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What Americans Think About Prostitution Laws

Plus: Buttigieg ekes out a win in Iowa, Mitt Romney blows everyone's minds, and more...


Support for sex worker rights crosses all sorts of demographic lines, according to a new poll from the group Data for Progress. The group found that 52 percent of American adults support decriminalizing prostitution, with replies equally split between "strongly support" and "somewhat support." Just 35 percent were opposed, with 13 percent unsure.

For the survey, conducted last November and released last week, pollsters asked people if they would support or oppose "decriminalizing sex work as New Zealand did in 2003." They explained that "this would remove criminal penalties for adults to sell and pay for consensual sex while also maintaining laws that criminalize violence."

Among younger voters, enthusiasm for decriminalization was even stronger than in the general population. Sixty-five percent of 18- to 29-year-olds were in favor, with just 26 percent opposed. And 66 percent of 30- to 44-year-olds were in favor, with just 23 percent opposed.

Support among older groups alone was still substantial: 45 percent of 45- to 54-year-old respondents favored decriminalization, as did 43 percent of 55- to 64-year-olds and 42 percent of the 65-and-older crowd. The oldest cohort was the only one to feature stronger opposition to decriminalization than support, with 51 percent either somewhat or strongly opposed to the idea.

Support for decriminalization crossed not just age cohorts but also party lines. Support was highest among Democrats, with 64 percent in favor. But 55 percent of independents were also on board, along with 37 percent of Republicans.

A mere 22 percent of Democratic respondents were against decriminalization, as were 25 percent of independents and 54 percent of Republicans.

Support for decriminalization also crossed the urban/suburban/rural divide:

  • 62 percent of urban Democrats, 66 percent of suburban Democrats, and 60 percent of rural Democrats said they support decriminalization.
  • 49 percent of urban independents, 66 percent of suburban independents, and 49 percent of rural independents were supportive.
  • 46 percent of urban Republicans, 35 percent of suburban Republicans, and 35 percent of rural Republicans agreed.

Suburban Democrats were the most likely of all demographic groups to express strong support, while suburban Republicans were the most likely to strongly oppose the idea. Urban independents and suburban Democrats were the least likely to express strong opposition.

A later question on the Data for Progress poll dealt specifically with policing prostitution. "Vice policing units often enforce laws against consensual sex work," the pollster would tell respondents. "One strategy they use is undercover stings and raids, in which plainclothes officers pose as potential customers, solicit sex workers and then arrest them." Respondents were then asked if they were for or against "defunding vice policing dedicated to criminalizing sex work."

"Overall, support for this policy was statistically the same as support for decriminalization," notes the Data for Progress report. "About 49 percent of voters support ending vice policing of sex work, compared to 35 percent who oppose it."

Again, support was highest among Democrats—59 percent were either somewhat or strongly supportive—but still substantial among other political groups. Forty percent of Republicans and 38 percent of independents wanted to stop vice cops from doing sex stings. And with decent numbers of all groups undecided, only 24 percent of Democrats, 46 percent of Republicans, and 39 percent of independents were outright opposed.

Suburban Democrats were the most likely to say yes to defunding sex cops (66 percent were in favor), but majorities of urban and rural Democrats agreed. And support was also relatively high among suburban independents (49 percent), urban Republicans (45 percent), and rural Republicans (42 percent).

Only three cohorts saw less than 40 percent of respondents opposed to vice stings, with support lowest among urban independents. Urban independents were also the most unwilling to stop the stings, at 53 percent.

Broken down by age, older millennials and younger Gen Xers were again the most supportive of sex worker rights on this question. A full 59 percent of 30- to 44-year-old respondents supported ending stings on sex workers. The youngest cohort trailed just behind, at 56 percent.

The 65-and-older cohort was also into the idea, with almost a majority—49 percent—saying they would end vice policing of consensual sex.


Impeachment's run comes to an end. Surprising no one, the Republican-led Senate voted yesterday to acquit President Donald Trump of both of the impeachment charges against him. The only person to vote against party lines was Mitt Romney (R–Utah), who voted for impeachment.

"The president did in fact pressure a foreign government to corrupt our election process," Romney explained to McKay Coppins of The Atlantic. "And really, corrupting an election process in a democratic republic is about as abusive and egregious an act against the Constitution—and one's oath—that I can imagine. It's what autocrats do."


Buttigieg appears to have eked out a win in Iowa:

Full results here.


P.P.S. John Mellancamp endorses Michael Bloomberg in the most cringey way possible:


  • Los Angeles is attempting to use eminent domain to seize an apartment building so the landlord can't start charging more in rent.
  • Happy days are here again? Americans think so, at least:
  • Salvadorans deported from America are being killed once they return home, according to a new report from Human Rights Watch. The group found that at least 138 people deported from the U.S. to El Salvador in recent years were killed, most less than a year after their return and some within a few days. "The organization also confirmed at least 70 cases of sexual assault or other violence following their arrival in the country," reports the AP.
  • Decriminalizing psychedelic mushrooms may get onto the ballot in D.C.:
  • "If you see something, say something" strikes again:

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219 responses to “What Americans Think About Prostitution Laws

  1. Impeachment’s run comes to an end.

    Ready for another lap.

  2. The only person to vote against party lines was Mitt Romney (R–Utah), who voted for impeachment.

    Was his vote any less politically calculated than the others?

    1. Mitt Romney claimed God told him to vote for impeachment. Talk about foreign influence!

      1. Beat me to it.

        1. I think he also got a stern warning from Candy Crowley.

      2. That’s good

      3. Incorrect. I’ve been assured by many of my friends that God is a red-blooded American!

    2. Despite reason’s fig leaf of “all presidents deserve to be impeached”, if you were in favor of removal from office for this one, you are seriously screwed up.

      And the fact that no senators crossed party lines for that reason is a warning shot. Democrats have not crossed party lines on purely political matters in my lifetime. Republicans did in the Nixon impeachment and in the Clinton impeachment. Democrats who drummed Bob Packwood out of the Senate for merely dictating memoirs that included descriptions of sexual encounters defended Clinton against confirmed charges of taking advantage of a very young intern and very strong allegations of actual rape in the workplace.

      Most politicians are political animals first, and principle second. But the naked partisanship on display with that episode and now with the Senate Democrats participating in a purely partisan effort to remove a Republican president for something that isn’t even a rounding error on past episodes should not go un-noticed.

      And I think the American people will notice, and they will remember. Probably not for very long. But long enough to do damage to the democrat’s power this fall. Instead of statesmen, we got Schumer et. al. The country deserves better.

