'We're All in Quarantine Now,' Says Andrew Cuomo, Who Two Days Ago Said That Was Out of the Question

New York's governor insists his edict "mandating that 100% of the workforce must stay home" is "not a shelter-in-place order."


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who just two days ago was assuring people that he would never approve local "shelter in place" orders to curtail the spread of COVID-19, today issued a statewide order "mandating that 100% of the workforce must stay home, excluding essential services." While that sounds an awful lot like the very policy Cuomo promised to avoid, he insists that it's different.

"It is not a shelter-in-place order," Cuomo said. "Shelter in place is used currently for an active shooter or a school shooter." But the term Cuomo prefers is hardly reassuring. "We're all in quarantine now," he said. "We're all in various levels of quarantine, and it's hard."

That's just how life is now, Cuomo added. "When I talk about the most drastic action we can take, this is the most drastic action we can take," he told reporters at a press conference in Albany. "This is not life as usual. Accept it. Realize it and deal with it."

Under Cuomo's order, New Yorkers are allowed to leave their homes as long as they stay at least six feet away from others at all times. Exempted businesses, including banks, grocery stores, and pharmacies, likewise must make sure their customers maintain that distance. People are supposed to avoid using mass transit unless it's "absolutely necessary."

Unlike Cuomo, California Gov. Gavin Newsom forthrightly described the sweeping restrictions he imposed yesterday as "home isolation." Yet Newsom's order, like Cuomo's, exempts businesses deemed to be essential and lets people leave home to buy groceries, fill prescriptions, pick up takeout food, and carry out other necessary errands. Newsom, like Cuomo, is also letting people walk their dogs and engage in other solitary outdoor activities.

"That is not going to happen, shelter in place," Cuomo told The New York Times on Wednesday. "For New York City, or any city or county to take an emergency action, the state has to approve it. And I wouldn't approve shelter in place. That scares people, right? Quarantine in place, you can't leave your home. The fear, the panic, is a bigger problem than the virus."

Perhaps Cuomo had in mind a stay-at-home order with no exceptions. But I don't think that is a policy any jurisdiction in the country has considered, let alone implemented. Cuomo was responding specifically to a threat by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who said he wanted to emulate San Francisco's policy, which was similar to what Newsom has now imposed on the entire state of California.

The distinction between what Cuomo insisted he would not do and what he is now doing seems to be purely semantic. Maybe not even semantic. The same governor who said a general "quarantine" was out of the question on Wednesday is now advising the public that "we're all in quarantine now."

Cuomo acknowledged the enormous economic pain his order will cause by depriving millions of people of their livelihoods. He hopes to ameliorate that problem with directives requiring lenders to waive mortgage payments "based on financial hardship," forbidding "negative reporting to credit bureaus," mandating a "grace period for loan modification," banning "late payment fees and online payment fees," "postponing or suspending foreclosures," and "suspending evictions across the state for 90 days."

Does that mean Cuomo's "quarantine" order will be in place for three months? Who knows?

It is likewise unclear whether the policy will succeed in "flattening the curve" to avoid overwhelming hospitals with COVID-19 patients, let alone reducing the total number of cases and deaths. As with aggressive COVID-19 control measures in general, the benefits are speculative, while the costs are certain.

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  1. The fear, the panic, is a bigger problem than the virus.

    I think we know what the biggest problem is.

    1. Bureaucracy?



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    3. After watching this feckless narcissist on TV everyday for the last month it has never been more clear that we need to get back to work and he needs to go on a long cruise. I am convinced that the entire Cuomo family has been subjected to Mercury poisoning for decades. They all seem to be rather stupid.

  2. So, he wants business to take the hit to ‘soften the blow ‘ ? Typical.

  3. When in trouble, fear and doubt,
    Run in circles, scream and shout.

    These dufuses (IL, PA, NY) just cut 3 major supply lines for my company, delaying or cancelling revenue needed to pay our workers.

    And every time some little mayor or governor institutes some quarantine edict, all the rest of them have to do the same so as not to appear that they aren’t overreacting enough.

    Statists gonna state.

    1. This is a huge part of it.

      One city here in Florida closed the beaches. Very shortly they closed them pretty much everywhere.

      Now, I’m no expert. But I do know that all of the evidence points to hard surfaces as being the prime avenue of transmission in public settings. So door handles made of stainless steel, or plastic hand rails…. things that everyone touches. Secondary to that would be direct aerosol transmission… something that requires fairly close proximity, hence the 6 foot distance thing.

      So what does a beach lack? Hard surfaces. Everything is made of sand. Plus, UV is very effective at killing coronavirus… also something in ample supply on a beach. Finally, there’s lots of wind. Something that probably makes aerosol transmission much less likely. And people don’t sit right on top of each other. Rarely would you be closer than 6 feet from someone on a beach.

