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Trump Speaks to Cops, Takes Credit for Crime Drop

"All over the world they're talking about Chicago," Trump said at a law enforcement conference today. "Afghanistan is a safe place by comparison."


In a red-meat speech to the International Association of Chiefs of Police's annual conference in Chicago today, Donald Trump took credit for declining crime rates, called for the federal death penalty for convicted cop killers, and bragged about curtailing "meddlesome" federal oversight of police departments accused of violating civil rights.

Trump also lambasted Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson. Johnson had declined to attend the speech, citing "our city's core values along with my personal values."

"Eddie Johnson wants to talk about values," Trump said early in his hour-long speech. "People like Johnson put criminals and illegal aliens before the citizens of Chicago. Those are his values, and frankly his values are a disgrace. I will never put the needs of illegal criminals over the needs of law-abiding citizens. It's very simple to me."

Trump, whose visit was his first official trip to the city as president, attacked Chicago for being a sanctuary city and for its high number of shootings, saying local officials like Johnson weren't doing their jobs.

"All over the world they're talking about Chicago," Trump claimed. "Afghanistan is a safe place by comparison."

Trump also took credit for the recent dips in the national violent crime rate, which followed a two-year rise in violent crime. As I noted before, when former Attorney General Jeff Sessions tried to take credit for a dip in crime rates, the Trump administration likes to argue that any rise in crime is a result of policies it opposes, while any downtick is proof that its policies are working, even when the numbers cut against their claims.

For example, shootings in Chicago, where Trump blames lax police brass and prosecutors for surging crime, have significantly declined since 2016. As of this past weekend, the Chicago Tribune reports,

The number of people shot has dramatically dropped—by 26.4%—since 2016.

During the past two years, the city has experienced double-digit declines in violent crime since 2016, when 760 people were killed and 4,300 others were wounded.

Trump also declared that his administration has "curtailed the harmful and intrusive use of federal consent decrees" to force reforms on police departments found to be violating civil rights. "No longer will federal bureaucrats micromanage your police departments," Trump said. 

As one of his last acts in office before resigning last year, Sessions signed a memo placing new requirements on when the Justice Department can enter into a so-called consent decree—a settlement between the Justice Department and a local government or agency, monitored for compliance by a judge, that stipulates how it will correct civil rights violations or other issues.

Consent decrees were rarely used until the Obama administration, when the Justice Department launched a record 25 civil rights investigations into unconstitutional policing in such cities as Baltimore, Chicago, and Ferguson, Missouri.

In 2017, the Justice Department released a 164-page report—the result of an investigation launched in the aftermath of the Laquan McDonald shooting—that found Chicago police routinely used poor tactics that resulted in unnecessary (and unconstitutional) lethal force. The report also found that the department's storied "code of silence" and poor internal protocols kept police misconduct from being properly investigated. In other cases, officers retaliated against witnesses to keep them from reporting misconduct.

Onstage at the police conference, Trump signed an executive order creating a Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice to study some of the issues facing law enforcement, such as handling substance abuse, homelessness, and mental illness. In Portland, Oregon, for example, a media investigation found that half of all arrests by police were of homeless individuals.

The overall tone of Trump's speech was one of unmitigated praise for law enforcement. "When children hear the sirens of your patrol cars," Trump said, "they race to catch a glimpse, because they know that you are the heroes of their streets."

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  1. The overall tone of Trump’s speech was one of unmitigated praise for law enforcement.

    This….is a bad thing? Really? /SMH

      1. By all means, please explain. Because I thought, by and large, cops are pretty damned good. And the objective data supports that. There are literally millions of interactions between citizens and cops that happen without issue every day. Police officers, as a civic matter, should be respected.

        Granted, if you read Reason, they report the exceptions. I get that.

        1. “Unmitigated Praise“ != “Respect”. There’s a difference. People like Trump love the police because they’ve never been profiled or stop & frisked. They’ll never know (nor care) what it’s like to have your rights violated on principle simply because of your hairstyle, skin color, or clothing.
          But yes, if one only read Reason they’d believe that all cops are barely trained dog shooting racists. The 99% of the other daily police interactions don’t fit the narrative.

