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College Students Trash Obama Quotes They Thought Were From Trump

Partisan politics is awful.


Pat Benic/UPI/Newscom

Campus Reform visited John Jay College in New York City to solicit students' opinions about President Donald Trump's first State of the Union address. But they actually read the kids quotes from Barack Obama's State of the Union.

As you'd guess, some students jumped at the chance to slam the comments, and Trump, as "warmongering," "aggressive," and "immature." (A caveat: As always with videos in the Jaywalking genre, it's an open question how many responses ended up on the cutting room floor.)

Responding to a quote about the need to go after ISIS, one student flirted with a bit of America Firstism: "He should, like, you know, mind his own business and, like, just focus on America because he's the president of the United States, not the whole world."

It's an attitude toward interventionism that might have been more popular during the Obama years if Obama weren't so popular himself. U.S. foreign policy, particularly when it comes to the War on Terror, didn't change all that much between George W. Bush and Obama. Were Bush's policies unpopular, or was it just him?

It shouldn't surprise us that partisanship can make people's views so malleable. The evidence is all around us—look no further than Republicans' rapid shift in opinion about the FBI in the wake of the Trump investigation.

Watch the video below, and weep:

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  1. Partisan politics is awful.

    And entertaining.

    1. Ignorance is not partisan politics.

      And it strikes me as rather ignorant to characterize it as such.

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  2. "We've substituted Trump's Rhetoric for Obama Pablum crystals, let's see if thesr people can tell the difference!

    1. I always thought it was Hopium?

    2. I remember thinking that commercial was underhanded when I was like 5. Thanks for turning my cynical, Folgers.

      1. Thanks for turning my cynical, Folgers.

        Yeah, it's all Folgers' fault...

        1. It can't be a coincidence that I wake up to Folgers every day and every day I'm contrarian and cynical...

          ...or maybe it's just the Breakfast Blend?

          1. Filthy Mrs. Olsen, damnable pinko Swedes

  3. ...and everyone learned his lesson.

    1. Did you just assume their gender?

      1. Yep. What a shitlord*.

        *Not assuming anything about FoE's gender identity, sexual preference, or race because "woke"

  4. C'mon, Ed. All this shows us that liberals are stupid. If you asked Trump supporters about these quotes, they would correctly identify them as wonderful.

    1. Maybe they didn't feel like traveling to a potluck in flyover country.

      1. You have something against green bean casserole?

        1. Yes. It's fucking rank. My ex is from the great state of Iowa and that was the specialty of gatherings and meals back there. No wonder people are on meth out there.

          1. ya, shame there's no meth anywhere else....

    2. I submit that what it really means is that no one actually watches the SOTU and no one really pays any attention to anything beyond headlines and the (R) or the (D).

      Or, in other words, politics is just another reality show.

      1. unlike reality tv this game show has real consequences.

  5. Let's face it: everyone is assholes.

    1. Ah, you've met my family then.

    2. Most people I know only have one asshole. 🙂

      1. ... until they get married

        1. It is true that all babies are assholes.

          1. Cats. Cats are major assholes.

    3. I knew it, I'm surrounded by assholes.

      1. Who made than man a gunner?

        1. That*

        2. I did sir. He is my cousin.

          1. Keep firing, Assholes!

    4. Hence my misanthropy.

    5. do i have to face it? cant i just acknowledge it and look in a different direction?

  6. At this risk of pissing in someone's Cheerios...these kinds of things are more like throwing red meat to wolves than any kind of revealing statement. If the charade is prefaced by "we want your reaction to these quotes from Trump's state of the union address," you can pretty much guarantee you'll get the kind of reaction you were angling for in the first place, from the population you knew would give you that kind of reaction anyway. The quote could be something like "puppies are cute" and you could expect the response to be "fascist warmonger" if they were led to believe they were listening to a quote from Trump.

    Would be much more interesting to get a more representative sample than students on a NYC college campus, and ask what they thought of "quotes from a president." Like "a" president, not "the" president.

