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MAGA Hat and Colin Kaepernick Shirt Make Kanye West a One-Man Bridge Across Our Political Chasm

Politics is not solely red and blue. Or in this case, red and white.



Kanye West is no stranger to eliciting surprise and confusion. His latest play: pairing a Donald Trump MAGA hat with a Colin Kaepernick sweatshirt.

Trump and former 49ers quarterback Kaepernick go together like oil and water. Trump has, on several different occasions now, criticized Kaepernick's protesting police brutality during the "The Star Spangled Banner."

West donned this outfit on a trip to the office of music magazine The FADER. He apparently designed the Kaepernick sweatshirt himself.

West previously caused a great deal of confusion among his fans when he said, just after the election, that he would have voted for Trump. After a series of meetings with the president and tweets about his love and support, West told late night host Jimmy Kimmel that his support was less about policy and more about being "fearless enough to break the fucking simulation."

"It took me a year and a half to have the confidence to stand up and put on the [Make America Great Again] hat, no matter what the consequences were," he said. "And what it represented to me is not about policies, because I'm not a politician like that, but it represented overcoming fear and doing what you felt no matter what anyone said." Following one of West's recent expressions of support, Chance the Rapper, himself the son of a prominent Democratic Party figure, tweeted that black people didn't have to be Democrats.

Pairing Trump's hat with a sweater that likely would incense Trump and many of his supporters suggests West himself is trying to break said simulation. And while his support for Trump makes him a minority among blacks in the U.S., there are likely quite a few Trump voters who support holding police accountable, even if they don't like how Kaepernick has chosen to raise the issue. Cornell's Roper Center for Public Opinion Research reports that 86 percent of whites and 92 percent of blacks support the idea of independent prosecutors investigating police who kill unarmed people, and that equal numbers of both whites and blacks support a right to record police, as well as requiring police to wear audio and visual recording equipment on the job. The divergence in sentiment captured by West's outfit concerns the extent of the problem and who is most hurt by it.

West is crossing the divide like a culture-war version of Nik Wallenda.

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  1. Wasn’t making American kneel again the plot of Superman II?

    1. I thought it was the mission statement of the Obama administration.

      1. Get it right… the allegation that Obama was a foreign agent were *racist lies* while Trump actually is one.

        1. Nobody can know if the allegations against Obama were lies, racist or otherwise, because the allegations were never investigated. Trump, on the other hand, gets investigated for his choice in toilet paper.

          1. You understand that believing the allegation that Obama’s mother had his birth certificate falsified at birth so that he could one day run for president–but didn’t bother choosing a different middle name from “Hussein,” makes you an insane person, yes? Or would you be able to know, what with being insane?

    2. “Wasn’t making American kneel again the plot of Superman II?”

      Isn’t kneeling the plot of your shifts at the glory hole every day?

  2. It’s a binary choice! If you like Trump, you must worship him and proclaim him flawless in every way, love what he loves and hate what he hates, and the same for BLM. Wearing a MAGA hat and a Kaepernick sweatshirt is as crazy as wearing a Red Sox hat and a Lakers T-shirt. It’s madness!

    1. Madness is simultaneously believing in the basic goodness of human nature, and acknowledging the fact that the USA pubic has elected as Emperor, Der TrumpfenFuhrer! The circle has been squared; all that remains for us to do, is to revoke the law of gravity!

      1. You people are ridiculous with that emperor shit. The guy respects constitutional constraints far more than his predecessors, pushes congress to do their job, and even makes statements like how it isn’t his job to strong arm senators to approve his nominees.

        He isn’t perfect and he isn’t everything I ever wanted, but he’s a damn sight better than anything we’ve had in decades. Maybe some of you folks could at least let him have that.

        1. he’s a damn sight better than anything we’ve had in decades


          except for that part of “proudly ignorant on most policy issues”, right?

        2. oh and let’s not forget that part about “scapegoating penniless foreigners in order to achieve power”, that was totally terrific, amirite?

          1. penniless foreigners
            You mean non-resident aliens actively breaking the law, and the aristocracy that supports their actions because they can dodge paying minimum wage and observing labor regulations for their nannies, gardeners and menials?

    2. I think better analogies would be wearing a Celtics hat & Lakers T-shirt or wearing a Red Sox hat & Yankees T-Shirt!

  3. “Kanye West is no stranger to eliciting surprise and confusion”

    He knows the rules and so do I
    A full commitment to one side or the other is what they’re thinking of
    His choice of clothing causes a whole lot of surprise

    Oh, he can support some player kneeling
    But the hat I just can’t understand

    Never gonna (sound of Eddy being strangled)

    1. Perhaps Kanye is the real Manbearpig.

  4. Living in Seattle, I come across vanishingly few Trump supporters. During the election, I came across two:

    1. In the poor, largely minority neighborhood known as Whitecenter south of Roxbury street, I saw a large Trump sign in a front yard.
    2. A black man who was a friend of one of my co-workers.

