Pete Buttigieg

Buttigieg 'Doesn't Want To Explain' Why Sanders 'Is Encouraging People To Look on the Bright Side of the Castro Regime'

The Midwestern moderate isn't alone is fretting about the radicalism of the current Democratic front-runner.


Pete Buttigieg is making it clear he wants to be the choice for Democrats who aren't happy with Bernie Sanders' open embrace of socialism and his defenses of Cuba under strongman authoritarian Fidel Castro.

Sanders is officially the front-runner now, and former comments showing support for authoritarian communist and socialist governments are being dredged up again. During a 60 Minutes appearance on Sunday, Sanders defended previous comments he had made back in the 1980s in support of Castro's regime. Sanders said that while he's opposed to the authoritarian parts of Castro's Cuba, he nevertheless wanted to point out that Castro "had a massive literacy program. Is that a bad thing?"

Well, literacy is indeed a good thing, but it's also particularly important when you need to feed your population a diet of political propaganda, as Castro did. In any event, Sanders' insistence on trying to find good things to say about communist Cuba is not unlike President Donald Trump praising President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines or the Chinese government for ruthlessly executing people trying to fight the drug war.

Buttigieg is taking Sanders' comments and trying to carve out that space, comparing Sanders' defenses of authoritarians with Trump's. On Monday, Buttigieg tweeted out "After four years of looking on in horror as Trump cozied up to dictators, we need a president who will be extremely clear in standing against regimes that violate human rights abroad. We can't risk nominating someone who doesn't recognize this."

In a CNN town hall interview last night, he made his position even more clear. He thinks Sanders' defenses of Castro will be a liability come November:

Former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg also struck out at Sanders' comments but given his awful numbers after his horrible debate performance last week, it's not clear that Bloomberg's massive spending blitz is working for him as of yet. He's not on South Carolina's primary ballot on Saturday, so we'll have to see what happens next week on Super Tuesday (March 3) when people will actually get the chance to vote for him.

There's another debate tonight, and given that Sanders is coming off of the caucuses in Nevada with a strong win and Buttigieg is looking for better numbers in the South, expect some fireworks. Buttigieg did also just land the endorsement of Columbia, South Carolina, daily newspaper The State, partly because Sanders declined to sit down with them for an interview. To the extent that anybody cares about newspaper endorsements, this is probably more of a hit to former Vice President Joe Biden than Sanders. Biden is really hoping votes in Southern states keep him in the race.

But assuming Biden's campaign continues to collapse, Buttigieg is doing the work to position himself as the more moderate Democratic alternative to Sanders.

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  1. Oh, come on. Let Bernie ride another week. I want Trump vs. Bernie.

    1. The article is bullshit. Buttgag is in no way a moderate. He’s a red diaper baby. His father is a communist, and for the most part so is he. This is the same absurd happytalk used to describe Obama during the 2008 primaries.

      1. Sanders is worse.
        Since Sanders is worse, Bootyjudge isn’t bad.

        Sorry, but that’s the way it works now.

        1. “$park¥ is the Worst”

          Hey I’m not bad then.

        2. If Sanders gets worse enough, Buttigieg actually gets good.

          1. Sorry, Charlie, bad doesn’t get better when worse goes to worst.

        3. So you”re saying you voted for Trump.

      2. The Midwestern moderate…

        HAHA. Shackford. Bernie is a Communist and Butgeig is a Socialist.

      3. Butigieg registers as a moderate on Reason’s gaydar.

      4. Free healthcare for all, including illegal aliens is moderate for “libertarians” now.

        1. So free healthcare for congress is not evil, it is no socialism? Used to be it was even legal for congress to participate in insider trading, but criminal for anyone else to do it. So how are some things good for the very few but evil and even criminal for the rest? What a country America!

          1. And your solution to Congress having extra perks is to extend those perks to everyone, including foreigners?
            That’s idiotic

          2. Providing health insurance for 535 government employees is a bit different than paying for the health care of 370 million plus people, don’t you think?

            1. Especially at the “Holy Shit! You beat pancreatic cancer, twice?! What did they give you…?” level. Right, Justice Ginsburg?

              Congress exempting themselves from their own laws is obnoxious, and in Libertopia (or in Monday Night Rehabilitation), perhaps they could pay for foisting such self-serving laws on the public.

    2. I’m interested to see how Bernie does as the front runner.
      He’s always been the underdog, “punching up” – but now, he’s the man.
      Can be a tough adjustment.
      The Castro comments were not a good start

      1. It’s the first sign of someone really going after him. If he can’t survive this in the DNC primary he surely won’t weather it in the general.

        1. He had a moment when he was taking heat, I think for his healthcare plan (which isn’t actually different than any of the others’), in which he looked particularly crazed.
          Eyes wild a furtive, shoulders hunched with his head thrust forward below them, arms flailing above, looking left and right as he desperately bellowed his talking points.
          It was… amusing

  2. “ The Midwestern moderate isn’t alone is fretting about the radicalism of the current Democratic front-runner.”

    Reason literally does not have an editor.

    1. If they do have an editor they should fire them.

      1. In a move to celebrate species diversity, Reason let the squirrels be editors for a six month trial.
        That was nine months ago – – – – – –

        1. While I love Reason Magazine, it’s editors are often full of too much sympathy for appearing very middle of the road on everything.

          1. Almost establishment-like…

    2. Reason literally does not have an editor.

      No kidding! Nobody with an IQ higher than an earthworm — or maybe Shikha — would describe Buttigieg as a moderate. Someone should have been fired for that.

      (The “is” in just something the squirrels did.)

      1. I’m waiting for the inevitable “The libertarian case for Buttigieg” article.

        What is it about Buttigieg that makes unreason label him a moderate?

        * Universal background checks and gun confiscation? Not moderate.
        * Expansion of government healthcare? Not moderate.
        * Support for Green New Deal? Not moderate.
        * Support for a wealth tax? Not moderate.
        * Open borders? Not moderate.

        WTF Reason?

        1. Sanders is worse.
          Since Sanders is worse, Bootyjudge isn’t bad.

          Sorry, but that’s the way it works now.

          1. “$park¥ is the Worst”

            Hey I’m not bad then.

            1. Sparky is the cuck eunuch wishes he could be

        2. Anarchy and Marxism are moderate political ideologies!

        3. It’s all relative. Relative to Sanders and Warren he’s a moderate because they want all those things and so much more.

        4. How about bringing a 9-yr old kid onstage to come out to the whole world as a homosexual in order to validate his own sexual perversity as normal? It was such a warm & fuzzy moment, I almost wanted to cry!…Sooooooo moderate!

