Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren Fails Her Own Public Education Purity Test

She fights against school choice while her kid and grandkids go to private school.


In last night's Democratic presidential debate, Mayor Pete Buttigieg warned Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.) against "issuing purity tests you cannot yourself pass." He was talking about the senator's millionaire status, but his statement applies just as much to her education plan. 

The plan, released on October 21, is radically anti-choice. It calls for ending federal funding for public charter schools, banning for-profit charter schools, increasing regulations for all charter schools, and making it more difficult to start new charter schools. Warren wants to stop private school choice programs such as vouchers or tuition tax credits.

At last night's debate, Warren declared her desire to "do even more for our public schools" with a "historic $800 billion investment." Though the phrases "charter school" and "school choice" did not come up on stage last night, Warren solidified her anti-choice stance in a previous debate when she said "money for public schools should stay in public schools, not go anywhere else." And she told the president of the National Education Association last month that families should stay put in their failing public schools.

That was a purity test that Warren and her family cannot pass. In October, I discovered that Warren sent her son to elite private schools starting in the fifth grade. Less than a month later, Warren was caught on video speaking misleadingly to a voter about her decision to send him to private schools.

The next generation of the candidate's family has continued to benefit from private education. Warren's three grandchildren attended last night's debate, and at least two of them attended an elite private school in Los Angeles. According to the school's online newspaper, Octavia Tyagi graduated from Harvard-Westlake School earlier this year. Lavinia Tyagi is currently a freshman at the same school. The tuition at Harvard-Westlake School is $39,700, so a full high school education at Harvard-Westlake costs over $158,000 in tuition alone. According to Niche, a website that grades schools, Harvard-Westlake School is the second-best private high school in the state and the sixth-best private high school in the nation. 

So Warren's daughter and son-in-law have chosen to send their kids to an elite private school, just as Warren chose to send her son to one. And that's fine! Parents should pursue what's best for their kids. If that means pulling them out of the public schools to get a better education elsewhere, they should have every right to do that.

The problem comes when politicians like Warren try to deny that opportunity to parents who do not have as much money as they do. All families, not just the rich and powerful, should be able to send their children to the schools of their choice.

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  1. Note: she won’t just outright ban private schools; she just wants to stop other people from sending their kids to private school.

    1. I was thinking the same thing! It’s almost like she doesn’t want her kids to go to school with poor black kids so she is fighting to keep them segregated in public schools. She throws them money to make it seem like she cares while understanding that the money will not actually go towards helping them at all.

      1. Now you understand why the Democrat Party is the Party of slavery and Segregation.

        They want to use Black Americans not socialize with them.

        1. Why the random capitalization, you bigoted, stale-thinking, resentful culture war casualty?

          Open wider, clinger.

          1. yawn.

            1. “yawn”

              Whatever keeps your mouth open, making it easier for your betters to shove progress down your throat, is appreciated.

          2. Kirkland is evidently a homophobic bigot.

          3. All that hatred is gonna give you an ulcer.

      2. Why does the adjective “poor” proceed the noun “black” in so many articles today?

        Don’t you see what it’s done for the progressive agenda. Assume that being black means being poor and by God, one can justify any and all governmental interference in our lives….for the “poor blacks” of course.

    2. That way she can protect the rich from an educated electorate which will be able to see through the smoke and mirrors that the democrats keep using. Public education dollars which are taxes paid by all the taxpayers some of which are not using the public schools. In addition public education money should be used on the most effective education plans and methods. If it is a public school well and good but if it is a private school or a charter school that would be just as good. But states sponsored public education schools are the reason that we are in the education condition that we are. So If the public education got US into this condition how is public education going to correct this problem when they just apply more of the same that got US into this condition in the first place. In addition public schools unions are more interested in protecting their own jobs rather than educating the students. If there is no competition for public schools then there is no reason for them to improve for they have a captive market even while they are turning out a faulty product.

  2. “…caught on video speaking misleadingly to a voter…”

    Why not just say, “lying?”

    1. Terminological inexactitude…the least untrue answer she could come up with…it was a kinetic military action…

      1. I ran out of gas…I had a flat tire…I didn’t have money for cab fare…my tux didn’t come back from the cleaners…an old friend came in from out of town…someone stole my car…there was an earthquake…a terrible flood…locusts…IT WASN’T MY FAULT!


