Election 2020

Establishment Candidate Joe Biden Delivers Near-Fatal Blow to Sanders' Socialist Campaign

A slew of decisive primary victories expand the former vice president's lead in the Democratic primary.


Joe Biden delivered decisive Tuesday primary wins over Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.), cementing the former vice president's frontrunner status and dealing what might be a fatal blow to the democratic socialist's campaign for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.

Biden nabbed the crucial state of Michigan, which was a notable loss for Sanders, who managed a much-celebrated surprise victory in that state in the 2016 primary. Also among Biden's haul are Mississippi and Missouri, the latter of which Sanders lost by a razor-thin margin—0.24 percent, to be exact—just four years ago.

It was not close this time

So clear was Biden's lead that the Associated Press called both Missouri and Mississippi mere minutes after the polls closed. Michigan wasn't far behind.

Around 1:00 a.m., Biden was also projected as the victor in Idaho, a state that Sanders won overwhelmingly in 2016. As of press time, Sanders held a small lead in Washington—another state that he took handedly last time around. The North Dakota caucuses appeared too close to call, as well, though Sanders maintained a slight edge early Wednesday morning.

"I want to thank Bernie Sanders and his supporters for their tireless energy and their passion," said Biden as he addressed a crowd of supporters late Tuesday evening. "We share a common goal, and together we'll defeat Donald Trump. We'll defeat him together."

Sanders and his surrogates have spent a considerable amount of airtime arguing that the Vermont independent is the best candidate to expand the Democratic electorate. "Now is the time for us to really double down on coalition building, positivity expansion, and focusing on the vision that Senator Sanders has for this country," Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D–N.Y.), one of his more high-profile supporters, said after his disappointing Super Tuesday showing. 

But with that coalition diminishing significantly when compared to Sanders' performance in 2016, such an expansion is not looking likely. The democratic socialist senator has historically depended heavily on youth turnout, which has been especially low this cycle.

Biden's strong rebound last week, when he won 10 of 14 Super Tuesday states, can be at least partially attributed to endorsements from South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D–Minn.), both of whom suspended their candidacies to throw their support behind the former vice president. Sanders blamed Biden's success on "the establishment" bogeyman, arguing that the Democratic machine had conspired against him. But his loss might have more to do with a Democratic Party that is not yet ready to embrace Sanders' brand of socialism.

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  1. Relying on the always fickle and usually anemic youth vote is about as successful a strategy as appealing to fringe minority groups. Even if you managed to win the vote of every single person on the GLBT spectrum or every community college and university student in the country, you’re still going to lose virtually every time. By a wide margin.

    1. Bernie’s an evil, greedy piece of shit – I know what he’s saying when he bitterly denounces people with more than him and foments about our billionaire problem. You know what we called Jews like him back in the day? Sonderkommandos. They were the Jews who were the prison guards and operated the “showers” at Concentration camps.

      1. This is a good observation.

      2. You called them special command units?

    2. It has never been Bernie’s intention to win, anyway. He’s in it to convince poor and desperate people to max out loans and credit cards and send it to him on the false promise that he’ll repay it with money stolen from people they dislike, while he trims off the 15% (and probably more) for himself before pissing off back to his three homes.


  2. Now that Biden seems likely to be the Democratic nominee, all patriotic Americans must unite behind him so we can defeat the illegitimate Russian puppet government currently destroying our country.

    And here’s some important advice for the next several months: do not believe the myths about Biden’s so-called “cognitive decline.” It’s a bunch of evidence-free nonsense made up by desperate Drumpf supporters and Russian bots.


    1. PS — Recall that #TrumpUkraine, the biggest scandal in world history, was the result of Drumpf being terrified of running against Biden. That’s how strong Joe is as a candidate.

    2. Does Maddow have toilet paper? I will take her monthly pads. They should work. She didn’t have a hysterectomy did she? Is she male or female? Fuck did she shower this week? I’ll use her wash rag.

    3. Dude, you make me want to vote for Trump. Biden’s anti-gun, foreign interventionist with little to recommend him. I’d rather vote for Trump, less anti-libertarian.

    4. Your incoherent rant has convinced me. I’m voting for Trump, even though I can’t stand him. Thanks for helping me see how irrational the alternative is.

