An Epidemic Big Enough to Accommodate Everyone's Wish List

Politicians of both major parties are using COVID-19 to advance their pre-existing policy agendas.


The United States would be better prepared for the COVID-19 epidemic, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.) suggested during Sunday night's presidential debate, if it had a single-payer health care system similar to his Medicare for All proposal. Former Vice President Joe Biden, the leading contender for the Democratic nomination, was appropriately skeptical, noting that Italy, the European country hardest hit by the disease, has a single-payer system, and "it doesn't work there."

Sanders is hardly alone in using COVID-19 as a pretext to promote a policy he has always favored. But at a time when clarity about government aims and means is crucial, that temptation should be resisted unless there is a plausible connection between the policy and the current crisis.

Sanders' claim failed that test. Not only has Italy's health care system been overwhelmed by the epidemic, but countries such as Spain and France are following a similar path, notwithstanding their government-dominated medical sectors.

"It has nothing to do with Medicare for All," Biden rightly retorted. "That would not solve the problem at all."

Sanders also drew a connection between COVID-19 and economic inequality, another one of the self-described democratic socialist's favorite themes. "We have more income and wealth inequality in America today than any time in 100 years," he said in response to a question about the epidemic's economic impact.

Sanders' point was that rich people can more easily bear the costs associated with COVID-19 than poor people can, which is obviously true. But that observation does not necessarily translate into support for a new wealth tax, expansion of the already financially precarious Social Security system, a $16.3 trillion Green New Deal, or "free" health care, child care, housing, and college.

While Sanders' sweeping plans could not possibly be implemented in time to make a difference during the COVID-19 outbreak, Democrats have not been shy about slipping items on their public policy wish list into legislation ostensibly aimed at dealing with the epidemic. The Families First Coronavirus Response Act, which the House approved last week, includes a permanent mandate for paid sick leave, specifically covering absences "resulting from domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking," which clearly cannot be justified as an emergency measure or as a response to the coronavirus.

Sending every American $1,000 a month—an idea proposed by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D–Hawaii) and endorsed by former presidential contender Andrew Yang, who famously wanted the federal government to do that even before anyone was worrying about COVID-19—does not look like a carefully targeted response either, even if limited to the duration of the epidemic. As Sanders probably would agree, affluent Americans do not need the extra cash; nor are they apt to go out and spend it, assuming that one goal of the payments is to stimulate the economy.

Republicans, like Democrats, are not above using COVID-19 to advance their pre-existing policy agendas. Last month President Donald Trump described his plans to build a wall along the border with Mexico as "one of the reasons" known COVID-19 case numbers for the United States were "so good" at that point.

In addition to making that logically impossible claim, Trump last week tweeted that the epidemic shows "we need the Wall more than ever!" But as Washington Post fact checker Salvador Rizzo noted, "none of the coronavirus cases reported in the United States have been linked to people who entered through the U.S.-Mexico border."

Sen. Josh Hawley (R–Mo.), meanwhile, seems to be using the epidemic to build a case for anti-Chinese trade barriers under the guise of protecting U.S. access to medical products. More vaguely, Sen. Tom Cotton (R–Ark.) promises to "hold accountable those who inflicted [COVID-19] on the world," which "means China will pay for this," according to an interpretation the senator confirmed.

It seems more likely that the rest of us will end up paying for politicians' inability to put the public interest above their partisan impulses.

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  1. This is as good excuse as any to crash the economy and then hand the banks a couple trillion bucks to buy the remains.

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  2. And in the US, it was the feds delaying our response for 2 months!
    All too common in gummint health care.

    That’s why Canada’s medicare was ruled an unconstitutional threat to human life,” citing all the Canadians dying on waiting lists of a year of more. That was caused by severe cost-cutting in the late 1990s, which Reason reported a smashing success. (seriously) It killed people, and needed a court order to stop killing their own people (to restore the federal share of provincial funding.)

    In England. the Keogh Reported that thousands of Brits “died needlessly,” in 14 hospitals, rolled into empty rooms and abandoned, many found dead in their own excrement. Severe cuts in nursing staff.

    Political health care means betting your life, literally, that politicians, facing tight budgets, will never cut your benefits or raise your taxes. (stop laughing)

    Just as deadly — anti-gummint fiscal conservatives, on the right and libertarian, who focus on government, not people, and reject free-market outcomes. Like major cuts in Medicaid, instead of privatizing it, as real libertarians have said for 50 years. Pre-Medicaid, we had 100% treatment, regardless of age or income, provided by charity and most other hospitals, which people have been willing to finance since the 1500s.

