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U.K. Election: Brexit Wins, Jeremy Corbyn Crashes

Plus: "Vaping policy" consumes the White House, the porn wars portend something bigger, the DHS wants subpoena power, libertarians in space, a Milk Freedom Act, and more...


The U.K. election has delivered a huge victory to conservativesand to Tory leader Boris Johnsonand astounding losses to the Labour Party. The results mean much more than the Conservative Party continuing to control the U.K.'s governing bodies.

With at least 364 seats won, the Conservative Party has well surpassed the number required for a majority in Parliament. Prime Minster Boris Johnson "will now enjoy a comfortable majority to 'get Brexit done'—in other words, to pass the withdrawal agreement that he negotiated with European Union leaders in October," notes The Economist.

"In truth, the election-night story was not so much that of a Tory surge but of a Labour slump," the magazine adds.

The Jeremy Corbyn–led Labour Party will see its parliamentary vote share drop eight points. It was the party's worst showing since 1935.

Labour's steepest drops came in areas where the Nigel Farage–led Brexit Party did well. (But as The Spectator notes, Farage's party did not "even come close to winning a single parliamentary seat.") 

In any event, it looks like Brexit is on.

And with the chances of Scottish secession rising again, some say this could kick off the destruction of the United Kingdom itself.

The election also speaks to the rising power of combining left-leaning economic policy with conservative social views and immigration policies (so, you know, the worst of all words for free minds/markets/migration types).

Britain's third largest party, the Liberal Democrats, also "had a dreadful night," points out The Economist. And yet

the Tories' mighty new coalition is sure to come under strain. With its mix of blue collars and red trousers, the new party is ideologically incoherent. The northern votes are merely on loan. To keep them Mr Johnson will have to give people what they want—which means infrastructure, spending on health and welfare, and a tight immigration policy. By contrast, the Tories' old supporters in the south believe that leaving the EU will unshackle Britain and usher in an era of freewheeling globalism. Mr Johnson will doubtless try to paper over the differences. However, whereas Mr Trump's new coalition in America has been helped along by a roaring economy, post-Brexit Britain is likely to stall.

Some say the results highlight how it's easier for right-leaning politicians and parties to embrace left-leaning policies than vice versa, though this idea has its skeptics:

"The British election results, like any election result, is the result of unique circumstances and multiple factors," suggests Jonathan Chait at Intelligencer. "It is also, however, a test of a widely articulated political theory that has important implications for American politics. That theory holds that Corbyn's populist left-wing platform is both necessary and sufficient in order to defeat the rising nationalist right. Corbyn's crushing defeat is a decisive refutation."


"Vaping policy" consumes White House.


A good piece from Jane Coaston on the new porn wars, with cameos by Katherine Mangu-Ward and myself:

For several decades now, movement conservatism has adhered to Andrew Breitbart's maxim that "politics is downstream of culture," arguing that rather than engage the forces of government to create change, conservatives should focus on changing popular culture instead. But some social conservatives are now arguing the very opposite….

Arguments in favor of the use of laws to change or improve human behavior hasn't been a characteristic of the post-2010 conservative movement that still bears the influence of the Tea Party and libertarian-leaning Republicans. In fact, Mangu-Ward told me that such arguments were, in her view, generally made by left-leaning politicians and thinkers. Referencing former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's efforts to ban large sodas, she said such rationales stem from "the idea that we should prohibit people from making bad choices," or in short, "make the bad thing illegal."

Catholic theocrat and New York Post op-ed editor Sohrab Ahmari told Coaston that pornography is "degrading" and "Andrea Dworkin was right."


  • Rep. Thomas Massie (R–Ky.) is introducing a milk freedom bill:

  • Uh-oh:

  • 3D printers are building houses for poor families in Mexico.
  • "Space entrepreneurs tend to share a fondness for libertarian principles," says Wired.
  • A West Hollywood councilman wants to launch a task force to look at the "lived experience of sex workers in West Hollywood and the greater Los Angeles area" and prepare a report for local and county authorities.
  • American Samoans are U.S. citizens by birth, says a federal judge. "American Samoans living in Utah brought the suit in 2018, arguing that being 'non-citizen nationals' instead of US citizens closed the door to some employment opportunities and didn't allow them to vote, among other rights afforded to US citizens," reports CNN.
  • California's gig worker "protection" bill continues to harm gig workers and freelancers.
  • The new U.K. Parliament will have a record number of women:

  • Lol:

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  1. My butterfly ballot said “Berxit”.

    1. Hello.

      Brexit wins?

      I thought the vote already determined that? Remember THE vote?


      1. It’s like the World Series- best four out of seven.

  2. A working class revolt – against the left.

    Sounds familiar.

    1. It looks like the left finally got that revolution they’ve been gunning for all these years. Too bad they’re on the business end of it.

      1. Those numbers should be a big red flag for our woke overlords on this side of the pond, but the odds are pretty high that they won’t think it’s important.

        1. I’m sure they will also blame the Russians.

          1. Funny you should mention that, Clinton was already saying that the Russkies were to blame for Brexit. That was in the same interview that she implied Gabbard was really a Putin Puppet

        2. They do, which is why they are screaming about impeachment. They can’t allow another vote without the entire media wing of the democrat party is screaming about Orange Man Bad

          Reason is happy to comply

          1. Yep-just like the original Brexit vote didn’t predict Trump winning in 2016, Boris’ win is a good predictor of 2020. I’ve been around long enough to notice that US and U.K. politics are closely linked (Reagan-Thatcher) (Clinton-Blair although Blair was around for part of Bush II).

        3. Nah they will just explain it away as xenophobic social policies squeaking by on popular liberal economic policies ????

        4. The best is the chart showing more women in u.k. Parliament clearly shows an increase in conservative women, compared to a stagnent amount of liberal women.

