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Anjelica Huston on Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, and Shitty Hollywood Men

Plus: FOSTA challenge gets boost from state prosecutors, the trouble with "democracy dollars," and more...


Would she work with Woody Allen again? She would. I've been out of the loop the past few days, in recovery from having two wisdom teeth removed, but in my limited purview the best (and most controversial) thing on the internet in that time has been Vulture's interview with actress Anjelica Huston. In a wide-ranging interview conducted by Andrew Goldman, Huston touches on everything from her famous father to why she doesn't like edibles, how Bill Murray snubbed her on the Life Aquatic set, Oprah's beef with her, and Jack Nicholson's cocaine habits.

Of course, the part that's been generating some of the most attention is Huston saying she would work with Woody Allen again.

You were in two Woody Allen films, Crimes and Misdemeanors, alongside Mia Farrow, and then Manhattan Murder Mystery. Woody Allen is basically unable to make films now because of the outcry about the molestation allegations.
I think that's after two states investigated him, and neither of them prosecuted him.

Well, the industry seems to be treating him as though he's guilty. Would you work with him again?
Yeah, in a second.

Huston touches on Roman Polanski, too, in what critics have been describing as a "defense" of the disgraced director. But the answer given by Huston—whose "first serious boyfriend" was 42 when she was 18, and who earlier in the interview mentions wishing she could've been in Romeo & Juliet as a teen so she could've been "off in Italy having a romance on set with Franco Zeffirelli"—is more an offering of context than absolution:

You were arrested because you happened to be in Jack's house when Roman Polanski raped 13-year-old Samantha Geimer. How did you feel about that?
Well, see, it's a story that could've happened ten years before in England or France or Italy or Spain or Portugal, and no one would've heard anything about it. And that's how these guys enjoy their time. It was a whole playboy movement in France when I was a young girl, 15, 16 years old, doing my first collections. You would go to Régine or Castel in Paris, and the older guys would all hit on you. Any club you cared to mention in Europe. It was de rigueur for most of those guys like Roman who had grown up with the European sensibility.

Huston situates Polanski's attitudes and acts as products of their time period but also not all that different than the attitudes many men in Hollywood have toward women today. Far from downplaying the depravity, she refuses to simply position Polanski and/or that era as an anomaly which we can condemn from a safe and smug distance while congratulating everyone on how far they've come:

Among a lot of Hollywood men, it was acceptable at that time to treat women as though they were disposable. 
I think they're still doing it. I was at the hairdresser's yesterday, and I heard tales of such horror from women. There was one other client and two girls who were working in this rather small hairdressing shop. And one of the girls had been passed a Mickey Finn in a bar and had woken up on a couch with a guy ejaculating wildly all over her face. And as she was telling the story, another girl who worked in the salon came in and said, "The weirdest thing happened to my friend last night. She was found at four in the morning in the Wilshire district, coatless, shoeless, with scratches and bruises all over her body. She doesn't know whether she was raped. So, I'm trying to stop her from having a bath because we need to get her to the police."

Later, Goldman asks Huston if she had any "#MeToo experiences":

Yeah, yeah.

What happened?
You'd have to ask me that on a daily basis, practically. That's how often it happens, that you're objectified, or misread, or put down. I think men do it a lot, and I don't really think half the time they know what they're doing. That's how inured they are.

Huston goes on to say she "didn't think [Supreme Court Justice] Brett Kavanaugh was all that believable."

Throughout the interview, her answers are candid and colorful while failing to fall into neat liberal/conservative (or woke/canceled) lines. Ignore the Twitter haters, and read the whole thing for yourself here.


FOSTA lawsuit update. The group challenging FOSTA, last year's law banning prostitution ads, just got a boost from an unlikely source: 21 state attorneys general. Cathy Gellis at Techdirt explains:

The important thing to remember about this appeal is that the question before the appeals court isn't really about the constitutionality of FOSTA itself. What's being appealed is the case having been dismissed for lack of standing by the plaintiffs. The district court never directly ruled on the constitutionality of the law; it only ruled that these plaintiffs had no right to complain about it to the courts. According to the district court these plaintiffs weren't being hurt, or likely to be hurt, by FOSTA, and so it dismissed their case. What the parties are fighting about now is whether this assessment by the district court was right.

