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It's ending up being the kind of election where everybody declares victory. President Donald Trump earlier tweeted what he saw as a "success" in the election, probably due to the Republican Party's strong showing in the Senate elections. Meanwhile Democrats are celebrating their House win.

This post is being updated throughout the night as results come in.

Update (12:30 a.m.): Some odds and ends as the election coverage winds down.

Senate: Former Florida Republican Gov. Rick Scott seems poised to take incumbent Democrat Sen. Bill Nelson's seat, further securing the GOP control over the Senate. In Arizona, Republican Martha McSally and Democrat Kyrsten Sinema are in a near-tie. In New Mexico, Gary Johnson did not turn out to be anything like a spoiler as a Libertarian Party candidate as Democratic incumbent Sen. Martin Heinrich easily kept his seat. But Johnson did get 15 percent of the vote. Thanks to California's top-two election system, Sen. Dianne Feinstein is fending off a fellow Democrat, but so far she appears to be winning.

House: Democratic control of the House is near-certain. Only one seat has so far shifted in favor of the Republicans. In Maine, the state's new ranked choice voting system may affect the outcome of the vote to represent the state's Second District. Republican Bruce Poliquin currently leads a four-person race, but he doesn't have 50 percent of the vote. If that stands, there will be an instant runoff tally that could change the results (and not in his favor). Details on how Maine's ranked-choice system works can be found here. And Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) had been behind his Democratic challenger, but he appears to be recovering to keep his seat.

Ballot initiatives: California can be slow to count its ballot initiatives. Currently an economically illiterate effort to expand rent control in the state is failing (thank heavens). But so is an attempt to repeal some of the state's super high gas taxes. Oregon voters appear to be rejecting an effort to repeal its "sanctuary state" law that stops law enforcement there from arresting people for the sole crime of being in the country illegally. And Washington State voters appear to be poised to change the state's laws on police deadly force that keeps prosecutors from charging officers with crimes for killing people in the line of duty unless they can show malice or evil intent, as opposed to just recklessness or incompetence.

UPDATE (11:45 p.m.):

"Tremendous success tonight. Thank you to all!" Trump tweeted.

In the Senate, Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley will defeat incumbent Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill as Republicans continue to defend their majority. Elsewhere, Republican Rep. Martha McSally has a narrow lead over Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema in Arizona. Democrats have yet to flip a GOP-held Senate seat.

CNN has finally called the Florida gubernatorial race for Ron DeSantis. In Michigan, Democrat Gretchen Whitmer will easily defeat Republican Bill Schuette. It's the first time Michigan will have a Democratic governor in eight years. Democrat Tony Evers, meanwhile, it beating incumbent Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker by less than 3,000 votes, with about 75 percent of the vote in.

In the House, which Democrats should easily win, controversial Republican Rep. Steve King (Iowa) has a slim lead over Democrat J.D. Scholten.

Finally, voters in Michigan appear to have passed a ballot measure legalizing marijuana for recreational use.

Update (11 p.m.): To the extent that there is a blue wave, it has claimed Texas Republican Rep. Pete Sessions, who chairs the House Rules Committee and was notable for his role in preventing medical marijuana-friendly legislation from being brought to a vote. He is being projected to lose to Democrat Colin Allred. He currently trails 52 to 46 percent. Libertarian Party candidate Melina Baker is getting 1.7 percent of the vote.

Meanwhile in Montana, GOP Rep. Greg Gianforte, well-known for having body-slammed a journalist, is behind Democrat Kathleen Williams. Libertarian Party candidate Elinor Swanson is currently getting 2.7 percent of the vote, but that's not enough to cover the spread.

The Democrats needed to pick up 23 to take control of the House, and it seems this point to be extremely likely they're going to reach that goal. CNN reports they need just four more seats and polls are just now closing on the West Coast.

In the governor's races, incumbent Republican Scott Walker in Wisconsin is still slightly behind Democratic challenger Tony Evers. Libertarian Phil Anderson may end up covering the spread there. And in Iowa, Republican incumbent Gov. Kim Reynolds is lagging behind Democratic challenger Fred Hubbell. Republicans will keep control of the governor's seat in Ohio. Mike DeWine is poised to succeed current Republican Gov. John Kasich. And CNN has just projected that Republican Ron DeSantis has won the title of governor in Florida.

UPDATE (10:33 p.m.): Democrats' most recent pickups in the House include seats in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Kansas, and New York. More than half the vote is in for Utah's Fourth Congressional District, and Republican Mia Love is losing by about 10 points to Democratic challenger Ben McAdams. GOP Rep. Dave Brat, meanwhile, is locked in a tight battle against Democratic challenger Abigail Spanberger, who leads by a little more than 2,000 votes with 98 percent of the vote in.

In Texas, it looks like Republican Sen. Ted Cruz will hold off Democratic Rep. Beto O'Rourke (ABC projects Cruz will win). North Dakota Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp will lose re-election to GOP Rep. Kevin Cramer. No doubt in large part due to those results, CNN now projects that Republicans will keep control of the Senate.

Two races that were never really in doubt have also been called: Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will win a House seat in New York, and former Massachusetts Gov. and 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will be the next senator from Utah.

In Georgia's gubernatorial race, Republican Secretary of State Brian Kemp continues to lead Democratic state Rep. Stacey Adams. Incumbent GOP Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, meanwhile, trails Democrat Tony Evers by about 5 points.

UPDATE (10:05): Democrat Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania has defeated Keith Rothfus to represent the 17th District. And Democrat Debbie Mucarsel-Powell has defeated Carlos Curbelo in Florida's 26th District.

Republican Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner has lost his re-election, falling to Democrat J.B. Pritzker, the first change of party for a governor seat. But it may not be the last. Republican Scott Walker is slightly behind Democratic challenger Tony Evers in Wisconsin. Republican Kris Kobach, meanwhile, has lost to Democrat Laura Kelly.

In New Jersey, scandals did not sink Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez. He has handily won re-election.

We noted earlier that Floridians have voted in favor of granting felons back their voting rights after they've served their time. They are also close to passing Amendment 11, which is just as important. Amendment 11 will allow the state to retroactively reduce the sentences of already prosecuted prisoners when they change the laws. The vote currently stands at 61 percent. It needs a 60 percent approval vote to pass.

Meanwhile in Louisiana, voters are so far favoring by 61 percent an amendment that would require unanimous jury verdicts to convict somebody of a felony. They are only one of two states (Oregon is the other) that allow defendants to be convicted with less than unanimous jury.

UPDATE (9:45 p.m.): With the GOP wins in the Indiana and Tennessee Senate races, the chances of Democrats taking back the Senate appear to be slim to none. To be clear, races in Texas and Florida are both too close to call, but the 2018 map really favored Republicans. Democrats had little room for error, and in losing both toss-up races, they probably won't be able to win a majority.

Things are less clear in the House. Republican Rep. Andy Barr has been re-elected in Kentucky, though FiveThirtyEight currently gives Democrats a 56.5 percent chance of claiming a majority.