          But i thought according to the kunt squad + Hillary women went to hell if they voted conservative?

    2. Who knew most people hate the self appointed elitists.

    3. A revolt against the Open Borders Globalists.

      Reason hardest hit.

      Maybe Koch can get by on Reason writer tears for polishing his monocles instead of orphan tears.

  3. A smashing victory for the ‘not uber-libs’ who have a brain, foreshadowing what will probably happen in the US next November.

    1. Not-uber libs. So lyft-libs?

      1. LOL…touche! 🙂

      2. LIME(-y)-libs

        GET IT?!?

  4. …this is *not* a Labour to Tory swing. It’s Labour to Lib-Dem and Brexit Party. The *Green* vote increased in absolute numbers by almost as much as the Tory vote.

    If this gobbledygook is what is born out of multi-party systems, count me out.

    1. It’s the same as saying “she won the popular vote”, but lost the election .

      1. And the proper response to that is “Trump won 30 out of the 51 elections for President that day”

        1. +1

    2. I laughed.

  5. 3D printers are building houses for poor families in Mexico.

    This is so much worse than the wall. They’re virtually deporting poor Mexicans to the Third Dimension!

      1. John Big Booty says hello.

        1. “boo-TAHY!!!”

    1. unfortunately this great new technology has to be done in Mexico because it doesn’t meet US building standards, Our poor are to precious for these house. They must wait till they can get a fire proof, hurricane proof , earthquake proof green gia approved home

    2. “building houses for poor families in Mexico”

      In Mexico?
      Isn’t this like racist or something? Shouldn’t they be building poor Mexican housing beside berry farms in California or in walking distance from iPhone factories?

      1. Allowing cheaper construction tech would drive down prices of existing housing stock.

        Gotta maintain the status quo.

  6. The Senate @HSGAC is expected to unveil legislation that would give the @DHSgov’s cyber agency the power to issue administrative subpoenas to Internet Service Providers for subscriber information related to critical infrastructure IT.

    “We don’t need no stinking judges.”

  7. Space entrepreneurs tend to share a fondness for libertarian principles…

    No roads in space.

    1. Lol but no

    2. Where we’re going, we won’t need roads.

  8. A West Hollywood councilman wants to launch a task force to look at the “lived experience of sex workers…


    1. Yo, sign me up.

    2. Somehow that will take an unintended turn I reckon.

    3. He should stop by Ed Buck’s house. Adam Shitt knows the address.

    4. I bet that he’ll need to do quite a bit of research to learn about their lived experiences. And he’s just the man to receive those jobs, uhh, I mean he’s just the man for the job!

  9. “The election also speaks to the rising power of combining left-leaning economic policy with conservative social views and immigration policies

    Maybe in the UK, but not in the US. After all, Nick Gillespie told me more Americans than ever agree with the statement “Immigration is a good thing.” That proves the Koch / Reason open borders agenda has gone mainstream. I predict the 2020 Democratic nominee will campaign and win on an explicit open borders platform.


    1. “I predict the 2020 Democratic nominee will campaign and win on an explicit open borders platform.”

      Well you didn’t say win what, so I’ll assume you meant Senior Hall Monitor for the DNC.

      1. I’ll assume he meant a reach-around from the election winner.

  10. The UK is on track to have the largest number of female MPs in history

    Too bad they’re all still white.


    1. The UK is on track to have the largest number of female MPs in history.
      How is this not sexist?

      1. What’s wrong with being sexy?

    2. And not lesbian.

    3. White Women just aren’t on board with being Kulaks.

  11. Arguments in favor of the use of laws to change or improve human behavior hasn’t been a characteristic of the post-2010 conservative movement that still bears the influence of the Tea Party and libertarian-leaning Republicans.

    After what Trump has done to conservatism, let’s appreciate the return to at least one classic conservative mission.

  12. American Samoans are U.S. citizens by birth, says a federal judge.

    My condolences to American Samoans.

    1. Haven’t we done enough to those poor people?

    2. JULES
      You remember Antwan Rockamora? Half-black, half-Samoan, usta call him Tony Rocky Horror.

      Yeah maybe, fat right?

      I wouldn’t go so far as to call the brother fat. He’s got a weight problem. What’s the nigger gonna do, he’s Samoan.

  13. The Prime Minister next to Elmo, a man who has just finished a 1920s motor race, and someone wearing a t shirt saying “Jeffrey Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself.”

    You people gave the world Benny Hill.

    1. How dare you!

      1. My new favorite Reason commenter.

  14. The whores at Fusion GPS are already trying to convince Brits that Putin meddled in their election:

    Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch of Fusion GPS are the most shameless and disgraceful con artists of the modern era.

    The votes aren’t even counted yet in Great Britain and they’re already blaming RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA for anti-Semite Jeremy Corbyn’s loss.

    1. Putin is an omnipotent god of a man!

      1. If I were a woman, I would be in love with Putin.

      2. The guy is almost as powerful as W! I mean W was still making things happen 3 years after Obo was elected!

        1. Ask Tide Pod who is responsible for the current good economy…

          1. Who’s responsible for the 2% growth? Probably all the deficit spending, low rates, tax cuts, automation and innovation.

    2. Why do you think Putin supports Brexit and rightwingers in general? I doubt it’s because he has our best interests in mind.

      1. Lol. You’re really dumb.

      2. Pod
        December.13.2019 at 10:56 am
        “Why do you think Putin supports Brexit and rightwingers in general?
        Why do you post bullshit?
        “I doubt it’s because he has our best interests in mind.”
        Your opinions are the stuff I scrape off the bottom of my shoe when I find I’ve walked in it.

