New Research Shows There's One and Only Way To Combat Obesity

Or maybe not. We probably need more research.


Like death and taxes, obesity research and dietary advice are both unavoidable and to be avoided at all costs.

Tamar Haspel of the Washington Post became fully convinced last month by a new study that says we know highly processed food makes us fat. (She's not alone.) Others argue that it's not just processed food but cheap processed food that makes us fat. Still others are equally convinced now that genes and molecular stuff make us fat. Or maybe it just boils down to our gut bacteria.

Elsewhere, new research suggests empowering America's youth could be the key to stopping obesity in its tracks. But why stop there? Could empowering cats (or perhaps kittens, to keep the analogy going), which new research argues have been gripped by the same obesity epidemic that plagues their human owners, also yield similar results?

Or maybe all this stuff doesn't matter. Maybe all we need is someone like Lucy in A Charlie Brown Christmas, who takes Chuck's five cents before telling him that the key to reversing his melancholy is simply finding the right label for his fears. Ergo, let's just call obesity a disease so we can regulate it and its causes, effects, and victims.

If your head is mostly spinning, so is mine. That's why I was heartened this week to learn about a University of Iowa study that's revealed what may just be the one and only simple truth behind the cause of obesity: "Obese people eat more food because it simply tastes better, a new study has found." 

This new research suggests a simple fix to the problem of obesity: by law, all food shall now taste worse. After all, if obese people eat more food because it tastes better, mandating that food taste worse will force obese people to eat less food. That will, in turn, make obese people thin.

Once every last obese person is thin, lawmakers can mandate that food may taste good again. No one will overeat because—and here's the key—only obese people eat more food because it tastes better. With no obese people left, thanks to the success of my all-food-shall-now-taste-worse diktat, everyone will eat exactly the right amount of tasty food.

I jest, of course. But just like the premise that "obese people eat more food because it simply tastes better," new research often doubles down on things that sound suspiciously obvious. Take a new study showing obesity is a risk factor for other illnesses. I don't know what (if anything) was lacking with the old research that said largely the same thing.

But new research also sometimes tells us something new, and even can upend old ideas. Take a person's proximity to grocery stores. Living in close proximity to grocery stores was long associated, as a 2006 study argued, with lower obesity rates. But subsequent research in 2014 poured cold water on the earlier claims, showing that one's proximity to a grocer has no impact on dietary habits or obesity.

Now, the latest research is claiming that the opposite of the 2006 study may be true. It's not that living near a grocery store is good, as the 2006 study claimed. And it's not that it doesn't matter, as the 2014 study argued. No, now having supermarkets and grocers near your home is the thing that will make you fat. (For good measure, this same new research also claims commuting past fast-food restaurants makes you fat.)

I've written time and again that taxes and bans and marketing restrictions and assorted other nudges favored by food activists doesn't work when it comes to combating obesity. One reason: no one knows why exactly America (and the world) has become obese. And that may be the one thing all this obesity research makes clear.

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  1. One reason: no one knows why exactly America (and the world) has become obese.

    I’d have to believe it’s an increase in leisure time combined with processed foods for the trending rise in obesity. But one-size-fits-all solutions don’t fit all.

    Growing up I had long periods of heavy activity and long periods of sloth, and my diet was alternately atrocious and healthy. The constant was that I never gained weight. It would have been a monumental injustice to people like me to have thrust upon him policies that didn’t apply to my situation. Won’t someone please think of the skinny kids?

    1. I’m of the theory that it is the fact we have foods all year now. We are animals after all. We evolved on fatty summers and lean winters. Now it is fatty summers and winters.

      1. Yes.
        We are obese because cheap delicious food is readily available and our bodies evolved to take advantage of plentiful food periods since they were often followed by periods of dearth.

        1. Nobel Prize for you!!

        2. I think it really comes down to the fact we eat too much and exercise less. But I am just a simple libertarian leaning guy with a B.A. from a State School and not a progressive with an advance degree from an Ivy league.

