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The Backlash Over The Little Mermaid Casting a Black Ariel Is Fake News

Few people who tweeted #NotMyAriel were actually upset about Halle Bailey portraying the mermaid princess.


To all Little Mermaid fans who were disheartened to learn that Disney casting a black woman in the role of Ariel had prompted a racist backlash, worry not: The #NotMyAriel controversy is mostly fake news.

Last week, Disney announced that Halle Bailey, a black actress, would portray the fictional mermaid princess in a live-action remake. Allegedly, this infuriated some racists because Ariel is red-haired and white-skinned in the cartoon version. "Us white girls, who grew up with The Little Mermaid, deserved a true-to-color Ariel," wrote one critic, Rebeccs, in a tweet that went viral. "Disney, you made a huge mistake by hiring Halle Bailey."

Horrified? Don't be. A troll account was responsible for the tweet, as Buzzfeed's Brandon Wall helpfully explained:

Moreover, there were a lot more people responding to the tweet and disagreeing with it than liking it.

It's true that a few Twitter users seemed genuinely upset about the casting. But the overwhelming majority of people tweeting #NotMyAriel are doing so in support of Bailey and expressing outrage that anyone would be offended by a black Ariel. Their fury is well-intended but largely unnecessary.

Nevertheless, The Washington Post ran not one but two articles on Tuesday bemoaning the "uproar over a black Ariel." (Articles appeared at other sites as well.) The only evidence of said uproar is a handful of tweets, which again, are more than canceled out by all the other tweets. But try telling that to history professor Brooke Newman, who implies in The Post that there's an Ursula-sized backlash to the casting and that it all has something to do with Trump:

On July 4, as Americans celebrated Independence Day with barbecue, fireworks and armored vehicles rolling through the streets of Washington, #NotMyAriel began trending on Twitter. The hashtag took off in response to the announcement that Disney had hired Halle Bailey, an African American actress and R&B singer, to star as Ariel in the upcoming live-action remake of the 1989 feature-length cartoon "The Little Mermaid."

The #NotMyAriel backlash is part of the wave of white nostalgia that Donald Trump used to win the presidency by appealing to white, working-class Americans who feel marginalized by the country's growing diversity. In Trump's America, it's possible to return to a "simpler" past characterized by upward economic mobility and straight, white male cultural and political dominance.

#NotMyAriel was trending because a lot of people were tweeting that it's stupid to be offended by a black Ariel. This is not evidence of a widespread backlash, but evidence against it. Mistakes like these are the result of taking social media too seriously and too literally.

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  1. Or they are signs that some people desperately need their to be a backlash to validate their world view. If no one actually gives a shit about how “brave” they are being, and how they are “sticking it to those racists”. Then how will they be able to validate their wasted space?

    1. One tweet from a fake account gives thousands of social justice warriors the opportunity to bravely fight those windmills.

      1. Kind of like how a Clinton funded fake dossier inspires a shitstorm of Fake Russian collusion.

        1. When was the last time you did the dishes, you irreparable cretin?

          1. Tony, fuck off. You are certainly the laziest of lazy shitbags. And with all the stupid things you say you have no business criticizing anyone ever.

            Now go drink your Drano you bitchy little queen.

          2. How dare you assume my gender.

      2. The tweet was probably generated by one of the SJWs as a false flag anyway, just to get something to rant about.

        1. Yarp

        2. False controversy to gin false outrage. Yawn.

          The real outrage should be how much Hollywood sucks. Wokeness has replaced originality.

          1. The only reason anyone has is that they would like the actor to actually look like the character. This girl doesn’t.

            1. Nobody looks like the titular mermaid because mermaids don’t exist.

              1. I am shocked, SHOCKED! That you would state that mermaids don’t exist.

    2. Nailed it

    3. After the announcement of the main cast of the Witcher series from Netflix, I’m not surprised anymore. I would say, on the contrary, the black Ariel is quite a logical continuation after the gypsy Jennefer.

      1. After the announcement of the main cast of the Witcher series from Netflix, I’m not surprised anymore. I would say on the contrary, the black Ariel is quite a logical continuation after the gypsy Jennefer.

      2. After the announcement of the main cast of the Witcher series from Netflix, I’m not surprised anymore.

        What, you mean about Hollywood’s noticeable proclivity in the last 5 years or so to cast black actresses in place traditionally redheaded fictional characters?

    4. It’s encouraging to me if, in fact, there is no true racist backlash against the black Ariel kerfuffle. But we know that the white supremacy demographic endorses Donald Trump and votes Republican. While this does not necessarily, in itself, reflect on other Republicans, that fact could be made abundantly clear if ordinary Republicans would openly and unequivocally disavow racism.

      1. Republicans are tired of openly and unequivocally disavowing racism. Democrats are never satisfied by disavowings.

        Which is even more ironic, because the Democrat party uses the absolutely disproven “Nixon Southern Strategy” to deflect that the Democrat Party is the Party that defended slavery, that created the KKK and Jim Crow laws, and that continue to use skin color in the place of character for judging people — in particular, Democrats are the champions of “Affirmative Action”, which puts minority students into colleges where they aren’t prepared to enter, thus saddling minority students with debt and a higher likelihood of dropping out or dropping into a major that would be useless in paying back their loans.

        And now it is Democrats who insist that the only way we can celebrate diversity is to put women and minorities in positions that were formally filled by white males, rather than creating original[ stories where women and minorities excel in their roles. What better way is there to tell people “your culture and their accomplishments don’t matter” than by insisting “the only way you can have a successful role model is when someone of your kind replaces a white male”?

  2. This whole thing is part and parcel of Disney’s movie roll outs. It’s a calculated strategy, between Star Wars, Avengers and some of “classic” remakes there have been few without these types of “controversies” they get free publicity on social media and some actual print media.

    1. The reality is, most people who care expect it from Disney and are pretty numb to it already. But the rebuttal memes (Ryan Reynolds as MLK, etc) are pretty amusing.

      I do wonder what the rest of the car will look like – will it be like The Wiz?

      1. You’d think people would catch on and grow tired of naked pandering. But apparently it’s “brave” and “powerful” every time they do this.

