Cory Booker

Cory Booker, Who Urged Democratic Unity, Drops Out of Presidential Race

The New Jersey senator was also willing to buck the establishment at key moments.


Sen. Cory Booker (D–N.J.) announced Monday that he is withdrawing from the 2020 presidential race.

"Today I'm suspending my campaign for president with the same spirit with which it began," Booker said in a video posted to his Twitter account. "It is my faith in us, my faith in us together as a nation that we share common pain and common problems that can only be solved with common purpose and a sense of common cause." 

He will now pivot to campaigning for reelection to the Senate.

The tone of Booker's video reflected the tenor of his campaign, which was defined by calls for Democratic unity. "It's not going to be a referendum on who [President Trump] is," Booker said in a speech excerpted in his farewell video. "It's going to be a referendum on who we are, and who we are to each other and for each other."

Though the senator warned against Democratic infighting, he was willing to rock the boat on a handful of notable occasions. He is one of few high-profile Democrats who is still sometimes willing to vouch for school choice, rightly pointing out that such options help the vulnerable minorities that progressives claim to stand for. In the July Democratic debate, he criticized former Vice President Joe Biden's record on criminal justice issues, particularly as it pertains to his hardline record on harsh punishments for drug offenses. And in the November debate, he pushed back on the wealth tax proposed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.), reminding viewers that several other European countries have attempted to implement the levy with failed results.

But Booker never could quite catch on in the polls, lingering around 2 percent for most of the race. He may have been hamstrung by his history of grandstanding in congressional hearings. While politicians on both sides of the aisle are no stranger to that type of thing, Booker never could quite execute such moments with the same verve: His "I am Spartacus" moment during Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings was widely mocked as theatrical and disingenuous. 

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  1. Why is an ostensibly libertarian website speaking so much more nicely about Corey Booker than it would about Ted Cruz, John McCain, or (you know it) Donald Trump?

    He's much farther from libertarianism than any of those three, not that that's saying much.

    1. Because modern Democrats like Booker agree with us Koch / Reason libertarians on our two main issues — open borders and legal abortion through the third trimester.

      1. I thought Democrats agreed with abortion after the third trimester, like right up into birth or something like that.

        1. There are only three trimesters.

          1. What about the fetii that identify as trans-trimester?

          2. "only three trimesters"

            That's the point.

        2. The Democrats and becoming even more "woke" now and support killing unwanted children right after birth too. Well, at least if you TRIED to kill them before birth and they live anyway.

    2. Because it's news?

      Seriously, what do you expect them to cover? They cover other candidates. Cruz is not a candidate now, and McCain is dead. Why would they cover either of them?

      1. He was talking specifically about the tone. Which I took as more neutral but to each his own. You could take it as a ding against the Dems left in the raise and praise of Trump if you wanted to. More the former then the later. Trump has been right on the 3 issues Billy highlighted that Booker also supported, school choice, criminal justices reform and anti wealth tax. All things libertarians generally support.

        1. *raise = race

    3. Libertarianism is orthogonal to both parties and has common positions with both. It's not a branch of the Republican party that exists solely to promote Republican candidates. Though to be fair I could see how one would get that impression from the comment section here.

      As the article mentioned, Bookers school choice position is favorable, and his criminal justice positions far more libertarian than any of the people you listed. And OBLs satire notwithstanding, Trump turning the party into immigration hardliners while Booker and the left move the opposite way is another point to find common ground on the left.

      1. Libertarianism isn't orthogonal to anything besides statism, and Booker's positions on the issues listed are not libertarian. They are slightly less harshly anti-libertarian than other Democrats'.

        I cited other politicians for comparison because all of those people are much, much better on virtually every issue than Booker is. Yet Reason would never write so magnanimously about them.

        If it bothers you that one party is much more anti-libertarian than the other, that's your problem. Being religiously "equally opposed to all parties!" is an unfortunate flaw in a lot of libertarians, who seem more concerned with who they're against than what they're against.

        1. I cited other politicians for comparison because all of those people are much, much better on virtually every issue than Booker is.


          1. McCain's dead, so his position on all the issues is the most libertarian of all.

            1. Lifeless, like the Libertarian Party.

        2. "I cited other politicians for comparison because all of those people are much, much better on virtually every issue than Booker is. "

          That is something a slack-jawed, bigot, stale-thinking clinger would write.

          One who is a member of Libertarians For Tariffs, Libertarians For Statist Womb Management, Libertarians For The Drug War, Libertarians For Military Belligerence, and Libertarians For Authoritarian, Bigoted, Cruel Immigration Policies And Practices.

