussed.

      2. you’re probably right.

    2. I think he’s come to the realization that the Democrats *actually prefer a senile old man* to an old commie.

      Like, Biden’s problems aren’t hidden, its not an occassional slightly edited video of him spazzing out (ala Pelosi). Its constant and ongoing loss of concentration, babbling, etc. Its not ignorable.

      But Sanders is seeing that not only have many D operatives openly acknowledged Biden’s problems and they’re pushing a narrative that they don’t matter – all they need is the body in the chair.

      There are a multitude of things to dislike about Sanders but he’s all there.

      1. “he’s all there”

        Not to anyone who hears him speak for more than a sentence.

    3. I don’t think that the DNC can expect 90% of Bernie’s followers to show up for Biden on election day.

      yeah, but that’s mainly because they’re too young to vote or busy partying

      1. Bernie problem was that his supporter did not even show up for him. We heard about the new and young but they did not vote.

        1. I have a feeling that Biden’s gonna have the same problem. Guy does not inspire the troops, so to speak.

          1. I not sure he has to inspire. What he shows is competence, something lacking in the current WH. I have no doubt that VP Biden is a bridge back to saner politics for both parties. With Trump out Republicans can go back to being Republicans. We have tried the unusual like ice cream on pizza and now we are ready for just a hamburger. At least for a while.

        2. It also doesn’t help that he attracts losers who want free shit because they don’t want to work.

    4. It was a money thing. No speeches, no crowds, no fundraisers.

    5. Never underestimate the press’ ability to carry water and play coverup for Team (D).

      They’re doing it RIGHT NOW for Biden with the sexual assault accusation (one that’s far more credible than the one against Cavanaugh). There’s media silence about it.

      And they’re providing more than enough cover for Team (D) governors who are enacting more and more draconian edicts, crushing the economy and rights of the people.

    6. There is no way on God’s Green Earth that the DEMON-CRAT NATIONAL COMMITTEE will let Bolshevik Bernie be the nominee no matter what disaster befalls Quid Pro Joe!!

      See: Seth Rich, 2016

  4. >>It was a stunning reversal of fortune in the span of just a few days

    stunning is a stretch DNC wasn’t ever going to let Bernie have the nom

    1. Nailed it. Hell, two people DOING BETTER THAN JOE BIDEN dropped out AND ENDORSED JOE BIDEN BEFORE SUPER TUESDAY! If you can’t see the fix is in after that, you’re not paying attention.

  5. Boy, the debates this year are sure going to be interesting.

    1. Considering that one of the contestants won’t be able to speak complete sentences and the other one will only be talking about how awesome he is, I’m not sure if debate is the right term

      1. +10

    2. Under the assumption that the DNC allows it? I’m betting they’ll pass, saying it would “lend legitimacy to a corrupt, incompetent, lost the popular vote, blah blah blah…”

    3. You’re a poopy head.

      No, YOU’RE a poopy head.

      (Doesn’t matter which one starts.)

  6. “In other words, the future of this country is with our ideas,”

    ‘Member when people were saying something similar about Ron Paul? I ‘member.

    1. There is an amazing similarity. Both spoke of ideals and got the younguns interested precisely because the mainstream candidates were lying asshats.

      There is a distinct difference in socialism and individualism, but the outward similarities are startling to me. I fully expect the Dems to keep up with their outliar, simply because lying about everything is what politicians do, and Ron Paul was against that but Bernie is one of the best.

      1. All this is true. The difference is that Ron Paul can point to how freedom leads to prosperity, and Bernie Sanders cannot point to how socialism leads to prosperity.

    2. “The future of this country is with our ideas”-Robespierre
      “The future of this country is with our ideas”-Vladimir Lenin
      “The future of this country is with our ideas”-Adolph Hitler
      “The future of this country is with our ideas”-Mao Tse Tung
      “The future of this country is with our ideas”-Fidel Castro
      “The future of this country is with our ideas”-Pol Pot
      “The future of this country is with our ideas”-Hugo Chavez

      1. “Kill a commie for mommy”

  7. Who?

  8. If Bernie Sanders is the Moses who brought the people in sight of the socialist Canaan, who is the Joshua who will totally smite the Canaanites/kulaks?

