Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren's School Choice Blunder

Elizabeth Warren was so "#PublicSchoolProud" that she sent her son to expensive private schools for the majority of his K-12 education.


Elizabeth Warren came out swinging against school choice when she released her education plan on October 21. The Massachusetts senator and Democratic presidential candidate called for ending federal funding for public charter schools, banning for-profit charter schools, increasing regulations for all charter schools, and making it more difficult to start new charter schools. She also said she wanted to stop private school choice programs.

Warren then started tweeting that she was "#PublicSchoolProud" and that "we must stop the privatization of public schools." She also bragged about how she attended and taught at public schools.

But the senator remained silent about where she sent her children to school. She'd been silent on the subject for a while, in fact, having failed to respond when Education Week asked where her children went to school. If Warren was so loud and proud about public schools, wouldn't she be more than happy to tell everyone that she sent her two kids, Alex and Amelia, to public schools? Of course she would.

Unless, that is, she had the privilege to send her own kids to private schools while fighting against extending similar options to the less fortunate.

On October 28, using ancestry.com, I discovered a 1987 fifth grade yearbook photo of "Alex Warren" at Kirby Hall School, an expensive private institution. The school's current tuition is $17,875, and it is located about half a mile from the University of Texas at Austin, where Warren was teaching at the time. The student's year of birth—1976—matched Elizabeth Warren's son's. 

A few weeks after my discovery, Elizabeth Warren gave a speech in Atlanta about the rights of black women. The November 21 rally was interrupted by a group of black protesters from the Powerful Parent Network, a pro-school choice group that opposes Warren's anti-choice education plan. 

After the rally, Warren tried to do the right thing by talking with the protesters. One of the parents, Sunny Thomas, recorded the 17-minute conversation and posted it on Facebook for the world to see. Warren probably regrets two things she said in that recording.

First, she accidentally made a good case against the idea that you can fix education by throwing more money at it, saying: "I told all of my folks back in Massachusetts, 'You're going to get an 85 percent raise' at all of our little-child development centers. You know how much they got? Zero! Somehow it all went to the state government and never made it down!" Somehow, yes.

Second: When a parent told Warren that she "read that your children went to private schools," Warren quickly responded, "No, my children went to public schools."

A day later, the Warren campaign told Fox News: "Elizabeth's daughter went to public school. Her son went to public school until fifth grade." So, yes, they both went to public schools. It's just that one of them also went to a private school. To more than one private school, in fact: After the controversy hit, one of Alex Warren's classmates sent his high school yearbook photo to The Federalist, showing that he attended Haverford School while Elizabeth was teaching at the University of Pennsylvania. Haverford's high school tuition and fees are currently set at $39,500.

Warren was so "#PublicSchoolProud" that she decided to send her son Alex to expensive private schools for the majority of his K–12 education. And I don't blame her! I'm happy they had that option. But maybe Elizabeth Warren shouldn't fight tooth and nail against extending similar opportunities to poor families.

Since then, Warren has spiraled downward in both the polls and the prediction markets. The latest nationwide survey, from Quinnipiac, shows a 14-point drop from last month. But Warren might be able to regain some ground by actually listening to what a majority of minority families want for their kids: school choice. It also wouldn't hurt for the senator to try not to mislead people.

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  1. Christ, what an asshole.

    1. +1

    2. The most shocking thing about her is that she’s not even the worst candidate! It’s just unbelievable that Kamala is even considered by *anyone*.

      1. Warren is just as bald a liar as Hillary Clinton, but in a higher-energy, hockey mom kind of way.

        1. >>hockey mom

          she comes off more like a lesbian middle school English teacher to me but I may be biased

      2. Wonderful Kamala just dropped out! One down and 23 (?) to go. I tried public school for my kids until 6th grade, but the curriculum was at odds with what teachers believed. Just getting dumbed down. Private school essays were tough compare / contrast and rigorous other courses gave them a leg up in this “everyone gets a trophy “age of unreason.