For the plaintiffs it makes sense to keep pressing the constitutional issue because shining a light on the unconstitutionality of the law illuminates the injury the unconstitutionality has already caused and will continue to cause. But the defense has a different and much simpler job. All the DOJ [Department of Justice] has to do to defend FOSTA is say is, "The district court was right. These people were not hurt by FOSTA and will not be hurt by FOSTA, so keep this case dismissed." If the appeals court agrees that there has been no injury, and that there is unlikely to be any injury, then the case remains dismissed and this constitutional challenge goes away.

Thus, Justice Department's defense has continued to be that the plaintiffs aren't actually being harmed by FOSTA. And yet, Gellis writes,

that's exactly what the amicus brief by the twenty-one state attorney generals does not do. Although it is intended to support the DOJ's defense of the statute, rather than supporting the DOJ's argument that the plaintiffs' complaints are much ado about nothing, their brief instead reads as a bright flashing neon sign warning the court that there is plenty of reason for them to be worried. Because, in contrast to the DOJ's arguments about what FOSTA does not do, this brief reads as a paean to everything FOSTA is going to let the states do, including to people just like the plaintiffs.

More here.


"Democracy Dollars." Senator and 2020 presidential hopeful Kirsten Gillibrand (D–N.Y.) yesterday proposed a plan to give every American $600 to give to politicians. Calling them "Democracy Dollars," Gillibrand is trying to sell this as a way to give big-money interests and Washington insiders less influence in politics.

Nicholas Clairmount at The Independent has a good piece on why this such a bad plan. A sample:

First, it would simply multiply the amount of money in politics by an order of magnitude, with effects that wouldn't be good for the political system at large, but would be good for ad buyers and PR flacks and political operatives….

There are roughly 235 million eligible voters in the United States. Say roughly half of them bothered to use the $600 (about 60 per cent of Americans vote in presidential years and about 40 per cent in midterm years). That means, conservatively, politicians would be looking at a little more than $70bn a cycle. What Gillibrand would have accomplished, then, if her initiative to deal with money in politics were hugely successful, would be to multiply the $6.5bn cesspit of corruption and division that is the long race for the White House by more than ten. I somehow doubt Washington's lobbyist and political operative class hates this idea.


The fallout and fanfare continues from yesterday's grilling of Attorney General Bob Barr by the Senate Judiciary Committee. Reason's Eric Boehm has torn apart Lindsey Graham's shameful performance during it.

Republicans certainly didn't have a monopoly on disgusting displays of self-aggrandizement and partisan hackery. Democrats have been using this as an opportunity to demand that Barr resign over the testimony he gave yesterday. Barr's departure would make many of us libertarians happy, but the grounds offered here just doesn't cut it, alas. Still, flimsy pretense hasn't stopped senators who are also 2020 presidential candidates from milking the opportunity for all they can…

Barr was supposed to testify before the House Judiciary Committee today, but he has decided against it "following a dispute between House Democrats and the nation's top law enforcement officer over whether Barr would publicly face questions from committee staff attorneys," reports CNN.


  • Foreign policy journalist Spencer Ackerman is writing a book about how the War on Terror contributed to America's "nationalist moment."
  • Florida is the latest state to ban plastic straws.
  • Celebs are jumping on the Equal Rights Amendment bandwagon:

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  1. …in recovery from having two wisdom teeth removed…

    Half as wise now!

  2. I read that article earlier this morning and Huston is right – bad cocaine sucks.

    1. when it’s like yellow or you can smell the baking powder wtf…

    1. @StefanMolyneux
      “Don’t worry, immigrants will totally assimilate into the culture you’re not allowed to admire or take pride in.”

    2. ¿tiene una orden?

    1. Even more bad economic news.

      DowDuPont profit slumps 28%, hit by lower chemical demand

      Unfortunately, all is proceeding exactly as Paul Krugman foretold. We are, in fact, in a global recession with no end in sight.

      1. Chemicals are bad.

      2. The pro-green left shouldn’t have a problem with that.

    1. Most of this stuff is Munchausen-by-proxy of attention-seeking parents, usually mothers, wanting a “special child” in the modern Clown World age of victim fetishization.

      The general deviance and fashion-chasing of modern education plays a role, too.

