Convicted of Brutally Beating His Wife, This Judge Was Given a Second Chance in City Government. Now He's Been Arrested for Her Murder: Reason Roundup

Plus: lawmakers move to allow headscarves on the Hill and private landlords protect from lead better than city Health Department.


modified from Shaker Heights Police Department mugshot from 2014

Sure, people deserve second chances—but not necessarily on the taxpayer dime or in positions of power and authority over people. Alas, this seems to be a lesson that government offices big and small can't seem to learn.

The latest example comes from Cleveland, where the city's director of minority business development, Lance Mason, was arrested on suspicion of murdering his estranged wife.

Mason was previously a state lawmaker in Ohio and a judge on the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas. He was also previously convicted of felonious assault, stemming from an incident in 2014. In that case, Mason was found guilty of beating Aisha Fraser Mason—punching her 20 times, slamming her head against the dashboard of his car, and breaking the bones in her eye socket—with their children in the backseat. Upon searching his house, police found smoke grenades, a sword, and all sorts of guns and ammunition.

Mason spent nine months in prison and had his law license permanently suspended. (His wife filed for divorce, in a case that was still pending.) Upon his release from prison, Mason was promptly hired by Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson for a job inside city hall.

The city said that Mason has now been fired.

"Shaker Heights police did not respond to multiple messages seeking comment until more than seven hours after the slaying, when the department issued a release stating only that Fraser Mason had been killed and that her estranged husband had been arrested," notes

The refusal by the department to release details of the case in a timely manner continues the pattern of four years ago, when the suburb failed for more than 36 hours to provide its resident with an account of Mason's attack on his wife. More than 24 hours after the attack, then Mayor Earl Leiken refused even to to confirm that Mason was sitting in the Shaker Heights Jail.

During the 2014 court proceeds, prosecutors said Mason's wife beating was an example of "sometimes how good people make bad decisions."

This kind of excuse-making is all too common from folks in law enforcement and other realms of government. Studies have routinely found that domestic violence among police officers is much higher than in the general population. A story today from ProPublica notes that in Elkhart, Indiana, a sergeant was disciplined for failing "to report domestic violence by a fellow officer, who had battered a woman and shot her cat." Mason's story illustrates how it's not just corrupt cops but people in varying levels of power that have a propensity to protect their own first and to treat assaulting women like no barrier to public employment.


Religious headwear still forbidden on Capitol Hill. Now "Democrats are attempting to overhaul a centuries-old rule banning hats in an effort to accommodate lawmakers who wear religious headwear," reports The Hill. The change was spurred by the recent election of Ilhan Omar (D–Minn.), who wears a headscarf and will be among the two first Muslim women in Congress and the first Somali-American.



Are stagnant incomes a myth? A new study from the Congressional Budget Office suggests so.

• This doesn't promise to end well: An international coalition is coming together in New York City today to discuss how to regulate Airbnb.

• A police chief in the Washington state town of Republic told Fox & Friends that he "cannot and will not" enforce a new law banning people under 21 from owning guns.

• Virginia politicians are trying to revive the Equal Rights Amendment.

• Ohio Republican lawmakers are once again grandstanding about a near-total ban on abortion.

• Democrat Bill Nelson conceded to Republican Rick Scott in the Florida governor's race.

• "Today the WikiLeaks story isn't just about the line between transparency and security, but about the question of when the mere act of releasing information becomes information warfare," writes Atlantic senior editor Kathy Gilsinan.

• Federal rules make pot shops easy prey for thieves:

• To look at the Ottoman empire during and following World War I, "as they fought and failed alongside the Central Powers," is also "to dig into the rise of what we know now of as the Middle East" and "to understand how the First World War and its aftermath gave birth to a violently remade region, with new borders, new territories and, as we are now only too aware, new conflicts," writes the Oxford historian Eugene Rogan at spiked.

Podtails anyone? Home Bar is "essentially a Keurig for booze."

NEXT: Health Care Ate America

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  1. A police chief in the Washington state town of Republic told Fox & Friends that he “cannot and will not” enforce a new law banning people under 21 from owning guns.

