Justin Amash

A Justin Amash Presidential Run Will Disrupt Donald Trump and the Democratic Party Equally

The libertarian independent would easily pull the 80,000 Midwestern votes that made the difference in 2016.


When Rep. Justin Amash (I–Mich.) consciously decoupled from the Republican Party on the Fourth of July, he also left open the possibility that he might run for president in 2020 as either an independent or a Libertarian. If he chooses to do that, he will most definitely make it harder for either President Donald Trump or the eventual Democratic nominee to eke out a victory. Obviously, the next president will be either a Republican or a Democrat, but his presence will make them work much harder for victory.

As Amash's former policy adviser Kurt Couchman explains in a column at CNN's website, the congressman presents an alluring policy profile that would certainly draw from both of the major parties:

As a constitutionalist, consistent proponent of liberty, devoted family man, and faithful Christian, the now-former Republican could easily attract votes from otherwise reluctant Trump voters. And in competitive states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and, of course, Michigan, small margins make a big difference. Also, he would draw votes from Democrats. He opposes corporate welfare and other forms of corruption, he vocally backs civil liberties against both parties' leadership, he stands against global militarism, and he frequently engages bipartisan coalitions to advance reforms.

Recall that had Hillary Clinton pulled just 80,000 more votes in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, she would have beaten Donald Trump. Amash might have limited name recognition right now, but he's definitely a known quantity in the Wolverine State and his appeal is going to be strongest in Midwestern states such as Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana (the western part of Pennsylvania is effectively part of that region too).

Yes, it's early, but none of the Democratic candidates has anything approaching the charisma and upside potential of Barack Obama and Donald Trump, despite hitting a "career-high approval," is still disliked by a majority of Americans. I think that Trump, absent a recession or a new scandal of immense proportions, is likely to win in 2020, but the race will be as razor-thin as the one against Clinton. Having the heartland-resident Amash in the mix could easily swing things one way or another.

The Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson pulled a record 4.5 million votes in 2016, the equivalent of 3.3 percent of the overall vote. There's a strong argument that a character like Amash, especially if he's running as a Libertarian with ballot access in all 50 states, will be able to replicate or even improve on those totals. He's young (39 years old), charismatic, and articulate. Every bit as much as younger characters such as South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg (a married, gay veteran) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (a Latina democratic socialist), he represents a new generation of outspoken idealists who are bringing new identities to national politics.

Amash is the child of Syrian and Palestinian parents, an Orthodox Christian, and unabashedly libertarian. Even if you believe (wrongly, in my opinion) that libertarians make up at most 4 percent of the vote, the winner in 2020 is going to need every vote he or she can scrounge (for a better estimate of the proper size of the libertarian electorate, read this). Amash's presence will change how all of that sorts out.

Amash talked with Reason a year ago. Take a look below.

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  1. hahahahahahahahahahaha.

    1. He he he he ho ho ho… Bwahahahahahahahahaha

    2. The headline writer means Amash running in 2020 will accomplish nothing. The 500 votes he gets will be noise.

    3. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s story on what Amash is having for lunch. If I don’t get 3 Amash stories per day, I might have to stop reading Reason.

      1. Just imagine if he has a minor interaction with a police officer, especially if it involves weed or fentanyl…

        1. amash is a scumbag and not a libertarian – this whole site is sucking his dick for no reason – he “stood up to” trump because he didn’t want to lose money on his investment in an ILLEGAL operation to sell chinese goods in the US claiming they were made here

        2. amash is a scumbag and not a libertarian – he has an investment in a company that sells chinese tools in the US claiming they were made here – he is a total piece of shit and this site constantly sucking his dick is pathetic

  2. Amash can do better than Johnson/Weld and I’d love to see it

    1. Why? Trump is gonna utterly destroy him with his n-th dimensional pigeon chess.

      1. The beauty of pigeon chess is that the rules are the same no matter how many dimensions you are playing with.

        1. But the mass of pigeon shit grows exponentially to the nth power.

          1. Hey Pedo Jeffy, where’s my fucking rent? You spend it all on kiddie porn?

          2. You really want see pigeon shit grow exponentially?….Watch one of the Demon-Crat debates!

    2. Me too. I would enthusiastically vote for Amash.

      1. Quelle surprise.
        A crank voting for a pious fraud

        1. “Pious fraud” is pretty apt.