      (none of which should be taken as an endorsement of the other team. )

  3. Buttigieg appears to have eked out a win in Iowa…


    1. +1000000000000000000

    2. but, but, the popular vote! /sarc

      Funny how all of a sudden the popular vote doesn’t matter

    3. ELECTION 2020
      Buttigieg appears to have eked out a win in Iowa:

      2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries

      According to this, Sanders and Buttgieg both ended up with 11 delegates each.

      1. I had no idea Buttigieg could take 11.

        1. Well it’s one larger, isn’t it? It’s not ten. You see, most blokes, you know, will be taking ten. You’re at ten here, all the way up, all the way up, all the way up, all the way up, you’re on ten in your ass. Where can you go from there? Where?

    4. Many Iowa Democrats had Pete’s back.

      1. But who has his front?

        I mean Gay guys do like them some reach arounds.

    5. He barely reached around Bernie Sanders to snatch victory.

      1. Grab may have been a better word, considering the context.

        1. No with Bernie Sanders, it’s a snatch.

    6. Only 92% of the vote has been reported.
      This is a process of the democratic party.
      Hilary can still win.

  4. 74% of Americans believe they will be better off in a year, the highest percent since 1977…

    And with less polyester.

    1. Earth tones will do that

    2. It’s called “microfiber” now.

  5. 59% say they are better off now than a year ago — the highest since 1999.

    And then Y2K killed their dreams.

    1. Y2K ruined our hope for armageddon.

      1. It was my first experience with an underwhelming apocalypse

        1. Well the Mayan apocalypse came true, how else do we explain Trump! Yeah they were a few years late, but that is just how their culture is; don’t use your culture’s standards to judge people of color.

      2. Y2K38 is our last chance!

      3. Y2K cemented my retirement security.
        COBOL forever!

        1. COBOL? That’s old. That’s like original World of Warcraft old.

          /Former COBOL-RPG guy

          1. And so say all who know RPG does not mean rocket propelled grenade in this context.

  6. The group found that at least 138 people deported from the U.S. to El Salvador in recent years were killed, most less than a year after their return and some within a few days.

    I’m starting to suspect El Salvador is part of the problem.

    1. Almost like it’s a hole, from which excrement is passed forth …

    2. Ironic that they call it The Savior

      1. What’s ironic? Jesús died for your sins.

        1. Now my pool will never get cleaned!

          1. Jesús died for your stains?

        2. Don’t fuck with the Jesús.

        3. All 138 of them?

    3. Per Foreign Policy, the murder rate in El Salvador in 2015 was over 100 per 100,000 people. If you like Wiki’s stat’s on the homicide rate, it was only 61.8 per 100k in 2017:

      That’s the most violent official rate out of the 230 political entities they characterized, by the way. The US came in 89th, at 5.30 homicides per 100,000.

      Magic dirt, I tell you.

      1. And of the 138, how many of those were cartel gunmen and traffickers, in the US on business or escaping a hostile territory takeover?
        My guess is all of them.

        FFS ENB. You really think we’re stupid, huh.

  7. “Notable: 74% of Americans believe they will be better off in a year, the highest percent since 1977, according to a new @Gallup poll”

    Of course. One year from now a Democrat will be in the White House. Only a change in leadership can bring us out of this #DrumpfRecession.

    1. Go back t one liners OBL; it is clearly your forte

  8. The D.C. Board of Elections has accepted a ballot initiative to legalize the use of psychedelic mushrooms and plants.

    So get ready for a trippy day at the voting booth.

    1. Ugh, I can’t think of a worse way to waste good shrooms.

  9. Columbus, Ohio, police brag about having to physically force their “help” on people.

    Never resist help.

    1. This is my baton. I’ve named it “help”. You’ll take my help and you’ll like it.

  10. Among younger voters, enthusiasm for decriminalization was even stronger than in the general population.

    I wouldn’t equate “enthusiasm” with support. Younger people may agree that prostitution should be decriminalized, but I don’t see them being overly enthusiastic about it. It’s sort of a tough thing to cheerlead (kudos to you though ENB for carrying the torch). Politicians won’t touch the issue unless there’s something in it for them ($$), or unless there is such a ground swell of popular support that they have to address it.

    1. This is the extent of “youth” support for prostitution:

      “Do you think prostitution should be legal?”
      “Wha? Oh, sure, why not? Pass the bong, dude.”

      1. Not that I think Trump needs the lift, but it’s totally within his power to deschedule Marijuana, isn’t it?

        Wouldn’t federal legalization take the teeth out of many of his opponents, especially in down ticket races?

        1. Sort of. Barr and the HHS secretary needed to get involved and sign off on the rescheduling (he can’t take it off the schedule, just move to the lesser categories). Not sure Barr would be for this and Trump needs him in his camp more protecting him from Dems then getting in a pissing battle over weed. Plus I’m not sure if this would help him in key battle ground states or not; and I think that would be the key political calculus.

          1. We legalized it in Michigan so it would probably help here.

            1. But it remains illegal on a federal level, and affects any entity that accepts federal funds, like Medicare.

              So if I were to test positive I would be fired from a hospital where I work because of 0 tolerance policy.

              1. Yeah. And my company has federal contracts.

        2. Well, as the chief executive he could require public reports from the DOJ explaining exactly why a substance with proven medical uses is on a list of things with no proven medical uses. Then he could require that public report every day for as long as it takes to get the schedule one in compliance with the relevant law.

          1. “Well, as the chief executive he could require public reports from the DOJ explaining exactly why a substance with proven medical uses is on a list of things with no proven medical uses. Then he could require that public report every day for as long as it takes to get the schedule one in compliance with the relevant law.”

            Like how bumpstocks got recategorized despite three separate prior sets of BATFE examinations finding them legal.

            I’d just like to see an AG do something about rampant corruption. Start issuing indictments. Maybe it’ll happen after November? Maybe.

            1. Beyond that there are treaty obligations. Not Obama phone and pen style obligations, but actual ratified treaties that supersede other laws.

  11. Did you know we are literally living in a dictatorship right now? Rashida Tlaib explains:

    It’s worse than letting a criminal get off. Their vote created a dictatorship.

    All principled libertarians must make sure this dictator does not win reelection in November.

    1. Well, she did only say they were going to impeach the motherfucker–she didn’t actually promise he would get removed.

    2. How’d that quote from Gillespie’s comedian go yesterday, “Say what you want about ISIS, but at least they aren’t Islamophobic”?