        1. You guys are impossible to like.

          1. That means the world to us coming from you.

          2. Pot, kettle.

          3. start doing your swallowing exercises, 2020 is right around the corner and it’s coming hard

          4. Pod
            December.13.2019 at 11:07 am
            “You guys are impossible to like.”

            It is not my desire to be liked by a fucking lefty ignoramus; people like you promote thugs in the hopes of stealing my stuff.
            Fuck off and die; make the world a better place.

            1. As if you have money. If you had any real money you wouldn’t be so paranoid about taxes

              1. “If you had any real money you wouldn’t be so paranoid about taxes”

                This is what loser slavers actually believe.
                Fuck off and die.

              2. Fail.

              3. Pod “The rich should pay their fair share!!!”

                Pod “If you had any real money you wouldn’t be so paranoid about taxes”

                Lololol if you had any money Shreek i wouldn’t have had to repossess your name to pay off your bets.

              4. It’s never the super-successful people you know who are leftists. It’s always the ones who think they’ve checked all the blocks and can’t understand why they aren’t living their life at the level they expected before pursuing their liberal arts degree…and who resent you for doing better than them.

                Rest assured, Pod…nobody here is under any illusions that you’re better off than the people you don’t get along with. You’re here for one reason…because you hate your life and this is the only way you feel capable of screaming about it.

              5. “” If you had any real money you wouldn’t be so paranoid about taxes”‘

                So if you don’t have real money you should be paranoid?

                Thanks for pointing out why Sanders and Warren pie in the sky plans are dead letter.

              6. Well, now we know who doesnt have a job that pays well enough to make him pay income taxes…

          5. Pod, why would any of us want to be pals with a communist drone such as yourself?


    3. At least with Trump, the result was close enough that they could peddle that bullshit. Labour got BTFO.

      1. While knew “elites” trying to undo an election had consequences. Someone page Pelosi.

    4. So now we know. Now we know what happens when you declare war on democracy. Now we know the consequences of demeaning the largest democratic vote in a nation’s history. Now we know what becomes of a political class that sneers at voters, silences their democratic voice, and libels them as racist, xenophobic know-nothings who cannot be trusted with stewardship of the nation. You get punished. You get rebelled against. You get replaced. Last night, in those extraordinary election results, we witnessed the revenge of democracy. -Brendan O’Neill

      The Rev would be proud.

    5. Democracy is blaming the Russians when you lose.

  15. Our Interstate Milk Freedom Act simply says that if two states have legalized the sale of unpasteurized milk, then no federal department, agency, or court may take any action to prohibit or restrict the interstate traffic of milk between those two states.

    IMFA is the sound you make after drinking unpasteurized milk.

    1. More like selling Buick’s to the porcelain throne.

    2. Another gem from FOE!

  16. A sad day for Reason’s dream of a globalist libertopia

    Don’t worry, when all those chinese manufacturing companies that make the cheap plastic crap you love default on their loans we’ll all feel the brunt of your desires

  17. “3D printers are building houses for poor families in Mexico.”

    I’m not sure if this is a positive development. Koch / Reason libertarianism wants as many people as possible crossing the US / Mexico border. If conditions in Mexico improve too much, Mexicans might voluntarily stay there — preventing American billionaires from utilizing their highly skilled labor.


    1. Nobody wants to live in a plastic house.

      1. 3d houses are not plastic but concrete, And they can build a 400 sq foot house for around $4000 to $5000. And Icon came out with a 3d print that can make 2000 sq feet house at 8 ft high just recently. They are cool looking just go to a search engine and check them out.


          Yeah pretty cool.

          I bet the new SF tech Czar would not allow it.

  18. “ “In truth, the election-night story was not so much that of a Tory surge but of a Labour slump,” the magazine adds.”

    They didn’t really want to win, anyway.

    1. And the Tories didn’t win-win, either.

      1. Huh? Largest majority since WonderWoman.

        1. Yes but you don’t understand, it’s only an objective majority.
          Subjectively it was a big win for Remain.

  19. The biggest story of the year, in my book, is Trump’s signing off on the deal with China, but, unfortunately, the reaction from China has been, “not so fast”!

    China has not confirmed the existence of the deal, and they were supposed to address the status of the trade deal at 9:30 am EST in a statement by China’s “State Council’s Information Office”. They have now postponed that meeting to 11 am.

    It’s possible that China could be trying to change the terms of the agreement at the last minute, which they’ve done before, but there are other explanations, too. It could be that the terms of the deal are so good for the U.S. that China is reluctant to sign, or it could be that China is dragging their feet for effect–so it won’t seem like they’re capitulating to Trump and the USA, which is really important to Emperor Xi. All that being said, Emperor Xi may need this deal more than Trump right now, and to whatever extent the threat of more tariffs on December 15th made China want to offer whatever they offered Trump to avoid them, that pressure is still on.

    Let’s pray Xi comes to his senses like Trump did.

    1. China and Trump understand deals or agreements the same way. They are always open for negotiation. Before there is an agreement, after an agreement but before the ink is dry, after the deal is signed but before congress has their say, after congress approves the deal, 5 years later…. Always.

      Trump has a history of this too… he has a reputation for deciding after the fact that he’s not going to pay contractors the full amount due.

      Everything is a negotiation with him. And everything is a negotiation with China. They should see eye to eye, even when they don’t agree on things.

      1. The world wants a normal.

        It doesn’t need to be the same normal as it used to be, but it wants to know that there’s a normal again–one that won’t be disrupted by further tariffs.

        Investment funds are flooding into the UK right now for that very reason. Now, everybody knows that there’s a normal again. All that Brexit uncertainty is squeezed out of the equation, and they can do the math now on what makes sense and what doesn’t.

        We need that in the USA and China needs it in China.

