Only Social Darwinians Worry About the Harm Caused by COVID-19 Lockdowns, Andrew Cuomo Says

The point of shutting down the "nonessential" economy, New York's governor explains, is to "save lives, period, whatever it costs."


Anyone who was looking for some assurance that politicians are giving appropriate weight to the potentially devastating economic impact of aggressive COVID-19 control measures will not find it in New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's comments at his press conference today. "We're not going to put a dollar figure on human life," said Cuomo (D), who last Friday announced that "we're all in quarantine now" while ordering all "nonessential" businesses to close. The goal, he explained, is to "save lives, period, whatever it costs."

In a world of finite resources, where government agencies routinely and appropriately weigh the cost of potentially lifesaving regulations, that attitude is utterly irrational. Worse, Cuomo portrayed concerns about the millions of Americans who have been deprived of their livelihoods by lockdowns like his as cruel indifference to the fate of Americans who are especially vulnerable to COVID-19 because of their age or pre-existing medical conditions.

"My mother is not expendable, and your mother is not expendable, and our brothers and sisters are not expendable," Cuomo said when asked about "conservatives" who have noted the heavy burdens imposed by sweeping restrictions on movement, business operations, and work. "And we're not going to accept a premise that human life is disposable."

Here is what lockdown skeptics are really saying, according to Cuomo: "We'll just sacrifice old people; they're old people anyway. And the old get left behind….We're going to move on, and if you can't keep up, well, you just fall by the wayside of life." He described their philosophy as "some modern, Darwinian theory of natural selection."

That interpretation is not just uncharitable; it is cruel in its own way, treating the human costs of shutting down the "nonessential" economy, which fall disproportionately on people of modest means, as a minor consideration that a civilized society must overlook in the name of protecting the vulnerable. Furthermore, that way of framing the issue excludes the possibility that there might be more carefully targeted ways to protect the people who face the greatest risk from the epidemic without massive economic disruption that hurts millions of innocent people.

Regarding his order "mandating that 100% of the workforce must stay home, excluding essential services," Cuomo emphasized that "it is about the vulnerable," who he estimated represent "only 1 percent or 2 percent of the population." They are the people who are most likely to die from COVID-19 because "they are older, they have compromised immune systems, they are HIV positive, or they have emphysema, or they have an underlying heart condition, or they have bad asthma, or they're recovering from cancer."

David Katz, founding director of the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, argues that such people could be protected by a "more surgical" strategy at a much lower cost to the general population. "I am deeply concerned that the social, economic and public health consequences of this near total meltdown of normal life—schools and businesses closed, gatherings banned—will be long lasting and calamitous, possibly graver than the direct toll of the virus itself," Katz writes in The New York Times. "We could achieve the crucial goals of social distancing—saving lives and not overwhelming our medical system—by preferentially protecting the medically frail and those over age 60, and in particular those over 70 and 80, from exposure."

In Cuomo's mind, however, anything short of a general "quarantine" would be reckless. "I believe you can have an intelligent, refined public health strategy," he said today. "You can have an economic startup strategy that is consistent with the public health strategy….You can do both, but not in a clumsy, ham-handed way."

If critics like Katz are right, politicians like Cuomo are the ones who are acting "in a clumsy, ham-handed way" by banning economic activity instead of considering narrower, less damaging alternatives. Cuomo said he might let people who develop immunity after being exposed to the virus "go back to work." But that assumes a capacity for wide testing that does not currently exist, and the immunity Cuomo has in mind will not be very common if his measures work as intended by preventing transmission of the virus.

In the absence of lockdowns, Katz says, "society as a whole could develop natural herd immunity to the virus. The vast majority of people would develop mild coronavirus infections, while medical resources could focus on those who fell critically ill. Once the wider population had been exposed and, if infected, had recovered and gained natural immunity, the risk to the most vulnerable would fall dramatically." Cuomo is simultaneously counting on such immunity and doing everything in his power to prevent it.

Cuomo also said "you can have younger people go back to work," suggesting that, given their very low risk of dying from COVID-19, they might not have to develop immunity or test negative for the virus before being allowed to earn a living again. But when that might happen seems to be completely up in the air.

The correct response to COVID-19, Cuomo said, is "smart," "complicated," and "sophisticated." But not to worry: "That's what government is supposed to do, right?"