        1. I wish someone would explain the rules (other than Whitey = Bad)

          Emma Stone can’t play a character based on an actual mixed race person with red hair, freckles, and fair skin, but Norse Gods are now black, as well as the cast of Hamilton

          1. White people don’t have a culture. We steal everything and besides Mickey Rooney played a Chinese stereotype in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Charles Bronson played an Indian and John Wayne played Ghenges Khan so white people really don’t have anything to complain about anyhow. Your just upset because be your obviously a racist. Don’t you know how brave this is for Disney? And you know Elsa is lesbian because c’mon Let it go? You know what that means and I signed a petition and will be so upset if that (obviously underage) unidentified young girl in the preview isn’t Elsa’s lover.
            Just to be clear I am not accusing lesbians of being any more or less probe to pedophilia than anyone else, but the joke is in response to many activist actually believing the girl in the 3 second clip (who appears adolescent at best) is Elsa’s lover.

            1. “It’s only cultural appropriation when Whitey does it”

              No one would care but for the concerted and explicit campaign by the intersectional Left of cultural appropriation and erasure.

              It’s the pattern, not the instance.

              1. The thing that annoys me most about outrage against cultural appropriation is that (1) it means that the *only* people who could celebrate a given culture is a person from that culture, thus preventing that culture from spreading (and thereby enforcing an erasure of that culture) and (2), the fact that cultural appropriation can only go one way — whitey people can’t make movies featuring Indians (of both the North American and the Asian kind), but Indians (again, of either kind) can make movies set in Brooklyn, New York — means that not only are other cultures suppressed, but whitey culture is *guaranteed* to spread throughout the world.

                It’s a really sick way to destroy every culture but whitey’s, if you ask me.

          2. And yet casting Idris Elba as the Gunslinger Roland in The Black Tower was “brave”…in the novels, the character’s whiteness is a crucial theme in unwinding the racial animosity that Odetta has. Odetta, one of the other main characters in the novel, did not appear in the movie (solved that problem, eh?), but spent a lot of time in the novels hating Roland for his whiteness. For Roland’s part, her blackness was not even a thing he noticed as anything more significant than the color of her eyes. Her being in a wheelchair wasn’t even something he overly concerned himself with except for the practical limitations.

            I like Idris Elba and think he’s a great actor and his casting didn’t really impact the fact that the movie was pure trash from the start. One of the worst King adaptations EVER. But his casting sure was “interesting” given the source material.

            1. I’ve never read The Black Tower, but if that was a main plot point, is it any wonder that Hollywood decided to trash it? We can’t be portraying black people as possibly being racist and white people as being “woke”, that’ll just feed Trump and his racist KKK allies or something.

              1. Roland wasn’t woke, he was just from another world where that shit wasn’t important.

            2. I stopped watching that movie after about 10 minutes. Just awful.

              Aside from the race themes in the book, Elba could have been a great Roland. But the movie was crap.

          3. It really only works one way. Because of progtarded racism against whites. Especially heterosexual males.

            Progressives need to be shown the door.

        2. “The problem with Apu”.


      2. I heard Carrot Top was to star in The Wiz.

    2. That’s a very good point. You’d have to be incredibly naive not to realise just what a golden goose the outrage validation culture is to marketing. It’s so easy to misrepresent and manipulate anything through the twittersphere and the complicit narrative herders and useful idiots in certain influential blogs and publications.

    3. This whole thing is part and parcel of Disney’s movie roll outs. It’s a calculated strategy, between Star Wars, Avengers and some of “classic” remakes there have been few without these types of “controversies” they get free publicity on social media and some actual print media.

      Except it has seriously hurt several releases and franchises and the only ones it’s really helped, AFAICT, weren’t owned by Disney.

      I don’t disagree that there are people who will buy into ‘any news is good news’ philosophy and that leveler heads who think more along the lines of ‘That may be but we should still avoid being a hot mess or car accident’ are more rare but the rampant and almost expected nature of it makes it seem like the latter don’t exist in positions of authority anymore.

      1. Exactly when did this happen? I don’t remember any movie being hurt by such controversy.

        It isn’t unusual for the “fake outrage” to be pushed by the press in these cases. And it isn’t unusual to hear claims of unique bravery by the studio.

        How many “first black superhero” claims have there been? It wasn’t just “Black Panther”. They said the same thing about Black Lightning, Luke Cage, War Machine, Man of Steel, Storm….

        The place to cast suspicions and aspersions is with the Washington Post and other media outlets, not the studio. Of course the studios are going to come up with stupid controversies to push their film. (Just like they come up with stupid “wow, making this movie was so much FUN! interview tours for the cast of terrible movies) But that doesn’t mean that the press has to print it.

        1. Exactly when did this happen? I don’t remember any movie being hurt by such controversy.

          It is, of course, largely fiscal projections and the prototypical example isn’t Disney, but the 2016 Ghostbusters controversy unquestionably didn’t help that film at all. Similarly, Ocean’s 8 was notoriously an all female juxtaposition and flopped. The prototypical example for Disney is The Last Jedi and there are more minor assertions about other movies (e.g. Captain Marvel’s rank in the MCU vs. Wonder Woman’s rank in the DCEU).

          Ultimately, and maybe I’m in the wrong circles, but I don’t hear people saying things like “I can’t believe they made that movie for women (or other woke SJW cause)!” the way I hear/heard people say “I can’t believe they made that movie!” Nobody says “I can’t believe they made 12 Years A Slave for black people!” or “Thanks to Shaft black people finally have private detective films to watch!” and I’ve seen little to nothing indicating that the SJW box-office controversy hype, if manufactured, comes even close to paying off. And there’s plenty of evidence that it doesn’t.

          I didn’t see/hear much dispute around the “first black superhero” claim. Pretty much everybody who heard it either saw Blade or knew who Sydney Poitier was or knew someone who did. I don’t know anyone who went to see Black Panther (or Blade) because it was the first black superhero movie. They went to see Black Panther because it catered to an underserved audience and/or told a fresh story and any implications of chronically or systematically underserved were between secondary and irrelevant.

          1. But the Ghostbusters “controversy” was completely contrived… it was the entire plan: “Look how woke we are! We put women in all the men’s roles, and men in all the women’s roles! We even made the man into a ‘dumb blonde’ secretary! Look how woke we are!” They even organized women-only watch parties.

            The only reason it utterly failed was that the move was just about as bad as a movie gets.

            But I do agree that it isn’t a good marketing tactic. That doesn’t mean they don’t try though. The only ones that I think unequivocally seem to work are the “they are trying to suppress my christian film”. But that works the way any decent marketing scheme works – by getting the word out to the right audience.

          2. #WokeWars has been a bonfire of billions of dollars of shareholder value.

            That Solo tanked was a sign of just how much the SJWs alienated the fan base. Solo is the most beloved character of the franchise, played by the biggest star. And the movie was fine. Tons better than the abomination that was Episode VIII. If it had been released before VIII, they would have raked it in. But release it after VIII, and the subsequent franchise talk of how they hate the fans, and guess what? The fans are gonna hate you too.

