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Last year, Reason videos about everything from Theranos to insane zoning laws to China's "one-child policy" racked up 29.5 million views at YouTube. Your support made that possible.


It's Day Two of Reason's annual webathon—and before I ask you for money, I want to thank you.

Over the past 12 months, Reason TV generated a record 29.5 million views at our YouTube channel. Holy hell, that is simply amazing and humbling! That's more views than Texas has people. And dig this: Viewers watched our documentaries, interviews, and viral videos for a combined 2.7 million hours! If you contributed even a little to those gargantuan totals, I want to thank you personally for watching.

I also want to ask you to make a (tax-deductible!) donation to Reason Foundation, the nonprofit that publishes this website. Go here to donate and see the great swag associated with different giving levels.

Your generous support is the reason we can make amazing videos such as last year's single biggest hit, "The Insane Battle To Sabotage a New Apartment Building Explains San Francisco's Housing Crisis," by Justin Monticello. Justin's film, which has pulled nearly 900,000 views at YouTube, documents the insanity gauntlet run by Bob Tilman, who spent five years and $1.4 million to earn the right to turn his coin-operated laundromat into an apartment building in one of the most over-zoned, hyper-expensive cities on the planet. It's got a happy ending—he did eventually get the OK to move forward with his project—but the documentary will make your blood boil. Nobody should have to go through what he did, especially with his own goddamned property!

The other top videos from the last year include an in-depth interview with John Carreyrou, the Wall Street Journal reporter who exposed Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes as a fraud; a frank, honest discussion with Trump supporters about building a wall along the Mexican border; Remy's hilarious "Banana"; and an unvarnished, heart-breaking look at the horrific effects of China's "one child" policy.

These pieces exemplify what we set out to do a dozen years ago when longtime Reason reader, sitcom legend, and The Price Is Right host Drew Carey came to us with the visionary idea of making online videos. Virtually nobody in the magazine space was thinking that way at the time, and even though we have a track record of adopting new technologies with gusto, Drew had to sell us on the idea. Video, said Drew, would allow us to reach whole new audiences and connect with them emotionally—to win hearts along with minds.

In October 2007, Reason TV went live with a video hosted by Drew, called "Gridlock." It documented how awful traffic in Los Angeles and other cities is, explained how to fix traffic jams with free-market solutions courtesy of the transportation policy wonks at Reason Foundation, and threw in a free helicopter ride for the poor schmo with the worst commute in the City of Angels.

Since then, the folks at Reason TV, now led by Meredith Bragg, have released over 1,900 documentaries, interviews, and viral comedy hits; snagged a basketful of awards, including two prestigious nominations for National Magazine Awards (for the series Reason Saves Cleveland with Drew Carey and for "UPS vs. FEDEX"); partnered with the musical-comic genius Remy, future Fox Business host Kennedy, and journalistic giant John Stossel; and produced no fewer than 17 videos that have each yielded more than 1 million views at YouTube.

Drew was right. Video has allowed us to reach new and different audiences, especially younger people who are searching for information and analysis they're not getting in high school and college or from ideologically rancid cable networks. Last year, fully 56 percent of our YouTube audience was under 35 years old.

As a viewer of Reason TV, I know how invaluable these videos are in the fight for a freer, fairer, and more fun world. As the former editor in chief of Reason TV, I also know how hard it is to put together a video that pulls 1,000 views, much less 1 million. Your donations—which are tax deductible!—are what makes it all happen. So please give what you can.

Here's another big hit from last year. Enjoy Remy's parody of Post Malone's "Better Now?" And again, thanks.

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  1. If You Like Investigative Documentaries, Side-Splitting Comedy Vids, and Hard-Hitting Interviews, Donate to Reason Today!

    Because if you scrounge up some cash you might actually be able to do some of those things?

    1. Imagine the number of Amash posters they could buy if you donate.

  2. “If You Like Investigative Documentaries, Side-Splitting Comedy Vids, and Hard-Hitting Interviews, Donate to Reason Today!”