    Only a dumbass would propose refusing to pay for what people have always wanted. and always been willing to pay for. Let us pay for it again, libertarian elites. duh. Requires a transition, because the private charity infrastructure must be rebuilt.

    Today’s libertarian elites have NO viable proposals to do health care any better. None at all. That’s why progressives have been kicking our ass for over a quarter-century. Craziest of all, Republicans rejected the original, bipartisan, Obamacare that would have killed single payer forever. It had a private alternative to the public option — private, member-controlled co-ops, but endorsed on Daily Kos over government. What could possibly be crazier?

    1. What’s a “libertarian elite”? And why would a libertarian have a health care proposal? Wouldn’t a libertarian’s position be to let individuals come up with their own proposals and then test them on the market? Those which work will make profits allowing for expansion while those that don’t go bankrupt. No?

      1. It’s Hihn, he’s neither libertarian nor elite.

      2. First, THANKS for admitting the libertarian elites have NO CLUE how health care can be done any better. Not even a suggestion. Nothing.

        Wouldn’t a libertarian’s position be to let individuals come up with their own proposals and then test them on the market?

        We’re not bat-shit crazy. Not the pro-people ones, as opposed to the anti-gummint cult.

        How would individuals do as you propose, shift their own dollars from the government to the private sector? Or choose not to? Or how would hundreds of is all test a change in government policy, all without a vote in Congress?

        Clearly, you know nothing about libertarians, markets, or how government operates.

        This is the damage done by anti-gummint goobers, who think “Git gummint out” is a solution.

        PRO-PEOPLE libertarians have known for over 50 years … about which you are clearly ignorant … so I described the simplest, most obvious solution … but you SNEER AT …. graciously allowing people to control their own dollars! HOW DARE WE!!

        1. All I can say is, people, STAY SAFE from the Flute Police! Because it is VERY CLEARLY that neither the Rethugglican, nor the Demoncrat, party blesses any agenda that allows us to decide for ourselves, whether we need the permission of a doctor of doctorology, to blow on a cheap plastic “lung flute”! They won’t even take the clear little “baby step”, an incremental step towards common sense, and allow a high school graduate to be qualified to issue a prescription for a cheap plastic flute, upon which we peons might be permitted to blow!

          I’ll stick my neck out and say that MOST “elite libertarians” (real ones, often scarce on this chat board) would at least bless the above idea! And maybe even, the idea of selling cheap plastic flutes OTC, like EVERY OTHER GOD-DAMNED NATION ON THE PLANET does!

          So STAY SAFE from the Flute Police!

          To find precise details on what NOT to do, to avoid the flute police, please see … This has been a pubic service, courtesy of the Church of SQRLS!

        2. Demented Pro-Trump commentors here (like JesseSPAZ) think themselves to be Constitutional Scholars, and bless the idea that the Trumptatorship has “absolute rights”. ‘Cause Trump says so!!!

          Donald Trump’s Strange and Dangerous ‘Absolute Rights’ Idea
          This is a profound misunderstanding of the American constitutional system.

          Yet Trump can’t bring Himself to go on a much-needed head-chopping (douchebag-firing, layoffs) spree at the FDA, until such time as the USA has as much freedom as ALL OTHER NATIONS ON THE PLANET have, to blow on OTC cheap plastic flutes! Super-Trump, where are you now? North Koreans have more cheap-plastic-flutes freedoms than we do!

        3. You’re welcome for getting an admission from me that imaginary people don’t have a clue.

          1. WOW! You say the libertarian movement has NO leadership establishment. That may explain the total lack of policy solutions, for anything.

            Per a Cato survey, over 60% of Americans self-identify with libertarian values — fiscally conservative and socially liberal. BUT the libertarian label is rejected by 91% of … libertarians.

            Can anything be worse than being rejected … by the very people whose values you claim to defend? Apparently, ignoring all those people had consequences, ya think?

      3. In politics, the “elite” refers to the leadership and/or prominent organizations/think tanks, publications.

        Today’s libertarian elites, as I said, have NO viable policy proposals for health care reform, none at all. Nothing. If the current system is so bad, then one should be able to show a better wat to do it. Also, why there’s so much pissing and moaning about what I said, but NONE of them could name a libertarian policy proposal, none at all.