            And now, ooh, a red Sith Storm Trooper. Let me gets stacks of 100s to make it rain. Not.

  3. wait till they cast a skinny Ursula!

    1. If they don’t cast a fat drag queen in that role I think I’ll take my real grievances to social media.

      1. rumors say Melissa McCarthy. Time to grieve away?

        1. close enough.

          1. That’s a man, baby!

    2. how skinny? asking for a friend into tentacle porn

      1. google Fisherman’s Wife….those wacky Japanese

        1. Or Fisherman’s Wife 2: The Rententacling.

    3. Maybe Miranda Lambert?
      Or Britney Spears?

  4. Isn’t Halle Berry a little old for this role?

    1. Ageist!

    2. Stop confusing me

    3. Old for a human or for a mermaid?

    4. Yes, Halle Berry would be a bit too old, fortunately they cast 19 year old Halle Bailey instead

      1. Oh, thank you. I misread that too.

    5. Glad I wasn’t the only one caught off-guard by that naming collision.

    6. Age or not, I’d actually consider going to see it if Halle Berry was playing the role, especially in that seashell bikini.

      1. Actually, given the same computer technology they used to make Chris Evans a skinny runt as the pre-serum Captain America, and allow Ruffalo to be the Hulk, it would be quite straightforward to allow Halle Berry to play a teenager.

  5. From the SAME people who constantly BITCH about “cultural appropriation?

    1. “I think of a man and I take away logic & accountability”

      1. +1

    2. That is a great point.

    3. White people aren’t allowed to have a culture.

      It’s right there in the name. “White people” erases all the cultural heritage diversity between Greeks, Italians, Swedish, French, Germans, Russians, British, Irish, etc. They’re not even allowed to claim their own culture, it’s all been amalgamated into a thing that the entire world claims, and then blames them for imposing on the world.

      So, yes, it’s perfectly okay to steal The Little Mermaid from the Danes and make it the new Black.

    4. From the SAME people who constantly BITCH about “cultural appropriation?

      The line I keep thinking to myself is “SJWs are worse than terrorists.”

      Terrorists have goals and motives and can be reasoned with within the framework of them. Blow up a synagogue and put up a mosque? Terrorists happy. SJWs, OTOH, want everything and nothing in the same space. They will blow up a synagogue to (not) erect an invisible pink unicorn ranch. And when it turns out all the invisible pink unicorns (not) at the ranch are unisex, they’ll blow it up for something more inclusive. You can hand them a polyracial character that can swap, not just genders, but even bodies and life experiences past and present, and they’ll still complain about the character’s lack of identity, realism, or relatability. It’s similar to catering to the desires of toddlers who’s wants have changed by the time they’ve completed their expression of them.

      1. The progressives must be removed from America, much as a malignant tumor must be removed from a living body. Failure to do so ends in the same result.

  6. “Mistakes like these are the result of taking social media too seriously and too literally.”

    I’m fairly confident it’s a result of Disney’s publicity people in search of publicity working alongside the hair-trigger grievance mongers in search of racists to belabor.

    1. Exactly: viral marketing + SJW + NeverTrump = silly grievance coverage.

  7. I don’t know, but it seems that the concern should be reserved for the fact that this will be yet another rehash or something that was already done.

    Is it just me, or is Hollywood all but incapable of producing something that isn’t a remake, reboot, sequel, or franchise entry?

    And on the rare occasions that they do something we haven’t seen multiple times before, there is STILL a ridiculous backlash by idiots anyway. Case in point: the recent movie “Alita Battle Angel” (great movie, incidentally) is supposedly appealing to the alt-right! It’s so damn stupid it defies belief!

    1. They made a movie for the alt-right without telling me? I know I shouldn’t have let my subscription to Ron Paul’s newsletter lapse.

      1. No, they actually didn’t. It’s not the least bit “alt-right.” It’s guilty of the unforgivable current Hollywood sin of not trying to ram a political message down the audience’s throats.

        1. After all the negative coverage I was surprised that I enjoyed the movie. I found the end a bit anticlimactic, kind of as if it was the pilot episode of a series, rather than a stand-alone movie.

          Rotten Tomatoes documents this disparity: 60% on the “Tomatometer” and a whopping 94% with the audience. I don’t think I have ever seen such a disparity. There must be some explanation.

          Usually when this happens it is the other way around, and it is either a tedious film with some SJW cause attached to it or some oscar-bait with no audience appeal.

          When the critics hate it and the audience likes it, it is usually a comedy – critics don’t like broad appeal comedy. They go for art-house comedy. But the disparity is never this big. 94% is as high as you are going to see. The original Toy Story only got 92% with the audience (100% with the critics.)

      2. Wakanda is Alt-Right.

    2. Disney is doing these live action remakes lately. I can see why but not much original stuff coming out.

      I think the whole Disney philosophy all along was to create these enduring characters who would last for generations. I think they just remade Dumbo. How long has he been around?

      1. Well, in order to retain the rights to these enduring characters, they have to re-release them in a new version. They can’t count on their copyright lobbyists’ success indefinitely.

        It would be silly to release a rebooted animated version, because animation doesn’t degrade or become outdated the way live action effects get improved upon and actors become less culturally relevant. Live action reboots give them the excuse to not only remake the story NOW, but to do it again in twenty years when nobody knows or cares who Halle Bailey is.

    3. @Inigo Montoya

      Hasn’t Hollywood always been like this? Back in the 30s and 40s it was churning out sequels to Frankenstein, Dracula, and the Mummy like clockwork. “The Maltese Falcon” was adapted into a movie 3 times in 10 years. Back in the 90s they made every TV show in the 60s into a feature film.

      1. Good point. Maybe the difference is that they used to do it much better…Way better.

        And the political messages, when they were there, used to be a hell of a lot more subtle. It’s like they used to assume audiences were somewhat intelligent or at least the dumb ones would have friends who could explain it to them afterwards.

        1. Have you watched the sequels to Frankenstein, Dracula and The Mummy?

          1. One of my all time favorites is abbott and costello meet frankenstein wolfman and dracula.

            1. There are a bunch of them that “the kids today” will never see. “King of the Zombies” was on late-night one weekend way back in the 70’s when I was sleeping over with a bunch of friends. We laughed our tails off.