      Tlaib and company are playing the role that cultural conservatives used to play back when the culture war issues were still raging.

      It used to be that some conservative politician somewhere would say something ridiculous about “legitimate rape” or creationism, and it would be hurt Republicans all over the country (especially in California).

      Nowadays, the Republicans benefit from a having Tlaib and others make those ridiculous pronouncements–from right in the middle of swing state territory.

    3. That word, “dictatorship”….it doesn’t mean what that cunt Tlaib thinks it means.

      1. It’s always projection with Lefties. Tlaib wants to be a dictator, so she assumes Trump wants to be one too.

        Trump was a relative political unknown in 2016. He’s not anymore and he has never been a dictator.

        1. Do you know who else used to be relatively politically unknown?

          1. Stalin?

          2. Hideki Tojo?

          3. Handy Harrison?

          4. Michael Hihn

            1. Threadwinner.

    4. Mighty brave to be publicly speaking ill of a dictator. Has she been locked up yet or did they just drag her out on the street and shoot her in the head? What about her supporters? Are they being rounded up yet? Or is Trump – as with so many other things – the most incompetent dictator in history?

      1. Soros and his foundation are still around. You’d think a competent Evil Overlord—like Trump—could do something about that.

  12. “China will halve tariffs on some $75 billion of imports from the U.S. later this month, reciprocating a U.S. action and likely satisfying part of the interim trade deal.

    The cut will be effective from 1:01 p.m. on Feb. 14, Beijing time, according to a Ministry of Finance statement on Thursday, the same time as when the U.S. will implement reductions in tariffs on Chinese products.”

    —-Bloomberg, February 5, 2020

    The important thing here isn’t the amount of the reduction in tariffs so much as the fact that China is living up to its part of President Trump’s phase one agreement.

    There were questions here in comments at the time of the phase one agreement about whether or why China would comply or what the penalty would be if they didn’t. The answer is that it’s in the best interests of China to trade with the United States, and if they want our tariffs to go down and stay down in the future, then they need to abide by the phase one agreement now.

    Much of China’s manufacturing capacity and economic activity remains on lock-down because of the coronavirus, and it wouldn’t surprise me if President Trump were probing them for interest in getting a phase two agreement up and running ahead of the election in November rather than after. China is desperate for the prospect of more economic activity in the wake of the virus, which makes this a great time to demand concessions from them. This is the way things are done in contentious negotiations.

  13. P.P.S. John Mellancamp endorses Michael Bloomberg in the most cringey way possible:

    Bloomberg promised little pink houses for you and me.

    1. Rain on the scarecrow strawman, blood on the plow.

    2. Bloomberg’s authoritarianism is going to Hurt So Good.

  14. H/T to John for recommending “The Confession Killer.” Still have to watch the last episode, but very interesting, and disturbing.

    1. Henry Lee Lucas. Not the criminal justice system’s most shining hour. Sentenced to 20-40 for 2nd degree murder for killing his mom, out after 10 in 1970. And then things got worse…

      Good effort, guys! Great job!

  15. “Notable: 74% of Americans believe they will be better off in a year, the highest percent since 1977, according to a new @Gallup poll

    59% say they are better off now than a year ago — the highest since 1999.”


    1. If a recession were to save the Democrats from Trump’s reelection, it would probably need to start within the next three months.

      I know the yield curve was inverting again, but I’m not sure whether that was about concerns that the coronavirus will hurt growth and spur a recession as much as it was about a temporary flight to safety in the U.S. bond.

      When there’s a recession, I suspect it’ll be sometime after the next recession. In the meantime, unskilled workers have never had it so good–at least not since anyone still working at menial labor can remember.

      1. “When there’s a recession, I suspect it’ll be sometime after the next recession [election].”


      2. I just dont see the effects of a regular Recession impacting most voters before Election 2020, even if it start today.

        Even the Great Recession had signs that took over 1 year to really steamroll into people freaking out. Plus, retail does a great job hiding financial woes like only closing some stores rather than riding out the problems and then declaring bankruptcy.

        I think there are just too many industry shifts to make money on for a Recession this year or next. For example, big money in medical as Boomers get really old. All these people that moved states for jobs are just getting settled. Millennials buying homes to settle down and have kids.

  16. John Mellancamp endorses Michael Bloomberg in the most cringey way possible

    It’s truly hilarious how Bloomberg is courting celebrity endorsements to portray him as a moderate, when the people he’s trying to reach with this actively hate the very celebrities that are pimping him.

    I mean really, does anyone actually believe Bloomberg gives two shits about small-town America?

    1. I think of the number of people who even know who Mellancamp is and can remember when he was a pop star, a decent number of them will be surprised to hear he is still alive.

      1. Or care that he is.

      2. They’re so hip they’re using a song that came out in 1985. To put that in perspective, imagine Walter Mondale using a song from 1950 when he went up against Reagan. Hmm…”Tennessee Waltz” or “Hoop-Dee-Doo” would have driven folks to the polls, I’m sure.

        1. Hot Diggity Dog Diggity

        2. That’s other amusing part, is the fact that these fuckers are so old. Michael Douglas is over 80. Mellencamp is pushing 70. This is literally the aging hippie Boomer wing of the party desperately trying to hold on to the last remnants of their political and cultural influence, because they don’t trust the more radical Milennials and bandwagon-hopping Gen-Xers to not screw things up.

      3. When Bloomer say’s he’s for small town America he means places like Munchkinville,

    2. Bloomberg didnt two shits about small-town New York when his New York City bans were pushed in that state’s legislature to come down on the rest of New York State.

      1. The NY state appellate court finally came down against the soda ban.

        1. So much this….

          Every single debate with this ass-hat can be won with the simple phrases “soda ban” and “straw ban”.

          If any American votes for an ass-hat who thinks the government should regulate the size of the beverage you can buy, they should be taken in for questioning as a potential soviet sleeper agent. Because no true American would put up with that shite. Even gun control advocates know enough to know that it is none of the government’s business how big your drink cup is.

  17. More bad economic news.

    Charles Koch’s struggles continue:
    He’s currently only the 12th richest person on the planet.
    His net worth is a mere $60.6 billion.
    He’s lost $1.49 billion already this year.

    Honestly I’d want to #ImpeachAndRemove Drumpf just for his abysmal economic record. How are billionaires supposed to prosper in a high-tariff / low-immigration environment?