  3. And oh yes I am fucking with you.

  4. As bad as I feel for Bernie for how he got blatantly screwed for two elections in a row, it’s even funnier now because the person the Dems are getting behind can’t even speak in complete sentences anymore. The question becomes, do his supporters bow to the inevitable and do the J-O-B like he will, or do they follow up on their shit-talking about a “revolution” and burn it down?

    As for the Dems, the real person to watch out for at this point is who becomes Biden’s VP candidate. I’d bet cash money that he won’t even make it to the next election campaign before his dementia finishes him off for good, or the 25th Amendment gets invoked and he’s forced to “resign” or face dying of “natural causes” by being suffocated with a pillow by one of the DNC cleaners.

    1. Top 3 veep picks for Biden
      #1 Kamala
      #2 Michelle
      #3 Oprah

      #4 Buttplug
      #? Beto

      1. Oprah? Why would a TV celebrity be considered for…wait, never mind.

      2. It will be a woman for sure. My money’s on Abrams, but Klobuchar had that Freudian slip the other day and I wouldn’t be surprised if she got offered the VP slot in exchange for dropping out.

        1. Won’t be Klobuchar-too white and centrist

        2. If the Biden/RandomFemale ticket loses, the only explanation will be that America is still too misogynist to vote for a woman! Obviously.

      3. Gretchen Whitmer. Michigan. Swing state.

        1. Not a swing state but I’ll go with Tammy Duckworth

          1. It’s going to be Beto. Biden more or less gave it away a few days ago, when he promised his dozens of fans that Beto would be running the gun-grabbing aspect of the administration. It’s a long shot, but if little Beto in a speedo can deliver Texas, it might be decisive.

            1. So, like, almost a woman?

      4. I don’t think there’s any constitutional reason why it couldn’t be Barack Obama. He can’t be elected to a third term, but he can succeed to the presidency, no?

        1. The vice president has to be eligible to be elected president. Obama is no longer eligible.

        2. 12th Amendment
          But no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States.

          1. How about the Speaker of the House, next in line. Can that person be ineligible to be Prez?

          2. No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of President more than once.

            Obama’s constitutionally ineligible to be elected to the office, the question is whether he’s ineligible to succeed to the office. And if you can argue over what the meaning of “is” is or what “Congress shall make no law….” means, you sure as hell can argue over Obama’s eligibility to be VP.

            1. If the Speaker of the House is in ineligible they’re left out of the line of succession and it moves on to the next eligible person.

            2. The Supreme Court would never buy it. And this case would absolutely go to the Court.

              And it’s an academic discussion anyway. Biden can’t hold it together for a 25 second thank you video after last night’s primaries (they had to splice it twice). He has to use a teleprompter for even short speaking engagements and isn’t giving interviews that aren’t heavily edited. At some point they can’t hide him anymore, and in the states where he engaged with voters directly he lost badly…because they realized the lights weren’t on.

              1. Funny how that last point is being completely ignored.

                Another commenter said this here a couple of weeks ago and he was right: the real purpose of Iowa and New Hampshire is to allow regular people to meet and vet candidates up close and personal. And the ones who vetted Sleepy Joe up close and personal are the ones who know he has no business being president.

                But most people today don’t really pay attention to what’s going on for themselves. The average dolt today gets most of his information from his equally ignorant friends and relatives on Facebook.

      5. It has to be to be Stacy Abrams for him.

        Not long ago, Barry Soetoro was asked who he thought would make a great VP. She was who Obama vouched for and I can’t imagine that He isn’t in Joe’s ears. Would laugh if it was Kampala Harris. That same lady called him a racist just a few weeks ago on the debate stage

        1. It’ll be Hillary. She’s already positioning herself for it.

          1. Hillary? Nope

            1. I dunno, seems pretty cut and dried to me. She gets the VP nod cause she’s deeply connected in the establishment, they get into office, she and the cabinet promptly use the 25th amendment to shuffle him out, and et voila, she’s the first female president like she always wanted.

              I mean, I’m not sure that’ll actually happen but I’d be real surprised if she wasn’t considering it.