        1. Hopefully they’ll put together a solid agreement that can lead to more in the future.

          China’s emerging economy will eventually start to mature – they are already tightening environmental regulations. At some point, they’ll feel safe to meet the west on similar terms.

          A reasonably open market for goods and services between the US and China would be a massive boon to the world economy.

          On some level I wonder why the Chinese leadership doesn’t sneak a peek over at what is working in Hong Kong and adopt more of it. They already changed more than I thought possible, so I suppose that’s your explanation right there. But I think they are about to find that having over 300 million folks in the middle class is going to lead to a different set of demands from “the people”.

          1. I wonder why the Chinese leadership doesn’t sneak a peek over at what is working in Hong Kong and adopt more of it.

            Because Commies are control freaks. That’s like asking why doesn’t a dog climb trees. By their very nature they cannot.

            1. Commies gonna Commie

        2. Investment is flooding into britain because they can disassociate from EU regulations soon. There is a reason they arent flooding into the EU.

          1. Actually several reasons:
            And a couple of others.

            1. How about all of Europe including Germany?

          2. The British Pound isn’t up to where it was before Brexit, but it’s much stronger today than it was before the vote, and that’s mostly because of investment funds flooding into the country and needing British Pounds to do it.

            There is also a tremendous amount of expectation that the UK will seek a trade deal with the USA, and President Trump has voiced support for such a deal. If there’s a chance you can export to the USA in the future from the UK, cheaper than you can from the EU, then that’s likely to make them more attractive, too.

            But the British Pound hasn’t recovered to its pre-Brexit vote levels yet.

            Take a look at what it did today, but then click the five year button and see where it was before Brexit five years ago.


      2. China and Trump understand deals or agreements the same way.

        And that’s why Trump is the best person to deal with China.

    2. Xi’s preferred pronoun is xi.

      1. I’ve been waiting for someone to make this observation for months.

  20. Wow, I honestly never thought that the U.K. of all places had it in them to tell the pro-Islamic terrorism, open borders, no national sovereignty far left to go fuck off to this extent. I am shocked.

    I know Welch, Lizzie, Soave and the gang have been up all night crying over it, but I am on cloud nine right now. America is next and will do the same thing!

    1. Putin did it. Dontcha know?

    2. Funny, ENB didn’t seem to be expressing any personal trauma over the Brexit vote in her roundup this morning.

      1. You really can’t read for shit

        “(so, you know, the worst of all words for free minds/markets/migration types).” – ENB, doing exactly what you stupidly lied she wasnt doing

        1. And yet I’m not the one who doesn’t know what the word, also, means when used to start a new paragraph.

        2. Even if the sentence fragment you quote were referring to Brexit (rather than what it actually was referring to: the general policies of the political parties that the UK voters voted for), it expressed no personal trauma nor “being up all night crying”. Not particularly acute reading comprehension on your part.

          1. The election also speaks to the rising power of combining left-leaning economic policy with conservative social views and immigration policies (so, you know, the worst of all wor[l]ds for free minds/markets/migration types).

            She is explicitly referring to the combo of leftist economics and conservative social policies. And she is implying that Brexit is this. Not completely wrong, but not an accurate interpretation of the election either. Tories are hardly left leaning w/r/t economics. And defending property rights by limiting immigration is conservative and libertarian.

            1. I have no idea whether ENB’s characterization of the election results as showing a left-leaning economic/conservative social shift. I don’t pretend to know what the political leanings off all these UK political parties are.

              1. Why not? You pretend to know a lot of other stuff.

              2. Lmao. So you start an argument knowing you’re obviously wrong…then when confronted with the quote from a few inches up the page proving you’re wrong… You move the goalposts to a vague generalization and feign ignorance of the authors intent.

                What even was the point of that besides embarrassing yourself?It’s like you thought you were setting up one of your contrarian debates where you just pose hypotheticals and thoeries and then act aghast when people can’t disprove your hypothetical ideas using concrete facts…

                Except you were too fucking stupid to read the full article this time and those concrete facts were 3 inches up the page

  21. Note the polls and the pundits had the British election as close going into yesterday. As usual the polls and the media grossly underestimated the support for the left.

    1. Apparently rampant anti-semitism isn’t much of an issue when the left do it.

      Anyone notice that twat Tlaib and her tweets after she found out black supremacists killed Jews?

      Funny how there are no calls for gun control after these murders.

      Everyone’s an asshole.

      1. Everyone’s an asshole.
        Well, no, duh!

      2. LOCAL STORY.

  22. I like that Vox article about the conservative civil war on pornography! It is a good thing that those on the left are not opposed to pornography.

    1. People go to Vox to be told what they think today.

      1. Someone needs to hack Vox and post something completely contrarian and see how many readers agree… as a social experiment.

  23. The Chinese are holding a press conference right now about the trade deal that Ken Schultz posted about yesterday:

    1. There’s a live feed on YouTube but it’s hard to understand what is being said because the English interpreter and the live talk in Chinese are mixed equally:

      1. How you doing today Jeff?

        1. I’m not Jeff.

          1. Ok Jeff.

          2. Sure Jeff.

          3. Yeah, you’re the voice in his head when he forgets his meds

  24. Note the polls and the pundits had the British election as close going into yesterday. As usual the polls and the media grossly underestimated the sup

    1. See above – the NYT claimed ‘The voters appear to…’.
      Sort of like it ‘appears’ to hurt if you hit your thumb with the hammer.

  25. Another fist in the teeth of Enlightened™ Liberalism. Well done, Boris!

  26. The concrete 3d printer is really cool… but it sure looks like they could have built those same houses for a lot less using standard concrete block construction.

    The video hid all of the labor, but it was apparent from the video that there is still a lot of manual labor in the process…. beyond just setting up the robot and the site. They had to add support screens for every layer, it looked like they had to go back and hand smooth the layers into a seamless wall, and then all of the finish work and tearing down the machinery.

