Drug War

GOP State Rep. Steve Alford of Kansas Says Marijuana Was Outlawed Because 'the African Americans…Responded the Worst…Just Because of their Character Makeup, Their Genetics'


Interestingly appalling views on the racist roots of pot prohibition, from Kansas state GOP Rep. Steve Alford (R–District 124).

The video below originally posted by a local paper, the Garden City Telegram. The comments were made Saturday during a Legislative Coffee session at St. Catherine Hospital.

After saying the smell of pot in the air "takes away his freedom," Alford speculates on, you know, the real reasons we outlawed pot.

Here's the lesson in pharmacology and history Rep. Alford presented to some of his constituents: "Any way you say it, marijuana is an entry drug into the higher drugs," Alford said. "What you really need to do is go back in the '30s, when they outlawed all types of drugs…What was the reason why they did that?"

Gee, Rep. Alford, I guess we just don't know!

"One of the reasons why, I hate to say it, was that the African Americans, they were basically users and they basically responded the worst off to those drugs just because of their character makeup, their genetics and that. And so basically what we're trying to do is we're trying to do a complete reverse with people not remembering what has happened in the past."

I don't necessarily believe he hated to say it, but perhaps Alford will grow to have hated he said it.

Here's the video:

Some more nuanced background from Jacob Sullum at Reason on the racist roots and practice of drug prohibition.

According to the Garden City Telegram, no one in the room when Alford said this was African-American.

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  1. I’m sure he didn’t mean that the way it sounded, he just meant that the coloreds are different than normal people.

    1. The pot smokers are near!

      1. And the drug war is ***NOT*** racist!

        1. Everyone knows that the Assassin of Youth makes darkies invulnerable to bullets. I just wish that it worked that way for honkies, too.

          1. It is also known for making white women listen to jazz and have sex with negroes.

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  2. Sure, get all high and mighty now, but we’ll see what you have to say when negroes start stepping on white men’s shadows again!

    1. Black on black violence is never not a tragedy.

  3. According to the Garden City Telegram, no one in the room when Alford said this was African-American.

    I am guessing if there were, he would have gotten his ass kicked.

    1. But kicked in a distinctly different way from a white ass kicking.

    2. Where are the Black Panthers when you need them?

  4. And some people say Jeff Sessions has no allies. Sheesh!

  5. I had no idea Kansas was a southern state.

    1. They’re not real big on the whole *evolution* thing either.

    2. Ever heard of Brown v Board of Education? The Board of Education in question was the Topeka, Kansas Board of Education.

      And that’s leaving aside the matter of the Kansas-Nebraska Act, Bleeding Kansas, John Brown, etc. all seeing Kansas’ role in the lead-up to the Civil War.

      1. Or the Kansas Evolution Hearings of 2005 . . . this is not ancient history folks.

        1. LOL South, amiright everyone?

          1. There is a spectrum of beliefs, from harmless beliefs like believing in the tooth fairy and santa clause, to mostly harmless beliefs like creationism and flat earthers who harm only themselves and their children, to truly dangerous beliefs that harm fast swaths of the populace, such as believing GMOs are harmful or that raising the minimum wage will spur employment growth.

            1. Indeed. My point was slightly different, more about how everyone reacted to a initial throwaway joke “I didn’t know Kansas was in the South” with an extended reply of “Are you kidding? Look at all the ways they are racist and ignorant.”

              1. The Theory of Evolution is ‘settled science’?

                1. Nope.

                  But it’s the best we have so far. By a long shot.

            2. “…santa clause…”

              Curse you, Tim Allen. You taught everyone to misspell Santa Claus.

    3. A majority of what kind of people elected this guy to represent them?

      1. Insurance salesmen.

      2. Guys whose wives smoked a reefer, listened to some jazz, and fucked a young buck..

        1. I forgot about the dancing part.

    4. OH you so LOL. I’ve yet to visit one of these united states that didn’t have plenty of racists to go around. Multi-cultural cities are the worst. Ancient vengeances travel well, or didn’t you know that?

