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Texas, Ohio Officials Use COVID-19 as an Excuse To Restrict Abortion

Plus: the pandemic in prisons, pushback on Trump's prescription for economic rebound, and more...


Authorities in Ohio and Texas have announced that the ban on elective surgeries due to COVID-19 will apply to surgical abortions. This would effectively ban abortions in these states for anyone more than 10 weeks pregnant. (Up to 10 weeks, non-surgical abortion is still an option.) But Ohio and Texas clinics are pushing back, setting up state health officials for major legal battles as both a pandemic and the threat of an economic recession rage on.

Last week, Ohio Republican prosecutors sent notice to three state clinics (one in Cincinnati, one in Dayton, and one in Cleveland) saying that all "nonessential" abortions must be stopped. The letterfrom Attorney General Dave Yost's officesaid the state health department would "take all appropriate measures" if clinics did not comply, in accordance with its March 17 order to end all "nonessential or elective surgeries and procedures." A spokesperson for Yost's office later said that this order applied to all of the state's six clinics that perform surgical abortions.

But Planned Parenthood executives from Ohio said in a statement that under the health department's order, "Planned Parenthood can still continue providing essential procedures, including surgical abortion, and our health centers continue to offer other health care services that our patients depend on. Our doors remain open for this care."

"Advocates see the latest limits on abortions as part of a long-standing political agenda, pointing to conservative Ohio lawmakers' past efforts to restrict abortions amid a wave of red-state legislation repeatedly blocked by the courts," writes The Washington Post's Hannah Knowles. "As clinics say they will proceed undeterred, the fight over what constitutes essential care in Ohio could be the first of many as more states heed the U.S. government's calls for hospitals to suspend unneeded operations," Knowles suggested Saturday night.

Right on cue, Texas jumped into the frayand raised the stakes on Mondaywith Attorney General Ken Paxton, also a Republican, issuing a statewide order that abortion procedures not necessary to save the mother's life would be banned through April 21. His office said in a statement:

"No one is exempt from the governor's executive order on medically unnecessary surgeries and procedures, including abortion providers," a statement from Paxton's office read. "Those who violate the governor's order will be met with the full force of the law."

Anyone who performs an elective surgical abortion in Texas between now and April 21 can now be sentenced to jail for 180 days or fined $1,000.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, also a Republican, when asked at a Monday press conference if the state's order to halt all elective procedures applied to abortions, replied: "They've got to free up beds for the things that are needed to save people's lives."

Most surgical abortions are not performed at hospitals, however, but at outpatient settings specifically set up for abortion procedures.

"To the extent that…facilities are categorizing procedures that can be delayed during the COVID-19 pandemic, abortion should not be categorized as such a procedure," said the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, and several other health associations in a statement. "Abortion is…a time-sensitive service for which a delay of several weeks, or in some cases days, may increase the risks or potentially make it completely inaccessible."


A 60-something Phoenix, Arizona, man is dead (and his wife is sick) from consuming a fish tank cleaner that contains chloroquine, after hearing President Donald Trump say that chloroquine—a drug used to treat malaria, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritiscould also treat COVID-19. Trump was wrong in his certainty about chloroquine working on the new coronavirus; the Food and Drug Administration said the drug is just now starting to be tested for that use. However, it hardly seems Trump's fault that this couple took his statements to mean that drinking any old thing with chloroquine in it could help them. It's a tragic story, but not the major indictment of the president a lot of media organizations are making it out to be. There are plenty of real things about the COVID-19 response worth criticizing Trump and his administration for; let's stick to those.


Mass death would cripple the economy, too. As the Trump administration and its mouthpieces get more gung-ho about the idea that COVID-19 can't hurt our economy if we don't let it, some on the right (including a few current and former administration officials) are trying to interject some reality:

Meanwhile, in Trump World:


  • In case you're feeling masochistic this afternoon:

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  • New York City is now among the cities hardest hit by the COVID-19 outbreak:

  • This is inhumane:

  • About that study on how long COVID-19 can live on surfaces….

  • More of this, please:

  • Congressional Democrats are using coronavirus stimulus negotiations to try and push for a new "digital dollar."

  • More on House Democrats' plan:

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  1. Instead Trump and the task force will do a Fox News town hall from 12-2.

    Is this a gathering of more than two people?

    1. Hello.

      Ooof. Is this hysteria now?

      I hope Planned Parenthood rots to the ground.

      White House: We need a stimulus package.
      Pelosi: What's in it for me, erm, I mean...the people!

      Fish tank cleaner. Darwinism now kicks in. Positives people. Positives!

      1. ENB/the Reason staff and their ilk are just really, really shitty human beings

        1. So says chicken farmer "Progressives Are Not People" Nardz

          1. Chicken farmer?
            Has your life ever had an ounce of value, eunuch?

            1. Aren't you a chicken farmer from Georgia?

                1. Lol. These idiots are just making up random shit on a regular now.

                  1. It's just such a weird thing to make up too.
                    Honestly, that might be the most interesting thing eunuch's ever posted

                  2. All the other Chinese coders that used to manage unreason's sock trolls died.

                    New sock troll crew who don't know our back stories. HAHA.

                2. Then where is your chicken farm?

                  1. There is no chicken farm.
                    I have no idea where you're pulling this from. It's weird.
                    And DH, below, was right - using the term "cock farm(er)" would've been much funnier

                    1. Now he’s gonna call you a cock farmer tomorrow and think it’s funny.

              1. You could have at least said cock farmer, I wouldve laughed.

                1. Lol
                  Yes, that's a much better delivery

                2. NPCs dont have good sense of humor.

      2. Granny BoxWine likes her spending bills porky.

      3. Well this went off into an unexpected direction.

        Progressivism is a virus worse than Wuhan-Pay-me-now Virus.