We also have updates on several ballot initiatives of note: A measure to legalize marijuana for recreational use is winning in Michigan. However, an initiative that would decriminalize weed is currently losing in North Dakota.

In Colorado, Democrat Jared Polis will become the first openly gay man to be elected governor in American history. Finally, libertarian-leaning Republican Rep. Justin Amash is projected to win re-election in Michigan's Third Congressional District.

Update (9:15 p.m.): Republican Gov. Greg Abbott in Texas and Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo fended off challengers and will serve another term. Outlets are declaring that Democratic New Mexico Sen. Martin Heinrich has been re-elected, but numbers aren't out yet to see what sort of role Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson played in the outcome. CNN is reporting that Democrat (but Trump-friendly) West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin will keep his seat.

UPDATE (8:45 p.m.): It looks like Shalala will defeat Maria Elvira Salazar in the race to fill retiring Republican Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen's seat. In Oklahoma's Fifth Congressional District, Democrat Kendra Horn has a 9-point lead over the Republican incumbent, Rep. Steve Russell.

Back in Florida, both the gubernatorial and Senate races are very close. In the Senate race, Republican Gov. Rick Scott is leading Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson by about 1 point. In the race for governor, Democrat Andrew Gillum is trailing Ron DeSantis by a narrow margin. Both Gillum and Nelson led in most polls in the lead-up to Election Day.

In other Senate races, Democratic Rep. Beto O'Rourke has a narrow lead over GOP Sen. Ted Cruz in Texas, while early results show Rep. Marsha Blackburn beating former Democratic Gov. Phil Bredensen. It's early in New Jersey, but incumbent Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez is winning over GOP challenger Bog Hugin.

UPDATE (8:15 p.m.): As a whole bunch of polls close in the East, South and Midwest, let's take a quick look at a couple of relevant ballot initiatives and some governor's races.

Ballot initatives: In Ohio, a ballot measure to reduce criminal penalties for drug crimes is losing badly with early results, 60 percent saying no.

In Florida, an initiative to restore voting rights to felons after they complete their sentences is faring better, with 64 percent voting yes. But so far that's only 9 percent of the vote.

Governor's races: In Georgia, Republican Brian Kemp, who has garnered plenty of controversy over his role in handling the elections themselves as the secretary of state, is ahead of Democrat Stacy Abrams 66 to 33 percent. Libertarian "spoiler" Ted Metz so far has only half a percent of the vote.

In Florida, Democrat Andrew Gillum and Republican Ron DeSantis are tied. Gillum had been ahead but then votes from the panhandle started coming in.

UPDATE (7:53 p.m.): In Virginia's Seventh Congressional District, Rep. Dave Brat is leading Democratic challenger Abigail Spanberger by a slim margin. In Kentucky, meanwhile, Democrat Amy McGrath now has a 4-point lead over GOP Rep. Andy Barr.

In Indiana, Republican Mike Braun is leading Democrat Sen. Joe Donnelly by about 18 points. Florida Republican Gov. Rick Scott is trailing Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson by a little less than 3 points in that state's Senate race.

In terms of gubernatorial races, Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, Republican, is leading Democratic state Rep. Stacey Abrams in the early results. Andrew Gillum, meanwhile, has a narrow lead over Ron DeSantis in the race for Florida governor.

UPDATE (7:25 p.m.): On the basis of early returns, the media is declaring that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.) is safe. In Florida, Republican former Gov. Rick Scott and incumbent Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson are trading positions as the numbers are tallied. It's too close to call early. In Indiana, Republican Mike Braun remains ahead of incumbent Democrat Joe Donnelly.

In the House, Rep. Andy Barr (R–Ky.) and Democratic challenger Amy McGrath continue to change leads.

UPDATE (7 p.m.): Three-term Republican incumbent Rep. Andy Barr has a slim 0.1 percent lead over Democratic challenger Amy McGrath in Kentucky's Sixth Congressional District, with roughly 2 percent of the votes counted. If McGrath wins, it could be an early indication that Democrats are on their way to taking back control of the House. President Donald Trump won this district by 15 points in 2016.

Meanwhile, Sen. Joe Donnelly (D–Ind.) is trailing his GOP opponent, former state Rep. Mike Braun, by a significant margin. Braun leads Donnelly 59.4 percent to 36.6 percent with 3 percent of the vote in. A loss by Donnelly could indicate that the Senate will not be in play for Democrats, who probably need to hold onto his seat if they want to flip the upper chamber of Congress. Libertarian candidate Lucy Brenton, meanwhile, has garnered 4 percent of the vote in what was expected to be a very close race.

In Kentucky's Fourth Congressional District, libertarian-leaning Republican Rep. Thomas Massie has a sizable lead over Democrat Seth Hall. Massie leads by almost 20 points with 2 percent of the vote in.

UPDATE (6 p.m.): The first polls are now closing (in parts of Indiana and Kentucky). Many Americans will now begin the waiting and watching of election results to see if there's a "blue wave" transferring control of the House of Representatives from the Republicans to the Democrats, whether some important ballot measures get passed, and to be told what this election "means" for the state of the government. Undoubtedly those who do not get the outcomes they want will be quick to declare America's democracy to be at risk. It is, after all, the "most important election ever" until 2020, when that will most obviously be the most important election ever.

Or, if they're not masochists, Americans might be binge watching the latest season of Daredevil on Netflix instead. We certainly would not judge or blame them. And if they're libertarians, sitting through the endless blue vs. red narratives that spin out of midterm elections might not hold much appeal.

So if you're one of those folks, welcome to Reason's election results liveblog. The two of us will be staying attuned to the outcomes so you can just check in as you please and otherwise live a happy, fulfilling evening doing as you choose. Various Reason writers will be weighing in at Hit & Run with deeper analysis of what election results mean. But this post is going to mostly revolve around simply reporting the outcomes of races and ballot initiatives that we think are significant, and that includes how high-profile libertarian candidates end up performing. We will be updating regularly. Remember the golden era of live-blogging? Consider this post to be a throwback.

Here's some helpful pre-reading while you're awaiting results:

Check in regularly for the latest.

NEXT: Michigan Becomes the 10th State to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

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        Its not over until the fat lady sings and we have not heard any crying from Oprah since her socialist gal lost as Georgia Governor.

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              Either way, it’s a stupid idea. I’d even put the red line back in.

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    For those born After Twitter (A.T.) O’Connor famously tore up a picture of the Pope on live television in ’92 in protest of the Catholic church.

    I for one am glad she found a far more tolerant religion that will let her tear up pictures of religious figures without reprisal.

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      Mormonism doesn’t count because it’s just a (weird) sect of Christianity.

      I for one am glad she found a far more tolerant religion that will let her tear up pictures of religious figures without reprisal.

      Yes, and certainly no child rape!

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      Pope is evil. Muhammad is not.


  17. So, as a guy from the future, I suppose I should let you in on how all the “close” races play out.

    Missouri: Republican
    Arizona: Republican
    Texas: Republican
    Tennessee: Republican
    Florida: Democrat
    Indiana: Democrat
    Montana: Democrat
    Nevada: Democrat
    West Virginia: Democrat

    Senate: 52R, 48D.

