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Salty Sanders Supporters Say They Won't Settle For Biden

Plus: Yang endorses Biden, Klobuchar's antitrust bill, and more...


Did Democratic voters hand Donald Trump the election yesterday? The mood on the left following former Vice President Joe Biden's besting of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.) in Tuesday's primaries is one of defiance and scorn about the way the most establishment candidate pretty much always wins in Democratic Party politics. Many are rejecting the idea that it's now their duty to vote for Biden and are pledging not to back Biden should he get the party's nomination, which now seems very likely.

"We don't want to be overly dramatic, but it does seem as if the writing is on the wall for Sanders's campaign after tonight," wrote Sarah Frostenson at FiveThirtyEight shortly after midnight. "And that's because if he was going to mount a comeback, he needed to start tonight. Some of the most favorable states for Sanders left on the primary calendar voted tonight, which means things moving forward are only going to get harder, not easier."

Biden won in Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, and Missouri yesterday, while Sanders won in North Dakota. Washington state has still not been called.

With 1,991 Democratic Party delegates declared overall as of 9:30 a.m. this morning, Biden has 846 and Sanders 683, according to the Associated Press. (Going into Tuesday's elections it was 664-573.) When all delegates from yesterday's contests are awarded, 53 percent will still be in play. The math might not be strictly stacked against Sanders yet; the political consensus among journalists, pundits, and political representatives rapidly is. But Sanders supporters seem to be rejecting the idea that this means they must fall in line…

For some segments of Democratic punditocracy, this has only provoked more attempts to shame their more radical elements into supporting Biden:

But there's a (relatively) new twist to this old story: allegations that the drama is all just a product of Russian bots!

People have also been casting blame on Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.) for Sanders' loss…

… something that Trump, too, has gotten in on:

Interestingly, both Trumpian Republicans and left-leaning Democrats have converged on the idea that Sanders' loss yesterday was Trump 2020's gain.


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  1. I will absolutely not vote for Biden.


    1. He will be dead and replaced with Hillary by then anyways.

      1. Joe Biden, demented hair-sniffing kid toucher, or demented kid-touching hair sniffer?

        1. Por que no los dos?

        2. It's not an either-or's both.

        3. That's MISTER demented hair-sniffing kid toucher to you.

          1. "That's VICE PRESIDENT Demented Hair-Sniffing Kid Toucher to you."

            (Never forgetting that his party looked to him as a leader)

        4. What about kid-sniffing hair toucher?

    2. Hello.

      Screw Sanders and his screwy supporters. Illiberal suck asses.

      1. I second that notion^

        A tribe of angry wokester frauds who will even go so far as to defend gulags. (See Bernie Bro staffer Kyle Jurek)

        1. I am not a big fan of the Bernie Bros either, but having them sit out the election could assuage my feelings towards them. For one thing it would show they have some principles.

    3. The Sanders crowd couldn't even turn out to vote for Sanders.

      1. I thought you got banned for posting kiddie porn.

        1. You're a sick mfer.

          1. For pointing out that you got banned for posting kiddie porn?


            1. Hi fellows. I just wanted to say that I keep up with the e-mail list and read some of the articles, and every once in a while I take a look at the comments. Almost every time, I see remarks of the type you fellows are trading, and I give up and go back over to the NYT (just kidding; in fact I'm a Trotskyist and committed to the Fifth International). Bravo, comrades! You're doing a great job.

          2. You've admitted to doing it I dont know why you expect people to memory hole it.

            It is so sad that not even sparky is running to white knight you, and that guy defends Kirkland.

            1. You're a piece of shit and just really dumb.

              1. Right, but you got banned for posting kiddie porn, and you're "Sarah Palin's Buttplug"

              2. Hit a nerve? People defend kirkland over you. You realize that right?

              3. I’m amazed you find time to post here. Between your NAMBLA meetings, trolling grade schools and parks with your windowless panel van, and your consumption of child rape videos.

                Also, I hear Chester the Molester is your patron saint.

              4. You’re a piece of shit and just really dumb.

                But your mother wears combat boots.

    4. The Bush vs Gore election ended up being a victory of "Anybody but Gore" over "Anybody but Bush".

      Looks like 2020 is shaping up to be "Anybody but Biden" defeats "Anybody but Trump".

    5. The mass of Bernie supporters are fed up with America's corrupt political system and crony capitalism; while their solution (socialism) isn't going to work, what motivates them is the same thing that motivates most Trump supporters.

      "Resistance" is something wealthy urban elites like to indulge in. They are the people who benefit from America's corrupt political system and crony capitalism, and they will resist anybody (Trump, Bernie, etc.) who wants to change it.

      1. ^THIS^ x1000. In fact, they will even vote for Biden if he chooses Mitt Romney as his VP. You heard it here first

    6. I will absolutely not vote for Biden either. Instead of learning their lesson from 2016, the DNC has instead decided to nominate an even worse candidate and steal votes and primaries in order to do it.

      I will not support or enable such corruption and incompetence, no matter the consequences (and I live in WI). Frame it however you like.

      I don't know a single Sander's supporter who is going to vote for Biden either. After the DNC and their sycophants steal the nomination to give to Biden, I (and most who I know) plan on spending every waking moment working against Biden and Trump.

      Expect to see and order of magnitude more of Sanders support stay home, write in Bernie, or vote third party in 2020 than did in 2016.

      The DNC elites and their centrist lickspittles are in complete denial. Sanders is the only way to beat Trump, Biden will get curb-stomped. A primary vote for Biden is a guarantee of four more years of Cheetolini.

  2. I will not be voting for Joe Biden if he is the Democratic nominee & I suspect there are lots of other people for whom that is true.

    The Democrats really need supervoters a la the superdelegate system to override these rogues in the general election.

    1. They've already got a lock on some large states. All they really have to is pander harder to unions and promise to get tough on the border and they'd probably win the support they need in the swing states.

      I don't think they're going to, cause the progressives pulled them too far left in the primary for that to seem genuine, but I don't think the dems actually need the progressive wing to win, cause half those folks hate Trump too much to possibly miss a chance to vote against him, no matter who else is up.

  3. Bernie was the only chance to win

    So Trump is unbeatable?

    1. The only chance and the guy couldn't win among Democrats. These people are delusional and retreated.

      1. Right but you posted kiddie porn and got banned.

      2. "These people are delusional and retreated."

        It doesn't look like they are retreating to me.

    2. So Trump is unbeatable?

      In absolute terms? No. Given who Dems have been choosing to throw at the effort? Quite possibly. Sending humans to Mars is absolutely achievable...but not if your vehicle of choice for the trip is a Buick.

  4. "Did Democratic voters hand Donald Trump the election yesterday?"

    No. He was going to win regardless.

      1. Agreed, ENB should be laughed at for even attempting to suggest Trump had any chance of losing to the commie or the hair sniffing kid toucher.

        I'm surprised that you agree though.

        1. How delusional and fully sequestered in an echo-chamber do you have to be to think Bernie has the best chance against Trump? SMDH

          1. I don't know. Seems Biden is trying to prove that.

  5. I'm confident the vast majority of Sanders supporters will realize by November that even an imperfect Democrat like Biden is preferable to an alt-right white nationalist Russian intelligence asset.


    1. The fact that you perceive Trump to be a legitimate white nationalist suggests you would do better spam posting the on messaging boards of

      If you’re dumb enough to think that Russia/Putin are responsible for Trumps election then God help you.

      1. Psst... parody.

        1. Oops - My mistake I’m new here.

          1. no worries. You're not the first person to mistake OBLT for the real thing.

            1. It's OBL. I'm assuming that it wasn't a mistake that he used Osama Bin Laden's initials for his parody handle to mock Democrats, cosmotarians, and never Trumpers/never Gabbarders.

              1. I wonder whatever happened to Ukerbold?
                That was some pretty good parody.

                1. Hinn? He'll probably show up on the comment thread of the next gun control article.

                  1. Ukerbold was a funny parody that posted here what seems like a long time ago before Reason required an account. Definitely not Hihn. A sense of humor escapes that dude.

                    1. Stop mentioning his name. It attracts him and he'll start spamming the thread.

                    2. *distantly heard reeing comes closer*

                    3. It’s like saying ‘Candyman’ in the mirror too many times.

        2. Psst... Tulpa.

          1. Nope.

  6. The name has a less pleasant connotation in the Menominee language, where it is called Māēnāēwah, "some misfortune happens".

    Milwaukee is gonna be Lit AF!

    1. They spent so much money on that stadium and now some antifa wackos are gonna burn it down.

      1. Hope so.

    2. What the fuck are you quoting from / responding to?

      1. It's the American Indian name for "Milwaukee".

        I think "Shit Happens" is a great name for a city.

        1. But how the fuck does that tie into anything in the article and/or something mentioned by another commenter. As far as I can tell, it doesn't.

          1. Bernie bros are pissed? The convention is in Milwaukee? They’ve already threatened chaos at the convention if their guy ain’t the nominee?

            No? Nothing?

            1. Burning Man will probably be cancelled because of Covid-19, it was getting a little tired anyway

              Burning City is the next Big Thing.

  7. Now, what will happen if Bernie loses, instead of actually earning vote of the left & younger voters, the Dem establishment will try to pressure, guilt, & shame progressive voters into voting Biden...

    Imagine what these people would be saying if Bernie was the nominee and Tulsi supporters (if there were significant numbers) were boycotting in November because of how the party dealt with her.

  8. What if Trump said a voter was “full of shit”?

    1. Or called another voter Horse face or called another voter fat. Look Biden is the return to decency after Trumps degradation of the office.

      1. I mean all the public figures he insulted are potential voters, he hasn't attacked random bystanders asking him questions to my recollection.

      2. Biden told the worker he was going to slap his face. He literally threatened assault. Media completely ignored it for the most part.

        1. NBC edited out the good parts to protect Biden when they showed it.

        2. Guy who eventually smacks the fuck out of Biden and gets pardoned, hero, or superhero?

        3. The lengths the media will go to cover for Democrats is remarkable. Say what you want about Rush Limbaugh but he is correct when he says the media is the most effective arm of the Left.

          1. The Democratic Party isn't "the Left" with the exception of Sanders (and even he is pretty much "center-left" and only accepted by "the Left" because he the best we could hope for). The actual "Left" feels exactly the same way about the media as you. The media isn't protecting "the Left" it is protecting millionaires, billionaires, Wall St., the military-industrial complex, and the status quo.

        4. I really wish someone would take one of those threats and reply with "leave your secret service goons here and meet me outside", call that old fuck's bluff.

          1. Fun fact: Joe Biden does NOT have Secret Service protection.

            Secret Service changing Biden protection plans after rally scare

            Jill Biden does Joe Biden's security for now.

            1. Well that's good news, Joe must be employing private goons.

      3. don't forget what if he threatened to do push ups or slap in the face or what ever comes next for Biden

    2. Had Trump said that, The media would be running endless segments of how “toxic” and “inappropriate” DJT is, instead of the 24/7 coronavirus hysteria.

  9. Pocahontas, working in conjunction with the Democrat Party, totally destroyed the campaign of Bernie Sanders. If she would have quit 3 days earlier, Sanders would have beaten Biden in a route, it wouldn't even have been close. They also got two other losers to support Sleepy Joe!

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 11, 2020

    If Trump wrote this himself, I think we can safely say dementia hasn't hit the president yet.

    1. Trump's anything but senile.

      Although I think he's wrong about Warren. Her supporters hate Bernie Sanders and seem far more likely to gravitate to Biden. Especially after Fauxcohontas lied about Sanders telling her she couldn't win because she was a woman...Warren truly hated Sanders, and since her supporters mainly flocked to her because they felt a personal connection to Warren, I doubt that translated to instant support for a politician she clearly hates personally.