          1. I’m descended from survivors of the Irish Famine of the 1840s. My personal theory is that my body stores digested food as fat more efficiently than a skinny person’s body. I have a large immediate family and a large extended family. Some of us have “fat faces” and end to be heavy. Others have thin faces and tend to be lean. Some of this tendency to be heavy genetic. A great deal of it has to do with prosperity and not having to break a sweat. I may have a thrifty gene
            or I may not. The science on that is mixed, anyway. I know there were periods in the last 20 years when I was more active, and trimmer. I do eat mostly fresh, unprocessed food that I cook myself. But I am sedentary at work, where I used to have to be on my feet and walking around a lot. It wouldn’t hurt me to ride my bike to work a few days a week. Let’s not forget, from the viewpoint of evolution, if I’m fit enough to reproduce and live long enough that my progeny can reproduce, I am now disposable. Keel over from a heart attack at 45 years-old? You already did your job, Bubba!

            {Man, I miss previewing posts!}

      2. I agree.

        You can’t undo millions of years of evolution. No other animal on the planet eats meals based on a time clock. Feast and famine is the order of the day.

        The closest you and I will come to healthy eating is intermittent fasting. Add in “healthy” food to IF and you will get healthy.

      3. That’s an interesting idea. Except that obesity in the US correlates very well with caloric intake over time. We ate 2025 calories/day average in 1970 and 2481 calories/day average now. And by food subgroups that change is entirely the result of increased amounts of grains, veggie oils, and corn sweeteners. All very heavily used by food processors and restaurants as cheap filler. Vs ‘cheap filler’ that used to be used when preparing meals at home – veggies as side dishes, extra glasses of water.

        None of those are particularly seasonable – though there is prob some element of switching to grains/processed (or eating out) from boring starchy root veggies in winter. but we had prob switched from that well before 1970.

        1. If there’s an explainable reason for why we are eating out more and eating more processed foods – it’s that women are now in the workforce not preparing meals at home waiting for all the Cleavers to return home

          1. Broads need to quit their bitchin’ and get back to the kitchen.

    2. That trend in increased inactivity and reduced caloric need merely leads to the notion that we shouldn’t be eating the same caloric quantity of food as we did in say the 1930’s or 1970’s. Eat the same amount (or more) with reduced calorie burn = storage of excess as first glycogen and then body fat. It doesn’t say WHICH foods should be composing a smaller % of that plate now. I think that second part is where the basic knowledge of how insulin/glucagon (an either/or decision by pancreas) work on different foods comes into play.

      Won’t someone please think of the skinny kids?

      Average American teenager now has the same level of physical activity as a 60 year old. The skinny kids are in Ethiopia. And the last thing we need is to keep serving the same size plate we were served as kids – with the pressure to eat everything on it cuz think of the starving kids in Ethiopia.

      1. 60 year olds dont jack off 10 times a day.

        1. Speak for yourself.

        2. Maybe not 10 times per day.

      2. Maybe this is an argument to elect a socialist. When remembering how well Stalin’s, Mao’s economic / farming policies worked and how they led to truly wonderful periods of famine and starvation, it is an obvious solution.

    3. But the whole point of “society” is to specialize and advance technology. Technology in turn allows us to maximize laziness. I mean the TV remote control wasn’t invented because getting up to change the channel was too complicated or too much effort. The same goes for automatic transmissions, cruise control, and Amazon. It’s a weird dynamic because I don’t think anyone wakes up one morning and wonders what they can invent just so they don’t have to do something but that seems to be what really happens.

      1. Robert Heinlein wrote:
        “The mother of invention is not necessity. It is laziness.”

    4. “I’d have to believe it’s an increase in leisure time combined with processed foods for the trending rise in obesity.”