    3. “Cunt”.

      The word is “Cunt”

      Elizabeth Warren is a “Cunt”.

    4. “Government schools for thee but not for me”

  2. Don’t worry. The MSM Propagandists will only mention 1/1024 of that.

    1. I see what you did there.

      1. Indigenous Americans have a proud history of public schooling/sarc

        1. The one in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, for instance.

    2. LOL

  3. “But the senator remained silent about where she sent her children to school. ”

    You misspelled “lied”.

  4. It wasn’t a “blunder” it was a lie. A blunder is an accident. There was nothing accidental about what Warren did here, unless she somehow forgot where she sent her kids to school.

    But Warren is just one example of the larger problem which is Democrats telling minority voters teachers’ union money matters a lot more to them than the education of those voters’ children


    The Democrats have made the bet that they can tell black and Hispanic parents to go fuck themselves and pay for private school if they don’t like the teachers’ unions running the public ones into the ground. We will find out if the minority parents are who the Democrats seem to think they are.

    1. We will find out if the minority parents are who the Democrats seem to think they are.

      To be fair, that’s a damn solid bet going back about 60-80 years.

      Just as an example, Denver Public Schools just had a 21-year-old snot-nosed race hustler get elected to the board a couple weeks ago. This kid’s been running for the board ever since he became eligible, and is clearly ambitious to be a career grifter politician in the stereotypical inner-city mold, which views “Harrison Bergeron” as a guide rather than a cautionary tale. He notably cut his teeth working for an activist organization run by current commie City Council member Candi CdeBaca. He was one of a number of “anti-reform” candidates that are now a majority on that board, despite the fact that test scores went up in the district after it became more charter school-friendly.

      DPS has been a functionally shit school district for nearly 50 years, and the rot was only hidden thanks to busing high-achieving white kids from south Denver and the Park Hill areas (who would have normally gone to South, Thomas Jefferson, or East) into the garbage schools like Manual.

      But they keep electing Democrats year after year, decade after decade, and the only common denominators they ever seem to identify when things don’t get better are “not enough money for them programs” and “white supremacy.”

      1. > To be fair, that’s a damn solid bet going back about 60-80 years.
        But that broke in 2016. The minorities didn’t bail for the Republicans, but they did manage to stay home.

        The demographics were all for Hillary, solidly for Hillary. But she couldn’t manage to get people out to vote. Including the minorities. That’s what happens when you treat them like garbage. They sort of lose the incentive to go out and pull the lever for you.

        Not just Hillary, the entire Democrat Party establishment. It’s a white affluent coastal elite party. And the blacks and latinos aren’t welcome unless they’re the hired help.

        1. Then the next level is to get them to get up and go vote again only this time for the GOP. Break the cycle.

          At some point they’ll have to connect the dots. That is ’60-80 years’ (and in some places 90 years like in Chicago) of Democrat rule has done what exactly for them?

          As it’s been argued. Mostly poor education, inner-city decay and lotsa violence.

          1. I think it’d do a lot more for the cause of liberty if they voted libertarian, but that’s not likely to happen in the near future. Would be nice if some libertarians tried to make the case for it, though.

          2. Not sure if you noticed but the GOP is also run by a scandal ridden liberal from New York.

            1. Sorry for your butthurt. The funny part is the talk about her riding in on her gimpy fat horse and running in 2020.

        2. I suspect that’s what has the Dems and the media so worried about these poll numbers for Trump and African-Americans, and black men in particular–they don’t have to actually vote for Trump, but if they’re not motivated to turn out to vote for the person running against him, that’s a de facto vote for him, too, because he comes out ahead whether they actually voted for him or not.

          And that’s why it’s probably inevitable that Stacey Abrams will be the VP candidate–the Dems need to find *something* to get black voters to the polls. Black males in particular are not going to be enthusiastic for a senile coot like Biden, a hectoring schoolmarm like Warren, or a gravel-voiced Brooklyn Jew like Bernie. They will, however, be more likely to vote for a ticket that has a black person on it, due to the sheer fact that black Americans have the highest level of in-group bias of any other socio-ethnic group (FWIW, white liberals are the only group that actually display a pro-outgroup bias).