    And the Democrats take the house.

    You’re welcome.

    1. That is close to how I have it except I switch AZ and Indiana.

      I want to think the pussy-licker can win a statewide race in the Goldwater state.

      1. …are you seriously arguing with a guy FROM THE FUTURE?

        I knew you were dumb, but WOW, this is DUMB!

        1. Who’s arguing?

          1. I was being charitable there. If I were to be honest, I would’ve called it “being a dumbass and disagreeing about what happens in the future with a guy WHO HAS ACTUALLY BEEN THERE, you fucking dumbass.”

            1. I agreed with the gooback from the future, you idiot.

            2. Gonna have to jump in the TARDIS and go back in time to work a little chrono revisionism on those future house results.

      2. It’s amazing how unlikeable you are.

        1. He argues predictions with a guy from the future, and hockey with a CANADIAN


          1. He could state these a different way and not just be unlikable. It’s not just his opinions, it’s his demeanor.

            1. Its his opinions too. They really make no sense and you tend to have more fun talking to babies.

              1. I disagree with many people here, but most don’t ooze condescension in every damn thing. His conversation about hockey started with him calling everyone else an asshole.

                1. Where did I begin by calling everyone an “asshole”, you lying motherfucker?

                  Hockey would be better if they got rid of the blue lines.

                  Allow fast breaks.

                  reply to this report spam
                  Leo Kovalensky II|11.6.18 @ 7:37PM|#

                  That might be the dumbest idea ever.

                  reply to this report spam
                  Sarah Palin’s Buttplug|11.6.18 @ 7:52PM|#

                  I hate it when all the players have to come back outside the blue line and hold hands until another player ventures into the opponent ice.

                  A purist I am not.

                  I understand purists though.

                  But I like forward passes in football too.

                  Point it out.

                  So a bunch of lying motherfucking conservatives don’t like me? Good. I want it that way.

                  You shitbags have ruined the Libertarian Party but you won’t chase me from this site – because dumbass conservatives don’t rule here.

                  1. Sorry, I will clarify. You come in with vulgarity that just comes off unlikable. The pussy licker comment specifically there. I mixed it up with the hockey one. Your overall oeuvre is similar.

                    Like, it’s this weird and unneeded vulgarity. There’s no joke. It doesn’t aid conversation. And just in general the way you write is like the edgy kid who says nigger to get a rise out of people.

                    But you’re right. I’m not driving you out. I’m not calling for it. Im just telling you you’re an asshole.

                    1. Since we’re voting today, +1

                  2. Shrieky-poo, the only reason you don’t go anywhere is because this is the only place that gives you a break from the meth hits.

    2. Texas: Republican

      What we really want to know is whether Ted Cruz time travels to kill JFK before his dad can, thus making Trump a liar.

      1. Not yet.

      2. I always wondered why “NO FATE BUT WHAT WE MAKE” was found carved in the bark of the tree on the grassy knoll.

  18. I did come to one realization. Every election season the media harps on certain themes– usually rallying around a “thing” that’s “broken” about politics or our democracy. I think both the Democrats and the media finally shut the fuck up about “getting the money out of politics”.

  19. How’s Beto doing? I’m actually hoping he gets elected so we can finally find out what’s in him.

    1. Caramel nougat.

    2. He lost.

    1. “Legitimacy Crisis” was my nickname in the Neonatal care unit.

    2. Gerrymandering affecting the Senate. State borders are unfair!! Who puts a river there anyway?

    3. What are they going to do – abolish the Senate. It takes far fewer votes to win a Senate seat in say North Dakota than in California. Speaking of which here in California the only two candidates for US Senate are both Democrats so of course the popular vote for Senate will be lopsided compared to the actual seats won.

      1. here in California the only two candidates for US Senate are both Democrats so of course the popular vote for Senate will be lopsided compared to the actual seats won.

        ^ This. Both of my House candidates are Democrats, too. I can tell you with absolute certainty that the Democrats will win the “House Popular Vote” in California. It’s a mathematical certainty.

    4. At least as it relates to the Electoral College and the President you can make a semi-rational but wrong argument.

      When it comes to the Senate or the House this argument is the dumbest thing ever.

      Just because someone gets a ton of votes in a district that includes Manhattan that means that a Representative from a rural district in Alabama is illegitimate? Or a Senator from Alaska?

      The people eating this shit up have to have single digit IQs, Kirkland’s bullshit notwithstanding.

      1. Kirkland has a single-digit IQ? That seems a little high.

      2. The House districts are supposed to be roughly similar populations.

        1. I can understand why disaffected, can’t-keep-up Americans like our system’s structural amplification of yahoo voices.

          Even with the affirmative action for goobers (in the Senate, especially), though, they’re still half-educated, unskilled, shambling bigots.

          Tomorrow morning, I expect at least 60 percent of Americans to have a Democratic governor. This is bad news for Republican gerrymandering — which, with voter suppression and the affirmative action for rural voices, constitute about the only chance conservatives have to stay electorally relevant in modern America — but great news for America.

          Democrats will hold the House of Representatives, too.

          There just aren’t enough bigots to keep the Republicans afloat in America.

          1. You know, Kirkland, you’re probably the worst bigot on this board…?…

            1. You know, Kirkland, you’re probably the worst bigot on this board…?…

              Oh, no doubt – at least since Slappy stopped coming around.

              1. Slappy? The creepy dummy from Goosebumps?

                1. Nah, the Squirrel from Animaniacs.

          2. I can understand why disaffected, can’t-keep-up Americans like our system’s structural amplification of yahoo voices.

            It’s terrible that the highly advanced urban areas are subject to the whims of bitter clingers. I’m sure that at any time now their advanced urban IQ’s will realize that robbing the federal government of every bit of power possible will sever their relationship with the rubes.

        2. In theory, yeah, but currently the most populous district has almost 2x the population of the least populous. People move around and are born between censuses.

          And none of that accounts for turnout. That’s going to randomly affect the total national vote as more competitive races get more turnout and less competitive races get less.

          I still can’t get over the people who arrogantly lectured us before the 2016 Presidential election regarding the sanctity of accepting the results of an election spending the next two years throwing an absolute tantrum because they can’t accept that they lost to a jackass like Trump. And now they’re pre-emptively declining to accept the results of this one just in case – but I suppose their decision not to accept today’s results is provisional.

          1. Even in that case, I tend to think there should be more House members total. Too many citizens for each rep

  20. Elections should be battle-royale style events. Drop them all on an Island with weapons scattered about. Whomever is victorious is arrested for murder.

    1. I could get behind that. My money is on Kamala Harris as Victor.

      1. Pelosi has to have some sort of anti-death superpower. I think she’ll rise from whatever carnage is perpetrated.

  21. I’m not in the mood for Salty Ham Tears: The Return of Salty Ham Tears if the Democrats don’t get their #BlueGentleLappingAtTheShore

    The caterwauling was funny for the first six months after 2016, but I don’t think I can take it any more.

