Police Abuse

An Arizona Deputy Pinned a Quadruple Amputee and Then Arrested the Teen Who Filmed Him

"It's horrific. Men with badges and guns should not be acting this way."


A disturbing video shows an Arizona sheriff's deputy wrestling a quadruple amputee, age 15, just before arresting both the young man and the 16-year-old who recorded the incident.

Joel Feinman is head of the Pima County public defender's office, which represented both of the teens arrested in the September incident. According to Feinman, the Pima County Sheriff's Department was responding to a disorderly conduct call at a group home. The amputee, who had been abandoned by his parents, had knocked over a trash can and was yelling; Feinman says he was acting out because he wanted to return to school.

The video, which Feinman's office provided to the local TV channel KOLD, shows a deputy pinning the teen to the ground, first with his body and then with his arm. The amputee screams for the deputy to get off, and the deputy eventually lets him go. After righting himself, the deputy asks the teen what his "problem" is. The teen replies that he didn't have one and that the only thing he did was knock the trash over.

While the deputy expresses his frustration at the teen's decision to continue to move, the teen asks him to lower his voice. The deputy bends over the teen and shouts, "I will raise my voice whenever the fuck I want!"

At this moment, the teen behind the camera intervenes, telling the deputy that the teen on the ground has already answered the question.

The deputy redirects his ire and says, "Shut the hell up! Are you involved in this?"

The deputy tells the second teen to go to his room. The teen says he's not allowed. The deputy then approaches him and asks him multiple times, "Am I talking to you?" The second teen responds that he "doesn't care" who the deputy is addressing.

The deputy exits the space briefly, and the second teen hands the camera to someone else. The recording continues long enough to capture two deputies placing handcuffs on the second teen. At one point, the deputies slam his head against the wall. He is then escorted outside.

Both young men were charged with disorderly conduct. On Thursday, the county attorney's office informed Feinman that the charges had been dismissed.

"It's horrific. Men with badges and guns should not be acting this way," Feinman says. He adds that those who do conduct themselves in such a way "should not have badges and guns."

The sheriff's department Code of Conduct requires all its employees to "bear in mind that persons having business with the Sheriff's Department are entitled to courteous and respectful consideration. Department members shall perform their duties efficiently and completely, avoiding harsh, violent, profane, or insolent language, and shall remain calm regardless of provocation."

The department did not respond to a request for comment in a timely manner. It also has not released a statement on its website or social media feeds as of the time of this reporting. It did, however, tell KOLD that it would be conducting an internal investigation. It had not seen the video before KOLD approached them for comment.

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  1. The parents abandoned Torso?! Hahahaw!

    1. Some people would pay big money for that kind of fetish video. The cop was being very shortsighted here. Could have made some real money, and maybe lead to a lucrative side gig.

  2. “It’s horrific. Men with badges and guns should not be acting this way,” Feinman says. He adds that those who do conduct themselves in such a way “should not have badges and guns.”

    This and recording law enforcement? If this kid doesn’t quit his lowdown ways, he’ll probably end up in a gang! Or even (gasp) registering as a libertarian!

    1. If this bozo had his way the only people we’d let be police would be even-tempered professionals.

      1. We should all strive for perfection, don’t you agree?

        1. Or in lieu a camera-free workplace.

    2. And speaking of dirtbags, who’s the asshole at the group home who called the cops on a quadruple amputee for upending a trash can?

  3. Being a quadruple amputee has to be a nightmare. Being a 15-year-old quadruple amputee, full of teenage hormones and abandoned by your parents — man, I’d be in a rage all the time.

    1. And the deputy knew that, so he was right to tackle a tackling dummy.

      Hell, there’s what the amputee should do — go back to school as the tackling dummy –make friends and earn money at the same time! Maybe he could get a college scholarship out of it.

      1. And people say libertarians are spergs with no human empathy….

    2. same. And the deputy attacking him, how the hell are they gonna justify that? He literally can’t do anything.

      1. “I’ll bite your legs off”!

        1. It’s like the decapitated knight in Monty Python’s Holy Grail movie…He kept fighting even after all those “mere flesh wounds”!

        2. Monty Python

        3. It could have been Mind Quad.

      2. “He may have been trying to grow an arm with a gun in its hand!”

      3. I wish he would’ve vomited all over the pig!!!

  4. “”An Arizona Deputy Pinned a Quadruple Amputee””

    The only wrestling match that deputy has ever won.

    1. Would have won – the amputee had a heal outside the ring distracting the referee.

    2. He was just frustrated he couldn’t figure out how to handcuff him.

      1. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Let me guess the officer’s defense: “I ordered him to get on his knees and show his hands. The suspect refused to comply. . .”

    Unfortunately, such a defense might be enough to avoid any discipline from the department.

    1. “There was no policy about what to do in this particular case” -Cops

      “There is no precedent of a teenaged quadruple amputee having his rights violated by cops, therefore qualified immunity” -Courts

    2. there was the cop who gave a one armed bicycle rider a ticket for not having two hands on the bars. these cops show their stupidity

  6. The deputy bends over the teen and shouts, “I will raise my voice whenever the fuck I want!”

    And there it is.

