Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren Drops Out. Her Failed Campaign Is a Reminder That Even Democratic Voters Don't Want a Woke Policy Wonk in the White House.

The Massachusetts senator failed to expand her appeal beyond a core group of highly educated upper-middle-class voters. 


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.) announced today that she is dropping out of the presidential race. Warren ran on a platform of arch-technocratic progressivism coupled with identity politics, and her steady release of proposals drove much of the race's policy discussion. 

But after briefly rising to the top of the polls last fall, Warren's campaign fell into a steady decline; she failed to expand her appeal beyond a core group of highly educated upper-middle-class voters. If elected, Warren promised to be a president who had mastered both the minutiae of governance and the social habits and language of the liberal elite. Her failure is a reminder that even Democratic voters don't want a woke policy wonk in the White House. 

On the campaign trail, Warren called for trillions of dollars in new government spending on education and climate change, massive regulatory interventions into the structure and operations of large technology companies, criminal penalties for spreading voting disinformation online, and a radical revamp of corporate governance.

Although she distinguished herself from the explicit socialism of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.), her closest rival, by insisting that she was a capitalist "to her bones," Warren never really demonstrated much fondness for markets. More often than not, she appeared to view them as an inherently corrupt system that required aggressive management from an enlightened expert class. Warren was a capitalist who hated capitalism. 

No policy represented this worldview more than her wealth tax, a two-percent tax on households worth above $50 million, with an additional surcharge of 3 percent (later raised to 6 percent) on households worth more than $1 billion. Warren advertised the proposal as a fair, straightforward way to raise approximately $2.75 trillion tax revenue to pay for her education plans. All she wanted, she said, was for the very wealthy to pay a simple two-cent tax.  

But behind the scenes, the tax was hardly simple: It would require the government to accurately value unique assets, an inherently complex task that would require a giant new tax collection infrastructure. The revenue estimates drew intense criticism from economists across the ideological spectrum, including former Obama administration adviser Lawrence Summers, who argued that it would not raise nearly as much money as Warren expected, leading to shortfalls and deficits. Other analysts warned that, over time, the bulk of the tax burden would fall on workers in the form of lost jobs and wages. And Warren's supporters made little effort to hide the idea that the tax was primarily punitive, designed as much to degrade fortunes as to raise revenue. 

It was health care, however, that sent Warren's campaign into its eventual death spiral. After endorsing Sanders' Medicare for All plan, a government-run system that would eliminate virtually all private insurance in four years, Warren was repeatedly pressed on the question of how to pay for the more than $30 trillion in estimated new government spending the idea would require. 

Initially, Warren hedged in ways that made it obvious she was avoiding the question and had merely hoped to bandwagon with Sanders, peeling off some of his voters without taking full ownership of the issue herself. 

Eventually, she released a plan that was simultaneously convoluted to the point of being unworkable and bad on the merits. After significant criticism, Warren released a second plan that called for implementing Medicare for All, a difficult political task in the most promising of circumstances, several years into her presidency. It was a tacit admission that she wouldn't pursue single-payer health care at all. 

Warren's have-it-both-ways approach had become a trap. Voters who didn't want Medicare for All believed she was for it; voters who did believed she wasn't genuinely invested in the issue. In a race that often revolved around health care policy, Warren had put herself in a no-win position. 

As her polling dipped, Warren ended up in a separate fight with Sanders over a years-old conversation in which Warren claimed that Sanders said a woman couldn't win the presidency. Sanders denied ever having said such a thing, and in a debate-stage conversation, Warren accused Sanders of having called her a liar. The squabble appeared to backfire on Warren. As Reason's Matt Welch wrote, "By leaking a private conversation with Sanders in a not-particularly-convincing attempt to make him look possibly sexist, Warren's campaign is engaging in the same kind of bad-faith word-policing that so many voters find off-putting." 

By the time voting started, Warren had slipped noticeably in the polls. She finished third in Iowa, fourth in New Hampshire and Nevada, and fifth in South Carolina. On Super Tuesday, Warren not only failed to win a single state; she finished behind both Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden in her home state of Massachusetts. 

Warren won a high-profile dual endorsement from The New York Times, along with Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D–Mass.). But the Times endorsement was itself representative of the problems that plagued her campaign. Her strongest appeal was to the sort of people who write for The New York Timeshighly educated, left-leaning, career-driven meritocrats who place a high-value on technocratic mastery. But even the Times editorial board couldn't bring itself to exclusively endorse her. The dual endorsement seemed to suggest that she was a fine candidate—but not obviously the best one. 

Warren's weak performance made clear that her theory of the race was flawed: Both her strategy (to peel off persuadable Sanders voters while maintaining a nominal appeal to moderates) and her tactics (selective leaks against Sanders, Medicare for All two-stepping) weren't working. It's probably no surprise that voters concluded they didn't want Warren, the plan-for-everything candidate, when her actual campaign didn't go according to plan.

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  1. Warren ran on a platform of arch-technocratic progressivism coupled with identity politics, and her steady release of proposals drove much of the race’s policy discussion. transparent lies.


    1. decades-long *career* of transparent lies…

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  2. I’m disappointed. My top 3 2020 Democrats were Warren, Harris, and Gillibrand — and they’ve all ended their campaigns. Clearly sexism played a role in their inability to attract more support.

    Nevertheless I will proudly vote for Biden or Sanders in November. They’d certainly be an improvement over the alt-right white nationalist Russian puppet government we currently have.


    1. #(UnlessItsTulsiGabbard)

      Tony! You’re back!

      1. Please don’t feed the trolls.

        1. Drop down the base 😀

    2. #TrumpIsGettingReelected

    3. Okay thanks for letting us know.

    4. So since Republicans didn’t vote here, I guess you’re saying that liberals and progressives are overwhelmingly misogynistic? I thought y’all was max woke.

