Brickbat: And She's the Stupid One?


In Australia, the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission has ruled two New South Wales police officers racially abused two Afghan women during a traffic stop. The officers said they pulled over the vehicle because they believed one of the women wasn't wearing a seat belt. The officers' body cameras showed one of them greeted the women by saying, "You have to be the most stupidest person I've met as the driver of a motor vehicle." He demanded ID from both, and when he is told one of the women is in the country on a temporary visa he threatens to put her in jail. He ordered both out of the car, and when the driver protested, he threatens to jail them both. "Don't you get aggro or you'll be in the back of a divvy going back to the jail, don't take advantage of our system," he said. The driver told the commission the officer made even more abusive statements when the cameras were turned off. The commission recommended both officers be disciplined.