      2. Shocking. An ignorant absolutist whose depth of inspection is headline reading would vote for the guy whose claim to fame in 10 years is naming 1 post office. His failure makes you think you too can fail yet call it “principles.”

        1. That’s right, continue to carry water for Trump

          1. That’s right, continue to carry water for Lefties.

            1. He can drink the water I make.

    3. I’m not making that mistake again. I voted for those idiots (Johnson/Weld) who were inept at making a case against Hilary Clinton and/or for Libertarianism. Furthermore, this time, Trump will likely be running against an avowed — or implied — socialist democrat. I’m not going to let my vote be wasted by not voting against them. Trump’s corporate tax cut alone is worth supporting him for.

      1. so, no worries on the trillion dollar annual deficits?

        1. Of course not! I mean, what’s more important – liberty, or ‘pwning the libs’?

        2. The government has run trillion dollar deficits every year Amash has been in office…

        3. given all the new spending they want, is there any reason to think we won’t be running trillions in red ink if the democrats get back in the driver’s seat?

    4. Amash is NOT a Libertarian.

      So my vote will be going to Trump who has done more Libertarian-ish things than Johnson,Weld, and Amash.

      1. Amash is NOT a Libertarian.

        Didn’t you point out recently that Amash doesn’t vote like a libertarian? As a libertarian, what do you dislike about his voting record?


        1. March 7, 2019 H Res 183 Condemning anti-Semitism as hateful expressions of intolerance that are contradictory to the values and aspirations that define the people of the United States and condemning anti-Muslim discrimination and bigotry against minorities as hateful expressions of intolerance that are contrary to the values and aspirations of the United States Amash- Yea

          Feb. 22, 2019 H J Res 46 Relating to a national emergency declared by the President on February 15, 2019 Amash- Co Sponsor

          The biggest thing about being a Libertarian in the House would be sponsoring bills to repeal the Controlled Substances Act as unconstitutional, repeal Social Security and Medicare, repeal Medicaid, repeal every gun control law and regulation, and the myriad of other bills that can be submitted to shrink the federal government to something that is tiny and limited.

          I would submit articles of impeachment for thousands of federal judges who have violated their oath of office and the US Constitution.

          I would also propose Article V, Constitutional Amendments bill to convene immediately. These Amendments would include term limits for all federal politicians and judges, protected privacy, balanced budget and debt limiting amendment, repeal the 17th Amendment, require annual sunset provisions to all laws, freedom of association, Declaration of War is required for offensive combat operations over 15 days and requires 100 Senator approve, change tax day to one business day before elections, restrict federal voting to one day and you must be a US Citizen.

          1. LC / Rand Paul 2024

          2. Definitely support the tax day policy

          3. March 7, 2019 H Res 183 Condemning anti-Semitism as hateful expressions of intolerance that are contradictory to the values and aspirations that define the people of the United States and condemning anti-Muslim discrimination and bigotry against minorities as hateful expressions of intolerance that are contrary to the values and aspirations of the United States Amash- Yea

            Feb. 22, 2019 H J Res 46 Relating to a national emergency declared by the President on February 15, 2019 Amash- Co Sponsor

            Out of 14 pages worth of votes, you picked a meaningless feel-good bill about condemning racism, and his vote against Trump’s bullshit attempt to circumvent the legislative process.

            The biggest thing about being a Libertarian in the House would be sponsoring bills…

            What good is that gonna do if the speaker won’t even allow your bills to come to the floor?

    5. “Amash can do better than Johnson/Weld and I’d love to see it”

      Doubtful. Johnson was a 2-term governor who could appeal to smaller government centrists. Amash is a Congressman not well known nationally, who just made enemies of a large chunk of his supporters.

      1. I won’t vote the attention-whoring faggot.

  3. The long-term me wants Amash to run and fuck up those two donkephant parties. I can think of nothing more delicious than the combined tears, regardless of who eventually wins.

    The short-term pragmatist me would much rather have Trump than any Democrat. he at least does some deregulation, and his Supreme Court picks are one great and one neutral. Even if Trump’s econ knowledge is nil, that’s still more than the Democrats, not a single one of whom has any inkling that any kind of reality actually exists. This short-term me would almost wish for anything to keep the Democrats out of power, given the current candidates on both sides.