  7. Torso should stand his ground to keep and bear arms.

    1. He doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

      I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

    2. MATT, had a bad day.

  8. “Department members shall perform their duties efficiently and completely, avoiding harsh, violent, profane, or insolent language, and shall remain calm regardless of provocation.”

    If this was actually enforced, I don’t think anyone would sign up to be a cop in this department…

  9. It did, however, tell KOLD that it would be conducting an internal investigation.

    Stall tactic: DEPLOYED

    1. “It did, however, tell KOLD that it would be conducting an internal investigation.”

      Oh! I know this one: “Procedures were followed.”

      1. ‘Mistakes were made’.

        1. At least no weapons were discharged.

  10. “avoiding harsh, violent, profane, or insolent language”

    Ah, yes, no cop is going to obey a policy like that. Certainly not the ban on “insolent” language, because insolence is what an inferior (eg, an employee) shows to a superior (eg, the citizenry employing the employee).

    Do you really think a written policy will curb the insolence of cops, who by complying would be acknowleding that they are servants of the public. Admitting this would be like wearing a T-shirt declaring “my penis is only one inch long.”

  11. Is this really news? In the US there are roughly 700K police officers. Are we going to be fed stories about them each time one does something wrong? What are we supposed to do about this? How does having this knowledge benefit our lives? How are we supposed to take this knowledge and apply it any fashion?

    The garbage man spilled my trash over the street, didn’t clean it up, and tossed the can in my yard. Want me to give you more info so you can write about it? The police officer can use the “remove threat” defense. The sanitation worker really has no excuse for his actions.

    “Memo to Staff: With the uptick in outrage over police please take the time to reach your anti-police quota by writing about each time you think the police may have done something wrong. This will help you reach your 200K share/view quotas for each month. Failure to reach these mandatory quotas will leave you working for Vox or Vice.”

    1. Your troll was a bit of an overreach.

      A cop abusing a quadruple amputee is clearly an outrage. Arresting a witness to the crime the cop committed is clearly an outrage.

      1. “clearly an outrage”

        Ok, outrage. Then what? You now know this happened. How are you going to change your life to prepare in the future? Oh wait. There is nothing you can do. Did they provide a link to help out with legal fees for the amputee? Oh, they didn’t? Hmm. At least you clicked it, right?
        It’s literally useless. If a security guard threw a drunk guy out of a Jimmy Buffet concert and in the process knocked his teeth out and opened a door with his head we wouldn’t hear about it.

        1. So you saw me at the show in Pittsburgh in 06′?!

    2. re: “Is this really news?”

      Yes. Yes, it is. And since it involves abuses of authority by people with guns, it’s several orders of magnitude more important than your garbage man story.

      But if you want to complacently ignore these stories, you’re free to skip them (and certainly free to not waste your precious time whining about them online).

    3. go over to the “Free Thought Project” where every day they show multiple police actions of idiocracy like this. People need to know that the men in blue are not always angels.

      1. We should call the police the garbage men now and we can call the garbage men police. It will avoid confusion in the future, at least to their behaviour

    4. Yes, it’s news and it should be news. Without threat to a department’s reputation, there’s really little incentive for them to do anything about this. When it’s just cops looking over cops, they tend to look the other way or back each other up. Why should bad behavior only be known between cops, other cops, and their victims?

    5. “In the US there are roughly 700K police officers. Are we going to be fed stories about them each time one does something wrong? What are we supposed to do about this?”

      God, I hope you are Trolling. Nevertheless, some answers do spring to mind;

      Work to have public service unions outlawed; they make it very hard for Departments to get rid of bad cops. The only bad police encounter I ever had (thankfully, not a REALLY bad one) was with a self-important idiot who shouldn’t have been a dog catcher, much less a policeman. I was later told, by other cops in that jurisdiction, that the whole department loathed him, and was working together to gather enough hard evidence to be able to fire him. And that the main roadblock was the union.

      Work to get the scope of ‘qualified immunity’ drastically reduced. There are legitimate reasons for the concept, but it has grown beyond all reasonable bounds.

      Take ‘Asset Forfeiture’ out behind the bard and kill it with an axe.

      Establish in Law that in any police encounters for which there should be video, the video has passed into police hands at any point, and the video is mysteriously unavailable, the cops involved are assumed to be lying until proven otherwise.

    6. I guess if you’re too retarded to know that scattering garbage doesn’t violate your rights and that police abuse does, then there’s probably no knowledge you can apply in any fashion.

  12. Had it been Maricopa County, the deputy would have gotten a citation for valor

  13. Tough situation.

    Made even more tough because the Sheriff sent a retard unequipped to handle it with even a modicum of common sense.

    Deputy Dickhead needs to find another line of work.

    1. What kind of job is good for a dick head like that other than emptying outhouses. I wouldn’t want a person like that working anywhere

      1. Offshore reef?

        1. I larfed.

          Woodchipper de-jammer?

  14. “Yep, I was out numbered by some thugs who disrespected my authority, but I subdued ’em.
    It’s all part of being a hero”

    /Officer retard talking to a girl in a bar that doesn’t realize he’s impotent…yet.