    1. Kirkland thinks it’s him.

    2. AOC

      1. No, she’s no heavyweight.
        It’ll be the guy who wrote a term paper lauding Bernie before Bernie got big – buttigieg

  9. That’s ok. Democrats will still win with Joe Biden based upon his charisma. Middle of the road centrists who support wars and large scale incarceration policies have a proven appeal based upon recent history.

    1. You should have stayed retired. OBL is a hundred times better and more dedicated.

    2. Agreed Biden is way to middle of the road. We need a ticket that is the great socialist Bernie, combined with the great national socialist Warren!

    3. And support from assholes like you.

  10. Damn. I, for one, was looking forward to enrolling my future children into Comrade Sanders’ literacy program…

    1. As if the choice is yours.

  11. I feel a disturbance in the Force, as if millions of reddit users all cried out at once.

    1. …but weren’t silenced.

    2. kids across the street from me w/the Bernie 2020 sign are gonna have a sad

      1. Put out a Bernie 420 sign to cheer them up.

        1. i’ll remind him the whole month is 4/20 maybe it will help

          1. Whoa……

  12. Eugene Debs never received anywhere near the votes as Sanders and was not only widely denounced for his views but was jailed under sedition charges and yet within a generation the Democrats and FDR had adopted not only his sociopolitical philosophy but many of his policy prescriptions. Bernie Sanders is far more popular and his ideas far less reviled than Eugene Debs and I fear for our future.

    I just read a column yesterday where somebody was earnestly deriding the idea of “centrism” in politics because the United States has moved so far to the right over the last 20 years or so that there effectively is no longer a Left in this country. And I’m pretty sure this guy was completely serious, he seriously believes that Bernie’s socialism is now mainstream centrism, and I’m afraid that there are far too many people who agree with him.

    1. The whole left/right paradigm is fucked, anyways. Dems and Republicans love big government. I do share your concern that many people think that Bernie is somehow a centrist.

      What’s even more insane, is people somehow think the largest, most bloated government of all time, EVER, fucking up the response to the corona virus is somehow proof that libertarianism has been exposed as a failure.

      1. It’s because Trump talks about leaving it up to the states, and talks big about private solutions, blah, blah, blah, while, at the same time, pushing through THE BIGGEST FUCKING BAILOUT IN HISTORY. And yes, the biggest fuckup by the federal government in history.

        1. Don’t forget invoking the DPA, which is actually fascist.

          1. Not fascist enough for your leftist crushes

            1. Tell me Nardz, do you defend Trump’s use of the DPA?

              1. Nope.
                I’ll note that he invoked it, didn’t utilize it, then used it for leverage on Government Moters.
                But no, not a fan

        2. OK.
          Whats your alternative, eunuch?
          Be specific

      2. Well, I’ve been told many times that Trump is the most libertarian president we will ever have.

        1. “Well, I’ve been told many times that Trump is the most libertarian president we will ever have.”

          That is a lie, liar.
          You have been told he’s the best we’ve had in a long time, liar.
          Now, tell us who was better.
          Or STFU and suffer from your TDS.

          1. Jesus Christ, dude, when have I ever displayed TDS? I’m not even making any comment about Trump. I’m ripping on lc1789 who has, in fact, repeatedly declared that Trump is the most libertarian president ever. It is absolutely not a lie.

  13. “Sanders has done remarkably well with younger voters during both his presidential campaigns.

    “In other words, the future of this country is with our ideas,” Sanders said Wednesday”

    Too bad for the socialists that the tweenagers they manage to brainwash do in fact continue to age, and tend to quietly drop their socialist leanings before they hit 30. Then they turn into run of the mill Democrats who only want a “moderate” central planner like Joe Biden.

  14. So did Reason delete lovecon, mine and OBL’s thread?

    1. Which thread was that?

    2. Looks like lc went down the memory hole.

      1. Looks like a few people went down the memory hole for no particular reason other than FYTW.

        1. Really? Who else?

          1. Me for one. I had to create a new account. I can still log in under my old account but can’t comment for some reason.

            1. Weird. Despite your handle I don’t think of you as an asshole, unlike… Well they know who they are. Weird.

            2. I had a problem with my previous account, same thing. I contacted Reason and they said there was a post I made that got flagged by their bot detection. I remember it, I replied to a bot for the LOLs.

              Anyway, not saying that’s what happened here, but it has happened in the past.