      WIH “processed foods” has to do with anything is a mystery to me, and probably to you. And “leisure time” is so much hogwash; quite a bit of it seems to be spent at the gym.
      Here’s a hint: the best exercises to reduce weight is the ‘push back’ from the table while there’s still food left on the plate, and the head shake when asked whether you’d like another helping of cake-and-ice cream desert.
      This is really not hard to understand; eat about the same calories as you bur to maintain weight, adjust to gain or lose.

    5. Two thoughts;

      1) The charts for weight were revised slightly before we started to hear about the ‘obesity epidemic’…and the new charts pegged optimum weights lower then the previous ones. I don’t insist that the new charts are wrong (although they are the product of government bureaucrats, so…) but I think this has a good deal to do with the ‘sudden’ shift.

      2) Fashions change. The fashion for being thin has lasted a good long time, and now seems to be shifting back. I observe that Civil War type beards are now fashionable, too.

      Could it be that the ‘obesity epidemic’ is little more than a reaction to a shift in fashion?

      Third thought; Based on my half-century on this Earth; if you don’t like the dietary advice the government is giving out now? Wait five years. It will change.

  2. Let people pay cash for minor medical stuff and have catastrophic health insurance for major medical stuff.

    This way fat people who refuse to live a moderate lifestyle pay for their own medical problems. Same thing with Soy Boyz, smokers, thrill seekers, and other high risk adventurers.

    1. Exactly. Stop socializing the costs, and we can let people live their lives they way they want.

      1. I have a friend who’s husband has some ongoing health issues that aren’t super serious but require him to pay attention to his lifestyle. My once said she was for socialized medicine because she was tired of the fact that he had to work so hard to take care of himself and they had to spend more money on healthy foods.

    2. You can already pay cash for services you stupid piece of shit.

      1. Poor new even dumber troll.

        1. A compliment coming from you.

          1. Everyone will see how mentally retarded you actually are once you start posting more as another sock troll.

            I was trying to be nice and just call you dumb.

            1. Did Hihn get lazy and give up after the first two letters of his name?

      2. It’s not so easy in many cases.

    3. Yup. No Medicare. No Medicaid. No ObamaCare.

    4. By making medical/health care a cash and carry business you would see real savings in health care cost and perhaps people taking better care of themselves

      1. People certainly need to be more involved in the billing process.

  3. Looks like the Clintons finally got to Jeffrey Epstein

    Jeffrey Epstein dead in apparent suicide

    Convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein died overnight in an apparent suicide, law enforcement sources told the Post Saturday.

    A gurney carrying a man who looked like Epstein was wheeled out of the Manhattan Correctional Center around 7:30 a.m. and headed to New York Downtown Hospital. A call for a reported cardiac arrest came in at 6:38 a.m., Fire Department sources said.

    1. “who looked like” is the key. Dead or not, he’s not going to be able to snitch on Bill or his buddies.


    2. Is this an “OT Post”?

      Oh, wait, Epstein used the ULTIMATE weight-loss “solution” and lost ALL of the mass in his ENTIRE BODY, so I guess this is an on-topic post!!!

      I DO NOT ENDORSE WHAT EPSTEIN DID!!! (It’s not good for your body).

    3. Well, that didn’t take long, did it? Please at least show some creativity and try to weave the Rothschilds into your conspiracy theory.

      1. And of course the DC Madam also committed suicide. Obviously. It’s just too difficult to suffer living while knowing the secrets of the ruling class.

      2. He had the goods on prince Andrew.

        It was Bond, James Bond.
        Assisted by his friends in Mossad because, enough already with this Schmuck. Besides they owed MI6 a favor for a few things involving the Russians which I won’t get into.

    4. I don’t see how killing him would solve anything, it’s not like they would just stop all of the investigating and put the evidence away forever, would they? But it’s bizarre that they took him off suicide watch

      1. They were worried he’d hate confinement so much that he’d spill the beans about Bill and derail Hillary’s next turn.


      2. It’s a lot easier to memory-hole everything if the prime culprit is dead.

        1. I am not much for conspiracy theories but this one sure looks fishy.

          There were who knows how many powerful people in addition to those we know of that he had the goods on from trips to pedo island and his other lairs so motive is not a question. To accomplish something like this the right arrangements needed to be made and these sorts of people can do that.