    The most imminent application for this technology would appear to be in building high-end facilities with multiple complex shapes and curves. Because of the technique used by the printer, it looks like you could build pretty much any arbitrary curved wall for the same price per foot as any other wall. This is certainly not the case for other construction techniques.

    1. the point of the robot is that the cartel cannot kidnap its relatives and burn them alive for not cutting them into the deal.

    2. its a start and if you put the machine on wheels and it just moves house to house in a subdivision it will work great and there are ways to eliminate a lot of the labor you mention

  27. The Tories’ mighty new coalition is sure to come under strain. With its mix of blue collars and red trousers, the new party is ideologically incoherent.

    Cats and dogs

    1. If the rest of your analysis is anything to go on, it’ll be a spectacular success.

    2. “The Tories’ mighty new coalition is sure to come under strain. With its mix of blue collars and red trousers, the new party is ideologically incoherent.”

      As incoherent as your babbling?

    3. Lol. You’re dumb.

    4. “ideologically incoherent”

      All that means is that a bunch of red-pilled people are tired of globalist elites pushing regulations and migrants onto people without their consent.

      I’d vote for Tulsi for similar reasons that I’d vote for Trump.

      1. Be careful what you wish for. Scotland might be leaving the United Kingdom.

        1. “Scotland might be leaving the United Kingdom.”

          For which Brit taxpayers would be thankful.
          Careful how stupid your posts show you to be.

          1. If Scotland leaves the UK, the Labour Party is finished. They’ll never win another national election again…that’s their last stronghold.

            1. Not sure the Scots are willing to bail on the UK before (IF) the EU takes over providing for them.
              Gotta have another sucker on the hook before you let go of the one you got now, and Germany may well be tired of propping up one more lame economy.

              1. The 51st state??

                Please, no. I canna stand em.

        2. As should if that’s what they want.

        3. Why would anyone here care whether Scotland goes independent?

        4. “”Scotland might be leaving the United Kingdom””


        5. Scotland might be leaving the United Kingdom”

          That would be best for both Scotland and England.
          Why would libertarians think that a multi-national superstate is a good idea?

  28. Two things to learn from the Brexit vote:

    1) Democracy is the antidote to populism.

    Populism, in all its flavors, is a reaction to elitism, with elitism being about inflicting policies on people that should be subject to democracy instead.

    As the EU continued to inflict its policies on the people of the UK, the people of the UK increasingly turned to populism. Now that democracy has had its way, expect to see support for populism normalize. Instead of arguing about whether the EU should inflict its preferred immigration, taxation, and environmental policy on the UK, the UK will now argue among themselves about what their taxation, environmental, and immigration policies should be. As those arguments go forward, the appeal of populism will fade.l Populism has no purpose if the elitists can’t inflict their policies on the rest of the people–and the EU is simply no longer there to inflict its elitism on the UK.

    There’s a lesson in there for progressives if they want to see it.

    2) Trump’s reelection in November of 2020 will look at lot like the Boris Johnson election in the UK last night–if the Democrats keep running the same kind of campaign that Corbyn ran.

    First the Democrats in the House announced they’d vote to support the USMCA deal Trump promised voters in the rust belt swing states that he’d renegotiate for them, and then the House Democrats announced that they were impeaching Trump. Do they not have any idea how fucking stupid that looks to swing voters in those states?

    Meanwhile, the Democrats are still running on the Green New Deal and Medicare for All, basically a Corbyn far left of center campaign. They have deluded themselves. They see themselves on TV, but they don’t seem to understand that the media is projecting a fantasy. If the left doesn’t wake up, they’re going to end up like the opposition to Brexit–and for all the same reasons.

    How many times have we talked about how the populist surge that happened circa 2016 in France, Germany, Italy, the UK, and the United States happened in all those places at the same time for more or less the same reasons? Labour in the UK will change now that their central plan has been exposed as a fantasy hated by average voters. It may take a humiliating loss for the Democrats to wake up, too, and there’s one heading right for them in November 2020 if they don’t wake up and abandon their elitist, socialist, freak show.

    1. Germany’s aggressive stance on migrants is more dangerous causing more friction than the UK leaving the EU – which they never really fully integrated into anyway.

      And their spat with Russia over a murdered Chechen in Berlin isn’t wise.

    2. Shhhh! Let them alone.

      1. ‘Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.’

        Napoleon Bonaparte

        1. “Invade Russia In Winter.”

          -Also Napoleon Bonaparte

          1. But he didn’t.
            He invaded in June. He ended up stuck in Russia in winter.

            “Don’t Take Too Long Invading Russia” would be a better manufactured quote for old Boney.

            1. Fair point, I just find it amusing.

    3. > 2) Trump’s reelection in November of 2020 will look at lot like the Boris Johnson election in the UK last night–if the Democrats keep running the same kind of campaign that Corbyn ran.

      All evidence indicates that the Democrats have not learned a damned thing from 2016. They are operating under the illusion that the only thing Hillary did wrong was not being insane enough.

      1. I don’t think they can be persuaded by anything other than a loss that the reason they’re likely to lose is because of their contempt for the opinions of average people and their elitist policies.

        Lording over deplorables in Midwestern rust belt states is what being a progressive is all about. In their minds, if they can’t lord over Midwestern deplorables, then what’s the point of winning?

        1. I’ve been talking with some of their supporters.

          The “two americas” thing isn’t just an analogy. They are operating in a completely different world.

          Just one tiny example from yesterday’s “debate” in the House. Some GOP rep said the democrats have been doing this impeachment thing for years, running investigation after investigation.