      1. Yea, but Trump's not trying to be accurate - he's trying to troll and instigate...
        And it's hilarious

        1. Personally I'm impressed with how good he is at trolling. 4+ years of it and his opponents are just as clueless about how to deal with it as when he started.

          1. Yup. He is an absolute surgeon with Twitter.

            It also helps when your opponents are stupid and fighting way out of their class.

            1. Never mud wrestle with a pig, you're just going to get dirty and the pig is going to enjoy it.

              1. I think the more appropriate adage for Dems is "Never bring a knife to a gun fight."

                1. Do people really think he's actually writing the vast majority of his tweets?

      2. May commie Aunt LOVES Warren. She also openly detests Bernie. Last week she had a Bloomberg signing her yard. And I am certain she will back Biden. Who she once referred to as being ‘so smart’. Her estimation of a person’s intelligence is largely based on how much of a drone they are for the democrats.

    2. Trump is mentally sharp and politically moderate. His problem is his personality and the fact that he is politically inept, both of which upset a lot of people. But his personality is what allowed him to win in the first place, and his status as an outsider is why people voted for him.

  10. Andrew Yang has endorsed Joe Biden.

    Not the math genius we thought.

    1. He wanted to see his wife and kids again, and Tom Perez was warning him his trigger finger was itching.

    2. “Not the math genius we thought”.

      I think we knew that when he was pushing his universal basic income nonsense........

      ........oh wait, you mean because he’s Asian! Racist!

  11. Accused at a campaign stop of "actively trying to end our Second Amendment right and take away our guns," Biden responded, "You're full of shit."

    Imagine the response if he had been sundowning at the time.

  12. The Bernie Bros and Bernie babes will vote for whomever Team D nominates. Their hatred for all things Trump absolutely 'trumps' (pun intended) everything else. They will show up on election day and pull that lever for Bungler VP Biden. Who are they kidding?

    1. I'm pretty sure you're full of shit. Most of Bernie's supporters aren't going to vote for Biden for the same reason they weren't going to vote for Sanders either - you have to leave Mom's basement to even register to vote and they ain't making that kind of effort.

      1. Perhaps mom couldn't give then a ride to the polls?

      2. Jerry...did the Bernie Bros & Babes stay home in 2016? No, they did not. They pulled the lever for Crooked Hillary, while holding their noses. Why do you think 2020 is going to be different?

        1. Yeah--that's why President Clinto----oh, wait. That didn't happen.

          Because they didn't.

          And they'll tell you this, at length. They're all over sm.

          1. LOL...nice line (first one) Aza. Made me laugh. 🙂

        2. Here's How Many Bernie Sanders Supporters Ultimately Voted For Trump

          According to NPR that didn't happen. It's NPR, so take with grain of salty tears.

          1. I heard a recent interview with Brent Bozell from the MRC where he said that some Bernie supporters in his focus groups said they would vote for Trump in the general election if Bernie wasn’t nominated.

          2. Very few Sander's supporters voted for Trump. Lots of them voted for Johnson, Stein, wrote in Sanders, or stayed home. Expect that number to be much larger this time around. Trump isn't any more hated by Sander's supporters now than he was in 2016, and after getting ass-reamed by the Dem. party a second time, the number who don't "fall in line" and vote for the centrist, Wall St. shill, is only going to go way up.

        3. They pulled the lever for Crooked Hillary, while holding their noses. Why do you think 2020 is going to be different?
          1. Clinton was a viable candidate.
          2. Clinton was a woman.
          3. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

          1. 4. Clinton wasn't showing senile dementia whenever she went off script.

      3. No sir, you are full of shit.

        Anybody remember the PUMAs? Party Unity My Ass? They fell right in line and diligently voted for that retard negro who spoke white after Hillary lost the nomination.

    2. You must not know the woke generation. The thing they hate more than trump is being told no. The DNC told them no.

    3. You are correct —> some will stay home out of resentment but most will not. The rage against DJT is sufficient to get these Bernouts to the ballots

      1. You're conflating the rage coming from the Democratic party, from that coming from Sander's supporters. Sander's supporters don't like Trump, but they don't have Trump derangement syndrome like the centrist, mainstream Dems do. The resentment of the DNC literally stealing the nomination from Sanders is much, much greater than any bernout rage against DJT. It's not even close.

    4. Bernie voters will not vote for the establishment. They either sit and do nothing or vote trump or pencil in a joke. The never trumpers are the same old Hillary voters that do whatever the tv tells them to. I think they’ve decreased in size quite a bit - at least they’re not as vocal anymore.

    5. They will show up on election day and pull that lever for Bungler VP Biden. Who are they kidding?

      Kurt Schlichter over at TownHall called that last month...and explained why quite succinctly.

      1. Although Schlichter figured it would be Bloomers getting anointed, I guess because he never paid much attention to Bloomberg's complete lack of personality and political ineptitude.

        Incidentally, how bad is it that Bloomberg literally couldn't beat a man fading fast into senility? If Bloomberg is that incompetent and a billionaire, I'm now wondering what I've been doing wrong since I'm not a billionaire.

        1. In 1973, Bloomberg became a general partner at Salomon Brothers, a large Wall Street investment bank, where he headed equity trading and, later, systems development. In 1981, Salomon Brothers was bought by Phibro Corporation, and Bloomberg was laid off from the investment bank with a $10 million cash buyout of his partnership stake in the firm.

          Using this money, Bloomberg, having designed in-house computerized financial systems for Salomon, set up a data services company named Innovative Market Systems (IMS) based on his belief that Wall Street would pay a premium for high-quality business information, delivered instantaneously on computer terminals in a variety of usable formats. The company sold customized computer terminals that delivered real-time market data, financial calculations and other analytics to Wall Street firms. The terminal, first called the Market Master terminal, was released to market in December 1982.

          In 1986, the company renamed itself Bloomberg L.P. Over the years, ancillary products including Bloomberg News, Bloomberg Radio, Bloomberg Message, and Bloomberg Tradebook were launched.

          As of October 2015, the company had more than 325,000 terminal subscribers worldwide. Subscriptions cost $24,000 per year, discounted to $20,000 for two or more. As of 2019, Bloomberg employs 20,000 people in dozens of locations. The company earned approximately $10 billion in 2018, loosely $3 billion more than Thomson Reuters, now Refinitiv, its nearest competitor.

          Sounds like Bloomberg had a good idea with business information but that might be a business that is changing. It appears he got in and is getting out at the right time.

          1. He is still an asshole and I would never vote for him to be around the levers of government power.

          2. A few years back I read allegations he was spying on users of his Bloomberg Boxes...insider information of sorts.

            Not sure of the actuality, though.

        2. Are you a conniving Jew? No? There's your answer.

      2. Of course they will. I have several friends who were fervently pro-Bernie during 2016 and literally referred to Hilary as a Republican, the devil, you name it. They hated her.

        They all voted for her.

    6. They didn't do that in 2016, and I don't see Biden being more appealing to them than voting for the first woman President.

      1. Almost everyone I know supported Bernie whole-heartedly in 2016.. and voted for Hillary.

          1. I guess my group of extreme bay area liberal friends are more party loyal than typical Bernie supporters.

            1. In some states if 95% of Bernie voters go for Biden, and 5% stay home it could swing the state to Trump.

              2016 Trump took Wisconsin by 24,000 votes, 5% of Bernie's primary vote was 28,000.

            2. Maybe. I am in Wisconsin and I can tell you my experience was the opposite of yours...that is, almost nobody I know who supported Sanders actually voted for Clinton.

        1. Almost everyone I know...

          So you're saying that your data set does not suffer from selection bias.

        2. Relevant quote:
          Party seems to have had something to do with it — Sanders-Trump voters were much less likely than Sanders-Clinton or Sanders-third party voters to have been Democrats. Likewise, approval of President Barack Obama appears to be related — Sanders-Trump voters approved of Obama much less than other Sanders primary voters.

          Makes sense. Most of my crazy liberal friends are cult-like democrats, so they fit this narrative actually.

    1. I think that is the funniest thing trump has said yet. Downplay the political panic pandemic by calling it a hoax. I swear he’s a covert fucking genius.

      1. You know that never happened, right?

      2. OBL was satirizing.
        Dana Milbank was the one who invented the story that Trump called the virus a hoax. ENB repeated the lie in her last two roundups.

        Trump's mistake was talking about different issues in the same speech. He should've realized the DNC/Media Complex would automatically conflate.

        Here's what he actually said:
        "Now the Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus. You know that, right? Coronavirus. They’re politicizing it. We did one of the great jobs. You say, ‘How’s President Trump doing?’ They go, ‘Oh, not good, not good.’ They have no clue. They don’t have any clue. They can’t even count their votes in Iowa, they can’t even count. No they can’t. They can’t count their votes.

        One of my people came up to me and said, ‘Mr. President, they tried to beat you on Russia, Russia, Russia. That didn’t work out too well. They couldn’t do it. They tried the impeachment hoax. That was on a perfect conversation. They tried anything, they tried it over and over, they’ve been doing it since you got in. It’s all turning, they lost, it’s all turning. Think of it. Think of it. And this is their new hoax. But you know, we did something that’s been pretty amazing. We’re 15 people [cases of coronavirus infection] in this massive country. And because of the fact that we went early, we went early, we could have had a lot more than that."

        1. It is just more proof that Reasons journalists, outside occasional attempts from robbie, cant be bothered to actually read original source material, instead they rely on the Twitter summary in their feed.

          1. Actually, I firmly believe they rely on whatever talking points they get from their corporate masters.

            Let's be honest, most of Reason Magazine's good writers bailed years ago and most of the crop they've found to replace them are just bloggers with no experience or expertise in anything. They write what makes the boss happy and what makes the boss happy is when they write about "libertarianism" based on the boss' perspective of what "libertarianism" is (which suspiciously resembles never Trumper globalism) while they hope that a better paying gig comes along so they can bail too.

            1. And I submit as correlational evidence of my hypothesis that the same thing is happening at the Cato Institute as well. Both are under the financial thumb of Charles Koch and Koch hates Trump because Trump is bad for Koch's interests...therefore Cato and Reason hate Trump.

            2. And yesterday DOL repeated the lie again. But he didn’t do it because he was told to. He did it because he’s a liar that likes to lie.

    2. Lessee, if 32 people died from Coronavirus every day that would still be...carry the 2...less than half of 1% of all daily deaths in the US. As it's predominantly fatal among elders with compromised immune systems who might have died anyway...people need to calm down and hope the evil biotech multinationals come up with a vaccination soon.

      1. I like to point out, especially to those in the medical community, that more people will die of medical errors this year than the Corona virus.

        1. In the end, more people will probably die of rabies than the coronal hole virus.

  13. Ohio may temporarily ban spectators at indoor sporting events due to coronavirus fears.

    I wish I could make a Blue Jackets joke here but I think their attendance is always excellent.

    1. No worries, the Mud Hens play outdoors.

  14. "I want to thank Bernie Sanders and his supporters for their tireless energy and their passion," said Biden

    "Unlike Donald Trump and his supporters, who are full of shit."

  15. Amy Klobuchar wants to expand antitrust law.

    Wait. She's a legislator?

    1. Moar lawz!

  16. Can someone explain to me what Biden's platform or chief issue is he's running on? Even Trump for all his knuckledragging had staked out trade deals, immigration and fortress america as his issues at this point. Biden's seems to be he's the return to normalcy while he can't remember where he put his remote control and threatens various potential voters at townhalls.

    1. IIRC, he's saving the soul of America.

      1. Free leg rubs for minorities.

    2. Orange Man Bad.

    3. It depends on his crowd and what year his alzheimers is currently.

    4. At this rate, By the time November rolls around, it will be curious if he remembers what the words ‘1600 Pennsylvania Ave’ correspond to.

      If he prevails - The White House will be transformed into a nursing home & VP Stacey Abrams will be running things inside of 2 years.

