Brickbat: Lick It Up


Honolulu police officer John Rabago has pleaded guilty to depriving a homeless man of his civil rights. Rabago admitted in court he told the man he would be arrested if he did not lick a public restroom urinal. Officers had responded to a nuisance call at the restroom. Rabago and another officer shut the door and Rabago told the man to lick the urinal. According to court documents, after the man licked the urinal, Rabago came out of the restroom and bragged to other officers about what he had done, saying it was similar to a time he had told a "man that he would avoid arrest only if he stuck his head in a toilet." Rabago faces up to 30 months in prison.

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  1. Maybe the judge will offer him a deal if he wants to stay out of prison at the same rate as the homeless guy, one day equals one urinal lick.

    1. I think that’s a great idea, but Mr. 8A disagrees. Sadly.

      1. 8A has no more authority than 1A, 2A, 4A, etc. All are regularly ignored with impunity. About the only one not distorted is 3A.

        1. We’re talking about a cop. You know, the only people who are actually treated as innocent until proven guilty? The BOA doesn’t apply to peasants, but the king’s men have full rights.

          1. BOR, derp

      2. The Eighth Amendment bans punishments that are “cruel and unusual”.
        Being sentenced to lick a toilet would definitely be “unusual” but in the context, I don’t think it would meet the element of “cruel” necessary to trigger an Eighth Amendment ban.

        In fact, given what often happens to cops in prison, there is a strong argument that licking a toilet would be a lot less cruel than jail time.

        1. “given what often happens to cops in prison…”


          1. Oh, I agree that it would be justice. But so would being sentenced to the same thing that the cop did to an innocent victim.

          2. Only if you tattoo a naked woman on his back first.

  2. Confident enough to brag about it. I guess now he knows the limits the culture of abuse in that department permits.

    1. Confident enough to brag about it implies he either thinks the police have the authority and power to abuse people, or he believes he’ll get away with it. Only government employees treat people this way, with the exception of occasional mentally disturbed people.

      It’s in Honolulu, a Democrat stronghold. I have to say, Democrats are treating these homeless people, better than they’re treating Trump. I’d rather lick a urinal than pay Trump’s legal bills for dealing with Democrat investigations based on made up dossiers and leakers of fake info pretending to be whistleblowers. Obama didn’t call them whistleblower, he prosecuted them for violating the Espionage Act and revealing secrets he didn’t want revealed.

  3. It’s a helluva world when it seems reasonable to respond with,”Fix bayonets.”

  4. Does Steve McGarrett know about this?

    Btw. The theme song was credited to the Ventures but actually recorded by legendary studio musicians Hal Blaine (drummer) and the Wrecking Crew

  5. I hate bullies

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