          The reaction from “the resistance” here was apoplectic. “He’s LYING! How does he get away with LYING LIKE THAT! The impeachment hearings only started a couple of months ago!!! He is LYING!!!”

          That is how far away they are from being in the same reality you live in. Even at the hinterlands level, those who identify with the resistance cannot fathom that a major chunk of people look at this mess and see a big nothing-burger – again – and have nothing but contempt for the partisan “investigations”.

          1. Yeah, those people don’t snap out of it until after they lose big.

            Some people really thought Mondale was going to win. How could somebody as awful as Reagan win a second term?!

            Reagan won 49 of 50 states. Reagan won New York. Reagan won Massachusetts. Reagan won Illinois. Reagan won California. Reagan won Washington. Reagan won Wisconsin. Reagan won Michigan. Reagan won Oregon.

            I’m not predicting something that dramatic for Trump, but I doubt it will be as close as it was in 2016.

            1. Now it will be all about the House. POTUS Trump will use this impeachment as a cudgel to bash the crap out of Team D. The truly amazing thing to me is that my Team D friends in shul know this to be the case, but think it won’t be effective. What?! Have they not seen the last three years? Nothing to date they have thrown at him has stopped him. How my Team D shul buddies do not see the contradiction is an enduring mystery to me. Smart people….but so lacking in understanding how this time in history actually looks to the average American outside the coasts.

              Between impeachment (and fast acquittal), the FISA report, and the indictments from John Durham coming by next summer….my prediction is that more people will be motivated and energized to vote than ever before. They will not be voting for Team D.

              1. Demographically, there are far more Ds than Rs, and most undeclared lean D. But…

                The Democrat candidates seemed determined to keep those voters home on election day. They take their minority voters for granted, and assume their white voters in flyover country will do was they are ordered. And are gobsmacked when they lose.

                “But we won the majority, it was the fault of the racist electoral college!” Sorry, but not only did you not win the majority, you didn’t even get a majority if Democrats. It’s not a majority when most people stay home out of disgust. Instead of agitating for Motor Voter, how about campaigning on a sane platform?

                The 2016 election was literally handed to the Democrats on a platter, and they still managed to lose to a clown.

              2. Commenter_XY your shul buddies have been taught their whole lives that idealism is better than reality.

                I don’t even know if it’s possible for one president to change that.

            2. To be fair, the West Coast was actually Republican back then. The progressive cancer hadn’t yet spread much beyond the Bay Area and a few pockets in Los Angeles.

  29. ‘Incoherent’ is still better than Labour.

    1. Vote Incoherent
      Still Better Than Labour

  30. Where they voting for the Tories? Or against the batshit insane Corbyn led Labour? I would say the latter. Remember, Trump won only because Hillary couldn’t keep her mouth shut long enough to stop insulting the voters.

    Britain was rejecting socialism rather than endorsing populism. Unlike the US, Britain had actual socialism for a couple of decades, and many voters are old enough to remember it.

    1. “Where they voting for the Tories? Or against the batshit insane Corbyn led Labour? I would say the latter”

      Well, they have many parties so what you say there is patently demonstably wrong and stupid.

    2. “Britain was rejecting socialism rather than endorsing populism”

      Non-socialist non-populist parties exist in the UK. They didn’t win. The UK isn’t the US. It isn’t a two party system there.

  31. More drama from the emoluments front.

    It would be nice to see a Reason article about the whole emoluments thing. From reading the article it looks like the meaning of that clause of the Constitution is not settled.

    1. Stop crying about what Reason decides to cover!

    2. Yeah, whether Trump makes an extra nickle when some foreign government official elects to use room service is REALLY IMPORTANT!!!

      To those with TDS…

    3. Volokh has the articles on emoluments…

    4. But remember .. jeff is pro liberty. Locking someone up on an ambiguous never used clause in the constitution is pro liberty. As long as you can mutilate the clause juuuuuust right you can finally lock up that evil man in the name of liberty.

      1. What’s your view on the emoluments clause, Jesse?

        1. That it doesn’t cover room rentals, for one. If it did, Obama might get in some trouble over his foreign book sales.

    5. It really wouldn’t.

  32. The China trade deal is official!

    “The U.S. and China have reached a preliminary agreement in their long-running trade war, President Trump and China’s Vice Minister of Commerce Wang Shouwen said in separate statements Friday.

    Mr. Trump tweeted that the two sides had agreed “to a very large Phase One Deal with China,” adding that the 25% tariffs on Chinese imports would remain but that the 15% levies on other goods would be cut in half.

    A new round of tariffs slated to take effect on Sunday will not go into effect, Mr. Trump said, citing Friday’s agreement, adding that the two countries would immediately begin negotiations on more contentious issues.

    “This is an amazing deal for all. Thank you!” he tweeted.

    In Beijing, Mr. Wang said only that the U.S. would remove its tariffs in stages, declining to disclose details on the scale of the tariff reduction or of its purchases of U.S. farm products.”

    Eric Boehm must be shitting his cage!

    We’re going to see some really good things happen to the real economy because of this.

    In the face of all these great accomplishments–USMCA and the China trade deal–the Democrats just advanced two articles of impeachment against Trump, with a vote to be held next week. Do they not realize that it looks like they’re trying to impeach Trump over nothing because he successfully kept his campaign promises? They’re playing right into his reelection campaign!

    1. Democrats imploding!

      1. LOL

        From a purely strategic perspective, he promised the swing states in the rust belt that he needs to win that he’d renegotiate NAFTA and give China hell, and then the son of a bitch went out and did it!

        I’d say the only way they could beat Trump at this point is if there’s a recession or a scandal.

        1) The chances of a recession just fell tremendously by this move. There is going to be a flood of cheap goods into the United States, and a flood of American exports to China because of this deal. These kinds of moves typically take three quarters to reach their full impact, which just so happens to land a few weeks ahead of November of 2020.