        There’s a decades old principle in salesmanship.

        You’re not there to prove your prospect wrong. “You’re there to agree with your prospect. And to show how your product or service can best provide what he or she already wants.


        An even older principle.

        “Complaining about a problem, without posing a solution, is whining.”
        -Theodore Roosevelt

        Again, that’s why progressives have been kicking our ass for over a quarter-century.
        In dumb-dumb terms, they claim a better way to do health care. Libertarian elites (and conservatives) have nothing … just shake their fists at the sky, screaming against government … or bellowing and raging in forums like this.

        The spectacular failure of Trumpcare showed that a decade of bellowing about Obamacare is backed by … nothing. Nothing at all. The dipwads made Obamacare popular, for the first time ever. And if their final version had passed, the 2018 Dem landslide would have been ever worse.

        Wouldn’t a libertarian’s position be to let individuals come up with their own proposals and then test them on the market?

        I’ve already described how and why that makes no sense at all, below, based on your typical ignorance of libertarianism. Conservatives like you have always been confused by our NON-authoritarian manner.

        Liberals want government out of your bedroom and into your wallet. Conservatives want government out of your wallet and into your bedroom. Each is a different one-half of totalitarian, as shown by the authoritarian mentalities who responded, so self-righteous, as they proved my point, so witlessly.

        These are dangerous days for individual liberty, even more threatening than the New Deal and McCarthyism combined.

  3. Want To Work From Home Without Selling Anything? No Experience Needed, Weekly Payments… Join Exclusive Group Of People That Cracked The Code Of Financial Freedom! Learn More details… Read more  


    AWESOME video shows Fox News hosts … side-by-side … before and after Trump’s YUGE flip-flop. First ridiculing coronavirus as media hysteria to bring down the President … then flipping to a major crisis, some within a few days!!

    What does this say about Fox’s contempt for their viewers’ intelligence?

    How many viewers will again follow the robot-like mind control, to do a spinning Hannity pirouette? … also placing tribal politics above human life?

    Pollsters have just started reporting that Trump’s base is starting to fall away, after 2-months of continuing apocalyptic failures. How many times can Trump’s base stand by him … for shooting someone to death on Fifth Avenue … now that he’s placed their own family’s health and finances at risk? (And their supply of toilet paper)

    Much of his alt-right core is now ridiculing Trump in online forums, to defend their own denials. Is even Trump now manipulated by CNN, MSNBC, the NyTimes and WaPo? (gasp)

    I await the same video treatment of Trump. … which I could probably make myself (with Google search) … Trump NOW says he suspected it was a pandemic before anyone else did! Since he says he’s smarter than health professionals. (Far worse than his lies about Charlottesville, to defend rioting, mass assaults and death by his racist and neo-nazi supporters)

    You’ll see all these videos again .. A LOT … starting about mid-October (or immediately, if he’s re-nominated).

    This now feels like it did, watching Nixon commit suicide.

    1. Part 2
      Is Trump self-impeaching?

      Part one describes a video exposing the staggering moral bankruptcy of Fox News opinion hosts — ridiculing the virus as another media conspiracy to overturn the 2016 election… then a 180 degree reversal … to match Trump’s bullshit flip-flop … in side-by-side, dated windows.

      Here, Part 2, the first of likely many video compilations … tracing Trump’s two months of failures, misinformation and LIES … partisan games that are already killing Americans, and will kill many more.

      Here’s why his delays will kill so many Americans, needlessly, and/or cause severe financial hardship.
      On average, each infected person infects two more. So the longer Trump delayed action, the more the virus expands exponentially, where each one infection becomes 3 … each 3 becomes 9 … each 9 becomes 27, etc. .

      Now, Trump — already the worst President EVER on new debt … wants perhaps another TRILLION in spending … an amount escalated by his own mismanagement and incompetence. THIS is why it was so reckless to explode the debt in a boom. The unexpected is always … unexpected.

      From another source.
      I believe Italy has the very worst effects in Europe, We began large-scale testing a few days ago … over a month behind everyone else … still only 8,500 yesterday … so suddenly our curve is now almost totally vertical, and the number of tests will continue increasing every day. So far, our curve is as bad as Italy’s, but ten days behind.