      As a parent it’s horrifying to know that 22 per cent of all 14-year-old girls now self-harm either by deliberately hurting themselves physically or through drug or alcohol abuse, according to the latest research by The Children’s Society

      Normalize mental illness, especially amongst teenagers who are already hormonal time bombs, and this is the result.

      1. so, at most 22% of 14 year old girls drink alcohol? WTF times have changed.

        1. Yeah, that’s a weird “or”.

    2. One of these days, somebody is going to have to explain to me what’s so wonderful about tolerance. Seriously, have you ever heard any derivation of the word “tolerate” used in reference to getting a BMW or a winning lottery ticket?

      Of course you don’t, because “tolerance” implicitly acknowledges the thing to be tolerated is undesirable.

      Now, there may be a strategic advantage to tolerating an undesirable thing, i.e., I put up with my neighbor’s dog pooping on lawn because I value my relationship with my neighbor more than I object to his dog pooping on my lawn, but that is not exactly a ringing endorsement of dog poop.

      But I see no virtue in putting up with shitty things simply so you can pat yourself on the back for doing so. In fact, doing so marks you as an idiot or a masochist. Tolerance is way overrated.

  3. Govt medicine

    Hospital infected teenager with HIV then kept diagnosis secret
    An NHS hospital kept a teenager’s HIV diagnosis secret from him after accidentally infecting him with the virus and testing for it without his knowledge.

  4. Major new developments in our sworn enemy Russia!

    Putin signs law to create an independent Russian internet

    As if hacking our election and installing a puppet President wasn’t enough? Now Putin wants his own Internet? Outrageous.

    Patriotic Americans must demand we respond to the 2016 attack on our democracy with the urgency of Pearl Harbor or 9 / 11. And that won’t happen as long as Putin’s Puppet is in the White House.


    1. They don’t want to share their porn.


    The war against white people. The Social Justice left is more and more clear about its goal of exterminating the white race. White people are the new Jews. The things creatures like Sarah Jong say about white people are no different than what European antisemites said about Jews in the late 19th and early 20th Century.

    These people hate you and would kill you if they ever got the opportunity.

    1. That was both interesting and depressing at the same time.

    2. Persecuted much?

      1. So you think it is okay to have university classes talking about the evils of particular races? You think it is okay for people to call for the genocide of other races? Really?

        Good to know you are a racialist and a fascist.

        1. “So you think it is okay to have university classes talking about the evils of particular races?”

          I think free speech is okay, yes.
          Next complaint?

      2. As Shihka says, the right is more dangerous because it is a backlash much harsher than the initial leftist reaction. If you like brown people around you should consider what people are accusing white people of

    3. “”OK, officially, I now hate white people. I am white people, for God’s sake, but can we keep them — us — us out of my neighborhood? I just went to Harlem Shake on 124 and Lenox for a Classic burger to go, that would be my dinner, and the place is overrun by little Caucasian assholes who know their parents will approve of anything they do. Slide around the floor, you little shithead, sing loudly, you unlikely moron. Do what you want, nobody here is gonna restrict your right to be white. I hereby resign from my race. Fuck these people.”‘

      This is more of a critique of white liberal brats. I don’t totally disagree. But if he’s going to Harlem Shake, the Hot Mess burger is the way to go. Pepper relish on a burger, yes please.

    4. This is really bizarre that we really have NYT articles crowing about the genocide of white people and no one cares, especially white people. I have no idea how to deal with this stupidity and total lack of self awareness in our culture.

  6. Woody Allen married his adopted step daughter. That is creepy as hell but no creepier than Joe Biden’s kid dumping his wife of 24 years to marry his dead brother’s widow. And whatever it is, it isn’t illegal.

    As far as the allegations of child molestation against Allen, they should be dismissed. If they were true, Farrow and her brood would have filed a police report and put the whole thing under oath. It is their right not to do that but the price of not doing that is they forfeit the right to then make an issue of the allegation going forward. The unpersoning of Allen is wrong and unfair. Houston is right here.

    1. “marry his dead brother’s widow”

      Surprisingly common for widows and widowers.

      1. Divorcing your current wife to do so isn’t common. It is messed up.

        1. Well yeah.

      2. didn’t one of Crazy Joe’s kids do that?

    2. And he’s made a few movies lately, a couple of which are pretty decent- Scoop and Midnight in Paris. Neither are masterpieces of film making. They are kind of Woody Allen light and just fun to watch. That one about the woman having emotional issues (not worth looking up the title) was really bad and it should have snubbed.