          Carry on, clingers.

          1. Haha. You’re not even trying anymore.

            Open wide, clinger, and suck on team blue while you recite your stale list of nonsense.

    4. Because Cory Booker is a much more decent person than Trump or Cruz at least?

      1. His treatment of Kavanaugh indicated that he was not a good person, and at best is no better than any other politician.

  2. Ugh, I already see conservatives pouncing on this news. "Look how white the remaining Democrats are! It's almost like they're complete hypocrites when it comes to racial diversity!"

    Actually, Warren is a top tier candidate and a woman of color. Her DNA test proved it.

    1. The Democratic candidates are just as white now as they were before Corey dropped out. It's the LGBTs that have taken the hit.

      1. But Mr. Booker is completely very heterosexual in a heterosexual way, and has an attractive actress as a beard girlfriend.

        1. Which is why our poor Binion lad is so heartbroken.Maybe they can share, umm...thoughts at the next NAMBLA gathering.

          1. With BB being the B, of course.

    2. Thanks OBL, your comment about Warren’s DNA just proved that you are a troll

      1. Parody account. Check your sarcasm detector.

      2. He does this on purpose, in other words. Today's is pretty good.

  3. Too bad- I kinda liked Booker. He seemed like one of the very few dems who isn’t completely insane or retarded

    1. He was the Mayor of Newark. Trust me. He's retarded.

      1. What's with all the gay mayors this season?

        1. they don't get to play QB yet

        2. Maybe he can have a threesome with Buttgag and his boyfriend.

        3. Has there ever been a straight mayor?

          1. Marion Barry?

          2. Willie Brown. Just ask Kamala.

        4. I think the lack of heterosexual mayors merely reflects the current demographics of cities-which is also why they are becoming prohibitively expensive and will soon have more dogs-esp Yorkies and poodles, than humans.

      2. Unicorn.....after reflection, I regret the fact that Senator Empty Suit is dropping out of the race. It now means he will be here in NJ much more, and things were pretty damned nice without him here.

        1. Who or what stops you from moving to a conservative-controlled backwater (or, in your eyes, paradise) such as Wyoming, Mississippi, Oklahoma, or South Carolina??

          1. Congrats on your Vermont LP nomination.

          2. South NJ's state assembly took a big red shift back in November, gecko.

        2. It's not bad except for the taxes, gun control, and the roads that look like they've been shelled by artillery.

    2. Novanick...If you want proof of idiocy, just google 'Cory Booker and T-Bone'. No joke. You will laugh your ass off at this empty suit.

      1. T-Bone will have to get by with a fake pardon.

      2. T-Bone is related to Corn Pop.

  4. He'll be suspending his relationship with Rosario Dawson in 3, 2, 1...

    1. You saying she's a gold digger? We'll see if she messing with no broke presidential campaigns.

  5. And the race, at first just ghostly, turned a whiter shade of pale.

    1. The Democratic Race, or the black race?

    2. And I laughed.

    3. Liked that.

  6. ""Today I'm suspending my campaign for president with the same spirit with which it began," Booker said in a video posted to his Twitter account."

    Is "lame" a spirit?

    1. All spirits are lame, mkay.

  7. Over/under on how soon he and Rosario Dawson remain a couple?

    I'm putting it at two months.

  8. The Empty Suit....was truly empty. Buh bye.

  9. I am filled with tears of rage at Booker dropping out. /s

  10. He was great compared to Sharpe James but, in the end, just another rank-and-file Democrat.

    1. That is true = He was great compared to Sharpe James

      You're right about this. Mayor Empty Suit was a dramatic improvement over Corruptocrat Sharpe James.

      But Hattori, given how shitty Newark is today, how low of a bar was it for Mayor Empty Suit to surmount?

      1. Newark is better off now than it was during the Sharpe regime. At least that's the case downtown, in the Ironbound and North Ward. Rest of Newark is still a dump. Not sure how much credit Booker deserves. Could be the trickling gentrification. My friend loved Booker but he's a city worker and partisan Democrat. He's mostly just proud that he's a Jersey politician that didn't go to prison. Jersey sets the bar low.

  11. The pop-up vid (lower right) has Booker blaming Trump for his cancellation; can't raise money or make appearances with the impeachment going on..........

  12. Liked that.

  13. And another one bites the dust...which makes the democratic party officially the party of white old farts. LMAOROTF!!

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  15. Because modern Democrats like Booker agree with us Koch / Reason libertarians on our two main issues — open borders and legal abortion through the third trimester.

  16. #IAmDepartacus

  17. The shocking news was to find out that Booker thought he was still in the race.

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