    The Resistance takes an ugly turn.

    1. Hello.

      What a tragedy that story of that animal judge killing his wife.

      “…prosecutors said Mason’s wife beating was an example of “sometimes how good people make bad decisions.”

      I’m sure his wife is proud.

    2. Considering Repbulic’s police department consists of a chief, 1 officer and a dog, he may literally be unable to.

      City Departments

      And check out the mayor while you’re there.

      1. Now that’s a professional looking bunch.

        Seriously? The guy with the hat.

      2. Off-topic, but I’ve often wondered, in a sci-fi kind of way, about a different way of electing politicians. What if they had to rise through the civil service? Suppose that Presidents had to selected from Senators, who had to be selected from Representatives, who had to be selected from state legislatures, who had to be selected from county representatives. who had to be selected from city representatives, who had to be civil service employees, who had to be selected by merit in the first place?

        And what if all such advancements were chosen entirely by elections, and those that last were fired?

        The obvious thought is that politicians would be older, but that’s wrong — you could fast track as employee at 18, city rep at 19, county rep at 21, state rep at 23, state senator at 25, federal rep at 29, federal senator at 31, President at 35.

        I don’t think the winners would be of any higher quality. But firing the losers would surely increase overall freshness and get rid of long term corruption, and be much more satisfying. Government employees would not be subject to elections or fired for not getting employee promotions, and maybe that would put even more power in the bureaucrats’ hands.

        1. This would allow bureaucrats to control the up-and-comers in politics. Bad news.

          A good Libertarian presidential candidate with zero government experience should be able to run and win, if that is what Americans want.

          Trump also pisses the Lefties off because he had zero government job experience and beat the hag with “all the right government experience”. That and Trump is doing a great job.

          1. Even if they didn’t, all candidates would have a pro-bureacracy bias anyway – otherwise they’d have never started working in government in the first place.

        2. You talk much sense He with Much Common Sense.

          Hence, it won’t happen.

        3. See this–

          who had to be civil service employees

          This is what’s called ‘the Deep State’ right now.

          It formed when the spoils system was done away with.

          By getting rid of a system whereby control of the civil service changed with the party in power in large and small formats all over the country we cemented in people who are beholden entirely to government, who serve government, and, by extension, the party who wants government to grow and control more and more.

          That’s why most of the civil service donates to one party. It’s why we have petty functionaries calling themselves ‘the resistance’.

          It’s why we’ve been able to slow, but never stop the leftward creep.

          Your idea would make this even worse.

          1. It’s just an idea for fun. I despise government period, find it incompetent at everything it does.

            What if government employee promotions were also subjected to elections like politicians?

            It’s just an oddball idea. Sometimes it’s fun to play with oddball ideas. It can lead to interesting other ideas.

          2. In my experience, experience and “professionalism” in politics and government is a negative – they learn more about how to ignore what the people want, do what benefits people in government instead, and work with the news media to conceal what they’ve really accomplished. I’d prefer a Constitutional Amendment limiting the time anyone can spend on the government payroll. Say, no more than 20 years total, and no more than 12 years at a time, with a break of at least 10 years in private enterprise before returning to government – and lobbying, paid political activity, or unemployment doesn’t count towards the break.

            There would have to be an exception for military service, and perhaps the lowest GS grades and police could be exempt – but once they’ve been in 20 years and earned their retirement, they’re banned from running for office or taking any new government job. That would have excluded Eisenhower from the Presidency, but I can’t think of anyone else it would have affected since the Civil War that we wouldn’t have been better off without.

  2. Democrats are attempting to overhaul a centuries-old rule banning hats

    love me some good unbiased words like “overhaul”

    1. They’re going to create a loophole.

    2. I am sure Lefties will have zero problem when someone wears a MAGA hat in Congress.

      1. Whoops! Didn’t think of that.

        1. If the GOP had any balls, every single Republican in Congress would wear a MAGA hat.

          This lady who wants to wear a fabric hat, came to the USA and we have rules about hats because we hated the Fucking British who wore hats in their Parliament. She needs to adapt not America.