          If the overall black vote tilts another 5-10 percent in Trump’s favor, it would be absolute disaster for the Dems. They’d not only get BTFO in the Rust Belt states again, they’d likely lose Minnesota, perhaps even Delaware, and Trump would solidify his hold on North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Missouri, and Ohio (white upper middle class liberals are the reason Maryland and Virginia will remain blue for the next 40 years, at least).

          Which is probably why the Dems are pandering so hard to Hispanics, in an effort to turn Arizona and Texas blue and solidify their hold in Nevada, Colorado, and New Mexico, all of which are, notably, hamlets for left-wing economic refugees from California and Illinois.

          1. Why do you think Trump has been tarred as a racist for 3 years? I was surprised when u talked to a few black folks at the gym about him, they had a lot of respect for his views on improving the economy. Some people look beyond the msm spin.

            1. white upper middle class liberals are the reason Maryland and Virginia will remain blue for the next 40 years, at least

              That will only hold true so long as Wall St.-friendly dems are elected. Warren or Sanders could turn Virginia back to red, and even maybe make Maryland competitive. Those suburban soccer moms who just carried the blue wave will not take kindly to their kids’ 529s being raided for free college for all, or losing their mortgage deductions, or having their kids bused to a school 20 miles away in the name of diversity.

    2. It wasn’t a “blunder” it was a lie.

      Republicans lie. Democrats misspeak. And then when Democrats misspeak, Republicans pounce!

      1. I see someone else was paying attention in Propaganda 101.

    3. John, I no longer think Fauxahontas has a realistic shot at beating POTUS Trump, leaving aside the impeachment imbroglio. She has completely undermined the ‘squeaky clean, just a Mom like you’ persona she spent years developing. It is over. Caught just one too many times. Just watch.

      The MSM seem to be migrating to Mayor Butthead. Probably because they think it is his/her(?) turn. Seems obvious as hell to me.

      1. She will still draw a large share of female voters of she gets the nod, because of her girly bits.

      2. Buttigieg hasn’t been given enough air time to hang himself yet in my opinion.

        Yang had idea’s, and that’s exactly why he’ll never be elected. As long as Buttigieg keeps his trap shut, the rest of the Democrat field will slash and burn each other leaving him free to step over their smoking corpses at the end.

        Of course, then no one will vote for him since he’s not the first black President but I maintain Democrats don’t want to win so much as they want to keep Trump around to cement their hold in Congress and maybe even get back the Senate.

        Sadly for them, their pursuit of impeachment will probably lose them the whole shebang. No risk no reward, I suppose.

        1. Buttigieg won’t get a high pct of the black vote. There are a lot of Evangelical blacks who might not be anxious to have a gay prez.

      3. Warren never HAD a chance. That motherly persona never held up to anybody who wasn’t already convinced everything she said was the truth because of the (D), same way she and her cultists are STILL claiming the report that debunked her racial fraud in fact proved her claim, even a year later.

  5. That’s pretty standard for Democrat politicians–none of them want to send their kids to schools in subliterate, backwards, can’t-keep-up urban districts. They send them to private schools or have tutors.

    I think Carter’s the only Democrat politician in living memory who actually sent his kid to DC public schools, but he’s an anomaly of the political class in general.

    1. They either send their kids to private schools or cocoon themselves in public school districts where only rich, white people can afford to live. But they make up for this by throwing any poor person who tries to fake residence in one of these districts to send their kid to school there in jail.

      They have real hearts of gold like that. They don’t want to send those parents who try to get their kids into better schools to jail, but they feel they owe it to them.

      1. This world needs more Caddyshack references.

        Also more school choice.

        Randi Weingarten delenda est.

      2. cocoon themselves in public school districts where only rich, white people can afford to live.