      But that one town closed the beaches.. you know, because lots of people were there.

      So everyone else had to follow suit. I mean, if you are a politician, you don’t want to have to go on CNN and explain why you didn’t close down XYZ venue if it turns out that a bunch of cases pop up in your town.

      As far as I know, nobody ever put “close the beaches” through any rigorous scientifically based analysis. They just put 2 and 2 together… lots of people go here… so we must shut it down.

    2. Cuomo would have us believe that NYC is the epi-center for all things American. Somehow it is the most important city /state in the USA. I think his history of sniffing glue has caught up with him. I travel to NYC frequently and am always amazed at just how dirty and nasty it really is. While it has improved since the 70’s and 80’s it is still a crap hole.

  4. like falling dominos. once Gavin lost his mind on tv it was only a matter of time.

    1. dominoes. i’d say i’m hungry but i don’t eat dominos so …

  5. Just stepped out to walk to a restaurant nearby. Ordered a growler of beer and a sandwich. In the approximately 15 minutes it took to get my order, city inspectors came in TWICE to make sure I wasn’t “congregating” or being serve in the restaurant. Fines, apparently, are being issued faster than you can say coronavirus.

    Meanwhile, elderly people are out and about in the streets. Nobody gives a fuck, even those that are in the kill zone.

    Call it what you want … but NYC is in the grip of a fascist panic. No question about it.

    1. Imagine the panic in NYC when all those food producers, canners, butchers, farmers, etc. in other states can’t get to work because their dumbass politicians decide to emulate NY;s.

    2. “Meanwhile, elderly people are out and about in the streets. Nobody gives a fuck, even those that are in the kill zone”

      Holy shit, this. We’re nuking our economy to protect that group of people, and who did I see inside Randalls when I was getting more fresh veggies? Gobs of seniors. No masks, few gloves, gabbing away together. My elderly relatives are nodding furiously when I tell them to stay the fuck at home already, and then tell me the next day about their walk to the store…

      If they don’t give a shit, why should we? Tell the elderly and vulnerable to stay at home, give them assistance to do so if needed, use CQ to treat the sick, and let’s get back to work already.

      If they d

      1. I agree. Thats all I see out and about. The very “seniors” we are supposed to stay home to “protect”!
        And Cuomo’s 100% only includes whoever HE deems non-essential. Its ok for the guy making your sandwich to have the Wutang flu, as long as you can’t talk to him? What a fascist!

    3. I don’t think much has changed there. They reelected the worst Mayor in History and love being led like lemmings by progs and commies..

  6. Current Coronavirus death rate in NYC .01%. In other words an ordinary flu season. But yeah lets put millions of people out of work.

    1. Italy: in the city of Bergamo, there were 108 more deaths in the first 15 days of March this year compared to 2019 (164 deaths in 2020 vs. 56 deaths in 2019) according to the mayor of the city Giorgio Gori.

      It’s just the flu.

      If you believe that, I’ve got a bridge you might want to check out.

      1. Yeah, totally worth implementing fascist lockdown orders and putting a gun to the economy’s head to save a marginal number of people.

      2. and your point is? Just because some city in Italy can’t handle a influenza outbreak means we need to shred the Constitution?
        Yes it is a more deadly flu than what we are use to but the death levels in the US are still at 1.4% to 1.5%. This justifies turning the keys to the kingdom over to Fascist Progressives. NYC was simply not prepared for a pandemic despite the warnings and it’s population density. In fact the prog leadership was calling people out to participate in parades, concerts, entertainment restaurants in late February and mid March. I remember they (politicians/Health Officials) said it was racist not to participate in the Chinese New Years celebration. The commie mayor encouraged people to go to shows on Broadway as late as March 11th. Now they want to jail those citizens daring to venture out. Progs are a cancer.

  7. “And I wouldn’t approve shelter in place. That scares people, right? Quarantine in place, “

    “however — folks *love* that!”

  8. How many will die when the world economy collapses?

    1. ‘Doesn’t matter, not his fault. Too busy saving lives’. (And gathering power.)

    2. No matter. the collapse will be used to clearly show the “need” for more central planning.

  9. I hope the people of New York tell the govenor to fuck off. But, I don’t see a bunch pajama boys growing a pair.

    1. Pajama boys..ha ha… Very right. Pajama boy looked like most NYC “men” Ivy league types…most work in the media or for the DNC…

      Call you mommy pajama boy…

  10. Cuomo acknowledged the enormous economic pain his order will cause by depriving millions of people of their livelihoods. He hopes to ameliorate that problem with directives requiring lenders to waive mortgage payments “based on financial hardship,” forbidding “negative reporting to credit bureaus,” mandating a “grace period for loan modification,” banning “late payment fees and online payment fees,” “postponing or suspending foreclosures,” and “suspending evictions across the state for 90 days.”
    Well. How does this executive order square with the constitution?
    The contracts clause seems problematic. Then there’s the due process clause. And of course the takings clause. But hey. Never let a manufactured crises go to waste.

