School Choice

AOC Admits She Got Her Goddaughter Into a Bronx Charter School

The democratic socialist congresswoman has lamented that the public-school system hinges on zip codes.


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D–N.Y.) knows firsthand the limitations that come with the public-school system. In a recently unearthed Facebook Live video from 2017, the self-described democratic socialist said she worked to secure a spot for her goddaughter in a Bronx charter school.

"This area's like a lot of where my family is from," noted Ocasio-Cortez as she walked through the Bronx. "My goddaughter, I got her into a charter school like maybe a block or two down."

This isn't the first time that AOC has inadvertently made the case for school choice. At an October rally for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.), she shared that her family left the Bronx for a house in Westchester county, so that she could attend a higher-quality school. "My family made a really hard decision," said Ocasio-Cortez. "That's when I got my first taste of a country who allows their kids' destiny to be determined by the zip code they are born in." 

The congresswoman has correctly diagnosed the problem. Whether or not a student is able to attend a decent public school too often turns on the neighborhood he or she happens to grow up in. It's a reality that briefly dominated the national conversation during the recent college admissions scandal, which saw wealthy celebrities paying to have their children receive rigged acceptances to elite universities. Comparisons were immediately drawn to the case of Kelley Williams-Bolar, who received a five-year prison sentence for using her father's address to ensure that her children could attend the superior elementary and middle schools nearby.

As AOC recognized in her speech at the Sanders rally, such a dilemma is only possible when the system hinges on a zip code. But isn't that a problem that school choice can help fix?

If her experience is any guide, the congresswoman should say yes. But school choice has become strangely polarizing in recent years, as many Democratic leaders forcefully repudiate charters.

"If you think your public school is not working, then go help your public school," Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.) told the National Education Association (NEA) late last year. The presidential hopeful's education plan includes a slew of anti-choice measures, including ending all federal funding for public charters. "Go help get more resources for" your local public school, Warren has argued. "Volunteer at your public school. Help get the teachers and school bus drivers and cafeteria workers and the custodial staff and the support staff, help get them some support so they can do the work that needs to be done. You don't like the building? You think it's old and decaying? Then get out there and push to get a new one."

But those words ring hollow when you remember that Warren sent her own son to a private school.

The teachers unions, who comprise a powerful part of the Democratic coalition, are staunchly opposed to charter schools. A majority of black and Hispanic Democrats, by contrast, hold favorable opinions of school choice. Charters are understandably popular in poorer communities of color—communities that progressives say they stand for—because such nontraditional schools provide viable alternatives to the status quo.

During an education town hall last March, Ocasio-Cortez said that a set of "perverse incentives" led her cousin to send her children to charter schools. "The public schools in Hunt's Point didn't feel good enough," she declared, before borrowing a page from the Warren playbook: "We should never feel that way. And the moment we start feeling that way is the moment we should start fighting to improve [public schools]. Not to reject them."

But if Ocasio-Cortez's actual record tells us anything, it's that both she and her family rejected those traditional public schools in favor of school choice. Can you blame them?

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  1. She isn’t a socialist because she planned to be one of the proles. Of course she did this. She is a party member. She is entitled to it. That doesn’t mean anyone else is.

    1. She means well John, she just doesn’t understand freedom yet, give her time.

      Maybe if they continue to go soft on her Reason won’t get sent to the Gulags like the journalists who challenge her will.

      1. She will make sure reason isn’t sent to the mines and gets a cush gig in one of the camps that writes state propaganda.

    2. AOC is such an obvious grifter it’s kind of hilarious. Young Elizabeth Warren.

      1. Nah. Warren’s not a total ditz like AOC.


        1. I dunno, man. Warren is shrill and kinda retarded.

          1. I second the motion.

          2. She’s Nurse Ratched meets the Church Lady

      2. AOC is not smart enough to be a grifter.

    3. Reminds me of reading “The Russians” by Hedrick Smith back in the 70s. There was an entire system of stores, dachas, and other benefits for those animals [pigs] who were more equal than other animals.