          – he was taken off suicide watch when he clearly was a risk

          – he was supposed to have been checked every 30 minutes and was not.

          – he was not assigned a roommate as he was supposed to

          – read an interview today by a former inmate there describing in detail how it would be impossible to commit suicide in that cell. Everything from the clothing, type of sheets, the bed, walls, everything.

          – for all we know it may not have been just the sex. His financial dealings and how he made all that money is very murky. He might have had dealings with cartel or mobsters capable of arranging something like this.

          – evidence can be made to go away now that he cannot testify.

      3. DA: “Can I see the evidence on the Epstein case”

        Clerk: “Epstein…Epstein…got a first name?”

        DA: “Jeffrey, Jeffrey Epstein”

        C: “Lemme take a look” (goes to file room. Sounds of drawers opening and closing, boxes moving around)

        C: (shouts from back room) “Hey Bob! you remember where we filed the evidence on Epstein? I thought it was in one of these boxes marked Evidence here, but can’t seem to find it now”

        Bob: “ I think we sent it downtown”

        C: “Yeah, yeah that’s it. Check with the guys downtown. Must be there somewhere”

    5. It would be real genius if they faked his death until after he can rat out the Clintons and their pals. That would be too good to be true though.

  4. I just follow the government guidelines on cutting down on meat and fat and salt and getting lots of carbs and I still weigh the same 350 pounds I weighed in high school, haven’t gained an ounce in 40 years.

    1. Clearly the government has failed you, and you are entitled to reparations.

  5. OT: Jeffrey Epstein commits suicide in jail.
    Jeffrey Epstein Commits Suicide at Manhattan Jail

    So, this effectively protects his assets from any victims.

    Who here called this “suicide” like so many Clinton associates who also committed “suicide”?

    1. Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking victim named Bill Richardson, George Mitchell in newly released documents

      So one of the victims named 3 Democrats as perpetrators who allegedly committed statutory rape.
      “…two prominent Democratic politicians – former Sen. George Mitchell and ex-New Mexico governor and Clinton cabinet official Bill Richardson….”

      No wonder Trump decided to have the Epstein sex case reopened by the DOJ.

    2. It’s the Freemasons dude.

    3. The only person surprised by Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide was Jeffrey Epstein, and even he had to have his suspicions it was coming.

      1. Heheheh

    1. Based on their theory that the person who is threatened gets banned for posting the other person threatening them… why isnt Sarah Silverman banned?

      1. Only people who have not signaled that they are Team Blue have protection.

        Wear guns- get threatened with death. At this rate, Civil War 2.0 will come faster than Lefties thought. If the government is going to gun me down for grocery shopping while having a pistol in a holster, fuck this shit. It’s time to clean house.

        1. All-talk clingers threatening to go “the full LaVoy” are among my favorite embittered, fringe-dwelling, inconsequential casualties of the culture war.

          1. Shove a .45 up your ass and pull the trigger you worthless piece of subhuman garbage. Just do the world a fucking favor and murder yourself you useless turd.

          2. Are you at war, rev? Talk about embittered!

            It’s a shame you’re so unhappy.


  6. OT: China Claims U.S. ‘Black Hand’ Is Behind Hong Kong Protests

    Wait, wait, WAIT… I have been assured that only White people can be racist and hate Black hands. Now we have the Chinese hating Black hands?

    1. Black hands matter!

      1. Are white jazz hands cultural appropriation?

    2. Somebody must not have washed their hands after the last cross burning!

    3. Wouldn’t it be big black cocks that are behind them?

  7. From the article…

    “…Others argue that it’s not just processed food but cheap processed food that makes us fat….”