          2. Biden

    2. Haha, and right on fucking cue, Bernie comes out and says if he doesn’t win the nomination, he’ll endorse Biden.

      Jobber to the Stars to the very end.

      1. He really is a pussy

        1. “No refunds!”

        2. It’s like Tucker Carlson said last night, he’s a professional loser. He never cared about winning, just getting attention.

          Also, his wife makes a ton of money acting as media buyer for the campaign. Seriously, she makes likely millions from it personally.

      2. Bernie’s a greedy, evil piece of shit. Do you know who he reminds ms e of? I mean hiwild gesticulation, finger wagging, and calling people with more money than him “greedy”? Adolph Hitler, the onl successful socialist.

        Bernie’s a nasty, greedy piece of shit

        1. “The only successful socialist.”

          I think Stalin was more successful than him, both in terms of how many he slaughtered and now many years of autocratic rule.

          1. Mao gets no respect!

            1. The definition of “successful” depends on what it is you were intending to accomplish. Which of course is not necessarily the same thing as what you say you’re intending to accomplish. Bernie’s definition of socialism seems to be that you should just be given everything for free as a right without being required to lift a finger to do a bit of work to earn it, and that seems to have worked out pretty damn well for the Sanders family. (Still waiting for somebody to do an in-depth investigation of Bernie’s wife and her financial shenanigans, Bernie himself might be clean but his wife seems to be as big a crook as a Kennedy.)

    3. Dementia-Joe’s team will keep him far away from the cameras in the coming months. I fully expect the best functioning arm of the left, the mainstream media, to cover for him. As well as pulling a Donna Brazille and giving him full access to debate questions ahead of time.

    4. I always question the sanity of Democrats, but honestly thought Bernie represents what they want. Maybe blatantly saying “we’re gonna get you free shit and you’re gonna pay for it” hasn’t been as popular because of the latter point.
      Is Biden’s draw just that he was Obama’s VP and doesn’t openly state how extreme the party platform he supports is? Between the dementia, creepy behavior, and really murky policy proposals I would think people would be turned away. Then there is the insulting voters who question him and trying to fight them. He might have moments where he comes across folksy and confident but he has lost his damn mind.
      If Sanders had won and Democrats got in line to support him then they would have a better chance. I mean, every time Biden is out in public there is a real concern that he’s gonna drop his pants and windmill his dick around

      1. The neolibs and establishment Dems really should have gotten behind Klobuchar. She at least had a track record as a Senator and while she has no charisma whatsoever, she also came across as a fairly milquetoast candidate with not a lot of baggage.

        1. …not a lot of baggage
          Aside from her cellphone throwing habit?

    5. Bidet’s VP pick will be the first woman he can find who won’t flinch when he sniffs her hair.

      Which probably rules out his wife.

  5. I have no idea how popular Biden will turn out to be – I’m getting a lot of negativity about him in the particular bubble I occupy, but on the other hand, he’s a Seasoned Statesman who Knows Washington, and maybe there are people who detest Trump so much that they’ll cheerfully have Biden as a standard-bearer. Or maybe they want to send a message by voting against Trump.

    Or perhaps this virus thing will become a plague or at the very least cause an economic disaster, and anyone willing to risk going to the polls will be good and scared enough to replace Trump.

    Who knows?

    From my viewpoint, I just don’t see much that’s good about Biden.

    1. If the virus comes back in a second deadlier wave around November like the 1918 flu, I don’t think we will have to worry much about an election since the two major party candidates will likely be dead and a good chunk of their voters too.

      1. Thank you, Little Miss Sunshine.

      2. Well, we can certainly hope.

      3. If the virus hits Congress with the same mortality rate as seen among other oldsters, we could have 25-35 seats for Governors to fill.

        Not to mention the SCOTUS.

        Would intentionally visiting Congress or SCOTUS while infected be considered a crime?

      4. SMOD has been my first choice the last couple of cycles anyway.

        1. What’s “SMOD”?

          1. Sweet Meteor Of Death. You know, that thing that’ll finally usher in the Libertarian Moment?

    2. The Democrats are running the Back to the Past Establishment dotard against Trump. Been in DC half a century, as swampy as they come.

      They’ve managed to make a sitting President the Outsider Candidate.

