Brickbat: Well, Look at That


Surveillance camera
Daniele Russo /

San Juan County, Washington, Superior Court Judge Donald Eaton dismissed assault and trespassing charges against a man after finding Sheriff Ron Krebs manipulated a courtroom camera to view a defense attorney's notes as well as a juror's notebook. A court official had noticed courtroom cameras, which are normally stationary, tilting towards attorneys' tables. Krebs said the manipulation of the cameras was inadvertent and that it was related to security concerns about the defendant.

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    1. Is that a Japanese version of Rufus?

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  2. Krebs, in a sworn declaration, said he “inadvertently manipulated the camera in the District Courtroom in such a way that it zoomed in on one or more locations in the courtroom” and insisted he didn’t read or pass on anything he may have seen. He claimed he did not know the camera had a zoom function.

    He thought the Z in PTZ stood for zany.

  3. Krebs said the manipulation of the cameras was inadvertent and that it was related to security concerns about the defendant.

    And did the jury at his trial believe him or is that trial still ongoing?

    1. Hahahaha! Trial… Good one! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. “Krebs said the manipulation of the cameras was inadvertent and that it was related to security concerns about the defendant.”

    Is that the opposite of ‘inadvertent’?

  5. Dismissals and the exclusionary rule are the only decent ways to discourage this BS.

    1. Oh…sarcasm. Caught it just in time.

  6. But the cameras should not be there. there is nothing in the constitution about cameras – – – – –

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  8. There have been multiple scandals of jail facilities monitoring lawyer phone calls.

    These bureaucrats just don’t respect the Constitutional rights of defendants and should be fired or in the case of the Sheriff, voted out of office.

    1. If you believe the government has a legitimate role in dispensing justice, these bureaucrats belong in prison, paying the time they intended to strip from other citizens for their own political gain.

      1. Any case of tampering with evidence or obstructing a case should result in a punishment equal to whatever the victim’s sentence could have been had it succeeded.

  9. So was it inadvertent, or was it intentional due to security concerns. Can’t be both, unless FYTW.

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