    1. And the pragmatist me also realizes that no matter how Amash the centrist gets the alt-left and ctrl-right to tame what they say, that’s just campaign words and has nothing to do with what they actually try to do once in power. The same applies now, of course; none of the New Green Feel plans have any chance of being implemented, but they sure will fuck up budgets even worse than Bush/Obama/Trump have done.

    2. Trump’s bigotry doesn’t seem to bother you.

      That is what I expected.

      Carry on, clingers. So far as your betters permit, that is.

      1. No more than the bigotry from Harris/Sanders/Warren/Booker/Biden/etc. etc. etc.

      2. I see you’ve reached boundaries of your limited vocabulary again.

      3. Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland
        July.9.2019 at 6:58 pm
        “Trump’s bigotry doesn’t seem to bother you.”

        The resident bigoted asshole posted this.
        It’s a shame your the high-school you must have dropped out of never got to “projection”.
        You could look it up, but given your limited mental abilities, the cave man is probably going to figure it out before you do.
        BTW, please fuck off and die. Painfully.

      4. I didn’t vote for Trump because of his character. Now I see I was utterly mistaken and WRONG.. Trump has done MORE good than the media will ever acknowledge.

        Repeal 2-Regulations for every new regulation.
        Counteracting China’s export VAT exemption.
        Enacting a committee to bring to end the subsidized shipping of foreign goods by the UPU.
        Lowest unemployment since 1960s.
        Peacefully stopping inter-ballistic nuclear missiles for N. Korea.
        Freeing political prisoners.
        Destroying Obamacare.

        After seeing what he has done in office – I’d now nominate him for President of the century.

      5. Why should Trump’s bigotry bother anyone? I mean it led to him doing way more good things for blacks in 2+ years than Obummy did in a full 8 years!!!

    3. This exactly. Still, and independent Amash/Schultz ticket would hive me glimmer of false hope, which I currently lack. I’m starved for it

    4. If you let short-term pragmatism override long-term goals, then you will never get anywhere.

      Trump *may be* marginally better than Harris or Warren or Sanders. But neither Trump nor Harris/Warren/Sanders should be considered in any way acceptable choices in an absolute sense.

      1. Really? You think the Libertarian ticket will be an “acceptable choice(s) in an absolute sense”? You don’t even know the ticket yet.

        1. Johnson/Weld would have been miles better than Trump/Pence.

          1. Yes. Especially when Johnson advocated for forcing private business to participate in religious rites against their own religious views. Soooooo much liberty there.

            1. +1,000,000

          2. LOL as if. Trump is 100x better than anything Weld-adjacent. (and so is Pence)

        2. You’re right I don’t know the ticket, it may be one that is even worse than either Team Red or Team Blue. But considering how awful either of those teams are, I’m giving Team L the benefit of the doubt here.

      2. God you are fucking hilarious baby jeffrey. If you think long term goals is never accomplishing anything because your entire worldview only works of everyone thinks exactly like you…

        This is why fools like you and Amash fail so much. You are incapable of reality. The first realization that not everyone acts in your ideal manner is going to shock you. At that point you’ll be ready for maybe a middle school civics lesson. You are no better than Che wearing communist hippies. Your only ideal form is government is one in which you mandate how everyone else lives. The fucking irony.

        One step towards liberty is much greater than no steps standing on your ideals dumbshit.

        1. If you’re going to shill so much for Trump, you should at least be getting paid for it.

          1. chemjeff radical individualist
            July.9.2019 at 11:05 pm
            “If you’re going to shill so much for Trump, you should at least be getting paid for it.”

            I assume no one is paying for your act as a fucking ignoramus; they are available for free all over.

    5. Trump’s economic knowledge is better than most libertarians who believe that free trade is dependent on the words “free trade” being included in an agreement with corrupt or command economy countries.

  4. Seems to me that the playing field has changed considerably. A good argument could be made that the people who voted for Gary Johnson did so BOTH because they wanted to protest two lousy candidates AND because everyone thought HRC was going to win anyway. Thus, oddly enough, precisely because a vote for Johnson wasn’t going to matter one way or the other, it arguably was not a “wasted” vote to those people but a genuine protest vote. In the next election, now that the voters know Trump could win, and that each of the two viable candidate will need every vote, I think a different calculus for the voter is in place.