    1. Nah, I like reminding these kids that they're idiots once in a while, it keeps them humble.

      1. And, before anyone jumps on me, it's something we all need from time to time.

        1. This is 100% true.

          The people who most need to have their ears boxed are the ones that are obstinate to a fault, though.

          "I'm right, and everyone else is wrong because I'm me, and they're not."

        2. As long as you are cool with pointing out that we adults are idiots too, often enough. Remember The Great Sage Carlin: "Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that."

          1. Maybe some non-PC comedy is what we need to get people to use their brains. Absent Robin Williams, Phyllis Diller, and Carlin the country has gone to shit.

            1. My God we could sure use some Kinison right now.

              1. "You know what this is? It's sand. You know what it's gonna be in 1000 years? IT'S GONNA BE FUCKING SAND! YOU LIVE IN A FUCKING DESERT! GO WHERE THE FOOD IS!"

                1. GO WHERE THE FOOD IS!

                  He was for open borders before all the cool kids.

            2. I'm not convinced that there is such a thing as PC comedy. The categories are mutually exclusive.

              1. I'm not convinced that there is such a thing as PC comedy.

                Sarah Silverman? Rosie O'Donnell?

                The categories are mutually exclusive.

                Never mind, you're right.

              2. John Cleese would seem to agree with you, at least.

            3. So long as you don't confuse "non-PC" with "shock in place of humor".

              1. And I was sort of joking. I'm usually the one to point out that if some people find something funny, then it is in fact funny, even if I didn't laugh.

            4. "Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet....eating...her curds and whey......"

          2. There are still some good ones that the MeToo Gestapo haven't gotten yet.

            1. And none of them will play college campuses anymore.

      2. Keeps the kids humble? Dude that is the funniest thing I've heard all month.

        1. get out more

      3. it keeps them humble.

        I doubt it'll work. Instead these "kids" will just decide that "this is what happens when people with political views I disagree with are 'given' free speech! DOWN WITH FREE SPEECH! (Except for me and others who think like me)."

      4. What kids?

        Adults go to college.

        The people who were questioned were adults.

        Not kids.

        1. It's no small issue that these people can vote in 2 presidential elections before they pay a penny in taxes.

          1. Thank god they're too busy fucking and regretting it to vote.

          2. What taxes we talking 'bout here?

            Any tax? Then yeah, they pay taxes. On sales tax if nothing else. Income tax? IIRC (it's been a while) student loans and grants get reported on your 1040-A as income and taxed. For that matter, many college students have jobs while students, in addition to having jobs prior to becoming college students (as minors in high school), during summers, etc. and so-on. Capital gains taxes? Well, there's your trust-fund brats. Property taxes? Trust-fund brats again.

            That said? If you want to link paying taxes to representation, I suggest we do it for congress. Go back to the Articles of Confederation on this and let the states tax their citizens and decide, for themselves, how much to send to D.C.. And then house representation is portioned out based on proportion of tax revenues, instead of proportion of population. I think that'd work out great, and it's definitely far more in line with Federalism.?
            ?Note: this suggestion is mostly farcical.

            1. Fair, fair. I am included in many of those groups, which is precisely why I'm so bitter. I had to go to my old middle school (IDK why there in particular) to get a work permit to start working at 15, after my freshman year of high school, and I haven't stopped since. However, I went to an upper-middle class school with touches of old-money in the area, and jobs in high school were very rare. In fact, many of my teachers recommended that I stop working to focus on my studies, and this trend continued into (community!) college. Grants and loans aren't taxed (at least, my federal ones aren't, because that'd be rather silly, and I'm repaying the loans with post-tax money anyway), and you actually get a deduction for the interest ala 1098-E. Scholarships are usually taxed. My buddy with a full ride grumbled about how it cut into his spending cash, and now he's a libertarian.