      1. I read that book too. My dad told me to read it in junior high. It was quite enlightening.

  2. “Can you blame them?”

    For being fucking hypocrites? You bet your ass I can.

  3. Something… something… MORE EQUAL!

  4. “This isn’t the first time that AOC has inadvertently made the case for school choice.”

    Imagine anyone at Reason being this soft on a Republican. Imagine a Republican being so wrong about a topic Reason has such a passion for getting let off this softly.

    “But if Ocasio-Cortez’s actual record tells us anything, it’s that both she and her family rejected those traditional public schools in favor of school choice. Can you blame them?”

    She may be wrong, but isn’t she cute? Who cares that she calls for the end of capitalism, she means well guys.

    You’re no better than the scumbags at CNN or MSNBC.

    1. It’s an entire article about how she’s dead wrong about something. What exactly are you looking for, more personal insults?

      1. Remember when Ted Cruz Came Out Against Liberal Democratic Values? Apparently, “fewer than 100 people showed up at the event at a restaurant, and several of them were there solely to jeer Cruz.”

        Presumably, nobody has ever showed up anywhere to jeer AOC.

      2. There’s no pleasing some.

        1. Only if you find being honest and even handed hard, which reason apparently does.

          1. Again, it’s an article about how she’s a hypocrite, including Warren in as a hypocrite, and pointing out how beholden they are to the massive amount of money from teacher’s unions.

            How would you have preferred the article be more even handed?

            The quote above with the “inadvertent” is meant to point out how she’s either an empty suit on the issue or doesn’t understand the implication of what she’s saying.

            I’m just not sure what you’re looking for here?

            1. The article could have said in so many words and without equivocation that AOC is a phony.

              This isn’t the first time that AOC has inadvertently made the case for school choice.

              No, AOC isn’t inadvertantly doing anything. She knows exactly what she is doing. The whole article tries to make her hypocrisy into some benign accident rather than what it is, which is exactly how AOC and those like her want things to work. In some ways she isn’t a hypocrite. Being a hypocrite would require her to think there is something wrong with what she is doing and doing it anyway. No, she is a true believer who thinks that the rules don’t apply to her because of that. AOC sending her god daughter to charter school while doing everything she can to deprive everyone else of the privilege is what leftism is and how it always works. it is not inadvertent or benign. The author pretends otherwise because the reason staff just doesn’t like saying bad things about Democrats so they always soft peddle it and equivocate. They never do that with anyone else.

              1. Maybe she does think she deserves special treatment. That still doesn’t mean she would purposely make a case for school choice for everyone to see. That would mean she did it inadvertently.

                That said, I think she is actually well meaning, and she gets the diagnosis right; democrats often are capable of that. They just get the prescription wrong.

                1. And this is why we’re here today. Anytime the left holds a bad position or does a bad thing, Reason and their ilk always hand-wave it away as just “getting the prescription wrong” rather than being bad people who know EXACTLY what their doing and doing it intentionally to hurt people.

                  The link to the Ted Cruz article above shows exactly that. Not that Sen. Cruz made a verbal slip, no, he’s CLEARLY against liberal democratic values. On the other hand, Rep. AOC just “inadvertently” did something she’s been railing against. Because Reason writers are even-handed…

                  *Sorry, inadvertently flagged your comment, the black icon draws my eye more than the greyed-out “Reply” icon and I click before my brain processes it.

            2. If you’ve read the comments here long enough then you’ll know that not insulting someone is praising them. The harder you don’t insult someone, the more you love them. That’s just the way most of the tards here think these days.

              1. I have to say, your introspection is unexpected and impressive.

                1. unexpected and impressive.

                  That was my locker room nickname.

            3. What do you think “can you blame them” implies?

      3. The entire article is about how she is dead wrong about something but somehow isn’t a bad person or a bad politician because of it. Democrats in reason land are always mistaken. Republicans in reason land are horrible people who mean you harm.