          1. Wait… what???

              1. Inappropriate

                1. I mean… truly sociopathic.
                  Fn 9 years old, shouldn’t have a sexual orientation/identity gay or straight.
                  And pete had no problem using the abused child as a prop.

        5. sextreffen oberösterreich is full of most amazing Austrian girls

      2. I’m thinking that’s a bit over the top. Really every article in Reason is an opinion article. As such, the real colors of their left-libertarian writers will be revealed. Read it and disagree. Calling for someone’s head? Please.

    3. She’s busy having her danger hair installed.

      1. Funny.

    4. They have plenty of editors. What they lack is a proofreader (for the blog anyway).

    5. They have no real staff writers either.

  3. “…the Midwestern Moderate…”


    Et tu Shack?

    1. It’s all relative. Moderate you say? Well yeah, compared to …

      1. Judging by how the tankies hate him I assume he’s a moderate democrat. That doesn’t mean overall moderate though.

        1. He’s a red diaper baby who wrote a high school paper about how awesome Bernie was back in 2000. Think about that. Bernie was an obscure Vermont House Rep. back then. You have to wonder how back a Marxist a high school kid from the Midwest has to be to do that.

          1. His old man was a well-known Marxist. Buttigieg the Younger is going to have to list all the ways Marxism fails humanity for me to consider that bullshit purged from his thinking.

            1. I don’t believe for a moment that it has. And make no mistake, he could easily end up taking Bernie down from behind.

              1. So to speak.

    2. Yes, in the Democratic party of 2020, he is a moderate. Moderate is an entirely relative label.

      1. “Yes, in the Democratic party of 2020, he is a moderate.”

        Which is cool and all, but not the context of the claim whatsoever.

        1. There are no moderates in the Democratic Party. They’re socialists and they have been for the better part of my 73 years.

    3. Sanders is worse.
      Since Sanders is worse, Bootyjudge isn’t bad.

      Sorry, but that’s the way it works now.

      1. “$park¥ is the Worst”

        Hey I’m not bad then.

      2. You felt this was worth posting multiple times?

        1. So it’s ok for you to be bitchy all up and down the comments but I can’t copy/paste something a few times into the appropriate places?

          1. Only if you want to look stupid. So…carry on.

            1. Just trying to keep up with everyone else.

              1. No worries, you’ve always been unintelligent and pointless.
                I enjoy watching you cry and all, but you’ve never said anything worthwhile on its own

  4. I’m sure Trump will be willing to explain why Bernie is doing it. Bernie is a communist, that’s it.

    The Democrats won’t call him one, admitting that you’re running a communist for President could be damaging. Trump will be more than happy to call it out in the general though.

  5. I sometimes root for Buttigieg just for the fun it would be for Saudis especially trying to not shake hands with him. The only thing better would be if he were a black Jewish female who supported BDS.

    1. They’ll just use their left hand.

      1. Oooh, winner winner chicken dinner!

    2. I’ve wondered how this would be handled, seriously. Would any of the Muslim countries offer him a state visit or negotiate with them? Especially Iran, who routinely murders gays. The Taliban. But I am sure just voicing these (legitimate in my opinion thoughts) will label me a homophobe.

      1. China is another wild card, their regime is hardly friendly to homosexuals either.

        1. This is nonsense. The only bigoted people in the world are white. It is impossible to be a bigot and a victim at the same time.


      2. What did Muslims do to other gay US officials? Like Ambassador Stevens….oh yeah.

        I imagine they’d shut up and deal. Or as Quo cleverly said upthread, shake with their left hand.

        1. I believe so to, but I bet their will be a lot of sabre rattling and I doubt Iran will deal at all. Saudi Arabia is another wild card. Depends on how much they fear pissing off the Wahhabist at the time.

          1. Iran would be so happy to be dealing with another Democrat again that they would probably offer him sexual favors.

            1. Considering the custom of pedostry in the region…

              1. And considering the literal pallets of C-17 delivered cash they received, the last time they entertained an (alleged) bisexual American official…

                ‘Keep ass fucking him! They’ll give us an aircraft carrier! Yeah, I know it’s not Thursday; the mufti issued a fatwa. It’s OK!

      3. I hadn’t really thought about this, but I also wonder what the ramifications be with certain countries if Sanders is elected. Who do they hate more, Jews or gay people?

        Although it’s arguable that many would prefer a Democrat, regardless of their sexual preference or nationality considering that any Democratic is likely to be more critical of Israel than Trump is.

        But I do wonder how the Trump campaign might use any of this as strategy in a general election with either of them. Trump is known to be delicate, but I still can’t see him openly saying that it would be a mistake to elect a Jew based on foreign relations.

        1. I think the Jew hate is more habitual and customary. The hate is certainly there, but they see a normal Jewish man as a peer more or less (just an enemy).
          I think, from a disdain/respect standpoint, there would be much more of a problem for the US if led by a gay man, woman… or even black guy

          1. I could be wrong; just my supposition from afar

  6. I can’t decide what scenario I want more the rank and file kissing the ring of Sanders when he gets the nomination and the establishment media/”conservative” getting behind a person who genuinely believes the wrong side won the cold war or the scenario where the Dnc either changes the rules or broker the convention and give the nomination to Hilary.

    1. I watched some old clips of the ’68 Chicago convention; I have high hopes this will be even better [in entertainment value].

      1. This is what I’m hoping for. Sanders gets a plurality not a majority and the dems shaft the Bernster and nominate Biden, Bloomberg, or Clinton, Kerry. Then Sanders people revolt and Milwaukee burns.

        1. What would a riot comprising of effiminate pampered condescending whites play out like in one of the grossest poorest majority minority cities in the midwest?

          1. If anything, Antifa has taught us that they are perfectly happy using violence to further their cause.

          2. LOL. I don’t know but I’d like to see it.

            1. I half expect that if Trump wins some lefty will try and kill him soon after the election. And will be made a folk hero by the crazies (and possibly many of the MSM). I wouldn’t at all be surprised to see Reason run an article on how we need more political assassinations.

          3. What would a riot comprising of effiminate pampered condescending whites play out like in one of the grossest poorest majority minority cities in the midwest?

            Summer Fest, Locust Street Festival, Bastille Days, Festa Italiana, Mexicana Fiesta, Polish Fest, Irish Fest, Brady Street Festival… really, at this point, it’s getting to be a bit like Detroit, where if there were a riot and part of the city burned down, nobody would notice.