    5. "Can someone explain to me what Biden’s platform or chief issue is he’s running on?"

      Sleepy Joe:
      "I'm not Trump!"

      1. "You know, the thing!"

      2. "I will show you what I am running for...ASSHOLE! Now take off your shirt and let's wrastle."

      3. I seem to recall "I'm not Trump!" not working four years ago. I am sure it will work just fine this time around, lol.

    6. Gee, your hair smells terrific!

      1. But that's a setup for his wandering nose.

    7. Reinstitute the SALT deduction for billionaires in NY, NJ, CT, CA, IL.

      1. Do away with SALT deduction for everyone.

    8. Putting 200,000 Pennsylvanian's in the oil industry out of work is his signature issue. Then disarming 50 million gun owners is a close second.

  17. A case against five people who blocked an oil train last year by building a garden over the tracks ended in a mistrial on Thursday.

    The climate activists, from a group called Extinction Rebellion Portland, had been charged with criminal trespassing after they gathered in April and laid dirt and straw over train tracks used by Zenith Energy. Eleven people were arrested at the time.

    The jury was split, with five wanting to acquit the climate activists, and one voting to convict them, said group spokesman Dylan Plummer on Thursday evening.

    Plummer said the fact that the five were not convicted made the case a success.

    “Their community did not convict them after watching them on video breaking the law,” he said. “It speaks to the urgency that people feel.”

    “That a jury could not convict us of trespass when we showed them a video of us sitting on Zenith’s railroad tracks is a partial victory for common sense,” he said. “It is not a victory in any traditional sense, because we shouldn’t have had to take this action to begin with, given the climate catastrophe, but it is a vindication of our call for climate activists to use a climate necessity defense.”

    1. Your honor, I had no choice but to kill that man . It was for the climate necessity!

      1. Fooling around with train tracks will eventually do just that.

    2. And suddenly leftists love jury nullification.

      1. Unfortunately they decided to use it against property rights, instead of an unjust law.

    3. I'm a big fan of jury nullification so i'm fine with this. Not the specific outcome but that yes, jury's have the power to let you go free for any reason.

      1. The fact that you showed possession of 'jury' instead of pluralizing juries shows me you ain't all that intelligent in the first place, thus anything YOU know about jury nullification is probably close to nil. In other words, a 'typical libertarian', educated in government schools, who believes something nebulous has been taken away from/denied him.

  18. Alt-text caption - Unidentified protestor interrupts Biden speech to angrily denounce Biden's obvious mental instability as bystanders cheer her on.

  19. In examining the extraordinary growth of organ transplantation and rapid availability of organs in China, the report asks one overarching question: What is the most plausible explanation for the source of the organs? The report examines the evidence of blood-testing and medical examinations of Falun Gong practitioners and Uyghurs in custody, and finds that extrajudicial organ sourcing from these populations is the most plausible and parsimonious explanation. As such, readers should adopt it as empirically adequate until either a better explanation or reliable data inconsistent with the hypothesis emerges.

    1. Paying for their crimes a piece at a time...

    1. "Sen. Mitch McConnell is also benefiting from the same post-impeachment bump. Like Trump, he is now at his highest approval ever"
      "McConnell’s favorability rating has increased... to 62% among Republicans

      And where's Mittens Romney now polling?
      "just 23 percent of Republicans (view Romney favorably)"

      1. Romney is now reasons favorite Republican now that flake and Amash are stale.

        1. And now that Flake and Amash are no longer Republicans.

          And hopefully soon Amash will no longer be a Congressman.

          1. Fortunately that day will come on the same day that we find out Trump is reelected.

            Day of mourning for unreason staff.

          2. soon Amash will no longer be a Congressman

            All that money spent on Welch's puff pieces... blown. He's not Bllomberg, that kind of layout stings.

            1. Hahaha...classic. 🙂

            2. +100000

              If I ever met Welch, I would love to ask how he keeps from killing himself after endorsing Hillary and she lost. Then endorsing Amash and he went off the rails. Endorsing Flake and that douche went under the rails.

              1. I would love to ask how he keeps from killing himself after endorsing Hillary

                When did that happen?

                1. I was gonna check #MemoryHoled unreason archives but the system is so horrible. I have to skim through hundreds of garbage articles by Welch to find election 2016.

                  1. According to their "who are you voting for" piece in 2016, Welch and most other Reasonites were voting for Johnson.


                    1. Saying Johnson, but there's no way Welch and Suderman didn't pull the lever for Hilldog.

                    2. I suspect they both lived in blue areas in 2016, so odds are they probably voted Johnson because they knew Hillary was in no danger of losing their states.

                      Same reason I voted Johnson over Romney in 2012. Romney was going to win my state, and Romney was unimpressive, so I had no problem with voting for Johnson the throwaway candidate.

  20. New IG report shows how incompetent Comey's FBI was under Obama, ignoring data that could have stopped 6 acts of terrorism. or as obama said work place violence.

    1. Which is why it's impossible for me to believe that Comey engineered the Russian Collusion coup attempt - he's too stupid to have been anything more than Brennan's designated fall guy for the fiasco.

      1. He had help. Brennan's hands are all over the manipulation of comey. I think comey was easily pliable and as you assert an idiot.

    2. who said they wanted to stop attacks. you can't outlaw guns if no one is shooting people. seems the conspiracies are true.

  21. Cant wait for the liberal media to destroy the detroit auto workers life. But until then...

    1. He will soon learn to open wider and accept the wisdom of his betters.

    2. They are going to ruthlessly dox the hell out of this guy. No morals per usual from the media

      1. Guys like Jerry aren't scared of piss ant media guys. He is articulate and had something to say.

        BTW: In the FOX interview he was wearing a "Don't Tread on Me" black and gold ballcap.

    1. big titted Yogi Berra

      Nice Frank Zappa song.

    2. yeah i like the description. hot Yogi.

      1. Just yuck. Face like a horse.

        1. sometimes the sun catches her right. looks like the fun kind of crazy to me.

          1. That will all change the minute she turns 30.

    3. win a race
      What's this "winning" stuff? I thought AOC was in the "everybody gets a participation trophy" camp.

    4. Sad that that's her only asset. Too bony for a 'Rican chick, horseface, buck teeth and hatchet face otherwise.

  22. Some of the biggest and best differences between Democrats and Republicans are playing out in terms of the government's "stimulus" response to the virus--that's still being negotiated by Congress and the President even as I type.

    Trump is getting some resistance to his plan from congressional Republicans in the name of fiscal conservatism, and Trump's proposal is extremely radical. I've seen a stat that payroll taxes could represent 4% of GDP. Cutting that from the government revenue and letting consumers keep that money to spend would be YUGE! It should probably be considered no more than a point from which Trump is trying to start negotiations. However, President Trump is proposing that Congress suspend the payroll tax through December 31st of 2020.

    Democrats are opposing that for a couple of reasons. For one, they say he's only trying to cut taxes through the election in November of 2020 to get himself reelected (as if appealing to voters in an election year by letting them keep more of what they earn were a bad thing), but their other objection is that cutting payroll taxes will also help people who aren't impacted by the coronavirus at all (as if that were a bad thing, too?). I maintain that the only things we should do because of the coronavirus are things that we should be doing regardless of whether there were a coronavirus, and slashing payroll taxes is something we should be doing anyway--because artificially inflating the cost of hiring unemployed people or keeping them on the payroll is always a stupid thing to do.

    The Democrats' proposal is to pay for people's sick leave, especially those, like contract workers, who may not have any paid sick leave and to (get this) extend unemployment benefits, for whatever period of time, to people who've never had a job. (Of course, there's no motivation to get themselves reelected by paying off their favorite constituencies. It's just common sense crisis managements when they're doing it).

    Those of you who imagine there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans because neither of them are Republicans, it's about time to snap out of it. You may imagine that socialism is dying in the Democratic party because Bernie Sanders is losing his shot at the nomination, but if refusing to cut payroll taxes so that they can extend unemployment benefits to people who haven't worked and don't work for a living is anything other than socialism, I can hardly imagine what it is.

    The old adage is that you never want to let a crisis go to waste, and if you look at the difference between what the Democrats and President Trump are trying to do with this crisis, it's patently obvious that one side is clearly trying to let working Americans and people who want to work both keep a job and more of their income, and the other side is clearly pushing old fashioned socialist wealth redistribution. As the Democrats become increasingly authoritarian and socialist it is appropriate for libertarian capitalists to become increasingly Republican.

    1. Cutting taxes is always a better choice, even if nobody got sick.

      1. Watch out. Pro tax DOL will be here shortly to tell you we should always raise taxes to pay for the spending levels he wants. He believes that is the only libertarian solution.

        1. And then he'll log in to his Vince Smith account at night and do it some more.

      2. Labor is the dumbest thing to tax. The last thing you want to do is discourage people from engaging in productive activity.

        Taxing income is almost as dumb. it artificially raises the cost of employing people because not only do you have to pay them whatever they need to live on, you also have to pay them enough to pay their taxes--and it's especially hard on relatively unskilled workers who, by definition, can only compete on price.

        Taxing profits is probably the stupidest thing after that. Profitable companies (their management and their ownership) are much better at spending the profits they earn in ways that benefit their customers, their employees, and the economy. You can tell because they generate profits from willing customers, where the government has to threaten people with jail time to raise revenue.

        Taxing investment proceeds is stupid, especially when one of your biggest problems is the insolvency of Social Security and other programs that are supposed to provide for retired people.

        I could go on and on, but suffice it to say, payroll taxes are the dumbest possible thing to tax, and the argument that everyone should be forced to pay something so that people don't develop a false sense of entitlement is the dumbest argument in support of them. If the idea that we should be free to keep what we earn is what the left means by a false sense of entitlement, then a false sense of entitlement is a good thing.

        1. People who call a tax cut a “giveaway” certainly know a lot about having a “sense of entitlement”.

          I used to be amazed by how many useful idiots are out there. Now I just mock them.

    2. Exactly Ken. Democrats are trying to pander for votes with paid sick leave. This costs employers more money.

      Trump's proposal would save companies (also pay some payroll taxes for employees) and Americans money every paycheck.

      Trump is far better at the political game than Democrats. Trump is gonna kick ass Election 2020.

      1. Even the part of payroll taxes that companies pay ultimately comes out of the employees' pay.

        Yes, employers know what their FICA costs are going to be for hiring people, and they figure it into your pay when they hire them, too.

        If they temporarily let people keep more of their pay--and it really did come out to 4% of GDP? That's putting a shitload of cash in the consumers' pockets. Economic growth and increases in the standard of living are all about increasing consumer discretionary spending. Again, Trump's focus on helping American workers is vastly superior to the Democrats and can also help American consumers (my favorite point of focus). If we need to pay for Trump's payroll tax cuts elsewhere, I suggest we get out of Afghanistan and slash Medicaid--two things Trump has also already been fighting to do.

        1. Plus, Trump is playing "n"th D Chess here. Democrats and RINOs have for decades used incrementalism to increase government, taxes, and spending.

          If Trump can pull off employees taking home that much every paycheck, Americans will be pissed when Democrats want taxes to go back up.

          Republicans get hammered during elections when they raise lowering federal spending. I believe this is an excellent way to lower federal tax revenue and force Congress to lower spending.

          I don't know if Trump can pull it off, but if he can Trump will mostly counter any economic slump that was caused by Coronavirus Lefty hysteria.

    3. Those of you who imagine there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans because neither of them are Republicans [sic, I'm assuming you meant to say Libertarians], it’s about time to snap out of it.

      Comparing Republicans and Democrats is like comparing apples and oranges. It's a stupid comparison. If your universe of comparisons is "sweet juicy tree fruits that are easily obtainable and that people like to eat", there's a lot of difference. If your universe of comparisons is "things that are edible", there's very little difference, not much difference at all when you compare a banana to a bowl of chicken noodle soup or a pork chop to a Caesar salad.