    5. Note to self: start using /sarc at end of posts

      1. Do you think that anyone here takes others seriously?

        1. Other than Tony.

    6. So is Nevada. Let them tell you what else they know about the negro.

    7. Well, technically, Kansas IS part of the South, just below that Mason-Dixon line. (Though it WAS admitted as a “free state”.)

  6. According to the Garden City Telegram, no one in the room when Alford said this was African-American.

    Thank God for that. I hate to say it, but the African Americans, they might have responded the worst.

    1. I’m curious, how do you think “they” might have responded?

      1. A vicious head shaking, and then lots of mean words afterwards.

        1. Fire up a blunt and chill yo. Fuck that cracker.

      2. You’re kidding, right? This was a direct quote from Alford I was using. Jesus fucking Christ.

        1. If you’re going to comment here with any kind of frequency, you’d best learn to stop worrying whether people will get the joke, and instead embrace their inevitable confusion as a sort of victory unto itself.

          Also, I’m actually not 100% sure that JHnRP wasn’t going along with the joke.

          1. +1 doobie

  7. I mean, he’s not wrong about the stated justification for it (though let’s not forget the crazed Mexicans raping white women either), he just bought it hook, line, and sinker rather than seeing it for the crazy, racist propaganda it was, because he’s a racist idiot. When I first glanced at the headline and just saw some of the main words, in that moment before reading it through fully, I actually thought it was going to be a pleasant surprise about a GOP rep coming around to legalization and admitting that marijuana prohibition was originally based in large part on stupid racist propaganda, rather than a politician today actually unironically regurgitating said propaganda to justify marijuana prohibition. Somehow I remain overly optimistic about politicians as much as I thought that wasn’t possible.

    1. Yeah. I was suckered in by that.

  8. To be honest, card tricks was my entry into The Black Arts. Well, that and SATAN!x666

  9. Leave the racial infantilizing to the professionals, Steve.

    1. He’s basically the backwoods-reared half of the twin experiment that created Mike Bloomberg.

      1. Do you mean the one that cornered the market in crawdads?

  10. It may be innerestin’ to see if/how the Kansas voters respond . . .

    1. I looked it up and the town he’s from is literally 0.7% black. I wonder how many black people this guy has actually met in his life.

      1. The guy is a victim of the system. He’s been told this drug propaganda all his life. He has no reason not to believe. I’m thinking that believing in incredible stupid shit is right up this man’s alley.

        1. He’s also a victim of a pea sized brain.

          1. It must have been all that marijuana secondhand he was talking about!

  11. Those potheads should have instead turned into raging alcoholics and beat their wives, like real Muricans.

  12. Someone should have ask him if we ship all Kansas coloreds back to Africa then could we go back to drugs being legal again. That looked like a board meeting from the 1950’s. Die already, you old ignorant bastards.

    1. I read an article I got from a friend ~30 yrs. ago that there was no narcotics problem in the 19th C. because white men, women, & children could handle & use them perfectly well w/o ever thinking of “abusing” them, & that it was only when they got into black hands later on that they became a problem. The author thought that, yes, we could have drugs legal again, & that legalizing them would be of great benefit, if we could just get rid of the blacks. IOW, the WoD was a bad thing, & the blacks were the cause of it.

    2. Sooner than already.

  13. This is a lot like cops who do crazy stupid thing knowing that the cameras are rolling. They’re so comfortable in their dumbass skins that they don’t see the danger. Fortunately for them, politicians and cops are special.

    1. I don’t necessarily believe he hated to say it, but perhaps Alford will grow to have hated he said it.

      Only if enough “outside agitators” make enough agitation that he notices. I doubt it would affect his re-election chances.