      Interesting that your only candidates were women. By your own logic, I guess that puts you in the man-hater or self-loathing category depending on which gender you are identifying as today.

  3. And while she may be 1/1024th native american, she’s still a member in good standing with the GimmeGimme tribe.

    1. I believe they’re native to western Europe, right?

      1. Yes. Unfortunately they escaped the confines of their reservation.

      2. Southeastern Europe, predominantly Greece.

  4. The party that said no more old white men as presidential candidates picked two men that are both older and whiter than Trump. Even though they had a number women and minorities to choose from.

    1. Don Lemon will be along shortly to explain that they’re progressive, not white. And it doesn’t really matter how white they are because orange is the new white.

    2. There is a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth from lefty writers about how this is another sign that America is misogynist and we’re all just intimidated by an educated woman.

      It doesn’t occur to them that Democrats were the only ones who had a chance to say anything about Elizabeth Warren’s campaign, if her campaign going the way it did is because of misogynists they should look inward.

      1. See the NY Times today.

      2. But it is true we’re misogynists – if you compare Warren’s campaign to Al Gore’s they were quite similar and the only reason we didn’t elect Al Gore is because he was such a huge cunt.

      3. And for that, I would suggest that Dems sit this one out in penance for their sins. Spend the next year naval-gazing.

    3. Why are Democratic voters so sexist?

    4. Strange that people who routinely dismiss the views of “old, white men” never seem to apply this principle to Karl Marx. Or Herbert Marcuse. Or Adorno, or Foucault, or Derrida… or Corbyn, or Sanders or Trudeau.

      1. Trudeau is old?

        1. Pierre Trudeau, the first Trudeau to be Prime Minister, not Justin. Justin is an idiot child, who became PM only because of his Machiavellian father, who is the more famous of the two.

    5. The party that said no more old white men as presidential candidates picked two men that are both older and whiter than Trump.

      Trump is a person of color! (Orange is a color, innit?)

    6. The only people who said “no more old white men” were stupid racist morons who never represented the Democratic party.

      You’re confusing nutjobs with mainstream thought.

      1. Is that most like:
        [a] “if it failed, it wasn’t real socialism” or
        [b] “if you disagree with me, I call you names to prove my superiority”
        [c] all of the above

  5. Warren was a fascist, Bernie a communist, for all that matters.

    1. Ah ah ahhhh… Bernie said he doesn’t want to nationalize the “Corner Grocery”… so that makes him a partial fascist.

      1. … for all that matter 🙂

      2. That’s because once he nationalizes all food production, only state groceries will have anything to sell. And shelf space. Lots and lots of shelf space.

        1. If he nationalizes food production like he wants to nationalize paying for healthcare, how many years am I going to get for each tomato plant?

        2. Nobody needs 20 (types) of shelves.

    2. I’m disappointed but not surprised that she wasn’t called out for her obvious fascism, especially in a political environment where people are seeing fascists everywhere they look. Her America First industrial policy, her plan to smash up corporate governance and give the government – and, by extension, herself – the ability to wield the power of allegedly private companies as weapons against her enemies. And she had a lot of enemies. If she didn’t hate you and want to either throw you in jail, confiscate your bank account, or ruin the company you work for, it was only because her campaign only survived until early March.

      1. Because it’s dressed up as Democratic Socialism not National Socialism.

        Too many people ignore or don’t know that Nazis were socialists.

        1. The differences between fascism and Keynesianism are utterly minor, and yet free marketeers are the ones the DNC tries to disparage.

          1. Utterly minor? Explain please.

      2. She was toast when the Dems’ big-money donors informed the party that they would sit the election out if she became the nominee. If she had 50 percent less of a vindictive streak, she could have found some middle ground between the woke retards voting for Bernie and the establishment hacks voting for Biden.

        For all the complaints about Trump and Obama using executive orders, it’s instructive that two candidates, Harris and Warren, not only expressed no reservations about using them, they openly coveted that power under the ostensible impression that it lets them do whatever they want.

  6. Americans just aren’t ready to support a Native American woman for president.

    1. I see what you did there.

    2. I was 1/1,024 ready.

    3. Not even the dems will buy her butter.

  7. highly educated upper-middle-class voters.

    Did you really mean highly credentialed upper-middle-class voters?

    1. Good point. The last thing they want people to actually have is a real education.

      1. Hmm, what’s the difference between education and indoctrination?

    2. That line is missing the word “women”

      Her strongest appeal was to the sort of people who write for The New York Times—highly educated, left-leaning, career-driven meritocrats femonazis.

    3. I have a hard time referring to anyone with a PhD in women’s/gender studies, sociology, etc as “highly educated”. Being able to identify 14 different kinds of racism that nobody ever heard of before, probably means you’re not smarter [or more educated] than a 5th grader.

  8. “Hey Liz. A woman can’t get elected as president of the US.”

    1. Well, there is one specific woman who apparently can’t get elected president, at least this time around. One who is a little less of a mendacious hypocritical fascistic fabulist might have done better.

  9. Ding-dong, the witch is dead! Which old witch? The wicked witch.

    1. The representative of the Lollipop Guild is gone too. That just leaves the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion.

      1. Not sure which is which…

        1. Pretty sure Biden is the scarecrow and Sanders is the winged monkeys. Booker was the Cowardly Lion.

          1. No, Hillary will always be the winged monkey.

      2. What about Tulsi?

    2. Who killed my sister??

      /the wicked witch of Chappaqua.

      1. Which old witch?

    3. The witch of the NY suburbs isn’t dead yet and she’s worse than the other two.

  10. lost M4A supports to Sanders by 14 points

    How did she do with MP3s? Seriously though what is an M4A in this context.