              I know we all learned in history that the AoC was far too weak and created quarreling states and various currencies and such, but maybe had it been implemented then (and our country survived all of the subsequent turmoil), our federal government would probably be about the correct size. Of course, our constitution is pretty damn clear about the limits of the federal gov't, and judges/politicians have been undermining it since it was ratified, so it probably wouldn't matter. ?\_(?)_/?

            2. I didn't even answer your reply .. basically if the kids have 0 income, they can't pay taxes. Even if they're paying sales tax, it's with money given to them. Now some kids mow lawns, babysit, work at the community pool for cash, but it's a pretty trivial amount, likely totaling under $1000, and sales taxes are pretty ubiquitous, so they might not even know they're paying it. Plus it goes to the state, so it has a much better chance of actually being used to benefit citizens, and I'm generally much less salty about it.

        2. kid1
          plural noun: kids
          a child or young person

          1. Shush, he's being aggressively wrong about something.

        3. Maybe biologically, but certainly not mentally.

    2. Actually, the point is that they were reacting to the name Trump instead of the quote itself. Context is everything, substance is irrelevant. Trump could help an old lady across the street and these people would be raging about it.

      1. Yeah, and Obama could say "Merry Christmas" every holiday season and Republicans will still cheer when Trump says "we're saying Merry Christmas again!" while quietly hiding all the evidence of his properties preferring "happy holidays".

        So yeah. People are partisan, and let that partisanship override their critical thinking and memory skills.

        But it's not unique to any given politician or political tribe. It's just people.

        1. Yeah, and Obama could say "Merry Christmas" every holiday season and Republicans will still cheer when Trump says "we're saying Merry Christmas again!"

          That could have happened, sure enough. It didn't of course. Bu tit could have. Let's focus on a pretend hypothetical rather than something that actually fucking did happen.

          1. Ha! You nailed it. There's nothing that chaps my ass more than people getting off to situations which have not happened. But if HE did it, everyonnnnneee would be fine with it. If you wanna rage hate on real shit (after you've fully read the article...lady doritos haters) then fine.

          2. Didn't happen.

            Thanks for illustrating my point I suppose.

  7. College Students Trash Obama Quotes They Thought Were From Trump. Partisan politics is awful.

    Stupid people are worse than awful.

    1. Stupid babies need the most attention.

    2. That's an own goal, but you're not wrong.

  8. Partisan politics is awful.

    But can you imagine how much worse it would be if Hillary had won?

    1. We would be choking on the smugness. Los Angeles would have to declare Smug Alert Days for when it got so bad that people with allergies should stay indoors.

      1. So what vehicle do we end up driving that ends up emitting the least amount of smug? I'm guessing Toyota Corolla.

        1. In LA 2015 and better diesel Trucks produce cleaner air then they take in, but at great expense I might add

        2. Did you not watch the Superbowl commercials? Toyota was a close second ok smug to Hyundai.

        3. I'd say a Gremlin. No one should feel smug driving one of those.

  9. Trump or Obama quotes:
    "There's not a liberal America and a conservative America - there's the United States of America."

    "Why can't I just eat my waffle?"

    "Understand, our police officers put their lives on the line for us every single day. They've got a tough job to do to maintain public safety and hold accountable those who break the law."

    "That's the good thing about being president, I can do whatever I want."

    1. This is how you do parody.

      1. Do I need to explain the rules again?

    2. Obama quotes. I seem to recall Trump saying similar things to each of those, but 44 gets the credit.

      1. You win. They are all Obama quotes.

      2. They're all pretty much boilerplate.

    3. I'm going to guess Trump since there isn't an 'uhh...' in any of those quotes. I never got why people considered him a great orator, but I'll give Obama the benefit of a doubt and assume all of those "uhh's" were scripted for his public persona (sort of like many of GWB's folksy mispronunciations).

      1. I watched the recent CNN special on Putin, and these people honestly can't see that W was being sarcastic (or at least diplomatically polite) when he said, "I've seen into Putin's soul; he truly loves the Russian people."