  7. “AG Barr is a disgrace, and his alarming efforts to suppress the Mueller report show that he’s not a credible head of federal law enforcement. He should resign—and based on the actual facts in the Mueller report, Congress should begin impeachment proceedings against the President.”

    Elizabeth Warren is AWESOME!!! She’s close to overtaking Kamala Harris as my top choice for 2020.


  8. Somebody needed an editor after getting the wisdom teeth pulled. You forgot to add the word “not” before “all that believable.” Kinda changes the whole direction of the quote.

    And Florida didn’t ban plastic straws. They passed a ban on straw banning. The story linked to in your own magazine says that.

    1. Also, the AG is William Barr.

      1. Looks like the Vicodin still hasn’t worn off.

    2. The site’s had al these technical improvements, but they’re undercut by the lousy proofing and copy editing, let alone the ridiculous anti-Trump content that nobody here believes the writers actually believe. is becoming the George Noory of written media.

      1. “that nobody here believes the writers actually believe”

        When people show you who they are, believe them

        1. It is easy to fall prey to TDS. The guy is a boor and a buffoon at times, and the left and the media successfully “set the narrative” about him with a constant barrage of “he’s a misogynist” type stuff that was a product of the “her turn” campaign being run by the Dems.

          If you have been around for more than 5 minutes, you’d realize that this is their strategy every time, all the time. Romney and McCain were evil and racists. Bush was racist, evil and stupid. Dole was evil (just look at those eyebrows and that twisted up hand!), GWB was evil, stupid, racist and clumsy. Reagan was….

          They always go personal, 100%. In Trump’s case he makes it easy because he spent a lot of time on camera before politics saying lots of things. But he also plays tit-for-tat insult games, so he’s easy to bait into attacking a woman.

          So TDS has plenty to latch on to. And as we know from actual scientific research, first impressions are very lasting. Once you form a first impression, you are almost immune to countervailing evidence because of cognitive bias. You ignore data that contradicts your opinion and magnify information that confirms your opinion.

          That is precisely why the left was apoplectic about Barr “introducing” the Mueller report. Because they knew that “no collusion” was going to be a powerful narrative, and they wanted their minions in the media to introduce the report: “Mueller releases scathing report about Trump attempts to work with Russians and cover it up!!”

          Because of this effect we get idiotic articles like Boehm’s ludicrous take (hailed in the links) about Graham’s ordinary team-based committee hearing behavior.

          And if he was disgraceful, what word would you use for team D folks ? You give Graham a 9.5 for this hearing where he gives milquetoast defense to his party’s administration, you don’t have room on your scale of 10 for team D, who were orders of magnitude worse. And what about team D in the Kavenaugh hearings? You are gonna have to go to 376.9 their behavior.

          1. So you’re saying, like Robert, that the editors are not full blown leftists, just temporarily due to Trump driven insanity?

            I can believe that.

            1. I don’t even believe it’s their own Trump-driven insanity. No, someone’s deranged enough by Trump to pay otherwise-deservedly-trusted analysts to ruin their reputations by writing this crap. The only way they don’t ruin their reputations is if we recognize they don’t really mean it, ignoring them and their puppet master for now. Come on, when was Boehm ever this crazy?

        2. This is why I expose myself on commuter trains.

        3. When will they show me who they really are? They showed me years ago, now they’re adopting this pose. And I know it’s a pose, because they’re going to absurd lengths, saying things anyone can easily ascertain are untrue, apparently just because someone thinks a few son’t bother to go to the trouble (like reading the report) to ascertain that these things are untrue.

          Years from now, when they’re working someone else or the boss has changed, will they come out and tell us how they were bent over a barrel and made to write a certain amount of utter shit to be folded into the otherwise fine work they’ve done over their careers? Will someone who writes here anonymously leak that info now, or do we just have to go by what we can easily deduce?

      2. Trump is a joke. Even if you like his politics the man is a ignorant clown. A liar like nothing I’ve ever seen. If you can’t see that what else are you blind too?

        1. You just described Hillary Clinton too.

          1. Pathological liars will create a new lie when confronted with the truth of a previous lie.

            Your server had classified information.
            There was no classified information.

            Here’s some copies of classified information that was on your sever.
            The classified information was not marked.