        And they can’t even do that anymore. See Howard County, MD redistricting plan. They just voted to for busing students around the county for “equality”. Parents aren’t happy.

        1. Holy crap, think of the property values!! Freefall!! OMG, the humanity!!!

      3. They deserve jail. It ain’t called white flight for nothin’.

    2. Up here it’s the same. Once the politicians are in, they make sure ‘public’ is for ‘others’ while they do the opposite.

      You will not see politicians wait in emergency rooms in the public health system. You will not see politicians ride public transportation. You will not see politicians send their kids to public school. You will not see them stop traveling and spending.

      In other words, they act like they love anything private.

      That clown Justin Trudeau went to one of Canada’s finest private schools. And look how he turned out.

    3. It’s standard not just for Democrat politicians but for just plain old Democrats. When I lived in San Francisco, I knew plenty of rich Dems who as soon as they had kids would bolt for some rich school district in the burbs, mostly for the schools, partly to get the kids away from the filth that littered the streets due to the very commie prog ideology that they adhered to.

  6. We shouldn’t be too critical of Democrats when it comes to education. Scientific studies show the most important factor determining the quality of a school is its degree of racial diversity. Democrats unanimously support race-based affirmative action policies, which racist Republicans want to abolish.


    1. Absurd assertion that is not cause and effect but correlation. There is no real libertarian (#LibertariansForWarren) who would support someone with plans for trillions of dollars MORE of annual government largess. Just astounding and hopefully you are posting a joke.

      1. Hopefully!

      2. OBL is an old tired joke

        1. Is a 57 Chevy a tired old car? Not tired, a classic.

    2. Sure, assuming quality means gang violence and tattoos.

      1. Those are alternative metrics, yes.

  7. Do as we say. not as we do. It’s amazing how these ivory tower elitists think.

    1. It is your job to suffer for their principles. They are just trying to make a better world here. How dare you expect their kids instead of yours to suffer in accomplishing that.

      1. Hey, it is tough having to stroke the fragile egos of the public school teacher unionists.

        1. The union bosses don’t care if she walked the walk, they sent their kids to private schools too, just like most of the teachers.

          1. Except that making that public knowledge is embarrassing.

  8. >>The Massachusetts senator and Democratic presidential candidate …

    national socialist … she’s a national socialist

    1. … otherwise known as a “Democrat”.

      1. Global socialist
        It’s like national socialist, but with greater ambition

        1. Why take over just one country when you can have ZE WORLD!

  9. OBL you’re a new guy magnet today lol

  10. A politician hinting at do as I say not as I do? Really?

    Never heard that one before.

  11. But Warren might be able to regain some ground by actually listening to what a majority of minority families want for their kids:

    Have y’all not noticed that a lot of progressives are unbelievably racist? Lizzie knows what’s best for “those people”.

    1. Yeah. I’m still wondering how the VA governor and Trudeau have a career after their little blackface escapades.

      1. Indulgences for the progressive priestly caste. They cannot be judged like the laity and the infidel.

      2. The dem power brokers decided to keep Coonman as Va governor once the Lt governor was accused of rape and the AG admitted to blackface in his younger days. The assembly speaker, a republican at the time, would then have become governor, and this would have threatened all their wonderful proggie plans.

    2. It’s not so much racist I think as egotistical. They know what’s best for everyone else, and the moral authority to help overrides any loss of freedom or choice.

  12. Wait. What? A democrat politician lied?
    Say it ain’t so Joe!

    1. Democrat politicians never lie.

      /Joe Biden, democrat poiltician

      1. Or give unwanted hugs.

        1. You don’t want a hug from your creepy Uncle Joe?

    2. Name the last time Trump said the truth about anything.

      1. Has he ever lied about his name???? Hah!

      2. Name one Democrat politician who isn’t lying every time they open their mouths.

        Bearing in mind that being a big enough fucking moron to believe Regressive bullshit doesn’t magically make it true.

