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"There is not a liberal America and a conservative America—there is the United States of America," said then–Illinois state Sen. Barack Obama in his keynote for the 2004 Democratic National Convention. Not so much when it comes to views on abortion, a fact made clear by the new feature film Unplanned.

According to the review website Rotten Tomatoes, the movie about a Planned Parenthood clinic director who defects to the pro-life cause was either terrible, with fewer than half of critics rating it positively, or wonderful, garnering an audience score of 92 percent. That almost hilariously stark divide has a twofold explanation that sums up America's polarized modern politics: The type of person who chooses to see Unplanned in theaters is predisposed to love it regardless of even serious weaknesses in the writing and story development. Meanwhile, the people who review movies professionally are exceedingly likely to hate it, however compelling the message might seem to those outside their clique. Both sides may be right, but each will leave more convinced than ever that the other is worthy of scorn.

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  1. so was it good or bad. Based on the picture at the top I’m leaning good because I’m a sucker for redheads.

    1. “I’m a sucker for redheads.”
      That’s as good a reason as any other here – – – – –

    2. I’d impregnate her, and help her raise it.

      But seriously, I think I heard somewhere that the actress found out her mother went to a PP clinic when she was conceived, but didn’t go thru with it

      1. That, or something very close, is correct. I heard her talk about it in an interview with Glen Beck.

        And apparently, iirc, several of the nurses in the film (or at least some form of extras) are ex-PP and helped ensure the accuracy of several scenes, like those inthe operating rooms.

        Havent seen it. Dont know if it’s good or not. Probs not, even if I agree with the message… non-leftists usually dont make good films sadly.

        1. Yeah, go see ‘Apocolypto’ and ‘Unforgiven’ and ‘The Searchers’ and get back to me on that

          1. Umm – Braveheart???
            And Braveheart 2 was also very good – you might know it better as The Patriot (this time, Braveheart wins!)

  2. “Both sides may be right, but each will leave more convinced than ever that the other is worthy of scorn”

    What do you mean “both” sides? To hell with the other side!

    1. Not much of a review.

    2. there aren’t good people on both sides

  3. And maybe the divide is simply because the reviewers at Rotten Tomatoes suck at reviewing movies. That’s been my experience

    1. “Not enough explosions. 2/10”

  4. This isn’t a review. This is the proposal to the Reason editor to write a review. The review itself is missing.

  5. Clickbait is a bitch.

    1. Your mistake is in looking at the articles instead of going straight to the comments section.

  6. “Both sides may be right, but each will leave more convinced than ever that the other is worthy of scorn.

    And they’re right about that–they’re both worthy of scorn.

    1. Surprisingly little detail for a Ken Schultz post.

  7. Come on Slade, imagine a review by ENB and write the opposite.

    This is just sad.

    I can do a short review: Abby Johnson was a real person who really ran a Planned Parenthood clinic. Then she defected to the protesters who were outside the clinic. PP sued her and lost. Then PP supporters said that Johnson was motivated by filthy lucre – a plausible argument at one level, because who would know better the motivations of the average abortion clinic director than PP and its apologists? Meanwhile, Johnson is trying to lure other clinic directors and staff out of the abortion biz – which might provide an alternative explanation for all the denunciation she got from her former allies.

    The movie itself is good as movies go, it does its job. It’s no Endgame, of course. But like Endgame, it’s about an evil mass-murdering entity facing heroes trying to save human lives.

    1. Well damn… Now I want to see it!!

      1. Spoiler Alert: It’s disproportionately black lives the heroes are trying to save, depending on your inherent racism you might actually applaud the progressive support for PP’s mission to create a master race by exterminating the untermenschen from der Vaterland, ja?

    2. Nudity?

      1. I don’t think a normal person would find the movie erotic.

        The only naked body parts we see belong to fetuses.

  8. The best abortion movie I’ve seen so far is CITIZEN RUTH with Laura Dern. Includes cameo appearances by Burt Reynolds, Tippi Hedren, and Kenneth Mars!

    And now that I think of it, it’s a movie libertarians should love: it starts when a judge gives a pregnant junkie a choice: get an abortion, or go to jail.

    Can I post a link to a clip on this forum? Well, I’ll try:

    1. I thought at first that was an RBG biopic.

    2. That movie was fucked up but very good.

  9. Well, hopefully it will spur people into supporting laws criminalizing abortion. Let’s all pray that the Supreme Court will overturn RvW.

    Only a deviant freak would support abortion. Abortion is murder and should be severely repressed.

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