    1. Yes! That’s the reason we should vote “Trump.”

    2. Certainly it will, for me especially. I voted Johnson from Texas last election, knowing it wouldn’t make a bit of difference. This election, I’ll be voting from Ohio. A strong (L) showing could certainly swing the state to whichever slaver du jour the (D)’s select.

      1. I’m a California voter. May as well go out for a beer.

        1. Same in WA.

        2. A gluten free beer, I hope.

        3. I’m in Virginia-so beer for me too on Election Day instead of voting. Didn’t used to be this way, but the NoVa progtards have turned the state into California East…

    3. this calculus may actually get me to hold my nose and vote for Trump in 2020.

      as awful as he is, the democrats are much scarier.

      1. The one benefit of the Democrats winning would be that they would have to own all the loony lefty policies like the GND and it would finally force the GOP to reinvent itself into something other than Trumpism or the Neocon-Bible thumper alliance they had before. Hopefully that would be something more libertarian but I’m not optimistic. I’m done with voting anyways…

    4. I have to laugh when Americans talk about their presidential vote meaning something! As long as the winner of a state gets ALL the Electoral votes of that state, 99.99% of the votes mean ZIPPO!…The only votes that matter are in a few swing states here & there & that is how Trump won last time & I’m not sure he can repeat that, even against the Demon-Crat Clowns!…Maine & Nebraska give each Congressional district 1 Electoral vote & that is the way it should be in every state! Until then I won’t waste my time pulling the lever!

  5. If Amash gets the Libertarian Party nomination, he should endorse the eventual Democratic nominee. Like Bill Weld basically did for Hillary Clinton in 2016.


  6. only question left is 49 states or 50.

  7. A contact within the LP hierarchy tells me the nomination is Amash’s if he wants it. If an independent campaign by Amash is so scary, then the world’s best negotiator needs to sit down and talk to him about what role Amash can play in a second term administration.

    1. Why would Rep. Amash meet with Pres. Trump, let alone entertain any promises or assertions?

      1. They’re both in Putin’s pocket?

    2. Trump will never talk to Amash, unless Amash first flatters Trump in some way.

      But if Trump loses and Amash’s votes in Michigan are the difference, Trump will of course blame Amash and never his own fucking worthless demagoguery.

  8. I don’t think Amash will play a big part in the next election unless Trump is severely compromised by scandal of gaffes. Maybe he can pull off a comeback in the future as Nixon once did, after his party was reduced to ashes by a catastrophic electoral showing.

    I think the next election may swing on the Hispanic vote. It’s concentrated in California, Texas and Florida. If democrats can win only two of those, then it’s hard to imagine a Trump victory. The democrats can safely ignore Amash (for now) and concentrate on portraying Trump’s policies as degrading and insulting to Texas and Florida voters.

    1. Cali and Texas are already cast in cement. Florida may go Dem, but the midwest will be even more solidly Trump than last time.

      1. What if Biden’s the nominee? Midwest voters may think, “I’m for restoring the past, Biden is stuck in the past…I’m for him!”

        1. Haha. Yeah. Flyover country sucks.

          Don’t change a thing.

      2. Especially considering how wacko the democrats are even since Obama was president. FFS, every one of them raised their hands at the debates when asked if they wanted taxpayers to pay for healthcare for illegals.

        That shit will come back to haunt them.

        1. Unfortunately, I don’t think there are that many taxpayers among the voters.

  9. “A Justin Amash Presidential Run Will Disrupt Donald Trump and the Democratic Party Equally.”

    “Having the heartland-resident Amash in the mix could easily swing things one way or another.”

    It is either equal and a wash, or he would hurt one party over the other. Pick one narrative, please.

    1. “Pick one narrate, please”? That would require intellectual commitment. Ooops

  10. He’s young (39 years old), charismatic, and articulate.

    Does he know where Aleppo is?

    Hopefully he can find someone better than Bill Weld to add to the ticket.

    1. Jeff Flake? Evan McMullin? David French? Maye Eric Swalwell for a fusion-ticket?

      1. Flake/Amash would be better. Although Trump would definitely mock those campaign signs.

        1. 2 people essentially unknown until the media highlighted their leaving the republicans… both who polled at under 20% for reelection prior to dropping out of races…

          Yeah, frightening.

          1. These sorts of articles really highlight how out of touch Nick and Co. are after living in the Beltway for so long. Like the way they always think that anyone gives a shit about government shutdown when it comes to voting. When only they care, or really even remember them.