            1. Holy shit, what a coincidence. I just happened to watch that video on my evening commute!

        2. eh, I agree that it would be hilarious, but I think it’s not going to get that bad, because the city government has plenty of advance warning and they don’t want to have their city trashed by a bunch of Cali soyboys and pampered bitches. They’ll be prepared.

        3. I don’t think they any longer want Biden. Isn’t becoming clear that he’s a little senile. That’s the reason old Bloomberg had to jump in. Of course he’s about as personable as a park bench or a Civil War statue.

    2. I’m very much a be careful what you wish for, for all the Trumpers hoping beyond hope Sanders gets the nom, but still an out and out socialist at the head of the DNC after years of being told that was a slur and not something they truly believed by all the brave gatekeepers and establishment types would be fun. I believe calling Obama a socialist was considered hyperbole and racist just 5 years ago what a time to be alive.

      1. It is their party. I think Sanders is a lunatic but he is no more of a danger to the country than the rest of them. If anything his being crazy might make him less of a danger because he would be such an incompetent President he would likely do less lasting damage than the less overtly crazy ones.

        1. That’s actually a good point. Also, unlike the others, it will be very hard to blame his massive failures on capitalism; his brand is literally socialism.

          1. that hasn’t ever stopped commies before. Remember in the USSR, if anything goes wrong, then it’s the fault of “capitalist agitators”, “Trotskyists”, and other “undesirable elements”.

        2. Again, the DNC doesn’t have a problem with Bernie’s ideology/platform, but with his rhetoric/branding.
          – nationalization of healthcare. Check. Check.
          – nationalization of energy. Check. Check.
          – nationalization of banking. Check. Check.
          – nationalization of education through college. Check. Check.
          – asset confiscation. Check. Check.
          – gun control. Bernie might actually be LESS socialist here, but I wouldn’t count on it.
          – segregationist/social justice programs. Check. Check.
          – pro Palestinian. Check. Check.
          – pro supranational government. Check. Check.
          Their problem with Bernie is simply that he’s too upfront and doesn’t try to hide his socialism behind alternative/traditional branding

          1. Yup. The DNC was not politically ready to call themselves Communists yet.

          2. I think it’s also partly because he’s not beholden to the DNC. So they could find themselves locked out of power if he actually wins.

          3. Their problem with Bernie is simply that he’s too upfront and doesn’t try to hide his socialism behind alternative/traditional branding

            Also, crazy old white guy. If he used Cory Booker like a ventriloquist dummy, they probably wouldn’t be able to stop orgasming.

          4. Bernie is an angry screaming wacko. Raging about tearing the system down. Bloomberg and the others are more calmly talking about adding their bullshit on to what we already have.

            Neither one must come to be, but Bernie sounds more off putting to mainstream Americans.

            1. That’s my point – Bernie gives them marketing problems.
              Fabianism is harder when you’ve got a crazy old guy shouting your plans to the world

        3. Based upon recent history (2009) they will drive full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes.

        4. “I think Sanders is a lunatic”

          The LP should follow suit and nominate Hihn for pres and that bootyhead-head guy for VP.

          1. Who was the fat naked guy at the last LP convention who ended up in all of the memes? That guy needs to be on the ticket.

            1. A threesome then?

            2. Can you elaborate more on the “fat naked guy” at the last LP convention. Did I miss something really funny?

              1. There was this meme going around that had on one side a picture of the perfectly sculpted ideal male on the cover of the Fountainhead with the caption “what you expect when you vote for a Libertarian candidate” and a picture of this guy


                with the caption “what you actually get when you vote for a Libertarian candidate” on the other.

  7. ” the Chinese government for ruthlessly executing people trying to fight the drug war”

    And similarly, Bernie has hammered Castro for his trade policies.

    Wait he hasn’t? Whhhhhaaaaaat?

    Oh wait, we’re doing this thing where we don’t understand the difference between conditional allies and total obeisance to Castro. Got it.

  8. There is no reason to ‘explain’ Bernie.
    He is in the lead because he best represents the strongest feelings of the democrat party.
    Maybe ol’ Pete should spend a few evenings reading the last half dozen or so democratic party platforms.

    1. Then why did you just explain Bernie?

      1. Did he explain Bernie, or did he explain, explaining Bernie?

  9. I used to work with this African dude (not African-American, but actually from Africa) who had good things to say about Cuba. According to him Cuba churns out doctors like it’s nobody’s business. These doctors, with their communist ideals are spread out all over the globe doing good work without charging enough money to buy a new boat whenever they get out of bed.

    Just an anecdote. Don’t know how valid it is.

    1. It’s as valid as any other Cuban propaganda.

      1. This morning was awesome! I’ve been on antibiotics for the last week and have been shitting water. I had my first solid poop in days! It made me think of you.

        1. So you’re saying you were losing to bacteria?

          I can see how you losing would make you think of me.

          1. Yeah. Like you these bacteria reproduce by fission.

            1. And you lose to them.

              1. No. The antibiotics took care of the sinus infection. But the bronchitis was viral.

                So make up your mind. Are you bacteria or virus? Either way you make people sick.

                1. Lolol wut?

                  Make sense motherfucker I knocked you silly lolool

                2. Damn dude my brother went thru the same shit Sarc. Viral then secondary bacterial. Glad you’re feeling better.

                  1. Thank you.

                3. So you’re saying you got someone else to fight your battles for you.

      2. Actually it didn’t.

        1. It would have if you’d had any reading material.

      3. The diarrhea made me think of you. The solid poop was a relief. Oh boy. Never been so happy to take a shit that I can remember.

        1. Ahahahha holy three posts prove you’re triggered ahahahahhahha

          1. Nah. Just means I typed before fully formulating my thoughts. But if you want to take three posts from me as a victory, please. Do so. If you crave attention so badly just lie down on your back and let me piss on your belly.

            1. “Nah”

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              1. I’m sorry. Would you rather I piss in your mouth?

                1. No no, the names are similar but you have me confused with $parky.

                  1. Funny. At least we’re gonna rock out at a Ministry concert while you…

                    1. Still own you. Just look at your responses.

                    2. I thought you said you worked with them or something.

                      If you can stop being an uncontrollable dick and act like a human being for a little while, that’s a conversation I’d like to have.

                    3. “$parcasmic, a love connection
                      February.25.2020 at 1:31 pm
                      It’s as valid as any other Cuban propaganda.

                      February.25.2020 at 1:42 pm
                      This morning was awesome! I’ve been on antibiotics for the last week and have been shitting water. I had my first solid poop in days! It made me think of you.”

                      Lol you had ample opportunity, there guy pretending he wants to be civil.