              But you could never show that movie now. The main protagonist was a sort of black caricature guy. I don’t remember that many particulars, but he was really good at the “bug-eyed” take. Apparently a comedian of the day – probably from the vaudeville tradition. Our little multi-racial cadre ( a white dude, a Jewish dude, a black dude and a Korean dude) didn’t have any concerns about stereotypes or social justice. The dude was funny and we laughed. That’s it. No way that would happen today.

    4. They have to remake them to fix the bad think in the animated versions so that a generation of Woke can still spend money on their merch.

    5. Alita is actually a remake of the American release of a 1990s anime, which was in turn based on a manga series.

      I’ve found that any time it looks like Hollywood is being original, they’re actually just ripping off something I haven’t heard of before.

    6. Everything under the sun.

  8. How is this not cultural appropriation? Mermaids are not part of black or African mythology.

    1. Mermaid myths are common all over the world including Africa I believe.

      The main thing for Disney is Ariel is a Disney princess and they take those very seriously. If little girls like her and can relate and imagine themselves in her role it will be a hit.

      1. I think the fact that the little mermaid is a Danish Fairy Tale, written by arguably the most famous Danish Author, Hans Christian Anderson, and that the little mermaid is described as fair haired and firey haired in the book, as well as that many people of Danish heritage consider the Little Mermaid as a representation of Danish culture. The statue of the little mermaid in Copenhagen is one of the cities biggest attractions and considered as part of the cities identity. I would say generic mermaids is not unique to any one culture but the little mermaid character is distinctly associated with Danish heritage and culture.

        1. I saw that statue growing up and read his books. My aunt gave me a whole collection in red leather.

          Are you trying to say that casting Hallie as the mermaid is somehow offensive?

          1. No, but pointing out that it is an example of the double standard in regards to the made up outrage known as cultural appropriation. Though, why would it be wrong for me to point out the Danish roots of the story? And I am not certain what your whole “I saw the statue…” claim is supposed to mean. Are you saying that your seeing the statue as a kid somehow gives you authority to rule if it is or isn’t offensive?
            My point was that recasting the little mermaid could be considered cultural appropriation, if we apply the same rules as progressive do whenever a white person is cast in a role considered to be associated with a minority.

            1. Oh I see. Well all that cultural approbation stuff is crap. I agree with that.

              Culture is not some thing with purpose and goals. It is simply the result of what millions of people do for their own reasons. It changes constantly. It is not some museum piece to be defended and preserved.

              1. Especially as anthropologically speaking, the concept of culture evolution often involves trading in thoughts, customs and ideas. Take the recent outrage that one of the Karishians (sp?) created when she called her slimming body suit a kimino. She was accused of culturally appropriating and whitewashing, even though the Kimino was an adapted from European dresses by the Japanese. So in fact she was being accused of culturally appropriating from the Japanese, something the Japanese first culturally appropriated from the Europeans. So isn’t that just her, as a person of European descent just reasserting her culture?

              2. That’s true… And not.

                The reality is that there is a lot of continuity in cultures, and there IS value in preserving a lot of that stuff.

                In the European world, we still observe holidays that are based on the Greco-Roman religions, Germanic paganism, Celtic paganism… We quote Greeks and Roman phrases or ideas every day of our lives… The style of our buildings, clothing, etc etc etc are ALL still heavily influenced by our past. In China or India or Persia they all have the same things handed down from their ancient traditions too.

                A lot of that stuff IS important to people, and has real meaning. I’m generally not for going out of ones way to shit all over or bastardize such things just for the LOLz or to appease retard SJWs.

                Culture will change of course, but the whole top down programming method like the progs use is absolute bullshit… Not to mention basically every change they want to make is objectively shit.

          2. The fact is that a white person would be considered racist for pointing out that the little mermaid is traditionally white. The same was done when people complained about Ibris Elba playing Heimdall, a Nordic God. But the same people accusing them of racism are the first to yell cultural appropriation when the casted a white actress in Ghost in the Shell (this was especially stupid as the claimed the character was distinctly Japanese but in the Manga she has European features and a Japanese name).

            1. Or were upset Johnny Depp played Tonto despite being white. Really, they should have been upset because Jay Silverheels was a great actor and Johnny Depp only has one character (weird and creepy).

              1. Or they could have been upset because the entire project was an abomination from the jump…

                1. Well that too.

            2. Wasn’t there some fuss about a black James Bond recently?

              Really James Bond should be retired. It is long past time.

              Come up with a new super spy series.

              1. Yes, there was some dispute about a black James Bond, but it is similar to The Little Mermaid issue. Those originally complaining were pointing out how far a departure this would be from Ian Flemings character and why not create a distinctly black character instead of just grafting a black actor onto a traditional white character (similar to the MJ complaint in the new Spiderman movies and several other recent examples). It seems really lazy and pandering to me. Why not come up with some new characters or tell stories that originate outside of Europe or Caucasian America if you really want diversity?

                1. I don’t really care what color he is. I just think the franchise is kinda played out.

                  1. That is definitely a view. I can understand what they are upset about without automatically assuming it’s racism. And also get a little disgusted with the whole blatant pandering thing.

                2. That’s what I’ve always said.

                  If you want to throw in a token… Add in a new fucking character! They made Achilles a fucking black guy in some shitty new version of the story about Troy. WTF.

                  He was a god damn GREEK hero. NOT a black guy. Give him some random black side kick guy FFS with a plausible back story about being an Numidian soldier from Egypt or some shit.

                  This crap has to end. Some characters are what they are, and I find it insulting that all the great stories of Europe and created by Europeans are being ruined by this SJW crap. I will tolerate adding in a stupid token black guy, but it better not be replacing a main character just for the feelz. It ruins the story half the time to boot.

                  1. They made Achilles a fucking black guy in some shitty new version of the story about Troy. WTF.

                    “We Wuz Myrmidons.”

                  2. There’s another two aspects of this that are deeply offensive about this.

                    First is the implication that we can only appreciate other races if they are shown in roles that were traditionally white.

                    Second is the implication that the only stories worth telling are ones from Europe and North America. Can we not find legends and historical situations from Africa and Asia that are just as interesting, and perhaps even more so, than the tales we’ve been telling about ourselves? (Particularly considering that, having never been exposed to this history and culture, what would normally be considered cliches in their culture would be new to us).

                    No, of course not! The *only* way we can have diversity is by putting minorities in traditionally white roles!

                    At some point you have to wonder: are these people *really* interested in diversity? Or are they merely flipping the bird at “white” culture in the name of diversity?