    2. Gillespie does not seem to remember that the media can make anyone look like a gaffe prone moron through selective editing if they are motivated to do so.

  11. “Even Amash’s tie tries to flee from his doomed campaign.”

  12. “A Justin Amash Presidential Run Will Disrupt Donald Trump and the Democratic Party Equally.”

    LOLOLOLOLOLOL! Yeah, sure.

    1. The people who make statements like that are living in la-la land.

  13. Since my single vote is never going to turn any presidential election, I always vote for my actual preferred candidate and never strategically (voting ‘strategically’ for president is like playing the Powerball lottery ‘strategically’). So, again, I’ll vote for the Libertarian candidate over Trump or whichever of the leading more-socialist-than-thou numbskulls the Dems nominate. But, yes, it’d be great if that L-vote was for Amash.

    1. Me too.

      Elections work like this: you get to vote to indicate your preference for the office in question. Then they tally up the votes and see who is preferred. Not sure why people try to complicate it. Voting is pretty much a waste of time already, why waste your time to vote for someone you don’t support?

      1. So you two are voting for IC corruption and the attempted prosecution of process crimes absent actual other crimes?

        1. How does Trump’s boot leather taste?

          1. How’s being a fucking ignoramus feel?

          2. Pedo Jeffy, you are one dumb kid. You’re around twenty two right? No way someone as weak, stupid, and badly naive as you could be any older.

            By the way, late charges start on your rent tomorrow.

    2. “It is better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don’t want and get it.” — frequent Socialist candidate Eugene V. Debs

      As Milton Friedman pointed out, the Debs’s Socialist Party of America got much of what it wanted without winning that much by having its most popular ideas taken by the duopoly parties. http://libertarianmajority.net/socialist-party-of-america-1928-platform

    3. I wasn’t a fan but I voted for Bob Barr. Amash would be better than Barr – probably better than Gay Jay simply because he knows where the Mideast is.

  14. No one is going to vote for this guy. I’m a die hard anarchocapitalist and I wouldn’t even vote for him. Trump’s got my vote.

    1. I’m a die hard anarchocapitalist
      Trump’s got my vote.
      hmm, does not compute

      1. Of course not, Jeff, you’re a psychotic partisan with limited intellectual capacity and a moral compass that leads you to feel that the US doesn’t have the right to refuse asylum to confirmed child rapists.

      2. I was wondering the same thing Jeff.

        How does anarchist capitalist show up and vote for any of them?

        If your goal is to eliminate the central state why would you vote for this president or that one?

        Seems like one would sell out their beliefs right there.

        1. Perhaps some of us feel that Trump can do a better job of disrupting than anyone, including Amash. I am inclined to agree.

        2. I think, between now and November 2020, we are going to see a lot of “hardcore libertarians” and “anarchocapitalists” who, in 2016, claimed to refuse to vote for Trump, but now are enthusiastically voting for Trump because he is so awesome.

  15. I see nothing to indicate that Amash will pull more votes than Johnson did. Therefore unless there is a game changer democrat that can stand up to Trump, the Republicans will probably win again. And from what we’ve seen of the democrat field they have no problem doing incredible damage to their brand.

    I would prefer Amash over the entire field of candidates. But reality and history says he will get at most 3 to 4%.

  16. “Obviously, the next president will be either a Republican or a Democrat….”

    Not obvious at all. Early voting hasn’t even started. Macron won as an outsider. Trump co-opted the Repub party and won. It’s easier than ever for a well-known, well-funded independent candidate to mount a serious campaign. Amash isn’t such a candidate, but someone like say, Mark Cuban could be.

    1. Or look back at the Texas billionaire who passed away today. He was leading the polls and finished at 19% in 1992, long before the Internet.

      1. He was leading in the polls, and then he quit, and when he came back he never regained his prior footing. That was a strategic mistake. So was not monetarily supporting Jesse Ventura when he joined his reform party and ran for MN Governor. Still, Perot would have been better than Clinton/Bush.

        1. The Clintons would likely be a far less dangerous criminal operation had Bill not been elected in 1992.

          We can only hope that we finally see justice against the Clintons through the prosecution of Jeffrey Epstein.