                      No no, you HAD to go full dumbass right from jump lololol

                    4. Alright. Perhaps you were lying. Whatever. I tried being an adult but you insist on being a child. My loss. If what you said was true I could have learned something. Bummer.

                    5. Bro, what aren’t you getting? I was civil, and you weren’t. It’s RIGHT THERE. Stop fucking gaslighing, apologize like an adult, and ask your questions.

                    6. “sarcasmic
                      February.25.2020 at 2:41 pm
                      Alright. Perhaps you were lying. Whatever. I tried being an adult

                      February.25.2020 at 2:17 pm
                      I thought you said you worked with them or something.

                      If you can stop being an uncontrollable dick and act like a human being for a little while

                      I suppose that’s what you call acting like an adult?

                    7. You or some incarnation said you did sound for the band or something. I’m not gonna search for it because it isn’t that important.

                      I tried to give you a chance to be something other than a dick.

                      You failed.

                    8. You know, like put beefs aside and act like men?

                      I tried.

                    9. fyi the stuff you bolded only makes you look like an ass.

                    10. I did work with them. And in this thread I responded to you civilly.

                      And THEN you lost your mind and started talking about shitting.
                      I have no beef with you. You clearly cannot say the same.

                      So stop fucking gaslighting guy. It’s all right there. Just apologize for losing your fucking mind and ask your questions.

                      It’s right there.

                    11. “fyi the stuff you bolded only makes you look like an ass”

                      Are you saying you’re my sockpuppet? That’s fucking meta lololol

                    12. I’ll be the bigger man, what would you like to know. I worked with Al on some electronics on a early album. He used the equipment liberally on the album, to the point that the three of us who owned the company and helped him install and use the equipment got an album credit. We also traveled, occasionally, to get him and his road crew well versed on the use of the equipment so they could bring it on tour with them. I have been backstage at three concerts, while my partners probably had another ten between the two of them.

                      If there’s anything else you’d like to know feel free to ask. Just keep your shit to yourself please.

                    13. cool.

                      I like stories like that. Better than you being a dick.


                    14. Lol.

                      Sarcasmic: You remind me of diarrhea, now grow up and tell me a story.

                    15. We’ve reached the peak of libertarianism with this above discussion.

            2. Fake Tulpa will be in his bunk.

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                2. Shrek is just ornery because he has no real friends.

                  1. You mom and I are very friendly ahahahahahahaahah

        2. So, you’re saying that you had something solid sliding out your ass and you thought of him. And that this made you very happy.


    2. I went to Cuba in 1999. Met a female doctor (by day) that worked as a hooker (by night) – and made more money hooking.

      1. Were you seeking medical care. LOL

        1. ….. or … were you there at night?

          1. Perhpas on a “layover”?

      2. That will be the next Democratic platform, free sex workers for anyone who wants one. Sex is a human right, why should rich successful white guys (and based upon basketball’s reputation pro black athletes) get all the potang.

        1. But you can’t complain if she is a three bagger or if she has a sick.

        2. Has a dick, though I think the same would apply if she is sick

        3. I think you just got ENB to vote for Trump.

  10. What is radical about Bernie in the context of the Democratic Party. Bernie does not support a single policy that isn’t supported by most and in most cases all of the other candidates. Indeed, the only argument I ever hear Democrats make against Bernie is that he can’t win the general election. If Bernie is such a radical why can’t any of the other Democrats attack his policy positions?

    Bernie isn’t a radical. He is who the Democrats are. He is just willing to be honest about it.

    1. The best example is how the entire establishment media cheer leads for Warren who does nothing but ape Sanders platform.

      1. Or Bloomberg who dies the same thing only by claiming to love capitalism.

      2. I wouldn’t say she’s aping Bernie. She was peddling the same monkey shit long before the candidates got on stage to throw poop at each other.

        1. No question she was in on the same shit, but early on in this nomination process she literally was flip flopping positions to match Sanders in real time. It was amazing.

          1. sarc isn’t very well informed, so it’s no surprise he got that wrong

          2. I haven’t been keeping track of the details. Politics disgusts me.

            1. Makes sense. You’re not any good at politics.

              Most Anarchists aren’t.

              I got your second $1 when you and your Anarchist buddies decide to leave the cushy life here in the USA and move to start AnarchyLand.

              Just let me know when and where.

              1. Yeah. Good point.

                I mean, when I say capitalism can’t function without property rights and contract enforcement by government, I’m an anarchist who wants no government. Like totally. And when I say a basic function of government is to provide courts so people can resolve disputes without violence, that means I want no government because I’m an anarchist.

                You’ve got me pegged.

                1. “You’ve got me pegged.”

                  No, that’s also $parky lolololol

                  1. How old are you?

                    1. Too old for you, and also not interested, but thanks.

                    2. Proof that growing old is mandatory, while growing up is not.

                    3. Bro, does $parky know you’re working a side piece? He’s gonna cancel your date.

          3. And her attacks on him seemed to come down to the fact that he’s a white man and she’s a woman.

    2. The democratic party is all about socialism, and they have been for a long, long, long time. Most of the Dems shy away from using the term “socialism” because they know it has a bad reputation. They all think they know how to make socialism “work.” The only way to make socialism “work” is to have very little of it.

  11. What is the point in worrying about last century’s dictators. We have plenty of dictators today that should be getting our attention. Yes, you can not justify Castro rule by pointing to literacy. Nor can you over look todays strong man because you have business interests in his country.

    1. This is an American forum. Go comment about Venezuela in the appropriate forum.

    2. “What is the point in worrying about last century’s dictators”

      1) Castro died in 2016

      2) his regime didn’t die with him

      3) forget history, doomed to repeat it…

      1. He is an idiot. He would have to have known the history to have forgotten it.

        1. Yeah, and really, I felt like that while still important, it was the weakest of the three points.

          I’d like to see him flaunce around Miami and talk that shit.

        2. Bernie praised a good thing done by a monster. Trump praises the evil shit done by monsters. You’re trash though so you’d never acknowledge the truth of that observation.

          1. Bernie doesn’t think Castro is a monster. And Trump has never praised evil shit done by anyone outside of the voices in your head.

            1. To him, the monsters are those of uswho don’t support people like Castro.

      2. While Castro died in 2016, he pretty much became irrelevant after the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1980. Most people after that thought we should begin opening relation with Cuba. Its hard for me as a person that lived through the cold war and the Cuban missile crisis to understand why we give so much energy to being upset about Castro. Over 58,000 American soldier died in Vietnam and yet we still trade with them, but not with Cuba. I have not forgotten history and that is why President Trump affection for dictators of all political stripes worries me more that Senator Sanders comments about old dictators.

