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Review: Weedcraft Inc.


It's only natural for the growth of "cannabusinesses" to inspire a management simulation game like Weedcraft Inc. This marijuana manufacturing game by Devolver Digital challenges you to start with an illegal basement grow and build up a small empire.

It's no simple feat. Players research and develop strains, manage the temperature and humidity, experiment with soil quality, appeal to different types of customers, investigate the competition, figure out how to keep the police at bay, supervise employees, and even ultimately go legit with fully permitted medical marijuana operations.

While Weedcraft Inc. is not terribly realistic, it does help the casually curious grasp that growing marijuana as a commercial product is not something you can just stumble your way through. It's probably not a game you'd want to play stoned. It even has a storyline that delves into the diverse politics surrounding the drug war and marijuana legalization. Your customers are the expected frat boys and metalheads but also cancer patients and veterans struggling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The game doesn't actually teach you how to grow weed, yet when it was initially released, YouTube and Facebook blocked ads for it as violations of their "illegal drug" policies.