      4. You're really gonna argue that the Republicans (including those who, you know, head the White House) who want to gift cruise companies, who are not even based in the US nor do they pay taxes, billions of dollars are on the high ground?

        That's rich.

  2. Our best weapon against COVID-19 is to test everybody...

    Bailey for President.

    1. Will there be any math on this test?

      1. Is the test available in Tagalog? We need to ensure minorities aren't disadvantaged.

      2. This test is White Privilege all the way down!

  3. More alcohol and marijuana regulations are being loosened...

    Libertarians using COVID-19 to seize control.

  4. There are plenty of real things about the COVID-19 response worth criticizing Trump and his administration for; let's stick to those.


    1. Your copy paste responses get more and more like squirrel’s by the day.

      1. Copy paste? Dude... I'm all original. If anything people copy and paste me.

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          1. I will take that as a compliment. I think...

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        2. You should attempt self reflection and realize you post this comment, or something very similar, more and more often as time goes on.

          1. That.

            Sarc, with posts like that, you sound more and more like Tony of late. God knows Trump does enough stupid shit to pick apart. How about grabbing some of that low hanging fruit, and leaving the badly constructed straw folk to those who can't write any better?

            1. I will take that into consideration. Thank you. No sarc.

          2. The reflexive defense of Trump, and hatred for those who criticize him, is happening more and more often. So why not throw some hyperbole into the mix? See who gets pissed off.

            1. Simple, serious question: do you believe that Trump insisted that quinine would cure China virus, or expressed optimism about the possibilities?

              1. If you're walking through a forest with a canoe in your purse, and wheels fall of, how many red flags does it take to make an igloo?

      2. His continuing fight against even neutral comments about Trump continues.

        1. Your continual emotional reactions to hyperbole continues...

          1. You're broken, dude

            1. Says the guy who wishes violence on people who disagree with him.

            2. And no, I'm not broken. Just a little bent.

              1. I don't wish violence, I understand its fundamental necessity.
                Trump may be a dick, but progressives are assholes. You're a pussy, so you don't like Trump - because he's a dick and dicks fuck pussies. But assholes just want to shit all over everything, as the progressives have done for their century-long and ongoing era. Fortunately, dicks also fuck assholes.
                But being a simple pussy, you can't get past yourself

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                    Maybe Squirrel is really your sock?

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          2. Where was the emotion dummy? Stop projecting.

            1. I will admit I get emotional when I watch a good movie. Gotta dab the eyes. But politics? Nope. No emotion at all. Could care less. I just like stirring up the pot.

        2. hy·per·bo·le
          exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally.

          1. Sorta like someone saying 'Progressives aren't human', eh?

      3. R Mac has not uttered a peep criticizing this upcoming two trillion handout. What a socialist.

        1. You're as irrelevant as ever, eunuch

        2. He was in a thread about it yesterday.

        3. Morning wood hasn’t seen me criticize the stimulus, therefore I’m for it.


        4. Also, wtf does this have to do with the topic at hand? Right, nothing.

  5. Conditions on Rikers are unimaginably bad. My colleague has spoken to a few people trapped inside. What they told her is horrifying.

    And then COVID-19 hit.

    1. More of this, please:

      OK, we'll monitor the people who test negative too

      1. dammit, I didn't mean to respond to you

  6. ...any inmate at the DC Jail who exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 will be placed in solitary confinement.

    I'm sure by then it won't be too late.

    1. Same thing that’s happening to people who aren’t criminals .

      1. Yeah but, they should be sent home to shelter in place then!

      2. They can't watch Netflix in solitary confinement, where's the humanity?!

        1. You'd almost think the inmates were being punished, or something.

  7. Authorities in Ohio and Texas have announced that the ban on elective surgeries due to COVID-19 will apply to surgical abortions.

    Fascists are also stopping woke parents from having the dicks of their transgendered 4 year old sons cut off to save hospital capacity for some old fucks who doubt global warming.

    1. It's just monstrous how they won't help lazy sluts kill their kids just because they're fighting the biggest pandemic since 1918.

  8. Congressional Democrats are using coronavirus stimulus negotiations to try and push for a new "digital dollar."

    Being digitally raped by the government might be a welcome change.

    1. Depends on how many digits.

      1. It better be ten or less or I am calling the police.

        1. Way to kill the joke.

      2. It's all fun and games until someone loses their watch.

    2. There's goes another source of toilet paper


    Behold the wonders of Islamic science and wisdom.

    Amid all the controversy over where the coronavirus comes from (don’t you dare call it the “Chinese Virus,” a la “Spanish Flu,” that would be racist, and to be racist is worse than the virus itself) and what should be done about it, a Muslim cleric in Syracuse, NY., has found the key; thousands of people are being infected, many are dying, and America is teetering on the edge of economic collapse because American women are showing too much ankle.

    1. Well. ARE THEY?

      1. Lets be honest, American women are showing too much cankle.

        1. Post of the morning, DH.

      2. He also said it cost Hillary the election.

    2. But then why is Iran having a greater issue? Perhaps women need to show more skin. I haven't seen one patient in a bikini.

      1. Need moar skin synthesized vitamin D!

        Or Vitamin DD as the case may be.

    3. Sigh. Human stupidity is indeed without limit.

    4. Wait, the article actually has him focus on the ankles. I thought that was an exaggeration. He also focuses on the neck and ears, too. Women shouldn't be showing any of that.

      He adds that these women are provoking God just like the Jews did.