  17. More likely Amash sees himself a Perot style spoiler, to syphon off Trump voters and hopefully give the Democrats an edge in what promises to be a close election. His hatred for Trump overcomes everything, even cursing the country and culture to four years of batshit. Truly a narcissist, but then that’s redundant considering his position.

    1. 4 years is being optimistic.
      Remember: socialism only needs to win one election

  18. […] A Justin Amash Presidential Run Will Disrupt Donald Trump and the Democratic Party Equally – Reason Trump A Justin Amash Presidential Run Will Disrupt Donald Trump and the Democratic Party Equally  Reason […]

  19. A Justin Amash Presidential Run Will Disrupt Donald Trump and the Democratic Party Equally

    I think that the would-be candidate who called himself “Almanian!” might be equally disruptive, Nick.

  20. Any so-called libertarian who would screw Trump out of a second term is a complete moron. Any Democratic president would be the end of our country.

    1. Any Democratic president would be the end of our country.

      I see someone has swallowed the Team Red talking points, hook line and sinker

      1. No matter how true it is. You stupid bitch.

        Now where the fuck is my rent you Kiddie Raper enthusiast?

      2. No, just coming sense. The Democratic candidates are authoritarian, racist, socialist imbeciles.

  21. I’ll be voting straight libertarian again next year. They won’t win . But at least I wouldn’t be wasting my vote on a party I disagree with.

    1. Yup. Small government, free trade, individual liberty and autonomy.

      What is so hard about that?

      1. Exactly. Good thing Trump is trying to do just those things.

  22. A Justin Amash Presidential Run Will Disrupt Donald Trump and the Democratic Party Equally

    0 = 0

  23. “If he chooses to do that, he will most definitely make it harder for either President Donald Trump or the eventual Democratic nominee to eke out victory.”

    Now, *that’s* funny.

  24. BTW, outside of making nice to the jacket, fore-lock pulling and grandstanding, I’d really like to know what Amash has accomplished to justify the claim he’s ‘libertarian-leaning’.

  25. …. but maybe… he can set the cat amongst the pigeons… maybe…

  26. “A Justin Amash Presidential Run Will Disrupt Donald Trump and the Democratic Party Equally”

    Well, zero is equal to zero.

  27. Oh my! Amash has gone from libertarian leaning to full libertarian!

  28. Amash’s decision is a loser for libertarians. He now has less influence than ever and will be Mr. Irrelevant as a Presidential Candidate.
    We need libertarians to hang in and fight the tough fight to encourage and elect more to office. His move is nothing more than surrender.

  29. We’ll have to wait until after the election how much Amash and the Libertarian Party can damage both parties.
    It will come down to Amash’s personality and what he has to offer Americans if they are to vote for him.
    If he comes across disingenuous or recites really stupid ideas, then Amash will come across as a buffoon, and no one will take him seriously. That’s the challenge Amash must overcome.

  30. Any Amash vote is a vote for Democrats. Gillespie apparently wants Trump to lose, no matter what the cost.

    1. Progress uber alles

    2. Let me guess, you’re an “anarchocapitalist” voting for Trump, right?

  31. There was a Libertarian candidate in 2016 in all these states. So he is gonna double that guys vote?

  32. No thanks. Amash is a statist. Get this libertarian’s message out there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeMgYUWndOc&t=9s

  33. I would like to see a unity ticket instead of a Democratic Ticket,
    Justin Amash as the VP candidate. Is it seems we may be heading for a Trump zombie landslide it might happen. Unfortunately I was kicked off of Daily Kos for what they called third party advocacy

    Bernie announce Justin Amash as your Republican Peace Vice President choice Daily kos

    Save Our Democracy Announce the Brave Pro-Impeachment Republican Leaning Libertarian as the Future Democratic VP Reader Supported News

    1. The first link below


  34. I bet whoever runs as L will get even fewer votes this time.

    If it’s Amash that will be true. So it will still just be Trump vs D choice.

    And anybody who still thinks Democrats will ever come over to being libertarian is nuts. There are a fair number of people that are center right or center left who might vote for a moderate libertarian… But the only place most Ls pull from is the right.

    I NEVER meet left-libertarians in real life. Never. I meet right-libertarians all the time. Almost everybody I ever meet who calls themselves a libertarian votes R as the lesser of 2 evils 95% of the time. Thinking any L will ever pull equally from the leftists is pure delusion.

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