      In the same way, Republicans and Democrats appear a lot different if your universe of comparisons is "current major American political parties", in fact there's all the difference in the world because those are the only two items in that particular universe. But if you expand the universe of comparisons to all types of possible government, including socialists, libertarians, hereditary monarchies, trial-by-combat warrior chieftains, and all the rest, there's really not much difference at all.

      If you look at Trump slamming Carrier and Harley and all the other companies off-shoring their manufacturing, Trump seems to believe that their primary function isn't to do what's best for them, it's to do what's best for America. How is this any different than Bernie's idea that corporations' primary function is to do what's best for America? It's a difference of degree, not kind.

      Or look at the GOP's off-and-on love of big government - when the Democrats are running things, they say they're all for a less-powerful government but as soon as they get control of that power, they've got lots of big ideas for how to use it. It should be pretty obvious from what they've done for the last hundred years that there's no fundamental difference between the R's and the D's over the idea that it's the government's job to fix every goddamn problem in the world, they're just arguing over the details of how exactly the government should be doing it.

      1. "Those of you who imagine there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans because neither of them are Republicans [sic, I’m assuming you meant to say Libertarians], it’s about time to snap out of it."

        Nice catch!

        Yeah, I meant [Libertarians].

        It's an easy typo to make when the Republican president is fighting to eliminate the payroll tax for a year and the Democrats are advocating naked redistributive socialism.

      2. There an irrational idea type called a false dichotomy, where you irrationally pretend that there are only two options, like Democrat and Republican, when in fact there are more.

        It is also irrational to pretend that there are more than two options, when, in fact, there are only two. In this case, we're not even talking about the presidential election. We're talking about what Congress' response should be to market disruptions in reaction to the coronavirus.

        The Democrats don't have the votes necessary to override a presidential veto, but they're pushing a socialist solution. President Trump, on the other hand, is pushing for a cut in the payroll tax. The question is who has to give up what in order to get what they want. The question for libertarian capitalists, on the other hand, should not be whether cuts in the payroll tax are better than socialist wealth redistribution programs.

        There is a clear difference between those proposals--regardless of whether neither proposal nor the people who support them are precisely libertarian. Regardless of whether neither of them is exactly libertarian, one of them is far more libertarian and far more capitalist than the other.

    4. Trump is getting some resistance to his plan from congressional Republicans in the name of fiscal conservatism, and Trump’s proposal is extremely radical. I’ve seen a stat that payroll taxes could represent 4% of GDP.

      He's always wanted to cut taxes and he's taking a page from the (D) playbook: "Never let a good crisis go to waste."

      I hope he can pull it off. People may start to like their payroll tax cut...

  23. Hunter biden was threatened with contempt for skipping court hearings and not giving documents to the judge. He was ordered to appear today or risk contempt. He is now saying he fears the Coronavirus and his wife will have a baby in the next month, so he cant appear. His lawyers are also refusing to hand over his tax and bank account information in a paternity case. They have offered to do so in exactly 9 months... wonder why that date...

    1. Looks like James Biden is also in the news for being involved with a bankruptcy fraud FBI case.

      Frank Biden wont pay the $1 million judgment against him when he was found at fault for hitting another vehicle killing a mother of two girls.
      Biden’s brother Frank dodged paying $1M to daughters orphaned in crash

      Biden Family is just trash.

      1. Joe Biden’s younger brother James received a series of “unusually generous” bank loans during the 1970s, while the former vice president served on the Senate Banking Committee.

        Politico reported on Friday that James Biden, who has a history of murky financial dealings, was able to parlay his role as the chief fundraiser for his brother’s 1972 Senate run into the startup capital required to open a nightclub.

        The loans were considered “unusually generous” given that the younger Biden was a salesman without any business experience and purportedly had a net worth of less than $10,000 at the outset of the venture in 1973. Another key component of the story, which was widely covered by local media in Delaware and Pennsylvania at the time, is that the loans appeared to draw concerns over influence peddling, as Joe Biden had just been appointed to the Senate Banking Committee.

        “No sooner was freshman lawmaker Joe Biden seated on the Senate Banking Committee,” Politico reported, “than James became the beneficiary of business loans that were described … as unusually generous because of the relatively large amount of money he was able to borrow with little or no collateral and a lack of relevant prior experience.”

        The first series of loans — totaling $165,000 — were provided by Wilmington’s Farmers Bank, which, although privately managed, was partially owned by the public with the state of Delaware having a 49 percent stake. The Wilmington Morning News reported in 1977 that of the total, $60,000 was “unsecured,” meaning that James Biden was “personally liable” for its repayment.

        Despite the extensive startup capital, the nightclub failed to turn a profit and by 1975 had run up debts totaling more than $500,000. Unable to pay their bills, James Biden and his business partners, which by then included his brother-in-law John T. Owens, turned to First Pennsylvania Bank for a bailout.

        The exact manner in which the loan, for $300,000, was arranged is unclear, especially as James Biden only had a total net worth of $10,050 at the time. It appears the loan came through after the incumbent governor of Pennsylvania made a recommendation on the nightclub’s behalf. Regardless, the money did not last long and by 1977, James Biden was forced to surrender the club to creditors after incurring more than $700,000 of debt.

        1. His net worth went up 50 bucks. Lol.


        After the firing, the two large men escorted the fund’s president out of the firm’s midtown Manhattan office, and James Biden laid out his vision for the fund’s future. “Don’t worry about investors,” he said, according to the executive, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, citing fear of retaliation. “We've got people all around the world who want to invest in Joe Biden.”

        At the time, the senator was just months away from both assuming the chairmanship of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and launching his second presidential bid. According to the executive, James Biden made it clear he viewed the fund as a way to take money from rich foreigners who could not legally give money to his older brother or his campaign account. “We've got investors lined up in a line of 747s filled with cash ready to invest in this company,” the executive remembers James Biden saying.

        1. +10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

          Thanks for more details. It is criminal that the FBI does not go after any politician who commits frauds like this.

          The Lefty media propagandists have for decades said that Republicans are these types of crooks but its always been the Democrats.


        In the weeks since the raid, two small medical firms that did business with James Biden have claimed in civil court proceedings to have obtained evidence that he may have fraudulently transferred funds from Americore “outside of the ordinary course of business,” and a former Americore executive has told POLITICO that James Biden had more than half a million dollars transferred to him from the firm as a personal loan that has not yet been repaid.

        Tom Pritchard, a former Americore executive familiar with the business' finances, told POLITICO that James Biden’s arrival exacerbated Americore’s financial problems. Holding out the promise of a large investment from the Middle East based on his political connections, James Biden introduced Americore’s founder to his older brother and helped land a bridge loan to Americore from a hedge fund, Pritchard said. But then, Pritchard said, James Biden received a six-figure personal loan out of Americore’s coffers while encouraging the firm to take on greater financial liabilities. The cash infusion from the Middle East never arrived, and, Pritchard says, James Biden has not paid back the loan, the terms of which are unknown.

        Last year, two medical services firms jointly sued James Biden and his business partners in federal court in Tennessee, alleging James and his partners promised to provide a large investment from the Middle East, then pushed the firms to make expensive acquisitions, as part of a scheme to drive them out of business and steal their business models. As previously reported, those firms alleged that James Biden cited his family’s political connections and promised his older brother would promote their health care model as part of his 2020 presidential campaign.

        1. Jeez, I didn't know how much corruption tended to congregate around this guy.

          1. Reason will never cover it. Orange Man Bad.

            1. Read Peter Schweizer's books "Profiles In Corruption" and "Secret Empires". He covered the Biden family corruption pretty extensively. That's likely where Politico got their cues on Biden.

              They're seriously good reads.

          2. Common theme is that Joe Biden was peddling political power to influence business dealings for family members.

        2. I don't think his refusal is about incriminating his father. Everyone knows he got paid obscene amounts of money from foreign sources for reasons that can't be explained. There is really nothing else to say about that.

          I think he is avoiding this because of tax evasion. In a depo for a paternity suit, he will have to not only give up his tax returns but explain every dime he spends and has. And when it goes public that he has $300K in declared income yet somehow has expenses in the millions without any debt or way to explain where that money came from, Hunter is going to be in a lot of trouble. The only thing that would save him is his dad being President and ensuring the IRS never turns over that rock. Thus, he is trying to put this off until after the election in hopes that his dad wins and he doesn't have to worry about explaining anything to the IRS.

    2. The Bidens make mafia families look like choir boys.

      1. Except that I really do believe that little or no of this corruption attaches to Joe Biden. Like Obama, Joe was appointed to his position by TPTB, he didn't earn his seat. Unlike Obama, however, Joe was a straight-up patsy who really had no idea he was simply a front man for the people pulling his strings. Obama knew he was a puppet and went along with the scam for his own ends, Joe is a moron who had no idea there was even a scam going on. Joe talks about how little money he's gotten out of his position - it's not because he's that honest, it's because he's that stupid. When he says he never talked to his son about his business dealings in Ukraine, I believe him - he's too damn stupid for it ever to occur to him that there might even have been an opportunity for some sort of funny business let alone that there was indeed some funny business going on. Joe's the kind of guy that if he bumped into a fleeing bank robber who dropped a bag of money, Joe would pick it up, say "Excuse me sir, you dropped something", hand the money back to the bank robber and go on his way with no thought at all that there was anything strange about his encounter with the odd gentleman wearing a ski mask in the middle of summer. He's retarded.

  24. Democrat Primary - wsj

    As of March 10,
    Bernie won:
    New Hampshire
    North Dakota

    Biden won:
    North Carolina
    South Carolina

    Clearly Black American Democrats are voting for Biden and Hispanics and Socialists are voting for Bernie.

    1. these Hispanic border-jumping Bernouts want to vote for the same system of governance that ruined the countries they ran from. The cognitive dissonance is staggering.

      1. You don't actually know any Latinos in real life, do you?

        1. Why is this such a common refrain from idiots? You are basically asserting that Latinos are monolithic. Many of them hate illegals more than the media claims trump does. Go read some Chavez quotes about illegals.

          1. Probably a common refrain because it squares with reality. 8/10 Latino voters vote blue. If that’s not monolithic then I don’t know what the term means.

            Before labeling me a ‘bigoted fool’ please run a rudimentary search of the well documented support Bernie received from Latinos.

            But you are correct - I have never interacted with a Latino in my life. Ever. :-/

            1. Only half of them agree that a citizenship path for illegals is very important.


              41% think we should increase deportation numbers.

              Likewise hispanics tend to be more conservative on family and religion. And often rate those issues above immigration issues.

              1. Your point is well taken ^ truly. Specifically in regards to social/conservative family norms.

                But I read Ann Coulters book ‘Adios America’. It was both a depressing and eye opening read. The notion that Latinos ultimately vote conservative is simply a myth. Just look at Nevada’s landslide result for Bernie due to the massive turnout amount Hispanics.

                1. Ann Coulter is a retard.

                  First Vote:
                  Bernie - 35,652 (34.0%)
                  Biden - 18,424 (17.6%)
                  Buttgeig - 16,102 (15.4%)
                  Warren - 13,438 (12.8%)
                  Final vote :
                  Bernie - 41,075 (40.5%)
                  Biden - 19,179 (18.9%)
                  Buttgeig - 17,598 (17.3%)
                  Warren - 11,703 (11.5%)
                  Wikipedia, 2020 Nevada Democratic caucuses

                  Only 83,616 voted among those 4 top Democrats. Not a "massive" turnout.

                  1. As someone pointed out and we have seen in other states once Buttgeig and Warren dropped out, Biden gets all the other votes that people wont give to Bernie.

                    In other words, Biden would have won Nevada if Buttgeig and Warren dropped out before the Caucus.

