Sorry, Bernie Sanders, but Disney Doesn't Have To Apologize for Making $1.3 Billion with Avengers: Endgame

The Vermont socialist can muster a lot of emotional outrage at CEO pay, but his argument about a "moral economy" doesn't add up.


To date, the new movie Avengers: Endgame has grossed over $1.3 billion worldwide, a testament to the popularity of the superhero franchise and the ability of Disney, which owns Marvel Studios, to deliver what an audience wants at a price it's willing to pay.

But to Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont independent who is running for the Democratic presidential nomination, there is only exploitation and immiseration. "What would be truly heroic is if Disney used its profits from Avengers to pay all of its workers a middle class wage, instead of paying its CEO Bob Iger $65.6 million – over 1,400 times as much as the average worker at Disney makes," he tweeted. If that sounds a bit familiar, it might be because a year ago the senator tweeted, "We need to SHAME Disney. I want to hear their moral justification that while making billions of dollars they have workers going hungry." At a June 2018 rally, he also argued, "I want to hear the moral defense of a company that makes $9 billion in profits, $400 million for their CEOs and have a 30-year worker going hungry."

Here's a thought: Disney doesn't need to make a moral justification to Bernie Sanders or anyone else about how it does business as long as it operates within the law. The purpose of a company isn't to be all things to all people, especially to politicians who can threaten onerous regulation. Disney needs to be accountable to its shareholders (along multiple dimensions, not simply in terms of making money) and its customers, and it needs to be able to attract and keep employees for its various operations, including its theme parks, which Sanders is alluding to when talking about "30-year worker[s] going hungry." An NPR report from last year included this comment from a worker at Disneyland in Anaheim, California:

"I've been 29 years with Disney. I only get $15.70 an hour," an unnamed full-time concierge who is living with a friend told [researchers for The Coalition of Labor Resort Unions]. "Sometimes I go without food."

Last summer, Disney reached an agreement to boost starting pay for most hourly workers at Disneyland to $15 an hour. It's safe to assume that management caved for a variety of reasons, including bad publicity in the wake of Sanders' comments, which came at a rally held in Anaheim. He also wrote an op-ed in The Guardian attacking Disney for being miserly in its pay. "At a time when the three wealthiest people in America own more wealth than the bottom half and corporate CEOs have seen their incomes skyrocket," wrote Sanders, "we must create a moral economy which demands that if you work 40 hours a week, you do not live in poverty."

If that is Sanders' main demand, he can already declare victory and go home. In 2016 (the latest year for which I could find data), the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that just "3.1 percent of those usually employed full time" reported income below the poverty line. On that rudimentary but important score, the system is working just how Sanders wants. But more than that, Sanders' rage at CEO compensation is a non sequitur. As Alex Edmans, a finance professor at the London Business School, writes,

CEOs and workers operate in very different markets, so there is no reason for their pay to be linked — just as a solo singer's pay bears no relation to a bassist's pay. This consideration explains why CEO pay has risen much more than worker pay. As an analogy, baseball player Alex Rodriguez was not clearly more talented than Babe Ruth, but he was paid far more because baseball had become a much bigger, more global industry by the time he was playing. Even if the best player is only slightly better than the next-best player at that position, the slight difference can have a huge effect on the team's fortunes and revenues.

Just as the baseball industry has gotten bigger, so have firms (also due to the global marketplace), and so it is worth paying top dollar for top talent. Average firm size in the Fortune 500 today is $20 billion. Thus, even if a CEO contributes only 1% more to firm value than the next-best alternative, this contribution is worth $200 million — much higher than the $10 million average salary. Gabaix and Landier show that the sixfold increase in CEO pay since 1980 can be explained by the sixfold increase in firm size.

You can lop off pay for the top of a company and it's not going to raise up the salaries for regular employees. At the same time, if a company keeps banking record profits and doesn't share the wealth with its workforce, employees will start to defect (this is one of the reasons why corporate profits and employee compensation generally move in the same direction over time).