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  1. What about Social Lamarckians?

    1. What about anti-Social Lamarckians?

      1. Kill ’em all and let God sort ’em out. At least, that’s what my Dad always used to say.

    2. They are being ridiculed and their hypothesis are being badly misrepresented by their opponents. So much so, that their opponents’ misrepresentations are making it into to textbooks as the hypothesis.

      Note: Lamarck never suggested that giraffes stretching their necks to obtain leaves will result in their offspring having longer necks. This was actually a parody put out by his detractors. Yet, you will find this discussion in many high school biology textbooks as a description of Lamarck’s hypothesis.

      1. I just want to give a shout out to Alfred Russel Wallace…

    3. Why do New Yorkers continue to elect this douche bag?

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  2. Save lives whatever the cost? I don’t know anything about this virus, but I know bad reasoning when I see it.

    Closing down the roadz would save lives from car wrecks. Of course there’s the side-effects of closing the roads, but only social darwinists care about that.

    1. We saw a few days ago that this virus will not be any worse than the Flu/Cold season and will be far less deadly.

      Americans see that too and are saying fuck you tyrant Governors.

      Lefties really have no choice but to make this as painful as possible. Trump will be reelected in November 2020 and all Americans will have a clear picture that Lefties are enemies to the USA.

      1. No, by and large people are giving these governors a pass. Just as “No one ever got fired hiring IBM” for consulting work, no politician has ever been held accountable for being TOO cautious.

        1. Neville Chamberlain comes to mind.

      2. “We saw a few days ago that this virus will not be any worse than the Flu/Cold season and will be far less deadly.”

        Hopefully… We still need a couple more weeks of data (this is brand new for the human species AFAWK) so I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up being like a bad-ish flu season with ~25,000 fatalities. I also wouldn’t be surprised if it’s far, far fewer.

        1. Yeah, Anyone who is certain at this point is full of shit.

    2. We could just ban people from buying cars entirely. Or from buying soda and candy and ice cream. And Cigarettes and marijuana and computers. Just ban them from buying anything with the slightest risk to their health.

      If it saves ONE life!

      1. No water for you because if you drink too much too fast it will kill you!

      2. And ban motorcycle riding, skiing, rock climbing, and everything else that’s fun and mildly dangerous. If it saves just one life…

    3. “save lives, period, whatever it costs.”

      Spoken like a true infant who needs to be kept as far away as possible from power. unfortunately, Dems made him the Governor of New York, merely coincidentally the state where the virus is raging out of control.

      Grown ups know that life comes with trade offs. We trade off lives for economics all the time. If you’re honest, you can get the most bang for your buck on the trade offs. If you’re a putz who says “if it saves only 1 life, it’s worth it”, you’ll end up killing more people and impoverishing us to boot.

    4. Yeah, it’s an absolutely awful argument. Lives are not infinitely valuable. Sorry. Somehow the state has no problem understanding this when cops go and murder someone. But now it’s totally worth it to make everyone way poorer (especially people who were poor to begin with) so a few less people can die.

  3. “My mother is not expendable, and your mother is not expendable, and our brothers and sisters are not expendable,” Cuomo said.

    “The graveyard is filled with non-expendable people,” a wise person said.

    1. Is he hoarding all those masks and sanitizer?

      1. Worse – he’s using them as a prop for his press conference where he’s trying to convince us that there’s such a desperately critical shortage of masks and sanitizer that we must throw the Constitution in the toilet.

        I’m pretty sure Jim and Tammy Fay would blush at the transparency of such an obvious con.

    2. I’m pushing 64 so I am approaching the age group the governor is purportedly defending from certain death. Despite nearly a half century of enjoying tobacco, alcohol and pretty much anything else I wanted I have no preexisting conditions. But for the sake of argument lets assume that I’m particularly vulnerable to this virus and exposure to it would be a death sentence. If I were to die would it be a premature death? Certainly not by any historical measure. The vast majority of humans who have lived on the planet never got anywhere close to my age. I would like to be around a while longer but I also have a son, daughter in law and 2 grandchildren who I hope will outlast me by many decades. I wouldn’t trade their future for a few more years and I’m willing to bet most people my age feel the same way but that is exactly what these assholes are demanding. Fuck you Cuomo. I can take care of myself.