    1. And when the affected banks starts failing their “stress tests” Thereby causing financial panic, Cuomo and his fellow Democrats can once again say that Wall Street and capitalism is at fault.

    2. Apparently, declaring an emergency makes Cuomo King. Infinite powers. No limits. “Safety” at all costs. That is the argument being made. This entire stunt is so arbitrary and pointless I am shocked that more people aren’t objecting.

      All I’m seeing from my humble perspective in the center of NYC is a bad cold (if it can even be called that) being used as a basis to forcibly cripple the economy and push all sorts of socialist bullshit on private business.

      The precedent has been set. Expect new viruses to be discovered every year from now on until Berntopia is fully instituted. These power grabs should concern everyone.

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  12. You people who still think this is a normal “flu” type situation are dolts… It’s clearly not. It’s perhaps comparable to the worst flus in history, which were ALSO horrible pandemics.

    That said, that doesn’t mean ANY and ALL reactions are reasonable. As I was afraid of, many of these idiots are going too far.

    Personally, I think cancelling mass events (30K person sportsball games, etc) was reasonable. Maybe even restricting restaurants to takeout only… But that, plus “don’t be an idiot” advisories, recommending (but not requiring) business have people work from home WHERE POSSIBLE, was as far as things needed to go. Shutting down vital industry (factories, food processing, etc) is INSANE. We have to keep that shit rolling. We need to keep as much shit rolling as possible so we can as this stuff might go on for a couple months.

    So they went from a reasonable, sucky, but balanced approach, to waaaaaaaay over the top in the course of a week or so. I wish I could say I wasn’t expecting it… But I was. It seems like R states are mostly sticking to the sane precautions, and hopefully more places roll things back very quickly once they realize that’s enough to get the job done.

  13. “And I wouldn’t approve shelter in place. That scares people, right? Quarantine in place, you can’t leave your home.”

    And a typical Leftist reasoning. Call something by a different name and it changes the reality of that thing.

    And of course, California and New York are the first states to go to this type of draconian policy.

    1. Thank God for federalism. I feel bad for the folks in the various Peoples’ Republics of Blue States, but they consistently voted for this kind of nanny state crap over and over again. And as soon as they can, they’ll double down once again like the “useful” idiots they are.

  14. I’m so depressed. I hope they are also planning for additional beds in rehab facilities and mental hospitals. My mother lost her job yesterday. She’s 74 and relies on that to supplement social security. The biggest problem is the usual problem: the asshats who come up with this stuff won’t have to live by it and won’t lose a damn thing. They sit in their mansions with their servants who bring them what they want while the glibly tell all of us to stay home *or else*. I’m beyond astonished. I live alone in a new town and most of my belongings have not arrived yet, so I spend every day sitting in an empty apartment, sleeping on the floor, staring out the window. There’s nowhere to go. The job I started last week already has me working from home, and I haven’t even had a chance to familiarize myself with our caseload.

    I would rather have coronavirus. Not kidding. I’ll take my chances.

  15. Never let a good crisis go to waste, eh Cuomo?

    1. I think he believes he is showing leadership as he prepares to run for President. He is responsible for not being prepared even though he was warned. Much easier to blame orange man. I can’t imagine listening to this dolt prattle on for much longer. “I need 35,000 ventilators and I need them now”despite the needs of the rest f the country and whether they are really justified. “NY is a petri dish for the rest f the country”. NY is a petri dish alright but more along the lines of a shit sandwich.

  16. You know that slimy fuck isn’t quarantining himself or his staff. Or his crony friends.

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  18. Cuomo says if all this saves one life it was worth it. Say again? The needs of the many outweighs the needs of someone who don’t take care of themselves (heavy smoker/obese) NYC’ite and gets a flu bug (covid)…

    And NYC is not ther rest of NY State which is pretty rural. Put your martial law in effect in NYC but leave the rest of the state alone

    The real problem is this Facebook hysteria. Yentas and retirees are sitting home getting themselves all “woke” up and running to the stores everyday and buying everything out. My 75 year old neighbor leaves every morning and comes home with bags and bags of groceries and paper products…

    This is all insane.

  19. Less than 5% of NY State confirmed cases are outside the greater NYC area. Why shut down the rest of the State? Better yet lets all go Escape from NY and just quarantine all of NYC and send anyone positive there. Replace the mayor with Snake Pliskin and all will be well.

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