      As the wackier Trumpsters continue sneering and ridiculing the threat, remember … even Trump now says they’re nuts. He’s thrown them under a bus. They’re now twisting in the wind, all alone.

      Expect to see all these videos as campaign ads in November, with the death toll superimposed. TRUMP HAD THE POWER TO STOP IT.

      1. Fuck off and die, Hihn.

  5. I hope we get good news on the virus numbers by April 1 or mid April. If we do and this social distancing unwinds a little I’m taking a vacation.

    Also hope we can all agree not start any fricking wars or even any adventurism of any sort. By that I mean we should lay off Iran, Venezuela, Russia, China bashing and just see if friendliness can get us anywhere. I don’t mean to say to excuse hostile open belligerence. Just a little more humility on our part.

    1. “Just a little more humility on our part.”

      I approve of this message! Trump (and most Trumpbots) have WAAAAY to little of this most precious commodity, humility! … Humility = a GREAT leadership value, actually! See below!
      The U.S. Army Is Promoting a Contentious New Leadership Value. Here’s Why Every Business Leader Should Embrace It
      It’s a word you’ve heard before. But the Army has a very detailed way of describing what it really means.

      End titles import.

      The USA army values humility! Now let’s hope that the politicians (of all stripes) have the humility to KEEP THE TROOPS AT HOME!!!!

      1. I approve of this message! Trump (and most Trumpbots) have WAAAAY to little of this most precious commodity, humility!

        There was a time when they were absolutely more conservative in both speech and action. Turns out they can only be humble for so long while being beaten over the head by others’ pride.

  6. On the other hand, the politicians who say we all need to get out of our cars and use mass transit are being strangely quiet.

    Let’s hear it for cars!

  7. The initial numbers are now starting to come in. Here are some preliminary numbers, based on data from around the world.

    Roughly 85% of SARS-CoV-2 people infected show very mild or no symptoms; roughly 15% of infected people show enough symptoms to go get a test. These are very, very rough numbers! Take with a grain of salt. Apply your own logic to the preliminary numbers we are getting.

    We have ~7,000 infected as of 0800 March 18, 2020. This implies there are an additional ~47,000 people walking around with SARS-CoV-2 who are asymptomatic [7,000/15% ~47K]. Seems like a small number, and we should keep it that way.

    The conclusion I take away is that the next 13 days are pretty important. We can crunch down the mortality curve a hell of a lot if we act aggressively and self-isolate right now. We are relying on the 18-34 cohort to bail us out. They are probably the primary carriers, and the ‘asymptomatics’.

    It is a hell of a thing to ask of an entire generation: Shut down totally, and oh by the way, maybe have a permanently lowered standard of living to boot if this gets out of hand. But I think we must shelter in place for a couple of weeks and really stamp this out.

    1. It won’t “stamp it out”, just delay the inevitable.

      1. Correct…I should have been more clear.

      2. This.

        The only true protection is herd immunity. That’s why vaccines work. And self isolation and social distancing is actively keeping us from gaining herd immunity.

        All we’re doing is stacking the kindling.

        1. Umm, herd immunity is impossible with no vaccine.

          herd immunity
          [herd immunity]
          the resistance to the spread of a contagious disease within a population that results if a sufficiently high proportion of individuals are immune to the disease, especially through vaccination

          1. Herd immunity can also result from catching and surviving the disease. For example, before there was a measles vaccine, at least 80% of Americans over 10 were immune because they’d had measles. Measles didn’t spread through the community in general, it spread through elementary schools and other contacts between young children who hadn’t caught it before.

            1. Thank you.

    2. As a member of that cohort I am still able to work. The biggest changes we’ve all made is putting off social plans and some family activities. Switching to more online shopping and then increasing distance at work/staggering shifts. I understand that differs by industry quite a bit.

      It’s all about reducing the marginal rates. We don’t want/need to have everyone shelter in place, just have people practice some responsibility. Don’t come into work if you have a dry cough or a fever. Work from home when possible/sensible, avoid crowded locations etc, and the obvious hygiene practices.

      Shit’s getting out of hand with the closures and ramping up of the state. This is serious but not apocalyptic.

      1. It is more than serious, but I agree it is not apocalyptic. The numbers to date just don’t bear out apocalypse. With that being said, I also think it is much more than merely reducing marginal rates.

        1. The testing has only just begun. So “the numbers to date” have no relevance to anything. But our infection curve is already vertical, at only 8,500 tests per day..