    Emphasis on the “cheap” part!!! EXPENSIVE processed food will then NOT make us fat??!? OK, then, THAT is why the leftists want to tax the hell out of processed foods!!! (Along with just about everything except leftist hot air). The higher taxes alone, will make us skinnier, even if we do NOT cut back on eating!!!

  8. OT: Andreychenko had been seen pushing a shopping cart and recording video of himself on a cellphone, police told NBC affiliate KYTV.

    The 2nd Amendment is only a suggestion. Local prosecutors charged this RUSSIAN-American with terroristic threats for innocently carrying a pistol and rifle without threatening anyone. He recorded the whole event.

    1. Come on. He had to know that people would lose their shit when he walked into a Wal Mart like that. Seems like he was trying to be provocative to see what would happen and record it. He probably wasn’t going to harm anyone, but damn he needs to use some common sense. Like they said, he’s lucky he didn’t get shot.

      1. He probably did know. He said he did as an experiment on 2A protections. That town failed. As designed by lefty Propagandists in the MSM, who cannot win the 2A argument so they hope innocent gun owners are scared to carry.

        Anyone who shoots a person carrying guns without brandishing them in a threatening manner, deserves the criminal punishment for attempted murder/murder. You don’t shoot people for carrying Arms.

        People in Georgia were carrying pistols on their hips the day following the shootings and we didn’t have any problems here.

      2. To be honest, I would have walked up to him and talked with him.

        You know speak with fellow humans before jumping to pants-shitting conclusions.

      3. It isnt a crime to make stupid hysteric people lose their shit unless you focus that losing their shit to incite violence a la antifa.

        1. I didn’t say it was a crime or that it should be, but damn read the room.

  9. OT: Las Vegas security guard arrested for plot to bomb synagogue or LGBTQ bar

    Conor Climo, 23, was charged with one count of possession of an unregistered firearm, “namely, the component parts of a destructive device,” the Department of Justice said Friday.

    Court documents show that Climo communicated via an encrypted internet chatroom with people identified as white supremacists and told an FBI informant on the chat that he was scouting for places to attack.

    The complaint also alleges that Climo would regularly use derogatory racial, anti-Semitic and homosexual slurs in the online conversations and would discuss attacking a Las Vegas synagogue and making Molotov cocktails or other improvised explosive devices.

    The documents also point to a 2016 news report by KTNV-TV about Climo patrolling his neighborhood wearing battle gear and carrying an assault rifle and survival knife. He shows and describes to a reporter the four 30-bullet ammunition magazines he is carrying.

    Neighbors expressed concern, but Climo was not arrested at the time. Nevada is an open-carry state, and Climo broke no laws, officials said Friday.

    1st Amendment and 2nd Amendment protections, only suggestions.

    1. Climo was ordered to remain in federal custody pending an Aug. 23 court appearance on the federal firearms charge.

      8th Amendment right to non-excessive bail also a suggestion.

      1. Red flag at work.

    2. Again, when you tell people shit like, “I’m gonna bomb a synagogue,” don’t be surprised when people take you seriously and act preemptively.

      1. Americans have threatened to nuke all sorts of countries, they didnt act preemptively.

        There is a line between “I’m gonna bomb someplace” and “I’m gonna bomb someplace, here is the plan, here are my accomplices, and this is when”.

        Threats need to be credible, as in the person has taken steps to actually move forward with committing the violence. There needs to be a Bright-Line definition between Free Speech and Press and credible threats.

        Some parents say that they are “going to kill their kids”. That does not mean that they will do it.

        1. Americans have threatened to nuke all sorts of countries, they didnt act preemptively.

          Because the consequences of doing so would be disastrous. The consequences of arresting someone for making vague threats is basically nothing.

          Threats need to be credible

          To get arrested, apparently not.

          There needs to be a Bright-Line definition between Free Speech and Press and credible threats.

          Ok. I agree. You and your friend apparently have the exact same lack of reading comprehension. I was never advocating for arresting this guy or the guy walking into Wal Mart while heavily armed. I was saying don’t be surprised when you do shit like that scare people into arresting you.