    1. I’m telling you, Chuck should follow my lead. My portfolio is up this year.


  18. The murders among returned Salvadorians are a total from 2013 through 2019. During that period the murder rate, according to the US government, was about 80 per 100,000. Given the rate, you could have expected that about 80 – 90 murders among the total deported. The 138 reported was higher, but one might consider that many, if not most, were deported because of criminal activity. They were associated with gangs in the US and confronted sometimes with rival organizations in El Salvador.
    No real story here. Progressives can do numbers, but not math. Look at Iowa.

    1. The murders among returned Salvadorians are a total from 2013 through 2019.

      Was wondering why that “recent years” vagueness was put in there.

      1. same. Also was wondering about the vagueness of how long they’d be there before they got whacked. If they’re in the game and are dying because of it, that’s hardly the same as having a welcoming committee goosestepping people off a plane as soon as they land into a nearby alley while the ICE guys just watch.

      2. Supposedly, El Salvador has cleaned up its act, and the 2019 rate was only something like 20 per 100K.

        Yeah, I don’t believe it either. Not that 20 is great.

    2. “They would have been murdered anyway, so who really gives a shit?”

      1. “It’s the same position as mine so it doesn’t matter if the author is disingenuous.”

        1. Oh wait, It’s Little Jeffy, he prefers dishonesty.

  19. In britain you can spend 3 months in jail for not allowing your kid to be indoctrinated about trans life.

    Bonus… victim clash as potential criminal is a muslim.

    1. And in Switzerland… crimes for talking badly of the gays.


      1. And yet we live in a dictatorship…

      2. The retired teacher said he supports freedom of expression, “but not the freedom to say anything at all”.

        That’s not a fence you can stand on.

      3. How dare they.
        Enjoying ass fucking, daisy chains, bath house antics and associated behaviors are exactly the same thing as being female or having Sub-Saharan African ancestry.

    2. “We have no issue if Mr Moffat wants to put on a dress, or dance around like a ballet dancer, or put on a skirt, we have no issue. We have an issue with teaching that nonsense to our kids,” Hussain added.

      “‘Nonsense’?! Oh, now you’ve upped it to a HATE CRIME!!”

  20. I was thinking this morning how the media more than anything is responsible for the Democrats’ Bernie problem.

    The media is of course totally biased for the Democrats. And as part of that bias any time a Republican anywhere says something stupid or racist, the media expects every Republican office holder from the President on down to answer for it and condemn it.

    It is totally infuriating and slanderous. It has however had two effects that has I think made the Republican party stronger overall. First, it has ensured that the white supremacist far right never made any inroads into the party. If a white supremacist gets elected dog catcher in rural Alabama every Republican politician in America is slandered by it and forced to condemn it. Despite what the media tells itself, the far right has no power or standing in the GOP. Second, the media bias has created an atmosphere where Republicans are expected to condemn the far right as a matter of political survival. So, it is unlikely the far right ever will make any inroads into the party.

    In contrast, the media does just the opposite with the Democrats and the far left. There are unapologetic communists elected to local office under the Democratic party in places like Berkeley and Madison and the media never says a word about it or expects any Democrat to condemn it. Not only are Democrats not required to condemn the far left, doing so will likely end their career.

    The result of this has been to allow the far left to flourish in the Democratic Party. And now it has gotten so powerful, even the media can’t cover it up anymore. Imagine if jackwagons like Vox Day or Richard Spencer were in Congress as either Republicans or independents who caucused with Republicans. And not only that but one the jagwagons was a serious threat to win the Republican nomination for President. That is the situation the Democrats are in only the jagwagons are hard core socialists rather than far right white supremacists. And socialism is only marginally more popular and no less of a loser at the national level than white supremacy is.

    I think one of the reasons why Trump can do things like prison reform and make real efforts to attract the black vote is that the Democratic Party has totally walked away from the center. Past Republicans had to spend their time fighting on issues like law and order and national security and economic policy. Trump doesn’t have to do that because his opponents have walked away from those issues and adopted positions that the country will never support. This allows him the luxury of going on the offense and taking on issues the Democrats have never had to worry about in the past.

    1. The interesting question to me is about why Biden tanked so hard in Iowa.

      I suspect it had a lot to do with the attention the impeachment brought to Biden’s activities on behalf of his son in Ukraine. Nothing about what Biden did for his son in Ukraine is appealing in Iowa–not even from the perspective of an average Democrat.

      That’s probably the kindest interpretation.

      Far worse is the interpretation that Iowa Democrats rejected Joe Biden because he was insufficiently radical and to the left.

      Pete Buttigieg: 26%
      Bernie Sanders: 26%
      Elizabeth Warren 18%
      Joe Biden 16%

      If Sanders and Warren are proxies for the extremism of The Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and forgiving student debt and Buttigieg and Biden are proxies for relative moderation, that means as much as 34% of registered Democrats–in Iowa (not California or New York)–are extremists, and they voted against Biden because he’s a moderate.

      Yeah, if the media has made authoritarian socialism palatable to the masses to the point that voting for a self-described socialist is considered socially acceptable, that’s bad. If the only people who can win the nomination are those who are socialists now, that’s FUBAR for the Democrats. I don’t see Sanders or Warren supporters turning out for Biden or Buttigieg unless they embrace enough of that radical agenda–enough of it to turn off swing voters, independents, and marginal Republicans and drive them to the polls.

      1. I think Joe Biden is hoping to capture the Black Democrat vote and that means holding out until South Carolina.

        1. Maybe, but at this point they probably see him as too worn out and unpredictable, and Sanders has the same level of support.

          If Biden’s pinning his hopes on South Carolina, he’s done.

          1. I don’t think Sanders has the same Black Democrat support Biden does. Joe Biden was Obama’s boy and that gets him some action in the Black Community.

            Actually Nevada is before South Carolina, so you might be correct that Biden waiting for SC means that he’s done.

      2. Routinely getting in fights with locals hasn’t helped

        1. Yeah, I heard he grabbed that guy by the collar, but apparently that guy was an instigator.

          I heard the guy he grabbed interviewed, and he said Biden had stuck his finger in his chest and yelled at him before.

          Regardless, if Biden can get suckered into grabbing somebody by the collar like that, he has no business being on the campaign trail.

          I think Biden has been living a privileged existence for a long time, and he hasn’t had to deal with anyone but sycophants since he became Obama’s Vice President.

          He was exposed over that.

      3. I plan on voting for Sanders in the Georgia Primary just to fuck with the Democrat Party.

        I suspect some Iowans did the same thing.

        I think its important for Bernie “Heart Attack” Sanders to be the Democrat candidate and then get his Commie ass handed to him by Trump in Election 2020.