  10. "Trump is going to prison"



    1. OBL, if the Donald goes to prison, won't you be worried that he might catch some Covid?

  11. Find it weird reason chose to focus on the cant stop abortions angle. Hope tomorrow they cover Vices issue w stopping transgender surgery.

    Some of the things Democrats are doing to stop the virus in their bill:

    Publication of corporate pay statistics by race and race statistics for all corporate boards

    -A bail out on all current debt at the Postal Service

    -Required early voting

    -Required same day voter registration

    -Provisions on official time for union collective bargaining

    -Full offset of airline emissions by 2025

    -Publication and reporting of greenhouse gas statistics for individual flights

    -Retirement plans for community newspaper employees

    -Federal $15 minimum wage

    -Permanent paid leave

    -Study on climate change mitigation efforts

    The provisions will apply to the companies and business rescued by bill.

    1. By the way, the talking point DoL and others were pushing yesterday about the hold up of the bill being over a 500 billion slush fund managed by Mnuchin... turns out Pelosi's bill has the exact same language over the loan program. So apparently that was a false reason for the loyal useful idiots to push out.

      1. It's a compromise: you get your slush fund to help companies impacted by the cronyvirus, we get our wish list of unrelated stuff

        1. Except both sides want the actual loans. So really it is "give us what we both want, also give us more of what we want."

      2. You’re not implying that DOL was dishonest, are you?!!!

    2. It would be one thing if the Democrats didn't believe in or agree with a stimulus package. I could respect that position and it is a position with a lot of merits.

      Of course the Democrats love fiscal stimulus and spending money just like the Republicans do. To hold a bill the purpose of which you support hostage so you can ram down a bunch of unrelated giveaways and culture war bullshit like abortion and free operations for trannies is really a new low even for Democrats. My God they are just scumbags.

      1. John, they're one grade below scumbags. Holding money hostage to play petty politics is a new level of low for these cretins. A party for and by cretins as far as I'm concerned. And the Liberals up here are right in that league.

        Whatever that is.

        No more words to describe them.

        1. They're totalitarians who see this as an opportunity to establish the permanent dominance they'd thought they'd achieved during Obama's reign.
          At some point, only violence will be an appropriate response

        2. Are you certain it’s only one? Seems like ‘evil extortionist fuckfaces’ ought to be more than that, somehow.

      2. "My God they are just scumbags"

        Killing inconvenient babies, cutting kids dicks off because mom has Munchausen syndrome by proxy, death panels, Aktion T4, Title IX kangaroo courts, euthanizing the handicapped, mandatory pronouns, bake the cake, etc...
        They talk about injustice, and then they go and commit injustice. They present themselves as anti-fascist and anti-racist, but this is merely a way of defending their class interests.

        They're evil, and they always have been.

        1. Leftism is Munchausen by proxy as political ideology.
          It's sick and contemptible

        2. I'm now at, "They're evil."

          Nuking an economy because you think it gives you a better shot of winning an election is pretty damned bad. Treating a bill to provide relief for those affected by this as your personal opportunity to jam every possible special interest giveaway and voter fraud expediting measure into it , is also really bad.

          Fuck these people. They've already decided to fuck us over in their grasping for power.

        3. +1000

    3. This is why everyone must be voted out of office. Every time.

      1. Mandatory execution after a single term?

        1. "A life-long civil servant."

  12. Jeebus Twittering Christ! Going for a record for the longest morning links?

    I knew it was ENB when it started off with abortion.

    Hey Lizzy! Do trafficking, er prostitution, I mean sex work next!

    1. This was almost funny Squirrel #2.

      1. Aight Moose.

        1. That wasn’t close to funny Squirrel #2.

          1. You gonna be a stalker like Tulpa and post an asinine reply to every comment of mine?

          2. And I'm pretty sure I was here before the plastic flute guy. So if you insist on calling me Squirrel, call me Squirrel #1.

  13. House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) told colleagues late last week that the need for a massive stimulus bill to protect the economy and American families provided the Democrats a “tremendous opportunity” to “restructure” the bill to get them things that they want to advance their partisan agenda.

    This, and the green new deal "we need single payer healthcare to stop climate change" tells us one of two things about the Democratic party:

    1. Yes, the virus is real, but they are lying about upcoming Doom!! about it and/or the climate to scare us into voting for something, anything, out of desperation.


    2. They seriously believe We're All Going To DIE!!!! and are willing to let us all die unless they get everything they ever wanted politically. Give us socialism or we let you die.

    1. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s new stimulus bill would mandate nationwide “ballot harvesting,” allowing party operatives to return other people’s ballots to polling places without “any limit” on the number of ballots.

      “Ballot harvesting” was legalized in California in 2016, and first used in the 2018 midterm elections. It allows anyone to drop off someone else’s mail-in ballot at a polling station. There is no process for vetting or verifying those delivering the ballots — no background checks or identification requirements. Democrats dropped hundreds of thousands of ballots off at polling stations in 2018, helping Democrats as they flipped seven Republican seats.

      1. Ballot harvesting. Oh you mean like what the post office does that every. That's crazy. We should have to stand in long lines on a special day. Make it as inefficient as possible. Just admit you don't want people voting because you would lose more elections.

        1. The left has to cheat to win.

        2. 1. Post offices don't drop off completed ballots at polling stations.
          2. Post offices are not political operatives.
          3. You're an idiot.

          1. "3. You’re an idiot."

            Most important of the three.

          2. You sure about #2?

            ...maybe not OVERTLY...


        3. Yeah, that stupid, neutral postal delivery of ballots. They will not even offer voters guidance in their homes on who to vote for, and refuse to "lose" ballots that might contain the wrong choices.

      2. It allows anyone to drop off someone else’s mail-in ballot at a polling station. There is no process for vetting or verifying those delivering the ballots — no background checks or identification requirements.