        Stop telling people not to believe their lying eyes.

        1. Where does it say or imply that she’s not a bad person or a bad politician?

          What are you reading? The article on this page?

          It’s about how she’s a hypocrite. Are you mad they used a bunch of words to craft a story exposing her displayed preferences? Did you just want a page that said “AOC is hypocrite. She is bad too. And definitely at least at bad as trump but probably worse”?

          1. It never says she is. That alone is a pretty strong implication that the author doesn’t think she is. The whole article is one long equivocation about how she somehow did this but doesn’t understand what it means. The whole thing is an apology for her.

            1. “The whole thing is an apology for her.” — An apology she herself doesn’t seem to think needs to be made but Reason writers will make it for her.

              Next Up at Reason, “Trump the Authoritarian Dictator demands a $40T deceit and a nation with borders so Bernie the Nazi might not be so bad.”

            2. You guys are fucking delusional.


        “Attorneys for the ACLU argue that the Trump administration has quietly weaponized exceptions for parental criminal records made under the injunction in order to systematically continue family separations. ”

        Note the coded violent language rather than “inadvertant” anything


        Now they’re threatening to open the floodgates all the wider by extending hate crime enhancements to an entire profession. Where will that end?

        Note again the coded violent language


        “utter hypocrisy”

        Don’t see that word in this article

        “One thing is clear: Graham has bemoaned the Democrats’ lack of transparency, only to shield his eyes once the curtain was lifted.”

      7. How about more soft natured fluff for democrats?

        “Warren isn’t wrong on her diagnosis of the overall problem.”

      8. I would settle for snark and glib dismissal.

    2. This post was a fascinating insight into the mind of the most recent brand of reason commenter. Lots of hate. Pretty low on reading comprehension.

      Rage on brother. You are clearly welcome here.

      1. So a person who clearly didn’t understand the post comments on the poor reading comprehension of the author. Did you mean to be ironic here? Or are you just a dishonest piece of shit who pretends not to understand the point?

        1. Thanks John. You made my point perfectly. Everyone feels right at home.

          1. No I didn’t. And pretending I did isn’t going to persuade anyone. I realize your purpose here is to just shit all over the thread. But, you could at least try and up your game a little bit. I know being stupid makes that hard but give it a shot. You might surprise yourself.

            1. You remember that little speech you gave Ken this morning about IQ? You’re certainly making one hell of a go at resurrecting irony and I for one hope you succeed.

            2. Well you’ve gone and given a bunch of evidence that I’m mean spirited and stupid. But since you didn’t explicitly call me a bad person, I know that this means you really think I’m a good person. That’s how writing works in your world, right?

              Thanks for writing a big apology for me.

              1. Dickless cretins who try to deny Reason’s leftist inclinations are a sad sort.
                Keep up the “useful” work

      2. Hypocrisy: Politicians like Warren wanting to eliminate charter schools and exhorting us to “get out and do” any number of things to better your public schools, but sent her child to a private school. Teachers unions with no interest or concern beyond feathering their own nests opposing charter schools at every opportunity and telling the rest of us that we should be happy to send our kids to be taught by them in failing public schools. And AOC pulling strings to get someone connected with her into a charter school, but for the rest of us it’s “We should never feel that way. And the moment we start feeling that way is the moment we should start fighting to improve [public schools]. Not to reject them.”

        Yes, it’s all hypocrisy and yes, I do blame them for it.

      3. Pretty low on reading comprehension.

        Except for all the citations of out-and-out hit pieces run by Reason that willfully misinterpret one brand of politician’s stance while granting other brand of politicians every latitude in defense of their inadvertent contradictions.

  5. Public schools are great for thee, just not for me.

  6. If you think your public school is not working, then go help your public school…

    “After all, you’re paying for it.”

    I like that Warren is leaving each child’s educational future in the hands of his or her parents right up until it’s time to choose the name on the check. That part stays with the state.