          Why is it that new Americans dont have to adapt to our rules but we have to adapt to their rules….from shitty countries that they left or their families left?

          1. It is a bit irksome. You came to us. Why must we change to please you?

            1. She could advocate that Congress change their rules on hats and do it that way.

              Nope. Its a demand to cater to new Americans who honestly hate nearly everything about America.

              Fuck them.

              1. Yarmulke anyone?

              2. How about we let everyone wear whatever they want, regardless of their spaghetti monster in the sky?

                I’d hate to piss off a right leaning, constitution following, limited government pushing Muslim seeking office because his hat is too funny for our taste.

          2. Forcing people in Congress to not wear hats… Finally the libertarian moment has arrived!

            1. Congress is Constitutionally authorized to make its own rules.

              So, yeah, Libertarian movement.

          3. if GOP had balls T’s election wouldn’t have been required.

          4. If any of them had balls . . .

            I mean, if the headscarf is actually religious where (and not simply a cultural custom tenously associated with that culture’s dominant religion) then fuck the ‘rules’ and wear it. Sikhs don’t take no shit about wearing turbans, beards, and big, fuck-off, knives all the time.

      2. I also look forward to FSM-worshippers wearing colanders.

  3. Are stagnant incomes a myth?

    Mine certainly is putrid.

  4. “[W]e have to admit when the free market is not working. And it hasn’t worked here.”

    we are pro-business in all of the wrong situations, arent we?

  5. Retired lieutenant general tears into Trump over attacks against Navy SEAL: ‘Disgusting’

    Retired Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling said Sunday that President Trump’s attacks against the former Navy SEAL who oversaw the operation that killed Osama bin Laden were “disgusting.”

    “I’d use one word. And that’s ‘disgusting,'” Hertling said on CNN when asked about his reaction to Trump’s criticism of retired Adm. William McRaven.

    “You know everyone knows Bill McRaven as being the guy that led the bin Laden raid. I know him as the guy as the joint special operations commander in Iraq, and there were multiple missions where this guy placed himself in danger, led soldiers in some of the most challenging situations you can imagine.”


    1. You have never served anything in your life except being a professional troll for Progressives. You have no moral standing to talk about this. Go fuck yourself.

      Tell us more about how job growth ‘was solid under Carter”, thought you could get away with that lie didn’t you, piece of crap?

      1. Go back to Brafart and eat a bowl of shit, you conservative GOP sycophant.

        1. You of course ran away and hid after your lie was pointed out. All you do on here is lie. It is long past the time that reason ban you the way they banned Hihn.

          1. What lie? Why do you lie?

            And why do you go into hyper-distract when the top ranks of our military call out the Con Man – who is a draft-dodging coward who hates those who serve?

            1. It is not a hyper distract. You have never been in the military. As someone who is a veteran, the thought of worthless piece of shit like you pretending to care about them military makes me want to vomit. Shut up about the military and get back in your hole.


        Carter averaged 3.21% job growth – highest per year since 1970.

        Suck my ass, bitch.


          No it didn’t. That is taking the average for the four years. The problem is that all of those gains were lost and unemployment was at 8% when you left office

          The first two-and-a-half years of Carter’s presidency saw slow by steady improvement in the unemployment rate, but the 1979 energy crisis, along with spiking oil prices that came with it, push unemployment back up to just under 8 percent

          You are just a lying sack of shit and it needs to stop.

          1. Your thoughts on Obama’s numbers in the link provided?

          2. You lying piece of shit.

            Here is a graph of PRIVATE SECTOR job growth straight from FRED.


            Carter’s average OVERALL job growth was 3.21% – the best of any POTUS since 1970. That includes the 79 recession.

            1. And you can’t see how the total job numbers went down at the beging and the end of his term. 8% unemployment retard.

              1. Carter 3.21% average annual job growth. Highest of any POTUS since 1970.

                You can’t dispute it – you can only lie and distract.