More importantly, if you care about improving the quality of life and living standards over time, the essential question is always about creating broad-based, sustainable economic growth. What are the conditions that are most likely to help the economy get bigger, stronger, and more resilient? At the top of the list is a government which promulgates simple, predictable, and widely enforced rules; spends within its limits and doesn't pursue arbitrary trade wars and military interventions; and doesn't bog down the future with an ever-increasing mountain of debt that tamps down growth and freezes out investment. Near the bottom of the list is something that is part of Sanders' policy repertoire: Announcing bold new plans (Medicare for All! Free College for All!) without even pretending to know how to pay for them.

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  1. No comments? Wow!
    “I’ve been 29 years with Disney. I only get $15.70 an hour,” an unnamed full-time concierge who is living with a friend told [researchers for The Coalition of Labor Resort Unions]. “Sometimes I go without food.”

    1st – you live in CA. That’s one issue
    2nd – no one forced you to take that job
    3rd – you are 29 . Take some responsibility

    1. 3rd – you are 29 . Take some responsibility

      It’s worse than that, he’s been with Disney 29 years. Assuming he was at least 18 when he started that would make him at least 47. Long past time to grow the fuck up and take responsibility for his own fucked up life.

    2. 29 years with Disney. They are at least in their 40s.

    3. 4th, he makes 70 cents more than Bernie Sanders’ living wage.

    4. This unnamed source is a fucking moron.

      If he has not moved up in the company in 29 years, he is lucky to be getting $15.70 per hour.

      If I was his boss, I would have fired years ago for being a non-motivated employee.

      A Concierge position is a position for young people without much experience to get your foot in the door at Disney. If you are a concierge more than 5-7 years, there is something wrong with YOU not Disney.

      1. CA has a lot of giveaway programs for education, as well as various private trade skill programs. This dolt obviously developed no skills in the last thirty years and as such is getting laid what he is worth. Possibly more.

        My sympathy for him is non existent.

        1. “…and as such is getting laid what he is worth. ”

          Funny typo because that’s probably true too.

    5. Also, who can’t live on $15 an hour? What is he spending that money on rather than food?

      Get some room mates. Maybe move into a cheaper place first. Eat cheaper food. Take mass transit (which Bernie loves) instead of driving. Or get a better job. Are you even working full time?

      If you’re going hungry on $15 an hour you’re either an outlier or an idiot.

      1. If you’re going hungry on $15 an hour you’re either an outlier or an idiot.
        Or, as pointed out above, you’re living in one of the deep blue states where the Democrats have “helped” workers with all sorts of programs that have driven the cost of living through the roof.

        My daughter and SIL lived in, and loved, Honolulu. But they discovered there was no way to afford raising kids anywhere in Hawaii, even on two high-middle-class incomes. So they moved to a red state where they could find better jobs, the schools didn’t suck so much, and they could afford a house.

    6. Great comment. Bernie is like all communists (he is NOT a socialist) in that he believes the OWNER of a company is morally and legally obligated to pay people a living wage. NOWHERE is it written than if you pump gas for a living you should have a wage where you can support yourself, let alone a family. If you want to be free, you MUST be self-sufficient, and if you are not, good luck convincing anyone that you are entitled to a living wage.

      1. I wonder what the Millionaire Bernie Sanders pays his staff?

        1. Last go-around there was a big kerfuffle because Bernie was advocating $15/hr while only paying his staffers $12/hr.

    7. Plus perhaps the position you have accepted is not worth any more than $15 an hour to Disney or perhaps they have people waiting line to work as a concierge . You want more money find one that pays more… sounds simple to me. I realize this is obvious to most but apparently it isn’t to all.

  2. (Medicare for All! Free College for All!) without even pretending to know how to pay for them.

    Taxing billionaires. Duh.

  3. “…his argument about a “moral economy” pretty much anything doesn’t add up.”