                  2. When Texas turns blue because of (white Austin progressives notwithstanding) the mass immigration of Latinos I wonder if you will still be calling her a “retard”

                    That’s a 76 pt electoral college swing for you. You can’t recover from that.

      2. When I say Black Americans and Hispanics, of course, I don't mean all. There are plenty of very conservative Black Americans that vote Republican and conservative legal immigrant Hispanics that vote against illegal immigrant Hispanic policies.

        1. Yes certainly I’m aware there are some Latinos who are conservative and possess reasonable resentment for illegal immigrants. But I’m afraid they are much more the exception than the rule.

          Also true that the Cubans who primarily reside in South Florida lean right. And that for good reason having suffered under Castro.

      3. Yeah but they've learned from that, and this time they'll do it right! Plus capitalism is still icky.

  25. “ Biden responded, "You're full of shit."”


    1. TDS is real.

    2. Per reason, Biden gave a Trumpian response.

  26. the debate is going to be epic

    1. Especially if there's no live audience.

      1. just hold it at Sea Lion Point in SeaWorld, no one will be the wiser

    2. It'll look like Muhammad Ali versus Don Knotts.
      Biden might win just out of shear sympathy generated over the brutality of the beatdown.

      Serious question though, does anyone think that the DNC may refuse debates?

      1. A lying sociopath vs a brain-addled challenger.

        You must be proud.

        1. Right but you're “Throw MAGA from the train” and you got banned for posting kiddie porn

          1. A brief spotter's guide to the verigated Reason shitposter:

            "Palin's Buttplug" was an underservedly self-righteous (and occasionally witty) liberal troll who was banned for posting links to kiddy porn.

            "Sarah Palin's Buttplug" is a monumentally tiresome John groupie who posts the same six insults over and over, occasionally leavened by "lololololol.". He also sometimes uses a handle insulting Tulpa, but is instantly recognizable by his limited repertoire.

            1. Is this Jeff's new sock du jour?

        2. No, the lying POS was termed-out in 2017.

        3. Biden's a lying sociopath.

          Keep in mind that he falsely smeared an innocent man as a drunk driving murderer for a fatal car accident Biden's wife caused...for years. He's hijacked other people's life stories as his own because his own achievements were so unremarkable. And he's threatened people with physical violence for asking him uncomfortable questions.

          To answer ML's question, I seriously believe the Dems are at the very least going to try to change the debate format to cover for Biden, and if they can't do that will probably try to boycott the debates entirely against Trump (taking some b.s. "morality" stance). Biden can't even do a 25 second video spot saying thank you to supporters or give a seven minute teleprompter speech...he'll never make it through a presidential debate where he has to think on his feet.

          1. This. ^Full agreement^ Wish there was a super-like button I could press for this post.

        4. A lying sociopath vs a brain-addled challenger.

          Ol' Sniffy looking in a mirror?

      2. Nah, more like Jerry Lewis versus Don Knotts. Jerry Lewis will still beat Don Knotts, but no one pretends he's a heavy weight.

        The only reason Trump won is because the Democrats were incompetent. People forget that the most hated candidate in history, Hillary Clinton, still won the popular vote. She fucked up with the electoral college because she got arrogant. But she would have won in an alternate universe where she didn't condescend to flyover country. Or the alternate universe where she managed to get her own base out to the polls.

        Trump will win not because he's a genius in his own mind, but because Biden and Bernie are doddering old fools.

        1. I think the part your missing is that there is no such alternate universe, because being a condsending asshole who sees devils in anyone who disagrees with you on even the most minor of issues has become a fundamental characteristic of being a member of the Democrat party for members of the media and most the political class.

        2. You realize that Jerry Lewis was one of the most successful entertainers of all time? He was part of a legendary comedy duo, headlined a legendary charity drive for decades, and had a phenomenal acting career. If you're saying Lewis and Trump are comparables, you're admitting that Trump is a heavyweight.

          1. He also pioneered using CCTVs to monitor what the camera's were filming. Something that was known as video assist.

        3. So, she would have won in an alternate universe where she was a fundamentally different person from who she is in this universe.

      3. I think they might. At the very least, I bet they only agree to 'debates' that amount to nothing more than joint appearances where Dem operative moderators go after Trump and lob softballs to Biden and there is as little actual debate or interaction between the two candidates as possible. I don't think there is any way they want Biden up there going toe to toe with the President. They might be forced into such a thing but they will do everything they can to avoid it.

        1. This. The fun part is going to be watching Trump crucify them on twitter for trying to protect their guy. I dunno if I have enough popcorn.

        2. Well they might give Biden plenty of medication for the night of the debate since that clearly what they did for Hillary considering all her fainting spells before the debates. You look at her in the debate she was on something to keep her up

        3. That will only work if Biden can remember to tell Candy Crowley (or the functional equivalent) to "Get the transcript" that he somehow conveniently knows that she has sitting right in front of her...and that he/she does a better job of not so clumsily paraphrasing in support of the "gotcha'!" setup.

  27. Interestingly enough, from some of what I've seen online at lefty sites like Salon, the Biden supporters don't like Bernie and his supporters for the exact same reason that most Republicans are 100% done with even attempting to compromise with Democrats - the whole moral superiority schtick. Turns out that when you view anyone that doesn't completely agree with your viewpoints as evil, quite a few folks tend to be put off.

  28. The 11 year bull market ended this month.

    Obama +150
    Trump +20 and falling.

    Too bad Trumptards. The Dotard never hit 3% annual GDP and markets don't like him.

    1. It's the Corona Virus, numbnut.

      1. Like there wasn't an Ebola panic and BP disaster in the previous administration? There are no excuses on a score card.

        The chance of a 2020 recession is over 90% now.

        The Dotard can't lie his way out of a recession.

        1. Right but you're “Throw MAGA from the train” and you got banned for posting kiddie porn.

          1. You're reduced to lying again.

            You pussy. You can't muster anything else up.

            1. You admitted it.

        2. "The chance of a 2020 recession is over 90% now."


          1. There’s a 70% chance of recession in the next six months, new study from MIT and State Street finds


            Trump-Trash eat this.

            1. Lol your predictions usually make other people money. Or they would, if you paid your bets.

              Also, you're “Throw MAGA from the train” and you got banned for posting kiddie porn

              1. No one banned me, you lying POS Trump-Trash.

                1. Yeah, all those posts which 'disappeared', well, you know...

                2. You admitted that too.

                  1. He's hoping everyone else's memory is as coke-addled as his is.

                    1. Who's everyone Sevo? There's no one here.

                    2. You're here, switching back and forth between sockpuppets because you got banned for posting kiddie porn.

                3. Not addressing the kiddie porn claim then? Telling.

            2. You.

              1. Wow.

                1. On noes, you, a pedophile who got banned for posting kiddie porn, just used his sock account to call Sevo dumb.

            3. there is a 70% chance every year and every year it doesn't only increases the chance since its cyclic and that cycle is approaching.

          2. This guy ought to put his money where his mouth is and short the hell out of the market if he is so certain of imminent collapse.

            1. He doesn’t have any money.

        3. ""Like there wasn’t an Ebola panic and BP disaster in the previous administration?"'

          Did that cause our main supplier of goods to shut down for weeks?
          Everyone one but idiots knows this is largely Corona virus related.

        4. You've been hoping for a recession for 3 years now. Since recessions are part of normal cycles, are you going to keep claiming it then crow you were right when it does?

          Or were you unaware that downturns are natural parts of the cycle?

          I also see you're too fucking stupid to understand the growth under your idol was in domestic energy production, something actively fought. The growth was on spite of him, as everyone with basic analysis skills stated.

          1. Everything You said (JesseAz) here was accurate^

            Like a wolf foaming at the mouth with rabies, These people hate Trump so much they wish to see the market collapse - with no regard for the Collateral damage to working folks and people’s retirement pensions.

            1. Yup. Any American who is advocating a market collapse in the USA just to get rid of Trump, exposes how anti-American they are.

        5. Remember when first-world countries were quarantining millions of people in entire regions during the Ebola and BP episodes? Yeah, me neither.

          It's weird though that it took the markets over 3 years of explosive growth to suddenly, in the course of less than 2 weeks, decide that they didn't like Trump.

    2. Hey look, "Throw MAGA from the train" is using his kiddie porn sock.

    3. "Obama +150
      Trump +20 and falling."

      turd -300
      Fuck off and die, cherry-picking piece of shit.

    4. Cheaper stocks. Thanks Coronavirus hysteria.

      Like 4Q 2018, where stocks dropped and became cheaper, this is another great opportunity to buy cheaper stocks.

      I wont have a Billion in retirement but I might have just enough to buy unreason after Koch dies and this rag is hanging by a pubic hair down the drain.

      1. You said this shit weeks ago. You're down 20% and staring a recession in the face.

        1. Hmmm; same bullshit, new name. How............

          1. You notice how he switched back as soon as he had to address getting banned for kiddie porn

            1. A middle-aged failed day-trader with daddy-issues, a coke habit, an inability to cover his bets, and an 'interest' in kiddie porn.
              Who better to give you financial advice?

              1. Wow... That's all true too, how fucking sad. I mean, we give lots of people shit, but everything you just posted about him is dead on.

              2. You're completely delusional. It's amazing watching it in real time.

                1. Right but you're “Sarah Palin's Buttplug ” and you got banned for posting kiddie porn, and then got shamed into hiding behind a sockpuppet.

              3. For a moment, I thought you might have been talking about Hunter Biden...

        2. Right but you're “Sarah Palin's Buttplug” and you got banned for posting kiddie porn

          Why do you think switching socks will do any good?

  29. So a few diehard Sanders nuts boycott the election. So what?

    Trump is going to win anyway. I don't say that because I want him to, I say that because it's reality. The Democrats have not learned from 2016. They are unable to understand the electoral demographics in this country. They might still win the popular vote from a minority of the population (because only a minority bothers to vote), but they won't win the electoral college. And most electoral votes in in flyover country, between I-5 and I-95. Doesn't matter how much you raise from California and New York, you still need electoral votes from the rest of the country.

    The Democrat need to stop shitting on the "deplorables". Despise the radical wingnuts all they want, but they have to stop being the party of the affluent coastal left.

    But beyond that, the Democrats can't even run their own party. Bernies isn't even a Democrat, yet they let him spoil their own election. That's right, Bernie is NOT a Democrat! Let him run as an independent, but the DNC has ever right to keep him off of the platform they paid for.

    The final problem is that the party is letting the media run their primaries. Notice how quickly the favorites vanished the instant the actual voters got to vote. We need to stop letting the media tell us who the front runners are. Let the primary voters do that.

    1. I want to believe.

    2. We'll be hip deep in a recession during the campaign. Everyone will know the Dotard is full of shit with his lies about his "great economy" that he inherited.

      1. That's Obama's economy. I've been assured of this. By Obama.

        1. +10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

          HAHA. Just last month, Obama and his retarded Democrats in the Propaganda biz were saying how the US economy was because of Obama.

          Not a peep from them as we have volatile market ups and downs due to Coronavirus hysteria.

      2. "We’ll be hip deep in a recession during the campaign."

        As an econ-ignoramus, YOU will be in a 'recession'; the rest of us will be enjoying our prosperity.

    3. Your last paragraph is mostly nonsense. The people in Iowa and New Hampshire whose job it is to vet the candidates did their job. They tried letting the country that Biden has no business being president and that Buttigieg was the best of the so-called “moderates”. It’s not their fault or the media’s fault that the rest of the country didn’t listen to them!

      I can’t stand the mainstream media, but they’re hardly to blame for the fact that black Americans by and large despise homosexuality and will never support an uncloseted homo in a primary under any circumstances. If that bothers you, you should go to one of your black friends and ask him “Why do you guys hate the homos so much?”

      1. Black voters are not morally obligated to put their support behind a guy whose morals/behavior they don’t approve of. And It isn’t the place of white woke progressives (Or anyone, for that matter) to lecture them.