                1. Sure, if you just ignore the huge dip in unemployment that happened in his last year. And ignore all of the trends and the inflation and the stagnation that came with it.

                  Carter was great. That is why he did so well against Reagan. That top fligh Carter economy. Preach it retard.

                2. Carter Hill not the place to fight from

              2. Weigel is in an especially bitchy mood this morning because the Eagles got curb-stomped and clearly will not be repeating as Super Bowl champions.

            2. Carter lost to Reagan in one of the USA’s largest landslides ever.

              Reagan got 489 to Carter’s 49.

          3. That is taking the average for the four years.


            Of course, you dumbass.

            1. Yeah, Shrieky-poo, I’m sure it was the Republicans’ fault that job growth went through the floor at the end of his term.

          4. And the Iran hostage crisis. This was huge when it happened.

            And Regan received some of Carter classified briefing papers he was using to prep for a debate. Guess who was in charge of the operation to steal the papers from Carter. No other than Stefan Halper. Yes, the same guy that was “spying” on the Trump campaign.

        2. Lies lies lies

      3. Hey, Mr. Buttplug isn’t a progressive. He’s a left-libertarian. There’s a difference.

  6. Today the WikiLeaks story isn’t just about the line between transparency and security, but about the question of when the mere act of releasing information becomes information warfare…

    Take off and infonuke the entire site from orbit.

    1. So the people who are dumping on Wikileaks and Assange would agree that Daniel Ellsberg should have gone to prison in 1970? Along with Ben Bradlee? And the people who are defending Assange now would have been defending Bradlee and Ellsberg then?

      1. That’s not even close to the correct response.

        1. Splunge?

          1. Always the right response.

    2. It’s the only way to be sure.

      1. what do you mean *they* cut the power?

  7. When I first read the headline I thought reason was finally going to cover the Keith Ellison scandal. But then I saw the word “convicted” and realized it couldn’t be about Ellison because Ellison gets to beat his girlfriends without being arrested much less convicted.

    1. Dragging an ex-gf off of your own bed after she was told to leave isn’t beating.
      That chick is goofy. Claiming ‘soul rape’, etc.

    2. His religion allows the mistreatment of women. So, it’s OK.

  8. This doesn’t promise to end well: An international coalition is coming together in New York City today to discuss how to regulate Airbnb.

    this all started when whatshisname or whatshername referenced some foreign legal precedent in a supreme court opinion, didnt it?

  9. In New York City, public housing officials challenged the finding of lead paint by the city’s own Health Department in 95 percent of the time since 2010.

    Private landlords did so just 4 percent of the time.

    Read our just published investigation:
    ? J. David Goodman (@jdavidgoodman) November 18, 2018

    Private landlords weren’t spending public money on attorneys.

  10. Muslim-American?

    1. From Muslandia

  11. Democrat Bill Nelson conceded to Republican Rick Scott in the Florida governor’s race.

    That was the Senate, right? In either case, Republicans stole another one. They also stole the Georgia gubernatorial election. You can always tell when Republicans steal an election ? if it’s close enough that determining the winner takes several days, it means GOP dirty tricks like voter suppression provided the margin of victory.

    In fact at this point I’m wondering if Cruz really did beat Beto.

    1. Illegitimate! BAN FLORIDA!

    2. Uninspired. C+

    3. B-

      You’ve done better.

    4. These close elections…too accurate for the GOP. Only let Russian haxors are so precise.


    What went curiously unmentioned in all the flattering post-election coverage, however, was that Omar, who replaces Keith Ellison ? a former acolyte of anti-Semitic minister Louis Farrakhan ? also has some exotic notions about the Jewish people.

    In a 2012 tweet, for instance, the Democrat explained that “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel. #Gaza #Palestine #Israel.”

    Meanwhile, the other Muslim woman headed to Congress is Michigan Democrat Rashida Tlaib, the daughter of Palestinian immigrants who wants to cut aid to the Jewish state because supporting it “doesn’t fit the values of our country.”

    Anti Semitism is okay as long as Muslims do it.

