Super Tuesday

Joe Biden Deals a Blow to Bernie Sanders' Socialist Revolution on Super Tuesday

It's a two-man race and the Delaware Democrat is a comeback kid.


Joe Biden is the comeback kid tonight, winning at least 8 of the 14 states that were in play tonight on Super Tuesday. That's a major rebound for a campaign that until just a few days ago seemed to be sliding into irrelevance.

The former vice president capitalized on his strengths in the South to win outright majorities in Alabama and Virginia, as well as commanding pluralities in North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. He also scored surprise victories in Minnesota and Massachusetts, where his main rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.) was favored to win.

"We were told when we got to Super Tuesday it would be over. Well it may be over for the other guy," said Biden in a victory speech in Los Angeles, making a veiled swipe at Sanders. "People are talking about a revolution. We started a movement. We increased turnout. We increased turnout for us!"

Sanders, the presumptive frontrunner coming into tonight, picked up his home state of Vermont as well as Colorado and Utah. The Associated Press called California (which awards 415 of the 1,357 delegates up for grabs tonight) just before midnight for Sanders, but it will be a while before we have final vote and delegate counts from the Golden State.

With under 50 percent of the vote in, Biden is expected to win Texas too, according to Cook Political Report.

Even without California, Biden is expected to come out of tonight with as much as a 90 delegate lead.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.), who is still running for president, won no states, not even the one she represents in the U.S. Senate. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg also won no states, and only one territory (American Samoa).

After months of turmoil, the race is back to where it started: Biden in the lead with Sanders in a strong second.

The more things change, the more things stay the same.

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  1. Texas is neck and neck with almost 50% of precincts.

    This is a two person race as of tonight with Biden and Sanders neck and neck.

    Operation chaos is working fantastically.

    1. I hope those two turds destroy each other.

      1. Here’s a much better feud to follow…….

        “Rinna added fuel to the fire by posting a completely nude Instagram photo of herself lying on a bed. “

        Now that’s my idea of a feud. Two smoking hot cougars getting naked to one up each other. Hopefully followed by a tense confrontation in which they each give each other an in depth tongue lashing. Preferably on camera.

        Let’s hope Sanders and Biden don’t follow their example.

      2. Making sure the giant turd stays in office? Wall Street controls the elections, Trump the chump, like all those who preceded him is nothing more than a pompous court jester in the palace of the Wall Street globalist oligarchs. Bernie does not dance to the tune of Wall Street, so they have to make sure he doesn’t get in the saddle. Democrats know Biden will not win, they don’t care, they too fear Bernie because democrats and republicans are the same, they are opposite cheeks on the same ass, which happens to be wall street. Anyone who has tried to make change, tried to have no wars and world peace and do for the American people rather than do for the wall street globalist oligarchs, JFK, was blow off his saddle. His brother, RFK, who was sure to win and they knew if he won he would come gunning for those who killed his brother, was blown away before he could even get in the saddle. Trump drained the swamp and replaced it with his own alligators. Nothing will change, the endless wars in the middle will keep going on, communist Chinese junk will keep flooding our shelves, and the major tax breaks will keep going to the 1%. One thing will change, the purchasing power of the working American will keep going down and down.

  2. “Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.), who is still running for president”


    1. (I mean the post is being catty, not that Warren is a hottie)

      1. That’s Tulsi…

        1. Catty and hottie.

  3. Warren … won no states, not even the one she represents in the U.S. Senate.

    Hmm. Does she have a plan for *that*?

    1. I’m waiting for the Hitler parody video for when Warren finds out she lost Massachusetts to Biden.

      But of course the most natural Hitler parody one will be Bloomberg asking how he could spend a half billion and only win American Somoa, although i will admit 2nd in California ahead of Biden would be unexpected. And of course the people screaming its anti-Semetic to do a Hitler parody for a Jew will be out in force too.

      1. Yep, Samoan Democrats all in for Bloomberg. Weird.

      2. I’m just imagining him in the bunker scene from Downfall, raging at how he’s losing and surrounded by incompetent cowards.

        1. The best one I’ve seen so far is “DNC reads the Mueller report”
          Freaking perfect

    2. Warren’s role is to symphony off votes from Bernie, on behalf of the Democratic establishment. I’m not sure what Bloomberg is up to, but maybe he actually wants to win this.

      1. Bloomberg wants to be King, but will settle for being King-maker, if need be. He’ll make sure the eventual nominee owes him big time. That debt will, of course, be worthless when the eventual nominee gets stomped by Trump.