    As my business law professor would ask in contracts class; is this a promise, a conditional promise, or a promise based on a condition?

    Homework for Libertarians:
    Write an essay on the propriety of a libertarian web site accepting tax-deductible donations as opposed to competing in an open marketplace.

  3. Dear Reason,

    Remy isn’t funny.


    1. Its true.

  4. “If You Like Investigative Documentaries, Side-Splitting Comedy Vids, and Hard-Hitting Interviews, Donate to Reason Today!”

    Actually, I’d like a bit of libertarian content. Remy is great, but he’s not enough to save your sorry ass. You are worse than the other rags because you really should know better.

    1. “if you don’t like it you can leave!”

      1. I can’t quit you.

    2. Remy is great, but he’s not enough to save your sorry ass.

      I demand al a carte donations!

  5. Highlight this video, dummies. Or the Attack Ads circa 1800.

  6. I’m guessing the “side splitting comedy “ is a reference to anything Shecky Dullmia ever wrote, amirite?

  7. I donated $5 to Wikipedia yesterday.

    1. Should’ve lit the five on fire. You may have at least had warmth briefly.

  8. You are traumatizing Fist with your inability to get the daily Roundup posted on time. No soup for you!

    1. I’ve already stopped the check on my donation. They’ll have to make up that $5 from someone who actually has all day.

  9. You’re joking, right? Actually put out libertarian content and stop sucking CNN’s cock, and I’ll consider delaying your inevitable demise with financial incentives

  10. All the kvetching about whether or not reason is a real libertarian site. Look, libertarians frequently don’t completely agree with each other. Also, libertarianism sometimes intersects with something the progressives advocate. And it sometimes intersects with something the conservatives advocate. And sometimes intersects with neither.
    reason was frequently anti-Obama, and will necessarily be anti-Trump, and anti- whomever is #46, #47, etc. Let’s agree to disagree sometimes, without becoming the snowflakes we all abhor.

    1. reason was frequently anti-Obama

      No, it wasn’t. For the rather obvious reason that nearly the entire staff voted for him, twice (“Who’s Getting Your Vote?”, 10.29.2008) (“Who’s Getting Our Votes: Reason Writers’ 2012 Presidential Picks”, 10.24.2012). Reason is not libertarian. Reason has explicitly stated that unrestricted immigration is literally the single defining issue of libertarianism (“Trump’s Dangerous Anti-Libertarian Nationalism” by Brian Doherty, 2.17.2017). They have also explicitly stated that progressive globalism is the most important issue of the 21st century, and will necessitate their allying with socialists (“Steve Bannon’s ‘Economic Nationalism’ vs. Libertarian Globalism Is the Battleground of 21st Century Politics” by Nick Gillespie, 4.12.2019). Since you are also a mindless hard core leftist Democratic party drone that sounds quite reasonable to you, I’m sure, but own it like a man instead of being a little pussy ass bitch and trying to piss down our backs and tell us it’s raining.

      Free trade and free migration are, then, the core of the true classical liberal (libertarian) vision

      – Brian Doherty

      In the 21st century, libertarians are going to have make common cause with the globalists of all parties, with the people whose core value is the right of individuals to move freely around the planet.

      -Nick Gillespie

      1. Free migration is only possible when you have a way to distinguish those wishing to immigrate and others like armed foreign soldiers looking to invade

        1. Property rights trump free migration. Get off my lawn, and stay out of our co-owned space unless invited.

  11. I’m just posting this to try and outnumber the spambots.

  12. Over the past 12 months, Reason TV generated a record 29.5 million views at our YouTube channel.

    29.499 million of which were Remy or Bragg/Heaton videos.

  13. Too local

  14. Why would I donate to a progressive skin-suitEd, formerly libertarian organization? At least Huffpo, Salon and Vox are honest in their outlook.

    1. At least Huffpo, Salon and Vox are honest in their outlook

      Consistent, not honest. They pretend to report news, but serve up propaganda.

  15. These days, I come for the comments, not the illiberal, uninformed drivel in the articles.

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