    1. That will dog her the rest of her political career.

  13. Convicted of Brutally Beating His Wife, This Judge Was Given a Second Chance in City Government. Now He’s Been Arrested for Her Murder

    Not another black man in jail! Must be racism.

  14. However, you do deserve a second chance on the taxpayer dime if you are a convict who fights fires as prisoner work.

    1. They get their sentences reduced. Better food and no fences.

      There is a reason those prisoners do it and it aint to help the people they stole from, attacked, etc,

      1. It is cure you think everyone in prison is an actual dangerous criminal.

        1. NO, most are drug offenders.

          There are dangerous offenders that fight fires. They have just been downgraded to lower level inmates, to qualify for fighting camps.

      2. I was referring to Reason’s recent articles decrying the unfairness of those prisoners being barred from firefighting jobs after release.

        1. They are not all barred.

          Yeah, the stigmas that treat all ex-cons the same and deny them jobs is shortsighted.

          Denying jobs to violent offenders on a case-by-case basis, who happened to be good long enough to fight fires, should not be discounted as a horrible thing.

          Everyone SHOULD be given a second chance. People should not have to give people second chances nor third…fourth…fifth….

        2. Further to your point, government licensing for private employment should be eliminated.

          Most firefighting jobs are government jobs and a government should be able to set standards for its potential employees. That would mean that most firefighting jobs would be government licensed or have government standards.

          Why hire a piece of shit ex-con that was in and out of prison for years when you can hire some young kid who minded their P & Qs and never got in trouble?

      3. When I was in the Army in 1973, there was a big forest fire. We soldiers were called in to help the professional fire fighters.

        Our chow was C rations during the fire. After we were done, our chow was standard mess hall fare.

        As a reward we got to march in the pay day parade.


    More fake news. Trump never considered extradicting Turkish dissident. But, hey, someone with an agenda told NBC News who then printed it as truth.

  16. The Condoleeza Rice as Cleveland Browns head coach “story” is the best proof ever that there are people out there who will believe absolutely anything they hear (and some of these people apparently work for CNN).

    I guess maybe those dipshits believe that if Trump can get elected president that literally anything is possible.

    1. Journalists are all dumb as posts.

      1. Hey John, I watched a Netflix show about Gay Talese and his story “The Voyeur” about Gerald Foos.

        Gay Talese never checked the facts behind the story Gerald Foos was feeding him. Basic stuff like the deed for purchase and sale of the motel where Gerald was supposedly spying on customers in their room.

        Supposedly this Gay Talese is this great self-proclaimed “journalist” but it turns out he is so stupid, he does not even do basic fact checking to see if his source is lying or not.

        1. That was the guy who supposedly spied on all his guests for 20 years or whatever and it was actually all a lie? Unbelievable.

          1. Yup.

            Kind of surprised Netflix allowed such a documentary that went after a beloved Lefty writer like Talese.

    2. My understanding is that NFL rules require teams to interview an African-American whenever they hire a new coach. If they had interviewed her, she and African-Americans everywhere should take it as an insult to their process.

      Requiring token shit like that is sooooooooo 1989.

      1. my understanding is she is big into football so it may not be just for show

        1. Isn’t she on the committee that chooses the college football playoff teams?

        2. She said at one point her dream job would be commissioner of baseball.

          Commissioner of the NFL might be plan b.

        3. “my understanding is she is big into football BBC
          so it may not be just for show”


    3. So how many white men who have never coached a single game were interviewed?
      Racism run rampant!

  17. prosecutors said Mason’s wife beating was an example of “sometimes how good people make bad decisions.”

    Prosecutors said that prosecutors saying “Mason’s wife beating was an example of ‘sometimes how good people make bad decisions'” was an example of “sometimes how good people make bad decisions.”

  18. Alright, I need to go get some work done.

    It’s been fun chatting with you goddamn Peanuts and also exposing John’s lies and his fealty to The Dotard (which is sickening).

    1. This is your work, loser.

  19. I saw a very good Al-Jazeera doc on WWI from the Arab viewpoint.
    I always wondered how the Entente got to get Muslim troops to fight with them against the Ottomans. SPOILER ALERT: It wasn’t easy.
    They got the Middle Easterners on their side through promises of firewater land and their own countries.
    It was tricky getting the maghrebins to fight with them though.