    2. Steroids and Jack Daniels ain’t dope.

  14. This guy’s clearly on weed.

  15. The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 was introduced by Democrat Rep. Robert L. Doughton of North Carolina. It was declared unconstitutional by the SCOTUS in Leary v. US (1969) but was replaced by the more restrictive Controlled Substances Act of 1970.

    Democrats are still against letting the black man smoke weed if he wants.

    1. Look, if the black man is too stupid to get ID, you think he’s smart enough to smoke weed?

      1. Good video. Funny that Harlem black residents know more than rich white kids attending Berkeley think they do.

        Must be a trick video.

        1. +1 life experience college credit

      2. This is one the rare way I have to say, I am genuinely proud of my state. You enter NY, it’s like a twilight zone where voting policy is not politicized. No voter ID law, nice long poll hours and plentiful polling places, but also none of the “conveniences” that are now the norm around the country and in my mind present a much more important threat to either an informed electorate or the secret ballot or both. No early voting, no mail-in voting, very strict absentee criteria (loose ones are the equivalent of mail-in), no automatic registration, etc. Just a good old-fashioned, very traditional election day system. And, rather miraculously, there doesn’t seem to be any demagoguic push to change it one way or another from any part of the political establishment; they seem quite happy with it and as a result election-standard politics are just completely absent from our political discourse…

        1. …There’s a conservative viral video somewhere of black New Yorkers being stopped on the street and asked if they thought it was unreasonable to expect people to show ID at the polls, and they were surprised at the suggestion. That rings true. I bet if you likewise went to Howard Beach no one would say they saw a particular need for it either. Nobody has been told they are supposed to think this way or that on the issue here. These little local quirks and anomalies of American political culture are kind of cool–and especially so when it’s good news, and especially so when it’s a rare good news in my state!

      3. That one person really did say black people are too stupid to understand how the internet works. That’s horrible.

        1. A bunch of tubes, some computers, pornography everywhere…what’s to understand?

        2. Most people are “too stupid” to understand how the internet works. Even folks that write software that works across it don’t really understand it, we just grok enough to make shit work and know who to pester when it doesn’t and we have to debug it.

          Folks that really understand it are few and far between.

          So really, the error was in restricting the comment to black people when it should have been generalized to all demographics with a note that exceptions appear in all demographics but they’re extreme outliers.

    2. ‘Conservative Southerners’ would be as accurate and more relevant.

  16. Alford will grow to have hated he said it.

    Dude’s in Kansas – there’s like . . . 6 non-whites in the whole state.

    1. What? Kansas City has six non-whites? I’ve heard a lot of stereotypes of Kansas but “no blacks” is a new one to me.

      1. Just to confirm, it is a little under 27% of Kansas City, Kansas is black.

      2. Funny, “No Blacks” was once on the doors of businesses everywhere in Kansas. The older stores still use “colored folk”, just like the newspapers, which had a “News for Colored Folk” section.

    2. Hrm…
      (2016 USA population estimates from Census.gov)
      USA total population: 323,127,513
      White alone: 248,485,057 (76.9%)
      Black or African American alone: 42,975,959 (13.3%)
      Two or More Races: 8,401,315 (2.6%)

      (2016 Kansas population estimates from Census.gov)
      Kansas total population: 2,907,289
      White alone: 2,517,712 (86.6%)
      Black or African American alone: 180,252 (6.2%)
      Two or more races: 84,311 (2.9%)

      (2010 Wichita, Kansas population estimates from Wikipedia.org)
      Wichita, Kansas total population: 382,368
      White: 274,923 (71.9%)
      African American 43,972 (11.5%)

      (2010 Kansas City, Kansas population estimates from Wikipedia.org)
      Kansas City, Kansas total population: 145,786
      White: 76,100 (52.2%)
      Black or African American: 39,071 (27.8%)

      So while “6 non-whites in the whole state” is an over-exaggeration, the state is disproportionately white compared to the United States as a whole, with a disproportionately small black population share (about half of overall). In the two cities I checked (Wichita, the largest city in the state, and Kansas City, since it was name-checked by DiegoF) I found the states to be slightly less white and significantly less white then average (respectively) and black populations that were about average and significantly higher then average (respectively). Theory: the relatively small black population in the state is disproportionately packed into the cities.