        1. Of course. Everyone who is eligible has the right to vote for or not vote for whoever they want to, for whatever reason they want to or don’t want to. It’s called living in a free country.

          My point is that “Brandybuck” is full of shit when he says that the media are to blame for this hilarious fiasco of nominating a candidate who probably already has Alzheimer’s Syndrome. It wasn’t the media that rejected Pete Buttplug, it was black voters in South Carolina who did that, period, end of story.

          But liberals like “Brandybuck” inherently have a very difficult time coping with objective reality.

          1. Ahh okay. You’re point is taken.

            I agree The media’s selection of a guy who should be in an assisted-living seniors community in Florida is truly laughable. Biden may be the first president with early onset Alzheimer’s to be elected... With Stacey Abrams and Ben Rhodes running things from behind closed doors.

          2. The MSM is no longer the kingmakers they presume themselves to be. But don’t tell that to them. Their NYC/DC media bubble arrogance is truly a spectacle to behold.

    4. The Democrats allowed Obama to transform their party into the urbanite woke brand. To be a Democrat now means to identify with a certain group of people and distinguishing yourself from and in your view above everyone else. That worked great when the Republicans were demoralized by Bush and Obama could create enormous motivation to vote among blacks and liberal whites who wanted to be a part of history. Without Obama, it can't attract a winning coalition. Worse, the entire thing is based on insulting and hating the very voters whose support is necessary to create one.

      Basically, the Democrats told 70% of the white vote to go fuck themselves. Doing that left them with no margin for error among their minority support. If blacks and Hispanics don't turn out in huge numbers or worse the Republican manages to attract significant support from those groups, the Democrats won't win unless the Republicans run a dud like Romney who fails to motivate their base. I don't know how they can fix that.

      1. Additionally, toward the middle to end of Obama's Presidency, the Democrat Party told conservative Black Americans to go fuck themselves too.

        The Democrat Party will be the Party of LGBQTAWK Communists and crooks.

      2. Yup. As much as they don't want to admit it, they NEED rural white dudes in the party. Historically they could count on unionized factory workers, but unionized factory workers couldn't fucking care less about the woke nonsense the party has to push. The Green New Deal would be objectively bad for basically every working class person in the country and the Democrats have found no way to explain that away.

        On top of that, their leading candidate literally threatened violence against one of these factory workers because he had the audacity to ask a question. I don't know how many times the Democrats are going to try before they realize you can't berate and belittle these people into voting for you, you have to actually try to appeal to them.

        1. The plan was to push White blue collar workers out by replacing them will illegals and legal immigrants. Not all immigrants vote Socialist, so they need more who do vote that way to counter the others.

          Trump being elected fucked that plan up and that plan might have been more urgent to save the Democrat party that any of us know.

          I think the Democrat Party will fracture into an effectively dead national political party because Trump exposed the rifts under that giant tent.

      3. unless the Republicans run a dud like Romney who fails to motivate their base

        When repealing Obamacare was the single largest issue of the campaign season, the GOP selected the father of Romneycare, the one Republican in the country who couldn't possibly run on that issue. Do you think that was an accident?

    5. >>California and New York

      probably in play this election.

      1. The Chron has been fore-lock tugging over a couple of So Cal congressional districts which went D in the mid-terms; if Trump gets the votes out, it looks like they'll turn red.

    6. Solid post^ full agreement on all points.

      For all her quirks, Hillary (And now Biden) have every right to resent Sanders and his Bernouts. They simply aren’t democrats.

      1. The only time Sanders puts a D next to his name is when he runs for president. He is an interloper to rank and file democrats and treated as such. Why should anyone expect differently?

    7. So a few diehard Sanders nuts boycott the election. So what?

      So black voters don't turn out for Clinton the way the did for Obama. So what?

    8. The final problem is that the party is letting the media run their primaries.

      Which media outlet ran the Iowa caucus?

  30. The biggest question I have about this morning's Roundup: Who are all these people getting the blue checkmarks?

  31. The Bernie bros are not fooling anyone. If there is one thing leftists do well, it is follow party orders. They will moan and complain but all fall in line and vote how they are told. The only question is what will be their rationalization for it. My guess is that it will be the VP pick. Biden will choose some nutcase for VP and they will suddenly decide they can vote for him.

    To the extent they don't, it will be because they are kids and wouldn't have voted anyway because young people never vote. As funny as it would be to see Jill Stein get 10% and Biden lost 40 states as a result of that, it isn't going to happen. Leftism is way too much of a cult for any significant walk out to occur.

    1. They will pick a socialist VP with less baggage than Bernie to win his voters over on the promise Biden will be 25th amendment'ed and their loon will take over.

    2. Not sure.
      The ones that do vote will follow the orders, but I think a lot will simply stay home.
      Trump, OTOH, stands a good chance of getting the vote out, and those who support him ain't likely to pull that "D" lever for any congress-critters.

    3. Biden picks Keith Ellison has VP?

      1. The crazy broad who thinks she is governor of Georgia would be my guess.

        1. I'm not so sure. He doesn't need help with blacks, he needs help with other demographics.

          1. It'll be Hillary. He and the DNC need money more than anything, she has it to give, and she's been positioning herself for that for the last few months.

            1. You think Joe's people want him dead that badly?

              1. I think that once Joe goes completely senile, he's of no use to anyone in the Democratic Party and they'll chuck him out with the garbage like they do with everyone who outlives their usefulness.

                If they do him in a month or two before the election, Hillary can run on the "Let's win this one for Joe" pity vote.

          2. She is a hero among the woke white people. And they would fall all over themselves to vote for the first black woman VP. She would be about motivating the far left.

            1. She's already shot down the idea of being someone's VP. Although the idea of being VP for Biden would probably be appealing to her, because Biden isn't going to make it through one term.

              That said, she'll never get the nomination because while the establishment would love to have her in a token role, they don't want her to have actual power, and Biden's running mate is going to be running the show from the outset. He's not going to be able to do it.

              It'll be a party insider who gets the nod. Someone who will unite the establishment types, throw just enough red meat to the commies to get a few of them to vote for Biden, and someone who'll be business-friendly enough to hopefully pull some never Trumper votes from GOP defectors and exiles.

            2. In most elections, the VP candidate is one of two types...a highly competent individual who is seen as enhancing the administration's abilities while being okay in a secondary role (usually chosen by a strong candidate, e.g. Dick Cheney, Al Gore, George H.W. Bush, Mike Pence), or an affable type from a key demographic who'll be chosen for superficial characteristics but is no real threat to overshadow the presidential candidate (usually chosen by a weak candidate, e.g. Dan Quayle, Tim Kaine, Paul Ryan).

              Biden's case is different, because he's geriatric and quickly heading towards incapacitation, and any VP candidate will overshadow him on ability, so they're going to go with someone ready-made to step into the presidency from day one (because that's what they'll have to do). So they're going to go with someone who the party leadership feels is up to the job. Right now, that's probably Hillary, and she is the only real choice. It might have been Bloomberg if he hadn't faceplanted horribly in the debates. I could see Klobuchar as well, but I don't think she has enough clout or brings enough to the table to pull it off.

        2. Bernie needs Stacey Abrams to get the Black Democrat vote.

          Biden is already getting the Black Democrat vote.

          Stacey Abrams is not even from Georgia. She was born a Yankee and then lived in Mississippi...then Georgia. Not that this fact makes her unelectable. Her being a Socialist and lawyer makes her unelectable.

          1. It wouldn't be about the black vote. Abrams appeals to the woke white vote. Woke whites would have orgasms if they could vote for the first black woman VP.

            1. But they're voting for the Dem nominee already, regardless. Except of course for Bernie bros, who really don't go in for the woke bullshit.

              No, there's nothing to be gained with her.

            2. Yeah, you might be right, John.

              Plus, any VP for Bernie or Biden is almost guaranteed to become President once the old fart dies.

              Luckily, Trump is defeating any Democrats they put up.

            3. You are correct. A chance to vote for Stacey Abrams would be another opportunity for our moral betters on the coasts to alleviate some of that burdensome white guilt they lug around with.

    4. Will be stunned if the VP isn’t Stacey Abrams.

      To this day, She is still convinced that she was somehow cheated out of Georgia’s governorship. I’m not sure how radical she is though

      1. Stacey Abrams- Issues

        I don't know if Stacey Abrams is a lesbian but if she is, that will cause her the same problems it caused Buttgeig.

        1. Thank you for the link
          -Will look into it

    5. One argument I've been seeing on social media is "RBG can't wait another four years". I don't know if the mainstream media will pick up on that and run with it.

      1. Honestly the best thing about Trump so far has been the Gorsuch appointment. If he can get one more like that in there it will be a miracle I never hoped for in my lifetime.

  32. So, here's a possible data stream we can look at to tell how long the coronavirus is likely to impact the U.S. economy.

    "A pair of images captured by NASA and European Space Agency pollution monitoring satellites reveal a significant change in nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels in the air over the country between Jan. 1 and Feb. 25.

    The first image, depicting the period from Feb. 1-20, features large pockets of orange and red, which represent a high density of NO2 over metropolitan areas like Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

    But the second image, showing the period from Feb. 10-25, reveals the majority of this pollution had disappeared completely.

    The timeline for the improvement in air quality coincides with when health and government officials in China acknowledged the threat of coronavirus and put Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak, on lockdown.

    Factories are closing when they believe it's in their best interests to do so and workers are shutting themselves away when they think it's best to do so (regardless of what the government says). Factories and workers, likewise, will restart once they think it's okay or in their best interests to do so, too.

    No doubt, this will be a lagging indicator, but China may reopen their factories before economic activity in the U.S. breaks off. That would be an indication to the markets and the world of about how long it takes for the coronavirus to move through the economy and dissipate, and perhaps the biggest question the market is reacting to right now is not knowing precisely how long the epidemic will slow the economy down. It's hard to tell, too, just by trusting numbers from the government--because the Chinese government is full of shit.

    If we can watch their pollution output to independently gauge how long the epidemic will take to pass, that'll be great.

    Oh, and it's nice to see NASA satellites were useful for something. Broken clocks, twice a day!

    1. It is hitting the US later in the flu season than it hit China. That is a big help to the US. That said, don't read too much into China reopening factories. Some of that is no doubt due to the virus being more contained. But I bet some of it is the Chinese government just putting a gun to people's head and ordering them back to work regardless of the danger. I suspect it is a bit of both. The US because it is a free country would likely take longer for people to go back to work since the government could not force them to do so earlier than they want to.

      1. Everywhere the virus goes, people start cloistering themselves. The quarantines seem to come on top of what people are already doing. Just like you don't need the government to tell you to cancel your spring break plans to fly to Florida and take that cruise, in affected areas, I don't think people need the government to tell them to say out of the mega factory.

        On the reopening side, I'm sure there's plenty of pressure to reopen as soon as they can, but I think there's genuine interest in not restarting the rate of infection by re-exposing people again. China is shutting its own borders with certain countries in order to keep the virus from being reintroduced from the outside, and I think a lot of that is about thinking they've turned the corner and are getting this thing licked.

        If the virus reerupts because China ordered people back to work too soon, we'll quickly know about that, too, and I'm not saying this it he only indication that matters. But it's an independently verifiable data point--which the markets really need right now. Like I keep saying, the reason the markets are freaking out is because they're trying to figure out the mortality rate and the long term impact of those missing people. The market is freaking out because they don't know whether companies will need the financing to survive for three months, six months, or nine months without their typical consumer base.

        If this can give some clarity to the market, that's a good thing.

      2. Yeah, the Chinese government can't afford to let factories stay closed any longer. Supply chains around the world have been getting chewed out for being such dumbfucks as to put all their eggs in one basket controlled by an authoritarian. Wait any longer and everyone is going to start investing in alternate supply chains, and once that happens they won't want to spend the cash to go back to buying exclusively from China.