    1. Medicare 4(For) All

      1. An acceptable Assault Rifle because it’s in government hands?

    2. “Medicare For All”

      1. Thank you both.

        1. It took me a minute too.
          Originally I read your comment as a reference to the commenter “moderation4ever” who posts here… which did make sense

  11. her only job was be heap big trouble for mini-mike. mission accomplished.

    1. Easiest job evah!

  12. Her strongest appeal was to the sort of people who write for The New York Times—highly educated, left-leaning, career-driven meritocrats self-appointed elites who place a high-value on technocratic mastery mumbo-jumbo which doesn’t hold up to even the most cursory examination.

    1. Holy shit, did he actually write “meritocrats”???

    2. Warren’ s entire career as a law professor is based on lies. First she got a job as a professor at all by lying about being a Native American. Second, she made her reputation by doing work on bankruptcies that are the result of medical cost that has seen been shown to be complete bunk. So, only an idiot like Suderman could think she is a master of anything or anything but a con artist.

      Hey, she did make up for all that by being a slum lord and advising banks on ways they could screw their borrowers. So there is that.

      1. I don’t think Suderman was saying she would have been a good meritocrat. He’s saying that she appealed to a group of people who were looking for a meritocrat. But do you trust a NYT editor’s opinion on such a matter?

  13. It turns out you can’t just scold your way into the white house.

    1. I think that’s really why she turned off so many voters. Most couldn’t judge her wonk woke policies on any merit at all, and not from their confusing contradictions. She just came across as that miserable aunt you have to tolerate at Thanksgiving, who gives socks and handkerchiefs for Christmas and birthdays, and wags her finger in your face at every opportunity.

    2. Didn’t Hillary write a book about this?

      1. She did write a book about it but I do not think that was the point she was trying to make, or that she’s even aware of that point.

  14. This is truly a loss as she is the only candidate that was the perfect combination of intelligent socialism and “economic nationalism”. It is a sad day when the clingers were able to drive out the only person wanting nationalist socialism. I bet you clingers will even go as far as to call her a nazi, which she totally isnt

    1. Not sure who should be insulted more, Warren’s followers or actual nazis.

      1. eh, they deserve each other.

      2. Nazis were far more effective than Fauxcohontas ever will be.

        1. Well, Warren was effective at taking out Bloomberg and Sanders…

          1. Just the way Beto (son in law of a billionaire) took her out in October accusing her policies of being punitive.

            That may overstate his contribution, its probably just because when she got near the top of the polls people started looking at her closer and decided that 4 years of having to listen to her was too much.

          2. And even in taking out Sanders she had to lie, by making up a story of sexism that didn’t happen.

            It takes a lot to get me to feel sorry for a communist. Warren’s false claim about Sanders saying women couldn’t be President, along with her staged confrontation after the debate, did it.

            Sanders should have replied “Because you *are* a fucking liar” and then walked off.

            1. My subtle joke was that she eliminated two Jewish candidates. It was a response to the prior comment comparing her efficiency to that of the Nazis. I hate having to explain jokes, but perhaps this one was a bit too subtle.

    2. Is “clingers” your new name for the Democrats who voted in this primary process? Proof that the left will happily eat their own as fast as they will anyone else.

  15. Maybe what Bernie actually said was “The United States will not elect a woman as President if the woman running is you.”

    1. I’d guess he told her “you can’t beat Trump” and she interpreted that as “a woman can’t be president”.
      The psychosis of progressivism is real.

      1. I’d honestly guess he was being more circumspect. There’s a certain sensitivity in the SJW mentality that amplifies small comments into major violations.

        In my imagination, there was a general conversation and Bernie may have said many things. He might have said, “Women will face an uphill battle as presidential candidates,” which she interpreted as him being biased. He might said that the women in the current field weren’t favorites. He might said something about women needing to be better on the campaign trail than Hillary was in 2016 if they want to be elected.

        None of those are the same thing as what Warren claimed, but the SJW mentality does not allow for nuance, it oversimplifies.

      2. Like most veteran liars, she never directly quoted his alleged comment. “A woman can’t win in 2020” can mean a lot of things, and you have to go well down that list to get to meanings that aren’t PC. “The voters are all misogynists”. “Trump will rig the election by … I dunno, maybe having Ukraine investigate you”, etc. You have to really squint and mumble in order to see or hear “A woman isn’t good enough to be president” in there.

        1. We all need to be ever vigilant about looking for offensive speech. It’s a good thing that she erred on the side of caution to present the problematic side of being a native woman in a racist, misogynistic country. Who are we to say what her truth is?

    2. Didn’t Bernie really encourage her to run in 2016, and then he only got into the field when she refused to do so?

      I don’t think there was any truth to her claims at all, it was a naked attempt at weaponizing the woke element of the party against Sanders and it failed spectacularly.

  16. Not even the state which put her in the Senate thought she would make a preferable president. That has got to sting.

    1. You’re welcome!

      (Probably the first and last time I’ll get get to say that about Massachusetts).

    2. Really! How is this woman even a Massachusetts Senator. Have they run out of Kennedys all of the sudden?

      1. “Have they run out of Kennedys all of the sudden?

        If only that this were so …

  17. Warren had all the warmth of an annoying librarian. You almost half-expected her to give you a consolation handjob, after she yelled at you for doodling in the books, and to finish you off with a softly spoke “good boy” after you blew your load all over her knitted sweater (the one thing, incidentally, she would never yell about).

    Thank fucking god she’s gone.

    1. I hate you so much for this.

    2. Why? You’re not wrong, but just… why man? Who hurt you as a child?

    3. This is deeply disturbing and I hope you do more of it.

    4. If you want to up your game, go read some classic SugarFree.

    5. My image of the librarian who removes her glasses and lets down her hair down to reveal that she is smoking hot will forever be replaced by this image.

      Damn you!

      1. LMAO

      2. there aren’t those anyway

      3. who removes her glasses

        NO! The glasses stay on.