  6. Great. Get ready for unending MSM apologetics about dementia. It will rival Funemployment from 2009.

    1. I can’t medically diagnose Biden, unless “nutty old coot” is a diagnosis.

      1. In his case, more of a lifestyle than diagnosis – – – – – – – –

    2. Well, they did a pretty good job covering up Reagan’s dementia and the media will be a lot kinder to Biden. If it gets really bad, I guess they could simply have a hologram and simulated voice stand in for him

      1. Reagan wasn’t as blatantly insane. It was just evident that his mind was slowing down. That said, you’re right that Biden will always receive favorable coverage and they can use his history of gaffes as a cover for his loss of mental faculties

        1. Unfortunately, it’s not difficult at all to prove that Slow Joe is just as mentally sharp as he’s always been.

          Which, as I’ve said before, is why I believe Obama really hates Biden – Biden is a moron who was nevertheless forced on him by the DNC as the whitest white bread candidate they could find in order to allay fears of “the scary black man” at the head of the ticket. Obama knew damn well there was no need for that, that he was perfectly capable of getting elected on his own merits and he deeply resents the inherent racism on the part of the DNC and Joe Biden to believe that a black man couldn’t get elected without a white man to help him.

          1. The fact that Biden is just as sharp as he has ever been should be disqualifying right there.

        2. It won’t work. Fox is already banging that drum and so are progressives. Sanders may not be going to personal attacks, but the people who work for him are more than happy to say that Biden has lost it and the DNC and press are covering.

    3. The usual suspects in the media will predictably bring along a panel of “experts” claiming that Biden is in perfect mental fitness. The knob slobbing continues unabated…

  7. It will all come down to who picks the next two Supreme Court justices. Let’s remember, too, not to go overboard on the dementia angle; remember when Hillary was on death’s door in 2016 with some disease or another?

    1. Yeah, and of course he’ll be getting the best of medical care as befits one of the nomenklatura.

      So I say focus on the badness of his ideas – for the present.

      1. Who could have figured that all it took was him not getting gold-plated healthcare for four years to initiate such a dramatic decline?

        1. Hmmm…I would imagine that as an ex-Senator *and* ex-VP he gets a decent stipend and medical coverage.

    2. Hillary may live forever as Satan may not even want to pick up her option.

      1. Who needs competition if it can be avoided?

    3. Speaking of the SC, Ginsburg’s gotta be shitting herself right now. I don’t see Trump losing to Biden.

  8. I for one look forward to Creepy Uncle Joe molestering whoever his female running mate is on stage at the DNC convention.

    It’ll be fun when the usual suspects try to accuse anyone that votes against them of being a misogynist.

    1. Stacy Abrams will take the tit-squeeze and hair-sniffing because she knows she’ll be the one that gets to put Sleepy Joe out of his misery AND will become America’s first black nationalist President.

      1. You aren’t wrong here^

      2. No she won’t, because Biden doesn’t sniff black people.

        Seriously, go look at the sniffing photos of him circulating. He’s equal opportunity except for one group.

  9. Speculation – he’ll proclaim his eagerness to debate, but debate negotiations will founder on Trump’s “instransigence” on some issue or other – or he’ll cite the virus as a reason to avoid public events.

    It’s just a guess on my part, but let me pretend to be confident in my guess, like the people on TV.

    1. PS – If I’m wrong, I’ll come up with a new prediction and I’ll be even more confident than I was with this one.

      1. I can see you’re a pro.

    2. As guesses go, I’ve heard far worse. I could easily see this being the case.

  10. OK white boy. I am glad you creamed your jeans for a 78 year old dementia patient.

    1. Binion can hardly wait to pull the lever for him.

      1. But the real question is does Biden have Gillespie’s vote?

      2. Well he could at least wait until he gets… Oh. You meant vote.

  11. So the fate of the Republic rests on who the democrat party elites designate as his president-of-vice?

    1. “I dropped out and endorsed him first!”

      “But I did it more enthusiatically!”

    2. “So the fate of the Republic rests on who the democrat party elites designate as his president-of-vice?”

