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Connecticut state police have charged court interpreter Mahfuz Alhamid with kidnapping after he tried to lure a 12-year old girl out of court. The girl was waiting for her mother, who had a probation hearing, when Alhamid asked her if she would kiss him and go to the parking lot with him.

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  1. Kidnapping? If you want to fuck with pervo, put him on the sex offender list. Oh wait! Sorry. Government employee. Never mind.

  2. It was an error in interpretation. He intended to ask “Have you ever seen a grown man naked?” It is the official invitation to the Peter Graves Fan Club.

  3. OT.
    It’s 2018. How in the HELL can libertarianism still be so misunderstood?


    1. If you put a thousand monkeys on a thousand typewriters, you might eventually get Shakespeare, but you’ll more often get a Jonathan Chait article.

      1. Jonathan Chait is three monkeys, ten minutes.

    2. How in the HELL can libertarianism still be so misunderstood?

      Willful ignorance. And propaganda. My own grandparents are under the impression that Paul Ryan is a libertarian because he read Ayn Rand once, or something. It may have to do with the constant stream for bs from Rachel Maddow, Don Lemon and company at MSDNC and CNN.

    3. The whole point of that is to try and stifle any libertarian support by saddling libertarianismwith the baggage of trump. To someone who only knows they hate trump it’s all they need to also hate libertarians.

  4. Word of girl accuser vs word of Muslim. I see which side Reason automatically chooses.

    1. I won’t generalize about Muslim views towards age of consent, because I don’t have a reliable source of information, but the way different Western writers interpret the same phenomenon is amazing.

      This Psychology Today article says “Man-love Thursdays” are a problem in Muslim communities.

      A Slate article has a different view. I will try to post the link when I return home tonight.

      1. A 12-year old girl? I thought those like ol’ Mahfuz were just as likely to chase 12-year old boys.

      2. Well, I couldn’t find that Slate article. Anyway, if you search the topic, you’ll find a range of opinions. It’s difficult enough to discover the facts in an individual case. That’s why court cases take so long. Piecing together an accurate view of an entire community is even more difficult.

      3. While my parents were in my father’s home country of Pakistan shortly after being married, my mom noticed that many of the men in that country walked around holding hands, including with younger men. Apparently it’s just a thing, and it isn’t always sexual, but it sometimes is.

        So it’s about as clear to Pakistanis as it is to Westerners.

    2. While random Mahfuz is somewhat more likely to be Muslim than random Peter is likely to be Christian… there’s no word of religion in the article.

      1. That’s the problem you have with my comment?

    3. I don’t know why that would surprise you Fist. Reason pretty much always behaves like this regarding child accusers, regardless of the Progressive Stack. Add in the oppressed Muslim, and they have no choice.

  5. He is presumed innocent until proven guilty, but this still might make it difficult for him to run for the Senate. I guess the 12 year old asked a guy in an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet for help, because she had trouble finding a cop in the courthouse who could help her or she did not trust the cops to break the blue wall of silence by investigating a court official.

    1. It’s telling that the criminal is the adult in this story.

  6. Oh come on, it’s only a 14-year difference. People are so touchy about age differences. Sheesh.

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