        1. Carrie Fisher never hotter.

          1. have you seen her in the latest incarnation?

  3. Her Democratic opponents have plenty of things to call out Warren on – and this is a perfect example.

  4. “Mayor Pete Buttigieg warned Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.) against “issuing purity tests you cannot yourself pass.” “

    Silly boy. She’ll excuse herself from the tests. Do you need to have everything explained to you?

    1. Her rich Native American heritage means she doesn’t have to take any tests and still gets an A, duh

      1. She passes as long as she gets 1/1024 %

    2. Don’t they always?

      It’s the parental politics of the hard left: Do as I say and not as I do.

  5. Well, given that the public schools have been starved of funds by Republicans and private schools have monopolized all the resources, she was pretty much forced to abandon those schools.

    And if a principled, courageous woman of integrity like her was forced to abandon the public schools, that’s a sign of the urgency of giving those schools more resources and not diverting funds to private and charter schools.

    WARREN 2020!

    1. You forgot to sign in as OBL…

      1. I didn’t use enough #hashtags for OBL, and I didn’t mention the Kochs.

    2. no chance this isn’t a parody account

    3. Are you freaking kidding me?

      Integrity? You are surely the product of a public education.

      the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

      1. Chill out, it’s Poe’s Law at work, I thought the parody was fairly obvious.

    4. Starved? Principled? Diverted? Everyone should be just as “forced to abandon the public schools.” It’s called freedom of choice.

      PS- try some facts. Public education isn’t starved but is does suck:


      1. Education funding is almost certain to hit a record high when a new state budget is enacted next month, and yet local school districts are hitting the panic button when it comes to their finances.


  6. “And if a principled, courageous woman of integrity like her was forced to abandon the public schools…

    Word on the street is it’s a tough life on the rez.

  7. She it at least 1/1024 pure, amirite?

  8. The distinction, I’m sure she’d make, is private vs charter. Private schools don’t deprive public schools of funds. Sadly, the issue is not funding in most cases…

    1. Charter schools actually push more money per pupil into public schools as charters in general only get 80% of the funds per pupil from the state.

      1. And the other point is that she tells people that if they don’t like their public school, they are obligated to stay in that school and work to fix it- something that she expressly didn’t do.

        In any case, this is bullshit. Charter Schools *are* public schools. They are public funded, and are not funded by private tuition. The difference between them and traditional schools is that they are allowed to administer that money in whatever way they want.

        1. Bingo. Charter schools are public schools.

        2. “tells people that if they don’t like their public school, they are obligated to stay in that school and work to fix it- something that she expressly didn’t do”

          That’s something I’ve long said about so called “migrants” (illegal).

          Aren’t we just enabling the continued oppressive regimes by accepting them here without question instead of encouraging them to remain in their homeland and fight for their natural rights?

        3. Spot on.

  9. A hypocritical politician? Why I never.

    1. My whole world has been shattered.

  10. Wait, what? Elizabeth Warren, whose entire life is built on lies,…. LIED?!?! Who could have possibly seen this coming?!

  11. Please. Socialists are never inconsistent. Never. Literally not one example, ever.

  12. “Elizabeth Warren Fails Her Own Public Education Purity Test”

    Let’s face it, Liz Warren is just another “do as I say, not as I do” progressive liberal.

    1. You know who else failed their own purity test?

      1. That computer Captain Kirk out-argued in Star Trek?

        1. You must mean The Creator.

        2. Jeebus, which episode, Eddy?

      2. So I googled “songs about purity” and all I am getting are Christian songs. I am genuinely baffled by this. Why are Christians, and only Christians, so obsessed with purity?

        1. Because you searched in English.

          1. But Peruvians, Bolivians and Colombians all speak Spanish and they’re both heavily Catholic and concerned with the purity of their products so I’m not sure it’s the English-language search that’s the critical component.

      3. Spock?

  13. “money for public schools should stay in public schools, not go anywhere else.”

    So she is in favor of a nationwide money laundering scam where taxpayer money only goes to public schools, more specifically the teachers union. A union which gives predominately, around 94%, to Democrats.