        1. Most people? Do you have evidence for this assertion?

        2. Hahaha. Thanks for the laugh today.

        3. “he pretty much became irrelevant after the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1980”

          Ah well, the Cubans were freed then?

          1. Communism fell in 1980 just like it wasn’t over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor. I bet anything this idiot is under 30. Only generation retard is capable of this kind of stupidity. Only government schools can produce it.

            1. One trip to Miami would set him right pretty quick.

              1. A trip to Miami would likely get him his ass kicked. I seriously doubt he would learn anything, however.

                1. I’d be interested to see how he denied the reality of all the Cubans who actually had to deal with Castro and his policies.

                  1. He would tell himself they were lying. Just stooges for capitalism or something.

                    1. You will notice, of course, that he has had the opportunity while we were conversing, and didn’t.

                      I’m not sure he would have even had what you provided.

              2. For the record I have been to Miami. I very nice city. I don’t speak much Spanish and English is really a second language in much of the city. I also spent some time in Little Havana. Saw the men playing dominos, the cigar shops, had good food and rum. While they don’t like Castro my sense is that they spend a lot of time worrying about him either.

                1. Oh he’s been to Miami and toured Little Havana, he is an expert on how Cuban Americans view Castro and Cuba.

                  1. I did not claim to be an expert. It was suggested I needed to go to Miami and I merely pointed out I have been there.

            2. Tell me about “when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.” I missed that part of my Junior High School history class.

              1. ….. I remember when John Kennedy was assassinated by a Castro sympathizer … but those Germans bombing Pearl Harbor totally escaped me.

                1. Forget it, he’s rolling.

        4. While Castro died in 2016, he pretty much became irrelevant after the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1980.

          He remained relevant to the millions of people he oppressed in Cuba. And the Soviet Union fell in 1991 not 1980. You can’t blame that on a typo because it isn’t even the right decade. My God you are stupid. Did you set out to be a monument to the failure of the American education system or did it just work out that way?

          Most people after that thought we should begin opening relation with Cuba. Its hard for me as a person that lived through the cold war and the Cuban missile crisis to understand why we give so much energy to being upset about Castro. Over 58,000 American soldier died in Vietnam and yet we still trade with them, but not with Cuba.

          We trade with Vietnam because they are no longer a communist police state and no longer claim to be our enemies. Cuba is a communist police state and does claim to be our enemies. And Cuba is free to trade with Canada and all of Europe. So, they don’t lack for trading partners. They are poor because they have a horrible incompetent government that makes them poor. The US has nothing to do with it.

    3. Because the Burn is running for president and people need to see what he thinks to make an informed decision. People (well Joe Rogan for all I know) like him for his consistency, they should understand what that consistency actually means. He could have just said something like, “I was wrong to support Fidel, I thought our policy goals were inline at the time and that blinded me from seeing the truly evil acts he did. Having reflected on that, I think I am less apt to make that same mistake in the future.” What I got was, I don’t care if people are murdered as long as people can read the execution warrant.

      1. He’s consistently hypocritical.

        A champion of the working man who has never worked a day in his life.

        A champion of the poor who is worth millions and owns 3 houses.

        A champion of getting money out of politics, despite every penny he has coming from money in politics.

        A communist too lazy to be accepted at the commune.

        The man is his own walking punchline, I hope he wins the nomination just so he has to deal with Trump across the stage from him. Bernie might literally spontaneously combust.

    4. “China is a communist dictatorship and they must change, but they have made progress on ____ and are helping the US with ____.”

      “Cuba is a communist country, they do the right thing when it comes to ____, and therefore the US should become more communist.”

      See the difference?

    5. Now replace Castor with oh, I don’t know, maybe a certain Austrian World War 1 veteran, who shall remain nameless, and see how your analysis works.

  12. We’ll see how much of a stomach America has for Stalinism. I’m guessing not much. But if Bernie is elected, it’ll be fun to see both parties across the spectrum rediscover the constitutional limits to government.

    1. My prediction is that Bernie has spent his entire life being rewarded for saying crazy things. So he doesn’t know how to moderate himself and has no idea how to handle someone calling him on it. So, at some point either this summer or this fall he is going to have the mother of all meltdowns either with the media or in a debate. It will be so bad there will be no way to deny that he is mentally unstable and unfit for office. Watching the media pretend that parrot isn’t dead is going to be very entertaining

      1. Yeah, it will be interesting to see how he defends his positions when not in front of a more or less friendly audience.

        1. Based upon his recent, not entirely fawning, interview with CNN, not well at all.

      2. He’s not dead, he’s just pining for the gulags.

      3. My prediction is that Bernie has spent his entire life being rewarded for saying crazy things.

        So what you’re saying is he’s like a hot chick.

        1. Yes. A really dumb one who has gotten by on her looks and suddenly is past her sell by date and is expected to actually bring something to the table.

    2. Many recent articles on this site have been about how Democrats give more power to a Democratic president and Republicans give more power to a Republican president. There is way too much power associated with that office. Bernie could do some real and permanent damage. If he gets nominated I might actually register to vote so I can cast a ballot against him. Or not.

      1. I have noticed that there has been a slight lessening of the Orange Man is bad repeat articles the last month (I mean a month ago Reason would run three or four different articles, some of them by the same author, in day on Orange Man is bad). It could indicate that they have really started looking at the Democratic race and have realized, “oh fuck, these guys are really bad”.

        1. Were you around when they ran articles critical of the last president and the comments were saturated with “Reason in conservative! Reason hates black people! Reason is controlled by the Koch brothers!”

          those trolls have gone and been replace by right wing pigeons from outer space

          1. I was around then, you will find comments from me at the time. I will say I saw articles critical to Obama, but rarely three or four articles on the same subject, many of them authored by the same writer, on the same day. And it rarely was the only coverage of that day.

            1. valid point, but what was in the news?

        2. I think some of that may just be that like all fads, it gets tiresome and right now, the big news is the crazy in the democratic primary.

          In all my years of watching presidential races, I’ve never quite seen this much of a horse race. More candidates have pulled ahead/fallen behind than at any other time I can recall. If you like politics-as-sports, this democratic primary has been solid gold.

  13. Well, literacy is indeed a good thing, but it’s also particularly important when you need to feed your population a diet of political propaganda, as Castro did. In any event, Sanders’ insistence on trying to find good things to say about communist Cuba is not unlike President Donald Trump praising President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines or the Chinese government for ruthlessly executing people trying to fight the drug war.