    1. Parents have all kinds of free time these days, spend 50 hours a week working for free at the public school and at the end of the day, it will make no real difference.

  7. You can’t expect individual representatives and senators to be able to change the system.

  8. Charter schools ARE public schools, they just aren’t run publicly and teachers unions hate that. Democrats like Warren aren’t pro-public schools so much as they are in favor of grabbing as much sweet, sweet teacher union cash as they can.

    1. Bingo! Any of these conversations about funding, standardized testing, etc. are merely about the unions keeping power and paying the D’s to help them.

      No public school teacher in the union goes on strike with a sign that says, “Let us work longer hours to bring up student scores”

  9. Pretty sure this was covered in Animal Farm.

  10. Goddaughter, phew, for a minute I thought someone had put his dick in crazy.

    1. Have you seen her boyfriend? He certainly hasn’t.

      1. She wouldn’t be nearly the problem she is now if she were getting a good deep docking from a real man. Then she could focus on cooking and cleaning, instead of pretending to be a congressman.

        1. Make me a sandwich….er, martini !!

        2. The Marquis de Merde has accurately identified the problem.

  11. Clinton got away with adultery when a Republican wouldn’t because the real sin is hypocrisy. A Dem is a hypocrite and….. ah…… well……

    1. *Every* politician is a hypocrite.

      1. Really. How is Trump a hypocrite? I don’t mean bad guy or holds views you don’t like. I mean a hypocrite. What does he do himself that he demands others do not? What rules does he apply to other people that he doesn’t apply to himself?

        Show your work.

        1. Riiiight, show my work. Ha, as if you show your work.

          Oh wait, Trump’s the sole exception? Hey, ya know what — show your work!

          Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

          1. I am not making a claim here. You are making a claim that Trump is a hypocrite. I am asking you to offer proof that he is.

            Why are asking me for proof when you are the one making a claim that requires proof? Are you retarded? Do you just not understand how logic and argument work? Or are you just dishonest and don’t like being called on talking out of your ass?

          2. He never said Trump is the sole exception. You said ‘every’. He picked Trump as a notable example. There are others, albeit in the minority.

            Now show your work.

        2. Wishing everyone a very Happy Holiday season!

          — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 23, 2010

          The bastard! IT’S MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

          1. You bastards; you killed Kenny!

        3. The classic Trump -lovers TDS. Absolutely oblivious and head in the sand.

          There are so many tweets where he said something and has done the opposite, ranging from more serious “Obama should get congressional approval before bombing or military action” to stupid but blatant hypocrisy (literally said he would not be golfing if he was prez because the job is too important, bitched about Obama golfing…fucking hilarious hypocrisy.)

          Talked about releasing his tax returns and need for Obamas school records when we havent seen his taxes yet still, or his school records despite knowing he got the rich boy pass in the bottom of the class for daddy’s dollars.

          These are just off the top of my head, there have to be 100’s of examples. There is a tweet for almost every scenario with this guy.

          Most of the stuff is just stupid, but it is by definition hypocrisy. You choosing him specifically to defend either means you have your eyes closed, TDS so severe you will defend him no matter what, or you are absolutely retarded.

  12. “But if Ocasio-Cortez’s actual record tells us anything, it’s that both she and her family rejected those traditional public schools in favor of school choice. Can you blame them?”

    When she doesn’t want anyone else to be able to reject them? Yes. I blame her.

  13. ELECTING SANDERS MEANS MORE, NOT LESS CORRUPTION: More regulation creates more opportunities for political corruption, Issues & Insights notes this morning, and it follows as logically as night follows day that electing Bernie Sanders will result in more of the very things he promises to get rid of in government. There’s even objective evidence of this process at work around the world.

    1. Harvard law professor Matthew Stephenson looked at several others and found that “Within the U.S., when controlling for a number of other economic and demographic factors, states with larger public sectors seem to have higher corruption.”

      1. A 1998 study, for example, shows “government size, in particular, spending by state governments, does indeed have a strong positive influence on corruption.”