      2. “I’m not sure what Bloomberg is up to”

        His waist, in pig shit.

      3. *syphon off

        1. *siphon off

  4. Upset Sanders fans are almost as fun as the upset Clinton fans were.

    1. +10000

      Bernie Bros really believe that America wants Communism. They will spin Super Tuesday into a win instead of the loss for Bernie that this is.

      I was hoping Trump would get a chance to stomp Communism in the general election but it will be a brokered convention with probably Biden losing to Trump.

      1. The fact he got so many votes is a win for communism. He praised Castro and Soviet Russia. Imagine someone like him getting the same amount of votes twenty years ago. He’s an early sign of what direction the Democrat party is headed.

        1. This. I’ve been saying Sanders isn’t what scares me… he is just the symptom of what scares me. He’s moving the Overton Window. In the 90s Hillary pushed for govt. control of health care and no one took it serious…. now we have the ACA. If we moved that much again in the same direction over the next 30 years, I don’t see how it wouldn’t be nationalilzed healthcare. The long game is working for leftism… conservatives and libertarians hate the education industry so much because we find it fundamentally problematic but that means that it sits in the corner, full of leftists, and festers. Our ignoring or, at best, complaining about the problem without ever getting in the weeds isn’t helping. It is why I am a public school teacher. I want kids to know that there are other ways to think. I once told my college adviser that I teach in a public school so that one day we might not have public schools. You would have thought I shot her dog and child at the same time.

          We need more people flooding education otherwise what is happening is we’re hanging out in the locker room for the first half while the other team builds what will be an insurmountable lead… and when we com out during the second half we can’t seem to figure out what we’re doing wrong.

          1. I’m in a similar situation. I talk a lot of libertarianism, constitutionalism, small government, individual rights. Surprisingly I get a better reception from the students than I do from my co-workers. It was surprising to find out how many(mainly leftist democrat types) actually push their views on the students (trashing certain candidates or political views), even to the point of affecting grades if they don’t regurgitate the “right answer”. I have students switch into my social studies classes as a result, we can disagree, the important thing for me is to get the student to think and talk to people about why they believe what they believe

            1. “ It was surprising to find out how many(mainly leftist democrat types) actually push their views on the students…”

              Status quo since circa 60s. You been living under a rock?

              1. I expected it and experienced in college. Just didn’t expect to see it at the high school level, or how vindictive some teachers can be towards the students

                1. Yea. I should’ve clarified college as my reference; I’ve no idea what grade schools are selling these days.

                2. High school? Shit, I had a middle school history teacher doing that in the late 80s. He wasn’t even subtle about it.

                  This has been going on a long time, at least as far back as the 1920s. FDR’s “brain trust” was chock-full of comm-symp intellectuals that were itching to use the Depression to implement their social engineering theories on the rest of the country.

                3. “…Just didn’t expect to see it at the high school level, or how vindictive some teachers can be towards the students.”

                  In SF, the teachers marched the grammar-school kids out the day after Trump’s victory to show they were “resisting”.
                  Using grammar-school kids as political props; disgusting,

            2. The kids get it. Don’t hurt others under any circumstance. It’s a pretty simply philosophy that you can’t really disprove unless you undertake a serious amount of mental gymnastics which only grownups seem interested in doing, mainly so they can “get theirs” at others expense.

              I admit to the kids when I’m biased. They know I can’t stand Bernie. But I always tell them to go talk to other people and find out why they do like him. Open your mind, talk, listen, ask questions, and remember your values. But if there’s only 3-4 of us in the whole system, then it’s a losing battle.

              1. Don’t hurt others under any circumstance. It’s a pretty simply philosophy that you can’t really disprove unless you undertake a serious amount of mental gymnastics

                Apparently, “Someone else hurts you first.” a mental Thomas Salto to you.

          2. It is in the nature of peoples to tend towards authoritarianism, especially when it also carries religious or quasi-religious promise.

            That America has largely resisted such impulses for so long – especially when compared to the rest of the world – is something of a miracle.

            A republic, if we can keep it.

            1. It is in the nature of peoples to tend towards authoritarianism, especially when it also carries religious or quasi-religious promise.

              It’s not actually. The idea that all systems tend to become authoritarian is promulgated by leftists to provide cover for the fact that all leftist societal concepts turn into authoritarian hellholes in practice.

              Non-leftist systems only become authoritarian as they are undermined by leftists who use their openness as a weapon against them.