    3. Sure thing generalissimo. Shall we just fire up the gulags for people who do not submit to the wise decisions of Top Men while we’re at it?

      1. Dramatize much?

      2. Shame on you “no crisis” hysteria mongers. The numbers are low (so far) BECAUSE Trump kept ignoring, delaying and LYING. … even the conservative Wall Street Journal rejects your lame excuses to absolve Trump of the blame


    4. Commenter_XY
      This implies there are an additional ~47,000 people walking around with SARS-CoV-2 who are asymptomatic [7,000/15% ~47K]. Seems like a small number, and we should keep it that way

      We’ve only just started testing! NO estimates are yet possible. Look at Italy,


      THAT is what the health care EXPERTS have warned about, and hope to avoid here. Will we pay a price for two months of delays, misinformation and lies by our President?

  8. none of the coronavirus cases reported in the United States have been linked to people who entered through the U.S.-Mexico border.”

    See? The wall is working, and it’s not even there yet.

    1. If you’re concerned about the immigrants getting you, I sell a product guaranteed to keep you safe. Just follow the link to and get yours today! (I know the rocks are described as “guaranteed to keep tigers out of your yard”, but if you flip them over, it works just the same on immigrants.)

      1. Do you have to use feng shui when placing and-or arranging your magic rock or rocks? If your feng shui skills suck (as mine do!), then will they STILL keep tigers away? What if the tigers use FANG shui?!?!?

  9. Totally both sides. The exact same.

    Democrats urge nationalization of the entire economy. Republicans urge Americans to reconsider our relationship with China.

    Totally the same.

    1. Gasbag Blowhard,
      Please listen!
      You don’t know,
      What you’re missing!
      Donald’s ass, don’t be kissin’!
      Trump won’t love you,
      He’ll push and shove you!
      He’ll take your vote,
      Then call you a goat!
      He’ll tax your money,
      Then steal your Honey!
      Your pussy, He will grab,
      Your back, He will stab!
      His-victims-routines, He’s iterating,
      Shit about YOU, He’ll be Twitterating!

      1. Hihn, I sincerely hope you get cancer.

  10. The best way to deal with the #TrumpVirus, or any pandemic really, is to implement the Koch / Reason policy of unlimited, unrestricted immigration.


  11. Dismissing $1000 to every citizen is intellectually dishonest if your only defense is that 1% of the population won’t spend it. Everyone has kids, grandkids, friends of friends, charities, employees, coworkers etc. that they could give the money to if they don’t need it. If over 90% of people would greatly benefit from a direct cash mailing, it’s worth doing. There’s no other way for the government to respond quicker.

    If they’re going to have to pick and choose who gets what amount of money, as you’re suggesting, that will take months. Rent is due in 2 weeks, amongst electricity, insurance, car payments, debt, and cell phone bills.

    How are people supposed to read Reason with their Internet and cell service shut off?

    1. Why stop at $1,000?

    2. Agreed. Adding bureaucracy doesn’t help anything at all. Libertarians should be all for distributing money to citizens the least bureaucratic way possible. Granted, that should also come with shutting down several worthless government agencies and programs.

    3. Hi! I’m from the bank of US Government. Here’s a loan for $1,000. What? No, of course you can’t refuse it. Yes you’ll have to pay it back. Yes, with interest. Don’t worry. We’ll call it taxes so it won’t feel like a loan.

    4. Everyone has kids, grandkids, friends of friends, charities, employees, coworkers etc. that they could give the money to if they don’t need it.

      They’d already have their own.

  12. The Nanny Staters I know are alternating between gloating “everybody’s a socialist now” and wailing “if only Barack Obama were in charge”.

    I hope they take time out from their gibbering to extend a helping hand to their neighbors.

    1. to extend a helping hand to their neighbors.

      Now that Trump has reversed two months of saying it’s no big deal.

  13. It seems more likely that the rest of us will end up paying for politicians’ inability to put the public interest above their partisan impulses.

    Disagree. We will pay for our lack of interest in taking on the difficult issues of self-governance OURSELVES.

    ‘Politician’ is merely the term we call the person we elect to do that stuff so that we don’t need to pay attention to any of this. Division of labor. And all it costs us is 20 seconds of ‘difficult’ decisions (do you prefer D? or R?) every four years. We get the governance we pay for. And no I am not talking about taxes for the delivery. I am talking about the abdication of our responsibility for determining what the public interest IS and figuring out how to further it.