        1. Eye protection!

    6. SugarFree’s on line 1. Something about wanting publishing rights…

    7. The fact you could get it up for her to give you a fantasy handjob says a lot more about you than her.

    8. A consolation handjob from America’s Mother-In-Law?


  18. Democrats want to believe in stories about magical free stuff being given to them. Warren’s campaign turned down the day she released an explanation on how her free stuff might be funded. The magic and storytelling faded like an illusionist’s stage smoke. Entertainment over, magic gone, free money hopes dashed. Her audience went to the next carnival tent over, where they were still selling magic and reality could still be forgotten for a little while longer. There will always be a next carnival tent for these people.

    1. This is it. As much as everybody says they want details and answers on candidate’s policies and not just vague vapid sloganeering, that’s bullshit. Campaigns are won on slogans and catchphrases and 10-second soundbites, not on 2-hour in-depth lectures. “MAGA” was just a repackaged “Hope and Change” and both Obama and Trump won on vague promises to do great things without anybody really knowing what the hell that meant – they could attach any meaning they wanted to the phrase. If excruciatingly detailed plans meant anything, Warren would be leading the race and former President Al Gore would be her top policy advisor.

    2. exactly . nothing more complicated.

      plus she didn’t have the infrastructure or name recognition to overcome this glaring mistake.

      I do love the comments about her curb appeal because what, they love Trump’s visage or they admire he can string 2 thoughts together.

      Its why I would vote for a woman. Men are not equipped to be president except maybe for the Chamber of Commerce.

  19. I didn’t read the article, but did Suderman give Ken and John due credit for doing all the analysis for him?

  20. There are no working class whites left in the Democratic party. All that remain are the woke, white gentry left, blacks, about 70% give or take of the Hispanic vote, Muslims, Jews (who are usually but not always members of the woke, gentry left), a few Asians who remain in the party for reasons I am not even sure they can explain, and the global corporatists in Silicon Valley and Wall Street. Only gentry whites, blacks, and Hispanics represent large enough voting blocks to base a national campaign on. Warren failed because she only appealed to woke gentry whites.

    Her failure represents a long term problem for the Democrats. The Democratic Party today is a collection of interest groups who really don’t have that much in common. Blacks and Hispanics largely don’t care about the things the woke white gentry left think are important. But the woke left has convinced themselves that everyone cares about what they do and the only way for the party to succeed is to run someone who meets their purity test.

    Worse still, blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims are largely hostile and at best ambivalent about gay rights, tranny rights, and abortion and they couldn’t care less about the wrath of the climate Gods. And those are the about the only issues the woke white left really cares about.

    The other interesting thing about this race is that none of the black candidates could stir any enthusiasm in the black community. I understand why Harris didn’t. She was nothing but a black Warren with the added feature of having thrown as many black people as humanly possible in prison. But, how did Booker and Patrick fail so badly? Time was about any black politician could at least get the black vote to come out for them in the primaries. Hell, Jesse Jackson managed that. Yet, Booker, Patrick and Harris couldn’t do it. The only candidate who has generated any enthusiasm among blacks is Biden. And while he got enough to probably win him the nomination, it is hard to see him generating the kind of turnout and enthusiasm necessary to recreate the Obama coalition.

    If there is one lesson to draw from all this, it is probably that no one of any color or creed can stand the woke, white gentry left. Maybe the fact that no normal person can stand people like Warren and the Bernie Bros and the various idiots in Hollywood is something that can help bring the country together. Myself, a Somali shop owner in Minneapolis, a Honduran migrant worker in California, and a black nationalist from Philadelphia no doubt can’t agree on much but we all would probably agree that the Bernie bros suck. And that is something positive.

    1. Well said.

    2. There are no working class whites left in the Democratic party

      James Carville has been disparing about this for years now. The Ds chose trans intersectional raceclassgender wokeness over appealing to their traditional base.

      1. I think the trans issue is really hurting them. Intersectionality has jumped the shark.

      2. Working class whites were shown the door in 1972.

    3. But, how did Booker and Patrick fail so badly?

      Patrick is a “who dat?” and maybe black voters didn’t want a closeted gay male as president.

      1. I think maybe over the long term electing a black President will be what breaks the hold of the Democratic party over blacks. In electing Obama, the blacks finally achieved the highest goal in politics. They were really the dog that caught the car. And what did it get them? Nothing really. Blacks were no better off at the end of Obama’s second term than they were at the beginning of the first. I wonder if maybe their failure to fall in with a black candidate isn’t the result of their starting to be skeptical of identity politics and the Democratic Party in general.

        They are supporting Biden because he is literally the only candidate left who isn’t falling over himself to cater to the gentry white left and he is strongly associated with Obama.

        I am very curious to see how many black votes Trump gets. I would not venture to guess. If it turns out to be the usual Republican 10% I won’t be shocked. But I think there is a chance he might do a lot better than anyone thinks. I have a lot of friends who work in the criminal justice system. The effects of the first step act and a couple of other EOs that Trump has done have been much bigger than even I thought they were. A lot of people are actually getting out of prison. Not only that, they are getting off parole and being given a second chance in ways that haven’t happened in a very long time if ever. And a lot of the people benefiting from that are black. I can’t believe that isn’t having some kind of an effect on the black community as a whole.

        1. “They are supporting Biden because he is literally the only candidate left who isn’t falling over himself ”

          But he has taken to drooling all over himself, and it’s still only March. They apparently expect to keep him away from large crowds and TV cameras through November in order to avoid clueing anyone in on the whole “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men and women are with the thing, the thing there, that thing” problem he has.

          If the voters’ natural enthusiasm continues and they can keep him to dozen seat venues and keep out the lying dog-faced pony soldiers they might have a chance. Otherwise they may be dusting off the 25th Amendment again and seeing if they can invoke it to nominate someone else before it is too late.