    1. Yes. You are exactly right.

  14. “Elizabeth Warren fails…”
    Full stop.

  15. Baffling that there is still any reason to write articles about this ridiculous person but she’s still a front runner in the democratic primaries. Go figure.

    1. And I’ve been seeing a series of hit pieces on Buttigieg the last week. Coincidence?

      1. No coincidence – they’ll be knocking down the top contenders as they pop up so that there will be no clear favorite come convention time and the Democrats will be forced to bring in an outside consensus candidate at the last minute, one that they can all agree is the most qualified Presidential candidate of all time. Not despite the fact that she will never have campaigned throughout the primaries but because she will never have campaigned throughout the primaries. The Democrats have figured out the reason she lost last time wasn’t because she campaigned too little but because she campaigned too much – for the voters who might have supported her, the more they saw of her the less they liked her. And isn’t that true of most politicians?

        1. Which might explain how both Obama and Trump got elected and why Pete Buttigieg is a real contender – as candidates they were blank slates and the voters really had no idea how they might govern but their opponents had track records and the voters knew only too well how they would govern.

          1. Which allowed voters to project whatever they wanted onto them.

            Obama the savior, and so many people thought they’d get “Obama-bucks” (or at least there were plenty of videos showing people saying that).

            And don’t forget that Trump is worse than Hitler, and wants to exterminate anyone who isn’t white (or orange, apparently).

            That neither actually acted anywhere near their caricature, so much so that the average person can’t tell many of their policies apart, didn’t stop it and probably won’t.

        2. Ah ha! You are a well reasoned campaign consultant.

  16. Does the kid get a fifty-grand stipend and all she can snort? Scratch that. Asking that sort of question got The Don impeached. No telling what they’d do to us…

    1. Always happy to hear your opinion on things, Hank.

  17. Estate planning 101 is to have the grandparents pay the private school tuition for the grand-kids as it is not considered a gift IF the check is made payable directly to the school. Did she write the check?

  18. Elizabeth Warren fails… (fixed that for you)

  19. “money for public schools should stay in public schools, not go anywhere else.”

    Shouldn’t the money be for the students, wherever their parents choose to send them?

    1. That’s insane. Only a kulak or wrecker would say such a thing. You should be sent to a re-education camp.

      1. As long as it’s a public re-education camp.

    2. Shouldn’t the money be for the students

      Oh, you poor child.

    3. Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn’t be a whole lot better if government wasn’t involved in education at all. Let parents get the education they want for their children in the free market. I’m not convinced it’s moral to force those who don’t or can’t have children, to subsidize the education of other parent’s children.

  20. To be fair, Warren is only 1/1024 American. She is mostly anti-American.

  21. Can we at least just abolish compulsory education?

    1. Think of the children….and jobs!

      1. Pretty sure the teachers union would be fine with ending compulsory attendance, just so long as the dollars don’t stop.

        Many teacher will disagree of course, but the unions are quite clear.

    2. Heretic!

  22. Somewhere out there must exist a principled progressive family, who live in an ethnically and economically diverse urban neighborhood, are vegan, raised their children non-binary, only use public transit, and have educated their children in the local public school. Their neighbors are Elvis, Bigfoot, and the Loch Ness Monster.

    1. The conspiracy runs deep, they even planted some sucker in a grave to pretend Elvis was dead –


      (I should add /sarc, though I hope I wouldn’t need to)

  23. Marxists like Warren fall into 2 camps: jealous of others success or wanting to restrict opportunities for others that they benefited from.

    Warren is the latter. Fuck her.

    1. I’d really rather not, if it’s OK with you.

  24. Warren is a politician. She’s wants the endorsement of the teachers’ unions. That’s a big chunk of votes. Kids aren’t unionized, and they don’t vote as a bloc. Hey, they don’t even vote. Why would she care about them?

    1. ^ Exactly this.

    2. The teachers unions are nothing compared to the NRA. Just ask any of the current crop of candidates.

      It’s that damn NRA. They control our government.

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  28. Only the dimmest of slack-jaws — and people who hate America — contend taxpayers should fund schools that teach nonsense, suppress science to flatter superstition, and discriminate against certain taxpayers in hiring and admission.