  4. Although Sanders’ support for unrestricted third trimester abortion access makes him better than any Republican, he’s consistently bad on economic issues. Ever since he spewed that nonsense about “open borders is a Koch Brothers plot to drive down wages” I knew he’d never be my top choice in 2020.

    The Democrats can do better.

    1. The Democrats can do better.
      4th trimester?

      1. Already there in Virginia – – – –

      2. As supported by the pro-abortion lobby.

      3. 4th trimester? We call him “Junior”.

    2. Wow, unrestricted abortion is good, huh? It is devoutly to be wished that those who think like you were aborted before your wicked, selfish actions resulted in a bunch of dead babies. With FREE, EASILY AVAILABLE contraception, there is ZERO need for abortions. Think before you post.

      1. Welcome to Reason, newbie!

        FYI, OBL is a parody account. You’re not supposed to take it seriosly.

        1. No, please let them work it out themselves. It gives so many more opportunities to enjoy the outrage and to let the arguments come out. We don’t get these moments all that often.

  5. Um. Headline typo?

  6. >>>we must create a moral economy

    good lord. also the dude who’s worked @Disney my entire life is a moron.

  7. Just another statist denying people have agency, that they are gullible and naive, because that justifies the State controlling their lives. Same reason for raising the legal age to drink or smoke, and raising the age at which children are covered by parental health insurance. But not to vote, heavens no, we need to lower that, because they will vote for us.

    They don’t dare touch the legal age to drive, though. That would be too damned obvious.

  8. How much money did it take to make the movie?

    How many other movies and related jobs and such is the difference going to pay for?

    It is not as if they are going to sit on that haul.

    1. That’s exactly whet they’re going to do. The ultra-wealthy don’t invest their money. They keep it in a vault beneath their energy-sucking supermansions, where it’s guarded by a dragon.


      1. They’re busy sharing their money with this wealthy Joo friends.

      2. They swim in it every day. Because that’s how you get richer, right?

      3. Uncle Scrooge and his money vault IS a Disney property, eh

      4. Why does AOC deny dragons the right to the employment of their choice?

    2. A blockbuster action picture like Avengers 4 costs hundreds of millions of dollars to make. A lot of the crew, effects people, CGI techs, artists, etc. make very desirable pay working on these films. A4 literally employed many thousands of people to create the finished product.

      The last thing anyone needs is some Marxist turd like Bernie riding with that equation. Moreover, a Marxist turd Like Bernie should be in prison for practicing Marxism.

      1. ” A lot of the crew, effects people, CGI techs, artists, etc. make very desirable pay working on these films.”

        Those damn people with their damn marketable skills.

        1. I’m reminded of the Simpson’s episode where Bart and Lisa are forced to watch the hilariously terrible “Worker and Parasite” cartoon from an unnamed Eastern Bloc country when Itchy and Scratchy gets cancelled. This is your future America.

    3. I’m one of those people who stays all the way to the be of the credits—and not just for Marvel movies with their extra scenes. There are thousands of people involved in making films. Not just the crew, but caterers, drivers, accountants, etc. There are also usually half a dozen or more special effects companies, each with dozens of employees, on each film. These big movies bring steady, non-minimum wage work to lots of people.

      When a movie does really well, guess what? All those people get hired again to do more.

      Bernie’s a dumbass, but that’s nothing new.

    4. Plus the risk involved .. The “you didn’t build it” crowd never considers the financial risk taken by the so-called fat cats. The $15 an hour 40 year old concierge takes no financial risk when he puts on his “Mickey Mouse ears” and trots down to the Disney employee entrance.

  9. Yeah, Bernie. So confiscate the CEO’s $66 million and distribute it among the more deserving 200,000 Disney employees. Each one gets $330 dollars a year. That will sure make a difference.

    Fucking retard.

    1. I’m seeing reports that Downey Jr. is getting 75 million for his part.

      What would Bernie say about an employee being paid more than the CEO?