        The man was standing right next to Putin, what the hell was he supposed to say? If anything Obama was way too friendly with him and Hillary of all people put her foot down.

        North Korea is really advancing their nuke-u-lerr arsenal.

        1. Yeah, that "reset button" worked so well for Hillary.

    4. " I have a phone and a pen, so Fuck You, That's Why."

  10. Just another example, all politicians are worthless. Anyone who defends any of them is a fool.

  11. Bill Clinton's illegal immigration rhetoric during his 1995 SOTU address is beyond what even Trump has said.

  12. Any person attending college in the 2010-2020 era are likely permanently unemployable. They may be woke but they're asleep at the wheel.

    1. I take offense to this completely true statement.

      I'll reply in further detail later; I have to go to my Title IX hearing, and I don't even know why.


      1. I have to go to my Title IX hearing, and I don't even know why.

        Look in a mirror. Are you:
        a. white
        b. cis-gendered
        c. heterosexual
        d. male
        e. all of the above.

        If you answered e, now you know why.

        1. "Judge not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."
          - Some racist cis white dude, probably

  13. I have to say, I was surprised at the reasonableness of the responses after the true source of the quotations was revealed.

    1. You know they didn't show all the responses.

  14. U.S. foreign policy, particularly when it comes to the War on Terror, didn't change all that much between George W. Bush and Obama. Were Bush's policies unpopular, or was it just him?

    Well this is an offensive lie followed by a stupid question. It wasn't Bush's haircut that made him unpopular, it was his policies.

    Also Obama didn't start any decades-long wars based on lies about WMD. Rather different foreign policies.

    1. Yeah. It's pretty offensive to ignore Obama's closure of Gitmo, and he certainly didn't authorize drone strikes in a bunch of countries that the U.S. allegedly wasn't at war with.

      1. Obama was blocked from closing Gitmo as you should jolly well know. it's not like he wanted to keep it open.

        Trump does though!

        And guess who is bombing the shit out of the Middle East to a degree that would make Obama blush?

        1. Obama was blocked. Hahaha.

          He could have closed it in a day before Congress could react. But you're right, Congress did react after years.

        2. Tony: Are you claiming the POTUS isn't powerful enough to close a military base? The executive branch only enforces laws, correct? Wrong! Without authority (it's in the Constitution what the branches have authority to do) Obomber directed his lawyers to draft a bill giving him (POTUS) the power to arrest, imprison forever without charges, torture, and kill anyone. He then illegally (by the Constitution) lobbied to get the NDAA passed. Thus the govt. has redefined the meaning of "due process" to mean whatever the POTUS orders.

          Once again, we have POTUS doing what Nixon claimed was within His power: break any law by virtue of being POTUS, only this time the POTUS made it law, i.e., conspired with Congress to violate the Constitution, both in spirit and literally.

          The MSM was silent on this. No matter. The public, once informed, would not be outraged. They would "forget" it the next day. And that's how we got The US Empire. All but voluntaryists deserve it.

        3. So, to Tony, the "Middle East" is one country with one leadership that hasn't changed.

          I found the ignorant racist.

    2. Eh. I think you miss the real important part: the president that starts a war/policy/whatever is far more likely to get the credit/blame then a president that merely maintains course.

      That said, while Obama did (broadly) maintain Bush's strategy, an important difference is he pulled back on the on-the-ground operations and leaned more heavily on drone and missile strikes. So while we were still "fighting", we were seeing fewer body bags coming home. And that is something people remember.

      But just as there's a ton of things that Obama did that were unpopular with conservatives/Republicans at the time, Trump isn't getting flak for continuing them. He might get kudos if he stops/repeals/whatever, but unless it was something he featured prominently (repeal ACA, for example) he's probably not going to be dinged for continuing Obama's policies.

      1. Yes, he totally cut down on ops in afghanistan. You know, the good war.

        1. Still fewer body bags then Bush. And if you recall, at the same time of the Afghanistan surge was the wind-down of Iraq.