    1. And that’s why all true, intelligent libertarians should vote Democrat.


      1. #y’allistheproperpronounnow

  22. Maryland is so racist. They had a chance to vote in a black Senator!

    1. Instead we got My Friend Ben. I’m guessing he’s a Muppet based on the campaign ads. I’m sure someone’s got their hand up his ass regardless.

      1. Good thing Tony isn’t here. He would probably blow his wad over that kind of talk.

  23. She got Wextoned in the worst way. Finally it’s over. Those fucking ads are over. Every time I sat down on the couch and turned on the TV, no matter what, bam there were those commercials in my face. I don’t give a shit about either of those two, but goddamn, Comstock had the most annoying commercials and apparently the money to run them all day every day. Wexton’s commercials were also annoying, but I they came on with about a tenth of the frequency of the “you got Wextoned” ads. But by god it’s over.

  24. Elizabeth Warren is winning?


  25. Soppy Jennifer Esposito must be sick in the sack.

    I hope. I mean really.

  26. Ballot initatives: In Ohio, a ballot measure to reduce criminal penalties for drug crimes is losing badly with early results, 60 percent saying no.

    Fuckin Ohio, man. Just one of the worst states.

  27. Early Texas Returns Have Beto O’Rourke Ahead of Sen. Ted Cruz

    YES! I told you all Beto would win!


    1. Fucking Beto. I always a imagine a small cute girl instead of this hip and happ dude.

    2. Nope. Cruz won.

  28. Ocasio-Cortez is winning?


    1. New York, dude.

    2. It was a choice between Crazy-Eyes and a Republican.

      In New York City? That’s an easy choice.

    3. Better question: will she be gang-raped by crusty old white dudes, or is she not attractive enough?

      1. Gang raped by Crusty for not being attractive enough.

        1. I feel bad now. You reminded me that Crusty barely posts these days.

          1. It’s been hard times. I miss X a lot too.

            1. Slaps both YT and Best out.


              1. I spend a lot of time drinking and dwelling while doing my security rounds out at my compound on Eastern Arizona. I admit it may have made me soft.

    4. “Ocasio-Cortez is winning?

      Free money.

  29. I like some of the names in the VA House races like Riggleman vs. Cockburn and Brat vs. Spamburger.

    1. And can either of those really be called choices?

  30. Kentucky’s Sixth, which was one of the hot races to watch, went Republican (Politico recently called it with 93% of the vote in and the R holding a 3-point lead).

  31. Is Alabama usually that blue? Or Mississippi?

    1. Get loveprostitution in here. I know he’s a Georgian, but he might have some idea about that area of the country if he can stop rimming Republicans for two minutes.

      1. I think SIV is also Georgian and he’s willing to talk frankly at least.

        1. Oh, right, like SIV is following the elections. Unlike us, he has better things to do, and they rhyme with “frickin”.

          1. Hittin’?

            1. Foul.

            2. …not sure if trolling or not in on the joke.

              BTW, alt-universe me, how’d this play out in your world?

              1. How the fuck would I know? I traveled to this dimension not too long after McAfee won the presidency, and nobody from my home has transmitted anything in a while. Which makes me think that the Fish People have deployed an unknown WMD, or I have been forgotten despite my terribly important mission.

                1. Well, SIV fucks chickens.

                  That is all.

                  1. Go whaling or go home

          2. I don’t really get the shit about SIV. He seems pretty neutral to me.

            1. I’m not giving him shit. I can respect a man who chooses to do what he loves instead of following the elections in real time (which, any way you look at it, is kind of a lame way to spend a night).

              1. More a general comment about SIV then directed at you.

    2. Also, from Politico (which is where I’m following this shit), all the results they have for those two states are in the thousands, and less than five percent of the vote, so it might just be early returns from Democratic precincts.

      1. Ah, that’s probably it. Very early reporting.

    3. The Lefty MSM predictions have entire Red states light blue as hopefuls. They aren’t. Its how they do their stupid election coverage.

      The NYT has light blue for a bunch of Eastern states but the returns show GOP locks. Then the NYT has text that shows how they are freaking out. When the NYT is freaking out, its bad for Democrats.

  32. Indiana called for Braun. Guess I remembered wrong.

    1. He might well have lost anyway, but I’ll never understand why’ve Donnelly sacrificed his career for a clearly mentally disturbed liar like Christine Blasey Ford.

    2. It’s starting to look like Trump visiting these states was enough to get out the vote. McCaskill should be worried.

  33. Tennessee a shit. A SHIT. I need to move.

    1. Come to Colorado. We have a lot of breweries here.

      1. Silly BUCS. I don’t drink. I only use alcohol for date rape.

      2. Are you only inviting people from certain places? Coloradans looked at us like we were ruining their state when we moved there for work in 2015 from CA. Has that changed?

        1. Well, first I’m not from here. Only been here 3 months. Second, I live in Boulder which is some weird liberal nightmare.

          Luckily, third, you can just move here. No one can stop you. What work were you looking at.

          1. I worked for the one of the us Olympic teams while we were there. I wasn’t all that impressed. Nice and wonderful places, to be sure. Made some great friends. But all-in-all not a place I might seriously think of living, at least not Colorado Springs. The wife and I are having a time trying to figure out where settling should happen…might have to write a book about this horrid experience of trying to find sufficient liberty in the US.

        2. To be fair, californians ruin every state they move to en masse. Colorado was one of those states.

        3. 4th-gen coloradoan here. Lemme tell you: yes, you are freaking ruining the state.

          No way a commie like Polis would be running the state when my great grandfather was growing up. We also did not have a freakin baseball team.

          Its all you damn Californians. And New Yorkers. The lot of you can just go home.

          1. All this “importance of voting” talk and it’s hard to tell people that living in California means that literally…if I voted to make some “change” to this House bs….it would mean less than nothing with jungle primary.

            Are there no states that will accept political asylum seekers from CA!?

            Real talk though…active persecution here of non-progressives…that should count.

      3. Colorado is great. First state to legalize abortion. First state to legalize marijuana. And first state to have an openly gay governor.

        1. No Mexican ass-sex?

  34. Andy Barr beat a girl in Kentucky

  35. Hey remember when Diego was on here stupidly touting stupid polls that stupidly showed Gillum waa crushing and I told him he was stupid and gullible?


  36. In Colorado, there’s somebody running for the House named Karen McCormick. It would’ve been SO PERFECT had she been running in the 2nd or 5th (which encompasses Park County, home of the real South Park).

  37. Van Jones promises Ds will still be outraged tomorrow, even if they have the House.

    Can’t imagine why they don’t get more votes

  38. Blackburn continuing to break glass ceilings in Tennessee.

    Feinstein – for both gun control and the Kavanaugh fiasco – largely to blame.