      2. By your argument everyone associated with chap trap house and antifa should be in jail. Hashtag punch a nazi should be in jail. Etc.

        1. Did I say it’s what should happen?

    3. Planning to use explosives for mass murder? Bullshit. Only guns are used for mass murder.


      /Full Hihn

  10. I am confused again. I thought we have to embrace/celebrate/honor the full diversity of people as they are (or want to be), including fatties. But all this earnest social and pending official action to reduce fatness seems to contradict that.

    What’s a sarcastic cynic to do?

    1. Fatties can still be mocked. They get too tired yelling at you and eventually slip in their own sweat to shut up.

    2. Stuff like this always reminds me of a protest against a billboard in SF (IIRC) years ago. A health club ad that said “when the aliens invade, they’ll eat the fat ones first”

      1. Not the hipster aliens. They will pay more for free-range.

        1. I guess hipsters gotta hipster, no matter what planet they come from. (Build the Dome!!!)

          1. Fucking punk ass Romulan hipsters.

        2. Haha good one

  11. This is why we need mandatory fat-shaming laws. “I am obligated to tell you, I can sell you these biggie fries, but first I must state for the record that you are a disgusting fatbody.” It really is a public service. We’re not an attractive species as it is. Why embrace Michelin Man appearances?

    1. Oooh, but why stop there? We could have scrawny-shaming laws! “I will open this stuck jar lid for you, but first I must tell you that you’re a pansy-assed weakling!” And idiot-shaming laws! “I will calculate the tip for you, but first I must tell you that you’re an ignorant and mathematically-challenged moron!” And mandatory ugly-shaming laws!
      Man, this is fun! Not sure it’ll make for a calmer, more tolerant society, but it’s worth a shot.

      1. I’m in favor of all of those. Except ugly. You can’t help that. Blame your parents. You can be fit and decently educated. Those are choices. Why have tolerance for sloth and stupidity?

  12. I absolutely agree with Mr Linnekin. We must empower kittens!

    1. Thye are already imbued with the power of cuteness.

  13. This new research suggests a simple fix to the problem of obesity: by law, all food shall now taste worse. After all, if obese people eat more food because it tastes better, mandating that food taste worse will force obese people to eat less food. That will, in turn, make obese people thin.

    I don’t know, I earned my Ruebenesque figure honestly and yet some people think corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Thousand Island on rye to be the very definition of disgustingly awful food.

    1. Who are these some people and why are they not banned from america?

      1. Unfortunately, I’m related to some of them. I’ve never had as good a Reuben at a restaurant as I can make myself, but when I make them at home nobody else wants one and I wind up having to eat them all myself.

        1. I’ll even eat the crappy cole slaw instead of sauerkraut versions. Just dont put russian mustard on it and we are good.

        2. The key is getting good ingredients. Real corned beef and sauerkraut not the crap they sell at the grocery and some good rye bakery bread with an actual crust.

          Now I’m hungry again.

    2. The beginning of the end was when restaurants started selling toasted reubens, because grilling wasn’t “healthy.”

      1. That just gives me nightmares.

        Has the world gone mad? Is there no decency left? No sense of justice? No respect for our most sacred values and culinary delights???

        What next toasting kittens???


  15. New Research Shows There’s One and Only Way To Combat Obesity

    I don’t understand these people. We’ve long known that the most effective way to combat obesity is communal ownership.

    1. Looking for something which doesn’t have the main side effect of mass starvation and death.

  16. The grocery store proximity thing changing isn’t all that surprising. Early on, those in close proximity could walk or bike to the grocer more frequently for short, small trips.

    Ordering groceries for delivery defeats that purpose.

    And I think I can concur with the “food tastes better” bit. I doubt I’d be fat if all I had on hand was a “wee sheep’s bladder”.

  17. So we went from mostly physical jobs to mostly sedentary jobs. From restaurant meals (that typically contain a full days calorie needs in one meal) as special occasions to going several times a week. But we can’t figure out why people are fatter.