      1. If you follow his line of reasoning, rather than let you willingly jump on the grenade, Cuomo would allow it to kill or maim the whole crowd.

        Hope the Chinese make him watch while they rape his mom when they take over whatever is left of the former U.S. of A.

    3. As much as I love my parents, my mother only works part time at a coffee shop and my father is retiring at the end of the year, logically speaking they are expendable when compared to the greater needs of society.

    4. Aside from that, the comment is flat out wrong.

      His brother is ABSOLUTELY expendable.

      1. Everyone is expendable. Shit happens. People die from accident or disease. The world goes on.

  4. Tradeoffs? What dost thou speaketh of?

    1. Isn’t it horrifying to see a clueless infant running a state with 20million people during a pandemic?

      1. If Trump is re-elected, and I feel that is still quite likely, then get ready for Cuomo to be elected to the presidency in 2024. It was already apparent that he was prepping for a 2024 run, and now he’ll be able to tout his “outstanding” leadership and responsiveness in the face of COVID-19, not to mention all the lives his policies surely saved, though he definitely will mention it. The dubious veracity of such claims will be ignored, of course.

        Pence, the presumptive 2024 Republican candidate, has all the charisma of a rock stuck in your shoe. Cuomo will win. Worse, I just had a horrifying thought, as if “President Andrew Cuomo” weren’t bad enough – I can easily see him selecting Kamala Harris as his VP.

        1. If Cuomo is so outstanding, how did he get so many New Yorkers infected in the first place? After all, Patient Zero was a guy who visited Wuhan & went home to Seattle.

          Seems like Islee of Washington State is doing a better job at COVID19 containment that Chris’ big brother.

          I’m no Democrat, so I really don’t give a shit who they nominate.

          1. I didn’t mean to imply that Cuomo is outstanding, at least not in any positive way – I despise Cuomo. The few sensible things he has done during this crisis don’t cover the stink of his calls for nationalizing certain industries to force production of masks, ventilators, etc.

            However, perception is a huge part of politics, and Cuomo is a savvy, old school, bare knuckle politician. The general public, which barely pays attention to current events and likely cannot name the VP, the Chief Justice, and any two cabinet members, has no idea who Inslee is, even though he was one of the 2020 Democratic candidates for president who dropped out early. Cuomo is making sure he gets his face on TV at every opportunity, and was already doing that before COVID-19, so he will establish name recognition. I suspect he’d handily take the nomination in 2024 if he runs.

            I’m no Democrat, either, but I care who they nominate. They’ve shown a willingness to run candidates who would be awful for this country. The primary example to my mind is Bernie. He isn’t going to win the nomination, but he shouldn’t have come anywhere near as close as he did – twice.

  5. Why is he hoarding medical equipment?

    1. So the people who actually need them have to pay more or cannot get them.

  6. The correct response to COVID-19, Cuomo said, is “smart,” “complicated,” and “sophisticated.”

    “And my response ain’t any of them. Well, maybe complicated!”

    1. Cuomo campaign slogan – I’m more smarterer than those other guys.

      1. “It ain’t the way I wanted it! I can handle things! I’m smart! Not like everybody says… like dumb… I’m smart and I want respect!”

        1. He is also fugly.

  7. I like Texas lieutenant governor Dan Patrick’s notion better. It is an excellent way to prevent individuals like Trump from garnering the Conservative old folk vote that got him into the White House, at least for a few generations!

    1. Did you see him on Tucker’s show last night?

      In my view, Mr. Patrick totally outclassed the emergency doc. In general, small businessmen are far more valuable than medical docs. They generally fare much better at putting subject to predicate to object than allopaths.

      1. Doctors are the *absolute worst* for decision theory.

        They are cargo cultists of statistical methodology. They apply routines they don’t understand as magic rituals to the Science God.

        It’s always enraged me that these cargo cultists have control over my own healthcare. It’s horrifying to watch their Science God rituals cripple the country’s response in real time during a pandemic.

        1. I think “science god” is the wrong metaphor. Science is (supposed to be) cold, heartless, and without emotion. Ask “science” to evaluate costs and benefits and make a balanced decision and I think you will get something very different from what doctors might say. To me, docs are often too narrow in their expertise and focus, and rightly (for them) can recommend actions that do not make economic or even logical sense.