    Americans of all ages, all conditions, all minds constantly unite. Not only do they have commercial and industrial associations in which all take part, but they also have a thousand other kinds: religious, moral, grave, futile, very general and very particular, immense and very small; Americans use associations to give fêtes, to found seminaries, to build inns, to raise churches, to distribute books, to send missionaries to the antipodes; in this manner they create hospitals, prisons, schools. Finally, if it is a question of bringing to light a truth or developing a sentiment with the support of a great example, they associate.

    That is de Toqueville from nearly 200 years ago. Covid19 is exactly the sort of thing that could FOCUS our attention on something other than this DeRp crap. That we could associate to resolve. Even better, it is something where there is quite universal agreement that Covid19 is something we want to oppose. As Hayek would have said we can start out from a given system of preferences. I have yet to hear anyone say Covid19 is great. I’d pay money for that

    Associate (like maybe online). Identify all the tons of ways in which we can act towards that end. Mobilize all the other value of that Hayekian distribution of knowledge. And no one will give a shit about the DeRp’s and their helicopter money and cronyism and bureaucratic fiefdoms and finger pointing and yapping on a stage.

    Is anyone here up to seeing if we make that happen? I’m serious.

    1. “We will pay for our lack of interest in taking on the difficult issues of self-governance OURSELVES.”

      Stuff your PANIC!!!!!!!!!! flag up your ass, chicken little.

      1. You seem upset today sevo. Like risking a heart attack upset. At your advanced age, I’m worried about you.

        Would you and your dingleberry-munching ilk like to pay me to go away? See I understand free markets. I am perfectly willing to identify those here who ARE interested in pursuing this idea further. While also recognizing that this particular location may be the wrong place to engage in things that aren’t – well – dingleberry-munching.

        So how about it? You and your ilk up for an actual free market transaction? So that this comments area can be made more comfortable for you? More like – you know – private property?

        1. JFree
          March.18.2020 at 10:52 am
          “You seem upset today sevo…”

          You seem about normally stupid today, JFree, and you can stuff your fake concern up your ass also.
          And pay you to go away? Why would I deprive myself of daily reminders of the ignorance of the left? You are, at least, ‘educational’ in your stupidity.

    2. BTW – If you are interested in doing this, please comment at an old blog of mine

      This site and format will be useless for this project

      1. Pimping now, since no one here is buying your bullshit? Go visit Neutral Mike at that site he was pimping. Maybe the chickens little are gathered there.

        United States cases, updated Mar 18 at 3:34 PM ET
        Confirmed: 8,034
        Fatal: 124
        Recovered: 106

        124 fatalities in 18 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Stuff it.

        1. But, Sevo …. your HYSTERIA exploded on your puss HERE

          Especially your MASSIVE ignorance on China and Italy!!!!

    3. Disagree. We will pay for our lack of interest in taking on the difficult issues of self-governance OURSELVES.

      So, you’re gonna break into the National Archives with a blowtorch … and destroy the Constitution. Then what?

  14. The panic, it does nothing! If this epidemic blows up, we obviously didn’t panic enough, if it fades away, our panic worked! There’s no downside to politicians urging us to panic, at least not for them. Sure, the little people might suffer from having their whole world chopped, diced, sliced, scrambled and shambled for a few months or a few years, but that’s not going to affect them, they don’t have to consider the trade-offs between staying safe from the coronavirus by hiding in your house and venturing out in public so you can go to work and keep your house for another month. If the peasants have no bread, let them order in cake. Are there no investment portfolios, no slush funds, no offshore accounts they can tap into? Did they check under the couch cushions for stray envelopes full of cash?

  15. Yep, this is YUGE! Why, it’s so big that, out of a population of ~1,000,000,000, we find China cases:
    (Updated Mar 18 at 10:14 AM ET)
    Confirmed: 80,894
    Fatal: 3,237
    Recovered: 69,614

    ~100,000/of 1% contracted the disease, ~4% of those died, and therefore, we absolutely MUST shut down nearly all economic activity in the US.
    Chicken little was an instruction sheet…

    1. Even Trump has thrown you under a bus.

      It’s not about the numbers. It’s about the uncertainty, when infected people show no symptoms for 14 days.

      And, why do you expect America to adopt the same restrictions as a brutal dictatorship like China..