        A 2012 study, titled “Live Free or Bribe,” looked at the number of government officials convicted in a state for crimes related to corruption and found that the more economic freedom there was in the state, the less corruption resulted.

        “Economic freedom,” the study found, “has a negative impact on corruption.”

        1. Every state employee is an opportunity for corruption; more employees, more corruption. QED

  14. “My goddaughter, I got her into a charter school like maybe a block or two down.”

    “But I’m going to bus your little monster halfway across the city to a warzone school in the name of diversity.”

    1. The democrats are consistent in this regard.

      1. Yeah, they almost got me with this one in 1976 in Detroit. Thankfully my parents could afford Catholic school while we looked for a house in the burbs.

  15. goddaughter

    As a socialist communist, isn’t the state supposed to be her god?

    1. As a socialist communist, isn’t the state supposed to be her god?

      I assumed that was the case. My understanding is that there’s a God-parent, responsible for bringing you up in your faith, and a godparent, the next of kin charged with your care in the case of your parents’ death. I was almost certain it was the latter.

    2. There is no difference between socialist and communist.

  16. The fastest way to show a socialist is a complete hypocrite is to add a zero or two to their checking account balance.

    1. I’m stealing that.

      1. So are the socialists…

  17. This isn’t the first time that AOC has inadvertently made the case for school choice.

    A. Libertarianism
    B. Woodchippers
    C. Bartender Licensing
    D. All of the Above

  18. In AOC’s world it’s government schools all the way down. The idea of attending a government school outside of your zipcode is pure fantasy. Meaning AOC is living in a fantasy land.

  19. At best, AOC is in favor of allowing parents to send their kids to a public school of their choice beyond their zip code. She’s not in favor or Charter schools or non unionized alternatives, as far as I can tell.

    She was basically waxing poetics about the neighborhood. It’s a poor area, but also has a lot of art and industry, her goddaughter went to a charter school a few blocks away, on and on. The goddaughter may have even lived in the zip code where the charter school was. Maybe her family was in good shape financially.

    Plenty of politicians and celebrities send their kids of private schools. I supposed you could say they’re “inadvertently” making a case for school choice. I think it’s more accurate to say that they’re being hypocrites.

    1. “”I think it’s more accurate to say that they’re being hypocrites.””

      True, but they seem to have no problem with being a hypocrite. But will call you out for being one.

  20. Here is the problem if AOC, Sanders, Warren or any of the other democrat candidates becomes president there would not be any better schools to send you children to because they would be brought down to the level of public. None of the candidates will mention the correcting the problems in the public schools to make them better. We as a nation has suffered the curse of a union that is only out for their own selves and not the students. These leberal, progressive, socialists unions have been teaching the children and for the last 60 years that I know of they have been pushing socialists ideas upon them to the point that now the young people near voting age is very open to socialism. The stats of Sanders plans if implemented would cost $98 Trillion over the next ten years and the total wealth in this nation is only about $96 Trillion. This means that the government would need to take all the wealth and even that would not meet the need.
    But really AOC, Sanders, and Warren want is to have the school system taken from the states and become the responsibility of the federal government with one of them or some like them in control of the complete system. Then there would be no private schools except for the very rich who could send their children out of the US if the law prevented it here. But the regular citizens and immigrants would not have that option.

  21. “Charters are understandably popular in poorer communities of color—communities that progressives say they stand for—because such nontraditional schools provide viable alternatives to the status quo.”

    Several years ago, a limited school choice bill in Massachusetts was soundly defeated….in the affluent Boston suburbs.

  22. “the self-described democratic socialist said she worked to secure a spot for her goddaughter in a Bronx charter school.”

    Was it like a Weinstein thing?

    1. Was it like a Weinstein thing?

      No. Weinstein only wants women for the 2 min. of sexual gratification every few months. Whom you vote for, have sex with, advocate on behalf of… outside that 2 min. he cares not.