      3. Every time he said ‘Crooked Hillary’

  13. one of Alex Warren’s classmates sent his high school yearbook photo to The Federalist, showing that he attended Haverford School while Elizabeth was teaching at the University of Pennsylvania. Haverford’s high-school tuition and fees are currently set at $39,500.

    Which means she was probably living up on the Main Line while working at Penn. Lots of good, well-funded public schools up there, Liz.

  14. In her defense, those public schools in Cambridge MA are real hell-holes. IIRC, they don’t even have Advanced Japanese on the curriculum!

    1. I have ZERO problems with her doing that or profiting off foreclosed homes or whatever else she did.

      It’s the hypocrisy of her policies that’s disgusting.

      She’s a limousine socialists and they’re the most dangerous of them all.

  15. “It also wouldn’t hurt for the senator to try not to mislead people.”

    Citation needed. I suspect if she were honest about her plans it would definitely hurt her chances of becoming President. You should just accept that she knows what’s best for you and the lying is for your own good.

  16. Elizabeth Warren. also known as “ewwwww.”

  17. All private school should be abolished. How else can we get a hold of the clingers children and teach them how awful their parents are. Then the children can learn from an early age to hate their white supremisist parents.

    1. Kuckland vs Kirkland.

      This is an example of being replaced by your betters.

      1. Agreed, though sadly, not in the spelling department.

    2. We have a couple of Titania McGraths around here.

    3. You are so much better than that other guy, the poser Reverend Arthur L Kirkland. 🙂

    4. You don’t sound as assholish as Kirkland. 7/10

    5. I think the Rev. has been replaced by a parody Rev.

      Of course, it’s possible he’s always been a parody. Maybe he started off expressing wild proggy stuff, was surprised when people took him seriously, and just started making increasingly more insane posts, trying to find out when we’d catch on that progs can’t possibly be *that* stupid and/or crazy. If so, I say he’s finally crossed the line.

      1. Fuck. I missed the spelling. OK, maybe the real Rev. hasn’t gone this far yet.

      2. I live among lots of progs, and sadly, if politics ever comes up, they sound exactly like Rev Kirkland. So I don’t think its a parody account.

  18. Schools for thee are not for me.

  19. Holding one of the Party elite to their rhetoric pandering to the education technocrats? Inconceivable!

    1. How’s that wall coming?

      1. What a nonsequitor!

      2. How’s that “universal free coverage by kicking millions off their pre-existing healthcare and then illegally penaltaxing them into the Poorhouse” thing coming?

        And Obama ending unjust wars and repealing the PATRIOT Act whilst delivering the most transparent regime evuh?

        Shut the fuck up, Tony.

    2. And the not committing treason? Wait–he campaigned on doing that.

      1. Treason like giving a few billion dollars to a hostile regime that espouses the total annihilation of the United States?

        You have some bizarre metrics, for sure.

      2. “And the not committing treason? Wait–he campaigned on doing that”

        As always, you’re confusing him with Barack Obama.

        Remember when he stole a trillion from the taxpayers to hand to Iran in appeasement? And all those unauthorized wars he waged to help fund and aid terrorist cells? Sure ya do.

  20. Chocolate Jesus did the exact same thing and it didn’t stop every member of the Reason staff from voting for him.

    1. Did he campaign on eliminating school choice?

      1. He campaigned on things he never did, but he did insert tons of undocumented students without parents into the public school system, and as we all know when you increase demand for a thing nothing happens to the supply because supply is infinite.

        Feel free to extrapolate that into housing markets too.

  21. “But maybe Elizabeth Warren shouldn’t fight tooth and nail against extending similar opportunities to poor families.”

    Why? This is exactly how Democrats need to keep ’em voting Democrat.

    “It also wouldn’t hurt for the senator to try not to mislead people.”

    We’re talking about Elizabeth ‘Fake Indian’ Warren here. Misleading is a feature not a bug.

  22. Liz is just a prototypical limousine liberal, wishing to become Dear Leader, especially for the Party elite. Who else is naturally entitled to special schools, special stores, and even exclusive use of highway lanes (soon to be exclusive use of cars)?