                    Gah, now I want to complain about how talking about “white” culture (as though the dozen or so countries that have been at each other’s throats have a uniform culture) makes as much sense as talking about “African” culture (ditto), “Asian” culture (ditto), “Native American” culture (ditto) and “South American” culture (ditto).

              2. James bond is the name of the agent. Well… it should be. Just like pennywise. It makes way more sense that way.

                1. Sorry. Moneypenny. I get my clowns mixed up.

              3. Well in that case the new James Bond should be Chinese and the supervillain an evil American who wont share his technology. Don’t have to worry about sexism though, it’s been Pussy Nomore since Craig took on the role.

          3. The statue is pretty much black, isn’t it?

        2. If you go by the movie script, Ariel is the daughter of Triton and thus the granddaughter of Poseidon. She should realistically be Greek.

      2. No, no they aren’t. That’s a ridiculous made up assertion to fit a convenient narrative.

        Africans were not really seafaring peoples (other than Phoenicians/Carthaginians/Berbers, and the Punts of the Horn, and Zanzibar)

        The Little Mermaid is a Danish fable.

        1. Yes I know who wrote it. I was only pointing out that mermaid fables, different of course from this one occurred all over.

          Movies based on books are creative adaptations. Disney and others do this all the time. The animated version differed from the book. This one will probably differ in a lot of ways from the animated one. So what? People do not want to watch the same thing again.

          1. So what? I think you may be missing the point a lot of us are making. The more they do shit like this. The more they throw fits about white appropriating others cultures while happily recasting white characters with minorities to be “diverse (pandering” the worse race relations will get. People are starting to get just a little upset about the double standard. This accomplishing the opposite of what the SJW stated goals are. And the fact that they had to make up the controversy before anyone even had a chance to reflect only makes it even worse. It’s dishonest and likely to further degrade race relations. Also, based upon the other live action movies, I actually doubt they’ll change much. They didn’t really change much between the cartoon characters and the live action movies in their other projects.
            People are getting tired of Hollywood lecturing and pandering. And virtue signaling.
            It would be nice to see something original and not so predictably signalling. Why not build on the success of Moana? Maybe a live action the Frog and the Prince? They are doing a live action Mulan, and I notice they made sure she was played by a Chinese actress. Maybe next big production should be a Native American fable or African or Middle Eastern. This would be true diversity. And something I would love to see.
            If this wasn’t pandering on Disney’s part it sure smells like it.

            1. “They are doing a live action Mulan, and I notice they made sure she was played by a Chinese actress.”

              That’s actually an impressive accomplishment, since Hollywood has demonstrated time and again that they can’t tell Chinese from Japanese from Korean.

              1. True but they also can’t tell one American Indian tribes customs from another. And constantly misrepresent Vikings as dirty, unsophisticated barbarians who only dressed in gray, black and iron with horned helmets. None of these stereotypes are anywhere close to reality. The Norse, Danes and Swedes of the time bathed at least weekly when most other Northern Europeans only bathed once or twice a year. The Scandinavians also bathed their face and hands daily. Combed and cared for their hair and beards daily. Brushed their teeth with salt and Willow twig toothbrushes. Changed their brightly colored clothes at least twice a week and laundered them frequently (also far more often then their other Northern European brethren). And never wore horned helmets into battle. They also were fairly democratic. Excellent shipbuilders, navigators, sailors, metallurgist. They did have a written, albeit complicated and time consuming, language. Women were far more equal than in the majority of Europe, the Middle East and east Asia at the time.

                1. And most importantly… They were really good at killing people!

                  And had a better pagan religion than anybody but perhaps the Greeks/Romans to boot!

            2. No I get it. I guess it just doesn’t bother me so much.

  9. So I guess gingers don’t get a princess that looks like them.

    How much sunlight – and therefore vitamin D – is available under the sea? I hardly think a subsurface aquatic being would produce more melanin. If we can’t trust our Disney movies for scientific fidelity then what can we believe in?

    1. Why can’t a princess character be a man? So far they’ve all been ciswomen. Disney is so retrograde.

      1. I was reading through one of the more right wing blogs. There was some minor Disney show where one of the characters dresses as a girl to save the princess or something. Can’t even find it anymore.

        The comments were furious. Pretty funny actually.

        Good thing they never watched bugs bunny growing up or we would all be trannies.

      2. I thought elsa was a dyke.

        1. No, some just want her to be and are trying to find any evidence to support their fantasy. Disney may have caved to their silly petition but we will see. And chances are it probably won’t work out for them if they did. The uproar will keep many conservative (and even a number of moderate) parents home. Even some progressives are tiring of the constant need to have a LGBTQXYZ@#+10!;::®©%™✓ character in everything just to check a box.

      3. Bruce Jenner should be Ariel. Case closed.

      4. How do you know Ariel isn’t a man, you gendering pig!

    2. Don’t they have that chick from Brave?

      1. Until the live action movie, in which Disney is going to cast a 300 lb Samoan Transvestite and if you point out that this is blatant pandering you are a racist

        1. And transphobic. And literally Hitler.

    3. Dark skin is better camouflage when you are underwater and people look down at you. White skin is better camouflage underwater when people look up at you and the sun. Ariel should be Black with White souls.

      1. Countershading would be fine, as long as Ariel doesn’t spend a lot of time on her back. Heyyyy-ohhhhh!

      2. Yeah like a shark. Dark above and light below. Mermaids don’t have soles, though (or souls?).

      3. “Dark skin good. Light skin bad.”
        2084, George Orwell II

  10. Alt-Right racism-apologist Robby is at it again. Soave really went full-MAGA after the Covington kids kerfuffle.

    1. He’s going to get quick-dry cement vegan milkshaked any time now, with severe head injury included. Ordinarily that’s bad enough, but just think of the hair!!! The beautifully coiffured hair! Even if the quick dry cement misses it, the bike locks won’t, so great chunks of that wonderful do will have to be buzzed clean off at the emergency room so the docs can stitch up his scalp. Robby, you gotta be careful, man.

      1. Can’t wait for Antifa to fuck with the wrong hombre and get lit up by a CCH.

        1. CCH Pounder? I know some full grown swole ass n$%*~s wouldn’t fuck wit her. That s@^¿ be like steppin’ on a ant(ifa) to her hhhaahhahahaha[mistyped laughter ad infinitum]

    2. Is SIV some encrypted alias of OBL?

  11. Really? What happens on twitter is news?
    Turn in your first amendment permit.

  12. I’m sure all the black people loving on this are gonna shit a brick when little black princess Ariel falls in love with white Eric the Prince….