            Here’s some copies of classified information clearly marked with a C for classified.
            I didn’t know what the C meant.

        2. Trump is the funniest thing that has ever happened in real life. So he is kind of a joke.
          The die-hard anti-Trumpers are also pretty pathetically hilarious.

          1. I laughed for three days after he got elected every time I thought about Donald Trump being our president. But the biggest joke is that as much as he is hated by both sides, Trump has been the most effective at getting things done as we’ve had in a long time. And that’s sad.

  9. Given the charges against Polanski, American society at the time it happened did not accept a grown man using a 13 year old, no matter what the norms were in Europe during the 70s.

    1. And even if they did, no one accepted drugging and raping a woman of any age, which is what Polanski did.

    2. If I recall wasn’t Jerry Lee Lewis raked over the coals in Europe for marrying his 14 year old cousin?

      1. Maybe in Europe it would have been fine if he raped her rather than marrying her?

    3. If I recall it was only about a year ago that the ‘victim’ Samantha Geimer came out and said she doesn’t feel like a victim, she knew what she was doing, it wasn’t her first time doing that (messing around with older men at hollywood parties) and everyone should just relax and back off. (I’m paraphrasing of course)

      1. You would recall wrong. He drugged her and ass raped her. She says now that she wants the entire thing to go away because she is tired of dealing with it. That is a very understandable sentiment on her part but in now way excuses or lessons the crime that Polanski committed.

      2. The point under dispute is Huston’s claim that such behavior was generally tolerated by society at the time. The fact that Polanski was charged at the time disputes that.

        1. It hardly disputes that.

          Someone didn’t like Polanski and weaponized the legal system against him. We’ve been doing this for years, don’t try to see anything virtuous in it; because there is none.

          People have been smoking weeds for decades in defiance of the law and local values and mores. Although it’s legal in many stated, we’re still busting people for it. I guess in your eyes that means that society is still intolerant of weed.

          1. “Someone didn’t like Polanski and weaponized the legal system against him.”

            That’s what he and his sycophants claim. Of course they, and you, are overlooking the fact that he bascially got a sweetheart deal for drugging and ass raping a 13 yeard old. The system you say was weaponized against him actually cut him a break, and he ran anyway.

          2. A lot of people are intolerant of weed.

            And are you suggesting drugged anal sex with a middle schooler is comparable to smoking a joint?

          3. “Someone didn’t like Polanski and weaponized the legal system against him.”
            He fucking drugged a 13-year-old and raped her in the ass. He fucking admits to it.
            Weaponized legal system my ass.

        2. I was surprised that she so cavalierly compared middle aged men having sex with 13 year olds and November-May relationships of consenting adults over 18. 13 is pretty damn young. If you’re 40 and trying to get with a 13 year old then you’re a giant loser. There isn’t a single European country that I’m aware of that has a consent law less than 14 (which is and of itself ridiculous). 16, 17, ok, maybe we’re a little uptight here. But 13? Amazingly gross. What do you talk about? New Kids on the Block? Snapchat filters?

    4. I thought she was 12.

      I don’t care who you are, or where you are from… drugging and buggering a 12 year old girl is never gonna be OK.

      You know how we all know that? Ask any father of any 12 year old anywhere, any time if it would be OK if you did that to his daughter later that night. Most places, and most times you’d be lucky to walk away from that interaction.

      1. Little boys are another matter.

  10. “California’s high-speed rail might start with old-school diesel trains”
    “The cost of getting high-speed trains up and running in the Central Valley is expected to jump $1.8 billion, California rail officials said Wednesday, but they have a plan to weather that increase — and it may include starting service with slower diesel trains.
    According to the report, electric trains capable of traveling 220 mph will run by 2028, with connecting service to Los Angeles and the Bay Area provided by existing buses and trains.”

    So instead of taking Uber to the airport, you’ll take Uber to a downtown bus station (if SF ever gets that $2Bn boondoggle open), take the bus to Stockton I guess, a diesel to Bakersfield, and then a bus into LA.
    Hey, moonbeam! Wunnerful idea!

    1. It’s like living in the future!

    2. “”old-school diesel trains”‘

      Did they do an environmental impact study first?

  11. What I just saw from the Attorney General is unacceptable. Barr must resign now.

    This winning campaign strategy is catching on like wildfire.