  17. Kansas state GOP Rep. Steve Alford (R?District 124)

    Also, what the fuck kind of municipality name is “District 124”? What is Kansas, some sort of science fiction dystopia?

    1. (Presumably a creation science fiction dystopia. Oh! Oh!)

      1. Is that a Kinison reference?

    2. Pot makes blacks hunger for cat food and tires?

  18. The racism is strong in this one.

  19. Looking at the video, I’m glad the surrounding people didn’t respond with immediate vocal shock and outrage, as people are in the habit of doing nowadays–let alone decide that he must be silenced and not allowed to continue! Looks like no one in the room even bat an eyelash! Had they done so, had they betrayed any kind of social cues about what the guy was saying, we might not have been treated to the awesome reveal of the full contents of his brain diarrhea. And that would have been a shame. There’s a timely lesson in this.
    Also: Alford has a point, in his own way, about the inconsistency with the demonization of tobacco smoking. He might have been corrected about the content of the statute but he’s right e.g. about the upshot of the Orwellian “rights” language that has enabled the war on smoking. As the two rapidly trade places in acceptability, we are in for some weird dissonance.

    1. Weird Dissonance was my nickname in college.

      1. My other nicknames were Tequila, Beast, and Knuckles.

  20. This seems to qualify at racist:
    “…One of the reasons why, I hate to say it, was that the African Americans, they were basically users and they basically responded the worst off to those drugs just because of their character makeup, their genetics and that…”

    Kansas is 5.9% black. Garden City is around 2% black, but is around 49% Hispanic.

    I attended a grade school is Kansas that was about 50% black.

    1. I attended a grade school is Kansas that was about 50% black.

      So? How was the weed?

  21. Well, he’s PARTIALLY right in that the statutes against MJ were specifically targeting black people. REEFER MADNESS!!

    1. Don’t forget the wetbacks.

      1. Or Beatniks.


        I always had a hardon for that chick. Even before I could get a hardon.

        1. Tomorrow is a drag, man.

  22. OT
    The Chron has a terminal case of TDS, so we get stuff like this:

    “Tillerson and Mattis are reportedly trying to hold Trump back from striking North Korea”
    “The Trump administration is debating a “bloody nose” attack on North Korea, recent reports say, with the president’s inner circle split and apparently teetering between endorsing a strike and holding out hope for diplomacy.
    Both The Telegraph and The Wall Street Journal have portrayed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Secretary of Defense James Mattis as trying to caution President Donald Trump against a strike, and the national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, as advocating it.”

    It doesn’t take more than a couple of paragraphs to realize the headline is click-bait; the subject has been discussed and some think it’s worth a look, the others not.
    It is a Biz Insider feed, but the Chron prints that crap as if it were anything other than fake news.

    1. You’d have to be nuts to be for a strike to bloody N. Koreans’ noses. That’d make ’em mad. If you thought you had to strike them because of the threat you think they’d pose in the future, the only type of strike that’d make sense would be for extermination.

      1. Been doing a LOT of reading; there seem to be no ‘simple’ solutions. Or even complicated ones other than helping the NK population understand what scumbags the Kims are.
        The Kim family (and the associated ‘group’) have spent a good bit of the NK income digging tunnels, making ‘retreats’, and even above ground, few know Kim’s whereabouts beyond an hour or so.
        Providing aid feeds the army; denying it starves the army and the population. I doubt anyone in the Trump cabinet is un-informed about the issue.

        1. In the end it comes to flamethrowers and satchel charges. I’m cool with that.

  23. Did I mention that college-ball tackling is pathetic?
    Yeah, GA, keep that lead by tackling the runner’s biceps! That’ll do it!