  20. Tim Cook should step down for the insipid comment alone.

  21. I cut the cord a while back, and I couldn’t be happier.

    Join the revolution! We are disrupting the fuck out of that market. An article at the WSJ says that more than 1 million Americans have dropped their cable or satellite service over just the past three months, looking at some of these statistics, it’s easy to see why.

    “DirecTV and Dish have countered by launching their own online video-streaming services offering a more limited range of channels, known as skinny bundles.

    . . . .

    “Deutsche Bank analyst Matthew Niknam estimates skinny bundles’ profit margins are a negative 6%, versus a positive 38% for traditional pay-TV.”…..542632401?

    They’re trying to protect their market share by taking a loss on providing DirecTV Now. There’s no contract with DirecTV Now! If they raise their rates, I can go to Hulu, Sling, YouTubeTV, etc., etc. And maybe best of all, you don’t need to subscribe to DirecTV in order to subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket anymore. I can still watch Alex Smith get his leg broken in real time!

    1. Cutting the chord 10 years ago was great! Saved hundreds each month and could pick and choose what to watch without commercials and without Lefty propaganda every commercial.

      Never subscribed to magazines or newspapers, but that is another cut by Americans that is scaring the shit out of Lefties and their propaganda publications.

    2. P.S. The Redskins were the worst 6-2 team I’ve ever seen–and that was before they lost Alex Smith. They keep beating up on losers and getting their asses kicked by decent teams like Atlanta and New Orleans. If Trent Williams doesn’t come back, they may not win another game all season. If we’re still looking for a franchise QB (no way Alex Smith is coming back after that), tanking might not be the worst thing that could happen.

      1. Please, everybody in the DC area, the Post, the sports radio guys, the fans, everybody! Whatever you do, don’t use the word “Kaepernick”.

        Please. I’m begging.

        P.S. If the Redskins ever change their name, and it wasn’t to change it to the Virginia Confederate Rebels, I think they should change the name to “The Sadness Machine”.

        I’m haven’t missed more than a few games since I left the DC area, and it’s never brought me much more than sadness.

        1. Washington Cronies!

            1. The mascot could be a vagina with a cigar.

        2. if change, change it to Redshirts

          also never change I love Skins just the way they are. Go Cowboys.

        3. The Washington Lobbyists

    3. there is no internet or cable where I live and too many mountains to get over the air since the government required hd on purpose to help the satalite companies, If i want to watch anything it has to be by satalite.

      1. SpaceX has some satellites going up (starting in June of 2019) to fix ya!…..-approval/

  22. Democrat Bill Nelson conceded to Republican Rick Scott in the Florida governor’s race.

    Well, Nelson still has his job as Senator to fall back on even if he doesn’t get to be governor. And if his Senator gig should fall through, he can always go back to his televangelism career. He was a televangelist, wasn’t he? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him on early-Sunday morning TV. Or a guy that looked just like him.

    1. No kidding.

  23. Hahaha! Democrats lost fair and square in Georgia and both races in Florida.

    Abrams says that she will run again in Georgia for Senator or something. Haha. Even Oprah abandoned Abrams when the recount did not allow for Democrats to steal the election.

  24. Virginia Could Be The State To Give Women Equal Rights Nationwide

    The government does not “give” rights. And women already have the same rights as men. So what privileges are they trying to give women?

    1. The right to be president no matter what the rest of America wants?

  25. Democrat Bill Nelson conceded to Republican Rick Scott in the Florida governor’s race.

    At least Scott is slightly less creepy looking than Nelson. And I presume he is not anti-2A.

  26. Democrat Bill Nelson conceded to Republican Rick Scott in the Florida governor’s race.

    Here’s hoping Nelson uses his free time on a Bebop Deluxe reunion.