          1. I agree, though asking “science” to make a decision or optimize some function means you already know what the function is. More concretely, “science” can’t tell you what you should want. After you decide that, then science is an excellent tool for figuring out how to get it. Sadly, we are told that we must accept what “science” experts tell us we want.

            1. That’s always my response to people who say “the science is settled” as if that means that the next step is obvious and clear. Fine, it’s settled. That tells us nothing about what we should do with the information.

        2. “Doctors are the *absolute worst* for decision theory.

          They are cargo cultists of statistical methodology. They apply routines they don’t understand as magic rituals to the Science God.”

          It’s not as much that as it is the fact that doctors *generally* have a “damn the expense” approach to treating/saving an individual patient.

          Unfortunately, epidemiologists might consider an entire nation to be the patient.

          1. I think that’s a good description of the problem. And it’s not such a problem if it’s your doctor trying to save your life. But we shouldn’t act like doctors are some great wise class of people who know what’s best in all aspects of life. They are experts in one thing. There are lots of other important things that they aren’t experts about. We give doctors way too much influence.

  8. “And we’re not going to accept a premise that human life is disposable.”

    Unless of course it’s an unborn child, in which case there are at least a dozen reasons why they are disposable.

    1. Not just born children.

      Gotta love the “post-birth abortion” euphemism for infanticide.

      I’ve always been pro abortion. But even I’m shocked that the Democrats are going Full Sparta, and still want to “abort” babies post birth.

    2. Actually, Dr. Zeke Emmanuel said no one (including himself) should live beyond 75 years of age.

      That’s why I call this the Zeke Emmanuel Virus.

      It’s like God granted Zeke’s wish.

  9. Spanish Military Finds Dead Bodies And Seniors ‘Completely Abandoned’ In Care Homes

    These fucking Socialists who advocate that their system is the best are monsters.

    1. How many socialists are quietly *glad* of the pandemic?

      The developed world has a problem with inverted demographics. Too many old people using resources.

      And *poof*, a virus appears that differently kills the old while leaving the young largely untouched. That’s one way to cut down social welfare expenses.

      I wouldn’t be surprised *at all* if that was the CCP’s plan. And the International Ruling Reptiles nodded in agreement.

      Apparently 20 million cell phone accounts were canceled in China, despite it being a requirement that everyone have one.

      1. Re: the 20 million cell phone accounts, I’ve seen that and it’s certainly alarming. I thought it was just one provider, though, and there are several. Could people have switched to a lower-cost pay as you go plan with someone else?

      2. The retirement age in China currently is 60 for men and 55 for female civil servants and 50 for female workers. With their demographics, that’s gonna’ get expensive really soon.

      3. “How many socialists are quietly *glad* of the pandemic?

        The developed world has a problem with inverted demographics. Too many old people using resources.”

        Socialists: Look everyone! We’ve solved the Social Security and Medicare solvency problem!

      4. I’d also offer that this is VERY convenient for Iran. Nearly perfect cover to “disappear” large numbers of dissidents and players in the Green Movement.

    2. Same thing happened in France a few years back when they had a heatwave.

  10. Texas’ lieutenant governor suggests grandparents are willing to die for US economy

    Either nuke our economy or you want to kill grandparents.

    There are no other choices!

  11. “Whatever it costs”

    Put your money up then.

  12. Baaaaaaaaaaa

  13. lockdown skeptics

    Nice band name.

  14. What is his prediction of the number of deaths due to becoming out of shape since the gyms are shut down?
    How many more cases of heart disease and diabetes, just to name two things related to being out of shape? How many of those are sacrifices to the arrogance of certain (blue) governors?

    1. Heart disease and other causes of death will be far more deadly this year than KungFlu.

      1. And lots who *DO* die from the Chinese KungFlu Sino-virus from China very well might have died from heart disease, etc. this year anyway, so what will be the actual impact in terms of incremental deaths? Quite small I would guess.

    2. St. Baldrick’s (a non-profit fundraiser for childhood cancer) switched their events from the usual smattering of local gathering places to coordinated online events and then eventually cancelled them to avoid people congregating in groups whatsoever.

      I’m unaware of the exact number of kids with cancer who will die this year or because of this but, fuck ’em, they need to learn that not everything in life is about money.