    Yes, actually, it is entirely unlike.

    1. They have to get in at least 1 Orange Man Bad in every article or they have to worry about getting sent off to one of those reeducation camps they’re getting ready to “WELL ACKSHUALLY” us about.

    2. They are both saying good things about authoritarians murdering people. That is like to some degree.

  14. The Democrats are screwed. Even if they stop Bernie, they will have to do so by having their candidate adopt nearly all of his positions. The nominee, whoever it is, will either be Bernie or Bernie by another name. If they don’t do that, Bernie supporters will stay home and they will get crushed in the general election. You can tell they understand this because all of the other candidates have nearly identical platforms as Bernie.

    The Democratic establishment and media wing have only themselves to blame for this. For over fifty years since the late 60s the Democrats and the media has excused and glorified the radical left and allowed them to be acceptable members of the party. They let them take over the universities and become the bulk of the activists for the party. Low and behold these people actually want to control the party and are not content with being house pets to more acceptable Democrats like the Clintons. Who could have seen that coming?

    Now it is likely that one of the radical left is going to win the nomination. And there is no way that ends well for the Democrats. If Bernie wins, he will do untold damage to the country and trash the Democratic Party brand for a generation and perhaps beyond repair. And that is the best case scenario of a Bernie Presidency. Worst case is he somehow becomes the tyrant he wants to be and the establishment Dems who opposed him are the first ones up against the wall.

    If he loses things won’t be much better. They all think that him losing means four years of the evil Trump but that they will get their party back. Wrong answer. The Republican establishment thought that was what would happen if Trump lost. No, what would have happened had Trump lost is his supporters would have blamed the establishment and found a new champion and continued to own the party.

    The same thing will happen with the radical left if and hopefully when Bernie loses. In fact, Bernie if Bernie harms Democratic candidates further down the ballot, it will have the effect of further purging the party of his opponents making it that much easier for the far left to remain in control of the party.

    The far left controlling the Democratic Party will leave the media and establishment left with the choice of going along and supporting a straight up Stalinist far left party or spiting the party and leaving the Republicans to rule virtually unopposed. There is no question in my mind at least that they will fall in line. People like the Sudermans would support mass genocide before they betrayed their class and supported a Republican.

    It is going to be a long cold march through the wilderness for them. The country is still majority center right not far left. And a far left Democratic party will not be competitive at the national level. But, this is the bed they have made for themselves. Maybe those leftists everyone thought was so groovy back in the 60s were not so groovy after all?

    1. They missed the part in the history books where the revolution typically has a non-democratic component to it. At some point, you can’t let the people keep voting or you run into the exact problems you’re talking about.

      They also miss the part where revolution usually occurs after a period of widespread poverty. It requires people to want massive change, the desperation allows them to put their faith in charlatans like Sanders. Life is pretty good for most people in the US right now, convincing them that we need throw it all out and start over is a tough sell.

      1. Yes, you don’t drop the mask until you have control of the police and army and can fix the elections no matter how badly you lose. They totally missed that part. They actually think they can win a fair election. They really are the retarded grand children of Lenin. Lenin was one of the most evil men who ever lived. But he at least understood that he wasn’t going to win any popularity contests and he had better have a gun if he wanted to get anything done. These clowns not so much.

        1. +1000

        2. I think Sanders gets it, he’s spent enough time around real-deal communists to have a copy of the playbook. He’s pure evil but I don’t think he’s naive.

          I think he’s trying to do it democratically, that way when it fails he and his goons can scrap the whole thing and implement his plans “for our own good” since we couldn’t get to the “right” answer on our own. They really had no choice, you see.

          1. I am not kidding when I say Bernie is nuts. I don’t think he really knows what he thinks. Bernie is just going with it. He probably knows that he won’t win. My guess is that he sees his losing as one more step towards the glorious leftist future.

            1. Thankfully, at 78 or so, he’s not going to be around much longer.

              That the American population has about ~25-30 percent of it that are perfectly happy following a Marxist into the White House? That’s a big problem that isn’t going away soon.

        3. um, have you seen Cali? They’re rigging at least parts of the elections. I have a feeling that’s partly why they lost it after Trump won, because there was no way they were supposed to lose, you don’t lose rigged elections

          1. It takes more than rigging California to win the Presidency.

            1. Broward county? Florida’s a swing state, it doesn’t take too many. All I’m saying is that there’s enough evidence out there to suggest that the Dems are willing to cheat.

              1. Of course they are. But, you can only cheat so much and overcome so big of a margin. Also, the voter ID laws have really cut into their ability to cheat. They basically have one trick, figure out the names and addresses of everyone who is on the roles but is dead, has moved away or can otherwise be counted on not to vote and then have their masses of volunteers show up and vote in their names. Voter ID laws end that racket. And that is why the Democrats are so insane about stopping them.

              2. I was sweating that, with the Puerto Rico hurricane—that they still haven’t recovered from—and the 2018 Senate election. Thought for sure Nelson would steal that one.

                With Bernie waxing rhapsodic about Castro, and that, admittedly very close Senate election, I feel better about Trump pulling Florida.

      2. Dude, I just gotta say that I really like your handle. Don’t know who Fat Mike is, but damn. It’s imaginative. I give you two attaboys and three pats on the back. Nice.

        1. I like it that Fat Mike doesn’t have an account but his drug habit does. Fat Mike lives in his mom’s basement. His drug habit lives in a bungalow in Aruba and is a syndicated columnist.

        2. Well thanks.

          For your edification, Fat Mike is the lead singer/bassist for the punk rock band NOFX. He is well known for being, let’s say, a drug enthusiast. He also cross dresses and is obsessed with fat lesbians.

          I have been lurking at Reason for years but never posted, when I was registering I had just gotten done seeing NOFX at Red Rocks (that venue rules) and figured it’d make a good handle.

          1. He also cross dresses and is obsessed with fat lesbians.

            Everyone has to have a hobby I guess.

          2. nice.

            I saw a few shows at Red Rocks: Yes, Steve Miller, Pantera/White Zombie, Ozzy… Love the place.

            Best venue in the world…. I challenge anyone who says different to mortal combat!

            Seriously I like your handle Mike. We don’t have many loud Mike’s here. Until then I will call you Mike. Welcome to the forum and beware of the trolls.

            1. It is an incredible venue. I will say it is less than ideal for punk rock since there’s nowhere to mosh, if you want to sit and take in a show though I can’t imagine a better place for that. It was amusing seeing all the “smoking marijuana in public is illegal” signs, you could probably have seen the cloud over that place from space.