      AOC, OTOH, wants them fully educated and in ideological lock-step 24/7.

  23. The Democratic Platform, “ONLY MORE Communism (i.e. The [WE] foundation) can fix the problems with Communism!!!”..

    “[WE] make problems so [WE] can fix it by making more of the same ‘problem’. But we aren’t being completely unreasonable??!!??!! We’re a brilliant – my Communist education says so….”, says every registered Democrat.

    1. The Republican, “Hmmm…. How to fix Stupid while simultaneously being FORCED to subsidize it?”

  24. Is she like a fairy Godmother or more like a Vito Corleone Godmother? Maybe she combines the two.

    1. But if she’s a fairy Godmother, she spent so much energy giving out the gift of wisdom and intelligence that she forgot to keep any for herself.

  25. Oh. Another hypocritical socialist who likes free choice when it suits them.

    Shocked. Face.

    THIS is why people hate assholes like her.

  26. “This isn’t the first time that AOC has inadvertently made the case for school choice.”

    Of course, AOC won’t recognize that she made that case, she is oblivious to logic and Reason (pun intended). Individual choice (based on individual needs and desires) does not play into “democratic socialism”.

  27. Where are all the folks who tell us how great socialism is in … say Sweden. In Sweden they have universal school vouchers, which can be used for public or private schools. We don’t hear the left pushing for that type of funding here do we? Why? In the US, on the other hand, the money doesn’t follow the child but rather it goes directly to the schools, good or bad. The best thing would be to privatize all education and get the government out of it. Barring that, we should go to vouchers and let the folks decide where to send their children. The left can stand “choice.”

    They say they’re “pro choice,” but they’re not. They don’t support choice for healthcare, education, or social security, three of the biggest money pits of all time.

    1. Yeah, they always toss out Sweden as an example of the “right” way to enact socialism, yet they never look at Sweden today, which is NOT socialist.

    2. “The best thing would be to privatize all education and get the government out of it.” +1000000…

      Only the left would entertain the idea that a 8-year Ph.D. education in Female Studies is better suited for a Networking Company than a 2-Week Cisco Certified Tech/Training and then they’ll top it off by subsidizing China to produce network equipment while their company administrators can argue that anyone with a penis or a vagina is sexist and should be fired…

      Then have the nerve to complain about their sorry of state income level and insist Cisco subsidize their female studies Ph.D. degree’s.

  28. “Warren has argued. “Volunteer at your public school. Help get the teachers and school bus drivers and cafeteria workers and the custodial staff and the support staff, help get them some support so they can do the work that needs to be done.”

    Bzzzzt! Wrong answer!
    Correct answer: First, run the administrators out of town. Second for your school to ignore mandates from state and federal government.

    1. Summary of Sen. Warren’s answer: “Just go ahead and provide all the overhead services and help teach your children while you pay a bunch of other inept people to do it at the end of a government gun.”

      1. Also, volunteer at the DMV to make the lines go faster, direct traffic, pick up stray dogs/garbage, feed the homeless and make citizen’s arrests. Thanks!

  29. Democrat politicians aren’t against public school choice plans, just against charters. It’s splitting the hair finely, but in the 20th Century public school choice plans weren’t envisioned mostly as including (new) charter schools, but just as government schools organized more or less conventionally. Of course charter schools have always been government schools — they’ve existed since before the founding of the republic — but they fell out of fashion as non-charter government schools became organized in a cookie-cutter manner, and the old charter schools integrated into that system.
    Remember when W.J. Clinton in his second acceptance speech in 1996 said he wanted children to go to “the school of their choice. [pause] The public school of their choice.” And was heavily applauded? Public school choice plans were seen as co-opting the school choice movement. But then, the new charter school movement was seen then by many libertarians as co-opting the school choice movement, as against vouchers, tax credits, or complete privatization.

    By now public school choice (but without charters) has become well accepted by the Democrats’ establishment. And charters have become well accepted by the libertarian movement. So it seems the two are not so far apart on education policy!