        1. "If you don't have time to do it right, how will you find the time to do it twice?"

          ----John Wooden

          Even if the Chinese aren't as smart as John Wooden, if they reopen too soon and people start being reinfected in a big way, we'll know about that.

  33. There's nothing "salty" about refusing to vote for a candidate who is obviously suffering from dementia.

    And I mean *obviously* suffering from dementia. As in you would have to be stupid or a pure partisan shill not to see it. He literally couldn't do a 25 second video thank you to his supporters without heavy editing. He can't give a 7 minute teleprompter speech without trailing off into gibberish. He won't give unedited interviews with reporters.

    You'd have to be reckless or insane to support someone that incapacitated for the presidency.

    1. Or one of the folks who stands to benefit from having a puppet of the big government establishment installed.

      Remember, GW Bush got elected.

      1. There's someone who's compliant and then there's someone who's incapacitated.

        At this point, Biden's not even capable of giving an inaugural address beyond "Thank you". And that's being generous, because at his apparent rate of decline (check out video of him from when he announced and compare it to video now), in nine months it's very possible that he's barely able to go out in public.

        Bush was a terrible President, but he was incompetent, not incapacitated. Obama was a terrible President, but he was incompetent (and corrupt), not incapacitated. Biden is rapidly losing the ability to speak or finish sentences.

        1. There's another possibility no one seems to be considering: heavy drinking. Olympia will absolutely fuck you up after 20 or 30 cans.

          1. It's also no longer in production except as an occasional special. 🙂

            I used to work about a half mile from the old brewery.

            1. Way to kill my Onion-derived joke!

              Actually, I didn't know Olympia wasn't made anymore. Tend to go for stronger stuff myself -- guess I'm too lazy to drink a 6-pack of anything.

              1. Yup. I like craft beers, when I go the beer route, but I'm not too snooty for a Rainier or two when I want something fairly light (they're enjoyable with a Seattle dog at a Mariners game). I've never had Olympia (it went out of business before I moved to Washington) but I hear it was good and I have a really nice piece of art that someone did based on the old Olympia logo. It gives my home a little local flavor.

    2. Here is thing about the charges that Biden is senile. They are potentially fatal to his campaign. And they are based on a series of very public gaffes and strange behavior. This isn't something people made up. There are reasons for reasonable people to believe it.

      Suppose for the sake of argument that it isn't true and Joe is just as sharp as he ever was and just misspoke a few times like everyone does. If that is the case, why isn't the Biden campaign setting up some nationally televised interview to rebut the concerns? It is pretty easy to rebut the charges of senility. You just go in front of the country and show that you are not senile. A single interview where Joe got up and denied the accusation and looked sharp and on top of things would end this entire matter for good.

      Yet, Biden isn't doing that. I can't remember the last time Biden went one on one with a reporter for an interview. Can you? Not only that, they are changing the debarte format so it is less physcially and mentally demanding for Biden. Again, if there is nothing to this, the campaign should want Biden up there talking unscripted going after Bernie and the President and showing the voters how untrue these accusations are. It would be the best and the quickest way to deal with a very serious issue.

      So why aren't they doing that? Are they just dumb and not realize how dangerous this issue is or is Biden unable to rebut the accusations and likely to affirm them if he is ever put in front of the cameras unscripted? It seems to me that the latter is a lot more likely to be the case.

      1. Maybe he should just put on the radio at night. I have it on good authority that this is good for your development.

        1. Record player.

      2. He did an interview recently with Savannah Guthrie. It was heavily edited and scripted and I believe that was the last one he did. He posted a thank you video for his supporters last night. It was 25 seconds and was crudely spliced at least twice.

        His longest speech recently has been 15 minutes. He gave a 7 minute one last weekend. Both were on teleprompter and both were disasters. He's been taking teleprompters to those gatherings where he's supposedly speaking off the cuff, and he's bombing those too. And I don't think it's a coincidence that he lost heavily in states where he engaged extensively with voters and won in states where he had his appearances curtailed. People who see him are realizing that he's not there mentally, and are voting accordingly.

        I think the Dems are hoping that they can fool the voters and keep Biden out of the spotlight for the race, name a cabinet of prominent Democrats well in advance of the race, and then squeak out a win by running against Trump as a "team" that people are less apprehensive about not knowing anything about Biden. I don't think it will work.

        1. He's in bad shape when he (his handlers) don't even have faith in the MSM to be able to edit his senility away.

          1. There's only so much you can polish a turd before you have to admit it's just a turd. They're hoping to push that admission off until after the election.

            I think they have to realize that Biden won't win and will be completely discredited if he has to debate. But they think he might do less damage to the downballot candidates and let them keep the House, which they didn't believe would happen with Sanders. And Biden lets them keep their corporate and union allies, who would have fled if Sanders had been the nominee.

  34. I always wondered what this generational divide thing was all about. The boomers said "never trust anyone over 30". Their parents and grandparents didn't understand what they were talking about with their "hippie ideas".

    Now.... I understand.

    "Privilege" is a perfect example. The millennials and younger toss around "privilege" as a defining term.

    I will absolutely not vote for Biden. When they try to guilt you into it, by saying "you must be privileged not to be impacted by Trump's policies" remember: they are trying desperately to hang onto THEIR privileges, which they will never, ever extend to you.

    This tweet is bananas. But she obviously thinks it is profound. They are hanging on to their privileges.... WTF? To my ears this is simply word salad. It conveys zero meaning other than "I disagree with you". They seem to use "privilege" as a catch-all weapon for when "racism" or "sexism" or "homophobic" don't work. Those assaults have been the progressive go-to for 40 or 50 years. But there are still those situations that fall through the cracks. So they say "privilege".

    I cannot think of a more meaningless term, and yet the "kids these days" think it is profound. There isn't even a common ground to for discussion with this. You are privileged, so you can't understand and you can't be correct. So just shut up. Check your privilege.

    1. I see why the older generation has always called the younger generation idiots. It isn't the music or the fashion.... it is the terminology. "Cultural Appropriation" is a nonsense term if you are an adult. But for them it is absolute and carries the weight of great truth. My niece is in grad school now. When she was a senior at some uber-liberal small college we talked about the Marvel show "Iron Fist". She's a nerd who likes Dr. Who, so I asked her opinion of the show. She really surprised me (I found it a tad boring). She said "Oh my god.... that show is sooooo problematic! The cultural appropriation is so inappropriate!"

      What in the ever-lovin'? (the story is about a 10 year old super rich kid who's parents die in a plane crash in the Himalayas. He's rescued by monks from a mythical heaven dimension who train him to become "the Iron Fist" warrior. Basically, it is Batman with kung-fu and a magic super-punch) So she's offended that the main character is white and is raised in an "Asian" culture.

      There isn't even a discussion to be had in that conversation. "That's dumb" is about all the detail they can handle, and I'm going to reject all of their basic tenants (i.e. a white dude learning Chinese martial arts is inherently wrong). And finally I understand the other side of the generational divide.

      1. "" So she’s offended that the main character is white and is raised in an “Asian” culture. ""

        Lol, how does she feel about adopting children of other races?

      2. “Cultural Appropriation” is a nonsense term if you are an adult. But for them it is absolute and carries the weight of great truth."

        They use the term even while they emulate the styles, tastes, and obsessions of Japanese school girls.

        They use this term even while they emulate the fashion and speech of African-Americans from the inner city.

        It's a bullshit term. Have you see the previews for live action Mulan? I think Disney has culturally appropriated every possible princess variation, now, from African and Chinese to Scottish and Native American--and Millennials still line up to pretend their a Chinese princess for a few hours.

        Meanwhile, celebrating your own culture alone is still seen as being about as nationalist and fascist now as it was in the 20th century--which is more or less what it is, it's fucking xenophobic.

        It's a bullshit term. These things come and go. They used to extol the values of cultural relativism in 90s, where you don't judge the values of people in other cultures. That was before people realized that the sexual abuse of children, female genital mutilation, slavery, and the general denigration of women was central to the various cultures of like a billion people out there. People stopped buying it. And they'll stop buying this cultural appropriation stuff, originally.

        Let's go get some California rolls at the "sushi" bar for lunch while we talk about cultural appropriation. Afterwards, we can get some bubble tea on the way to Yoga.

        1. ""Let’s go get some California rolls at the “sushi” bar for lunch while we talk about cultural appropriation. Afterwards, we can get some bubble tea on the way to Yoga.""

          I'm stealing that.

    2. This tweet is bananas.

      The bipartisan ruling class is looking out for its own interests. That is the cause of TDS, that is the cause of them circling the wagon around Biden - Bernie is too obviously a socialist to avoid destroying the party down ballot and thus helping to elect candidates favored by The Wrong People.

    3. We are all privileged that we were not born in a third world country.

      1. It's why I say we need a good plague - you have to be pretty damn privileged to think that the issue of privilege is any sort of big deal worth paying any attention to. You're worried about whether or not these shoes go with this purse, elsewhere there are people who would settle for any pair of shoes at all, because then they'd have something to eat. A good plague and a fear of imminent death tends to focus the mind on what's actually important.

    4. Millennials like the ones you describe scare the hell out of me. They are generally powerless and harmless now but they might not always be so. The thing is that thanks to our education system they lack the reasoning ability necessary to understand what is happening to them. That is no big deal as long as they are kept fat, dumb and happy in a stable and prosperous society. But if anything bad ever happens and these kids face any real hardship, they will not be able to understand what is happening to them or why. And they will latch onto the first demagogue who comes along and most of them will become murderous fanatics if they ever get the opportunity. I honestly don't think the leftists who run the education system are bright enough to have done this by design. But, it really makes no difference. If they intended to create a generation of kindling ready for the right match to ignite them into madness and murder, they wouldn't have acted any differently.

      1. This sounds like the insane ramblings of a nutty old conspiracy theorist...

        But I suspect it has a high degree of truth.

        1. The fact that Bernie is as popular as he is among that crowd illustrates just how much truth there is.

          He is the demagogue John is talking about, fortunately for the rest of us he's old an ineffective. A younger and slightly more pragmatic Bernie could do some real damage with this cadre of idiots behind him.

          1. Crazy eyes OC, without the crazy?

            1. The crazy is the whole point though.

      2. The number of millennials with green hair and bull rings in their noses at the primary voting office I went to was unnerving. Not startled because I am a boomer ( 29yr old male) - but because these people, a few of whom Had tattoos on their face like Post Malone —> ARE UTTERLY UNEMPLOYABLE and useless

        1. so fun fact, if you're 29 (like me), then you're a millennial and they're Generation Zs. The years are a little fluid, but basically boomers are 1944-64, 1965-early 80s are Gen X, early 80s to late 90s are Millenials, and late 90s to early 2010s are Gen Z.

      3. The left establishment wanted to raise a generation of bad cops so they could pose as good cops; "you better give us what we want or they will get violent and crazy - see how reasonable we look in comparison?" They were just to stupid to see they'd be eaten first.

        1. If that is true (and I think it is) and the Nazis used the same tactic. The SA were used as street thugs until there were no longer necessary and then they were given a choice- kill yourself (or we'll kill you) or join Hitler's Nazi Party.

          Luckily, Trump will win reelection and Bernie will have a stroke before 2024.

  35. I don't think Sanders fans should vote for Biden. The idea that they should is just people trying to bully them out of voting for their beliefs and demanding that they carry the party line. It usurps the concept of voting (or not) with freewill.

    When Biden fails to win in November, dems will blame people who did not vote. As if it's not the politician's job to convince people to vote for them. Just like they can't bring themselves to blame Hillary for her loss.