    People who wish to dismantle public schools are the malcontents who oppose public roads, stop signs, and public transportation. Along with reason, modernity, and science.

    The snapback against these belligerent, downscale right-wing rubes may become severe. The only thing a clingers can hope for, in the individual case, is replacement.

    1. You’re right, they’re slack jawed idiots is the kinder interpretation for people who insist that schools teach common core, that there are no physiological differences between men and women (sorry, XX and XY chromosomal persons for you), or discriminate against those with too little melanin in their skin regardless of their backgrounds.

      The rest is just patent nonsense, of course.

      1. “Patent nonsense . . ” but guys like me have been shoving progress down the whining, lame throats of guys like you for as long as we have been alive.

        Open wider, Mr. Beckman. Your betters are not through with you. Not nearly.

        1. Wow. This copy/paste response was absolutely not predictable.
          Your schtick. It bores us.

          1. Winning the culture war has never been boring. It is enjoyable, and interesting, and important.

            A joy clingers will never experience. All they can look forward to is more resentment, then replacement.

            1. Haha. It makes you feel important to be in this “war” going on in your head. How cute.

              You’re useless, old man.

              1. The Rev. can be amusing at times and in small doses … can’t wait for November 2020 …

    2. Liberals love science…unless it’s human biology. Then science is Nazi evil.

      1. To be fair, US “liberals” (i.e., progressives) pretty much invented Nazi science: the racial classification schemes, segregation, eugenics, and all that.

    3. Only the dimmest of slack-jaws — and people who hate America — contend taxpayers should fund schools that teach nonsense, suppress science to flatter superstition, and discriminate against certain taxpayers in hiring and admission.

      I agree! We should therefore end all funding for public schools!

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  30. ‘Our great public schools’

    Whenever Dems say that they are lying sacks of shit because none of them ever send their kid to an inner city public school.

    In all fairness, there are good public schools, but they are in the suburbs. Even though it’s a monopoly, there still is competition, because many towns draw is the good schools.

    I have a younger cousin in High School that goes to a great public school, but it has to be, otherwise no one would live in that area. If not for the schools, people would move. So it’s like competition.

    1. It’s long been known that public school ratings are heavily correlated with real estate prices. Even today, in the top of the line (real estate pricing) SF Bay Area, there is a reason that Palo Alto median home prices exceed $2M while in East Palo Alto, literally next door, are less than half that.

      Ditto Walnut Creek vs Concord.

      I didn’t use to accept this and, I had no children. But I’ve learned my lesson too late. All of my neighbors in Vallejo are doing everything they can to get their kids into Benicia Schools.

      A common topic of discussion on real estate forums for young, highly compensated techies eyeing a home purchase in San Francisco is how they are going to keep their kids out of SF public schools. The answer is usually to factor in an additional $25k per year in expenses for private school.

  31. Forget private schools! BAN THE WINE CAVES!!!

  32. Yeah, America’s Mother-In-Law is being exposed as a lying, hypocritical sack of shit by Mayor Butthead in these debates. She typifies exactly what ordinary Americans finding revolting about progressive politicians. That obsequious, Mother-In-Law knows best attitude grates on everyone who has half a brain and any sense of personal autonomy. Nothing would please me more than watching a nasty, knock-down, dragged out fight between the two of them.

    Maybe Tulsi the Team D Front Ruinner Slayer will do the country a favor and put a metaphorical stake into Warren’s vampire-like campaign.

  33. What’s the point of sending your kids to private school if all the riif-raff can send their kids there too?

    1. “Elizabeth Warren Fails Her Own Public Education Purity Test”

      To quote Pepper Brooks: “I feel shocked.”

  34. Typical Massachusetts leftist. The voter referendum for a school choice bill several years ago in Mass. was soundly defeated by…affluent suburban soccer moms. Thanks Karen.

  35. someone should dose her and all politicians with truth serum and make them answer 20 questions chosen at random. her response to the schools query would be along the lines of “of course i sent the kids to private schools, public schools suck balls. and not in the good way”

  36. If every single politician in the US sent their children to public school for the entirety of their education, I would be all-in it. But Warren’s children went to private schools. For this Blonde Native American, Laws and Rules are Only For Rubes

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