  18. I feel lucky. Years of smoking left me with no appreciable intensity of a palate. I did quit (mostly), but indifference to food remains. My problem is alcohol. I quit drink for a year and a half and lost my baby fat completely. I see fat people who don’t eat much and assume they are just alcoholics.

    1. Tony don’t know the evidence for it but there is a common belief that drinkers at higher risk for cirrhosis are those who “drink but don’t eat”. Which makes sense. Getting most of your calories from vodka is not going to make your liver happy.

    2. Real alkies often don’t eat much, or eat the wrong stuff, leading to malnutrition.

      1. Sometimes severe alcoholics have dangerous nutritional deficiencies related to compromised liver function.

  19. The first step would be, out with Kentucky Fried Chicken and in with Kentucky Steamed Broccoli.
    Mmm, mmm broccoli!

  20. “Take a new study showing obesity is a risk factor for other illnesses. I don’t know what (if anything) was lacking with the old research that said largely the same thing.”

    Come on Reason, replication of prior study results is incredibly important in science.

  21. The Green New Deal is not enough! We need the Thin Green New Deal!

    Although maybe thinness is implicit, given that we will all be living on home-grown vegetables and walking everywhere.

  22. Pass a law that video games and televisions and cell phones must be powered only by generators hooked up to a treadmill or stationary bicycle.

    1. That must be how Gilligan stayed so thin after eating all of those coconut creme pies.

      1. Well, a high metabolism helps too. Plus the Skipper made him work for those creampies.

  23. Nutrition studies, other than identifying basic nutrients we need are pretty much worthless when it comes to obesity.

    We all know from common experience that people have differences. There are the perpetually thin people who can eat everything. I am one of those although as I get older it has changed a bit. There are those who even look at a loaf of bread and gain weight.

    Everyone has some kind of food issue and it is a good topic.

  24. Spending tax dollars on worthless studies causes obesity.

  25. Let me know when these idiots replicate the Princeton rat study with pigs and monkeys. It’s odd how replacing all HFCS in my diet with actual sugar has caused slow weight loss with no other significant changes.

    1. Not a weight loss thing exactly but my wife was having big GI problems which sometimes kept her in bed for days.

      Turns out it was the artificial sugar alcohols they put in the low calorie products. She switched to real sugar or stevia and has not had a problem since. Btw she has not gained a pound and actually is a nutrition coach who helps other people to lose weight and maintain that.

  26. new research suggests empowering America’s youth could be the key to stopping obesity in its tracks.

    Emphasis added. WTF?

    1. *** reads linked article ***

      “Youth created their own narratives around why it was important for them–not their parents, teachers, or researchers like myself–to change the types of beverages they were drinking,” says study lead author Dr. Monica Wang, assistant professor of community health sciences at BUSPH. “This type of empowerment strategy recognizes youth as experts in their own lives, and may be particularly engaging for youth of color.”

      Oh. And RACIST!!

      1. “Youth created their own narratives around why it was important for them–not their parents, teachers, or researchers like myself–to change the types of beverages they were drinking,” says study lead author Dr. Monica Wang, assistant professor of community health sciences at BUSPH. “This type of empowerment strategy recognizes youth as experts in their own lives, and may be particularly engaging for youth of color.”

        Thank you. That is what you’d expect from a ‘studies’ major and anyone with an IQ above room temperature will see it as BS.

        1. When i hear people talk like that, it’s hard not to savagely beat them.

    2. Obviously a typo. It should read “Powering America with youth”, as in hooking them up to carts and generators. THAT will cure obesity.

  27. Some people get fat because conditions cause it, but most fatties get that way by taking in (eating) more calories than they burn off. The solution isn’t easy to carry out but it’s easy to state: Eat less. If you want to lose weight quickly, eat MUCH less. Regular exercise helps a lot, such as walking a mile or two every day.