        “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!


        China dead = 3,237 for 1.4 billion people.
        Italy dead = 2,978 for, umm, FOUR PERCENT of the people (60 million)


        ***THAT is what WE hope to avoid, Sevo.
        ***”ALWAYS better safe than sorry … with human lives involved.

        From FOX NEWS
        Italy’s coronavirus death toll nears China’s after largest one-day spike despite lockdown

        Chicken little was an instruction sheet…

        For YOU, hysteria-monger
        THIS is why Sevo yells “Fuck off!” to anyone he disagrees with.

        He CANNOT post actual content, without … fucking UP!!

  16. Former Vice President Joe Biden, the leading contender for the Democratic nomination, was appropriately skeptical, noting that Italy, the European country hardest hit by the disease, has a single-payer system, and “it doesn’t work there.”

    Joe just met his lucidity quota for the month.

  17. How big is it?
    It’s big enough to push Reason Roundup and news of *anything else* clean off the page.
    Note that ‘anything else’ includes any information about the disease itself; the PANIC has become the only newsworthy aspect.
    In several weeks, once we find the death toll is far under the normal seasonal flu levels, you’d hope that the chicken littles might be just a little embarrassed.
    I’ll go out on a short limb and say ‘not a chance’.

    1. My mistake.
      Roundup was there, hiding under a PANIC COVERAGE headline.

    2. Nah, they will break their arms patting themselves on the back for averting a crisis in spite of Trump’s ineptitude.

      1. in spite of Trump’s ineptitude.

        Good point!
        Trump’s two months of ineptitude and lies are now documented in a new attack ad … by a new Republican Super-PAC. For those with poor memories.

    3. Sevo foments crazed hysteria!!!!!

      Then blames … everyone else (yawn)

      PANIC has become the only newsworthy aspect.


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  19. Sending every American $1,000 a month—an idea proposed by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D–Hawaii)…………….

    Tulsi should be locked up in PRISON like the THEIF he/she is. Oh sorry – unless of course that $1000 is coming from his/her own personal account (Which we all know not a single $0.01 will be).

    1. 1) You misrepresent the program. Massively.
      2) It’s been endorsed by Trump.
      3) It’s been passed by Congress, almost unanimously, so you again assault Will of the People and Consent of the Governed.

      1. Who gives a flying-F if I, “assault the Will of the [mob] voting [WE] foundation of People” – This isn’t a Democracy!!! It’s a Republic!!! Especially when you Nazi follower’s “will” is to destroy the Republic and the U.S. Constitution due to your own GREEDY desires to STEAL.

        And if its even true (since you LIE compulsively; demonstrated over and over again) that Trump endorsed this – then Trump is wrong!

        1. Ummmm

          1) You LIED about the program

          2) Our Republic REQUIRED ratification — by a majority. (smirk)


          4) It is NOT stealing. Any more than garden-club dues. (snort)

          5) It *IS* provided in our Constitution. PROVE OTHERWISE.

          If you absolutely refuse to accept our Constitution, we DO allow you to leave. Instead of sucking off America’s wealth and liberty, created and maintained by people YOU claim have no right to do so. MOOCH.


          (Which we all know not a single $0.01 will be).

          SHE DOESN’T PAY TAXES???? mwaaa haaaa

            1. Yes, yes Trump is being a Nazi for this particular legislation. He should be vetoing all this garbage. He’s getting worse the closer it comes to election time.

              We’ll just dismiss that the family first stimulus that just passed was Pitched by NYC-Democrat Nita Lowey and that 80% of the stimulus bills being presented are by the [D] party.
              We’ll just focus on that one bill from RINO Tom Cotton who he himself has dumped out 43-stimulus bill proposals including this one.

              1. You’ve already confessed to being a nazi, with your authoritarian diktats .. as you literally drool for minority rule … now, again.

                It’s your total contempt for consent of the governed, as you demand … NOT consent of the governed, but blind obedience to your rage. You, a nobody.

                And you again failed to support your bizarre claim that
                Tulsi Gabbard pays no taxes.

                But thanks for all your dedicated efforts … to destroy the Republican Party.

                  — “as you literally drool for minority rule”

                  “minority rule”??? — typical lefty so authoritarian [WE] foundation power-crazed you cannot even acknowledge individual autonomy let along individuals as anything but slaves of the [WE] empire.