  15. How does one pin a quadruple amputee? Look at him?

  16. This is so sad. WTF is this jerk doing tackling with a quadruple amputee.

  17. A man goes to a farm and sees a three legged pig.

    He asks the farmer “how did that pig lose his leg?”

    The farmer says: “last year a wolf came out of those woods and attacked me, the pig fought him off and saved my life.”

    “Did the wolf bite his leg off?”

    “No! Last month the barn caught fire and I passed put from the fumes, that pig pulled me out and then ran all five miles to the fire station.”

    “And he burned his leg?”

    “No! Last week I had a heart attack and that pig pressed on my chest with his trotters until I started breathing again and then dialed me an ambulance!”

    “How did that lose him his leg?”

    “No!” the farmer said, getting angry now, “look, that pig is the best, bravest, most intelligent pig that ever lived and a pig like that….”


    “A pig like that you don’t want to eat all at once.”

    Modern version: The quadruple amputee lost all of his limbs fighting for Government Almighty in wars against poverty, drugs, Islamic terrorists, homeowner deed restriction violations, and blowing upon un-prescribed cheap plastic flutes. A hero-human like that, you only eat one limb at a time, treasuring each and every savory limb as one and tasty unique! But even Government Almighty can sate its hunger for only so long… So here we are!

    To find precise details on what NOT to do, to avoid the flute police, please see http://www.churchofsqrls.com/DONT_DO_THIS/ … This has been a pubic service, courtesy of the Church of SQRLS!

    1. You should get the institution to switch your meds, ’cause your current drugs aren’t working.

      1. Do you recall the awesome enchanter named “Tim”, in “Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail”? The one who could “summon fire without flint or tinder”? Well, you remind me of Tim… You are an enchanter who can summon persuasion without facts or logic!

        So I discussed your awesome talents with some dear personal friends on the Reason staff… Accordingly…

        Reason staff has asked me to convey the following message to you:

        Hi Fantastically Talented Author:

        Obviously, you are a silver-tongued orator, and you also know how to translate your spectacular talents to the written word! We at Reason have need for writers like you, who have near-magical persuasive powers, without having to write at great, tedious length, or resorting to boring facts and citations.

        At Reason, we pay above-market-band salaries to permanent staff, or above-market-band per-word-based fees to freelancers, at your choice. To both permanent staff, and to free-lancers, we provide excellent health, dental, and vision benefits. We also provide FREE unlimited access to nubile young groupies, although we do firmly stipulate that persuasion, not coercion, MUST be applied when taking advantage of said nubile young groupies.

        Please send your resume, and another sample of your writings, along with your salary or fee demands, to ReasonNeedsBrilliantlyPersuasiveWriters@Reason.com .

        Thank You! -Reason Staff

  18. Here is a cop that is in the wrong line of work to be sure.
    Obviously he felt his life was at risk by the daggers flying from the kids eyes.
    It takes a lot of balls to take down a quadruple amputee.
    Cuff him Danno… Oh wait.

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  20. What do you call a quadropoligic who knocks over trash cans?


  21. Wait… How many times has this occurred where an officer subdues a quadruple amputee? Translate to “What makes is this a Reason.com article?” Shouldn’t we try to talk to the majority cases of authoritarian abuses? Not a weird situation like this regarding one officer whom we know nothing else about. This evokes emotion of sympathy for the quadriplegic who was doing something a four-limbed individual could have been doing. I cannot imagine Reason’s original contributors bothering to comment on one incident that does not represent common practice, let alone ubiquitous policy deserving of a major call for change.

    1. What else do you need to know about someone before you condemn him? How many times does it have to occur? Does there have to be a trend of specific instances of quadruple amputee-abuse before you get outraged? Or is it enough to subsume this case under the broader category of police abuse of power? You concrete-bound moron: This case is newsworthy because it’s an especially egregious example of cop incompetence, sadism, power-lust, brutality, and ignorance, and unfortunately there’s nothing “weird” about that because it happens all the goddamned time.

  22. The abuse of police power is a common practice and is a major call for change. The fact that the kid in this case is incapable of defending himself drives the point home. Also, arresting someone for recording such an incident has been addressed here before.

  23. Pigs gonna oink.

  24. And nothing else happened.


  25. How about providing some context. Like where was this, what was the reason the cop was there, etc.?

  26. The brave and manly deppity if fired can confidently count on a job at the Houston Police department, kicking in doors and shooting unarmed kids suspected of plant leaves.

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  28. It should be a crime to arrest someone for videotaping police activities conducted in public. If Officer 1 arrests Joe for recording, Officer 2 would have to arrest Officer 1. Then they can all go to jail while waiting for the courts to straighten it out, instead of just Joe. As for assaulting the amputee, I wasn’t there. I can imagine a situation in which one might have to physically overpower a quadruple amputee, but it would be pretty damn rare. The very situation in which an innocent officer would want a recording!

  29. How about firing every officer when they attempt to do their job and run into resistance on the part of the defendent(s)? That would put a stop to this kind of police brutality!

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