        1. There’s something to that strategy.

          I just hope it doesn’t backfire if too many people do it.

          I once found a sucker who was willing to bet against Mike Tyson.

          It was the Buster Douglas fight.

          1. If Bernie Sanders, the Communist, beats Trump in Election 2020 we all deserve what comes next.

            At this time, I am 99% sure that Trump will beat any Democrat Presidential candidate.

            Anything can happen though, especially Civil War 2.0

            1. Gonna be quite interesting; not one region against another, wigh over half the country not really involved, but most of the country against the west coast, the northeast coast, and a few scattered cities here and there.
              Which group do you think has the most members who are accurate shots?

              1. “Which group do you think has the most members who are accurate shots?”

                Did it matter in Yugoslavia, which is probably the best comp for this?

                Not something we want to see.

                That said, I was thinking along those lines, about how the violence in Rwanda and Burundi got started, when the Presidents of both countries died when the plane they were riding in got shot in April, 1994. Imagine the mess if something similar happened to AF1 carrying Pence and Trump, and President Pelosi came onto the scene… Particularly if this happened after the 2020 election, and Trump won, and Pelosi managed miraculously to hold onto her Speakership.

                I don’t think the country would unzip like Rwanda did, but I’m not sure it wouldn’t.

                1. You blockade all roads going in and out of West Coast, cut off all electricity going there, and cut off the water to Los Angeles. Controlling dams would also be important.

                  You blockade any state in New England that doesnt surrender.

                  Then you clear all Blue cities behind your lines. Those dum-dums will run out of food in less than two weeks.

                  It wont be anything like Yugoslavia. Lefties for the most part, don’t know how to fight and don’t have the weaponary.

      4. Biden tanked so badly because the turnout and enthusiasm was so low. The big story out of Iowa that the media is ignoring is how dreadfully low the turnout was. Biden’s base is with centrist Democrats. And they just didn’t show up. The left base were the only ones who showed up. So, Biden got killed.

        We will see what happens going forward. But, if Iowa is representative of the motivation level of Democrats this year, the Democrats are in a lot of trouble all the way down the ballot not just against Trump.

        1. If they didn’t turn out for Biden, that’s telling, too.

        2. That’s the thing, though. The Democrats’ primary base, and the one that’s driving the party right now, is basically wine moms. Stuff like Medicare For All Including Illegal Immigrants, the GND, gun control, universal day care, open borders, abortion up to and including the magical birth canal trip, tranny surgery/gay wedding cakes, global warming–sure, the radical left supports all these things, but they’re just meat shields. The youth vote supports a lot of these things, but their actual participation numbers have been low for decades.

          The Dems’ old blue-collar base certainly doesn’t give two shits about these things. Even the African-American base is lukewarm, at best, on these issues save for the social welfare programs. But these are all issues that are VERY important to a particular sub-group of upper middle class, white, liberal urbanite/suburban women (the same kind of people that old Stuff White People Like website mocked), many of whom spend inordinate amounts of time on Twitter, which just happens to be the social media platform of choice for the mass media complex. As a result it’s this group that just happens to be the main activist branch of the party now and is driving the media narrative, even if most people, in fact, don’t really care about these things.

          1. That is exactly it. The lack of enthusiasm in the black community is real as far as I can tell.

            The other thing the wine moms care about is losing their shit over Trump. And like the rest of the stuff you mention, blacks couldn’t care less. It is not that blacks are turning into Trump voting Republicans. It is that they don’t seem any more concerned about Trump being President than they were about any other Republican. And the Democrats basing their entire platform around losing their shit over Trump is not going to motivate them to vote in anything close to the numbers the Democrats need much less in the numbers they did for Obama.

            1. You two just described my wife’s friends, even in an otherwise republican suburb.

            2. The lack of enthusiasm in the black community is real as far as I can tell.

              The VP nominee is going to be either Pete to soothe the moderates or a black politician to try and pander to the black vote and get them to the polls. Bank on it.

      5. Typo!

        26+18 = 44% of voters are extremists?

        1. Just the democrats, friend; just the democrats.

      6. Don’t look now, but it’s not just Iowa and NH he’s tanking or tanked in. South Carolina, if you believe the recent polls, is about to turn from an overwhelming victory, to a share with Bernie and Steyer:

        Biden’s dropped from 33-36 to 24. And serious recent polling hasn’t started yet.

        They’re still looking for a hero, and no one in the Democrat Party race seems to be able to pull the sword from the stone.

        1. Here’s the main problem the Dems have. Bernie and Warren are the only candidates that get their base excited, and have sufficient charisma to take on Trump in the general. But the Dem establishment and, most importantly, their corporate arm that provides most of the party’s funding, can’t stand those two, particularly Warren.

          While Bernie’s economic proposals would likely cause an instant recession, which would hurt them as much as anyone else, they probably suspect that he’s too old and decrepit to be much of a real threat. Warren, on the other hand, has proposed an actual program that will tax these guys based on their estimated wealth, not their actual income. Considering a lot of this wealth is tied up in ethereal assets like stocks, which aren’t actually worth anything unless they’re sold for cash, you can see why this might be a problem.

          This is probably why the establishment is rallying around Buttigieg right now and why Bloomberg is doing his ad blitz–because they’re positioning themselves as “moderate” alternatives to the Commie and the Harpy.

          1. Warren having charisma is a point not yet proven to my eyes. But probably true within that rich, white liberal women subset you mentioned in an earlier post. Warren isn’t quite as grating to me as Hillary was, but it’s damned close. One difference is that while Warren seems like a pathological liar who lied even when the truth made more sense, Hillary seemed like someone who was lying for some darker, evil purpose. Maybe it’s just me.

            Warren’s like a pastiche of every vengeful bitch of a first wife and mother and law you can think of. Despite her obvious intelligence, I can’t but think that men—myself included—are completely tuning her out whenever she starts to speak, and that those men want nothing more than for her to just go away already. It’s like reading the trolls here: I have to force myself to read what they have to write, instead of seeing it, and going, “scroll wheel, scroll wheel, keep on scrolling…”

          2. “and have sufficient charisma to take on Trump in the general.”

            Wait, wat? I’ve never heard Warren and “charisma” used together in the same sentence.

            1. She’s got a significant media profile, an identifiable base, and loves getting in slapfights on Twitter the same way Trump does. Even if she doesn’t quite have his pizzazz, she still has plenty of presence and the media have been pimping her “she’s got a plan for everything!” BS for several months.