        Seems legit. What could possibly go wrong?

      3. don't forget that the people volunteering to go house to house to do this are gonna be politically invested folks, not retirees with nothing better to do.

        1. The post office doesn't generally talk to you about politics to decide whether or not to deliver your ballot, nor are they there when you fill it out like someone could be if they show up on your doorstep.

          The same 'antifa' goon squads that assault with impunity will also threaten you with assault if you don't fill out a ballot the way they approve with impunity.

          1. We all know that the Post Office simply delivers the ballots from Point A to Point B.

            The Ballot Harvesting is designed to deliver ballots to Point B. The ballots better say Democrat on them or they get thrown away or they get written in.

            1. Don't think there aren't some delightful 'public servants' in the Postal Service willing to personally check the 'validity' of some by-mail votes to ensure the people are voting for what's in everyone's 'best interest.'

              The more by-mail voting that occurs, the more access to concentrated numbers of ballots SOMEONE has access to, if people aren't planning for that, they'll figure it out quickly enough to get jobs at their local Post Office...

  14. Orlando, Florida, police arrested a homeless person for violating their coronavirus curfew.

    The virus strikes at night and cannot cross a threshold. Next time try being homeless when there isn't a pandemic.

    Look forward to solitary confinement, citizen.

    1. As long as they don't cut off Netflix

      1. But imagine a future with all programming approved by the Transgender People of Color and Anti-Oppression screening board.

    2. Look forward to solitary confinement, citizen.

      Nah, they'll probably throw him into general population. He'll be much better off in there around other people than sleeping alone on a park bench or something.

    3. and this is why California isn't trying to enforce those curfews with the cops. Because the homeless would eat them alive, and at this point, that might not be a metaphor.

  15. NYC continues to blame Trump for their shitty local government. Complain of a lack of supplies they didnt order until a couple of weeks ago.

  16. Garcetti issues emergency order allowing L.A. restaurants to deliver alcoholic beverages during coronavirus crisis.

    Kicking the FYTW down the road.

  17. More bad economic news.

    Charles Koch current net worth: $45.2 billion

    Only implementing the Koch / Reason policy of unlimited, unrestricted immigration can bring us out of this #DrumpfDepression.


  18. As detailed in an earlier Federalist exposé spurred by revelations that Feinstein had employed a staffer for nearly two decades who was spying for the Chinese government, arguably no politician in American history has maintained a deeper, more longstanding, and friendlier relationship at the highest levels of the CCP than Feinstein. This dates back to at least the normalization of U.S.-China relations in 1979, when shortly thereafter, as mayor of San Francisco, Feinstein established a “sister city” relationship with Shanghai and Mayor Jiang Zemin.

    In the ensuing decades, Feinstein helped dramatically increase commercial ties with China, allowing her husband, investor Richard Blum, to substantially grow his China-related investment profits. In the 1980s, Feinstein and Zemin, the future CCP general secretary and president, worked together to establish corporate partnerships for the express purpose of investing in China.

    Blum directed one such partnership, in which he maintained a relatively small financial interest. But while Blum’s investment may have been small, Chinese officials reportedly viewed the partnership most favorably.

    In the 1990s as a U.S. senator, Feinstein advocated for increasing trade with China, while de-linking its most-favored-nation (MFN) trading status from concerns over rampant human rights violations, and making it permanent. Notably, in the 1993-1994 period, while Feinstein was advocating for increasing trade and participating in extensive meetings with Chinese leaders in Beijing at then-President Jiang’s invitation with her husband in tow, Blum was seeking to raise up to $150 million for an Asia-focused fund for his firm, Newbridge Capital.

    1. Thanks for the news on just how corrupt Feinstein is. I enjoyed reading it, even if I've nothing substantive to say.

  19. The no elective surgeries including abortion bring up what will probably be the biggest long term effect of this virus. We're going to have a first world baby boom for the first time in a long time. People cooped up in their houses all day ate eventually going to get bored of even Netflix. 9 months from now the hospitals are going to be full for an entirely new reason.

    1. There might also be a lot of divorces.

      1. Cue Dora....

      2. True, a lot of sins can be forgiven when you only see each other three hours a day.

        1. Think of all the married men that have long ago been cut off by their wives and now can't get a peaceful nobody-is-home jerk.

          1. But enough about you.

    2. Said this a few days ago, #coronababies are going to get here right around Xmas. Stock up on your merch now while it's cheap.

  20. Folks, this was done to tank the markets. This was done to resist President Trump. This was done to screw over the American worker. The Senate has a $1.6 trillion Wuhan coronavirus bailout package that Democrats co-wrote. They filibustered it on Sunday night. We all know why they’re doing this. This isn’t a secret. The Dow Jones is down some 600 points as we speak and now, they’re trying to logroll stuff that is unrelated to this pandemic. Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) said this move is to shift the economic agenda more to the progressive Left’s vision. Guy wrote up the laundry list the left wants right now. And now, as Cortney wrote, they blocked the bailout package again.

    1. This is the kind of crap that they have pulled in the past and Republicans have rolled over for them. I don't think Trump will. I think Trump will tell them to fuck off and veto it. And since Trump actually fights back, even the media won't be able to lie enough to keep the country from understanding what is going on and blaming the Democrats if nothing gets passed. This is going to backfire on them big time. What they are doing is so shameless and outrageous that only the full retard left is going to support them. There is going to be an enormous backlash against this. I bet they end up backing down and passing a bill sans all of that crap.

      1. The "moderate" members of the GOP were outraged yesterday. Thine and Collins both stood up to go after the democrats this time. Dont think they will roll over. Schumer attempted to block Collins from speaking on the floor. Was ridiculous.