          1. Cops, especially white cops are MORE profiled & stereotyped than black & brown people are!!!

            1. Maybe. But it’s those with state sanctioned power that must be held accountable. So I’m not going to lose any tears for LEOs if they are treated unfairly.

            2. Really? You can quantify that?

            3. Good. The Bill of Rights was written to keep the state, and particularly its law enforcement branch, in check. The only job of the federal government as far as state and city law enforcement is to make sure those agents of the state do not violate the rights of their citizens, particularly the Fourth and Fifth Amendments, which are seen as impediments to police work and making their jobs harder. Yes they do make their jobs harder. They’re SUPPOSED to.

        2. Police officers, as a civic matter, should be respected.

          Police officers, as a civic matter, should deserve respect. When you keep seeing over and over the “one bad apple” cops that the “good” cops will remain silent about or even defend, well, they ain’t good cops and you’re a terrible person for respecting such shitbags.

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  2. “All over the world they’re talking about Chicago,” Trump claimed. “Afghanistan is a safe place by comparison.”

    So true. I wonder why he’d choose to build a beautiful skyscraper in a hole like Chicago? I’m excited to see what he plans for a nicer city like Kabul.

    1. You don’t think Chicago is a hole?

      1. Half of it is a shothole, but the North and NW are quite nice.

      2. No. It’s a city. It has a dynamic culture. It’s not Minden Nebraska.

  3. “No longer will federal bureaucrats micromanage your police departments,” Trump said.
    Maybe not, but they sure as hell need to be micromanaged by the citizens who they serve and work for! Fuck the police unions!

    1. Yes, it’s up to local citizens to control their police. Tough on them if they don’t.

      Of course police might act more like Sheriff Andy Griffith if the locals would act more like the residents of Mayberry.

      1. As long as Mr. Law Dog doesn’t harass me for “drinkin’ ice-cold cherry coke” out of a paper bag while walking down the street.

      2. It’s up to the federal government to make sure no local governments violate the citizens constitutional rights. They don’t owe it to police to make sure their jobs are easier or make sure they go home safely at night. And they sure don’t owe it to police to make sure theyre “respected”.

  4. >>”All over the world they’re talking about Chicago,”

    Bears need kicker. Immigants welcome to apply.

    1. International pizza federation calls deep dish style “abomination” “worst in world”.

      1. for once an international organization has a good idea

        1. Pequod’s or gtfo.

    2. They also need a QB looks like.

  5. Give him a break Mr Trump,Captain Eddie fell asleep at the wheel. or he’d a been there.

  6. Trump should have invited the Nigerian MAGA brothers in Captain Eddie’s place.

  7. Those are his values, and frankly his values are a disgrace. I will never put the needs of illegal criminals over the needs of law-abiding citizens. It’s very simple to me.”

    So you are ending civil asset forfeiture, Mr President?

    1. No, civil asset forfeiture is a tool of the legal criminals.

  8. So he really is Making America Great Again.

  9. “When children hear the sirens of your patrol cars,” Trump said, “they race to catch a glimpse, because they know that you are the heroes of their streets.”

    No Mr president. Duck, they duck and hide.

    Obviously Trump has never been to any part of Chicago outside of Michigan Ave.

    1. They race to get a glimpse of residents getting killed by the cops.

      1. Or to pick up the crack that falls from the perp’s sock.

  10. Trump gets to take credit for falling violent crime rates. A better economy means less crime… that’s pretty straightforward. And even if he had nothing to do with a better economy, he still gets to take credit for it. That’s how it goes with the POTUS.

    Clinton gets to take credit for a balanced budget that he actively fought against. Obama runs around taking credit for a recovery that never really got started until after he was out of office. And Trump is gonna take credit for low unemployment, low crime and maybe even bringing the troops home.