          1. I think they are going to have a very hard time pretending Biden is physically and mentally up to the job of being President. The like looks sicker and more out of it than Hillary did. Biden’s health and obvious loss of mental acuity will probably end up being a much bigger issue to the electorate than anyone is willing to admit. The media might be able to brow beat and guilt enough Midwestern suburbanites to vote for Biden so they can feel good about themselves, but I don’t think they can get them to do that after it becomes clear to everyone how much Biden isn’t physically and mentally up for the job.

            1. I think the part elites have given up on this election. They’re going to give it the old college try and then just hope that Sanders and Warren go away before 2024.

            2. Maybe they figure that nominating someone with actual dementia will be harder for Trump to bait with his trolling, since the guy won’t even know where he is half the time.

              1. I don’t think Trump is above slapping around the mentally challenged.

                1. Slapping around the mentally challenged? I haven’t heard that particular euphemism before, but it does sound funnier than “spanking the monkey”.

          2. Biden is the candidate with name recognition that isn’t actively hated or that doesn’t completely scare the shit out of large blocs of voters.

            1. Just wait until he picks his running mate. I have a strong feeling it’s going to be either Bloomberg or Hillary, for the funding and election infrastructure. That’s who the real presidential candidate will be for the Dems. Their way of getting one of their miserable choices in over the wishes of the ungrateful voters.

    4. I think there are some white, blue collar, middle class people in the Democratic party. They’re mostly attached to unions like the UAW and the Teamsters or they’re government employees of some kind (who are also in a union).

      Republicans like Reagan and Trump don’t need the whole union to break with their leadership and vote Republican. They just need like a third of them to vote against what their union leadership is telling them to do.

      I would be concerned about Biden’s union ties if Trump had failed to do what he promised unions workers in the rust belt swing states of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin that he would do.

      Trump’s message to them should be that where Biden and the Democrats promised that they would do something about NAFTA and China, I actually renegotiated NAFTA on your behalf and gave China hell–just like I promised to do.

      That is a powerful argument, and if you add that to Reagan’s old, “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” campaign, Trump will be formidable in the rust belt swing states–that decide who wins and who loses.

      The biggest threat to Trump’s reelection, however, isn’t Biden. It’s the coronavirus. If it hurts the economy real bad, all bets are off. Fear is the mind-killer. People get stupid when they’re scared of losing their jobs, and that goes double for voters in the rust belt.

      1. Check the stats on independents.


        60% of independents say they are better off than they were four years ago.

        That was 46% of independents for Obama in 2012 and 48% of Independents for Bush in 2004.

        If the coronavirus doesn’t jack up the economy, Trump should expect a landslide.

      2. We have had this argument before. And whether or not crisis or a catastrophe harms a President’s chances at re-election is a question of how the president handles it. If the public feels the President handled the crisis well, they won’t blame the resulting damage to the economy on him. I don’t agree with you that the public is so simple minded they will not see the connection between a pandemic and the economic damage it does and hold a President whom they felt handled the pandemic well responsible like they would if the President had mishandled the economy.

        1. Well, I hope you’re right, and I hope the virus peters out to nothing. I’m certainly not predicting the virus will hurt or not hurt the real economy significantly–either way. I’m just trying to exhaust all the possibilities, and far as I can tell, an economic shock from the coronavirus is about the only foreseeable way that Trump could lose–especially compared to the threat of Biden beating him in a popularity contest otherwise.

          Biden should be about as scary to Trump as Mondale was to Reagan.

          1. Biden already channeled Mondale’s “raising your taxes” speech …

        2. John (and Ken)….COVID-19 (SARS-Cov-2) is a black swan. And I think you’re right about how the electorate will view this. If the electorate sees POTUS Trump (and VP Pence) handling this decisively, the fallout to their campaign will be minimal. The American people already know POTUS Trump’s success with the economy.

          A comment on the union vote. With the increasing number of scandals (UAW, SEIU, etc) involving union leadership, cynicism is on the rise. Members openly question what benefit they get. And rightly so – their leaders have robbed them blind. I see union influence decreasing this cycle – and permanently so. The old days where the leadership would say – vote this way – are irretrievably gone. In the wake of Janus, the political chokehold unions have over a swath of the electorate will be broken forever.

      3. “I think there are some white, blue collar, middle class people in the Democratic party.Z”

        Most of their pay scales are tied to M/W, so they need gov’t thuggery to get a raise.

    5. “The only candidate who has generated any enthusiasm among blacks is Biden. And while he got enough to probably win him the nomination, it is hard to see him generating the kind of turnout and enthusiasm necessary to recreate the Obama coalition.”

      Uncle James Clyburn came out of his cabin in South Carolina and told all the others on the DNC Plantation who the Men in the Big House wanted them to vote for. And they did.

      Uncle Jim delivered the Donk nomination to Biden.

      Well, that and Fauxahauntus siphoned off enuff Progs to cost Bernie delegates from Maine, Texas, Kalifornia and probably Taxachusetts. Sorry, Bernie Bros, no conspiracy THIS time, ya’ll committed fratricide.

      Otherwise: Spot On, John, Spot On.

    6. Largely true, but minorities are beginning to see the light.

    7. You left one major group out, and that would be the “disaffected” white millennials who have bought into the politics of envy, the vision of free college, child care, healthcare, guaranteed income regardless of whatever their worthless major, and a government guaranteed right to live out their fantasies… and think that a handful of billionaires is going to be voted into covering these costs. These are the younger siblings of Occupy who complained endlessly on the iPhones [cuz Apple was cool then] and protested capitalism while living off daddy’s credit card.

      The power of the cult of the personality is also strong in this group. Anyone who doesn’t worship at the feet of Bernie or think that Denmark is a socialist utopia is shunned like an ugly girl with a bleeding cold sore.