  10. Disney does need to answer for making such crappy movies.

    1. They answer to the market, as it should be.

  11. Poetic justice is when an old crackpot like Bernie Sanders gets swept away by an old fraud like Joe Biden, who then has to face America’s most incompetent president in the general election– “justice” in this case being America getting what it deserves, train-in-the-tunnel, Ayn Rand-style.

  12. Why does Bob Eiger need to answer for his pay, but Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo don’t?

    1. Arrest them all, seize all their assets, and distribute the assets to the poor.

    2. Bernie still thinks actors are on the same class level as whores.

    3. I’d do Mark Ruffalo’s job for half what they’re paying him!

      1. Best comment of the say. Thanks.

      2. She’s certainly sporting a nice pair of…lobsters.

        But the appetite aroused by this photo *isn’t* an appetite for lobster. I mean look at those things, they’re some kind of giant bug.

        At least John the Baptist put honey on his locusts.

        1. (Yeah, I know, locusts *and* honey doesn’t necessarily mean locusts *with* honey, but it’s what I’d do, if locusts and honey were both on the menu.)

          1. JtB was pretty sharp, if not hardcore, so you have to think he tried a honey dip at some point

    1. Nice catch!

  13. Also, that idiot 50 year old who spent his life working as a “concierge” at Disney and wants to be paid like a bookkeeper is the reason ‘working families’ won’t be able to afford to take their kids to Disneyland

    1. The loser couldn’t have even gotten some applied two year degree that would get him some specific job that pays good money? A friend of mine did that for some engineering/drafting program. WA paid for it under some retraining program, and she got recruited out of school for almost $50k per year starting. Less than three years later she’s making about $60k.

      Again, no sympathy for this turd.

    2. Listen, we’ll get Bernie and Liz to figure out all that complicated “business” stuff through well-written legislation. Our role here is just to be outraged at the various renderings of the situation and pledge our unwavering support.

  14. We should emulate my favorite character from history, Lucius Cornelius Sulla. We should proscribe all senior management at Disney. We should arrest them, seize all their assets, and distribute the assets to the Disney employees in the lower 50% of the compensation range. We should then execute the former senior management. Such a program will lead to greater equality and will discourage anyone from seeking a management level position at Disney. What could go wrong?

    1. What could go wrong?

      Fewer smiles and joy in the land of wonder?

  15. So, is Sanders saying it was immoral for him to make a million dollars on his book contract?

    1. No, No. See, he wrote a best-selling book. People wanted to pay him for what he produced, as opposed to all those people who were forced to give Disney their money in exchange for a movie ticket. Big difference.

    2. Ask him if he uses that $1 million to pay a middle-class wage to the guys who cut his lawns.

      1. No one is less generous than leftist atheists. There was a study a few ears back, by a leftist academic no less, that proved it.

        Bernie isn’t giving anyone HIS money.

  16. This makes me want to watch the movie all the more. No spoilers, please, that would just be aiding and abetting the socialists.

    1. And apparently one of the actresses is complaining that the movie isn’t gay enough. Not enough tights and capes?

      1. It’s a good excuse to put chicks like ScarJo and Zoe Saldana in skintight leather.

      2. Well then she should have made out with another chick to fix that. I blame her for the lack of lesbian sex scenes. As is usual, porn is really the vanguard of political correctness.

  17. “I’ve been 29 years with Disney. I only get $15.70 an hour,” an unnamed full-time concierge who is living with a friend told [researchers for The Coalition of Labor Resort Unions]. “Sometimes I go without food.”


    Why? Why are you ‘sometimes’ going without food? Is there not a food bank? Welfare? Food stamps? That’s what that crap is for.

    You get paid $15/hr. Are you not getting 40 hours? If so why haven’t you spent some of those hours not working at Disney at a second job? But you say you’re full-time. 40 hours a week only should be netting you $2,150/mo take-home pay. That’s with no OT.

    What’s your debt ratio? How new is your car? Your phone? How big is that tv? Where did you choose to live?

    If $2,150/mo isn’t enough to live on, move. Come to Yuma. You might only make $13/hr here (get a job in retail or fast food) but that’s still $1,800/mo and a one bedroom HOUSE can be had for $500/mo rather than a thousand dollars for a studio.