      Truman is often characterized as the ‘accidental’ POTUS.
      Bullshit. That fucking wanna-be-king FDR knew full well he wasn’t going to live through the term, but he and his military MD (who should have been court-martialed) lied about his condition.
      FDR’s corpse out to have been tossed in the sewage treatment plant as punishment for the criminal negligence of which he was guilty for leaving Truman out of *ANY* meetings to prepare him for the inevitable.
      FDR deserves a lot of criticism, not least for that bit of scummy legerdemain. The egomaniac piece of shit put WWII in question as a result of his lack of honesty.
      No, I don’t care to hear how ‘he can be excused, since it was his mortality’; lefty whine.

      1. These are the same leftist who call Trump a racist and a racist, but idolize FDR, a man who literally praised Mussolini and sent his advisors to study Germany’s economic reforms. Oh and he turned away a boatload of Jews fleeing German persecution and locked American citizens up in concentration camps. Also, he allowed germ testing to be performed on African American soldiers.

        1. But if FDR were living today, I’m sure he wouldn’t do those things!/proggy

        2. Fascist and a racist. Though they seem to think the former is the same thing as the latter.

  12. Pretty sure it wasn’t more than a year ago, as the Ds were casting about for someone, *anyone*, who might beat Trump (whose approval-ratings were pretty skinny at the time), and Biden was offered, laughingly, since no serious observer figured the worn-out VP was anything other than a last-ditch offering.
    Joe? Meet ditch. You’re “it”, pal.

  13. Comrade Sanders. Not exactly “ Guerrillero Heroico. “ The revolution that wasn’t.

    The good news is, if he couldn’t convince the bros to leave the basements for an hour or so, they’ll be sound asleep for Uncle Joe.

  14. So are any of the Reason writers with egg on their faces after spending weeks breathlessly branding Bernie the front-runner—despite ample scoffing from members of the commentariat such as myself that they were facile bandwagon jumpers—going to have the integrity and courage to come out and admit they were full of shit?

    1. Not such a big egg.

      The only reason Bernie didn’t win (and I am GLAD he didn’t) is because after Comrade Bernie won Nevada, alarm bells went off for independents & conservatives to briefly switch teams and make sure he didn’t cross the finish line

      1. Maybe. Frankly it is surprising to me that Biden has supporters. The Democrats and lefties I talk to almost all align ideologically with Sanders even if they aren’t willing to admit to the extreme shift. Then again, I don’t know what Hillary’s appeal was beyond being female and “experienced.”

        1. That’s fair^

          I suppose Bidens supporters are just ppl who want the same old meat and potatoes that they got for 8 years under Obama. He doesn’t have a new and energizing message. For that matter, he can barely string together coherent sentences these days…

  15. The good news about a Biden presidency is that it will only be a single term. Also, he may do permanent damage to the dems even worse than Trump has for the GOP.

    1. All of the GoP’s current woes are self-inflicted.

      Its not that they had to support the guy, its the three years of crying ‘the sky is falling’ virtue signalling they’ve been doing to . . . show other Democrats how much they care? I don’t get all this.

  16. Keep it up with the dementia angle. Now every time he puts two coherent sentences together you’ll be proved wrong. Understand the importance of expectations. Republicunts used to be so much better at this stuff.

    1. Gee, way to place the bar high. No, every time he flubs it will play into the narrative. Putting two sentences together coherently is what people expect. They will ignore it and focus on his mistakes. That is how human nature works. People focus on the narrative and ignore the mundane.

      1. For example many people still think Ford was a klutz because he tripped once or that Sarah Palin actually claimed to be able to see Russia from her house (which was actually a SNL skit, her actual remark was about how the Governor of Alaska had to have some foreign policy expertise because of its proximity to Russia, that you could literally see parts of Russia from Alaska).

        1. *See parts of Russia from parts of Alaska.

    2. Now every time he puts two coherent sentences together you’ll be proved wrong.

      Talk about the soft bigotry of low expectations.

    3. Understand the importance of expectations.

      You’re the one pushing the soft bigotry of low expectations here.

      Putting two coherent sentences is the *least* thing we think a candidate should be capable of – you’re trying to say that such a thing would be an accomplishment that shows his suitableness.

    4. Tony
      March.10.2020 at 11:48 pm
      “Keep it up with the dementia angle…”

      Keep it up with the stupidity angle.
      Did your mom ever explain why your weren’t aborted?