          3. We need more people flooding education otherwise what is happening is we’re hanging out in the locker room for the first half while the other team builds what will be an insurmountable lead… and when we com out during the second half we can’t seem to figure out what we’re doing wrong.

            You do realize that you can educate kids properly without drawing a paycheck from the state, right?

            I mean, people may call me whacko or worse, libertarian, but when you say ‘no public schools’ that’s the goal, kids educated without public employees, right?

        2. we Can’t have millions of marxists running wild in the US. It’s a big fucking problem.

    2. What’s the difference between democratic socialism & socialism? I checked out the DSA of America website a year and a half ago, and it seems like there is no difference.

      Anybody else?

    3. Who needs 18 brands of sneakers and 23 brands of deodorant when children are starving? The media has no idea how American families are under stress.

    4. “Upset Sanders fans are almost as fun as the upset Clinton fans were.” -MK Ultra

      Fringe folks often seem to get the most out of control when their fringe ideas are rejected.

  5. Biden is the Comeback Skid.

    1. Comeback Coot

      1. Sniff’em, Lick’em, Grope’em, ‘N Joe.

  6. I’ll be very interested in seeing how the establishment machinations pan out. I mean, Buttigieg and Klobuchar both withdrawing right on the eve of Super Tuesday? The only way that happens is if they were made offers they couldn’t refuse. It’s a terrible look for the democrats, but I can understand the party establishment panicking at the prospect of Bernie or Bloomberg winning the nomination.

    If Biden goes on to win the nomination, I expect the Bernie Bros to be up in arms about the democratic party bosses stealing the election for the second cycle in a row. They may well sit out the general election in November.

    1. The D’s are pretty screwed either way. A Commie or a senile old fart. Can’t see the Bernie Bros hopping on the Joemobile after their pipedreams are gone in the wind or a backroom convention deal hoses him. I’m old enough to remember the ’68 convention riots…good times.

      1. It will be entertaining if the 2020 D convention turns violent. Which it probably will if they think Bernie got hosed. I could see him having a tantrum and even encouraging it. At his age, what does he have to lose?

    2. What the Democrats did is learn from 2016. The Republicans failed to coalesce behind an alternative to Donald Trump allowing him to slowly pick off candidates to the nomination. While a fight between the Trumpanistas and Bernie Bros would be fun, I rather have someone putting realistic ideas on the table. Although after the election I would love to see professional wrestling (I don’t know the group) have a Trump v Sanders cage match.

      1. ” I rather have someone putting realistic ideas on the table”

        Yea, the senile guy is definitely your best choice for that

        1. He is senile. However, at least he might listen to people who are smarter than he is. Trump demands mafia-type loyalty testing and doesn’t care a fig for competency.

          1. Lol
            Keep up that narrative devotion

          2. There is hope; seek treatment.

      2. Nailed it. The DNC doesn’t want a repeat of the 2016 RNC election.

      3. All of Trump’s ideas are ‘realistic’. In fact, if you view them as a list of bullet points on paper without attaching his name to them, a lot of them are things you saw during the Clinton administration.

        You really do say the most idiotic things. It’s like you’re ordering a bourbon and tomato juice loudly in a bar.

      4. Much of the republicans coalesced behind the winner of their primary. I hear from liberal friends how getting behind the party winner is far more important than voting your belief.

    3. Buttigieg was probably told, “If you want to have a future in this party you need to back off. Your time will come.”

      Klobuchar probably just doesn’t want Bernie to win.

  7. I don’t quite see how Biden comes out of tonight with the delegate lead if he ends up in third place in California. But it doesn’t look like Bernie is going to get even 30% of the vote in California either.

    The big winner right now in California with just 13% reporting is Trump with 902,000 votes to Bernie’s 420,000.

    1. Cite, please.

    2. Donald Trump votes California 1,374,271. 77% precincts reporting.

      65% reporting for Democrat Primary:
      Bernie Sanders 32.7% 877,340
      Joe Biden 23.8% 637,350
      Michael Bloomberg 15.1% 404,432
      Elizabeth Warren 12.2% 326,308

      1. So Trump = 1,374,271
        Democrat field = 2,245,430

        How does that make Trump a ‘big winner’?

        1. Well Trump did get 400,000 more votes than anyone else, in an uncontested primary, in a crossover state, and in California.

          If California handled ballot access for President the way they do for Senator, it would be Trump v Bernie in November regardless of whether Joe ends up as the Democratic nominee or not.

