Brickbat: Child's Play


A Gloucester Township, New Jersey, police officer faces a minimum of five years in prison after being convicted of two counts of official misconduct. John Flinn was caught on bodycam video slapping and shoving a 13-year-old girl at a group home for juveniles with emotional problems. Flinn and another officer had answered a call at the home regarding a fight. They found the girl punching and kicking two employees of the home. The other officer forced the girl to the ground, and Flinn tried to handcuff her. When she resisted, Flinn struck her.

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  2. I was hoping for something more salacious based on the headline.

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  3. Why would workers at a home for disturbed children ever call the cops?

    1. No need to call the cops. Here’s a DIY solution for those who need it.

    2. Probably to avoid civil lawsuits. If one of the girls had somehow hurt a worker with a knife or scissors or similar it could be argued in court that the company wasn’t properly protecting its workers, or something like that. There may be other reasons but that seems like the obvious one to me.

  4. She appears to have been assaulting two staffers. And that was five years for each count, so if I’m not mistaken he’s looking at a minimum of ten years. We’ve seen far worse get excused by supervisors, prosecutors and juries.

    The efforts to hold police accountable are so unevenly made that there is little motivation for hiring and training practices to change.

    1. I know that’s all sarcasm, but my sister used to work at a youth group home like this (also in Camden County, no less). The only thing they were allowed to do is bear hug and restrain them on the ground.

      Anything past that point was a criminal offense.

  5. Trust a cop to hit a little girl.

    1. It takes a brave man to beat up a little girl.

      1. He had just watched a rerun of Kick-Ass, and wasn’t taking any chances.

        1. Great movie.

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