    So, half your pay for a single room or 1/3 of your pay for a one-bedroom house? Or, share a house – 3-400 for a single room with access to a full kitchen, living room, yard, all the amenities of a real house. Hell, you can rent a 3 bedroom house here ($700) for less than a studio apartment in Anaheim.

    FFS, you’re a low-skill worker – nothing to be ashamed of – *choosing* to live in a high cost of living area – that’s where your problem is. And no one is going to pay you more because . . . they don’t have to. Because there are too many of you there. Because you guys won’t move to places where your labor is more valuable.

    As long as you stay there you are saying that the intangible benefits of living in Anaheim are more important to you than more money. And so no one is going to pay you more.

    1. You live in Yuma? Has the wind been replaced by unbearable heat yet, or are you still getting both?

        1. Every time I go there in April it’s “pick pea gravel out of my hair” windy. Every time I go there after April it’s really hot.

    2. Do you think he’s reading your advice column?

  18. Following a link…

    A new survey of union employees at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif., has found that more than two-thirds of respondents say they are food insecure at the resort advertised as the “happiest place on Earth.”

    Some mouse. Some union!

    1. I prefer Mighty Mouse.

  19. Bernie, Just get it over with…place the lake vacation home into a communal living sanctuary and give back the book proceeds. (Why would a nice marxey guy like Bernie charge and profit off of a book? He could have marketed it and sold for .03cents each to breakeven).

    If he wins (and he could) lets shudder to think about the executive orders.

    1. If he wins, shits going to get real, real fast.

      1. If he wins, the rich will get even richer. That is what fools like him don’t get. They can’t write laws intelligent enough that a team of lawyers can’t find a loophole in or a way to profit off. It is the middle class who can’t afford those high end tax lawyers that will bear the real burden.

        1. And the worst part is that this is exactly what the evidence in front of us shows. The more control government gets, the richer the politically connected get. Thinking that M4A will be something different boggles the mind.

  20. Disney knows what they are doing. They are looking at buying up the rest of Hulu now that the Fox deal is done. The new streaming service should be up this year at a reasonable price. Marvel is doing awesome.

    In the CA and Florida parks they are adding new Star Wars themed attractions. These will draw in millenials and other adult visitors.

    The CEO deserves every penny. Look at the stock price the last couple months.

    1. And even if he didn’t deserve his pay, the only people who should have a say in the matter is the voting stockholders. Sanders is just a mugger who is too cowardly to hold the gun himself.

      1. Without political office, Bernie would be living in a piss soaked NY alley screaming his inane ideas at a garbage can.

        Seriously, this useless pile of offal would starve to death in almost any other country on earth.

  21. Democrats, do you want to lose the general election again? Because this is how you lose the general election again.

  22. I hate Sanders’ idea, but I also hate how CEOs and other executives are receiving outrageous compensation packages. Boards of directors approve these packages; but CEOs often serve on the boards of other companies…they all reward each other.

    I recently interviewed for a senior legal counsel position at a major corporation. The compensation was between $100K and $200K. The compensation for the next 2 levels up the organizational chart were comparable. But when you went to the next step up, pay jumped by an order of magnitude. Dealing with these people, the only difference I could see is that they know their counterparts at other companies. They did not know more than the people one step below them. They were not better than the people one step below them. Often times, they know less and they rely on their subordinates to do the real work.

    1. “the only difference I could see…”

      Perhaps this is the reason you weren’t interviewing for a position at that level? Just a thought…

    2. “I hate Sanders’ idea, but I also hate how CEOs and other executives are receiving outrageous compensation packages.”
      I hate fucking idiots who assume to know what people should be paid, fucking idiot.

      ” Dealing with these people, the only difference I could see is that they know their counterparts at other companies.”
      So you are a fucking idiot and admit it?
      Go get a job suited to your intellect; flip burgers, slaver.