        2. Because Trump is the incumbent and yet still managed to get 1,374,271 votes

          1. In California.

        3. Go read up on incumbent primary vote totals. They are generally uncontested and little enthusiasm. Trumps primary numbers are bigger than Obama’s re election year. Enthusiasm matters.

        4. How does that make Trump a ‘big winner’?

          This is so obtuse and ill-conceived, it’s funny.

          If you like your win, you can keep your win.

          1. It’s a win in the context of telegraphing general election republican turnout. Which is critical to victory. Both parties need a big turnout.

            This is where the D’s are at risk. If the primary remains contested and bitterly divided, a lot of people may stay home on Election Day, regardless of which doddering old turd the D’s nominate. And based on some focus groups of Bernie supporters, a noticeable amount of them see Trump as a better alternative to Biden.

            Especially if they feel Bernie is cheated of the nomination. Which is likely if the delegate totals are close, or super delegates come into play.

  8. “…it looks like Joe Biden is the front-runner and he’s facing a very strong challenge from Bernie Sanders…”

    Thanksgiving dinner, and your Mom says you gotta chose between crazy uncle Bernie and crazy uncle Joe…
    Call your girlfriend and ask if there’s an extra seat at the table, even if it’s a tofu-turkey.

    1. It’s a trap! Tofu-turkey for Thanksgiving is communism.

      Your choices are: crazy C. American-style Socialism, crazy Russian-style socialism, or crazy E. Asian-style socialism. Libertarian solution: stay home and drink.

      Also, I would spend a weekend in a gulag for Mom’s thanksgiving dinner rolls and my Aunt’s berry pie.

      1. Or serve rat poison with paired with vodka and rat poison, plus rat poison surprise for dessert.

    2. Fortunately, the election happens first.

  9. Delicious. I want Biden to win the nom so I can drink the tears of Bernie bros.

    1. Best thing is if Bernie gets the most delegates before they screw him, then the Bros will be staying home in droves in November.

      Its extremely important for the long term viability of the revolution that the democrats can’t win without the Bernie Bros, and if they want their support they have to select their candidate. If they don’t make a stand now, then AOC has no chance in 2024.

      They want to burn it all down anyway, so why not start with the Democratic party?

      1. Biden will pick someone from the Bernie wing of the party as his VP.

        1. I somewhat doubt that.

          Look at it this way, if the establishmentment is so worried about having a socialist on the ticket will scare voters away, why would they think having a senile 78 year old heading the ticket for another socialist will reasure anyone? I’m betting its either Harris or Hunter Biden as the number 2.

          Harris is a Black Woman so she checks 2 boxes and isn’t a socialist so she shouldn’t be too scary.

          Hunter is a possibility because he needs a job that he can’t get fired from when Joe kicks the bucket, and he needs to be kept close so Joe can keep an eye on him, and because Joe already proved no one cares if you pick an incompetent VP candidate.

          1. That is a novel theory about Hunter.

            I can’t really imagine a worse PR move for Biden.

      2. AOC already has no chance in 2024, or any year after that.

        1. Exactly. That’s why the Bernie Bros need to burn it all down now.

    2. Is AOC a Bernie Bro or Bernie Ho?

      1. She definitely needs a real man to give her a good long deep dicking to straighten her out. Her little poof soyboyfriend certainly isn’t.

  10. I wonder if Bernie would launch a write in campaign after he gets fucked over. Things could get interesting.

  11. Should the title be “Joe Deals Blow”?

    1. I thought it was Obama that used to do that

  12. Remember when Biden ran before and he got laughed out of the race because he was a big fat liar and a plagiarist and an idiot and an embarrassment? He’s even worse now than he was then, and yet he’s contending for the lead because the field of candidates is just that pathetic. Consider that Michael Dukakis stomped the dog shit out of Biden. Michael. Dukakis. Let that sink in.

    1. The demographics of the country have changed significantly since the times of Dukakis, and anyone with a big fat D by xir name has a large electoral advantage nowadays.

    2. You figure only Republicans are ready to embrace a lying, idiotic embarassment?

      I know Republicans are lesser people, but still . . .

      1. Your party is tearing itself apart.

        Open wider Arty, you’ve got another four years of Trump on the way.

        1. So another four years of huge deficits and tariffs?

      2. “”I know Republicans are lesser people, but still . . .”‘

        The kind of arrogance the dems rejected with Bloomberg.