  39. Just stopped by to say fuck Greg Abbott with a rusty chainsaw.

    1. What kind of lumberjack lets a chainsaw become rusty?

      1. A lumberjack that likes to press wildflowers. And put on women’s clothing and hang around in bars. I guess.

    1. Yeah, he’s been a disgusting racist for a long time.

  40. Yes! Even Faux News is admitting Democrats will win the House!

  41. The republicans had a turnout problem on their hands like…..7,8 weeks ago?

    I’m not under any illusion that no democratic strategist warned party leadership to tread lightly on BK, especially as the allegations started to fall apart under scrutiny. This is a spectacular implosion.

    They could still win the house, but you have to wonder why they decided to go all in on Kavanaugh.

    1. Every D senator in a competitive race that voted against him lost.
      Manchin, who voted for K, survived

  42. LIVE BLOG: Fox News projects Democrats will capture House of Representatives


    They might regret this call.

    1. No way. When even Faux News admits things are bad for the GOP, you know they’re really bad. The country is sending a loud and clear message that it rejects Orange Hitler.

      1. Nothing “loud and clear” at all.

        We’re still 50/50 split down the middle.

        1. Sarah Palin’s Buttplug|11.6.18 @ 10:02PM|#
          “Nothing “loud and clear” at all.
          We’re still 50/50 split down the middle.”

          Tell us of the ‘blue wave’ turd; it’s always fun to laugh at your idiocy.

    2. NYT is calling GOP retains control of house and senate.

      1. Stop lying. They have Democrats with a greater than 95% chance of winning the House.

      2. NYT has 11 House flips and mostly Democrat states left.

        Lefties had a sad.

  43. “[…]though FiveThirtyEight currently gives Democrats a 56.5 percent chance of claiming a majority.”

    “Tsunami Escape Route ->”

  44. Canada should probably beef up their border security due to all the Democrats trying to get out of the country. Mexico, not so much. wonder why.

    1. Nice place. Much cheaper to live there. You don’t have to save that much to retire to Mexican.

  45. “though FiveThirtyEight currently gives Democrats a 56.5 percent chance of claiming a majority.”

    And it was 65% not too long ago.

    Nate Silver is a fucking joke.

    1. Someone should beat Silver’s testicles with his own shoes.

      1. And then have two of his own eyebrow hairs carefully inserted into each of his eyes, while being carefully fitted for a full 16th-century suit of articulated plate armor. Made out of C4. With a helmet plume made out of detonators. And two holes at the ears for the insertion of ear buds playing “Call Me Maybe” on repeat at full volume. Also, someone is stabbing him with a butter knife at intervals.

  46. Ha ha Kris Kobach lost in Kansas. Now he will have plenty of time to track down all of those millions of illegal voters.

    1. Hey wow chemleft the leftist is giggling like an idiot about a Republican losing. How predictable.

      1. Why aren’t you happy when Republicans lose? You aren’t a Republican, are you?

        1. Who said I wasn’t dickhole?

          I was just pointing out your bias. Stop crying about what is obvious to everyone.

          1. Yes, I am biased against Republicans. Congratulations, you are perceptive.

            Thanks for finally outing yourself as just another Republican troll.

            1. “Yes, I am biased against Republicans”

              We know. Too bad it’s only Republicans.

              “Thanks for finally outing yourself as just another Republican troll.”

              Awwww I have him so upset he has to make shit up!!!

              1. Shorter chemleft “I’m so stupid I forgot I asked two questions”

                1. You see that silence? That’s chemleft realizing he made a fool of himself again and running away.

              2. Oh I’m biased against all sorts of people. Trolls, Republicans, Republican trolls, trolls named Tulpa, Republican trolls named Tulpa

                1. Awww he’s still so mad he’s making things up.

                  Shorter chemleft “I’m so stupid I forgot I asked two questions”

                  Republicans ars garbage. If they could all lose I’d love it.

                  What now chemleft? Now that you have outed yourself as a leftist?

                  1. Yeah I don’t believe you Tulpa.

                    “Now that you have outed yourself as a leftist?”

                    And that’s reason #23987 why you shouldn’t be believed.

                    1. “Yeah I don’t believe you Tulpa.”

                      Of course you resort to that once your stupid fucking lie is exposed.

            2. Do you think you’re actively biased against Republicans?

              1. I am. They’re fucking trash.

                But so are Democrats.

                Watch chemlefts mumbling, dissembling, retard level answer.

                1. Tulpa, no one believes you actually think “Republicans are trash”. You’ll vote for them every time over the Democrats. Because just like your fellow Trumpian tribesfolk, you just want to see libs cry. And that is why you attack people whom you think are libs. I don’t see you attacking too many conservative-leaning libertarians here, let alone actual Republicans like John or LoveCons.

              2. What do you mean by “actively biased”?
                I don’t go out of my way to avoid Republicans. But I’m gonna need a better reason to ever vote for another Republican besides their usual scare-tactics and fear-mongering.

                1. See? Suck more Dem dick chemleft.

                  1. “Yeah I don’t believe you Tulpa.”

                    Of course you resort to that once your stupid fucking lie is exposed.

                    1. Ya know, you are an object lesson in pathological online behavior. You literally have no shame.

                2. That was my question. You said you were happy that a Republican lost, so I was getting your thoughts.

                  I’m pretty neutral to most of this. I certainly can’t say I’m happy a Republican lost, as it means a Democrat won.

                  1. Shorter chemleft “I’m too stupid to realize I asked two questions, and then once I’m clubbed over the head with it, resort to NU UH!!!”

                  2. I am certainly happy that Kris Kobach lost. He was a nut who deserved to lose regardless of which party he belonged to.

                    1. We know you’re happy chemleft, you’re a shitbag leftist who openly denounces R’s at every turn, defends D’s and then pretends to be an L.

                      Fuck, you hate that being true so much ypu resorted lying about me in this thread just to obfuscate it.

                    2. So you’re angry that I “defend D’s”? Or that I “denounces R’s at every turn”?

                    3. Who said I was “angry” tardo? Stop projecting.

                      “you’re a shitbag leftist who openly denounces R’s at every turn, defends D’s and then pretends to be an L”

                      Are you actually so stupid that you can’t read that? Or so unsophisticated that you can’t understand it?

                      I mean, what the fuck is wrong with you that you read THAT and think that it’s an either/or you fucking moron?

                    4. That I can understand more. I don’t know many specifics and certainly haven’t seen any stand outs. I hope Gay Jay does reasonably.

                      I can also understand a general disdain for incumbents. It’s a weird time though. As bad as many MAGA types are, I genuinely dislike Democrats almost uniformly. My fear of their economic policy generally taints me.

                      I still am not certain how much of that has to do with my family history and how much is a true greater similarity in philosophical outlook.

                    5. I wish I had quoted who I was talking to here, since now it’s impossible to know which post I was responding to.

      2. Funny how you don’t post the opposite comment every time someone celebrates a Democrat losing.

        1. Was it a lying mendacious asshole like chemleft who did it?

          Then maybe you should look a little harder at who is getting fucked with, clown.

        2. Shorter Calidumbass “I TEAM HARD WHY DON’T YOU!!!”

        3. Isn’t it weird that you fire that stupid asa observation off at me, and not chemleft?

          I mean, not so much weird as totally expected, you defending a fellow lying shitbag leftist.

          1. You’re such a fucking dumbass if you think you have any stones to throw about people Teaming Out. Yeah, it’s just that you hate chemjeff personally, it’s not that you’re a partisan hack.

            1. So, yeah, looks like my criticism of you was dead on.

              “You’re such a fucking dumbass if you think you have any stones to throw about people Teaming Out”

              TuIpa|11.6.18 @ 10:26PM|#

              Awww he’s still so mad he’s making things up.

              Shorter chemleft “I’m so stupid I forgot I asked two questions”

              Republicans ars garbage. If they could all lose I’d love it.

              Which team am I teaming out for fucko?

              No no, please, go full chemleft and screech “NU UHHHHH!!!” you lying leftist team harder piece of trash.

              No one, not one single motherfucker, is in any way surpised that criticism of one of your fellow leftists made you yelp.

              1. Calling you a dumbass for freaking out because chemjeff was glad Kobach went down doesn’t make me a leftist. It’s hilarious you’re trying to accuse me of being defensive over criticism of a “fellow leftist” when criticism of a GOP candidate sent you into a flying rage in the first place.

                1. when criticism of a GOP candidate sent you into a flying rage in the first place.

                  Because Tulpa is totally not on Team Red. Totally.

                  1. Apparently hallucinating is a side effect of not taking your meds chemleft

                2. “Calling you a dumbass for freaking out because chemjeff was glad Kobach went down doesn’t make me a leftist”

                  So by your own definition you freaked out about me kicking chemleft around.

                  Which is just like a leftist, casting aspersions for the things they do.

              2. Oh good lord Tulpa. You’re a Republican Troll. That is why you attack people here whom you think are “leftists”. I don’t see you attacking Republicans here. That is because they are on Your Team. Why do you think “leftist” is such an insult? Because you really really really hate Republicans, right? Yeah right. You’re just a filthier version of John or LoveCons. You voted for Trump and LOVED IT and did not regret it one bit. Because he’s a fighter who’s “fighting the Left” and “owning the libs”. I’m right and everyone who has read your comments for more than 10 minutes realizes I am right.

                1. “Oh good lord Tulpa. You’re a Republican Troll. That is why you attack people here whom you think are “leftists”. ”

                  Of course, you being new and a leftist idiot, have no explanation about the MANY years of shit I’ve been giving John.

                  Because you’re an idiot. And a leftist.

                  1. No no please chemleft, please please continue making a fool of yourself by making grand proclamations that really only prove youre utterly ignorant of what actually happens on this website.

                    1. “It’s hilarious you’re trying to accuse me of being defensive over criticism of a “fellow leftist” when criticism of a GOP candidate sent you into a flying rage in the first place.”

                      Oh NOES CaliTEAMHARDER is MAD!!!

                      I guess he’s so mad (and stupid) thay he thinks his carbon copy of my post isn’t by his own definition, him in a flying rage?


                    2. “It’s hilarious you’re trying to accuse me of being defensive over criticism of a “fellow leftist” when criticism of a GOP candidate sent you into a flying rage in the first place.”

                      Oh NOES CaliTEAMHARDER is MAD!!!

                      I guess he’s so mad (and stupid) thay he thinks his carbon copy of my post isn’t by his own definition, him in a flying rage?


                    3. You notice how Calidumbasfuck stopped posting? And stopped trying to pretend I am a Republican?

                      It’s because even though he’s stupid as fuck, even his little pea brain can’t forget the YEARS of shit I’ve given John for being a Republican clown.

                      He knows he’s an idiot for calling me a Republican, and has embarrassed himself because I exposed him as a leftist and he let his emotions make him say some extremely stupid shit.

  47. Missed the SF Reason meet up this weekend…maybe half regret the fact that I missed a unicorn’s chance to speak with someone other than my wife about politics and this election without having to worry about threats to my business, my safety, or awkward moments when they passive aggressively threaten me with violence but walk away (cause they really don’t want any of this).

    1. You can chat with me. I’m the only true Libertarian anyway.

      1. Will you still want to talk to me when you find out I’m not evangelized about open borders?

        1. I’ll talk to anyone about almost anything. Everything but Nintendo.

          1. All Nintendo devices or just specific hardware?

    2. There was an SF meetup? How do you find out about these things?

    3. there was an SF meetup ? How do you find out about these

      1. I think one of the Glibs posted about it. Papaya?

      2. Ask the squirrels

        1. I hear ya. I hear ya.

      3. Yup, Papaya – I found the shout out in a comment section and now I feel pressured to read every Reason article so I don’t miss out…could be an elaborate ruse to increase traffic!

        1. He usually posts on the AM links if you want to monitor those.

          1. Thanks!

    4. In my capacity as Reason’s One True Authoritarian, I too am available for providing guidance, confessional services, and any other assistance you may need to turn back to the righteous path.

  48. reason should be happy. It looks like the LP candidate “spoiled” the re-election of Dave Brat (R- VA) one of the most libertarian-leaning members of congress. Eric Cantor owes y’all several rounds of cocktails.

    1. Yeah that is a bit of sad news. I was disappointed at his loss.

      1. Lol sure you were.

        1. You are one boring motherfucker, Tulpa. Not quite as boring as Sevo, who barely qualifies as a one-trick pony, but pretty damn close.

          1. Cry more socko.

            1. Socko? You’re kidding, right? I’ve been using the same handle for years now.

              1. Yes, socko, cry like that.

              2. Nonstopdrivel|11.6.18 @ 11:01PM|#
                “Socko? You’re kidding, right? I’ve been using the same handle for years now.”

                You’ve been using it where? Scumbag now using Nonstopdrivel| has not been here since, oh, the election of the lying piece of shit Obo.
                At least you have an accurate handle, bullshit-peddler. I’m sure you’ll be gone tomorrow morning when you find out the “blue wave” was more of a calm sea.
                Oh, and did I suggest you fuck off, asshole? If not, allow me to do so

          2. Nonstopdrivel|11.6.18 @ 10:55PM|#
            “You are one boring motherfucker, Tulpa. Not quite as boring as Sevo, who barely qualifies as a one-trick pony, but pretty damn close.”
            Fuck off, scumbag.

            1. Like I said, one-trick pony.

              1. No-trick pony responds.
                Fuck off, scumbag.

              2. You’re a sock and a nobody, no one cares about your tear soaked emanations

                1. This is so rich coming from the guy who has used how many socks over the years? I have only used one handle since the day I registered.

                  Anyway, this is boring. So . . .

                  Fuck your mom, fuck your mom’s momma!
                  Fuck the Beastie Boys and the Dalai Lama!

                  1. “Anyway, this is boring”

                    No one cares about your nickname either socko.

                  2. Nonstopdrivel|11.6.18 @ 11:29PM|#
                    “This is so rich coming from the guy who has used how many socks over the years? I have only used one handle since the day I registered.”
                    As opposed to the asshole now posting as your newest sock handle? Fucking lefty socks are always calling kettles black.

                    “Anyway, this is boring. So . . .”
                    Yes, your bullshit is boring.

                    “Fuck your mom, fuck your mom’s momma!
                    Fuck the Beastie Boys and the Dalai Lama!”
                    Fuck off, you pathetic piece of lefty shit.

      2. Honest chemleft ” I need to throw them off my scrnt”

  49. A party split in Congress. I couldn’t be more pleased. Now we’ll have even more gridlock, just the way it was meant to be. The less effective the legislature, the freer the citizenry.

    1. Stay tuned for a big-ass biparison infrastructure bill

    2. In real life it just devolves more power to the executive.

  50. Looks like the Dems are taking the House while the Republicans are having a good night in the Senate. Divided government returns, and the Republicans are in better position to hold the Senate in 2020 regardless of how the presidential election turns out.

    Lc1789, what happened to your prediction of the Republicans gaining seats in the House?

    1. What leads you to believe the Republicans are better positioned to hold the Senate in 2020?

      1. I was talking relative to the status quo. If the Dems held their ground winning the Senate in 2020 would be more reasonable than if the GOP goes into the election with 54 seats or whatever it’s going to be.

        1. Makes sense. It would be really funny if the GOP managed to claw its way to 60 seats in 2020, but the mathematics of that election don’t favor such a drastic turnover.

          1. Nonstopdrivel|11.6.18 @ 11:17PM|#
            “Makes sense. It would be really funny if the GOP managed to claw its way to 60 seats in 2020, but the mathematics of that election don’t favor such a drastic turnover.”

            Nonstopdrivel’s “mathmatics” = bullshit peddling.

            1. At least he ran away like a bitch, watching him cry was fucking boring.

              1. Any guess as to which lefty twit chose that sock?
                Nothing there suggests any particular lefty; just run of the mill lies and bullshit. No tells.

  51. GOP holds House and gains 3 seats in Senate.

    Abrams lost in Georgia after Obama, Oprah, and many other Lefty hacks tried to pass off lies to Georgians. No thanks liars.

    1. Gillum concedes in FL.
      Beto lost in TX.

    2. The Republicans are not holding the House, what are you watching?

      1. NYT election map with actual vote counts not news hacks telling who they want to win.

        1. Have you ever bought a timeshare?

          1. I get free stays and ski chair lift passes but dont buy timeshares.

            1. What trails are safe on a replaced hip?

              1. Double black diamond, I guess. All my parts are original.

                1. What’s your favorite Dinesh D’Souza book or movie?

                  1. Whose dinesh dsouza?

                    1. Did I just break the kayfabe?

                    2. There’s no way your boomer ass wouldn’t know who Dinesh is.

      2. Even Dipshit Dave Weigel a little further up the thread said that all the networks might be wrong, and he basically tracks all these house races as his main job!

        1. You can lc can keep telling yourselves that lol.

          1. *and

            1. Suck more Dem dick, teamboy.

            2. Calidissident|11.7.18 @ 12:04AM|#


              Ahahahaahhahaja it took your stupid leftist ass TEN MINUTES to correct that!?!?!?

              And no one gave a shit anyway you sad fucking teamsucker!!!

              1. Start taking your meds

  52. The NYT just showed that Larry Sharpe has 51,87 votes so far. He needed to get 50,000 to give the LP ballot access for the next four years. First time for the NY LP.

    1. +1000

      Good job Larry Sharpe

  53. Gillum goes down!

    Wolf Blitzer: “We’ve got a huge projection right now.
    CNN projects that Democrats will reclaim control of the US House of representatives, winning the power to take down the president of the United states. This is a very significant defeat for mr trump, a historic accomplishment for the Democrats.”

    Not divisive at all.
    But it’s nice spin. I’m sure the Ds are a little down tonight, their expectations having been built up so high and all.
    Good cheerleading, Wolf. Way to double down on crazy hopes.

    Meanwhile: North Dakota, Indiana, Missouri, and Florida go for Rs in the Senate.

    1. Did he really say it was “a historic accomplishment”? How is accomplishing something that happens pretty much every fucking midterm election “a historic accomplishment”?

      1. Are you really asking this question of mouthpieces for the party that exemplifies adult participation ribbons?

        1. Good point, rhondacivic

      2. He really did say that.
        Not a great night for the Ds, so it strikes me as a bit of “accomplishment” inflation to cover their shellacking in the Senate and disappointing governor’s races (especially Ohio and Florida, big time come the 2020 prez election)

      3. It’s the most important ever, and thus inherently historic.

    2. The blue wave was the toilet flush after all.

      Some of the called flips for Democrats turned out to be wrong. All polls but alaska and Hawaii are closed.

      NYT has House flips at 12 seats.

      1. The 12 seats is just evening to date. Polls are just closing on the west coast, there’ll be more flips there. Everybody is projecting the Dems to take the House with a small margin and the Reps to increase their margin by a couple of seats in the Senate.

        After all the talk of the Blue Wave and the #Resistance, it’s going to turn out to be pretty much a ho-hum run of the mill mid-term.

        Wolf Blitzer is a fool.

        1. You misspelled “tool.”

          1. Yeah, Tony, that too.

        2. The few seats left with no results are almost all CA, which are going to be heavily D. The Rs are toast as far as controlling the House goes.

          1. As of 11:42pm, the GOP is down 13 seats which is not enough for Democrat House control.

            1. Autism is the only reasonable explanation for this guy’s belligerent, anti-social, disaffected ignorance.

              The liberal-libertarian mainstream celebrates the Republican loss of control of the House, which any functional adult could have predicted.

              1. Autism is the only reasonable explanation for this guy’s belligerent, anti-social, disaffected ignorance.

                So what’s your excuse, hicklib?

              2. Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland|11.6.18 @ 11:57PM|#
                “Autism is the only reasonable explanation for this guy’s belligerent, anti-social, disaffected ignorance.”

                In your case, imbecility is about the only cause, asshole.

                1. The downwardly mobile demographic seems cranky tonight.

                  1. Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland|11.7.18 @ 12:54AM|#
                    “The downwardly mobile demographic seems cranky tonight.”

                    Lefty asshole loser seems pathetic tonight, lefty asshole loser.

                  2. Will be less cranky when you get the full Kent State.

    3. He does remember that impeachment is the equivalent of an indictment? Removal requires winning a Senate vote.

  54. But gerrymandering!

  55. “Tsunami Escape Route ->”

  56. I’m looking forward to the next two years of the House submitting impeachment proceedings, and the Senate telling them to fuck off.

  57. This is working out damn near perfect. For those like Shrieking Dalmha who keep telling us that this is the Most Important Stuff Ever, here’s how the next two years play out:

    The House Democrats waste their time investigating Trump but accomplishing nothing.
    The Senate confirms a judge here and there and otherwise eats some nice lunches and plays a bunch of golf.
    Trump spends a lot of time yanking chains on Twitter.
    The 10% of the crazies that exist at each end of the spectrum spend a bunch of time banging away at each other on social media and occasionally in person.

    Meanwhile, out here in the real world the rest of the country just keeps on keepin’ on. This is going to be a nice two years.

    1. How many Republicans being incarcerated, or being forced from public life in disgrace, will it take to adjust that “waste their time investigating Trump but accomplishing nothing’ assessment? Quantifying this should make it easier to resolve questions about the accuracy of this prediction.

      1. Rev, I covered your shit in the 4th item on my list. Cheers.

        1. He’s a leftist, so shitty reading skills and low intelligence should be expected from him.

          1. Slurs from downwardly mobile, anti-social bigots don’t have much sting these days.

            1. Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland|11.7.18 @ 12:55AM|#
              “Slurs from downwardly mobile, anti-social bigots don’t have much sting these days.”

              Comments from lefty assholes really don’t make a lot of impression either, lefty asshole.

            2. “downwardly mobile”, is that not the entire premise of the progressive income tax?

  58. There were not enough uneducated, bigoted, disaffected, white whiners to hold the House for Republicans.

    Next cycle will be rough for Republicans with respect to the Senate, with Republicans defending roughly twice as many seats as Democrats will be defending.

    And Trump, if he runs, seems positioned to need another three-cushion bank shot to win.

    In January, should Democrats obtain Trump’s tax returns first, or should they issue subpoenas to investigate Zinke, Pruitt, Price, various Trumps, etc. first?

    (It’s a trick question: No reason House Democrats can’t requisition the tax return and issue the subpoenas on the first day of the new Congress.)

    Carry on, clingers. While dodging hundreds of subpoenas and investigative hearings, of course, come January.

    1. Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland|11.6.18 @ 11:47PM|#
      “There were not enough uneducated, bigoted, disaffected, white whiners to hold the House for Republicans.”

      Asshole, does it take tiny hands to grasp at straws that fine?
      Asking for the other lefty asshole liars here.

    2. Arthur L. Hicklib thinks the House Dems are going to be anything more than House Reps ca. 2013.

  59. LP looks likely to win state house seat District 55 in Wyoming, against a 17 year GOP incumbent. LP Candidate
    Bethany Baldes leads with 54%. We shall see as final votes come in.

    1. Great. I still think a more grassroots movement is both more practical and more philosophically consistent with libertarianism.

  60. UPDATE (Midnight): The secret weekly Capital Hill orgies are about to consist solely of angry sex.

    1. So it’s gonna get way better?

      1. UPDATE: Before it was just angry masturbation.

  61. Well, at least now I don’t have to post #NotMySenator.

    Not that I’ll ever forgive Ted for what he did at the Curia of Pompey that fateful day. But as a gun owner who would be quite difficult to confuse with an illegal immigrant at any distance, I definitely come out ahead.

    1. There are still enough backward, uneducated, white bigots to keep a Republican afloat in a Texas Senate race. Barely.

      But for how long? Two more years? Four?

      When Republicans have to battle in Texas — once the big state conservatives could rely on — they are in trouble. When whites become a minority in Texas, Republicans will be toast.

      Enjoy the victory by Ted ‘Call my wife a pig and I’ll lick your ass’ Cruz, wingnuts. Enjoy it while you still can.

      1. Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland|11.7.18 @ 12:59AM|#
        “There are still enough backward, uneducated, white bigots to keep a Republican afloat in a Texas Senate race. Barely.”

        There are enough lefty assholes like you to post here.
        Fuck off.

      2. Yep. Just a few more years of importing low-income, narcotic-abusing, papalist immigrants from a third-world shithole, and the Democratic Party will never have to worry about losing power again.

        One more boatload of Irishmen oughta do it.

  62. So are any of our lefty twits claiming success with the ‘blue wave’, let alone ‘blue tsunami!’?
    Asking for SF residents I wish to laugh at.

    1. Context:

      “Midterm elections are not friendly to the president’s political party. Modern midterm elections have resulted in an average loss of 30 seats in the House of Representatives and Senate by the political party whose president occupies the White House.”

      All of those “I hate Trump!” voters must have been chased off by the East Coast rain, or have been the fantasies of lefty ignoramuses; Nonstopdrivel’s bullshit is requested so we all have some dimwit to laugh at.

    2. Blue ripple?

      1. Lefty asshole above feeling butt-hurt; we’ll get posts from that scumbag and others ‘explaining’ why lefty assholes did worse than expected.

  63. I lost a Sessions and lost even more with an Allred. This district needs an enema.

    1. I feel your pain. Finger-in-the-wind Culbertson got tossed on his ass by a lawyer with next to no experience, who felt that the district needed to support healthcare and transportation funding (by which she means light rail) more. Coupled with Cruz winning by less than 3 points, in an election he should have won going away, and Abbott winning by less than 15 points, and Texas may be blueing sooner than we think.

      For LC’s boast, at 1:17AM, Axios’s live map shows 210-191 Dem for the House, with a good 6-7 seats inexplicably not called for the GOP despite being races like NY-27, where the GOP guy is 0.9 points up with 99.8 percent of the precincts called. So, it’s very likely going to be a Democrat majority in the House, and again that means that Pelosi or Hoyer or, LOL, Maxine Waters will be third in line for the Presidency, but it’s not likely to be a large majority.

      We really need to tighten up ballot validity in this country. I’d even be willing to get rid of absentee or early voting if that’s what it took.

  64. Alright where are the people that predicted a lefty bloodbath with GOP control of the house. EXPLAIN YOURSELVES!! There goes my tax cut.

  65. Everybody gets a trophy except for Nicky Sarwark, who crashed and burned in last place as everyone expected, in his race for Mayor of Phoenix.

  66. The two Texas congressmen were the last GOP house members representing two very blue areas, northeast Dallas county and western Harris county. IT is little surprise they lost considering the blue areas of Texas have become very focused. Problem for Democrats is everything outside those areas is still deep red and most of the population lives outside the blue areas.

    1. Dying thread, TXJack, but I’ll try to answer your points. I dunno about NE Dallas, though it did encompass Garland, which is where I want to say Mike Judge set King of the Hill, based on his childhood, but Culbertson’s district was far from deep blue. Lots of Memorial Villages/bit of River Oaks and Tanglewood. I.e., really rich white people. The problem for Culbertson was a lot of really rich white people moved there in the last few years from places like the East Coast and CA.

      As far as the population goes, Wiki says that Texas has 28.3 million. It further says that the Metropolitan Service Areas of DFW, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin have populations of 7.4, 6.9, 2.5 and 2.1 million respectively. Adding those together gives you 18.9 million people. Out of 28.3 million, that’s about 2/3 of the population. And they nowadays vote blue for the most part. Go see the Beto votes, or even the Abbott returns. We haven’t even counted places like El Paso or the Valley.

  67. I do not give a shit about either of those two, but goddamn, comstock had the most annoying commercials and apparently the money to run them all day every day.

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