      1. My guess is that she kept shoving the coat hanger up the wrong hole and finally gave up.

    5. Republicunts” wow. sick burn Tony

  17. Some things are becoming clear about the Democratic Party that the good Reverend should take note of.

    1. There is a strong revealed preference for old white guys to the exclusion of PoC’s and women.

    2. There is a strong revealed preference for ‘Law and Order’ types who work to oppress minorities.

    3. There is a strong revealed preference for candidates with mental illnesses.

    Given that Progressives have insisted all three things apply to Trump, one wonders why Trump doesn’t have the support of the Democratic Party.

    1. Pretty sure there is a strong revealed preference for ANYONE who they hope can beat Trump.
      And JFree is here beating the drum for C-19 PANIC!!!, hoping that ‘the end is near’, but only if Trump gets reelected, right JFree?

    2. Nah, the reverend is a one-trick donkey (ass). His schtick is the progressive war and clinger replacement. It gets old. His alter egos are hilarious at times.

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  19. Jonathan Chait argues that the 2016 election can be seen in a different light:

    The second Sanders campaign has shown conclusively how badly the left misunderstood the electorate. It is not just that Sanders has failed to inspire anything like the upsurge in youth turnout he promised, or that he has failed to make meaningful headway with black voters. White working-class and rural voters have swung heavily against him. In Missouri and Michigan, those voters turned states he closely contested four years ago into routes for his opponent. Some rural counties have swung 30 points from Sanders 2016 to Biden 2020. The candidate in the race who has forged a transracial working-class coalition is, in fact, Joe Biden.

    The factor that actually explains 2016, as some of us chagrined liberals insisted at the time, was Hillary Clinton’s idiosyncratic personal unpopularity. It turned out large portions of the public, even of the Democratic electorate, simply detested her. Sexism is obviously a very large reason, along with Clinton’s own mistakes and the media’s frequently unfair coverage of her. But the important thing is that Clinton’s toxic standing among wide swaths of the electorate was the gravitational force causing the phenomenon Bernie fans misread.

    Of course, he had to play the sexism card before begrudgingly acknowledging her mistakes. Good to know the Democrats are just as sexist as they claim the Republicans are, I guess?

    In my opinion, the importance of the fact that eleven states moved from caucuses to primaries brown 2016 and 2020 cannot be overstated. Sanders was always going to overachieve in caucus states, and he was never going to perform as well in primary states (with a couple of special exceptions). It was this shift in the political landscape more than anything that convinced me early on that Sanders’ campaign was ultimately doomed. The moment the opposition coalesced behind Biden, everything else became academic.

    1. Sexism is obviously a very large reason, along with Clinton’s own mistakes and the media’s frequently unfair coverage of her.

      Now that made me laugh. I don’t suppose maligning half of the electorate as deplorable and irredeemable had more to do with it. Compared to media coverage The Donald receives, Crooked Hillary’s press coverage was positively fawning in comparison. And that is saying a lot, because Crooked Hillary was gobsmacked by the media.

      Now that Team D is making their choice, we can take a closer look at VP Biden. Should be illuminating.
      – For certain, his appearance of corruption will be a campaign issue. Like Clinton before him, VP Biden has a brother who is cashing in on the name. We all know about Hunter and Burisma, thanks to the partisan and divisive impeachment trial.
      – His inability to string 3-5 sentences into a coherent thought will be showcased and highlighted incessantly for the next seven (yes 7) months. He is now verbally abusing potential voters. And you just can’t hide that.
      – VP Biden has a lengthy record. It will be the subject of much discussion (dissection?) and debate. He will own that record. We’ll see if the electorate is impressed by it.
      – The debates are a wildcard. Frankly, POTUS Trump is no great shakes at debating; he meanders but eventually finds his way back to make a point. His style is not great, the content is fine. VP Biden, OTOH, is likely to get taken apart and quite probably humiliated. I would rather not see that happen, to be honest.
      – The response to the Wuhan virus will be compared to the response of SARS and Ebola. Thusfar, no serious missteps by POTUS Trump.

