James Clapper

Prosecute Former Spymaster James Clapper for Lying to Congress Now. Time is Running Out.

The former Director of National Intelligence lied under oath about warrantless NSA spying on American citizens.



James Clapper, then the Director of National Intelligence, flat out lied to Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) at Senate hearing on March 12, 2013 when he was asked whether the National Security Agency collects "any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans." Clapper replied, "No sir. Not wittingly."

The fact that Clapper had wittingly lied to Congress was made clear just three months later by whistleblower and patriot Edward Snowden's revelations of the vast extent of the NSA's warrantless electronic spying on Americans.

Clapper should have been prosecuted for lying long ago. The statute of limitations on perjury will run out this coming March, so time is of the essence. The Washington Examiner cites numerous lawmakers urgently calling for the prosecution of Clapper including Representatives Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), Louie Gohmert (R-Tex.), James Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.), and Ted Poe (R-Tex.) who argues, "The time for the Department of Justice and the FBI to bring the accusations against James Clapper in front of a grand jury is long overdue. He and others who have held administrative power must be held accountable to the same laws that govern the people of the United States."

Evan Greer from the privacy activist group Fight for the Future tells the Examiner:

"James Clapper lied to Congress, and to the American people, about U.S. government surveillance programs that allow agencies like the NSA and FBI to constantly monitor all of us without due process or any suspicion of wrongdoing. Allowing the government to turn our computers and phones into spies that we take with us everywhere we go is detrimental to human rights and has a chilling effect on freedom of expression, but the worst part is that there is zero evidence that these programs have ever stopped a single violent attack."

"What makes these mass government surveillance programs so dangerous is that they're allowed to operate without any meaningful accountability or oversight," Greer added. "The fact that James Clapper is free to go about his life while Edward Snowden is still exiled is a travesty of justice."

Yes, it is.

Of course, when Clapper is found guility at trial (as he surely would be), the former spy chief should be sentenced to prison for five years for his perjury.

Watch below to see Clapper baldface lie to Congress:

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  1. “the worst part is that there is zero evidence that these programs have ever stopped a single violent attack.”

    They have, however, saved or created many jobs.

  2. He and others who have held administrative power must be held accountable to the same laws that govern the people of the United States.

    How quaint.

    1. Rules are for the ruled, not their rulers

  3. Lying to Congress harms no one. Carrying out warrantless wiretaps and other snooping skulduggery violates peoples’ rights. Prosecute Tapper for that instead.

    1. Except the lying concealed the underlying crime.

      It is all moot in any case, Trump would pardon him before you could say ‘Arpaio.’

      1. “Jim Clapper, where’s Jim, there he is, an outstanding civil servant, or so I’ve been told, since no one know what the hell he actually does, am I right?”

      2. It is all moot in any case, Trump would pardon him before you could say ‘Arpaio.’

        Got any supporting evidence? Everything I know/recall suggests that Trump would just as likely push him in front of the bus personally for the repeated comments about Putin having bought the presidency.

        I mean, it’s Trump so we’re reading tea leaves, but I could easily imagine Clapper as having already gotten on his bad side.

        1. Clapper is Deep State/NeverTrump/#Resistance to the core. Trump would never pardon him unless someone was holding a gun to his head

          1. You don’t know how anything works, do you?

            1. Aside from cloacae, no he doesn’t.

        2. Copsuckers love Clapper and think what he was doing was right and that respecting civil liberties is a weak thing to do.

          The Arpaio pardon shows that Trump doesn’t give a shit about civil liberties and is happy to pander to the copsuckers.

          1. Trump pardoned Arpaio because he was an early and strong Trump-supporter. Arpaio wasn’t pardoned for the crime of violating anyone’s civil liberties He was only pardoned for what he was convicted of, misdemeanor contempt of court.