  21. It doesn’t make you a policy wonk just because you release a 20 page white paper, if you just make up shit to put in it. It makes you a dishonest demagogue. “I’ll pay for it with a wealth tax that will never be constitutional and wont raise nearly as much as I pretend it will. Then Ill save trillions by putting the government in charge so that the vaunted efficiency of the public sector will work for us. The rest, I’ll find in my cup holder.”

    1. Or you write some law review articles about bankruptcies caused by medical costs that are based on made up and false data. And that is exactly what Warren did.

    2. There’s a lot o’ quarters in my cup holder right now. Just sayin’.

      1. Are you holding out on us, comrade? Those quarters were stolen from the working class. Surely you intend to return them?

  22. Turns out Te Simpsons were wrong: Lisa Simpson is not going to be president after Trump.

  23. And not a tear was shed, nor a fuck given.

  24. Because 80% of registered Democrats voted against her in Massachusetts, count on Warren not even winning the Senate primary when her term expires 2024.

    She’s a sitting duck in a state that’s safe for Democrats. Every prominent Democrat in the country is thinking about changing their state residency to Massachusetts to take her seat.

    She’ll be lucky if President Biden offers her Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. If Biden doesn’t win, she’s toast. If she can’t even come in second in her home state, her career as an elected politician is over.

    She’ll be lucky if Bill Weld (another ex-Massachusetts politician) invites her to play golf. She’ll be lucky if President Obama offers her a position working at his presidential library. I certainly can’t imagine her on television.

    Her Q rating is in the toilet.

    1. Kate McKinnon hardest hit.

    2. Warren would never get a cabinet position. The current governor of Massachusetts is a Republican. So her taking a cabinet position would mean giving her seat to a Republican.

      1. It’s even worse than I thought.

        She’ll be sitting around in her bra and panties, drinking scotch all day, and watching old episodes of The West Wing.

        That’s her future now.

        The reason Bill Weld ran for the LP was presumably because the alternative was so boring.

        She thought she might be the most powerful person in the world, but now Liz Warren is going to be so bored for so long, it might actually become exciting. She might become the most bored person evar!

        1. She can play checkers with that hag.

        2. >>She thought she might be the most powerful person in the world

          she can’t have been serious about any of this.

          1. Never underestimate these peoples egos.

    3. Maybe. I think it’s more like a situation where Massachusetts Democrats like her, they just prefer her as a Senator.

    4. “She’ll be lucky if President Obama offers her a position working at his presidential library.”

      Again with the librarian fantasies!

  25. She reminds everyone of their ex-wife, the one who still believes your bank account belongs to her, who makes up stories about the marriage in order to elicit sympathy, and who wants your nine year old child to have to approve in advance of all your future girlfriends.

  26. How much you want to bet she’ll blame right wing sexists for forcing her out of the race? It will happen because it fits the narrative.

    1. The hilarity of that is this was a Democrat primary process. She would be maligning her own team, which Speaker Pelosi actually did do with her misogyny comment.

  27. Maybe what turned people off was not the woke wonkiness, or even the fake Cherokee stuff, but the old adage that people vote for president the type of person they could see themselves inviting over for a beer at their summer barbecue.

    Warren seems like the type that would not only take offence at being invited by someone like you, she would then call the cops with a noise complaint about the barbecue, call Child Protective Services to report children at the barbecue playing more than 20 feet away from parents, and then call Code Enforcement the day after to complain about anything left out in your backyard the morning after the barbecue.

    Even most woke idiots can sense an overwrought party-pooper and what nothing to do with them. Let’s face it, Biden would come to your barbecue and just make all the women feel uncomfortable and Bernie would come and get a laugh out of everyone for pointing out that no one really needs more than one type of burger or hotdog bun.

    1. I think there is some of that. But, a there are people out there who love Warren. More so than there were people who liked Hillary. So, while you and I couldn’t stand to be in the same room with her, that doesn’t mean Democrats don’t disagree.

      Overall though, yeah, to win the Presidency you have to be likable. Even Obama was in his own way likable as much as I can’t stand him. Warren, not so much.

      1. John, you’re right. In my synagogue, there were a number of ‘True Believers’ in America’s Mother-In-Law. They’re all butthurt now. I just smile and say nothing.

    2. You might be on to something. The only people who voted for Warren were probably women who would love have her over for a quiet dinner party, full of banal chatter, that ended promptly at 9 pm. A party where everyone pretended to have a good time, but not too good of a time, while secretly judging each other.

      If you put politics aside, Bernie, Biden and Trump would probably be pretty fun to invite over for a BBQ. Bernie would get loudly preachy after he had a couple, but that’s just Bernie. Every good party has a Bernie. Biden and Trump would get a little handsy, but everyone who’s ever been to a good party knows how to deal with that.

      1. To be honest, politics aside, Biden and Trump would probably be a blast to party with. Tulsi and Williamson too. Bernie could be good if he left the political talk alone until after he got blotto.
        Warren, Klobuchar and Harris would be absolutely miserable party poopers.
        Buttigig and Booker would be alternately utterly fucking annoying or giggly, depending on whether or not they were getting attention.
        Steyer would end up getting punched by either Biden or Trump.

    3. Aren’t woke idiots all overwrought party-poopers? Certainly the wokiest are.

    4. Fauxahauntus is America’s Mother-In-Law, priggishly ruining your Big Summer BBQ Blowout.

      Think about it.

  28. She must endeavor to persevere – – – – –

    1. Well, she does look civilized.

  29. I think her biggest problem is her speaking style. She comes across as a shrill scold teacher dressing down her class.

    1. And the lack of authenticity.

      It was strong with this one.

    2. She comes across that way because that’s how she sees herself.

    3. There’s a lot of Hillary in her.

  30. While I am certainly not the target voter, I never saw any daylight between Sanders and Warren. Warren’s pitch seemed to be that she had the same ideas as Bernie but could actually get them accomplished based on the perception that she was wonkish, had unprecedented media support to cover for her, and a better relationship with the Democratic establishment. I’m confused how you can be perceived as “wonkish” when the plans to you put out can’t even pass the lightest of scrutiny.