    1. What is this college-ball tackling that you speak of? If it’s not sex/alcohol/drug-related, I’m not interested

  24. He’s pretty much right in the reasoning behind such laws. I am totally in favor of legalizing all drugs because they should be legal for everybody on principle… But I’m amazed nobody has yet mentioned the fact that he isn’t actually 100% wrong on the other facts either…

    1. Criminality is directly correlated to low IQ. This holds true for all races. The people in prison are mostly low IQ blacks, whites, Asians, Hispanics, etc. IQ also directly correlates with economic success, drug use, marital success, basically success in general in life. In short dumb people make bad choices. IQ isn’t everything, but it is the best predictor we have of many outcomes.

    2. Black Americans 100% undeniably have the lowest IQ scores of any group. Nobody denies this, even in mainstream circles. It is only a question of whether it is genetic or environmental. It is about 15 points (or one standard deviation) lower than whites, and even further below Asians and Jews who both score higher than Europeans. Blacks in Africa have considerably lower IQs still, most likely caused by environmental factors versus American blacks with better environments. But even if it were 100% environmental it would still explain differences in outcomes IN THE PRESENT, but not a potential future where they had better environments and could thus have higher IQs.

    1. 3. Genetic vs environmental is really already known, but mainstream science won’t admit it because of politics. Mainstream science accepts IQ is 50-80% inheritable in individuals, depending on the study. Yet they say group differences are unproven… But if millions of individual blacks all have lower IQs, does that not mean that they must then have lower IQs as a group? Individuals make up the group. Derp! It’s complete cognitive dissonance because the correct answer in unthinkable. By the math it is impossible for environmental factors to make up more than half of the IQ gap at a maximum, but realistically it is far lower as there are middle class blacks with good environments and poor whites with bad.

      4. Therefore the above explains why blacks make up 13% of the population, but 50+% of murders, assaults, and most other crimes. Their crime rates correlate perfectly to the IQ distribution compared to IQ and criminality rates, there are just more low IQ blacks than whites as a percentage of their population. People used to accept this as common sense obvious stuff, then the 60s happened and any serious objective peering into the science stopped being permissible in polite circles.

      NOW, individuals are individuals. There are genius blacks and idiot whites… But math is math is math. All else being equal, blacks are essentially guaranteed to commit more crimes and have greater criminality, make lower wages, and so on because of their average IQ.

    2. There are other observed differences as well, such as testosterone levels, personality traits (blacks are more personable and extroverted on average than whites, and Asians in turn more introverted still), and so on. Taken across the globe and some tests having been done on the scale of millions of people, much of this is reliable data. I don’t hate black people, as a matter of fact I very often like black people. I grew up in a minority majority city in California, so I’ve been around plenty. A lot of brothas are fun to hang out with, some were my best friends growing up. They’re not all bad people or all dumb or any such nonsense… But the science doesn’t change that on average lower intelligence creates many of the problems you see in the black community in the USA.

      Correlated to IQ the proportion of the criminal population, average income, and many other factors cited as being caused by racism are exactly in line with whites on the same spectrum of IQ. In other words it’s not racism, it’s just their lot in life as dished out by fate.

      I don’t advocate policies based on race, but that cuts both ways. All the stuff the liberals are trying to do to end racism/help the black community are doomed to fail because they’re essentially already exactly where their native intelligence says they can be in the social order.

    3. Short of nepotism in placing blacks in positions they don’t deserve and can’t handle, the gap will likely never close much more than it is now. Rebuilding the black family, ending welfare, etc could improve things, but most of the rest of the liberal agenda is doomed to not have the results they desire. Gattica or interbreeding is the only real answer to blacks not achieving the same success as whites and Asians.

      I had a lot of trouble with the above facts when I first stumbled across some of this stuff 10+ years ago, but I’m of the belief that it is always best to know the truth even when it is an unpleasant fact. If you really want to understand google some of the above and look through the evidence fairly.