    1. But Bernie believes in Democracy! This is what democracy is. The majority imposes its will on the minority, and thg he minority has to accept it. There is no room for dissent or refusal after the vote has been taken. That they can refuse, shows that they do not believe democracy is something they have to follow. It is why revolutionary socialist movements almost invariably go totalitarian.

      1. I believe someone should be able to vote for whomever they want without being shamed by party loyalist.

        You are right about democracy and that is why we are a republic. I like to remind liberal friends that democracy means the minority loses and if you are for helping the minority it's not the type of government you want.

    2. When Biden loses in November, the Bernie Bros will claim it was because the Democrats didn't run a "real progressive. So, the finger pointing will go both ways.

      If there is a reason for them not to vote for Biden, it would be that Biden losing will set them up to completely take over the party in four years. Biden is the establishment's last chance. Who is the establishment going to run in 24? I don't see anyone. Obama destroyed the center of the party and the entire bench of governors and Congressman who can credibly claim to be centrists. The establishment is not running a 77 year old dimensia patient because they have a lot of options. I don't see any way the far left doesn't completely take over the party in 24 unless Biden wins making his VP an obvious champion for the establishment.

      1. Tulsi 2024!!!!

      2. It would not bother me to see Team D destroy itself in a party civil war.

  36. To gulag with you, Bernie Bros, so you can be rededicated to love Dementia Uncle.

    1. reeducated

    2. hahahah yes please. Michigan Bernie Staffer Kyle Jurek would strongly approve of the re-education camps he has explicitly endorsed.

      But only sent to the gulags after Milwaukee has been burned to the ground of course...

  37. >>hand Donald Trump the election yesterday?

    it was months before the impeachment

  38. "Many are rejecting the idea that it's now their duty to vote for Biden" -- duty is to vote for someone _viable_. Duty is to contribute your judgement to collective decisions we still face, even if you don't like collective decisions we've already made (like to eliminate your favored candidate). So, if our big decision comes down to Trump/Biden, if you have a preference between the two, have your ballot reflect it.

    1. Is Jill Stein running this time around?

      Maybe they could put Bernie on the ticket.

      Remember the last couple of election cycles when we actually gave passing attention to minor party candidates?

    2. You're forgetting that voting in the primaries as a block then not voting in the general election as a block can affect who is chosen in the primaries in the future. If you'll vote for D no matter what they do, your opinion and desires can be ignored. If you'll only vote D if they give you something in return, then the party has to weigh how much they need your vote vs what it costs them to get it.

      1. Sure, if you really think "who is chosen in the primaries in the future" matters more than who rules the country for the next four years, and more than preventing whether Trumpism gets validated.

    3. Are you saying your duty is to the party?

      Cause that would be pretty friggin funny.

      1. "Are you saying your duty is to the party" -- where did I say that?

        1. I couldn't really tell from your post. That's why it's a question.

  39. Interestingly, both Trumpian Republicans and left-leaning Democrats have converged on the idea that Sanders' loss yesterday was Trump 2020's gain.

    I believe this to be false. Bernie had absolutely no chance against Trump. Zero. Zilch. He can't even get the base of radical socialist liberal dems to push him over against OTHER liberals. Trump may have won 48 states against Bernie.

    Biden has already made it into the whitehouse as part of a winning ticket. I don't think he can beat Trump but he clearly has the better odds than Bernie.

    1. Yeah, Bernie had no shot at the center.

      He's a better candidate than Biden, but his ideology is not viable.

      Biden can still get the "not Trump" vote of average Americans, if he doesn't come off as completely dottering.

      1. Bernie doesn't even want to be President. Bernie is just an old bum. The last thing he wants is an actual job especially not one that requires working the way being President does.

        That said, Biden's problem was always going to be convincing the dingbat left to vote for him despite once again seeing their guy be denied the nomination. I think if Biden were ten years younger, he would have been a formidable opponent for Trump. A lot of people would vote for him thinking he wasn't too crazy and it would be sort of a return to normalcy and get the left to shut up for a while. But, I really think his mental condition is bad. So bad that I don't think the media will be able to hide it from the country. And I can't see the country removing an incumbent who has not gotten us into a war and largely kept things and the economy going to take a chance on a guy who is obviously not fit for office.

      2. "Yeah, Bernie had no shot at the center. He’s a better candidate than Biden, but his ideology is not viable. Biden can still get the “not Trump” vote of average Americans, if he doesn’t come off as completely dottering." -- describes my thinking exactly.

  40. If Biden somehow, miraculously, won the presidency. He would be the first legitimate puppet president, just like they claimed about Bush and now Trump.

    Their projection is so bad that it's almost like they get inspired by their own insults. "Hmm, puppet presidency...why didn't we think of it first?"

    1. It would be a puppet/figurehead presidency the likes of which this country has never experienced. And Stacey Abrams will effectively be the first woman president in our nations history. Much to the chagrin of Hillary of course

    2. Biden would be the first President that would be in serious danger of being removed from office under the 25th Amendment. Yeah, everything they say about Trump is actually only true about them and their candidates.

  41. Sanders supporters have been cheated once again by the DNC. They need to rise up and run their candidate for president themselves. That way they could show the rest of the somewhat progressive democrats just how much support there is for progressive ideas. It will be to late for Sanders but it will set up for a progressive candidate candidate in 2024. Then one popular young woman, ACA, will be able to run for president.

    1. "Sanders supporters have been cheated" -- how, exactly? Cheated out of their rightful what?

    2. They're socialists. They're dedicated to the belief that they deserve to have everything handed to them as a right and that they shouldn't have to lift a finger to work to earn things. You really expect them to work hard to earn a political victory? That's as silly as expecting libertarians who reject collectivism to work together for the common good. And it's why socialists tend to seize power - it's easy to convince young men that it'll be fun to shoot people in the head and steal their shit, running a campaign takes work and they ain't having none of that.

      1. And the establishment DNC whores are crony statists who live off govt rigging the system. Honestly Bernie is wrong on economics but at least he would have burned down the corruption in the various democratic "industrial complexes" and downsize the military ands to the neoliberal/neocon war state..he might have actually scolded the university whores who keep jacking tuition up and getting the kids into decades long debt chains...burn it down bernie..burn the corrupt govt elites down to the ground...

    3. Sanders was not cheated by the DNC. The democrat voters are not interested in what Bernie is selling.

      They should run someone as a third party. If it means is siphons votes from dems so be it. They should not be held hostage to a party that's not really interested in them.

      1. Bernie lost because he has zero appeal among blacks. Bernie really is just stuff white people like. A Bernie rally is as white as an Alabama country club in 1955. Since the Bernie bros wake up every day certain everyone in the world but them is a racist, they are not too keen on facing that fact.

        1. His rally in Flint the other day was whiter than a snowstorm and that town is 57% black.

          I'll give him a little credit, like a real communist he pays no attention to special interest groups. None of you are more aggrieved or oppressed than anyone else, comrade. Some must suffer to achieve the greater good.

        2. I saw some articles where many black Biden voters said they preferred someone else but voted for Biden because they believed Biden would be more palatable to whites in the general election. Sure, the other candidates are nothing to write home about, but these black voters don't seem to have a very flattering impression of whites if Biden is their idea of SWPL.

  42. I'm betting that right now Bernie is getting lots of pressure by the DNC to drop out before the debate on Sunday, because there's no way Biden gets out of that looking good. He's survived the debates so far by mostly staying out of the limelight as much as possible, that won't be possible when its just him and Sanders on the stage. The only debate where he's arguably done well is the last one where he got angry. Even then he wasn't really heard from for the first 2/3s of the debate.

    1. Yeah, they fucked up barring Tulsi Gabbard from the debate - if you're trying to distract from Biden's glaring weaknesses you want as many people as you can get on that stage. And an open bar.

      1. haha, and just saw an announcement from Bernie on the news saying he will not drop out, specifically for the debate. He knows what's up.

  43. "Did Democratic voters hand Donald Trump the election yesterday?"

    They've been trying to do that for the past 3 years.

    1. I’m old enough now to remember that every time the opposing party runs a “safe” candidate, they blow it (see Romney, Kerry, Dole, Mondale). Why would Biden fare any better?

      1. The strategy seems to be "just ride on Obama's legacy as hard as you can". Obama got a lot of people out to vote, they think they can just go "Look! It's Obama's BFF!" and get the same turnout and they're wrong.

        People wanted to vote for the first black President, voting for his white friend isn't nearly as exciting.

        1. A ton of ex Obama voters went Trump because they were disillusioned after 8 more years of the Bush -era policies administered by Obama.

          I don't see how Biden will get them back.

  44. The house dems have been quiet about Trump investigations. What's the odds that will ramp up as they realize they can't vote him out this year?

    1. I think they may let that peter out. A lot of people realize those investigations were shitshows, and illegitimate to boot. Trump already came out of that as the winner, if the Dems keep hammering on it they risk down-ticket collateral damage.

      They might ramp it back up after the elections when they have far less to lose though.

  45. So the Never-Trump-ers were exercising legitimate political dissent but Never-Biden is somehow illegitimate?

    1. If it wasn't for double standards, they would have no standards at all.

  46. Sanders was my #1 choice and yup fuck voting Biden. I'll be voting for the Libertarian nominee now. Not that my vote in NJ matters.

    1.'re switching from an unrepentant commie sympathizer to the Libertarian. That's...special.

      1. Fess up -- you write for Reason, don't you?

    2. I seriously don't understand how you can go from Bernie to libertarian. The libertarian position is nearly the polar opposite of Bernie's position.

      1. Politics isn't about logic, but here I imagine the logic is being against the establishment.

  47. So the democrats establishment (govt unions, teacher unions, media, hollywood, non profits, academia, foreign policy war whores)are not really socialists but just old fashioned crony elitists after all. They don't want socialism..they like their stuff and german sports cars or Teslas, ivy league for their kids, and swank vacations in Bali, or Switzerland guaranteed unlike the rest of us who work in the real world..

    They just want govt to continue to rob their neighbor so they can live a life with no financial risk and believe they are part of the "upper class"..

    Not a socialist but I was hoping Bernie would win and burn it all down...ha ha

  48. Much ado about nothing. Bernie Sanders was NEVER going to be the POTUS. His only support comes from senile old hippies and the Gimmiedat gaggle of entitled, perpetually riled Millennials. Time to let it go children, the United States of America will NEVER be a socialist nation.

  49. Sanders supporters won't settle for surrendering most of everyone's personal freedom to government by voting for Biden. They want it all.

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  51. The Bernie Bros? Well the media? They get excited about young people every time an election comes around. They think these people are going to get out and vote and then they do not, they did not vote in the primaries and they probably were not going to vote in the General Election. Well I am voting for TRUMP. he is not perfect but considering the Economy Destroying Platform of the Democrats I do not see much choice. I mean vote for Joe if you think Reparations, Free College, Medicare for all, Open Borders, College Loan Forgiveness, Fighting Foreign Wars, dependence on China, high taxes, A Wealth Taxes, and silly things like Men Competing in Women's Sports is a good thing. Ya do that but you would be WRONG!

  52. Some of us are ANYONE but Biden. We had 20 candidates and somehow the DNC threw its muscle behind the senile one who doesn't want to make America great again because in his world, life is idyllic in the 1950's, where he is apparently stuck. 44% of the country earns less than $18,000 a year and Biden favors SLOW, incremental change. It is time for REAL change.

    Biden has never stood on principle. For the right price, he will compromise any ideal. If Biden were president, he would represent Big Business at the table, not taxpayers.

    I respect everyone's right to choose for themselves who they will and won't vote for. Respect my right to choose. I am a 60 year old Black woman, not a Bernie Bro. In 2016, I chose between the devil and the deep blue sea. I refuse to do so in 2020. In my opinion, there is little difference between Trump and Biden. If elistist want Biden, they can vote for him. We had 20 better options and Biden was the worse. I am tired of scraping the bottom of the barrel. I want a real choice and Biden verse Trump is not that.

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