    3. Nobody’s job is as pointless as the guy who you don’t know what the fuck he does’s job.

      When I was in the Navy I barely had any idea what the CO’s job was. From my perspective he sat in a chair in a private office for 12 hours a day. But I knew enough to know what I didn’t know.

      When I was a junior enlisted I thought my LPO sat in his office all day, drank coffee, and shined his shoes. By the time I became an LPO I knew better.

      Just because you don’t know what value someone brings to the table doesn’t mean they don’t bring value to justify their compensation.

      1. Right. The way I see it the suits with their fancy shoes have one job.

        Making sure I have work available to do mine on our agreed terms.

        I don’t care what they get paid. I am doing what I want anyway. I know the going rate for it.

        If that doesn’t work out I go somewhere else.

        Nobody works for anybody. We are all our own little .coms.

        Many people like this Disney employee and Bernie think otherwise. It is not true and never was.

        1. “The way I see it the suits with their fancy shoes have one job. Making sure I have work available to do mine on our agreed terms. I don’t care what they get paid. I am doing what I want anyway. I know the going rate for it. If that doesn’t work out I go somewhere else.”

          This. 1000 times this.

    4. The question that needs to be asked is how those companies can stay competitive if they are throwing away money on their CEO’s. Assuming the money is wasted, then some other company should be able to pay their CEO less and undercut their prices.

      Typical answers to that question are regulation, regulation, regulation, having a product that can’t be duplicated because of technological prowess, regulation, regulation, and regulation.

  23. Comrade Bernie: seeing a movie should be a right, so movies should be free. That way the CEO will make nothing and everyone will be equal.

    1. “Chief Baker added that “Our officers’ actions saved lives.”…

      A “witness added that the gunman was apprehended after he ran out of bullets.”

      So which is it?

  24. I don’t have a beef with Disney making billions from people enthusiastically handing over their disposable income for entertainment, or about them paying employees market wages.

    I do still have a grudge against them when they hired scores of H1b IT workers and laid off the regular employees that trained the H1b workers.

    I’m pro immigration, but there is nothing libertarian about corporations having their own private immigration system.

    1. I do still have a grudge against them when they hired scores of H1b IT workers and laid off the regular employees that trained the H1b workers.


      1. They’re using government programs to avoid having to pay market wages for those positions?

        1. How much did they pay those workers and the fees and bonuses to get them here?

          Perhaps they were just better and more talented.

          1. Laying someone off is one thing. Letting someone go because they are bad at their job is another. Laying someone off and making them train their replacement is twisting the knife. There is no way to spin that to look good.

            1. They don’t owe you a job. H1B workers are cheaper and apparently can do the job just as well. As a stock holder I would be pissed if they were not hiring the H1Bs. The corporations job is to provide money to shareholders, not provide you with work. And using the current employees to train their replacements is just good sense.

    1. What’s the over/under on the sentence? Imma guess less than 2 years, turning into 9 months w/ good behavior, etc.

    2. Yes this one really sucked… white woman in pj’s summons cops Somali cop afraid shoots unarmed blonde dead … says he feared for his clumsy partner who hadn’t been able to unholster his gun. Wow! Justice will be served when he is swinging in the wind

  25. All this juicy news but the Reason staff must e stoned out of their gourds or whooping it up at some DC cocktail party.

  26. Editor’s Note: We invite comments and request that they be civil and on-topic.

    Oh, shit! My apologies for the off-topic comments.

    1. Fuck off.

      (That’s me being civil.)

    2. that’s okay needed a break from the insanity of Bernie

  27. Bernie is lying, of course.

    Bernie isn’t lying to his political opponents. We already don’t believe him. He’s lying to his supporters.

  28. “Sorry, Bernie Sanders, But Disney Doesn’t Have To Apologize for Making $1.3 Billion with Avengers: Endgame”

    If it wern’t for the politics of envy, that slimy loser would have none at all.