      Today, I don’t see where VP Biden defeats POTUS Trump, absent some dramatic development (Wuhan virus is right up there) or an ‘own goal’ by POTUS Trump.

    2. Outside of the odd conservative leaning outlets like Fox News, where was there press coverage of Clinton that was not fawning? The idea that general press coverage of Hillary was unfair against her is laughable.

      1. The MSM did not do Crooked Hillary that many favors. They took their shots. They covered Crooked Hillary’s server-gate stories, and who could forget the late October Comey Surprise? Was the press clearly biased toward Crooked Hillary? Sure AF.

        Compared to the press coverage The Donald currently receives (I have never seen anything so petty and vicious in my lifetime), Crooked Hillary’s coverage was tame. I don’t fawning is far off the mark.

    3. It was ALWAYS obvious that there was a HUGE “Anybody but Hillary” segment of the voting population. The DNC knew it, and that’s why everybody but Bernie stepped aside to let her win.

  20. Good news for Joe Biden. click here

  21. I wonder if Bernie Bro revolutionaries like Kyle Jurek and Weissgarber are aware of the (roughly) 250,000 independent & republican voters that flooded the booths to stonewall comrade Bernie…

    Hillary received 581,000
    Comrade Bernie: 598,000

    Stacey Abr… I mean **Joe Biden: 832,000
    Comrade Bernie: 574,000

    1. In Michigan^ specifically

    2. Why would Heffalumps vote for Biden? Bernie’s the easier target.

    3. South Carolina had operation chaos, with the express goal of Republicans & Independents pushing Sanders’ numbers up, to make him more competitive, last I checked SC didn’t go to well for Bernie.

  22. It’s his turn!

  23. Fired up and ready to go!

    Where’s my walker? Did I take my pills today?

  24. Why do we even have to ponder a “socialist revolution”?

    We have more than 100 countries, large and small, with all kinds of political and social systems. How about, at the age of 18, everyone gets to pick what kind of system they want to be part of, and relocate? And if we want to be tolerant, maybe give people another chance to relocate at age 30.

    1. We’re not allowed to emigrate, remember. Everyone must stay, bound to the land, in order to incentivize them to improve their own countries.

  25. If Joe is a patsy for the DNC appealing to the “mainstream, moderate” Democrats, he’s either going to need a progressive VP pick to appeal to the more extremist left or an actual moderate to appeal to actually moderate Democrats and independents. I think Joe has shown he can carry minority voters on his own so he doesn’t necessarily need a black or brown VP, but he probably needs a woman – Jan Schakowsky might be a good pick if he goes the “appealing to the extremist left” route. If he decides to go the “appealing to actual moderates” route, it’ll be Mitt Romney.

    1. The VP pick for Biden will be all about image to balance out the old white male. Given Biden’s diminished mental capacity, the one who will be wearing the pants if he wins will be the democrat party’s main benefactor, mini Mike

  26. America to Sanders, we are not that in to you.

    I’ve always thought the progressives were not as popular as they pretend to be. Social media gave them a platform which amplified their voice and gave an illusion of quantity that didn’t exist.

    1. It’s like the throngs of people who hang out on Reddit and therefore think that what happens on Reddit is important in the real world.

  27. Does it seem particularly odd that the democratic party, which wishes to eliminate the electoral college, essentially uses an identical process for their primary system?

    Why delegates rather than popular vote. The system is rigged to prevent most candidates in a crowded field from ever gaining delegate votes in a manner proportional to their popular vote due to the 15% threshold. Bloomberg and Warren each have half of the popular vote held by Sanders or Biden, but less than a tenth the delegates.
    How’s that for the democratic drumbeat of ‘every vote counts’.

    1. Didn’t that change in some states where the primary is now winner take all?

  28. The voters are not the establishment. It’s the votes stupid. Politics is politics and dropping out of a race if you have no chance is legal. Jessie Jackson endorsed Bernie, but voters did not listen to him. Voters sometimes pay attention to endorsements and sometimes they don’t.

  29. Now that the DNC is getting its wish and all but sidelining Sanders they are left with their last problem. How to get rid of Biden and install the candidate they really want.

  30. Sanders can’t defeat Trump for all I care about. Joe Biden is the man! Reruitmentplanet

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