  15. I read this morning that the Great Depression killed, if you scale up to today’s population, 15 million.

    Doctors? Hospitals? Medicine? All has to be paid for.

    Food? Ditto.

    Government checks? Exactly where is the government getting this money?

    1. Gen Zers that the government was yelling to get off the beaches.

      I foresee some young adults joining the Libertarian ranks after this is over just because they realized that being a Socialist like a lot of Boomers, is not the way to go.

    2. Oh no, they already have the solution to that issue. Just take any money you need from people who have too much, and give it to whoever needs it. Sounds like a promising idea! I’m told no one has ever “truly tried it” before, so what could go wrong?

  16. “human costs of shutting down the “nonessential” economy, which fall disproportionately on people of modest means”

    From what I can see and of course it’s to be continued but so far it seems the costs have fallen heaviest on the rich people who were heavily invested in the stock market and people who own businesses. One of the benefits of being a minimum wage earning serf is that you used to losing your job and deprivation. Plus I hear Walmart is hiring.

    1. rich people who were heavily invested in the stock market

      And normal peoples’ 401Ks, and all the workers being laid off because their companies cannot afford to pay them….

    2. One of the benefits of being a minimum wage earning serf is that you used to losing your job and deprivation.

      The hicklib pederast is certainly an expert at being a minimum wage serf. That’s why he can’t pay off his gambling debts.

      1. The market declines are not even true losses. That money is still around.

        1. Oh really? Give me mine.

        2. Spoken like someone who truly does not understand what stock prices represent, the current value of future cashflows from business operations. If a company is not running or is running inefficiently due to shutdowns, cashflows will definitely suffer. The losses are real in the short run and will continue to affect prices as it will take time to get back to efficient operations.

          Or did you think it was all just gambling?

    3. The coronavirus has been mostly a rich person’s virus. It hit people rich enough to travel internationally, and hurts old people (who are the richest group) the hardest, and the economic shocks (from people avoiding crowds and from idiot governors shutting everything down) fall mostly on business owners, and stock market investors (who are richer than average).

      So the bailouts should favor the wealthy too — start by increasing the size of the capital loss you can carry forward. It’s been 3,000 dollars forever.

  17. Everyone needs to see Andrew Cuomo’s inspiring words on the fight against coronavirus

    Look at this guy at CNN Chortle Andrew Cuomo’s balls.

    “Inspiring Words” HAHAHA. This Chris Cillizza is such a Propagandist

  18. Did you see him on Tucker’s show last night?

    In my view, Mr. Patrick totally outclassed the emergency doc. In general, small businessmen are far more valuable than medical docs. They generally fare much better at putting subject to predicate to object than allopaths.

  19. The goal, Cuomo explained, is to “save lives, period, no matter how many lives it costs.”

    1. This.

  20. “there might be more carefully targeted ways to protect the people who face the greatest risk from the epidemic without massive economic disruption that hurts millions billions of innocent people”

  21. I thought this was war and in war sacrifices must be made. I have no doubt grandparents are willing to risk death so their grandchildren can have a future.

    1. But now their grandchildren’s future is paying back the 25 trillion dollars the government is going to owe.

  22. Andrew Cuomo is a fucking moron. That is all.

    1. I read that at first as “Andrew Cuomo is fucking his mom.” Which is just as applicable.

    2. Yes, yes he is

  23. I am a fan of Jonathan Haidt and Moral Foundation Theory. In MFT, most people are motivated by several core foundations. But most liberals are overwhelmingly focused on harm prevention.

    Think of a stereotypical doting and perhaps smothering mother figure, who does everything to shield her kids from not just harm but discomfort. She is absolutely sure she is doing the right thing, but the rest of us–and probably, some day, her kids–think she is nuts.

    Cuomo could have a similar single noble but delusional focus. Or he could be a cynical bag of shit, pandering to the delusional worry warts who dominate the Democratic Party.

    1. Lately I’ve realized a large part of my moral calculus revolves around adequately preparing people to be adults. I have a lot of revulsion towards progressives and people motivated by harm prevention, because in my view they are truly harming people they claim to protect by chasing a utopian vision with no risk. I don’t see how you can think you are a good parent if your kids would collapse if you were hit by a truck tomorrow. Same goes for citizens – safety nets sure, great, but ultimate goal must always be to teach them to fish for themselves.