    Personally, I’m miffed about it since The Little Mermaid is probably one of my favorite of the Disney movies. These live-action remakes are almost all garbage, though, so I doubt it will be that good. Poor Halle Bailey is being used cynically by the douches at Disney. And yea, I dogpiled on the #NotMyAriel hashtag with my own memes, but that was because I’m a Robotech fan too (points if you understand this reference).

    1. I don’t know. Captain Kirk kissed Ohura and the world did not collapse. That was a pretty big deal at the time.

      Well who wouldn’t.

      1. Kirk is literally Harvey Weinstein. #meToo

  13. My wife was actually upset about this pick, but she was also upset about the color of Cinderella’s eyebrows in that remake (not blonde) and about Emma Watson in Beauty and the Beast (not pretty enough). Avid Disney fans can be hard to please.

    1. Avid anything fans. I am a Tolkien nerd. Let’s talk about the movies.

      But I don’t get upset about it. It is expected that they will make some changes.

      I don’t think Disney will change their minds but she might if it is just not worth the hassle.

      1. Well, the first trilogy wasn’t bad (but was disappointed that Return of the King left out the Battle of the Shire and underplayed Pippin and Merry’s contributions in the Return of the King). However, the Hobbit Trilogy was criminal. Peter Jackson deserves to be placed in stocks and publicly shamed at least one day for each movie.

        1. And I would place whoever directed, produced and screenwrote the abomination that was Disney’s attempt at adapting Prince Caspian

          1. And the same for the group behind the Prisoner or Azkhaban movie.

    2. I have to agree with your wife on one thing. Emma Watson was disappointing in Beauty and the Beast. Not because of her looks, but her voice. She is just an okay singer. Cast in the starring role of one of the most beloved musicals of all time.

      Watson just did not have the musical chops for it. It showed.

      1. +1

      2. I think we all know why Watson was cast into Beauty and the Beast, but if some are forgetting, maybe a name of the likes of “Weinstein” should ring a bell.

      3. Gratuitous nudity and a shower masturbation scene by Watson could have made up for all of that. Instead we get Josh Gadd playing his character as a fag.

        Truly, a wasted opportunity the whole way around.

    3. I was mad about Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie. I was a Defenders fan as a kid. The ironic thing was that the original comic book Valkyrie was 10 times the man hating bitchy feminist that Tessa Thompson was.

      All this violates the whole point of a brand and franchise – cashing in on our bound object cathexis.

      He who controls the past controls the future.
      He who controls the present controls the past.

      Disney is busy taking a dump on our past.

      Maybe all characters should be shape shifters randomly morphing into a new intersectional identity every second of the movie.

      Wouldn’t that be fun?

  14. At least wait and see. Black Nick Fury was pretty darn good.

    1. From 2017:

      “Democratic mega-donor Tom Steyer said on Saturday that he and his NextGen America group do not intend to work on behalf of anti-abortion politicians, jumping into the Democratic Party’s ongoing debate on the topic.”

      Why did you call your company NextGen, if you’re killing members of the next generation?

      1. That was supposed to be a comment on the Steyer article.

    2. Black Nick Fury was in the comics before he was on screen.

      There’s still a white Nick Fury as well.

      1. Yes. And the original Captain Marvel was a male alien and the second was a black female. Carol Danvers was like the 6th Captain Marvel.

        1. The Original Captain Marvel is Billy Batson.

          1. By name only. Batson, however, was a DC character, also known (and arguably better known as) Shazam. The Marvel character of the same name was originally known as Mar-Vell, later becoming Captain Marvel and a member of the Avengers. he eventually died of cancer and has been succeeded by five other characters, with Danvers only being the latest version.

            1. Perhaps you aren’t getting it, Marvel Fanboy.

              There is only one Captain Marvel, and he shames Superman into being a better person.

              DC>Marvel QED

              1. There is only one Captain Marvel, and he shames Superman into being a better person.

                I had completely forgotten this plot point and it makes me weep for the steaming pile of shit that is the MCU’s Carol Danvers.

              2. Granted Marvel characters are usually borrowed from DC but Marvel usually are the better versions.

        2. She was Ms. Marvel though.

    3. Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of Samuelelle (one trick pony) but his Nick Fury is excellent. Totally owned that role. Perfect.

      I do generally watch the movies and AoS thinking “how in the everloving heck does SHIELD afford all of this stuff?!”, but I just figured maybe they were secretly bankrolled by the Nova Empire or someone and headcanoned that one.

      1. Eh. Tony Stark finances them.

  15. When do we get a black Snow White?

    There’s been no progress on this front even after Bloom County tried to shame them back in the 80s.

    1. It’s coming. Lots of Disney’s IP is expiring in the next decade or two and while I’m no IP lawyer, let alone a Disney IP lawyer, any attempt to preserve or extend copyright requires some manner of recent use or profit/loss. I’m sure that’s a big part of what’s rolled into this. They’re going to have to convince a congress of 2024-2034 that they would lose money if Snow White, of any race, fell into the public domain.

  16. I remember the fuss when they cast Gal Godot as Wonder Woman.

    The idiot Israel haters tried to boycott her because she is Israeli and served in the IDF. She was a combat instructor actually.

    I think she totally nailed the part in the film so who cares.

    These idiots who complain about your skin color, whatever you are, where you came from, never understood it.

    1. Except, for a large part, the group ridiculing anyone who questions Disney’s choice to cast a black little mermaid are the same group who complained about Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman (because Israel bad) and Scarlett Johanson playing the lead character in the Ghost in the Shell etc.

      1. They’re being hypocritical and pandering. It is all about virtue signalling.

        1. So you win by outperforming. You make a great film or something. Or maybe not.

          There is no point in just using terms. Virtue is measured in action. Libertarians have lost that in debates about which Trump or whomever to vote for. Lost in the left right dem repub trap when libs once offered a new very radical way of thinking and acting.

          “Left-wing politicians take away your liberty in the name of children and of fighting poverty, while right-wing politicians do it in the name of family values and fighting drugs. Either way, government gets bigger and you become less free.”
          Harry Browne

          I digress.

          1. Non-sequitor and a boring reference to a pox on both houses?

            1. Both houses?

              There are alternatives. Libertarian is just one of them.

  17. I jacked off to a white Ariel then and I want to jack off to a white Ariel look now!

    1. +1 unwoke Alyssa Milano

      1. I like when she was on Charmed. During seasons 4-6 many plot devices were used to get Milano out of most of her clothes (mermaid episode, Lady Godiva episode, genie episode, etc.).

        Good times.

