Brickbat: Justice Delayed


It took almost seven years, but the Chicago Police Department has finally fired an officer who tried to solicit sex from an underage girl in return for helping get her mother's impounded car back. Darius Alexander was placed on desk duty with pay in June 2012 after the girl's mother alerted the department of his actions. But the police board didn't receive charges against him until August 2018. At that point he was suspended without pay until the board could consider the department's recommendation to fire him. Alexander spent almost half of his 13-year career with the department on desk duty.

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  1. …the Police Board said it found the victim “particularly compelling” because of her “credible and detailed” testimony as well as recordings she secretly made of Alexander allegedly soliciting her for sex.

    The delay is because the witness was serving a six-year prison sentence for illegal recordings.

    1. We believed her because of her compelling story and the absolute proof of solicitation that she showed us.

  2. Desk duty?! Wasn’t he supposed to receive extra paid vacations? Sounds like the police union really let him down!

    Or, was the union not able to get him that extra perk because he neglected to shoot any of this girl’s family pets in the course of soliciting her? (That’s tantamount to dereliction of duty in union’s eyes.)

  3. The two males were charged with drug offenses, though court records show the charges against both were dismissed weeks later. The officers impounded the car and took Jane Doe and an 18-year-old female to the police station as well.

    Doe later told the Police Board that Alexander approached her in the station and offered to help get the car — her mother’s — released from the pound.

    So what happened to the car? And what’s the big deal about one cop soliciting sex from a 17-year old when the whole Chicago PD was fucking her mother?

  4. Alexander spent almost half of his 13-year career with the department on desk duty.

    That’ll show him! Way to send a STRONG (wrong?) signal.
    I’m guessing he had double protection status; cop and a minority.

  5. How is this justice? Had that been me I wouldn’t have only been eventually fired.

  6. I’ve seen people who made inappropriate comments [usually under degree of influence at a company function with an open bar…] lose their jobs the next day. Clearly corporate employees need a union.

  7. They come at you with a car in the impound lot, you come at them with a pen. You let their car out of the impound, then you can solicit the underage girl for sex. That’s the Chicago way.

  8. As goes Sri Lanka, so go other dimbulbs:

    “Sri Lanka govt to bring new laws to curb fake news & hate speech that jeopardize national harmony & national security”
    “Cabinet approval has been granted to amend the Penal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code to take action against false news distribution, extremist statements and any statement that could be harmful to the national security.”

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