      1. But my amateur social analysis makes me think we have a significant number of “adults” who wish to be children, and want a society and government to pander to their wish. They want to be cared for, have no responsibility, and are eager to cede autonomy (and responsibility) to anyone who promises to care for them. At least until they get upset about something, and then throw childish temper tantrums.

        Maybe this results from misguided parenting and education styles of the past decade or so, but I sense some correlation between the rise of helplessness (and demand for nanny care) and the indulgent childhood many experienced.

        1. Exactly this. The adults who really want to be children must be totally unaware that’s what they are. I’d rather blow my brains that refuse to be responsible for myself. It’s beyond disgusting.

  24. I watched the press conference – Cuomo insists NY needs 30k ventilators, they have like 750 patients currently on ventilators. The US government is stockpiling 20k ventilators, Cuomo is demanding the feds fork them over. This despite the fact that the feds operate VA hospitals – mostly for old people with health problems – and they might need them. Cuomo might need them, too, and NY, being the center of the universe and all, is far more important than the whole rest of the country put together.

    On top of that, FEMA sent New York 400 ventilators and Cuomo considered that a slap in the face and an insult – we need 30k ventilators and they send 400 and they expect us to be grateful for that? What the hell am I going to do with 400 ventilators when I need 30k? I have no love for FEMA, but they should have demanded the 400 ventilators be returned. Fuck you, you ungrateful bitch.

    Cuomo actually admitted that they need these ventilators sent out now, because it’s going to take a couple of weeks for them to expand hospital capacity and the number of ICU units to have some place to put these ventilators – in other words, the feds shouldn’t be stockpiling these ventilators when New York desperately needs to stockpile them! And then he claims that he personally will guarantee that when some other state needs those federal ventilators, he’ll be glad to send them along. You know, as soon as New York is done using them.

    The worst thing, reminiscent of the Daily News headline when Ford refused to use federal money bail out NYC “Ford to City: Drop Dead”, Cuomo wants the federal government to do everything within its power to bail out NY and yet I’m pretty sure, as governor of New York, he has plenty of emergency powers he could use if he wants to demand that somebody better by-God pull 30k ventilators out of their ass right now and I’m not kidding.

    1. Most of the country would fare pretty well without NYC, which in exchange for food, energy, and manufactured goods gives us finance and investment (how’s that working?) and ass hats.

      Likewise, we could probably endure without Seattle, the Bay Area, and LA. Maybe the virus has an agenda.

      1. You observations will seem odd when the virus is racing through the slack-jaw-infested rural and southern communities. The clingers will switch quickly from ‘No one can tell me what to do . . . it’s a hoax’ to begging their betters for help.

        1. You better hope not. Most of the places you hate is where food comes from.

          1. Corporate farming requires relatively few humans. That’s the beauty of machinery, technology, and scale.

            1. Quite true. Consequently, there are relatively few humans involved, making it difficult to find qualified replacements when “the virus is racing through the slack-jaw-infested rural and southern communities” (sorry if repeating that caused you a premature orgasm, you depraved ignoramus). All those machines are complicated and don’t maintain themselves. Specifically trained, difficult to replace on a whim, humans perform that maintenance.

              I suspect you have never seen large-scale modern corn harvesting, which is perhaps most emblematic of your “few humans” remark. The combines literally don’t stop. Each truck pulls up beside the combine and matches pace while the combine fills it, then the chute closes for a bit while the full truck pulls away to deliver the payload, and then the next empty truck replaces it – lather, rinse, repeat. Humans drive those trucks, humans with CDLs, so you can’t just hire the guy who got laid off from the local pizza place to replace the sick ones. Furthermore, although the combines are automated to follow a path guided by GPS, a human still has to be in the driver seat (generally without driving) for safety reasons – no human, no combine running.

              Maybe your tenement has a communal rooftop garden which can somehow supply all the basic nutrients residents need to live, but little rooftop gardens won’t feed cities populated with millions of humans packed tighter than sardines.

              So, yes, you better hope not.

            2. Wait, so how exactly does a virus “race through” areas with “relatively few humans” who generally perceive social distancing as “just being polite”?