          Either way though, you kinda skipped over my point: presidents get more credit/blame for starting/ending something then just maintaining the status quo, whatever the "status quo" might be.

          1. Speaking of body bags, remember how when Bush was in office they were counting them each and every day and then Obama became President and no more soldiers were dying at all?

            I remember. Vividly.

            1. Well, you can't argue against a person's memory. Most you can do is say "no, really, the counts did go down."

              1. Since I was deployed during 2008, I can assure you the press paid zero attention to A-stan because of the lack of blood. It was the "forgotten war." Except, of course, to the thousands of us on the ground.

              2. Most you can do is say "no, really, the counts did go down."

                You certainly can. It's a ridiculous lie but when you're a retarded fucking faggot you don't care too much about the actual facts.

                1. Seeing as I never claimed that nobody died, I'm not sure where you're seeing a lie.

                  Heck, your own article reinforced my point:

                  [Obama] has drawn down the number of soldiers on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan, from 200,000 under Bush to fewer than 14,000. Doing that, though, has meant an increased reliance on technology like drones.

          2. Still fewer body bags then Bush.

            Wrong again you retarded fucking faggot.

            1. Do you know what a strawman is? It's when you purposefully misrepresent someone's statement or point into something that can be more easily torn down.

              For example, when I say "So while we were still "fighting", we were seeing fewer body bags coming home." and you counter with statistics specific to one of the conflicts that we were engaged in under Bush and Obama, you're intentionally misrepresenting my statement about our armed forces activities as a whole to be about just Afghanistan.

              That's not me lying. That's just you.

    3. Fun fact: Bush didn't start a war, and not over WMDs. That's just what the "right wing media" told you.

      A smart man would ask why they told you that.

    4. Also Obama didn't start any decades-long wars based on lies about WMD.

      If you don't count Egypt, Syria and Libya which are all still in turmoil and civil war. At least he didn't lie about WMDs though. Assad was using mustard gas. We had to do it!

    5. We've only had one decade pass; none of the wars could be decades-long. Even if they were, it's not as if it was Bush prolonging them after he left office. That was Obama.

      Foreign policy didn't change much; it's no lie. Obama was just as giddy about cultivating democracy under our boot as Bush.

      By the way, going into Iraq was inevitable. It was already standing policy from the Clinton administration that if Saddam got uppity again we'd topple the regime. Gore was privy to that, if you remember his job previous to running for president.

  15. "He should, like, you know, mind his own business and, like, just focus on America because he's the president of the United States, not the whole world."

    Wow, I haven't head that sentiment since like the 80s. Early 80s. And it was worded almost identically.

  16. College Students Trash Obama Quotes They Thought Were From Trump

    HAA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAA!!!!1!!!!!!1111!!!!!!!

    Hoisted by their own retards.

  17. This sort of thing can be amusing, but it doesn't really show anything. And if you think that liberals are somehow unique here, then you're either self-deluded or haven't been paying attention.

    1. Periiodically they try this in reverse. It isn't pretty.

      It's hard to live in a right wing bubble. You have to really try. If you don't, you get inundated with leftist crap endlessly.

      People on the right, who get asked similar questions do much better than people on the left.

      That's why the leftist version of these articles tends to be about people on the right having the wrong opinions rather than wrong facts.

      1. It's hard to live in a right wing bubble.

        It's not that hard in the internet age. I'm not going to say there is an exact equivalence, but there are plenty of right wingers out there with heads full of questionable "facts".

        1. Honestly it's still pretty hard to live in a right wing bubble.

          You can do it, but you would have to read essentially just one news source, maybe two, and not watch any television, movies, or video of any sort whatsoever. Books are right out as well unless you stick to reading only books from 'conservative' types like Levin.

          It's just a fact that media is overwhelmingly leftist, so not being exposed to their messaging is an effort of willpower whereas being exposed to leftist dogma is essentially the default.