      2. Trump has a personal stake in this. His business is going to collapse by the end of the month if they keep this up. Might even be too late. Thank god for that.

        1. While there's treatment available for TDS, we hope you don't seek it and die of the disease.

          1. I'm saying him having a personal stake is a godsend for us as a nation. The fucking egg heads making these decisions don't care about mainstreet.

            1. My mistake; apologies.

              1. LOL. Sevo, you see this is a prime example of how TDS goes both ways. Your initial response at even the slightest hint of a criticism of dear leader is to wish for the death of your opponents.

                Yeah, you don't have a derangement at all.

                1. Leo,
                  If the comment was as I took it to be, it was not a 'slight' criticism.
                  IOWs, fuck off.

      3. There is 0% chance Trump vetoes this (although I hope I'm wrong). The Republican talking points have been that the Democrats are standing in the way of their desire to spend $2T. Of course the Democrats are only trying to shift the spending to their own pet projects. They both want stimulus, for sure.

        But the point being that both sides can agree that we need to spend loads of money, and it needs to happen ASAP. The politics of Trump vetoing something will certainly be bad for him right now, so he won't do it. This is an election year. Nobody involved cares about anything more than that.

    2. Good and fuck you Republicans. Y'all do this kind of shit every day. Remember Garland?
      McConnell then said he'd appoint a Republican to replace Ginsburg no matter the time. And fuck Trump. You mfers need Democrats more than we need you mfers.

      1. You seem angry. Life okay? They shut down your burger flipping job?

        1. Hey he had just graduated from head fry cook, lot of hopes and dreams were wrapped up in that job.

      2. Go team!

      3. Remember Garland?

        I'm sure you know all the words to Somewhere Over The Rainbow, but it's not particularly germane here.

      4. Oh my God, Republicans would pick a Republican judge, no way.

      5. It’s nice of you to admit it’s a good thing for millions of people to suffer as long as it hurts Trump politically.

        1. We all knew this but it is nice for Lefties to feel comfortable to say it out loud.

          1. The devil you know...

      6. So as a libertarian you prefer Garland over Gorsuch? Now I get my panties in a bunch too sometimes over little procedural Constitutional stuff like the executive branch taxing by EO but I can't think of any part of the Constitution stating when the Senate needs to advise and consent on judicial nominees. Both sides fuck around with that process and it's inherently political so why get so bent out of shape over Garland?

        1. I can say in general both sides deserve whatever politics come from the other side at any given time. I have little sympathy for either side when it comes to political ploys. If any pairing in history really deserve each other, it's the Democrats and Republicans.

      7. Yeah, I remember Garland. He was denied the consent of the Senate by the majority of the Senate, through a routine procedural maneuver that had previously been used by Senates of both parties to deny Presidential appointments. Obama, rather than acknowledge that denial and offer a compromise nominee, went ahead and gambled that Clinton would win the election. Having lost that bet, the Democrats then were sore losers who bitched and moaned about it being unfair that they were successfully outplayed.

        And another thing I remember is that there was no emergency of any kind involved in having a single vacancy on the Supreme Court. A normal political game was played for normal political stakes on the normal political game board, not with the emergency response to a once-a-century disaster.

      8. Ya! What happened to Garland was a travesty! What Democrats did to Cavanaugh, Bork, and Clarence Thomas don't even compare to Mitch McConnell not holding a vote!

        The Red states will accept your apologies when you decide you want to eat...

  21. Yay! Finally got the cd that Ticketmaster promised for buying tickets to a show. Should have gotten two... can't have it all.

    Here's my favorite song from it.

    I doubt anyone will like it, but who fucking cares, right?

    1. Hey John, you might like this. It's got a great beat with no flair on the drums. And a chick with a sexy voice. Right up your alley.

      1. Spot on. Not bad.

    2. Phantogram is great. They remind me of Portishead

      1. They're one of my favorite bands. During the show for that song she was dancing in a strobe light. It was pretty fucking cool. Front row. Hell yeah!

    3. CD? How quaint.

      1. My car is a 2010. How else am I gonna listen to music?

        1. When the street performers play 5 gallon buckets next to your tireless 2010 car?

          1. I live in the sticks. I do enjoy the street performers when I visit the city. It's a novelty to me. Though I imagine I'd be sick of it if I lived there.

        2. AM radio?

          1. LMAO! Good one!

          2. What's next? Gonna call me a Boomer and expect me to react?

  22. House Democrats just introduced their $2.5 trillion coronavirus stimulus package.

    They just took Bernie Sanders' campaign platform and changed the title.

    1. Isn't the entire annual budget, that thing they can never pass on time, something like $4.4 trillion?

      1. Yep, the 2020 deficit is going to be yuge if thing passes and Trump signs it (unlikely - I think he'll veto it and then the squealing from those retards will be deafening).

        And who knows how much of that additional $2.5 trillion would end up being permanent new spending.

      2. Yup. On the nose, per the Gov itself:

        Go to page 115 for the summary tables.

        It's the largest pork bill in history, and it's completely unnecessary.

  23. "Trump was wrong in his certainty about chloroquine working on the new coronavirus; the Food and Drug Administration said the drug is just now starting to be tested for that use. "

    Trumps actual words... "it may work, it may not."

    For fucks sake.

    1. In ENB's day so far:
      Gets in five lies about Trump.
      Doesn't get it when she's the butt of her own joke
      And it's only 10AM

    2. CHTST. I started joking awhile back that some of this shit is like having Tourette’s and Reason just can’t help themselves. Now I’m thinking there’s something to it.