      7. Buttigieg is not a moderate.

          1. Support common sense and responsible gun safety for veterans. Between 2005 and 2017, over 53,000 military veterans died by suicide as a result of guns. In Pete’s administration, the Department of Veteran Affairs will adopt a comprehensive strategy for gun safety as part of a public health approach to mitigating suicide.

            This assholes wants to take veteran’s guns away. Buttgieg is a traitor to the US Constitution.

            Buttgieg is trying to pad his military service. He was commissioned as an Ensign in the US Navy. He volunteered or was sent to Afghanistan in the Intel field. He supposedly drove for his commander to get that “combat experience”. What a fucking scumbag!

    2. P.S. The news media is largely responsible for scandal fatigue.

      If the news media reported that President Trump raped a puppy on the White House law this morning, a fat chunk of the American people wouldn’t even bother reading the story.

      What more can they hit him with from a scandal perspective?

      They try to go after him on the economy and that seems ridiculous–but what else are they gonna do?

      You’d think they might go after him over illegal immigration. I suspect the reason they don’t go after him on that is because it’s a losing issue for them.

      1. To be fair, all the shady Democrat accusations have worked in past decades so why wouldn’t they try them again?

        2016 really should have been the wake up call that when your attempted coup fails against Trump, more crazy tricks to steal political seats are just not going to work like you thought.

        1. Yeah, their hand-waving has distracted people for a long time.

          The reason Sacramento is taxing us through the ying yang is because people think the most pressing issue is transgender bathrooms in North Carolina.

          And I’m not kidding.

          Their accusations against Trump were just another flavor of that.

    3. Good observation, john

    4. And as part of that bias any time a Republican anywhere says something stupid or racist, the media expects every Republican office holder from the President on down to answer for it and condemn it.
      In contrast, the media does just the opposite with the Democrats and the far left.

      I don’t think that’s hypocritical. Here’s why. Republicans claim the moral high ground while Democrats have never made such a claim. They openly mock morality. So when a Republican says something stupid, because their party claims the moral high ground it is expected that they react in some manner. Not so with the Democrats. They aren’t expected to react because everyone knows they don’t give a shit.

      1. JFC…
        The Ds exclusively claim the moral high ground. It’s how they attempt to justify literally everything they do/plan/want.
        What the hell is wrong with you?

      2. I believe this is a common misconception. When you say Republican’s claim the moral high ground, I know what you mean. Generally it is in terms of traditional values, etc. And so when a Republican Senator gets caught cheating on his wife, or even in a closed divorce proceeding it comes out that he and his wife went to swingers’ clubs (remember Sen Ryan??) then they look like hypocrites.
        HOWEVER, Dems claim just as high a moral high ground on other issues. Specifically economics, “social justice”, “gun control”, etc.

        The primary difference, at least among rank and file, is that those who lean left, view EVERYTHING through the lens of politics. So being a womanizer (ala Clinton) is ok if you stand for the right things. Whereas, those who lean more libertarian/rightish (I realize this is very inexact) tend to view politics as one aspect of life, but not the only one, and really not the most important one.
        That is why Republicans and libertarians tend to look at lefties as wrong. But Democrats look at us as evil.

        1. Good clarification.

          1. And important…

            The exact same people who drummed Bob Packwood out of the senate for describing his dating life in his memoirs (it was sexual harassment to have a secretary type them up) fought tooth and nail to defend Clinton as he was shown to have taken advantage of an intern, tried to force himself on a secretary, actually attempted to rape a donor in the Oval office…. And I do mean the same people. Not other feminists or other democrats. The identical human beings who said having someone type up your exploits is the worst crime ever, deserving of excommunication from society, said that actual attempted rape in the office was a private matter between a husband and wife.

            These are people for whom the central tenant of their political existence was the fight against telling a woman in the office that she looks nice today. And they sold out completely because it was their team.

            This is who we are dealing with.

            1. Goes right back to that principles vs principals thing I started years ago.

              The left judges someone not on their actions, but on their intentions. The left has good intentions. If you disagree with their policies then the only possible explanation is that you have bad intentions. So when you disagree and do something, while someone who agrees does the exact same thing, you’re bad because you’ve got bad intentions while the other can be forgiven because they really meant well.

              1. “Goes right back to that principles vs principals thing I started years ago.”

                Ahahahah you didn’t start that you sad fucking moron ahahahah

    5. the far right has no power or standing in the GOP.

      No, the far right has just found other transmission vectors for their views besides the most straightforward one of “elect the guy with openly racist/bigoted views”. Such as, creating memes and narratives that are full of half-truths and lies but nonetheless confirm the reader’s own biases. Example: immigration. The GOP has gone from overly supportive, to skeptical if not outright hostile.

      1. Hostility towards unchecked immigration and the desire to secure the border and control who enters the country is a centrist view that was held by both parties as recently as ten years ago. The fact that you think it is “far right” just proves my point and shows how completely the Democrats have ceded the center to the Republicans.

        1. Queue Feinstein and Clinton from the 90s, more stringent than Trump, and Obama and Schumer from a decade ago, about where Trump is now

      2. “Such as, creating memes and narratives that are full of half-truths and lies but nonetheless confirm the reader’s own biases.”

        So they’re like everyone else.

        1. The radical left has nearly taken over the Democratic party. Meanwhile the radical right consists mostly of 4chan trolls who make memes.

          Only Jeff could think those two things were comparable.

          1. Well, he is dishonest, so it makes sense.

          2. “the radical right consists mostly of 4chan trolls who make memes.”

            Memes often point out the stupidity or hypocrisy of a political stance.
            That’s why Jeff’s mad. Blasphemy is still an offense to him, only the gods are different.

    6. Bias.

      You keep using that whord. I do not think it means what you think it means.

      Bias would be a systematic skewing of thought and analysis in one direction. Bias would be a prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair.

      We left any notion of “bias” behind many years ago. Even the not-so-subtle bias of the 90’s is dwarfed by what we are experiencing.

      This is not bias. This is fairly open and systematic propaganda. MSNBC was created out of whole cloth as an antidote to Rush Limbaugh and Fox News…. from the ashes of Air America – an operation openly funded by donors like George Soros as a propaganda wing of the progressive movement. MSNBC is providing the moderators for the upcoming DNC debate. The one that the DNC just changed the rules for to allow Bloomberg on stage.

      There is no separation between the political machine of the democrats and the 4th estate. The last election proved this beyond any doubt – we have the emails, we have the evidence of the rigged primary, we know that the media writ large was directly involved.