          1. (1) Most people don't read news.
            (2) Most people don't read non-fiction.
            (3) Most people don't read.

            Most folks get their news from watching news shows (which they'll watch one or two) or radio snippets (and even in the heart of LA you can find a conservative country station).

            Movies and television might have a "leftist", but most are fiction and even if they're giving out a viewpoint you don't like, they're not telling you facts about current politics or world events.

            So no. It's plenty easy. You just have to like what you like and not seek out things you know you won't like.

            1. ...I think you seriously overestimate where most people get their information and opinions from. The fact that you ignore all popular media across the spectrum is almost as telling as you attempting to label Alex Jones as a 'right wing' guy instead of a 'human loony toon'.

              How many 'leftist' types get their actual news from a comedy show, again? Certainly more than zero, and certainly a whole lot more than those who 'believe' Alex Jones.

              1. Most liberal people get their news from memes, political cartoons, or Chrissy Teigen / Mark Ruffalo tweets....wait let's not forget, George Teikei. Most conservatives share some Tomi Lauren clip of how she schools a feminist or they share emotional, military based memes.

                Or they share 'clap back' tweets from fake twitter accounts.

                News has become a chum bucket...people just want to be fed scraps of whatever it is they want to tell themselves so that they can get by every day.

      2. It's hard to live in a right wing bubble. You have to really try. If you don't, you get inundated with leftist crap endlessly.
        Not that hard. Watch Fox News, listen to Alex Jones or Glenn Beck before him, read Brietbart on the internet, and follow Trump's twitter feed to hear how everything else is "fake news" and part of the "deep state liberal conspiracy".

        At that point the only thing that can pop your bubble is the actual people around you. But if you're in a conservative area (and again, that's half the country by population, way more then half by land) then they're not likely to pop your bubble either. And besides, you can always dismiss them as being brainwashed by the liberal media if you don't like what they're saying.

        Pretty easy. And you can do that regardless of where you are.

        If you're in a conservative area (and we have whole states that are conservative) then it's even easier because you won't have to dismiss as many people as being brainwashed by the liberal media.

        1. At that point the only thing that can pop your bubble is the actual people around you.

          False. The Narrative (capitalized on purpose) extends so much further than 'news' websites.

          Remember when the First Lady of the United States was in a sitcom and the characters fell over themselves trying to kiss her feet? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

          1. Well, you cain't git thayuh from heyah ...

          2. Well, you cain't git thayuh from heyah ...

          3. Well, you cain't git thayuh from heyah ...

          4. Well, you cain't git thayuh from heyah ...

          5. I half agree with you and half with EE on this, BringYourOwnDavidBowie.

            The left Narrative extends into essentially any and all media. On SNL they played a blurb with a heartfelt goodbye for Obama in it, and I was waiting for the joke that never came. Many primetime shows have left leans, P&R (tempered a bit by Ron Swanson, but he's meant to parody libertarians), Modern Family, HIMYM, 30 Rock, et al. (all of which I love). Fox News is the only 24 hour news network that I can think of that has a right lean, and CNN used to be semi-balanced (for news, other than commentary, for which I don't care about lean), but has slowly been working toward the left through Obama's tenure and especially during the '16 election. Reddit, a simple link aggregator, has become an absolute hive-mind of anti-capitalist, pro-socialist, and left-leaning articles and comments.

            That said, many conservatives I know just completely ignore these sources. The only news channel they watch is Fox, the only radio stations they listen to are country and Rush/Beck on AM, and they watch unpoliticized shows like Gold Rush, Big Bang Theory, or NCIS (none of which I like). They look at a wide variety of news sites through the filter of Drudge and his sensationalist headlines, or maybe browse InfoWars or Breitbart.

            1. N.B. I seriously cannot convince anyone that Beck used to be libertarian-leaning on Fox. He got the boot for being too liberal. I think he started using drugs/booze and/or developed schizophrenia (not a dig, maybe really) and then went off the deep end. Am I crazy or did Beck used to be more moderate .. like mid-2000s?