    Of course these anecdotes don’t mean anything, but they were interesting to me.

    1. Or it means many people in Seattle are afraid to say what they think.

      1. Being a visible Trump supporter is putting a bullseye on one’s back in ap lace like Seattle, which is so full of conniving, vicious, backstabbing progtard creatures.

        More proof socialism should be criminalized.

        1. Quit whining, bigot.

          1. Advice you would do well to follow yourself, bigot

    2. Also living in Seattle, I think the reason is because only minorities know they can get away with openly supporting him around here. If I didn’t think I’d get stabbed I’d totally rock a MAGA hat just to troll people around here… But I KNOW I would get assaulted, and don’t feel like having to defend myself and deal with all the paperwork from fucking up some ANTIFA loving shit lib.

      But basically other than a couple personal friends I have known for a long time, the only people I know that I met at random and found out liked Trump were brothas too. It’s the terror campaign from the left more than actual lack of support from honkies though IMO.

  5. “West is crossing the divide like a culture-war version of Nik Wallenda.”; Karl Wallenda would be the better comparison. Kanye’s political views are not very coherent on the best of days, and on the worst of days, his mumbling about “simulations” suggests that he’s re-watched The Matrix once too many times, or he’s caught whatever it is that’s going on in Li’l Pump’s brain.

    1. Kanye is probably at least slightly insane. He also seems to be decent at attracting media attention when he wants to; you’ll notice the whole MAGA hat kerfuffle erupted right before a new album was set to drop. It might be that like a lot of people, he doesn’t spend a lot of time thinking about politics, but recognized it as a way to get his name in the paper.

      1. Also, Trump has long been considered a huge gangsta businessman in the rap community. As rich white dudes go, he is greatly respected in those circles, with lots of rap lyrics referencing him favorably.

        1. At least until recently… I think it’s because Trump was always really into bling. Warren Buffett just isn’t as flashy ya know?

    2. Kanye is probably at least slightly insane. He also seems to be decent at attracting media attention when he wants to; you’ll notice the whole MAGA hat kerfuffle erupted right before a new album was set to drop. It might be that like a lot of people, he doesn’t spend a lot of time thinking about politics, but recognized it as a way to get his name in the paper.

      1. OH GOD DAMN IT!

        1. Yeah, you really did not need to post that drivel twice

          1. Search on Kanye and bipolar. Where “has a diagnosed mental problem” ~= “a little bit insane,” I’d agree, but plenty of celebs without that /e/x/c/u/s/e/ explanation make seemingly insane political statements.

  6. This is like a vampire wearing a garlic necklace.

  7. takes guts

  8. Kanye is probably at least slightly insane.

  9. great work. keep it up.

  10. yah this is like vampire.

  11. I don’t know/care much about West, but it’s gratifying to see those percentages about the public perception of police. I figured there were higher numbers who are confirmed cop-suckers who defend the boys in blue no matter what.

    I guess it’s a problem like molester priests: everyone knows about it and agrees it’s atrocious, but no one is willing to call out the institutions (police unions/papal hierarchy) that shields these evildoers from facing the proper consequences.

  12. Regardless of what he’s choosing to wear, I have a hard time believing West is truly interested in promoting anything other than himself.

    1. Im not so sure. Maybe there can be an outreach to the gangsta rap community, who admire Trump, to help straighten out the rest of the entertainment industry. The progtards will have to obey because:

      1. Fears of being called racist

      2. Gangsta rappers are, well….. gangsta. As opposed to some faggy white liberal pussy woke actor.

      1. As a true Libertarian, I have no more regard for the “progtards” than I do for the Repubniks, or their current TV-reality Tsar. Both parties have far outlived their usefulness and need to go the way of the Dodo.

      2. Black folks tend to be the least woke people I ever meet. I love it! Other than the ones that got an African Studies degree, they tend to give no fucks about being PC. Thank god not everybody has turned into super PC fagtards.

  13. I don’t see any particular benefit to civilian review boards generally. These are composed of people who know nothing about police work and have no experience to bring to bear on the issue. The place to resolve these cases is in the courtroom. There, some of the officers have been convicted and some acquitted. I have no reason to believe the acquittals (as in the Freddie Gray case) to be wrong simply because they do not comport with Trayvon Martin mother’s heartfelt sense of “justice”. Justice (if such a thing actually exists) is not getting the result you want but getting a full and fair review of the evidence with a result determined by an impartial finder of fact.

  14. Wearing a MAGA hat with a Kaepernick shirt is EXACTLY the point of the US.

    Both are absolutely valid.

    When Kaepernick started taking a knee and people started protesting it, the problem wasn’t Kaepernick or the people who were against the taking of the knee–the problem was those people who thought the one protest was valid while the second wasn’t.

    The problem, as always, was the left and the media.

  15. Would have loved to see Megan Mulally play Christine Blasey Ford. Alas, that wouldn’t have been funny, because reasons.


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