Brickbat: Stumbling Around


The Philadelphia district attorney's office has charged Philadelphia Police Officer Keith White with false reports to law enforcement authorities, intent to implicate another, and tampering with public records or information. White claimed that someone he arrested on drug charges attacked him, causing bleeding and damage to his teeth. That led to the defendant also facing charges of aggravated assault, simple assault, and reckless endangerment. But surveillance video later showed that White sustained his injuries when he tripped and fell and that the defendant did not resist arrest.

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  1. Clearly officer White isn’t anyone’s definition of a stand up guy.

    1. I see what you did there.

      To officer White: Have a nice trip. See you in the fall.

      1. Just showing off his summer teeth. Summer in his mouth, summer in his hand, summer on the curb…

    2. That wasn’t very white of him.

  2. Officer can’t pass a sobriety test.

  3. Philly PD has dental coverage that will pay the damage either way, right?

    Not concerned for the cop, just wondering how much of the lie was an attempt to defer costs, how much to defer embarrassment, and how much to simply fuck with a suspect.

    1. My $0.02: 100% fuck with a suspect.

      1. I’d believe 50/50 save face/fuck with the suspect. It should be noted however, he could’ve lied to save face, and not fuck with the suspect, so even 50% includes a lot of illegal intent.

        1. illegal intent

          Evil intent. Even the little white lie about busting up his mouth would be illegal but he could do it without hurting anyone.

  4. So white guys can’t even walk?

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  6. Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner is a former criminal defense attorney who is trying to clean up the abuses by the prosecutors and police.

    Naturally the police hate him.

  7. But surveillance video later showed that White sustained his injuries when he tripped and fell and that the defendant did not resist arrest.

    BUT he wouldn’t have even had to put on the badge but for drug enjoyers so in effect the original defendant ultimately caused our hero to be in a position to fall.

  8. And the penalty for bearing false witness, insurance fraud, and putting an innocent man in prison….oh wait the criminal acts were committed by a cop, never mind.
    And his superiors are co-conspirators when they ignore his crimes.
    What about the public? Cops get away with blatant theft called “civil asset forfeiture”, enabled by the legislature and SCOTUS, so they are co-conspirators also. They self-enslave.

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