                  All the rest of your arguments are just constructions of your straw-man psycho-babble.

                  1. Now SCREECHING that Jefferson and the Founders commitment to “Consent of the Governed” was … PSYCHO-BABBLE … because HE has more authority than the entire Constitutional Convention!

                    ANOTHER cowardly refusal to support his bizarre claim that Tulsi Gabbard pays no taxes.

                    “I don’t NEED no steeenking support for what I say.
                    SHUT UP, SIT DOWN AND OBEY

                    Again, thanks for all your dedicated efforts … to destroy the Republican Party.

                    And they vote. (shudder)

                    1. If your going to be using the word Constitution don’t you think you should know just a little about its founder and a little about what it says??? Reading it would be a BIG step for you in the right direction.

                    2. *COWARDLY EVASION
                      AGAIN refuse to support your wacko claim that Tulsi Gabbard does noT pay taxes.

                      *COWARDLY EVASION
                      Tell me what I missed in the Constitution, (smirk)

                      *COWARDLY EVASION
                      Here’s what YOU missed in the Declaration

                      That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,

                      You demand UNJUST powers, BY DEFINITION.
                      YOUR TURN: How do *I* distort the Constitution?

                      AGAIN: You REPEATEDLY reject our founding principles, as so clearly expressed by Thomas Jefferson and our Founders.

                      BE A MAN, NOT A WHINING PUSSY
                      1) Prove that Tulsi Gabbard pays no taxes. EIGHTH REQUEST.

                      2) WHAT HAVE I MISSED IN THE CONSTITUTION?

                    3. 1) Typical manipulator and the TRUE COWARD.
                      – Did I ever say Tulsi didn’t pay Taxes? (No, you threw that out on your own)
                      – Is Tulsi paying that $1000 subsidy check from her personal account (That is what I said).

                      2) What you miss in the Constitution
                      – Enumerated Powers + Amendment X
                      – Do you see a single power to STEAL and DISPERSE cash when there’s a disease?????

                      3) Perhaps the most humorous one
                      – The Declaration of Independence ISN’T the Constitution.

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  21. From those crazed lefties ….. The Wall Street Journal

    MOAR ridicule of the extreme alt-right, who keep WHINING the threat is not all that severe


    Limited testing has blinded Americans to the scale of the outbreak so far, impeding the nation’s ability to fight the virus through isolating the sick and their contacts … As of early Wednesday, about 6,500 people in the U.S. had tested positive,… but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had reported only about 32,000 tests conducted at its facilities and other public-health labs.

    Limited testing is also keeping patients like Justin LaBor in the dark, despite recent improvements. Mr. LaBor, 36 years old, said he went to the emergency room at AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center in Pomona, N.J., Monday with a fever and dry cough, symptoms typical in a coronavirus infection. Doctors admitted him, but he hasn’t been tested for the virus, he said Tuesday, gasping for breath over the phone.

    “Everyone just told me there were no tests and I didn’t check all the boxes for the state,” said Mr. LaBor, a social-media marketer from Elwood, N.J., referring to the criteria that state labs require patients to meet before running tests. A New Jersey health-department spokeswoman said the state “has sufficient lab capacity to test those who meet the testing criteria.” An AtlantiCare spokeswoman said the hospital system “is not testing patients in a widespread manner for coronavirus”

    Non-stop barbarities.
    Hey Donald! How many have you killed today?

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  23. Is there NO END to the corruption?

    a href=>‘No greater moral crime’: Tucker Carlson calls for Richard Burr’s resignation’

    Tucker Carlson calls for Senator Burr to resign and await prosecution for insider trading if he cannot provide a reasonable explanation for his actions. He goes on to say it appears that Senator Burr betrayed his country in a time of crisis

    One of Fox News Channel’s flagship primetime hosts called for a Republican senator to resign over claims that the lawmaker dumped stocks on the eve of the coronavirus hitting the U.S. with full force.
    Tucker Carlson commented on Thursday’s show about a story earlier in the day from Pro Publica that said that Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina sold between $628,000 and $1.72 million of his holdings on Feb. 13 in 33 separate transactions.

    33 separate transactions … but no coverup (lol)

    TRUMP’S STOCK TRADING MUST BE SUBPOENAED FOR January, February and early March. THIS is the man who campaigned on a 60% tax cut FOR HIMSELF. And a few cronies in the 1%

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