        2) How are they gonna catch him in a scandal after they’ve impeached him once already over nothing? You don’t get more than one shot at an impeachment in an election year–the voters won’t stand for it! You’re gonna impeach him for something new in July when you already tried to impeach him last December? There’s another election in three months at that point.

        The Democrats are going to need to hope that Trump develops a heart condition. That’s probably their best chance of winning at this point. Oh, that and they should keep harping on Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, and especially how racist, xenophobic, homophobic, and stupid the white, blue collar middle class is. I know that strategy didn’t work in 2016, but this time is gonna be different!

        1. remember when Mondale only won Minnesota and Gore lost Tennessee? it’ll be like that.

        2. The Donkeys apparently never read the fable about the boy who cried wolf impeach!

    2. Nobody outside of the extreme far left and the media (but I repeat myself) gives a flying fuck about this stupid impeachment. Most normal people aren’t even paying much attention to the news right now, it’s Christmas shopping season for Pete’s sake.

      In the end, it will be as completely irrelevant as it was when the republicans impeached Clinton for sticking his cigar in Monica Lewinsky’s twat.

      1. It’s shrinking in importance by the minute.

        At this point, Republicans in the Senate are hoping to draw the impeachment out when it gets to them. They want lots of juicy shots of Democrats denouncing the president so they can use them in their campaign ads against those guys.

        The Democrats are so sorry they ever heard of that phone call right now. They just want everyone to forget. It’ll be interesting to see how many House Democrats abstain from the impeachment vote next week. They’d much rather there weren’t any impeachment vote at all, but there’s no way to stop the train at this point. No way to slow down.

        1. Nah, I suspect McConnell will try to get this over with as soon as possible so he can get back to filling empty judicial seats. None of the current the Dem candidates have managed to stand out from the pack, and there’s a real possibility of them giving Hillary the nomination again at the convention. Drawing this out doesn’t really give Republicans a long-term advantage because it allows the media to continue to set the narrative and sway public opinion.

          1. I would love love love if they nominated Hillary. That would show the idealistic young voters the Democrats are their party all right.

      2. In all fairness, it was perjury and obstruction and I still wasn’t for it.

        But yeah.

    3. “Eric Boehm must be shitting his cage!”


      1. Boehm is from philthydelphia, you know that cages floor is covered in needles and the piss that runs of the rocky statue when Pittsburghers visit 😉

  33. Boris and freedom win big – – – – – –

    So this is what happens if you actively act against the results of a free election in a democracy?
    Anyone want to start a pool on when the democrats will start changing the lies about their politics? You know; “we’re not really socialists, we just want to take over the country and run your life down to the smallest detail, like what straws you can use (or not) and where you are allowed to exercise the parts of the constitution we pretend still exists”.

    Welcome to the revolution!

  34. “The Senate @HSGAC is expected to unveil legislation that would give the @DHSgov’s cyber agency the power to issue administrative subpoenas to Internet Service Providers for subscriber information related to critical infrastructure IT.”

    It’s nice to see you’ve finally discovered some sort of government spying you oppose you disingenuous cunt.

  35. Hey get this. The UK election? It was the Russians.

    1. I’d say ‘you can’t make that up’, but it’s the Guardian; they’re capable of fantasies beyond my imagination.

    2. That’s both amazing and predictable.

    3. “Our Washington-based research firm, Fusion GPS, conducted much of the early investigations into Russia’s support of the Trump campaign, aided by our colleague Christopher Steele, the former head of MI6’s Russia desk. While our initial focus was on Russian meddling in US politics, it has since become increasingly clear that Britain’s political system has also been deeply affected by Russian influence operations.”

      The fact that they are writing this now, without any acknowledgement of the joke that Steele has become, should make Trump feel pretty good about 2020.

  36. You know how they’re saying Brexit will result in an economic slump? Didn’t they say the same thing would happen when Trump got elected? I’m not saying they’re wrong, I’m just saying I don’t trust folks who have a vested interest in Brexit NOT happening telling me what will happen if it goes through.

    1. There are bound to be some short term upsets as people scramble to re-engineer supply lines and agreements, but longer term this will be great for the UK and not so good for the EU.

  37. good job, England.

  38. I don’t pretend that every single person who voted SNP yesterday will necessarily support independence, but there has been a strong endorsement in this election of Scotland having a choice over our future; of not having to put up with a Conservative government we didn’t vote for and not having to accept life as a nation outside the EU,” she said.

    1. Yes, just as even traditional Labour districts used their vote for Conservatives as a proxy for Brexit, the people of Scotland used votes for the Scottish National Party as a proxy for Scotland becoming independent and rejoining the EU.

      It should be noted that if Scotland were to leave the UK it would have the same sort of political effect as if California were to exit the United States, which is to say, just as the USA would become much more Republican on a percentage basis if California were to leave the USA, if Scotland leaves the UK, the UK will become substantially more Conservative.

      The Scottish National Party caucuses with Labour. With the SNP’s gains last night and Labour’s losses, the SNP now represents 20% of Labour’s coalition. If Scotland leaves the UK, they’ll take 20% of the Labour vote with them, making the rest of the UK something like Switzerland in outlook. Maybe I should go over the pond and look for some real estate.

    2. Pod
      December.13.2019 at 11:47 am

      Since you didn’t bother with a link or with using quotation marks correctly, I’m assuming you’re quoting some Scot parasite.
      Yeah, the Germans will be real happy supporting one more failed lefty state.

    3. Well…………bye.

    4. Fuckin’ LOL at this.

      Scotland isn’t going anywhere. They’d have to build a whole new slate of welfare programs from scratch for their moocher class, and they don’t have the resources.