              Bubbles are everywhere in our world, and our natural inclination is to dive into them where it's comfortable. I'm doing that at this exact moment, because I get a little nauseous and disillusioned reading comments on pretty much any other website on the internet. I have to force myself to wade through Drudge, Reddit, and CNN regularly, because Reason is a magazine (ergo, mostly commentary) and not very good for news. I've been recently reading American Thinker, which has interesting articles that really don't harp on the social conservatism too much, but the comments are a circle-jerk; Cafe Hayek, where Prof. Bordreaux has become militantly capitalist in response to this current wave of popular socialism; I also really like the Volokh Conspiracy, although it's rather dense at times. The comments are especially enjoyable because people on both the left and right make very compelling arguments (usually, immigration is a sore spot like it is everywhere).

              1. I recall that, too, though I barely pay attentio to him.

              2. Glenn Beck actually started his TV career on CNN if that tells you anything about how both Beck and CNN have changed in the last 10 years.

                Also he was fired because of an advertiser boycott.

            2. Odd. Every conservative I know realizes Infowars is shit, and most only regard Breitbart as secondary and in need of double checking. What was that about bubbles?

          6. Remember when the First Lady of the United States was in a sitcom [...]
            Nope. Haven't had cable since 2004.

            Which kind of goes back to my point: it's trivially easy to control your own media consumption. I don't want to see Mel Gibson give a weird spin on the crucifiction, so I didn't watch Passion of the Christ. You probably don't want to see gay dudes making out, so you probably won't watch Call Me By My Name. The only novels or non-fiction that I don't chose to read, but still read these days? Are technical documents and manuals for work.

            So sure. You might see an advertisement for something you're not interested in. You might hear snippets of songs while wandering through department stores. You might have to suffer through the "wrong" news being on a big-screen TV while waiting in line at the DMV. But if you're an adult, you have full control over what stuff you actually spend your time and money on, and you can 100% turn that into a bubble if you so desire.

            Heck, you can do it on accident. Just stop watching things you don't like.

        2. Sorry, are you saying CNN isn't fake news and it's actually important how many scoops of ice cream Trump has?

          1. I'm saying it's easy to make and stay in a bubble, regardless of what kind of bubble it is. If you want to have a wank party over calling CNN "fake news", I suggest you go back to your bubble.

  18. The evidence is all around us?look no further than Republicans' rapid shift in opinion about the FBI in the wake of the Trump investigation.

    Yes, that's the only possible explanation.

  19. Like Abraham Lincoln said, "be sure to check the source of any alleged quote, the person might not have actually said it."

    1. The full quote is "It's tough to determine the veracity of statements on the internet. That's how WWI started." --Abraham Lincoln. 1873.

      1. That is a 'full spin' version of the actual statement, which was "Shut up and deal".

  20. Principals, not principles.

  21. Republicans' rapid shift in opinion

    the insistence that somehow the GOP has done some completely-inexplicable about-face on their normal 'law n orderness' by being outraged at the FBI is one of the stupidest things in the Reason rhetorical toolkit

    (*next to the over-use of the term 'snowflake')

    GOP anger at both FBI and CIA isn't new, and its entirely the product of partisan weaponization of agencies by democrats. It was true w/ the IRS scandal, and it was true w/ Benghazi vis State. The politicization of agencies is neither new, nor is the reaction surprising.

    by contrast: The Democrats sudden flip on "Russia", and 'external foreign threats'? THAT is a bizarre complete 180

    only 3 years earlier, both the media and the DNC (but i repeat myself) were having a field day mocking Mitt Romney for daring to suggest Russia wasn't a friend or ally. And it wasn't like a passing thing either. Rapprochement with Russia was one of the key themes of Hillary's 2009-2012 state department efforts.

    and its hard to blame russians for forcing a change of opinion; as even Sheldon pointed out - conflict w/ US policy in places like Ukraine or Syria only existed because the US insisted on sticking our noses into places they had preexisting interests

    1. Indeed, the DNC and Hillary's absolute 180 on Russia was one of the things I found to be the most bizarre things about this past election. It's also one reason why I continue to think there's more going on there than we currently know.