  29. Sander’s whole philosophy is that other people are entitled to your labor, and you don’t have personal freedom, so I could give a damn about what he considers immoral

  30. Bernie, should the employees give some money back when the next movie flops?

    1. Yeah, they never address that scenario, do they?

  31. Should the employees give some money back when the next movie flops?

    1. That has been done by making company stock part of the package.

      There are stories about early employees in Cisco and Microsoft who became wealthy in such arrangements. That is winning the lottery. Enron not so much.

      Like any such equity there is gain or risk with that. Most on the payscale would just rather have the money. So I am not so much in favor of it. Offer a 401k type plan which the individual has control of.

      Deeper is the Marxist ideal which never works about means of production and all that. That is where Bernie is.

  32. Let’s all Stop Our Day for a Moment, and Laugh at The Idiot Wrapping himself in Chains meant for Our Republic since The 70’s.

  33. Easy moral justification: Bob Iger generated billions of dollars in revenue through his complicated, stressful and highly competitive work. The $15/hr concierge, if anything, probably upset a few customers through poor service. Morally speaking, Iger should be upset that this proletarian leech has the gall to complain about receiving such a high wage for minimal work. Iger carries all the weight and then his own employees turn around and ruin the company’s reputation through the press? It’s very dishonest to say the least.

  34. “as long as it operates within the law.”

    This is not a persuasive argument when the topic is changing the law.

    1. Yes, I was about to comment that it’s begging the question.

  35. Don’t apologize for pointing out Bernie is lying.
    Republish the story without the ‘sorry’.
    I know it is, or at least should be, facetious but it encourages the socialists to expect apologies.

    1. I read the title more like: “Sorry you’re an economic imbecile Bernie, but…”

  36. In pretty much all cases, at least half of those big CEO compensation packages come in the form of restricted stock. I have a feeling Bernie wouldn’t want those poor rank and file employees to get raises wherein half of the bump up in pay is in the form of stock that can’t be sold for at least two years.

  37. $65,600,000.00
    / 1400
    / 52 weeks
    / 40 hours
    =$22.53 per hour average.

  38. Everyone of you who are against raises are the worst humans in this country. Hateful racist xenophobic people.

    Yes i can correlate one thing with another cause i bet everyone of you are trumpeters

    1. I’m fine with someone getting an entry-level wage of 15 or more dollars per hour.

      I’ve invested 4 years of college getting an engineering degree, and 35 years in my profession. So, give my $50/hour (before benefits and retirement) pay rate a proportional increase.

  39. Good article, but bad headline. Disney didn’t “make” $1.3 billion so far. The movie GROSSED that amount at the theaters. Disney’s gross from that is a lot lower. And Disney’s profits will be much lower still.

    1. excellent point .. Socialists seem to forget the profit and loss concept.

  40. The CEO’s of Coca-Cola, Intel, Proctor & Gamble, Crown Castle, Carnival, Vodafone, etc., are paying generous dividends into my retiree parents’ brokerage account, every three months. That’s more than any of these worthless, self-aggrandizing, neo-communist, fiscally illiterate, career Dumb-o-crat apparatchiks have ever done.

    Also, isn’t it rather interesting that the Dumbs are happy to vilify CEO’s and businesspeople, who create jobs and wealth for others, but, pointedly refrain from attacking the Dumbs’ buddies in Hollywood and in pro sports, lavishly-paid movie producers, actors, rappers and pro athletes, who’ve never created a dime of wealth for anyone but themselves?

  41. Fucking miserable old commie Jew.
    Stop giving him free press.

  42. People who produce nothing of value like Sanders despise those that do and want to steal their money by any means possible.
    Like the democrats in congress every day.

  43. I found out, after thorough research that took several seconds, that Disney employs about 62000 people (as of 2016). If the CEO heard Bernie’s cry for “fairness” and agreed to split up all of his $65.9M salary among the company’s staff, everybody gets about an extra $1000 per year. Welcome to the middle class?

  44. […] Sorry, Bernie Sanders, but Disney Doesn’t Have To Apologize for Making $1.3 Billion with Aveng…  Reason […]

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