    1. Even those with ‘conditions’ are fat for he same reason; eating more than you burn.
      The best ‘regular exercise’ is pushing your chair back when there’s still food on the plate.

    2. “most fatties get that way by taking in (eating) more calories than they burn off.”

      Most? Please provide a mechanism for getting fat that does not involve “taking in (eating) more calories than they burn off.”

    3. They’re fat because they don’t lift weights. No muscle. No metabolism. 12 ounce curls don’t count.

    4. And most people don’t fare well combining carbs and fat in quantity.

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  29. It’s a two step process:
    1. stop eating so much
    2. get off your couch and exercise

  30. Gulf Arab kids are enormous.

  31. “New Research Shows There’s One and Only Way To Combat Obesity”

    Let me guess… more research?

  32. I’m fat because every time I drive past a McDonald’s, Wendy’s, etc. a guy out front actually *shoots food down my gullet* with a food-bazooka. And there’s nothing I can do about it!

  33. There is one thing and only one thing that causes obesity: consuming more calories than you burn. Everything else is just a funnel into that one fact.

  34. That last study is partly correct though. All those unhealthy foods became unhealthy by tasting better through oil, butter, salt, etc. Of course there’s more to it than that. Here are the other reasons for obesity.

    1. Poor nutrition can make you feel hungrier even though you’re getting enough calories.
    2. Poor timing of meals (like skipping breakfast) can slow your metabolism and make it easier to gain weight.
    3. Lack of exercise exacerbates #2. For most out of shape people, low intensity exercise is the most optimal for burning fat.
    4. Fad diets and pop science lead people astray. Most diets are “proven” by nothing more than correlations. For instance, if I only eat Chipotle for a year and lose 50 pounds because I cut a reasonable amount of calories and started exercising, that’s not because I ate Chipotle.

    If you make sure to eat breakfast, eat smaller, intermittent meals, get lots of protein, have low intensity exercise 2-3 times per week, get better sleep, and cut about 300-400 calories from your current diet, you will lose weight. More specifically (and importantly), you will reduce your body fat percentage. That’s what you should focus on first and foremost. Sometimes your weight will fluctuate, but so long as your body fat is decreasing, you’re doing a good job.

  35. I don’t think its any one thing for any one typical (non-morbidly) obese person. I am sure most people who can stand to lose 20-30 pounds have their own individual kryptonite.

    If one is morbidly obese there is going to be more than one factor involved than just “food tastes better” or “processed foods” or whatever hobgoblin of science discovers next. But I would expect there is some compounding of multiple reasons such as low physical activity, underlying medical conditions both physical and psychological, poor stress control and stress eating, misunderstanding of what foods are healthy and portion control.

  36. You eat a pound of broccoli or bag of Doritos and tell me which one you like better 🙂

  37. Eat right and exercise. This is not new. (Actually getting of our butts and doing it is a different matter.)

  38. Beside the fact that we historically have more food available today, and a larger percentage of the population does not perform manual labor, I believe air conditioning is a real possible factor. Because we regulate the temperature of our environment at home, work and in transit, we don’t expend calories maintaining normal internal temperature in cold and hot weather.

  39. Argh. Another study summary with another unspecified comparison. “(O)bese people … eat more food … because it tastes better.”
    Wait. Exactly what is being compared there?
    More food than what? More food than the non-obese? More food than before? Before when?
    And tastes better than what? Tastes better than to the non-obese? Tastes better than food that – what – tastes worse? Tastes better than before? Before when?
    This is common in media stories about health and diet: a comparison (more! less! better! worse!) without the word “than.” No wonder people are confused.
    I think Twain joked he didn’t read health books because one might die of a misprint. These days, a bigger risk might be just sloppy writing.

  40. The best way to reduce obesity is Communism.

  41. -Or maybe not. We probably need more research.-

    Fat chance.

  42. Guaranteed to solve the problem:
    Scientifically balanced Purina Monkey Chow – 2000 kcal/day per day, forever

  43. Too many calories in, not enough out. Simple as that.

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