      Why repeat a lie that’s completely obvious to anyone who has actually been watching the president speak? Especially one so insignificant? They did the same shit with DOL’s favorite lie last week that Trump said the virus was a hoax. Just repeated the lie for several days until, apparently, they realized no one but the useful idiots were buying it.

      And to make it worse, they’ll never go back and admit they lied, they’ll just stop saying it and pretend it didn’t happen.

      1. "...Just repeated the lie for several days until, apparently, they realized no one but the useful idiots were buying it..."

        This is turd's fave strategy; cherry-pick some data, lie, repeat lie, comeback a week later, hope no one remembers, repeat lie.

      2. So you're saying they'll fit right into a job writing copy for one of the networks, or major newspapers?

    3. The question is, why is the FDA bothering with testing when we already know for a fact that Trump was wrong to be optimistic about its efficacy? For that matter, why do they keep lying about the things people are doing to fight this thing when we know for a fact that the coronavirus is spreading utterly uncontrolled throughout our major cities, millions of people will soon be dead, and it really doesn't matter if we collapse the economy because civilization as we know it is already doomed?

      1. For that matter, why do they keep lying about the things people are doing to fight this thing when we know for a fact that the coronavirus is spreading utterly uncontrolled throughout our major cities, millions of people will soon be dead, and it really doesn’t matter if we collapse the economy because civilization as we know it is already doomed?

        "Assuming a million lives saved,"

        Wait, so your estimate started well North of 1 million dead and you're confident in handing 1M back? WTF?

  24. Ugh. Discredited #TrumpRussia denialist Glenn Greenwald has reached a new low. Joe Biden is currently showing us what real leadership looks like, and Greenwald is still promoting ridiculous myths about "cognitive decline."

    Finally (for now), here's the Morning Joe panel of Democratic operatives from last fall admitting that Democratic officials behind the scenes are raising doubts about Biden's "abilities"


    1. Morning Joe- is that what Biden gets when he sniffed a little girl the night before?

  25. "Mass death would cripple the economy, too."

    Congrats on the new job JFree.

  26. Jesse Kelly
    Well Bob, can I call you Bob?

    7 million people died in the Great Depression. Adjusting for population growth, that’s roughly 15 million dead Americans today.

    1. Jerry Naughton
      · Mar 23

      48k ppl commit suicide, the "death of despair," in the US ea yr. 13 per 100k population. 7th leading cause of death for men, 10th overall.

      During Great Depression, suicide went from 12.1 to 18.9/100k. Unemployment peaked at 24.9%

      1. Yes, but when we implement ballot harvesting and mandate women on corporate boards, these deaths will be prevented!

  27. This guy, a doctor in LA, gets it:
    "At this point, no matter what we do, we tragically will lose many Americans. Short of a miracle treatment, it’s too late for any other outcome. However, our economy, people’s jobs and livelihoods, and the education of our children should not become collateral damage. We must not let ill-informed, fear-fueled policy compound the casualties of COVID-19."

    1. In war, the general in the field always sees his theater and the most important; all others should be idled to nourish HIS operations.
      So far, most all the medicos are doing exactly the same; all other considerations are to be ignored in the hopes of saving 'just one life'.
      Thank goodness at least one has the sense to take off the blinders.

  28. Ah, the bitch is back ....bitching about abortion.

  29. LOL

    Drumpf actually thinks the virus proves the case for the racist policy known as "border enforcement." CNN's Chris Cillizza sets him straight.

    Viruses don't, uh, recognize borders

    Actually, this pandemic shows unlimited, unrestricted immigration is the only sensible policy.


  30. House Democrats just introduced their $2.5 trillion coronavirus stimulus package.

    Let me guess: they're using this as an excuse to push as much of their legislative agenda into the bill as possible.

    Gee, who could have seen that coming? "Never let a crisis go to waste" and all that.

  31. Yeah, that was definitely a balanced take. Do as the Ds/RINOs say or else face the wrath of 10 million deaths. Bullshit.

  32. Wow, you mean politicians are taking advantage of mass hysteria to do the things they always wanted to do but couldn't get away with? Who could possibly have seen this coming?

    1. They have devoted their lives to "public service" and are thus better than you, peon.

  33. the U.S. Postal Service would aim to help unbanked individuals and/or those without proper ID to establish their identity be provided a digital dollar account, and would set up ATMs for customers to access their funds.


    Also, why not go all the way and abolish paper dollars?

    May all these people be voted out in November, or whenever TF the election is.

  34. The Republican plan that the Democrats rejected was far superior to what the Democrats are proposing--and the Democrats' plan costs more, too.

    This is another great example of the perfect solution fallacy. Because neither solution is perfect doesn't mean one isn't better than the other.

    Meanwhile, the solution where we do nothing for stimulus may be the most attractive of all, but despite the nope that the government might do nothing because of the impasse, it's unrealistic.

    For what it's worth, the Republican package is mostly about loans instead of grants. The big exception is the airline industry, and bailing them out appears to be a rare issue with bipartisan support. I'd rather see them negotiate write offs with their lenders the people who finance or lease them their airplanes, etc., but it is what it is.

    The important point, here, is probably that to whatever extent the "Republican" package is bad, it's largely that way because it had to cave to the demands of people like AOC and her comrades. If the Democrats were not in control of the House, the rescue package would look more like President Trump's initial plan to suspend the payroll tax until the end of December 2020, and If Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden were in the White House, the plan that passes would look more like what AOC and her socialist comrades want--only much more so.

    1. Well why don’t you just suck Trump’s dick Ken!

  35. A 60-something Phoenix, Arizona, man is dead (and his wife is sick) from consuming a fish tank cleaner that contains chloroquine, after hearing President Donald Trump say that chloroquine—a drug used to treat malaria, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis—could also treat COVID-19.