  27. North Korean defector escape on CCTV

    Oh Chong Song escaped the hermit state in November 2017 by dashing across the heavily guarded Joint Security Area amid a hail of bullets. Despite serious injuries, the 25-year-old survived his audacious breakout.

    In his first media interview since the escape?with Japan’s Sankei Shimbun?the soldier revealed his motivation and shed light on the reality of daily life living under the North’s autocratic regime.

    Oh?whose identity has been confirmed by Japanese intelligence, according to the Shimbun?is the son of a major-general in the North Korean military and described himself as “upper class,” AFP reported.

    But despite his privileged position, Oh said he and “probably 80 percent” of his generation have no loyalty to 35-year-old leader Kim Jong Un. “Inside the North, people, and especially the younger generation, are indifferent to each other, politics, and their leaders, and there is no sense of loyalty,” he explained.

    1. Oh, who was found to be infested with parasites when he underwent medical examination in the South, attributed to the use of human feces as fertilizer for the problem — saying that “most people have parasites” in the country.
      “In the army, people use tableware again and again without washing them. But parasites don’t grow in people if they are really malnourished. In my case, I was found with parasites because I was in good condition.”

      This is Communism, folks. The end goal of Socialists.

      1. Stop being so dramatic with your slippery slope arguments. We actually have nothing to fear from socialists. Democratic socialists like Ocasio-Cortez don’t want to transform the US into North Korea. They want to #AbolishICE, which puts them on the same side as us Koch / Reason libertarians.

    2. Have they executed his father and the rest of his family yet?

      1. The media barely covers the story about the defector.

        See migrant caravan daily news all the way from their home country to the US border.

        The media propagandists are not fans of people who escaped these totalitarian Socialist regimes and have first hand knowledge of the evils of Socialism.

        1. The media barely covers the story about the defector.

          They can’t understand why anyone would run away from free healthcare.

          1. Nice one!

  28. >>>Legally-operating pot shop was robbed by a Sheriff’s deputy, who pretended he was executing a raid.

    didn’t have cash on him or he’s re-marketing it?

  29. I thought we supported job opportunities for ex cons. There is no evidence that his felonious behavior impacted his work.

  30. This just shows #metoo is right, and he should have been executed based solely on the initial accusation.

    Religious headwear; will the rules apply to Jews as well as Muslims? Republicans as well as democrats?

    I love that the subject is HOW to regulate, not SHOULD we regulate?

    LOOK! A public official remembers that “just following orders” went out at Nuremberg.

    “? Democrat Bill Nelson conceded to Republican Rick Scott in the Florida governor’s race.”
    I hear that there is a position open for an editor at Reason. Maybe one that actually know who is running in what race?

    Anyone who think there are new conflicts in the middle east probably should read a Bible, the Koran, or the Torah.

    Thus endeth the rants for today.

  31. >>>Sure, people deserve second chances…

    what is proper employment for guy who will hit a chick in the face 20x?

    1. Hillary chief of staff?

  32. Religious headwear still forbidden on Capitol Hill.

    Separation of church and sta… oh that’s no longer in vogue. My B.

  33. I don’t need to read Eugene Rogan to know to blame the British. All over the world they’ve left a swath of destruction in their wake.

  34. Religious headwear still forbidden on Capitol Hill. Now “Democrats are attempting to overhaul a centuries-old rule banning hats in an effort to accommodate lawmakers who wear religious headwear,” reports The Hill. The change was spurred by the recent election of Ilhan Omar (D?Minn.), who wears a headscarf and will be among the two first Muslim women in Congress and the first Somali-American.

    Why would you just not ignore the rule? I mean, its just a codified social custom, right? Where goddamned jeans and a t-shirt if you want – you don’t work for those people.

  35. “Translation: We in big tech want the federal government to write regulations that will protect us from the disruptive effects of the market.”

    Government wrote regulations the exempted big tech from the legal liabilities of other publishers, and from state and local sales taxes.

    Special privileges, special profits.

  36. That murderer was in a leadership position as a Democratic legislator. I thought maybe Reason would be the rare outlet not to ignore his political affiliation. If he was a Republican, his party would be in every headline.

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