    Anyway, I am glad she is gone. I do think she was the most dangerous non-Trump candidate for the future of this country. Even if elected, I think Sanders would be unable to get anything in the way of substantive legislation passed. I fear that Warren would have been more effective and has demonstrated an eagerness to skirt the legislative process more aggressively than Trump and Obama.

    1. Sanders is nuts and would have no idea what to do if he ever became President. More than anything, Sanders is just a bum. I don’t think he would want to be President if he was offered the job. Being President requires working and working is not something Sanders has ever shown any interest in doing.

      Warren in contrast isn’t a bum and would know what to do if she were President. So, yeah, she is a much more dangerous candidate than Sanders.

      The good news is that the Bernie Bros are full on retarded and Bernie really is a cult of personality. So, Warren was never going to get their votes no matter how much she aped Bernie’s positions or how clear it was that Warren would have been more effective in getting them enacted than Sanders.

  31. The more people got to know Hillary2.0, the more they despised her. Thus her third place finish in her own state.

  32. Take off, eh?

    1. Beauty.

      1. Like it was sung by angels.

  33. What are the odds for a Biden-Warren ticket?

    1. Almost nil. What does she bring to such a ticket? If Biden can’t carry the Northeast on his own then we really might have a repeat of ’84.

      1. I do expect the D brand masters will choose a woman and/or POC. Who else brings more votes?

    2. What are the odds for a Biden-Warren ticket?

      She can’t meet the bidding threshold. The Biden or Sanders VP position is guaranteed POTUS. Neither candidate will serve out his first term, Biden will be 25th’d out probably before he is inaugurated.

      I suspect the bidding starts north of a billion dollars and I assume Bloomberg, Steyer, and HRC are in a heated bidding war to ‘stabilize the ticket’.

      1. Yeah, but well… what did Biden actually bring to the politics of an Obama ticket?

        Just a perspective here, but I suspect Obama brought Biden along as the perfect “sidekick”. Biden was Jerry Lewis to Obama’s Dean Martin, Ed McMahon to Obama’s Johnny Carson. Also possibly as a fall guy if things went terribly wrong. Biden would have fallen on the sword for Obama because Obama was the guy who told him his plugs looked so natural and let him sit in the big chair in the Oval Office twice when nobody was looking.

  34. Why is it that ‘highly educated’ voters prefer liars?

    1. Two reasons I think. People like Suderman and the nitwits who support Warren are class obsessed. So, they will overlook things in a candidate that would not normally overlook if they feel their candidate is part of their class. Second, they like to be lied to because they want to think they are smart and have the answers. The truth has an unfortunate tenancy of humbling a person. And humility is not something these sorts of people do at all much less well.

    2. Well, it’s politics…so it’s not like there are many options.

    3. a lot of highly educated people aren’t that smart.

      i find the most worrisome folks are the ones with just above average IQs (if you believe IQ is a good metric). They aren’t dumb, but they also aren’t smart enough to realize they aren’t as smart as they think they are.

      I’ve seen nonstop today people lamenting how Warren is brilliant. Her support of something as absurd as the wealth tax should make it obvious she’s not.

      1. You can tell they aren’t that smart because they never stop crowing about how smart they are.

        Actually smart people understand that they don’t have the answer for everything, Warren was running on a platform that she literally had an answer for everything.

        1. I would love to see someone run on a platform of “Well, yes, this is a problem. but honestly we don’t know how to fix it, if that’s even possible…and we certainly can’t comprehend all the shit we might break in the process”

          1. John McAfee basically said that about the Middle East when he got interviewed about how to fix it.

            He basically said he had no fucking clue and it was ridiculous to even expect an American to take an attempt at it, which is the best answer I’ve ever heard a candidate give on the subject.

          2. I’ve always thought of that as basic libertarianism. Leave bad enough alone, you have no idea what you’re doing, you’re probably just going to make things worse, you’re definitely going to spend a shitload of money making things worse, and then you’re going to try to weasel out of your responsibility for making things worse with your usual bullshit about good intentions and I didn’t mean to do it and I didn’t know it was going to do that and well it would have worked if you hadn’t opposed the idea and if we had just tried a little harder and spent a little more money. No, goddammit, I told you to leave it alone and you ain’t MacGyver and some bad shit was gonna happen, didn’t I? And I was right, wasn’t I? Are you ever going to learn to just keep your hands to yourself and your nose out of other people’s business? No, no you are not.

        2. They used to say of Hubert Humphrey that he had more solutions than there were problems. That condition has become, if it wasn’t always, the political footprint of the left, along with its addiction to centralized control.

          1. It’s how you take complete control. Even if there is no crisis and you can’t create one, imagine how “evil-doers” might create one and preemptively put government in control. Because becoming a government employee gives you super powers, eradicates evil, and stops Snidely Whiplash and the Hamburglar from stealing your lunch. Just give up your liberty in exchange.

  35. The DNC should buy her a retirement home in Havana.

  36. She lies about her race and where she sent her children to school. Even the rank-and-file Dems think she’s a nutcase.

  37. Warren might own the single most obnoxious persona in the agora. Yea, there’s Schumer, Schiff, and Hillary, but Warren is a special flavor of yuck.

    Let’s face it, an hour car ride with her, and driving into a tree makes resounding sense.

    Two, where did she get that grotesque glasses and sweater look, except from hours of Henrik Ibsen study ( not often you’ll get an Ibsen reference).

    Three, it’s clear she’s never had sex. I mean with the lights on.

  38. Oh here goes. This was a stupid article. The thesis is that Democrats didn’t want a woke planner. But then it goes on to criticize everything else. She leaked something about Sanders. Her plans were bad. And so on. So which is it? If she had good plans and wasn’t woke would people have liked her and voted for her?