    God, the media treatment of this story is a new low

    1. He didn't even have the illness, the moron thought that taking it would prevent it. Which no one but the voices in his head told him was a good idea.

    2. It's FISH TANK CLEANER. If it says, "Hey, this is not meant for anyone to ingest but Trump said something good about one of the do what you want!" that is the company's fault...not Trump's. But there is no way it doesn't have a million warnings on it and the idiot ingested it anyway.

    3. The cleaner was legal and would be legal regardless of what Trump said and the information regarding one of it's ingredients is available regardless of what Trump said

    I am not the kind of person who gets angered easily by reading the news. But the media's stupid and reckless attempt to destroy one of the best potential treatments out there right now is evil. It angers me enough that I've decided I'm going to vote for Trump even though I haven't cared enough about the candidates to vote in the last two presidential elections.

    1. It didn't contain the drug. It had an ingredient with a similar name.

      1. no, it's the same

        the guy was still stupid, should malaria victims stop taking it too just because of one person's stupidity?

      2. This is the dumbest thing ever. Chloroquine phosphate is chloroquine phosphate whether it is in an anti-malaria pill or aquarium cleaner. There may be additional ingredients and the chemical may have been produced under different industrial standards but it's the same fucking thing. The witch doctor doesn't add magic that the aquarium cleaner manufacturer doesn't.

        1. What are the trace ingredients or byproducts in the cleaner vs the prescription compound? The inactive ingredients looked like standard cosmetics or food additives.

          Plus, where did the guy source the cleaner from? If China, how do we know it even had chloroquine phosphate in it in the first place?

          Finally, AIUI, the therapeutic window for this stuff is sorta narrow. How do we know he didn't just OD on the gunk?

          1. We will never get details because this NeverTrump story didnt play like the Propagandists hoped.

            We all know that there are stupid people out there. #TidePods

            1. There's an interview with his wife or her relatives floating around out there. They basically admit to eating the stuff with a teaspoon. Which is an overdose and then some.

    2. If this stuff turns out to be effective, the writers are going to get whiplash injuries as a result of changing the stories from:
      "Trump hypes unproven drug!"
      "Trump didn't tell us enough about this!"

      1. If it works and it looks like it might, the story will be "Trump's failure to act quickly cost lives". They are just pathetic.

        1. I mean the media was like this before KungFlu, why did everyone fall fall the 'ol okiedoke that the media could be believed.

          They are liars and will always be liars. In fact, they are traitors to America if you ask me for inciting hysteria like they did.

          Luckily, America just has a few qualities that counter this treachery. We are seeing it as people are going out again, businesses are restarting normal operation next week, and the DOW Jones just went back up 1500 points, as of March 24 @1130.

    3. "I am not the kind of person who gets angered easily by reading the news. But the media’s stupid and reckless attempt to destroy one of the best potential treatments out there right now is evil. It angers me enough that I’ve decided I’m going to vote for Trump even though I haven’t cared enough about the candidates to vote in the last two presidential elections."

      This is how Trump was elected in 2016, and the news media has learned nothing.

      It'll get worse before it gets better, too.

      The public's opinion of the media fell to a new low two weeks before Trump was elected in 2016--and the media was talking about little else but Trump at that point in time. If that wasn't a poll on what the public was talking about when they told Gallup they were disgusted with the news media, then what else were they talking about?

      As we get closer to November, expect the shit-storm to get even worse. I'd at least public opinion of the media to at least test the lows we saw in September of 2016.

    4. What can we learn from this incident (using the same alarmist logic applied by our Leaders and media for the past few months):

      Home fish tanks are dangerous and potentially deadly.

      Home fish tank cleaners lead to a 50% fatality rate.

      We must immediately shut down home fish tanks, quarantine any neighborhood that has a fish tank, and induce a national panic.

  36. many young adults and middle aged Americans are becoming seriously ill

    Since when the fuck is 2-10 percent "many"? I can counter that just as easily by saying that 90-98 percent of people aged 20-54 haven't had to go into ICU.

    1. They are still only testing people showing symptoms and for young people, unmistakable symptoms. Look at the table. Out of 828 unmistakably (i.e., very sick) people under 44, 1 person dead, 18 in ICU, 125 hospitalized. There have got to be tens of thousands who are asymptomatic to generate those numbers.

      No wonder Californians are hitting the beaches and trails.

  37. Jesus Christ, it's a great wall of Twitter idiocy.

  38. Watch this snippet of a Sleepy Joe Biden dispatch from his hermetically sealed plastic bubble in an undisclosed location in Delaware, and try hard not to fall out of your chair laughing your ass off:

    1. The whole video is actually worse. It started out with several seconds of dead air, and Joe touching every part of his face before he realized the camera was rolling.

    2. He looks ORANGE!

      Orange man President and now Orange man running!

      Orange you glad you survived COVI19?

    1. I approve of this. I also, all of the sudden, wish I lived closer to a strip club.

    2. It probably sent those Incel Antifa running for their parent's basements.

  39. Reason upset about elective surgery ban but so far quite about all the gun in possesion bans

    1. Leftists gotta leftist.

    2. This is ENB, if it aint about muh uterus or streetwalkers then she probably wont write about it. Sullum is usually the triggerman with guns.

    3. Businesses are issuing travel documents to people in "shelter in place" states.
      Not a word

      1. Papers, please.

  40. "Texas, Ohio Officials Use COVID-19 as an Excuse To Restrict Abortion"

    Without reading the story, how likely is it that the facts also lend themselves to the headline, "Abortion Advocates use Elective Surgery Restrictions as an Excuse to Promote Abortion"?