    1. She needs to go someplace to stamp her feet and hold her breath.

    2. most think she is unacceptable and she must resign now

      everyone can play that game and they were calling for his resignation before he had time to even read the report let alone open the first page

    3. Kind of out of the loop with this new Mueller Report News. WTF is the issue now? Seems like a dog and pony show to keep all this in the news cycle.

  12. @JoeBiden staffers just tried to remove us from what appears to be a public lot, said we could not ask questions.

    Just wait until they start corralling you in a moving rope pen.

    1. Trump is the Dad liberals lash out at, Obama is the Dad liberals were too afraid to disappoint. Funny how the Dad who gives more freedom is the one it’s okay to beat down every day.

  13. “Democracy Dollars.” Senator and 2020 presidential hopeful Kirsten Gillibrand (D–N.Y.) yesterday proposed a plan to give every American $600 to give to politicians.

    Give her credit for turning the usual buying of votes scheme on its ear.

  14. Florida is the latest state to ban plastic straws.

    Trump may have just won Florida.

  15. If you are a man who believes women should be protected in the constitution from discrimination based on sex—retweet this tweet.

    If you’re a white knight who wants to signal his ignorance of current constitutional protections and/or is looking to try to lay crazy, retweet now!

    1. A fresh idea straight from the 70’s.

  16. I had no idea that Derek Zoolander is Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Refugee Agency.

    1. A joker working for a joke agency, makes sense

  17. Foreign policy journalist Spencer Ackerman is writing a book about how the War on Terror contributed to America’s “nationalist moment.”

    Did the terror itself have anything to do with it?

    1. People have no agency outside of government interaction.

  18. I think that’s after two states investigated him, and neither of them prosecuted him.

    She’s voting Trump!

  19. Remember, Joe Biden was part of “the most transparent administration in history”…

    Biden treating the press like the enemy? He really has learned from Trump!

  20. You’d have to ask me that on a daily basis, practically. That’s how often it happens, that you’re objectified, or misread, or put down.

    It’s pretty telling, and hilarious, that she doesn’t see any sort of connection between her chasing men in their 40s while justifying her time in the world of teenage girls being groomed for sex by older men, and her getting catcalled every day in the entertainment industry.

    Float through morally degenerate social circles, experience socially degenerate behaviors.

    1. Houston was not an unattractive woman in her day. She has a carreer because of her father and her genes. It is a bit rich for her now to complain about people noticing her looks.

      1. I’m not sure if she is complaining or just saying thats the way it is but she does seem to think that is the way it is outside of her degenerate circle of life

  21. More bad economic news for OpenBordersLiberal-tarian:

    “U.S. Worker Productivity Advances at Best Rate Since 2010”

    WASHINGTON—U.S. workers’ efficiency improved during the past year at the best pace in nearly a decade, laying groundwork for stronger wage growth and continued economic expansion.

    . . . .

    Productivity improvements are a key ingredient for the U.S. economy to maintain a 3% growth rate—a goal of the Trump administration. That is especially true as a tight labor market and low unemployment make it more difficult for employers in many industries to fill job openings.

    Productivity growth in the longer run is also associated with wage gains. If workers are more efficient, employers can raise pay without cutting into profit margins.

    Why are productivity increases bad news?

    Well, for one thing, productivity keeps inflation in check. If pay increases while productivity declines, that leads to inflation.

    Another bad thing is that productivity gains are a major source of economic growth.

    If the economy continues to grow, in such a sustainable way, it’s hard to imagine this translating into a win for Bernie Sanders. Why would blue collar workers in rust belt swing states vote for change when they’re enjoying employment opportunities and wage growth like they’ve never experienced since the 1960s?

    How depressing!

    1. Yes, the thought of all those workers with money in their wallets is sickening.

    2. Productivity gains along with discovery and expoitation of natural resources are the main sources of growth. When you combine this news with the explosion in oil and gas wealth thanks to fraking, the long term health of the economy looks pretty good. That is provided that the socialists don’t murder it.

      1. Republicans abandoned fiscal restraint. Your kind just spends the money on the military. Democrats would rather spend the money roads and medicine. Y’all are now a party of fundamentalist Christians that nobody likes, white nationalist retard types that nobody likes, wall street crooks that nobody likes and the military industrial complex. There’s no reason to vote for Republicans.

