Brickbat: Move the Truck Yourself


State Trooper
Pimmimemom /

Rick Rickerson, a retired fire department battalion chief, was driving down a rural Georgia road when he saw the driver of the vehicle in front of him lose control of her car. The car hit a culvert and flipped multiple times. Rickerson called the accident in to 911 and raced to the driver's aid. He had to clear her mouth of blood multiple times. While he was tending to her, state trooper Rodney Jeter arrived and told Rickerson to move his truck, which was parked in the road. Rickerson pointed out he was tending to a badly injured woman. As other first responders arrive, Jeter was caught on dashcam video telling sheriff's deputies he had to control himself to keep from arresting Rickerson. And after Rickerson handed the driver off to paramedics and she was loaded into an ambulance, that's just what Jeter did. He hauled Rickerson off to jail in handcuffs on a charge of obstruction of an officer.