  18. A lot of people are at least mildly annoyed about the extraordinary hypocrisy. Because the people who get angry about people not liking this also insist it’s a huge deal every time a fictional POC character is portrayed by a white actor it’s evil whitewashing and a huge deal. That it’s obviously fine to change ethnicity as long as it’s one way and not the other hasn’t escaped notice, and this whole approach of eye for an eye reversal of past wrongs really isn’t that popular.

    But yeah it’s not “major outrage” mostly, just eye rolling annoyance.

    1. Now lack of edit button to fix grammar mistakes, thats a major outrage.

      1. No worries. We all do typos. I use voice recognition every day. It is even worse. We call them dragon errors because that is the most common program.

        I have found most folks here ignore those.

    2. #OneSetOfRules

  19. Even if there was backlash, I don’t see why it’s racist for people to want the character to look the way she did in the original movie. We just went through something similar with the Sonic The Hedgehog movie. People complained that Sonic’s design didn’t look like the design from the games. Not only was it considered acceptable for people to have this complaint, but the director actually said that he would change Sonic’s design in light of the feedback. How is the situation with Ariel any different? Why is it okay to want Sonic to look the way he did in the games, but if you want Ariel to look like she did in the original movie, you’re a racist?

    1. Mario and Luigi will be Maria and Luisa in the next Super Mario movie. And they won’t be sisters, but they’ll still be very close…

  20. The same people who are mad about non-existent outrage here are the same people who hop on the actual outrage train if God forbid a white person is cast in a movie based on any story or legend from people of color.

  21. im outraged they didn’t cast an actual mermaid.

    1. It did occur to me that all of Disney’s princesses can walk and that itself is pretty ableist.

      1. Jabba will be the next Disney Princess.

  22. Actually, there were a lot of people upset by recasting a Danish/Greek princess (whether you are going by her author’s country or being granddaughter of Poseidon) as a black woman. There were many more people being upset at the backlash to the backlash.

    Many, MANY people were pulling up articles where people were fuming at the new Jasmine’s actress being “too white” and calling people hypocrites. I even saw one guy on YouTube saying how racist it was that they want black characters in every role except the ones that they actually played (he then when on to sing “When Elephants Fly” from Dumbo in protest of the removal of Jim the Crow from the Remake)

  23. This stuff is out of control.

    Frankly, I’m tired of all these people appropriating MY culture. Can’t these fucking losers come up with any good stories of their own? Why do they always have to ruin good stories written by Europeans?

    If they want some movies with a shit ton of black people, make some shit based on black stories… Or is it just that their mythologies all suck balls or something? The Arabs have some cool shit to go on. So just toss token black guys in with a ton of Muslims, that should make them happy right?

    Ugh. This stuff is just so annoying. The double standard of it is the worst… But it is genuinely retarded to be casting random black people in stories that are about white people. Black Guinevere in that series about King Arthur, black Achilles, etc… They’re all bullshit.

    1. Well, I’m fine if the stories aren’t specifically about a certain person or country. The Little Mermaid may be written by a Dane, but there isn’t any real reason that it has to be set there.

      The problem I have is the hypocrisy. We had many of these same people attacking the Aladdin movie for casting a half-English actress as Jasmine and giving some of the actors spray-tans. This is despite the fact that if you go to the original story, Aladdin should have been set in China.

      1. Yes because costume is new to theater.

      2. Not to disagree that the idiots complaining are idiots.

      3. The thing is, the story WAS set in a European context.

        It’s like taking King Arthur and setting it in India or something… I guess it’s okay for some retarded artsy fartsy films to be made that do dumb shit like that sometimes, but the standard version of stuff should be the standard version. It’s like it’s basically not allowed to make a normal, as originally intended version of European stories anymore without throwing in minorities that have no place in such a story.

        Make shit about Africa, or China, or Arabia or whatever… Don’t go making Achilles, a GREEK hero, a black guy.

    2. On the other hand, how are you damaged by this in any remotely detectable way?

      1. Tony you are spot on with that.

        Why would a rugged radical individualist care at all.

        She could be blue.

      2. Because it’s annoying? And in the case of other movies, because I don’t give a fuck about the Little Mermaid, it makes them unwatchable for me. I don’t want to see King Arthur with a fucking black Guinevere. It literally RUINS the whole thing. One cannot suspend ones disbelief when things are so utterly unrealistic and bullshit, which one needs to do to enjoy a film or show.

        It’s the same reason showing mouthy women 200 years ago in America is retarded… It is just FALSE. People did not behave like that back then, men in the 1700s or 1800s would not have followed a woman, etc. It’s all fantasy land SJW crap, and it ruins films.

        The funny thing is, if somebody made a movie that DIDN’T pander to all this crap, people would LOVE it. Because the archetypes exist for a reason. Big badass dudes, damsels in distress, etc. They’re realistic, and actually resonate more to people because of that.

        1. But you can suspend disbelief when it comes to the existence of fucking mermaids.

    3. Sure Vek

      And you can go to Pakistan and there are fake KFC outlets all

      Lighten up Vex.

      No big deal and no need to not hold the high ground. It is a film about a pretend mermaid based on a story.

      1. If this was the only one being ruined, I wouldn’t mind.

        It’s not even just that all movies are being ruined by SJW tools… The problem is this is just one part of the whole leftist/SJW scheme. And it pisses me off.

        It’s brainwashing, historical revisionism, pushing an agenda they think is THE ONLY WAY to do things, etc. I’m done tolerating leftist destruction of my society. I will gripe and fight them on every point from here on out.

        The reason we’re so fucked now is because people just chuckled and laughed at how dumb this shit was, and let it slide, for the last half century… Now we have guys with dicks participating in womens sports, winning pretty much every trophy over real women, and the trendy lefties are pretending they’re ACTUALLY women… 1,000 other examples of the madness could be trotted out too. They want to rewrite history, and ignore reality when it displeases them.

        The delusion has to stop sooner or later, and I’ve just hit my BS threshold with these idiots.

    4. “Why do they always have to ruin good stories written by Europeans?”

      Because it’s all about tearing Whitey down, not lifting anyone up.

  24. Personally, I’m still reeling from the inclusion of Priah Ferguson in seasons 2 and 3 of Stranger Things. As someone who grew up in rural IN in the 80s, I can assure you that two black people wouldn’t have experienced the paucity of racism these two kids have. Being more clearly half-sarcastic; intelligent black girl would’ve been a believable character, sassy (to everyone) capitalist black girl is not. The Klan was still a thing in IN in the 80s and while people didn’t generally fear for their lives, kids ‘having their attitudes adjusted’ by people other than their parents wasn’t unheard of. Seasons 1 and 2 were good but with season 3, the “realism” is starting to detach and the setting is beginning to seem like kitschy baubles hung on the plot rather than integral to the story.