              1. For typical rural areas the Rev deems worthy of disdain, at church. Maybe 4H meetings and the barber shop, too.

          2. This.

        2. State confirmed cases (deaths) as of time posted:

          New York 26,376 (271)
          New Jersey 3,675 (44)
          California 2,628 (54)
          Washington 2,472 (125)
          Michigan 1,793 (24)
          Illinois 1,537 (16)
          Florida 1,467 (23)
          Louisiana 1,388 (46)
          Massachusetts 1,159 (11)
          Georgia 1,097 (38)

    2. Yeah, his claim of needing 30,000 ventilators is absurd. I cannot get the math to work on that.

      1. Math? MATH!?!?

        [a few] Lives are at stake here!!!

        How dare you!


      …despite knowing about the spread of the virus back in January, City Hall in New York didn’t put in their first order for additional masks and hand sanitizer until two weeks ago. As usual, bureaucratic red tape was blamed for the lack of planning.

      Even after City Hall finally realized that maybe they needed to order more of these supplies, the process for placing the orders was bungled. The City Comptroller approved the payment for the masks and sanitizer the same day it was received. But it then took at least three days for the other approvals to be stamped. By that time, the supplier New York City normally uses for such orders had already run out. More delays ensued.

      The Post goes on to report that the city has now ordered 25 million masks, 2 million bottles of sanitizer, 12,000 thermometers and 2,000 ventilators. But with everyone in the country scrambling to find these specific products, “turnaround times vary significantly.”

  25. Pretty clear every democrat governor and mayor will have blood on their hands. But to be expected given how both authoritarian and feckless they all are. Hostile and arrogant are not good combinations, lefties.

    1. And when the death count is inevitably far lower than their fever dream predictions, they will claim credit for saving millions of lives. When they really saved a few hundred lives and wrecked the finances and jobs and businesses of millions.

      And then they’ll do it again in a year or two when the next new virus comes along.

  26. The thing that nobody seems to be talking about is, those people are dead anyway. If they are so far gone they can’t be saved, they won’t be saved in 2 weeks or 4 weeks or whenever it is they get it. The lives we’re trying to save are the ones caused by OVERLOADING the system. But everybody behind a podium seems to think that we can save everybody. It’s madness!

  27. “My mother is not expendable, and your mother is not expendable, and our brothers and sisters are not expendable,”

    The guy who said this is totally expendable.

  28. I understand that tree surgeons in Penna. are allowed to continue operating. Maybe they could truck a few woodchippers up to Albany?

  29. “Cuomo is simultaneously counting on such immunity and doing everything in his power to prevent it.”

    Damn. That thought has been running through my head for 10 days. Finally someone said it out loud.

    Not a single person in government thought this through beforehand?

  30. This dude is seriously evil.

  31. Except the “save lives at any cost” crowd ignores all the other things that are dangerous and kill far more people. No one was saying “shut down car traffic” when car accidents were killing 100 people a day in the USA alone. (The tremble in place orders are at least saving some lives, by reducing automobile traffic I guess.) No one was banning cigarettes, or alcohol, or hospital visits or skydiving or motorcycles. No one was shutting down restaurants and movie theaters and international flights over the flu.

    1. The hilarious thing is that we’re likely saving like 50 people a day on the roads by making everybody stay home…that’s thousands of people every year! People cut down in the prime of their lives (maybe)! We must make this permanent! For the children who have daddies and mommies who love them very much!

    2. OTOH, people were shitting their pants over a few bad black market vape cartridges…

  32. It is easy for this pampered toad face to be locked down, when he has a steady juicy income from daddy’s “good deals”.

  33. The great irony is that the older people don’t seem to want to be protected. Probably half the shoppers at my store are elderly, and I know more young people than old taking a leave of absence

  34. There is not a “good” course of action and a “bad” course of action. There are all “bad” options and it is not clear which ones are “least bad” and “most bad”. To rule out of hand options because you are prioritizing trying to have no deaths from the virus will cause deaths from the prevention measures. The economy is not merely the production of luxuries, it is production of goods to keep the overall population alive.

  35. The government is good at simple, dumb, brute force solutions. It is terrible at complex, smart, delicate plans. In no small part because small minded, nasty people like Andrew Cuomo are in charge of government.

  36. Hmm, is that a plastic water bottle and a styrofoam cup and plastic lid on the desk next to Cuomo?

    1. And I wonder what the taxpayers paid for that snazzy embroidered shirt?

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