      2. Interesting. I wonder what he did? I mean, he’s an idiot, but not usually over any line.

        1. I’m curious as well.

          1. they had a clicker on the use of “unreason”

        2. Just what we need. More excuses for him to think Reason is out to get him. I’m sure it was some glitch.

      3. I have had multiple times where I post, and nothing happens. Or it appears for a second, but when I refresh its gone, so I just retype it.

        Probably one of the crappier, buggier website/comments I have seen.

  15. Bernie bowed out because the virus accomplished more in one month than he could have in four years. The government had decreed that certain industries are non-essential and can be shut down. The 1st amendment rights to free assembly and religion have been erased. What’s left for Bernie to do? May as well sit back and enjoy the show.

    1. Nobody needs 27 kinds of industries.

    2. Well said, windbag
      Pithy, and poignant

    3. Indeed … a sad time for freedom

    4. I saw someone actually declare that forcing churches to close is not an abridgment of the 1A because you can do church by zoom. I pointed out many religions require in person attendance to receive communion and other sacraments. He never responded. Oh and he also stated we can hold protests on line and forcing people to stay home isn’t an abridgment of free assembly.

      1. he also stated we can hold protests on line

        “If it saves just one life, ….”

        1. Yes. Never mind the 10,000,000 new people unemployed or the rise in suicides, or the 100,000 (estimated) restaurants that won’t be able to reopen. We saved one life (hypothetically).

          1. This was meant in support of Rich’s comment BTW.

  16. A wee bit of sunshine on a raw April day.

    Now if Biden will just start making impromptu speeches, Trump can start focusing on his next SCOTUS picks.

  17. The Toilet Paper Shortage convinced Bernie his ideals have been realized.

    1. You may be right. We are now on par with Venezuela.

  18. So, it was a lake house and free use of a corporate jet last time. I wonder how much the bidding got up to this time? Besides letting his wife skim a bunch off the top of DNC ad buys.

    Odds on who’s going to be Biden’s VP, i.e., the one the Party actually thinks will make it through an entire term?

    1. If it’s Hillary, Biden won’t make it through the first week.

      1. No matter who the VP is, they will have the 25th amendment certification papers in their pocket at the inauguration.

        Note that congress can pick any “body” they like to do the deed. Theoretically, if the dems got control of the house and senate, they could designate the DNC as the body to make the determination..
        Section 4. Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.

      2. If it’s Hillary, Biden won’t survive the balloon drop.

    2. I am hearing increasing talk of Cuomo, because he has done such a (gag) wonderful job during this crisis.

  19. Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign–who knew it was still going?

    Anyway, Biden should probably suspend his campaign, as well. All he can do at this point is hope that Trump fucks up.

    The issue is Trump’s handling of the coronavirus–regardless of whether it should be, that’s all people want to hear about. Americans used to be rooting for opposing teams in the Superbowl, but we’re all on the same team now. Biden may not like the plays that President Trump is calling, but if he’s seen as booing the hometown QB or, worse, trying to undermine the home team’s success, it’s gonna go badly for him.

    By August, we may be arguing about something–rather than hoping we survive the virus. If he’s lucky, he can start campaigning against President Trump sometime then. In the meantime, he better get on board the coronavirus bandwagon with the rest of the country or he’ll be seen as rooting against us–and that is not a good look for someone who wants to be president.

    1. “I applaud the leadership shown in this crisis by Governors Cuomo and Newsom, and by patriotic Democrats (and others) everywhere.”

      1. Forget the fact they have the most deaths……

        1. Here I am, trying to suggest a bipartisan patriotic approach to Biden, and you have to come in and nitpick.

          Very well, alternate campaign slogan – “I’m not saying Trump is Hitler, but…”

        2. I’ve said before, the recipe for being a media hero governor here is to go full draconian lockdown PLUS have a huge death toll. And of course be a Dem, but that goes without saying. If you do a lockdown and not many people die (like, say, Minnesota), that’s a nice start, but you need get those deaths up. If you do NOT lock down and have almost no deaths (like, say, every state that has not locked down so far), you are an irresponsible rube and the feds should depose you.

          Cuomo is an obvious example of success, but he had the advantage of starting with the fourth most populous state to begin with. Plus he was late to the house arrest party (though once he went, he went hard). Whitmer, on the other hand, is a real star here. She went full dictator slightly earlier than most midwestern states, had the good sense to ban people from self isolating in a boat in the middle of Lake Huron (since we know that any sort of pleasurable activity causes WuFlu), has ensured that all of her subjects from the isolated hinterlands of the Upper Peninsula to the crowded slums of Detroit are subject to the same diktats, and even though she has the 10th most populous state, she has managed to get that death toll (and number of cases) up to a solid third in the nation, and pulling within striking distance of second in overall deaths! No wonder her name is thrown about as potential VP material!