    Or could it be that the media had something against her because, I don’t know, the media doesn’t like smart, uncharismatic women? This is typical of lazy pundit analysis. It glosses over the many many plans she had but focuses on the last one she issued. It then zeros in on a stupid debate between Warren and Sanders that only the punditocracy cared about and tried to force everyone else to care about. When will the media stop making the news through their stupid analyses and report the dang news?

    1. I’m a Warren supporter, I think she is very charismatic.

      1. Jeebus for a second I thought you were serious.

        1. Some people think Heraclitus’ comments are above the 5th grade level for about the same period of time.

        2. I am dead serious

          1. I think you’re confused about the difference between charismatic and chrismatic – charisma is likability, chrism is a holy anointing oil. Warren, like many of the candidates, is convinced she’s God’s anointed.

    2. Absolutely, there’s no way a smart, uncharismatic woman could ever overcome our misogynistic media in order to win the Democratic nomination for President.

      Especially not four years ago.

  39. Warren did not falter because of ‘woke’ politics.

    She faltered because she positioned herself as the candidate with a plan for everything but when pressed for her plan to pay for her signature policy, Medicare for All, she hemmed and hawed.

    That is when she lost her lead.

    1. She didn’t offer anything that Bernie didn’t offer. She offended the big donors and the tech oligarchs every bit as much as Bernie does. Her pitch I think was that she was going to be Bernie with a more acceptable face and more competence. It actually wasn’t an irrational pitch. As I said above, Bernie is just a bum. He would never get anything done as President. Warren might and if you believe in Bernie’s policies is really a better choice.

      The problem was Bernie is a cult of personality. Warren was never going to win his supporters away from him. And without them, she really didn’t have much of a constituency outside of the media.

  40. Biden, Sanders, Buttigieg, Bloomberg, and even Gabbard all managed to place higher than third somewhere this primary season.

    Warren, even in her home state, did not.

  41. God I must be a masochist. Just read the comment section on Slate’s article bemoaning how they have two old white guys. So many people said it is all America can handle. Someone pointed out that the last white guy to be nominated by the Democrats was in 2004. Oh shit, that wasn’t well received. Oh and bussing is a good thing, according to the posters, only racist white people oppose it. Someone should tell that to the African Americans who opposed it. And Sanders unpopularity is just because people don’t know what is good for them. Sanders is just proposing Scandinavia. No, no he isn’t. He is proposing the opposite of Scandinavia and Germany. Punishing the free market while also giving everything away for free. And the Republicans are going to have a hard time winning Senate seats even in red States, because reasons.

    1. Oh and Republicans are the racist ones, but blacks voting for Biden rather then Sanders is proof blacks don’t know what is good for them either.

      1. Also on a related note. Looking at the latest delegate count from California, Sanders win there was not very impressive so far. It currently stands at 167 delegates to Sanders, 116 to Biden and about 8.7% points difference in the popular vote. Sanders, who was polling upwards of 50% has less than 34% with 92% reporting. I know it is kosher to question polling methodology, but considering how wrong the polls were on Tuesday, is it safe to question their underlying presumptions? Could the be oversampling young voters who are less likely to turn up?

    2. “…And Sanders unpopularity is just because people don’t know what is good for them. Sanders is just proposing Scandinavia…”

      Trueman was here a week or so ago, proposing (seemingly without irony) that the American public has been deprived of a familiarity with socialism, since the legacy press is to biased against it.
      So the view you are referring to is not limited to one whacko by any means.

      1. I remember that. His arguments were completely unconvincing.

    3. Just read the comment section on Slate’s article bemoaning how they have two old white guys. So many people said it is all America can handle.

      If they really want someone other than old white guys, they’re doing the whole voting thing wrong.

      1. But it’s all the Republicans fault, and blacks who don’t know what is best for them.

  42. Good. The fake Indian cunt is out.

  43. But will she endorse Bernie or Biden? That is the question Democrats want answered.

  44. Shorter reason: she isn’t likable. Neither was Clinton, but Clinton had the establishment in media and government all working in her favor. In a primary where the only real difference between candidates is how quickly they want to go full socialist, personality matters.

    1. Oh well, not surprised considering she did lousy even in her home state where she wasn’t that popular to begin with. But she did a great job ripping mini Mike a new one and possibly saving us from him

  45. Watching her in the debate was downright disturbing.
    It was perfectly okay that Bloomberg violated the 4th amendment rights of thousands of people. His only crime was doing it disproportionately to black people.

  46. How is her proposed wealth tax not a type of direct tax prohibited by the constitution?

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  48. geez, doesn’t anyone know anything here. a bunch of eggheads.

    warren collapsed after she couldn’t explain how she would pay for her HC. Sander’s did too but he had a 5 year old infrastructure.
    the other women had no name ID or infrastructure.

    1. so it is no great mystery. Warren will be a presumptive leader next time if she figures out how to pay for her programs because of our now familiarity with her.

      I would have voted for Warren until I learned she couldn’t explain how she would pay. I did not care about my taxes going up, I knew Trump would eviscerate her , as he would Bernie.

      I never knew who Harris or Klobachar were, Tulsi, unh?, who else Pete, nope. Booker got a lot of airtime in O and T years, so yeah a little bit.

      How can you expect a voter to choose someone UNKNOWN to the voters and then had a sketchy plan. Would they support wide open borders? Who knows because we didn’t know Warren. We heard about the wealth tax and loved it. Then she couldn’t explain how to pay for stuff. Surely she has thought about it for years , right? or not. No way to know. Maybe if she had run a campaign strictly on wealth tax and CFPB, maybe child care, she would be our nominee.

      she had no lee way, we didn’t know her, and couldn’t take a chance that she was full of shit.

      not complicated.

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