Police Abuse

That Time Michael Moynihan Got Handcuffed at a NYC Checkpoint for an Unpaid 1998 Speeding Ticket

The most hilarious overpolicing story you'll hear this week, on the latest Fifth Column podcast


Beloved former Reasoner and current Vice News Tonight correspondent Michael C. Moynihan is not the world's best driver or most law-abiding citizen. So it may not come as a big surprise to his friends and acquaintances to hear that the man famous for catching plagiarists was himself nabbed by New York's finest for coloring a wee bit outside the lines.

But would you believe he was stopped at a random checkpoint, told to summon a friend to pick up his young daughter, then handcuffed and jailed for nine hours, all over an unpaid parking ticket from…1998?

Thus begins an infuriating, educational, though mostly hilarious story on the latest episode of The Fifth Column, the podcast I co-host with Moynihan, Kmele Foster, and Anthony Fisher. We cover the non-applicability of Miranda rights, Judge Andrew Napolitano's old Reason feature about checkpoints, and the ethics of jailhouse snitching, but mainly sit back and laugh at a crazy story well told. It's at the top of the show here: