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Despite Donald Trump Jr. Retweet, Libertarian Senate Candidate Rick Breckenridge Did Not Drop Out

Montana L.P. candidate Rick Breckenridge says he was misinterpreted by a reporter.


Donald Trump Jr. retweeted a tweet this morning saying that Libertarian Party Senate candidate Rick Breckenridge of Montana had dropped out and endorsed Republican challenger Matt Rosendale to unseat Democratic incumbent Sen. Jon Tester.

If this were true, it would have been pretty significant. The Libertarian Breckenridge has been polled beating the spread between the nearly evenly matched major party contenders. Indeed, in 2012 a different L.P. candidate did beat that spread between Tester and losing Republican Denny Rehberg.

But as Breckenridge clarified in a phone interview this morning, it is not true. The reporter on the original tweet misunderstood the meaning of Breckenridge declaring he had more trust in Rosendale on a particular issue bugging him this week: the use of political "dark money" to send anonymous mailers; in this particular case, one slamming Rosendale for wanting "to use drones and patrols to spy on our private lives," while seeming to endorse Breckenridge as "a true conservative" who "opposes government intrusion into Montanans private lives."

"No, I am not dropping out" Breckenridge says, though he grants he used the word "endorse" to reporters regarding Rosendale over Tester, but only on the issue of rooting out dark money, which this anonymous mailer has now made personal to him.

"I live here, these people are my neighbors, people I have to do business with." Breckenridge says he doesn't want voters thinking he actually supported something he sees as an unsavory direct public attack on his political opponents, neither of whom he views as an enemy, and both of whom he agrees with on certain issues.

Breckenridge admits that he is likely to only get 2-3 percent of the vote, but he's proud of how much traction he's gotten, despite having raised, he says, only around $3,000 in campaign funds.

But he stresses this morning he is still running and wants people to vote for him. "I did not say 'do not vote for me, vote for Matt.' I'm a Libertarian through and through, I'm not a Republican. I'm not going to be campaigning for [Rosendale], won't be on stage with" him. He characterizes his statement about Rosendale regarding dark money as "an issue bigger than my candidacy, and I had to do something from a citizen standpoint."

He says he's known Rosendale and his family for over 10 years and appreciates his character, but "I'm for liberty and the cause of liberty." Breckenridge says he agrees with Tester on the Fourth Amendment and the Kavanaugh Supeme Court appointment (Tester was opposed to Kavanaugh's appointment and confirmation), and he disagrees with both men on the border wall (Tester and Rosendale are both for it). He also notes, regarding the anonymous pamphlet that tried to paint the Libertarian as a "true conservative," that he's "very socially liberal."

Breckenridge is proud that his presence and polling in the race have seemingly raised enough of a fear in Republicans that the likes of President Trump and his son Donald Jr., and Sen. Rand Paul (R–Ky.) have come to the state to campaign for Rosendale.

He says he resents the use of anonymous outside money in this Montana race and would be OK with criminal penalties for whoever sent it. While he can't know for sure, Breckenridge is confident it came from someone whose goal was to help make sure Democrat Tester wins; and that the mailer was printed in New Jersey.

Despite his preference for Rosendale on the "dark money" issue, Breckenridge says he's not afraid if the outcome next week has Tester winning with the Libertarian vote beating the spread between him and Rosendale. "I'm fine with [accusations of being a spoiler for Democrats]. I'm fine with it."

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  1. “He says he resents the use of anonymous outside money in this Montana race and would be OK with criminal penalties for whoever sent it.”

    Totes libertarian

    1. didn’t think that through

    2. I can’t tell if he was trying to hurt Rosedale by saying he’d stop dark money or if he is just clueless about the liberty oriented position on dark money

      1. Maybe he doesn’t want people implying they’re him when they’re not?

      2. I have no problem with him having feelings about dark or out of state money, but it seems really inconsistent with the libertarian ethos when he goes from that to approving of armed penalties imposed by government.

    3. He’s got some other disturbing non-libertarian positions, as I learned from an article no longer available online because the local weekly paper that published it has been shut down since his run for Representative when Mike Fellows died. Perhaps that is why I can’t find a Rick Breckenridge campaign website or anywhere that he publishes his stances on key issues in this Senate Race.