    More than 50%, amirite?

    There are issues where "bothsideism" is entirely inappropriate, like holocaust denial, but I'm not convinced that abortion is one of those issues.

    1. Also, notice the outrage ISN'T over the banning of EVERY OTHER elective surgery, just's like they don't believe you should have a choice over your body, unless it's actually involves another human's...

  41. What a stroke of luck that the senator who's record demonstrates the most propensity to filibuster bullshit legislative overreach even in a time of crisis is the first senator to test positive for COVID-19. Paul's absence from the senate floor couldn't be timelier for the nanny-staters.

    1. Also helpful for them that Cruz is self-quarantined. If Mike Lee gets the hook too, I'll start suspecting enemy action.

      1. Rand is a physician for Christ's sake. Handwashing is a trained protocol and he didn't even knowingly interact with the person who later tested positive at the gathering where he was supposedly exposed. There are plenty of reasons that both parties and every crony corporatist they pander to would want to keep Rand off the Senate floor during a debate over trillions in stimulus funds.

  42. There are plenty of real things about the COVID-19 response worth criticizing Trump and his administration for

    Like what? Actually I've been pretty impressed so far with the restraint to be honest.

  43. Did I miss the Reason article / headline 'CA, PA, NJ use COVID-19 crisis to restrict 2A rights?

    1. "Guns? Who needs a gun? If the zombies start attacking (pause for laughter), I'll just borrow one from my neighbor..."

      Maybe Reason's copy of the Constitution is the same one the ACLU uses?

    2. Too local.

    3. Well, abortion is a right, and the second amendment is about muskets, so, what’s the problem?

  44. Here's a story that isn't getting much press.

    "Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said Tuesday that he will ask the Trump administration to reconsider its vow to immediately cut $1 billion in aid to Afghanistan because of a political standoff in Kabul.

    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the deep cut after he failed to broker a diplomatic deal during a trip to Kabul on Monday meant to inject new momentum into the U.S.’s efforts to extricate itself from the war in Afghanistan."

    So, here's what's happening.

    President Trump signed off on a deal he negotiated with the Taliban to get us out of Afghanistan in 14 months if they don't do certain things--like use terrorism or harbor terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda in Afghanistan anymore. One of the other things the Taliban is supposed to do over the next 14 months is negotiate a power sharing agreement with the U.S. backed government of Afghanistan.

    The U.S. backed government of Afghanistan is treating this like we're abandoning them like we abandoned the corrupt and inept government of South Vietnam at the end of the Vietnam War, and that's probably because . . . that's exactly what we're doing. President Trump is an "America First" kind of guy, and that means his primary concern in Syria isn't the best interests of the Kurds and his primary concern in Afghanistan isn't the Afghan government. We're leaving in 14 months because it's in the best interests of the USA to do so.

    One of the problems is that the government of Afghanistan has split in two, after allegations of a rigged election, which are probably true. The two contenders, after that rigged election, had agreed to make one of them the President of Afghanistan and the other one the Chief Executive, or something like that. They held competing inaugurations, and they're forming competing cabinets and competing governments. The question for the Taliban is, as part of their agreement with the U.S. to enter into a power sharing agreement with the Afghan government, "Which government dopes the Taliban negotiate with to form a power sharing agreement?"

    So, Pompeo goes over there on Friday to try to broker a single government alliance between the two rivals for control of the Afghan government so that the Taliban can negotiate with them, but after going hard on negotiations all weekend, the U.S. Secretary of State failed to get them to come to terms. So what did the Trump administration did exactly what they should have done: They announced a suspension of aid to the Afghan government until they come to terms and form a single government.

    It's a businessman's commercial real estate deal is what it is. Identifying the proper objectives and using rational means to go after it is so impressive after what we saw from Bush and Obama over the 16 years prior, it's amazing. It's competence is what it is. Competence shouldn't be impressive, but after what we've seen for so long, it is. We should have done this the day after Osama in Laden died. We just didn't have the leadership.

    1. Damn, that's, yeah. Like you said, basic competence is shocking.

      1. How dare you? Orange man bad!

    2. As I recall, the end in Vietnam was more like "well, that was difficult, but we won. Bye."
      And then the bodies began to fall.

  45. Everyone is using this thing called Zoom to do meetings or classes. Apparently, links to Zoom meetings are being shared like crazy and the new internet craze is to join one of these and share hardcore pornography or say terrible things. Once you get kicked you create a new name and rejoin until they are forced to shut down the meeting.

    It's 2020. Why are people still trusting enough to do this online?

    "We got 5 more minutes people. Just ignore the gay porn until we're done. Especially you Barry."

    1. Can you really just join random Zoom meetings if someone sends you a link? Don't you need a meeting ID or some kind of identifier?

      1. Yes. It's set a certain way by default.
        Or, if the link is not public like a classroom a student posts it online to others so they can join.

  46. it hardly seems Trump's fault that this couple took his statements to mean that drinking any old thing with chloroquine in it could help them. It's a tragic story,

    It is not Trumps fault. Nor is it a tragic story.

    1. So is the end of the story where she gets committed to an asylum?

  47. That Gottlieb data is good. Does anyone else think the hospitalization % number looks high? I wonder if that is a bit of an artifact at this point where there are people being admitted simply to watch/monitor rather than because they actually require oxygen in a sub-ICU level.

    1. When you only test serious cases, 100% of your confirmed cases will be serious. They are biasing the sample.

    2. Also, I'm pretty sure that "hospitalization" actually means "hospital visits". ie, They went to the hospital and were told to go home barring more serious complications.

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  49. If it's' elective, its elective. So what's the problem? Its just a "clump of cells" anyway, right?

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