          1. Clap



            1. If someone knows a better way to textually slow-clap, I’d love to see it – because I am not at all satisfied by my attempt above

              1. slowclap.gif

          2. lol this was excellent.

    2. The Wall Street money guys are pretty smart. I note with no small irony the market is up nicelt upon hearing the demise of The Bern’s campaign.

  20. Is this an example of our betters winning that I keep hearing about?

  21. I still think the Ds are tanking in the draft, so to speak. They’re making you miss Hilldog so they can put her up for 2024 against someone who won’t be Trump.

    1. They were all but sure to lose the presidency, but by shoving Biden to the forefront, they lost any chance of doing it with style and panache.

    2. I’m not sure that evil bitch will even be alive in 2024. She looked remarkably I’ll during the 2016 campaign.

      Who am I kidding though? She and Ginsburg will fight with the cockroaches for Earth supremacy, long after the rest of us are gone.

  22. unfortunately the hospitals are a bit preoccupied at the moment to deal with all of the Bern victims

    1. Now that’s funny, even to someone who once worked in a “bern” unit.

  23. OK, what the fuck? I had to create a new account because when logged in to my normal account (Cynical Asshole) I can’t post comments or reply to other comments. I had to create this one just now. I have no idea why. It seems they 86’ed some other commenters comments both here and in the previous post for some reason, I can only assume it has something to do with that. I suppose it would kill them to, oh I don’t know, send an email out telling people what happened and why. Guess I’m done now for a while.

    1. I wouldn’t join any club that would have me as a member.

    2. I seem to have been deleted as well. I made a comment on the sad story about that girl who died. Soon, that post and its responses were deleted.

      The post asked a pertinent question I thought. I’m pretty sure you responded. That’s all it takes to get deleted?

      1. I think that with the new system, responses get deleted with the original posts. It was kind of confusing when the responses stayed when the original got removed.

        1. That makes sense. I’m just very confused.

          I’ve been around for many years. I don’t post that often but my posts are rarely as inflammatory as other posters. I almost always post in good faith.

          All I did is that rather than show immediate grief for the girl, I asked for more context because I think we are imprecise with the things surrounding COVID-19. I even prefaced it with “perhaps this is insensitive…”. Geez…

          1. That is curious; did you dish on Dalmia too many times? If that is the case then I probably only have a mark or two [at most] to go myself.

            Whatever happened to Crusty, by the way? He brought panache to these discussions.

          2. Yeah, I’ve never seen anything from you or Cynical Asshole that seems the least bit banworthy. I can’t imagine that being inadequately sensitive about a girl’s death would do it. That’s pretty standard procedure around here.

            1. Thought it was pretty much anything that could get them subpoenaed by somebody that counts? Things like kiddie porn links, threatening to sue Reason or its employees, l’affaire déchiqueteuse, etc…

              Squirrels have gotten violent.

          3. *that* comment should not have been bounced it was not offensive.

      2. Yep, you’re right. I’m guessing anyone who responded (like me) also got their commenting privileges revoked. I didn’t think the question you asked was out of line either. In fact, IIRC, you even said something like “I apologize if this seems insensitive.” Oh well, I guess it doesn’t take much to get the ban hammer around here anymore.

        1. I had my comment deleted on this thread replying to someone else but not revoked.

      3. Weird, your comment is definitely gone from that post, but I can still see Cynical Asshole’s. Strange. Also strange that Reason’s website still has problems like this after so many years.

        1. Yeah, the separate comment I made is still there but all the responses to FreeRadical’s post are deleted. That whole thread got the axe for some reason. And of course I can’t post comments under my Cynical Asshole account anymore. It’s weird, I’m pretty sure I’ve made way more inflammatory comments, not to mention some of the other degenerates around here, and not gotten the ban hammer, so what gives? Oh well, we may never know what sets off the censors.

          1. The goal is to get banned.

          2. Random purges will now be SOP at Reason.
            After all, Stalin wasn’t a “real” communist…

            1. It was pretty dumb when Nick said that (it was Nick, wasn’t it?). It’s also pretty dumb to equate having to make a new account with summary execution at the hands of a totalitarian state.