      1. Correction: that was Mark Wicks, not Breckenridge.

      2. The guy is a plant, like Church of Satan Trojan horse Phinney, who gamed the Gee-Oh-Pee and now offers to turn coat and infiltrate us instead. Republican prohibitionism and asset forfeiture destroyed the nation’s economy in 1929, 1987, 1992, 2007. Not even two terms of Obama came close to the damage deliberately inflicted via faith-based Inquisitors and looters.

  2. So this Phil Drake guy who said Breckenridge said was withdrawing from the race because he knew he didn’t have the votes and threw his support behind Rosendale – is he Fake News? Because that’s some pretty damn extensive and specific reporting from somebody who just “misunderstood” a reference to one candidate supporting the position of another candidate. Somebody’s lying their ass off about what was said and I find it hard to believe that an LP candidate is going to withdraw from a race over the sudden realization that he’s not going to win the election – nobody enters the race with the intention of losing but if you’re entering the race as an LP candidate you have to know right from the get-go that you ain’t winning the race.

    1. The whole point of false flag gaming and infiltration is to restore the looter slogan that electing prohibitionist bigots to coerce you is winning. WINNING is when OUR spoiler votes trip up the more coercive of the two looter candidates in any given race. THEIR platform committees understand this perfectly, and will stop at nothing to keep the Coathanger Abortion Amendment a plank in the Republican platform “if necessary at the cost of their lives”–as their predecessors put it.

  3. Good thing he realizes that there are two types of conservatives in this world, Republicans and Libertarians. /s

  4. So liberty is now increasing my taxes by executive order. Fuck you Jr you wouldn’t know liberty if it bit you in the ass!

  5. >>>and that the mailer was printed in New Jersey

    mob’s everywhere this week.

  6. So basically, yet another member of the mainstream media was once again passing along Fake News?

    1. I wouldn’t call Donald Trump, Jr. a member of the mainstream media, but, yes he was passing along Fake News manufactured by a credentialed member of the mainstream media.

  7. The Great Falls paper is reporting that he did endorse Rosendale and in a conference with the paper stated he is supporting him.
    This was directly the result of a disingenuous, anynomous mailer that was sent out encouraging consrvatives to vote for Beckenridge rather than Rosendale, despite it being against the law for a political ad not to state who sponsored it. Similarly, 6 years ago groups supporting Tester also spent heavily trying to prop up the LP candidate (and Bullock supporters did the same last gubernatorial race). This was purely to try to divide conservative votes in Montana. Most Montana’s conservatives tend to be of the libertarian strain and the local Democrats have made the decision that aiding the LP will hurt the Republicans the most. Considering that no Democrat has won their seat with anything but a plurality in state wide elections… One can’t help but wonder if they aren’t onto something. Montana is not the only Western state they try this in, BTW, however, MT may be the one they have been the most successful in.

    1. However, as for dropping out, he remains on the ballots, partially because it is to late to officially drop out. He dropped out in everything but name. The author is splitting hairs here.

  8. Another TDS click bait headline!

    Another spoiler stays in race.

  9. Here’s a recording of his statement, right from the horse’s mouth. It sure sounds like he’s endorsing Rosendale. If he isn’t, I don’t think it’s the reporter who is at fault.…..enate-race

  10. Breckenridge wanting to outlaw “dark money” is about as “libertarian” as Gary Johnson supporting a carbon tax. 🙂

    1. Or Johnson & Weld supporting Govt. forcing Christian bakers to violate their freedom of conscience, association & religion or else lose their businesses!

    2. That’s just crap. There is NOTHING about deliberately disguised anonymity that requires protection by libertarians. There is a huge difference between outlawing the ‘dark’ v outlawing the ‘money’. It’s the difference between drivers licenses that allow hooded KKK or hijabs v licenses that require an actual photo identity of a face.

  11. This is what happens when antichoice mystical bigots infiltrate the LP posing as libertarians. Thank the “good faith”, child prostitition and uninspected entry platform committee for alienating women voters, pissing off parents and handing the National Socialists a club with which to stop our spoiler votes from repealing their Comstock and prohibition laws.

  12. So Jr was right after all.


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