      3. Gee, you haven’t been around much. Sorry to see you’re not dead.

    3. And Trump isn’t a big fat liar, idiot, or embarrassment? He’s lowered the bar.

  13. Biden is senile (and wasn’t even very smart in his heyday). Referring to him as a “kid” is kind of cruel.

    1. He is even mixing up his wife with her family members now. Biden is late stage senile.

      1. You have apparently never witnessed advanced senility.

        1. I’ve witnessed it from Trump.

      2. JesseAz claims he is against raising taxes yet supports raising tariffs. Tariffs are taxes. Lol.

      3. JesseAz The 2019 budget was not veto proof in the House, btw.

    2. Trump is senile as well.

    3. And Trump certainly isn’t smart.

  14. I have been doing a little happy dance all night. Not because I’m excited that Biden so throughly stomped Sanders—I couldn’t care less who Democratic voters pick—but because I’ve been predicting for weeks that Sanders’ star would begin to fade once primary season started in earnest. I was pretty confident that Bernie’s frontrunner status was always illusory, driven by early voting and the demographic quirks of the first few primary and caucus states, and so far that assessment has held true. I was also saying that Buttigieg and Klobuchar would have little appeal outside of the Midwest and New Hampshire, that the joyless harpy and relentless nag Warren would not resonate with voters anywhere, and that Bloomberg had jumped into the race far too late to do anything but play spoiler—although it looks like Warren may have done more to damage Sanders’ prospects than Bloomberg did.

    It’s obviously still early days and anything could happen, but Buttigieg and Klobuchar have bowed out, Warren has been thoroughly humiliated, and Bernie’s goose is more or less cooked. It feels good to be right. All it takes is to ignore the hype. It helps to stay off Twitter.

    1. It is nice to see Warren showcased as a giant loser. As she is such a monumental lying piece of shit.

  15. If Sanders doesn’t win enough delegates to win outright on the first ballot, he has no chance with the addition of the 771 superdelegates after that. Sanders getting that many delegates seems like a fantasy at this point.

  16. Biden the comeback kid?

    This is the kind of lazy thinking that is really annoying in the media. Biden was very open about his strategy of skipping the early small primaries, only jumping in when things move to South Carolina. He didn’t waste his time and money building name recognition and momentum in those early states…. Because he didn’t need them.

    Now, exactly according to plan, he is winning in the bigger states with a less crowded field. Precisely as planned by his campaign.

    So, as they say, don’t call it a comeback!

    1. Exactly. The problem with reporters is their unbearable myopia and terrible tunnel vision. They can’t look beyond the next click, the next tweet, the next headline. They utterly lack the capacity for big-picture thinking, and they never learn from history. They are stuck in an eternal Now.

    2. Please Fauxahontas, stay in the race through the month of March. Keep winning just enough delegates to guarantee a brokered convention, with a nasty and brutal floor fight.

      1. She’s probably holding in to see who I’ll give her the most to bow out and back them.

    3. He’s been here for years.

  17. If Biden be the Left’s nominee, President Trump will twist him into knots during their debates. I suspect drooling, stammering ole Joe will physically attack the President on-stage and the Secret Service will have to intervene.

    1. Actually, I had the same thought. Biden has always had trouble holding his temper, way back 20 years ago. But now that some form of dementia seems to be creeping in, even more so.

      And Trump can be infuriating to those political types, deflecting a perfectly laid racism trap with “Slow Joe just doesn’t get it!” Mr. Pushup contest really is a risk to run over and try to physically intimidate Trump. Which is scary, because they are both old enough that one good hard push might be enough to cause a fall and a fatal brain injury. These dudes ain’t spring chickens.

    2. Biden’s best move could be to refuse to participate in debates with Trump.

      1. True. The ridicule he would get for being a coward is preferable to hat Trump would likely do to him.

    3. Lol. Trump is a moron. The polls showed most Americans thought Hillary crushed him. His polls only started going up after the Comey letter was released.

      1. Cool story bro. Those same polls showed Hillary crushing him in th election too. How’d that turn out?

  18. NOW can we all go ahead and laugh our asses off at Mini Mike Bloomberg, the needle-dicked little midget who, as President Trump correctly noted, was by far the biggest loser of the entire night?

    Never before in human history has someone wasted so much of his own money for so little. All those billions of dollars can buy him anything in the world except longer legs, a bigger dick, the presidency, and his old status as #1 big shot in New York back.

    1. If his money can’t buy him a bigger dick, he’s going to the wrong urologist.

      1. Longer legs are available, too. But at his age the recovery time from the surgery would be prohibitive.

        1. When you have $60 billion, you don’t need to be tall or have a big dick. You have a fat wallet. That Trumps everything else. He’s a hottie by every measure that really counts…. If he wants a supermodel, he gets a supermodel.