          2. I’m not sure what your definition of evidence is, but a simple “No.” would’ve sufficed.

      3. Right, so again, prosecute him for the crime, not the coverup. Lying to Congress is every American’s solemn duty.

        1. Lying to Congress is every American’s solemn duty.

          Not if they’re wielding government power. Private individuals? Sure. Government bureaucrats? No way.

        2. Have I mentioned that I like you, Hugh?

    2. What are the penalties for violating the Constitution?

      1. Apparently less than those for violating young girls.

        1. Allegedly violating young girls!

          1. …violating allegedly young girls.

      2. No penalty for violating the Constitution but there should be.

    3. Prosecute Tapper for that instead.

      What did Jake Tapper ever do to you?

  4. Clapper the Fibber Flapper.

  5. Clapper needs to go to the slammer.

  6. Clappers needs his lights off.

  7. Wouldn’t you love to see Kim Jung Un vs. Clapper in the octagon? My money is on the short, fat boy. He would utterly destroy Clapper.

    After that, I would love to see Kim Jung Un take on the Neo-Cohen’s Neo-Cohen, John Bolton.

  8. Prosecute for everything with extreme prejudice. Including all of his unconstitutional acts.

    We really need a Censor or BuSab, which exists solely to rein these asses in.

    1. I am for bringing back stocks for politicians and bureaucrats to be publicly secured in the open public for 30 days or so after being convicted of violating their oath of office and/or violating the Constitution.

      Allows the Public to throw garbage at the traitors while they have their heads and arms locked in the stocks.

      1. Hold them to HIGHER standards, not lower. This has gotten completely ridiculous. Let no officeholder off the hook.

  9. While there are other differences, James Clapper best singularly personifies the distinction between what Snowden did and what Manning did.

  10. Funny how no Democrats are calling for Clapper to be prosecuted.

    1. Same reason that they are not calling for Hillary to be prosecuted.

      Their crimes are a means to an end. That end is our subjugation.

      1. Or up here with Trudeau and Morneau.

        Flat out conflicts of interests and breaking of laws.

        Yet, crickets from the progressive left.

        It’s crazy.

        Meanwhile, a citizen can commit the same exact things and off they potentially go to prison.

  11. He’s one of the kings men. Nothing will happen.

  12. Do you really think they’ll go after him when he almost certainly has dirt on every politician in Washington? I mean, do you think they weren’t collecting communications involving Congress and the Senate when we know they collected information on a nominee for President of the United States?

    Don’t hold your breath, there’s a reason why this Deep State operative walked away from perjury laughing.

    1. Anybody remember J Edgar Hoover? He was the director of the FBI for just this side of forever. Both parties wanted him out, but he had dirt on everybody, so he stayed. When the law and the constitution go up against politics, politics wins every time. Count on it.

    2. Now, I know that “Deep State” must be a porn term, but I can’t figure out for sure what sexual act it’s referring to.

  13. Indict Him!
    If he has any honor left in that black-hole called his soul, he’ll eat his gun.
    In either case, a conviction or his death, justice will be served.

  14. Clapper believes he has immunity for lying. He was an important government official, with a license to lie. He is probably correct. How else can government conduct its business?

    1. Right up there with license to kill.

  15. I’d trade off Clapper’s 5 years for a complete exoneration of Edward Snowden.

  16. I didn’t see a Wood Chipper mentioned once
    You guys are getting soft

  17. A powerful member of the “Deep State” will never, ever be prosecuted. Suppose you’re an honest congressman who never cheated on his wife or accepted a bribe. You are sent a photo of you and a hooker. You know it’s a fake but they also have a recording that sounds exactly like you offering state secrets for sex. You really want to try to deal with that? You want to “take your case to the people”? Your career and possibly your marriage are over. You know that you must either quit Congress or roll over.

    Since the surveillance program never stopped a single terrorist attack why do think it’s still there? It was never intended to spy on anyone except political opponents of the entrenched bureaucracies. It’s the Deep State’s weapon against its enemies and is why the Deep State exists and thrives.

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