              And thanks for the welcome, I’ve lurked long enough to have a decent idea of who the trolls are. Frankly I’m disappointed in them, this site used to have excellent trolls and the quality really has taken a downturn. Probably because we just get trolled by the writers now, no need for good ones in the comment section.

              1. It was the Reasonoids exodus. Most of the cool kids split to form their own echo chamber. I tried to join, but it was too much work. Overload. I still shoot guns with the admins, but I don’t subscribe anymore. I could get on their list anytime. Going to a rock show with one of them. Glitch Mob. Not the friend, but the band. In Boston. You in New England? If so get a ticket and have dinner with us!

                1. Are you in Boston? I didn’t know that. My inlaws are up there. Have to look you up sometime.

                  1. I’m in Maine, but an easy drive to Bean Town.

              2. That’s my welcome wagon.

            2. My bad. Glitch Mob is April 7, Ministry is in July. Either way, want to hang out with some like minded people?

              1. sarcasmic966 at gmail

                1. Appreciate the offer, but I’m in Colorado so logistics aren’t gonna work.

                  My company does have a presence in Boston though, if I get flown out there for work I’ll let you know. Always down to meet like minded people, especially if guns and/or food are involved.

                  1. I graduated from Nederland. Class of 1991.

                  2. I’m trying really hard to say “Let’s be friiends outside Reason” No Homo

                    1. I’ll hit you up when I get out of work, too paranoid to put an actual email address on here. This band of hooligans can’t be trusted.

                    2. Totally understood. The address I presented is a throw away. For the same reasons.

                  3. Say no. I won’t take it personally.

                  4. In my experience people, non-trolls, who comment here are exceptional people. People who have their own mind. Who don’t rely on others when they make decisions. People who have principles. Those are the kinds of people I’d like to call “friend”.

          3. In the same boat. I started reading Reason back in 2009 and lurked for years, I only started posting regularly in the past 3 years or so.

            1. noted. thanks for saying something

    2. +1000000

      I am glad the Lefties don’t understand how this is playing out as you say. I really want the Democrat Party to die the death it deserves. It appears that they wont learn and we wont have to worry about Democrat Party candidates being competitive in national politics anymore.

    3. Alternately, if they were smart, so…yeah. But anyway, the Party can give Bernie and his crazy supporters all of the rope they need. They’ll probably (hopefully) lose. If they don’t, then along the way the Party can extract a concession and name his Veep. Anyone think this old coot will last more than a year or two under the stress of the job? Hell, he might even pull a Pope Benedict and just retire. The Veep will be younger, more competent, and probably just as evil.

      They’re going to win eventually. Trump can’t run in 2024 and there is nobody coming to replace him. The populace is getting browner, and that means further Leftward, unless American politics really changes in the next five years.

      All they have to do is wait. Nobody has made a suggestion about undoing the fact that a quarter to a third of the American people are cool with Marxism, provided they get their chocolate ration for free. Those people aren’t going anywhere—hell, they’re getting bigger—and eventually, they’ll find a Bernie who can win.

      1. A third isn’t a majority. You can’t get squat done in this country with even a fanatical third. You are right about it being a problem. But it is mostly a problem for the Democrats. They placate that third without making themselves a minority party. They already are noncompetitive in huge swaths of the country.

        So what are they going to do? If they walk away, they split the left and the Republicans win everywhere. If they don’t, they are stuck in a regional party. They are not going to eventually win. Not if they go full communist.

        To understand the position the Democrats have put themselves in imagine if the Republicans had done the same thing with the radical white supremacist right that the Democrats have done with the left. Instead of Bernie, we had Richard Spencer or Vox Day or some other retard holding a Senate seat and now being the favorite to win the nomination. Yeah, it would suck that 30% of the country had gone white nationalist. But, it wouldn’t mean they were taking over. It would mean the Republicans would be screwed because there would be no way they could appeal to a majority coalition.

        That is what the Democrats have done to themselves only with the retard left. The retard left isn’t winning a majority in this country, not now and not for a very long time if ever. But if it takes over the Democratic party, and it looks like it has, the Democratic party will no longer be able to appeal to anything but the retard left.

  15. There is a strong “libertarian case for Bernie Sanders” as the Dem nominee.

    1. He’s Not Mike Bloomberg

    2. He’s Not a Democrat

    3. Anti-interventionist

    4. Hated/feared by MOST of the right people

    5. “A Choice Not an Echo”

    1. Suderman and Welch are already vying for the honor of writing this year’s “Libertarian case for Bernie” article. Suderman’s wife has already said she will vote for Bernie. So, you know how he will be voting.

      1. After Bloomberg lost Gillespie’s vote, I suspect he’ll aim for Bernie as well.

    2. 6. Better than Drumpf on immigration

      7. Better than Drumpf on abortion


  16. When is Reason going to start covering the Libertarian candidates?

    1. Why would unreason cover Libertarians candidates? This is not a Libertarian website and unreason staff almost without exception hate Libertarianism.

      It will be TDS and how great Lefty candidates are until this rag finally goes down the drain when the other Koch dies.

    2. Because they are generally pretty shitty and crazy this time around.

      1. Fair enough

    3. “A Rundown of the 2020 LP Presidential Candidates”

      subtitle: “Who wears the silliest apparel on their head?”

      1. In all seriousness…

        Hornberger seems like the real deal, and a well-accomplished, respectable individual as well. There might be a couple more decent ones in there as well. I wouldn’t mind reading an in depth summary of the field.

    4. They have been covering Trump since before he took office.

      1. Well played

      2. They have been covering Trump since before he took office.

        Their coverage of all the libertarian-leaning democrats started well before Trump and has continued, uninterrupted, to this day. It’s this consistency that really validates their ‘both sides’ narrative.

        1. And of libertarian leaning republicans too.

          1. Oh, sure, like there’s any such thing as a libertarian-leaning republican!

        2. Libertarian leaning Democrats? Isn’t that like an oxymoron?

          1. Reason would like us to pretend otherwise

  17. This is a great case to point out the idiocy of American media. They can’t handle nuance. So Cuba did a few things well. Big whoop. Their healthcare system is phenomenal considering how small and impoverished they are. They export doctors. Does that excuse authoritarian practices? Of course not. But that’s not the point. Bringing up successes in literacy and healthcare is just a means of arguing that there are alternative models that are superior to American models. It does not mean you have to adopt every other part of the Cuban system. But whatever, it’s an easy point to score in a presidential debate no?
    And btw, you do not need literate citizens to make propaganda work. Trump does fine by dumbing down his messaging.