    2. Yes, now is the correct time to point and laugh.

    3. Bloomberg’s humiliation was the high point of the night to me.

    4. >>longer legs

      his chick is 6 foot tall.

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  20. I just want to see Biden sniff Warren’s hair during a debate before she pulls the plug.

    1. That would almost be worth enduring the debate to see.

  21. Wake up call, Bernie. Keep selling the bright side of Castro. How’s that working out for you.

    Maybe the kids voting for Bernie don’t fully understand socialism, but, apparently, everybody else does.

    Oh, and bye-bye Warren. Even your neighbors pissed on your parade. Good fuckin’ riddance.

    1. Warren should spin it that Massachusetts loves her so much they don’t want her to leave.

      1. Bernie needs to make a phone call. “Please get out Liz. You’re acting like Trotsky when Stalin was building the vanguard, and, besides, a woman can’t win the presidency.”

        “Maybe so, but this bitch can ruin one.”

  22. Joe Biden Deals a Blow to Bernie Sanders’ Socialist Revolution on Super Tuesday . . .
    It is true that this is a setback to Sanders and his followers. But it is just a setback. With the democrat party moving more to the left since the d160s the party will eventually come to a place with very similar ideas as Bernie has. Also as we have seen in Europe which is much more socialists than the US is we will see the US follow down the similar path. Yes, it will not do Bernie any good so, NO, Bernie will never be the first avowed socialists president of the US. But there are and will be many candidates that will follow and when one of these candidates do become president and these progressives are ideas are being put into practice the democrats who did not jump on the Bernie band wagon will look back to this election and ask themselves “Why did I wait so long to get aboard”?
    When the US does finally embrace progressiveness then the US will show Europe how do do progressiveness correctly and for the most good of ALL citizens and residents and not just the few.

    1. Pro tip: If the success of your ideology is dependent on having the right people in charge, you need a new ideology.

      1. Don’t you just love how these progressive yahoos keep thinking that if we just government hard enough and in just the right way, everything will be perfect for everyone everywhere forever and ever amen?

        1. I think it was a bot

    2. “…When the US does finally embrace progressiveness then the US will show Europe how do do progressiveness correctly and for the most good of ALL citizens and residents and not just the few.”

      When the Euro-trash have to pay for their own defense, they’ll learn they can’t afford free shit, either.
      Fuck off, slaver.

  23. Such glowing terms. Do a search of “Biden” on Reason and see how many negative articles you come across.

    1. Yeah, they really don’t like him much, do they?

  24. is it wrong to mock Lieawatha’s wardrobe?

  25. Trump is a boar, he exaggerates and he is a Showman but at least he is ending wars, reducing regulation, and lives in the real world (well mostly). Biden on the other hand has never had an Executive Leadership position in his whole life. Never ran a business, no Military Experience, and never was a Mayor or a Governor. Compare that with Trump’s resume and his performance the last three years. Ya, you may not like his style or his history but his performance has been pretty good.

    He normalized our corporate taxes to be more in line with the Europeans
    He went after China for unfair trade practices
    He went after China for stealing intellectual property
    He reduced regulation on small and medium business
    He got rid of the Obamacare Fines (which I was paying)
    He has reduced Illegal Immigration that is costing us TRILLIONS
    He has defended Gun Rights
    Lowest Black Unemployment in History
    Lowest Hispanic Unemployment in History
    Rising wages for the bottom two thirds of workers. (Woo Woo!, regular people win one)

    1. Yes, trade wars are so libertarian. Lol.

    2. Illegal immigration was already down before Trump became president.

      1. Yeah, wrecking the economy does have a silver lining, doesn’t it?

    3. Low black unemployment is just a continuation of trends that started long before Trump became president. Blacks still hate Trump.

  26. I’m hoping that old fucker Biden has a fatal stroke on camera.

  27. Call this the final battle of 2 empty suits.

  28. Looks like Democrats are rallying around the corrupt beltway establishment candidate.

    Joe! 2020: “I want to be clear—I’m not going nuts”

  29. The Democrats ‘crossed the streams’ and saved their party from a Marxist takeover….

    Too bad the GOP couldn’t have done the same thing (all quit and endorsed Cruz before Super Tuesday 2016)… We’d be in a far better place – given the complete ineptitude of the 2016 Dems.

  30. Biden is weak and confused . The Democrats want him because he will be a front man for Socialism all the while calling it “responsible Capitalism”.

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