        1. Democrats would rather steal the money for their cronies. Stop lying.

        2. “”Your kind just spends the money on the military. Democrats would rather spend the money roads and medicine. Y’all are now a party of fundamentalist Christians that nobody likes,””

          I guess you’ve never seen a budget under a republican controlled Congress. They spend on much more than the military. They passes Medicare Part D, which is spending on medicine.

          Democrats spend money on a lot more than just roads and medicine, they spend money on the military too.

          The religious right (your fundamentalists Christians) were trying to impose their morality on me. The group of people trying to impose their morality on me the most these days is the liberal left.

  22. “If you are a man who believes women should be protected in the constitution from discrimination based on sex—retweet this tweet”

    It’s kind of funny to see the ERA framed as some sort of feminist men vs. women thing. The opposition to it historically has been from women. In fact the ERA seems like an anti-feminist, woman-hating incel’s wet dream

    1. I imagine they’ll do with the ERA what they did with the first through tenth amendments: Turn it upside down to mean the opposite.

  23. Today’s Roundup gives rise to a question:

    Is it possible to ejaculate other than wildly?

    1. Can I get a government grant to research that question?

    2. Wait until you get older.

      1. Or go to a fertility clinic to give a sample.

        Yeah, there can be such a thing as “bad sex”.


    Democratic rep in Alabama doesn’t just let the mask slip, he throws it away.

    I’m not about to be a male telling a woman what to do with her body,” he said. “Some kids are unwanted, so you kill them now or you kill them later. You bring them into the world unwanted, unloved, you send them to the electric chair. So, you kill them now or kill them later.

    It always comes down to mass murder with socialists.

    1. Whoah! That’s some harsh stuff, right there.

      He might have to move to San Francisco and run for US Senate.

    2. There will always be people who have sick views like that guy. The insane thing is that progs think that people like that deserve power over the rest of us. And at the same time they vilify anyone who, say, wants the means to defend their family. They are an amoral bunch.

    3. African-Americans have aborted their children at far higher rates than any other ethnic group since abortion was legalized. And then they wonder why they’re still only 13% of the population.

      1. Apparently, they’re just protecting those kids from being killed later.

        1. Better to be ripped apart by a razor tipped vacuum now, than join a gang later.

  25. We don’t need the ERA because we already have every goal of the ERA enacted into law. Thus this sudden push for the ERA now at a time when it’s completely superfluous is suspicious. I imagine people want to interpret it differently than what it says. But not being a hyper-progressive, I can’t imagine how one can twist such a simple text. My brain doesn’t work that way.

    So what’s the reason for the big push for the ERA?

    1. >>>So what’s the reason for the big push for the ERA?

      all the working ladies of the 1970s rally for one last political wave?

      1. No, it resurfaced a couple of years ago as a part of the “her turn” campaign for HRC. Remember, it was “the year of the women” and all.

        This is another cynical “grass roots” campaign that is entirely the brainchild of some progressive think tank who are funding it to get certain elements of both bases fired up. They not only want the feminist left energized by a cause, they desperately need some old, white dudes railing against feminism.

        Remember how hard everyone who wasn’t black was bending over backward to prove they were not racist during the ’08 campaign? Even McCain didn’t dare say anything negative about Obama. He came within a whisker of endorsing the guy, all so he could avoid charges of racism.

        Well, they aren’t idiots. It worked once, they were planning on having it work again in 2016, only with women. No reason not to keep pushing it for 2020…

        1. >>>No, it resurfaced a couple of years ago as a part of the “her turn” campaign for HRC.

          i always envisioned that group as “my ’70s/’80s teachers who were all in on ERA” …

    2. The progressives tend to value symbolism over everything else. If we do not explicitly have an ERA than the reality of all other law does not matter. Just as it does not matter how harshly a racially motivated violent crime is punished if it does not have “hate crime” charges attached to it.

  26. >>>If you are a man who believes women should be protected in the constitution from discrimination based on sex

    chicks aren’t already covered under Constitution? also, always would .

  27. “It was de rigueur for most of those guys like Roman who had grown up with the European sensibility.”

    Keep in mind she grew up in the entertainment industry. So she probably thinks being an atrocious sleazebag is normal.

    1. It’s like being raised in a brothel. It colours perceptions.

  28. Stupid lefty actors and their opinions. Why can’t we deport them?

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