    1. She’s an example of how people seeking power are the least trustworthy of having it.

  23. This article is yet another example about how our privacy on the internet needs to be better protected.

    1. Is she starting the Clinton Way of dealing with dissenters?

  24. We wouldn’t want a liar for president. That would be ridiculous!

    She does need to pick a lane, I think. I suppose treating billionaires as the enemy might be poll testing well, or maybe she’s not polling it, but I like it when she praises capitalism and sends bless-your-hearts to the ultrarich for their success.

    There’s an easy argument for why you’d champion public schools but send your own kids to private. It’s the very problem in a nutshell. Public schools suck because anti-government assholes make them suck, so if you have money and want your children to have a leg up, you do what’s rational.

    1. You mean you aren’t willing to let your children be held hostage to the performance of the school district? Prog theory seems to be that the only way public schools will ever get better is if people don’t have the option to send their kids anywhere else. When that happens, rich and/or committed parents will move heaven and earth to improve the public schools for everyone, because that’s the only way their own little darlings will be a decent education. (Of course, this means that things like neighborhood schools, tracking by ability, etc. have to be ruthlessly eliminated.)

      1. In general I’m a fan of vital public services being well-funded and as equitable as possible. Otherwise capitalism doesn’t work as advertised. The children of rich parents succeed far more, which is the opposite of meritocracy.

        The much bigger problem is with the libertarian worldview that claims that social Darwinism and meritocracy are compatible. Fix that, then worry about progressives who care about their children’s well-being, as if that were hypocrisy.

        1. The children of rich parents succeed far more, which is the opposite of meritocracy.

          Just out of curiosity, do you think the only determinant there is money?

          1. Hell, money isn’t even the prime thing in that situation it’s simple connection.

            Does anyone think Zuckerberg would have been successful if he went to school at, say, the University of Idaho? I suspect he’d have a much harder time raising start up capital if he had.

            1. Yes, I think he would. Would he be a billionaire? Probably not, but I think how one is raised has a lot of influence on success.

              1. That dove tails neatly into the ever-lasting question of nurture or nature, not that I necessarily disagree.

                Lets just say it’s uncertain if he could have nuked MySpace from orbit without Harvard funding connections, even with a ‘better’ idea.

                Although, I must admit Facebook has come pretty damn far from requiring a .EDU email account to join…so really who knows. We certainly can’t guess, but there is little doubt going to Harvard was a benefit.

                The irony is going to Harvard is what allowed him to drop out of Harvard. At least, for me, that seems true.

            2. Well, all Zuckerberg ever did was steal an idea that his friend stole from someone else, so . . .

        2. “Fix that, then worry about progressives who care about their children’s well-being, as if that were hypocrisy”

          Gee, that’s an incredibly fucking dishonest way of saying, “It’s okay for wealthy Regressive politicians to force your kids into public dumps and put their children through the same private systems they want to deny you, because their children are more Equal than you serfs”, ya lying fuckin’ hypocritr.

        3. Umm, news flash: the hypocrisy part of Warren is her ACTIVELY ATTACKING PRIVATE SCHOOL CHOICE OR EVEN CHARTER SCHOOLS for the average citizen. Sorry about the shouting, but you’re deaf on these obvious points.

    2. Public schools suck because anti-government assholes make them suck

      Um, no, these shitty public schools are always in Democrat-run cities in Democrat-run states with nary an anti-government boogieman in sight.

      1. Yes, the public schools in Bumfuck, Alabama–the envy of the world.

        1. Don’t forget the shitty, dilapidated schools in third world shitholes like Massachusetts, California, New York, Maryland and Illinois.

    3. Public schools suck because anti-government assholes make them suck,

      You mendacious little douche.

      They suck because they’re protected from competition, and when they fail, they get MORE MONEY.


    4. “We wouldn’t want a liar for president. That would be ridiculous!”

      Yeah, that’d be like the party of Obama, the Clintons, Biden, Omar, Sanders, WarrenCortez, ETC. insisting that we should disqualify elected officials if they are accused or guilty of narcissism, sexual assault, warmongering, election-tampering, lying under oath, corporate graft, treasonous relationships with enemy countries, Constitutional violations, racism, encouraging violence and terroristic acts, fascism, and all those other things the Regressive Left so desperately tries to project on everyone outside their In Group.

  25. It also wouldn’t hurt for the senator to try not to mislead people.


  26. The most surprising thing about all this, at least to some people, is that some folks finally noticed that Warren will say literally anything to get elected, and probably means zero percent of what she says.

    She obviously has no issue whatsoever lying directly to the face of one of her supporters, so why think she won’t do the same in debates or in speeches?

    Not that Warren is unique in that regard, but lying about something that’s so simple to prove false is amazing and no amount of ‘well they went to some public schools’ is going to matter to voters. Especially voters who want to eat the rich while your kids pay more in tuition than they see in a year of working.

    1. Her kids going to public school was a long-held family legend her grandmother told her… she never thought to check the validity and thus always believed she was india… I mean… always believed her kids went to public school.

      1. I can give her the benefit of a doubt on the Indian thing, at least intellectually, but not knowing that you spend around 40 grand a year in education for your son? Yeah, you know that fact pretty damn well as a parent and I suspect parents are well fucking aware of that.

        And, again, her supporters want her to ‘eat the rich’ which would be pretty tough since it would require her to unhinge her jaw and swallow herself. She isn’t a billionaire, but last I checked the revolutionary socialist types don’t give a fuck. As long as you have more than them, you’re ripe for the picking.

        Thankfully for her own well being, she’ll never end up being lined up against the wall by her own supporters.

        1. Lieawatha was technically correct – her kids did go to public school, but also had gone to private school. Her intentional smarmy misrepresentation of this is what gets everyone upset and reflects on her character.

  27. Education From The Left

    Displaying unusual good sense, Elizabeth Warren decided not to send her son to a “public school” (i.e., governmental school), choosing instead a private school (i.e., non-governmental school). Universal education is a marvelous idea. Universal education by government has become a terrible idea, especially when controlled by the distant federal-government. Education has become indoctrination. History has become revisionism.

    “He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.” -George Orwell (1903-1950)

    A bit of history. Excerpt from the novel, Retribution Fever:
    Almost two hundred years later during the 1960s, in the heat of the “civil rights movement” and the “anti-war movement”, had begun the beginning of the end. The most radical elements of The Left began a series of violent attacks against the foundation and framework of these United States, hoping to set the nation on fire. Radicals like the violent subversive William “Bill” Ayres (b. 1944), mentor to and alleged ghost-writer for future-President Barack Hussein Obama II. Their violence failed. Failure, however, germinated later success by their intuitively utilizing a biobehavioral procedure known as “shaping by successive approximations”.

    They reörganized along the lines of quiet infiltration rather than noisy revolution. They began securing the bureaucracy of Big Government. They strengthened their grip on Big Media including entertainment. Most importantly, they captured Big Education, indoctrinating the next generation of Americans with their anti-American and anti-Western, Marxist ideology as indifferent parents concerned themselves more with themselves than with their children.

    Having basked in the comfortable context of satiation after World War II, the average American Euro-Caucasian had done next to nothing to oppose the radicals of The Left. Many even supported them. Years later with the election of Obama to President, the Marxist revolutionaries successfully set the nation aflame without firing a shot!

    https://www.nationonfire.com/education/ .

  28. I will not knock Lieawatha for sending her kid to the best school she could possibly afford. I will, however, knock her for lying about it like the weasel she is.


  29. OMG, a rich white Democrat hypocrite pretending to give a crap about lower income “folks” in order to get elected. Next news flash, water is wet.

    Seriously, who amongst the unwashed here on Reason comments did not realize she was dumb as a post about a year ago..? Be honest.

  30. never seen this like before.

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