    1. Good points all.

      1. Nothing in that post is true. Literally not a word of it.

        1. I deal with people every day who sound just like this. How do you possibly get through to someone who says that, and means it?

          I can reason with reasonable people. I don’t know what can be done with the unreasonable. Not let yourself be placed at their mercy, I guess.

          1. It is like I said in the morning links, after the 1956 Kruschev speech, Marxism should have been classified as a mental illness because only someone evil or psychotic could have still believed in it after the truth about Stalin was known.

          2. It’s actually relatively simple to get through to someone suffering from terminal stupidity.
            Step 1: acquire a bat, hammer, or similar blunt object
            Step 2: apply said object to the patient
            Step 3: repeat Step 2 until the patient no longer suffers from terminal stupidity.

            1. *Correction. Step 2 should be apply said object to the patient’s head.

              1. I feel like there’s room for creativity there and we shouldn’t stifle it.

                1. You raise a valid point. After all, a lack of creativity is a symptom of terminal stupidity.

    2. Their healthcare system is horrific. And Cuba was by far the richest nation in Latin America in 1958. They are only improverished because the communist government made them that way. But even other impoverished nations have better healthcare than Cuba. And their exporting doctors for the sake of communist propaganda while their own people go without care is an indictment of their government not an endorsement.

      There is nothing nuanced about it. This is no different than saying Hitler did a few good things because he built the autobahns and had Ferdinand Porsche design the Beetle. To point to such things, even if factual, in the context of a regime as monstrously evil as Castro’s is to do nothing but excuse and diminish the nature of that evil.

      1. their health care is so great they don’t even have tooth brushes, litterally, but who needs tooth brushes when you don’t have teeth because the smart doctors left the country for better lands

        1. If you don’t have anything to eat, it is pretty hard for your teeth to rot out. So there is that.

    3. Their healthcare is a joke unless you are Michael Moore and other rich westerners who are given star treatment. They are usually without even basic supplies. They export doctors to further their propaganda, but the supplies these doctors use are taken from their very people.

    4. Lying about the success of Cuba’s healthcare and literacy rates (the former being a complete lie and the former being a complete nightmare) doesn’t magically mean you’re not praising a mass-murdering dictatorship and it’s horrible practices, moron:

    5. Harvey Weinstein made a lot of good films.

  18. Here comes the Corona… Those political conventions are going to be so 2016.

    1. Unless Corona virus goes full Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail “‘bring out your dead’ ‘I’m not quite dead yet'” that the media will find something else to focus on by that time.

  19. Why is Bernie doing so well? Because the rest of you are inauthentic hacks and people are tired of it. They want to burn you AND your habitat down.

    1. ^this. Hell, I’ll bring my own fire and everything.

    2. To be fair, Bloomberg’s platform (at least in the debates) is: “the rest of you are fucking crazy morons” which is both valid and authentic

  20. Remember when Bernie was the Democratic front runner in 2016? He didn’t get the nomination because the DNC didn’t want him. Bernie is NOT a member of tte Democratic Party. Never has been. Why nominate a person who isn’t even a member of your party?

    It’s not a conspiracy against Bernie, it’s that the Democratic Party wants to nominate Democrats. Bernie can run as a fucking independent if he insists on being an independent. In the mean time the party needs to stop giving him a stage if they don’t plan to ever nominate him.

    1. You are right. But, the problem is the Democrats have spent 50 years excusing the radical left and allowing it to infiltrate the party. So, it can’t do that. It could but Bernie would go third party and take at least a third of the party’s voters with him.

    2. What John said, but also the Dems and the Republicans spent the last 70 years ensuring that 3rd parties and independents can’t run, that they’re forced to go through the 2 party system. So the Dems can hardly cry now that someone is doing so. They did this to themselves.

    3. “Remember when Bernie was the Democratic front runner in 2016?”


  21. Trump may be praising ruthless authoritarin leaders in order to work them but he is not trying to bring their form of governance to America, unlike Bernie who wants emulate these failed nation states policies to a “T”. Quite trying to make an equivalance when there is none

    1. It’s all about optics, baby. To wit:

      Trump: I admire the harsh treatment of drug dealers in Duterte’s Philippines.

      Sanders: I admire the literacy programs in Pol Pot’s Cambodia.

  22. Little fucking late for the modern Democratic Party to pretend it doesn’t openly pine for the Castro dictatorship.

    1. It’s all well and good to signal to each other in roundtable talks, academia and op-eds read only by other academics and professional chin-scratchers. It’s an entirely different thing to sell the Castro dictatorship to the guy working at the Jiffy Lube in Abbotsford, WI.

  23. The election of our lives, he said.

    C’mon. Even when you’re saying shit I think it is completely reasonable, you have to go and ruin it with silly hyperbole.

    1. I’ve sbeen hearing “this is the most important election of our times” every four years for more than 50 years.

      No, it probably won’t be. Unless this turns out to be the election where we get a chance to vote for “none of them” and simply have the entire political / deepstate class go home when they realize they’ve been thrown out of their jobs, it’s going to be just another frustrating case of Lucy pulling the football away as Charlie Brown makes the kick.

  24. ‘…Sanders’ insistence on trying to find good things to say about communist Cuba is not unlike President Donald Trump praising President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines…’

    Fuck off with your idiotic comparisons.

    Yes, it is completely unlike it. Every President says nice things about other leaders that he doesn’t really believe, just to keep things smoothed over and concentrate on higher priorities. Trump understand Duterte needs constant ego stroking because Trump is the same way. What was Sanders’ excuse for cozying up to Castro? More Burlington-Cuba trade?

    On the other, there were two great evil ideologies of the 20th century, ideologies that ground all vestiges of liberty under the boot of totalitarianism: Fascism and Communism. It’s crystal clear that Bernie was, and still is, down with one of them.

  25. “The Midwestern moderate isn’t alone is fretting about the radicalism of the current Democratic front-runner.”

    I see this everywhere. Does ANYONE have an editor or proofreader any more?

    1. They just rely on people pointing it out in comments for free.

  26. Does Shackford think Buttigieg is a moderate, or is that subtitle written by an editor. Somebody is working for the wrong magazine.

    1. Joseph Buttigieg and Antonio Gramsci ring a bell? See Red Diaper Babies expose here:

  27. Still trying to figure out the title. I’ve read it about 10 times and still makes no sense even after reading the article.

  28. midwestern moderate?…Reason has completely lost it, the writers need to be medicated

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  31. How ironic when the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree…

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