      So quit using “bias.” It is a strong word. But it is wholly inadequate.

  21. Buttigieg ekes out a win in Iowa


    Bernie is poised to win by every metric including the official SDE.

    1. It is ironic as hell that Bernie doesn’t seem to understand how fixed elections work.

      1. The caucus wasn’t fixed. The reporting was.

        1. Same difference. The whole point of it is to declare a winner and give that candidate the momentum that comes with it. The number of delegates chosen is insignificant compared to total number that will be chosen before the convention. So, the fixed reporting is effectively fixing the election.

          1. Buttigieg has gotten like a 4 point bump in New Hampshire thanks to the fixed call

            1. There is a chance that Buttgieg would have no chance in NH if it weren’t for the fixed reporting.

              Dollars to doughnuts that someone from the DNC contacted Buttgieg’s campaign and told them the fix was in and he should give the winner’s speech.

            2. Without this controversy, where would Bernie be? Where would Biden be?

              Mayor Pete would have been thrust into the spotlight as the new star. Bernie would be poised to solidify the frontrunner status. Warren and Biden would be on the ropes, if history is any guide.

              And I don’t believe a word coming out of Iowa. If the idiots on this board had been in the room the night of the caucuses, we could have gotten those results out by the next morning. The fact that they have still got things to iron out days later tells me all I need to know. Somebody didn’t want this to go smoothly. You can count paper ballots faster than this.

  22. So the poll results were broken down by political party, age, and urbanicity. What about men vs. women? I would be interested to see how support breaks down among the two majority genders. I have a hypothesis…

    1. Everybody knows.
      Sisterhood is the oppressor.

    2. the two majority genders

      Get a load of xis guy.

      1. Bender?

      2. Just trying to cover both… er… all the bases.

  23. “…Mitt Romney blows everyone’s minds,..”

    If you bother to listen to his long-winded justification, you’ll find god told him to do it.
    Mind not blown.

    1. “I prayed about it and heard that he was guilty of one thing but not the other.”

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  25. The D.C. Board of Elections has accepted a ballot initiative to legalize “legalize” the use of psychedelic mushrooms and plants.


    1. “legalize” = regulate. Like CA “legalized” weed.

      1. +10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

        Exactly. No state has legalized weed. They deregulated it.

        1. As in they taxed it

          1. As in it is still illegal….AND they are taxing it and passing out licenses to their cronies. Bonus!

            1. how is a plant illegal? mind forever blown

              1. Illegal in the same manner as cultivating opium poppies, peyote cactus, psilocybin mushrooms and coca plants are.

                1. yeah that whole list being illegal is wrong nobody should face trouble because horticulture

  26. “My Body is my Business”

    Talk about getting literal on a sign.

    1. And what a business! You got it, you sell it, you still got it!

    2. It’s amazing to me how everybody is now pro-prostitution amidst WWIV: The Great War on Porn we keep reading about here

    3. Thats actually pretty clever.

  27. Even I’m blown away by Mookie Betts asking for $400 million.

    They offered him $300 million.

    I’m about the last guy in the world to say that people shouldn’t get whatever the market is willing to pay them, but when I see baseball players walk away from a $300 million deal, even I start to break down.

    Entertainment is in a tight spot right now.

    Roku’s contract with Fox Sports–to carry their apps on Roku players–came up just before the Superbowl. You’d think if anyone could have resisted the temptation to pay through the nose for live sports, it would have been Roku, who has probably gained the most from the streaming revolution. Even Roku balked at having their service unable to stream live sports over their devices.

    There’s really nothing else that you need to watch live, and that’s why advertisers love it so. Viewership can go down for football, baseball, the Super Bowl, etc., but since every other form of entertainment doesn’t require live viewing, advertisers will continue to pay a premium for sports. That’s why networks are willing to pay through the nose for the rights–even as viewership declines, and that’s why streaming cable replacement services feel compelled to raise their fees.

    That’s why baseball players like Mookie Betts feel like they can walk away from a $300 million offer–thinking he can get $400 million. We’ll see really good players–not great–making half a billion soon.

    1. the business model is broken when teams offer contracts they don’t intend to honor and players don’t care what uniform they wear.

      “Hey fans! We couldn’t risk losing international pool money and compensatory draft picks so instead we made the Dodgers, Twins and Angels better. Check back in 2023. Go Sox.” Love, Chaim Bloom

    2. Bets has been a great player for the last few years. He is great in the field and a true five tool player. The only issue with Betts is whether at five feet nine he can stay great long enough to justify a contract that long.

      My guess is he won’t. The biggest effect cracking down on steroids has had is to shorter players’ carreers back to the historical norm. Before steriods only the really great players stayed great into their mid 30s and only a handful stayed great into their late 30s. Steroids allowed good players to play great into their mid thirties. That doesn’t happen now.

      Without steroids baseball is much more of a young man’s game. And since players usually don’t make the majors until they are 22 or 23 and are not eligible for free agency until they have been in the majors five years, the big long term free agent deals like this are usually going to end badly with a team paying a guy well past his prime $40 million a year.

      1. And that’s why they let him go.

        It was a smart move from a winning ball games standpoint–even if it’s a hard sell to the fans.

        From a “I just want to enjoy my life standpoint”, you can only stay in one mansion at a time, and being a city that already loves you is a bonus. The Red Sox will contend again sometime . . .

        Is he taking the tax considerations into account? Because he might save tens of milliions over ten years playing for the Diamondbacks or the Marlins.

        1. The sign stealing scandal implicates the Red Sox as badly as it does the Astros. I think MLB is going to hammer the Red Sox over it.

          The Red Sox are sitting in the same division as the Yankees. Even with Betts they have zero chance of winning the division much less the American League for the next few years. So, they were smart to trade him and get something for him. He wasn’t staying and they were not going to win anything with him.

          1. “The sign stealing scandal implicates the Red Sox as badly as it does the Astros.”

            Agree. Alex Cora is supposed to be the ringleader of the scheme. As their bench coach, leads the Astros to the title in 2017 by cheating. Goes to the Red Sox as manager, and they win in 2018.

            “I think MLB is going to hammer the Red Sox over it.”

            And disagree. MLB wants nothing more than for this to go away. Reopening old wounds is just going to drive fans away, and take attention away from (in their eyes) MLB’s One True Villain, The Astros. I doubt they hammer one of their more successful franchises, now that some team executives have been hanged to encourage the others.