      1. It's actually understandable. They weren't overly concerned about Russia during Bush because they were more concerned about the Middle East and global warming. Then the recession happened and Russia was worse off (and less threatening) than other developed nations. They started to become upset with Russia over Libya and Syria, as they were just cheerleaders for Obama.

        Now we have a Republican president less vociferous about Russia than normal who also has Russia connections within his circle. It only makes sense for the Democrats to push the Russia issue.

        1. The cheerleaders being the Democrat party, since I didn't make that clear.

  22. Being retarded isn't a sin. Neither is being proud. But being proudly retarded's just a shame.


  24. I would have liked to see a like-dislike quiz on 100 liberals, 100 conservatives, 100 independents and 100 voluntaryists. After telling them the author, the quiz given again.

  25. "Automatic weapons" are what she's worried about?

    1. For all three of the murders that have been committed with legally-obtained full auto weapons.

      The only time I can think where an illegal-modified one was used was in the Los Angeles bank shootout where the cops really were underequipped. I don't think that'll ever happen again now that they have APCs and such...

      The Las Vegas shooter may have had an illegal one in his hotel, but it's common to see people confidently claiming that he used a "machine gun."

      I'd say your chances of getting killed by an automatic weapon are about as likely as getting struck by lightning 5 times.

      1. - - while walking the winning lottery ticket to the claims office - - -

  26. You could do the same thing with the entire Reason staff and the results would be identical.

    1. I would expect Reason staff to respond negatively whether they knew the speech was Obama's or not. He isn't a popular figure along libertarians.

  27. Scariest thing is someday one of these snowflakes is gonna be President

  28. What always amazes me is all the effort put into hating trump for the wrong reasons. Plenty of reasons to despise him but rarely teh soundbite moments people latch on to. Likewise people spend too much effort into liking Obama for who they want to believe it is rather than who he actually was as president.

  29. Partisan politics is wonderful. !!

    It brings me laffs !!!

    So full of joy !!!

    Boosh wars is bad

    Obama wars they're groovy

    Boosh Patriot Act is BAD

    Obama Patriot Act is like Far Out

  30. You'd think libertarians would love gridlocked government. I know I do.

  31. Really dumb people talk about what they are told other people said, never ideas or events.

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  33. They're simply doing what they've been programmed to do.

  34. This would have way more impact if it seemed like these people were even a little bit intelligent.

  35. It's like the left cheering HItler quotes when they don't know its from Hitler. Most of his policies were quite progressive

  36. those young people should be embarrassed at their obvious misguided and blinded outlook on everything. They truly showed how ignorant of issues and policies and ideologies they are....very sad. And notice how not one seemed very surprised at themselves or sorry about the wrong assumptions they clearly made. I would bet every last one of them will go right back to hating Trump and assuming the worst without ever doing their own research or making an effort to change going forward. That is the real tragedy.

  37. "The evidence is all around us?look no further than Republicans' rapid shift in opinion about the FBI in the wake of the Trump investigation."

    What shift? Republicans have been claiming that the FBI is in the tank for Democrats all along.

  38. The same thing happened when the MSM went wild with the photos of the children locked in cages. Then they discovered that those photos were taken during the Obama era.
    I don't remember a single news channel ever apologise to Trump.
    Over a year later these caged children still get mentioned occasionally and referenced to Trump in the hope the American people have forgotten it was Obama who had kids put in cages.
    I distinctly remember how quickly the news story was dropped by the MSM after the discovery too.
    It's hard to determine if the MSM are the propaganda arm of the Democrat party or if the Democrat party are the political wing of the MSM

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