              1. It was Nick.
                And no, it’s not dumb to ALLUDE to communist – oops, I mean Stalinist! – purges in the context of user names being banned (eliminated) from future comments and erasing posts those users made.
                You’re a douche trying to pick nits, but you’re not intelligent enough to pull it off.
                Keep your sniping monosyllabic so as not to stray from your lane

                1. Noting the difference between having your account erased and having to make a new one in order to comment on a website and being murdered by your own government isn’t nitpicking, it’s calling someone out for being absurd. Next time just admit you were being hyperbolic instead of doubling down.

                  1. Damn, talk of doubling down?
                    You look stupider with every post.
                    Your teachers have failed you mightily.
                    For future reference, you’d be well served to understand that most readers here have an IQ above room temperature, so it’d be best for you to remain silent

            2. Well, he wasn’t. Real communists are deluded dupes who help people like Stalin, who are only interested in personal power, to come to power.

  24. Biden is inert; the functional equivalent of wallpaper.

    He will sit in the big chair and they will likely wire his jaws so he only says what is programmed into the teleprompter.

    Of course Pelosi, Schumer, Cuomo, et al will be thinly veiled behind the proverbial curtain.

    In other words, he’s perfect for their job.

    1. The problem with Biden, and I really mean this, is he seems to be suffering from dementia. I don’t think he CAN say what’s programmed, because if he starts to forget where he is and why he’s there… all the programming in the world won’t help. I’m literally trying to figure out how the Dems are going to keep him off the debate stage.

      1. Agreed; I think Joe Rogan has a pretty good take on him at this point. But then I also think that is exactly what the “main stream” Dems want; someone who 1] isn’t Trump damn those deplorable populists and 2] They can totally manage. He fits the bill perfectly. And many swaths of the electorate will just go to the polls and vote party line, no matter how brain dead he is.

        It will be telling who is chosen as his running mate, because they will very likely be POTUS within a year.

        1. But that’s the problem, I don’t think they can manage him, and say what you will about our democracy, at the root of it he has to convince enough of the American population that he has a coherent thought in his head to run the vast Feudal Federal Empire… with or without “management”.

  25. It’s not whether young people are for Bernie, or are economically further left than the national average, it’s when haven’t they ever been? I saw this poll from the ’70s that showed support for wealth redistribution decrease with successive age brackets. So this is nothing new.

    1. amazing how that changes once people start earning money and not only seeing how much gets taken out by .gov, but how ineffective they are at spending it.

  26. GOP and Democrats will have 4 years to regroup and try to come up with something that is palpable to the American people. Trump left the GOP in shambles and the Democrats are beyond pathetic offering up a choice between socialism and a man with onset dementia. Both parties have lost trust with most of the American people.

  27. It was never his intention to win, anyway. Just to get lots of gullible college kids to max out their loans and credit cards and send it to him. As he has for the past 32 years.

    1. WINNING!

  28. Bernie saw The Dotard hand out $2.1 trillion in welfare and said “Fuck it. My work is done”.

    1. Damn Butt, that is actually sort of funny. And from you, no less.

      1. Wait, are you old butt or new butt? I forget.

        1. SPB is old butt again.

        2. That’s turd.

  29. So does this mean they don’t need a convention then since there is no left but Old joe.

    1. Well yeah, for appearances sake. Democrats want to look democratic, even though they couldn’t be further from it.

    2. I guess that does axe a Cuomo swoop-in.

  30. such mixed feelings today. i enjoy bathing in the tears of all the numb skulls who saw their god king throw in the towel, but i’m also dismayed at how many people seem to think he truly was our salvation.

  31. Bernie figured out the game.

    He had no skills, sucked at the govt teet (still does), and it has netted him a few million+$ homes, fame, fortune, security.

    The rest of us have to actually put in work to attain this. We are the real suckers here.

  32. Meh. We’ve known for months that the winner of the next presidential election was going to be a demented old pervert. Assuming there is an election.

  33. The Trump administration will oversee the largest leap in the socialization of America in history. All 2 trillion and counting. Bernie’s work is done for now.

  34. Sanders did NOT end his campaign. He’s still out mucking around for delegates.

    The little douchebag doesn’t have the good graces to simply disappear and leave everyone alone.

  35. Reading the comments on this article give one a pretty clear picture of what “Reason” is all about…

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