            The Red Sox traded Betts, and gave away Price, because they are supposed to be up against it financially, and simply couldn’t afford those two. I think they make a run at the Astros’s George Springer when his deal is up next year. He’ll cost about 60 percent of whatever bloated deal Mookie gets, and provide about 85-90 percent of the performance.

            1. Price is one of the most overpaid pitchers in baseball. Taking Price and his contract was part of the price the Dodgers paid for getting Betts.

              And yeah, MLB wants this to go away. But it is not going to. And they are going to have to hammer the Red Sox as badly as they did the Astros. The whole thing is a nightmare for them.

              1. free Pete Rose!

    3. “I’m about the last guy in the world to say that people shouldn’t get whatever the market is willing to pay them, but when I see baseball players walk away from a $300 million deal, even I start to break down.”

      If you want to be gobsmacked someday, go look at fangraphs for a player, scroll down to their Value section, and see how much fangraphs statistically thinks a player is worth per year. For Mookie in his fantastic 2018 season, it was 83.2 million dollars. Just that year.

      Why team control years are so important, and why many if not most baseball FAs are a bad bet economically for their teams.

      I agree with you that the economics of broadcasting games, and cable in general, would seem to mitigate against these gigantic TV deals. But they don’t seem to. And I guess if the TV broadcasters lose too much money on them, they’ll just go to the government for a bailout anyway.

      1. I like the Fangraphs site a lot, but frankly their assessments and valuations of players are out of line with reality to the point of being almost absurd. isn’t completely perfect either, but their model is WAY closer to representing the actual real-life models that most MLB teams actually use.

        1. I don’t get why a single WAR should be worth 8 million or so, but they seem to think it does. I guess MLB teams do to, as many of those giant contracts are paying guys well past their prime (cough, Pujols, cough) in order to adequately compensate guys for the first years of those deals. Sounds silly to me.

          Fangraphs is much better when it comes to evaluating defense. dWAR is such a bad stat that it corrupts BB’s WAR. Unfortunately, as their Play Index is much easier to use.

          John does have a point about steroids and their testing shrinking current careers. (But see, guys like Justin Verlander, and so on.) I think HGH is a bigger part of increasing longevity, and I remain convinced there are synthetic HGH regimens that can beat current testing, but it does seem there are fewer hitters killing it in their 30s than in the Steroid Era.

    4. Yet taxpayers have to subsidize private stadiums.

  28. moreso Romney doesn’t know his (D) from his (R).

    1. It’s personal with him.

      McCain would also have voted to convict if he were still alive.

      1. McCain totally would have. He was such an asshole.

    2. Hopefully Mitt can fit into McCain’s tutu. His Sunday morning tv dance card is filled up.

  29. A mere 22 percent of Democratic respondents were against decriminalization, as were 25 percent of independents and 54 percent of Republicans.

    Change the question to include as a venue and see what happens to the Democratic support.

  30. 1. Most Americans don’t think about prostitution.
    2. Trump is acquitted forever.
    3. “It ain’t over ’till it’s over”. In a democratic party process, Hillary can still win.
    4. So LA is confiscating private property. When you vote for socialists, you get socialism.
    5. So NY is telling corporations what they can and cannot produce or sell. When you vote for fascists, you get fascism.

  31. “I was born in a Small Town. And I live in a Small Town. But the reality is, Small Town America is disappearing. And @MikeBloomberg will fight for them.”

    Even if it’s true that small town America is “disappearing” (which is somewhat debatable), it’s mostly because of the policies of liberal globalist assholes like you.

    And the idea that a billionaire New York City Jew like Bloomberg could give a rat’s ass about places like rural Indiana or anywhere else in “flyover country” is one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever read. Good luck selling that bullshit, Melonhead.

    1. I think he meant to say “Bloomberg will fight them”.
      As in repeal the second amendment by executive order.

  32. Notable: 74% of Americans believe they will be better off in a year, the highest percent since 1977, according to a new @Gallup poll

    This is utterly non-notable. It’s only so high because it’s an election year and everyone thinks their team is going to win.

  33. Plus: Buttigieg ekes out a win in Iowa

    FYI, no, he probably didn’t.

  34. Minutes after his acquittal in the Senate, Pres. Trump trolled Democrats by posting a video of Trump-for-president campaign signs for each of the next four years – up to the year 90000 A.D., and beyond.

    Bette Midler reacted by posting a message – in all caps – warning her followers that Trump was not joking and that, if he wins reelection, “HE WILL RULE YOU UNTIL HE DIES”:


    1. OK, Bette, what’s the downside?

      (besides, you are the one who said what to do if someone can’t take a joke)

  35. Californians who register to vote would be required to cast ballots under new bill

    Of course, the state of Commifornia will auto sign up everyone and then demand that they vote for Democrats. This ties into the Popular Vote Compact.

  36. Virginia passes bills that protect LGBTQ, ban handheld phones while driving

    Wow! Its almost like Virginia Democrats know they wont be in power much longer.

  37. I’m technically a Millenial and so I can say with some assurance that John Mellencamp is one of the lamest old celebrities that any politican could possibly get an endorsement from. And it’s not because he’s from the 80s.

  38. “On behalf of Data for Progress, YouGov Blue fielded a survey from 11/27-11/29/19 on YouGov’s online panel.”

    So 1K people that go to yougov, sign up, and take surveys are a proper representation of America? This is the crowd that accurately displays what America thinks?

    ENB, seriously. What is wrong with you? This is a points per survey organization. People click whatever and use multiple accounts to maximize the points earned. Users will make accounts for their whole family, click whatever to complete the survey, and then get gift cards. Remember Bing’s search rewards for Amazon cash? I averaged 50 bucks a week because MS accounts are free and I found a tool that did all the searching for me. I got really nice ski boots for free and provided data that was completely useless.

    This is all you write about and you’re not even good at it. Have you tried fiction? Give that a try.

  39. I’ve always wondered. How does the law reconcile anti-prostitution laws with Roe v. Wade? Why doesn’t the “penumbra” of right to privacy extend to other activities such as sexual intercourse for pay?

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  41. Putting Romney and prostitution in the same article — now that’s truth in media.

    This comment not approved by Silicon Valley brain slugs.

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  43. What happened to “My Body My Choice”? It’s OK if its for abortion but don’t let government find out you tried to make a choice with what to do with your body that did not involve abortion.

    It just kills me the number of crazy women (usually feminists) that are all about My Body My Choice for abortion but when it comes to sex for money that’s an absolute non-no.

    1. Yeah it’s frustrating how “My Body, My Choice” means exactly one thing. Everything else, government is gonna get all up in your shit.

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