      Maybe they should ask Mama Merkel to become a German colony so that Germany’s native residents will have somewhere to go when they get replaced by Middle Eastern refugees.

  39. The first democrat to get there wins.

    I think everyone knows his name by now.

    1. HIllary told Stern she’s all woman.

      1. The ze whipped out zir pecker.

      2. I’d love to hear that … and Stern’s howling, to say nothing of Baba Booie et al. (is he still there? I haven’t listened since he went to satellite)

  40. …points out The Economist. And yet “the Tories’ mighty new coalition is sure to come under strain. With its mix of blue collars and red trousers, the new party is ideologically incoherent.”

    Somewhere between 10 and 30 years ago The Economist turned into a left-leaning rag. It was sad to watch.

    1. Correct. The Economist still has relatively even-handed coverage of most of the world, except the US, UK, and global warming. They are all in on that AGW cult. Very sad.

  41. “(so, you know, the worst of all words for free minds/markets/migration types).” Here we go again. Unlimited migration into welfare states or progressive taxation states aka public charge (Britain, the U.S., EU) is the migration backlash. The solution is Switzerland’s migration policies– pay for gov’t services. Gee, I wonder why migrants into Europe fly through Switzerland to get to Germany, UK, France, Sweden, Denmark? Also note that Jacobin is completely against means testing for Universal “free shit”, in other words, a communist revolution through migration and confiscatory taxation on the productive.

  42. I don’t know if the Conservatives’ economic program could be deemed “left-wing.” At least, not in relative terms. I mean it does include increased public spending in healthcare and the like, but one that ultimately goes along with population and economic growth, and one that doesn’t seem to require any tax increases.

    The Guardian did the math, and the Conservatives’ program is set to cost around £2.9B, which is a fraction of the costs of Liberal Democrats’ and Labour’s programs (63 and £83B, respectively).

  43. On His Way Out, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin Pardons Murderers, Rapists, Hundreds More

    The GOP is the Party of blue collar workers and criminal justice reformers?

  44. Anti-Semitism and Brexit shatter Corbyn’s dreams of global far-left revolution

    Uh-oh, Socialists are losing the Jews again? Its just like when the Jews left the Socialists running Nazi Germany.

  45. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been BLOCKED from seeing key evidence from US authorities who want to extradite him for ‘leaking sensitive military data’, court hears

    Deny the extradition then. If the USA cannot explain why Julian Assange broke US law, then its unlikely Assange will get a fair trial anyways.

  46. About 72,000 United States-born children delivered every year to foreign tourists, foreign visa workers, and foreign students are rewarded birthright American citizenship, a new study reveals.

    You mean non-Americans are coming to the USA to have babies that are instantly considered US citizens and can then be a reason to bring more family?

    1. Russia is stealing the magnetic pole???

      Rufus, look out. Your manhood is next!

    2. Hey now, how can we spin a moving magnetic pole as being mankinds fault is the important question. Can we somehow blame American mining interests while excusing China and India?

  47. How the 1% Scrubs Its Image Online

    You mean Google is being manipulated by Americans and NOT Russians?

  48. Another critical takeaway from the U.K.: there is absolutely no popular public democratic constituency whatsoever for the Koch/Soros political agenda of open borders, the elimination of national sovereignty, an unlimited supply of indentured servants for billionaires, the deliberate importation of bloodthirsty Muslim cultists who only want to stab and shoot us “infidels”, and the general “woke” PC cultural Marxism hogwash.

    Pretty much NOBODY outside the media, academia, and Reason’s minuscule handful of billionaire donors wants this bullshit rammed down our throats at all. Not even in the relatively liberal Britain.

    1. Watch out!! OBL will be along any minute to kick your teeth in.

  49. RIP Danny Aiello.

    Léon: Tony, all the money I make that you keep for me —
    Tony: You need some money?
    Léon: Just curious. ‘Cause I’ve been working for a long time and I haven’t done anything with my money.
    Tony: You met a woman.
    Léon: No.
    Tony: Léon… Léon, you gotta be careful with women. Remember when you first arrived in this country? When I took you in you were still wet behind the fuckin’ ears, and already you were in deep shit because of a woman. Don’t forget that, Léon.
    Léon: I wish I could sometimes. You know, about my money — maybe I could give a little to someone, you know, to help out.
    Tony: Hey, it’s your money. I mean, I’m just holding it for you, like a bank. Except better than a bank, ’cause you know banks always get knocked off. No one knocks off old Tony.

  50. A good piece from Jane Coaston on the new porn wars, with cameos by Katherine Mangu-Ward and myself

    Ah, some girl on girl action then?

  51. With at least 364 seats won, the Conservative Party has well surpassed the number required for a majority in Parliament.

    But did he win the popular vote????
    I mean, Ukraine!!!!!


  52. In other or related news, the SALT deduction elimination is back baby. There are no ends to what the virtue signaling progressives will do for “progressive taxation”– well, as long as they can write it off at fedlev and don’t have to pay for it. Dems want to ram this through before the 2020 election, or the UK repeat. In a crazed people’s republic of free shit state, I figure that they are positioning to raise taxes after the SALT deduct. FUCK PROGS.

  53. Now all I need to hear is that someone gave Billy Bragg a punch in the face, and I’ll call this a perfect victory for the UK.

    1. I’m guessing Bragg voted Tory, along with the rest of the real working class.

  54. “In truth, the election-night story was not so much that of a Tory surge but of a Labour slump,” the magazine adds.

    Sure, the glass is half full, Economist

  55. CNN: Defense spending bill stripped of proposals that would have been tough on Saudi Arabia, sources say

    “ The removal of these measures was spearheaded by congressional Republicans leading the negotiations, who found themselves under pressure from the White House, the sources said.”

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