    1. Better economy = less crime. That actually isn’t true. Track national crime rates alongside national economic indicators and you will see they don’t follow each other in the slightest. Unemployment, poverty, etc. None of those rates follow the crime rates. It actually is a pretty interesting quandary in criminology. Essentially, all the things associated with crime at the individual level don’t actually seem to matter on national crime rates.

      1. Bullshit:
        “The national crime rate peaked in 1991 at 5,856 crimes per 100,000 people, and has generally been declining ever since.”
        Now, I’ll let you invent some BS cite for “economic indicators” and call you on bullshit again.

    2. “…And even if he had nothing to do with a better economy,..”
      You can spin otherwise, but the POTUS always has a major effect on the economy in general and the market in particular.
      Obo managed to delay the recovery from 2008 for years; his attempts to micro-manage the economy frightened anyone who had skin in the game; ask the GM bond-holders.
      Trump showed up, the market gained:
      “Stocks often tumble during unexpected and surprising moments, like Trump’s late-night victory and, earlier in 2016, the Brexit referendum.
      The chart, however, illustrates only moves during the regular trading day (as do the following charts of stock prices), and so it doesn’t include the wild ride from the night of November 8.
      Instead it shows how quickly stock markets recovered, as investors focused on assumptions that are good for the market instead of uncertainty.
      All of the major US indexes have set all-time highs. As the next charts will show, certain sectors have been big winners since the election, while others have not fared as well.”–1
      (even the lefty BI site had to admit it)

  11. I had always thought that the economy affected crime rates. Turns out that is probably not true.

    For example.

    I don’t really care what Trump claims credit for. If the lobster catch in Maine was at an all time high he would take credit for that as well.

      1. Stock markets are not predictors of crime rates.

        Not at all.

        That has zero to do with the murder rate in Chicago.

        If you want to talk market investments I have no advice on this matter.

        Somebody smarter than me said, that Buffett guy.

        “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

  12. “Trump Takes Credit for Crime Drop”

    So outrageous, no president has ever done something like that before.

  13. “Afghanistan is a safe place by comparison.”


  14. It was a brutal rhetorical beat down. The chief should not have picked this fight and then got caught drunk driving

  15. He’s probably not wrong. The tax cuts and stopping the Obama regulation train has helped keep the economy strong, and a strong economy means fewer hooligans on the street.

    1. Statistics prove otherwise.

  16. Cops are not all bad we know that.

    I actually have a good story about the Chicago PD.

    I have connections with the Chicago orthodox Jewish community which is centered in the Rogers Park area. On Shabbat the Jews are walking as driving is forbidden. So they are walking to prayers, other things. Some local punks and there is gang activity, were driving up and harassing and threatening the Jews.

    The CPD put in foot patrols. The officers walked with them and the attacks stopped. The community was very welcoming of the police officers. None of them went without a hearty lunch and were invited into homes to share.

    So local issues are local. You have to interact with the community and find solutions. What works in Rogers Park might not work in East Cleveland or South Detroit.

    1. Echospinner….Really liked the anecdote. It reinforces my point, I think. There are literally millions of interactions between citizens and cops every day. These interactions are not remarkable. I would wager that there are many more interactions like you mention (cops going out of their way to protect members of the community), than there are ‘bad’ interactions.

  17. Appreciation for simply being so helpful and also for choosing certain excellent topics most people are really desirous to learn about. My very own honest apologies for not expressing gratitude to you sooner.

  18. I agree that there are good and honest cops and the bad apples give them a terrible name. What I don’t get is why the bad apples get away with everything and they have constantly had their asses covered by the Judges, other cops, DAs and neighborhood blue line worshipers who will try and justify every douchey things that entitled, racist, aggressive and power hungry bad apple cops do all the time. I would be more likely to believe that it was an honest situation if every crooked thing that the bad apples do wasn’t swept under the rug.
    Also- publish your Brady lists! I want to know who the crooked ones are. You have no problem putting other criminals mug shots online and harassing them for the rest of their lives. I want to see criminal cops treated the same way as every other American citizen. Not above the law!

  19. So the anti-gun cult is wrong to claim that there is an epidemic of gun violence?

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