  30. I love the comments on Reason.
    They are pure gold!
    I would be happy if they got rid of the articles entirely.
    Just have a headline and then the comments.

  31. She gets school choice because reasons. You proles go to your designated government education center and shut the fuck up.

  32. Figth to improve the school and school system that is failing your children which can take years of it makes any difference at all or fight to get your child in a better school much sooner.

    Before i became a parent and saw how the schools have wasted large sums of money with little to show for it I’d bought in to the more resources dodge. But those schools sure have all the bells and whistles so that has to count for something, I suppose.

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  34. Neat trick, right? Defund public schools and say they aren’t working.

    1. If you think “public school” is working out for you, then you and others like you can pay for it ALL BY YOURSELVES and there won’t be any problem if you think “many” of others-like-you exist.

      To believe others-like-you should be able to, not only FORCE me to “buy” your “public school”, but to monopolize it and FORCE my kids to attend it – should have something instinctively wrong written all over it.


    2. Shouldn’t parents be able to choose their kids’ schools? Why should public schools have a monopoly? Shouldn’t the state’s ‘obligation’ to pay for schooling follow the kid, not the teachers? What is sacred about public schools? Certainly not quality or performance. What gives the state the right to set up any educational institutions at all? Not the Constitution.

    3. My kid’s public charter gets 85% of the per pupil funding the traditional public schools here get and still does a better job. Charter schools don’t pull funds from public schools unless you think when parents move a kid out of the district, that “defunds” that public school. The public school gets that money to educate the kid, if the kid is gone, they no longer have to fund.

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  36. Are AOC and other proponents of public schools supposed to keep their kids in underfunded, poorly-run schools just to remain non-hypocritical? That’s stupid and Reason knows it. Choice is not going to erase the problem that our school funding system has created. If by choice it is meant that even a poor kid with low test scores and grades has an equal chance as wealthy suburbanites to to get into any school, even the wealthy one two doors down from Barron Trump then this would make sense. But y’all know that that’s not going to happen. The fact is that wealthy kids are better positioned to have choices that are viable. Location still matters and wealth still matters.

    This is the same kind of cheap argument strategy as the ones that say environmentalists are hypocrites because they breathe oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. It impresses the gullible rubes but is fallacious and stupid.

    1. Are you arguing that choice will have NO effect on educational attainment because “Location still matters and wealth still maters.”?

      If choice WILL have an effect, do you think it makes MORE or LESS of a difference than “location” and “wealth,” if the children are able to go to a school of their choice?

      See, you’re cheap argument strategy is to perpetuate the problem by refusing to implement a proven solution, that while imperfect, helps substantially.

      You and your ilk can only survive if the problem remains or gets worse.

      Let’s implement choice and THEN we can talk about overcoming the other hurdles…nah, we have a utopia that we must achieve instantaneously, completely, universally, and by will of The State(TM).

    2. Are AOC and other proponents of public schools supposed to keep their kids in underfunded, poorly-run schools just to remain non-hypocritical?

      Of course not, but they shouldn’t be forcing other people to do so. If the state is paying, an equal portion should follow each student to wherever she goes to school.

    3. No… Stupid is the constant and compulsive pretending that a person’s “Wealth” is entirely determined by a lottery ticket.

      People who add value to other peoples life’s collect wealth. People who add NOTHING but debt will suffer the NATURAL consequences of their pathetic existence.

      The very notion that the lazy should be able to “buy” anything they want that the wealthy can completely take “motivation” out of the equation and breeds a whole generation of worthless.

      That is what stupid is.

  37. The older i get the more i am beginning to believe that there are a lot of people who are just incapable of understanding hypocrisy.

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  40. AOC is a phony and does not have even a clue.
    Westchester upper middle class New Yaker.
    Chased away good paying jobs.
    GFY AOC.

  41. But if she’s a Fairy Godmother, she spent so much energy giving out the gift of wisdom and intelligence that she forgot to keep any for herself. Best Post

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