  25. Half-woman/Half-black.
    Now I’ve seen everything.

    1. The story of a fishperson who forsakes and betrays her proud minority racial heritage to be some priveleged white shitlord’s baby momma and enjoy the leg privelege that goes along with it? She’s being sex trafficked to the landpeople?!

      Ooooor what if, from the other end of the identarian moron spectrum, the prince was the one being called a “race traitor” by some 88ers for miscegenating with them “fish n!$*¿@s”?

      It’s the same thing, but “different”? Shirley noone cares that much outside of a few basement-bound lost causes? She’s a fucking mermaid. It’s a kids movie about nonsense.

  26. This wasn’t a mistake. It was a deliberate attempt to sow racial division, for politics. These people are disgusting.

    1. It really is. They’re doing this stuff specifically to piss people off and rile people up. It’s fucked.

      1. Looks like it worked.

        1. Yes, it worked. Are racists like you happy now?

  27. I can’t really get exercised over this, but I do think what’s sauce for the goose… When does a white guy get cast as Shaka Zulu?

  28. Can someone remind me again exactly how many white people were cast in Tyler Perry’s last movie? In any of his movies? I am here holding my breath until someone puts this obvious racist in his place.

  29. The question isn’t whether there should or shouldn’t be a controversy over this casting. The 1A has settled the issue.

    The more relevant question is – if some people have legitimate gripes about black Ariel or simply prefer the main lead to stick to the original source, should be hounded as trolls or hate merchants by culture warriors looking for a backlash?

    Keep in mind that they insist gay characters in fiction must be represented by gay actors. “Representation” is purely a moral objective. If any movie has an all white cast, no inalienable right of minorities have been violated.

  30. […] And that brings us to the latest case in point. There’s a media outrage cycle over the casting of Disney’s new live-action Little Mermaid film. Producers announced they had cast a black actress named Halle Bailey (not Halle Berry) and people were supposedly furious about it. From Reason: […]

  31. […] And that brings us to the latest case in point. There’s a media outrage cycle over the casting of Disney’s new live-action Little Mermaid film. Producers announced they had cast a black actress named Halle Bailey (not Halle Berry) and people were supposedly furious about it. From Reason: […]

  32. […] And that brings us to the latest case in point. There’s a media outrage cycle over the casting of Disney’s new live-action Little Mermaid film. Producers announced they had cast a black actress named Halle Bailey (not Halle Berry) and people were supposedly furious about it. From Reason: […]

  33. Seems like the Washington Post has already decided what the next news reports will be for … um, EVER – – since they seem to feel that they can report anything without simple source confirmation and accredation as long as it fits an “everyone is racist and something must be done” narrative. Thanks for calling this shit out

    1. “Social media sources”

  34. […] Little Mermaid,” #NotMyAriel ­began trending on Twitter — but not for the reason you think, warns Reason’s Robby Soave. It turns out the “overwhelming majority” of people ­using the hashtag “are doing so in […]

  35. […] & that brings us to a latest case in point. are’s a media outrage cycle over a casting of Disney’s new live-action Little Mermaid film. Producers announced ay had cast a black actress named Halle Bailey (not Halle Berry) & people were supposedly furious about it. From Reason: […]

  36. […] And that brings us to the newest working example. There’s a media outrage cycle over the casting of Disney’s new live-action Little Mermaid movie. Producers introduced that they had solid a black actress named Halle Bailey (not Halle Berry) and folks have been supposedly livid about it. From Reason: […]

  37. […] And that brings us to the latest case in point. There’s a media outrage cycle over the casting of Disney’s new live-action Little Mermaid film. Producers announced they had cast a black actress named Halle Bailey (not Halle Berry) and people were supposedly furious about it. From Reason: […]

  38. […] Cage movies. Discussing the Page Master, was it a good movie? Segment Two: We break down the Little Mermaid controversy and discuss the popular Netflix show Stranger Things. Our final subject the rebel animator Ralph […]

  39. Halle Bailey, a black actress, would portray the fictional mermaid princess in a live-action remake

    Unless you believe in the “one drop rule”, Halle Bailey is mixed race and fairly light skinned, not “black”.

  40. […] on nothing more than a handful of tweets. I propose the Black Ariel Effect, with reference to a previous example of this exact same thing. I talked about it on CNN’s Reliable Sources on […]

  41. […] classic The Little Mermaid. In fact, the barely perceptible backlash against Disney was dwarfed by the backlash to the backlash. That’s a distinction without a difference to the media outlets that purveyed the notion that […]

  42. […] on nothing more than a handful of tweets. I propose the Black Ariel Effect, with reference to a previous example of this exact same thing. I talked about it on CNN’s Reliable Sources on […]

  43. […] on nothing more than a handful of tweets. I propose the Black Ariel Effect, with reference to a previous example of this exact same thing. I talked about it on CNN’s Reliable Sources on […]

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  45. […] But I suspect what's going on is that actually citing them would result in something akin to the Black Ariel situation, where multiple outlets (including Buzzfeed) reported on the "backlash" to Disney casting […]

  46. […] But I suspect what’s going on is that actually citing them would result in something akin to the Black Ariel situation, where multiple outlets (including Buzzfeed) reported on the “backlash” to […]

  47. […] yang terjadi adalah bahwa sebenarnya mengutip mereka akan menghasilkan sesuatu yang mirip dengan situasi Black Ariel di mana beberapa outlet (termasuk Buzzfeed) melaporkan "serangan balik" ke Disney yang […]

  48. […] But I suspect what’s going on is that actually citing them would result in something akin to the Black Ariel situation, where multiple outlets (including Buzzfeed) reported on the “backlash” to […]

  49. […] But I suspect what’s going on is that actually citing them would result in something akin to the Black Ariel situation, where multiple outlets (including Buzzfeed) reported on the “backlash” to […]

  50. […] Halle Bailey, AKA Ariel in Disney’s upcoming live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, wants to be were the people are, not where the trolls are. When the actress (of Grown-ish) and singer (one half of Chloe X Halle) was first announced as the new face of the famous mermaid, a small backlash ensued online. The hashtag #NotMyAriel was used by Little Mermaid fans who thought Bailey was not the right choice to play the iconic redhead. (For what it’s worth, the most vocal #NotMyAriel tweeters turned out to be fake.) […]

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