      The leftist machine has brainwashed many people on many issues. Economics, role of government, no difference between men and women, race etc… Libertarians understand the leftist view on the first two as being obviously false, yet race and gender differences are something many libertarians have bought into because it is what they WANT to believe. I wanted to believe too. Problem is science says there are differences between genders and races. There is PLENTY of overlap in both of those situations. Smart blacks and dumb whites, submissive men and aggressive women etc, but the averages show there are large and real differences.

    4. If you make policy based on flawed assumptions you’re guaranteed to fail in meeting your objectives. This is why after many decades of trillions in handouts and handups blacks are still not doing that well. It’s why women aren’t magically exactly 50% in every profession on earth. And so on.

      I wish this wasn’t the case and that everybody was equal and interchangeable, but we’re not. There are pros and cons. Blacks are better at many things than whites (like pattern recognition), but whites are also better than blacks at other things (like abstract thinking). Likewise for women who are better at multitasking, whereas men are better at singular complex tasks. Different but equal is one way of putting it?

      Part of the issue is that in the 21st century certain types of skills are more useful, and those have tended to be the skills whites/Asians/men are better at. Real world differences in outcomes would have been far lower 200 years ago, which is probably why blacks did quite well after the end of slavery when we still valued skilled hands on work in America. Low IQ whites are suffering just like blacks are in the USA today as things become more abstract and knowledge based.

      Everybody is still human and deserves equal treatment, BUT some groups don’t deserve SPECIAL treatment simply because they’re deficient in certain areas compared to another group like the left wants. Harrison Bergeron is not the way to run the world!

      1. If blacks are genetically inferior (IQ) than others, why is it that African born and Caribbean blacks do as well in school as the general population? Only American born blacks do worse.

        It is not a genetic difference, it is a cultural difference. African-American culture is decidedly anti-intellectual – making fun of students who study and do well in school as ‘acting white.’

        Check out ‘Losing the Race: self-sabotage in Black America’ by John McWhorter for a detailed, thorough exploration of the issue.

        1. Oh you’re totally correct in that there are major cultural issues at play for blacks in America. 100% true. And I am aware that foreign born blacks tend to do far better than American born. I don’t have all the stats in front of me from those studies, but I suspect that if you looked you would find that the foreign born ones probably don’t do quiiiite as well as saaay white or Asians, but they probably greatly outperform native blacks. I tried googling and found the following facts:

          1. Not a single place said they actually scored higher than whites or Asians, merely that they had a higher % of college grads by a small amount. There is a difference. Hard work will do that for people of average intelligence, but IQ doesn’t change much. If they’d scored higher they would have mentioned it.

          2. Despite that, they still have higher unemployment rates apparently. Which is not a good sign.

          3. That in the early days of post 1965 immigration act, we specifically only allowed “exceptional professionals” from those countries, which leads to my point below.

          See here for a few of those points mentioned https://tinyurl.com/y7n57tyv

          If they do in fact perform as well as whites and Asians on tests there is a very obvious answer, that everybody already knows is going on with legal immigrants… Self selection bias.

        2. Legal immigrants usually have to pass decent scrutiny, and we tend to get people that are more educated (which on average tends to mean higher IQ as well) than the average in their home country. Chain migration lowers this effect, but for the first person who gets in on merits this is fairly accurate at least. Indians are an excellent example. I bet the average Indian IT working immigrant has a far higher IQ than your average native white… But that’s not representative of the AVERAGE of their country.

          You are making what Stefan Molyneux calls the “Tall Japanese Man” argument. That because something isn’t true in every single case, IE there are tall Japanese men, that therefore to conclude Japanese men are shorter than Europeans or Africans on average is wrong. But it’s not. It’s true. Even though some of them ARE tall.

          It is a major fail in logic, and indeed the thinking that leftists have used to try to say there are no differences between men and women, which is equally incorrect according to basically every study ever done on anything. Not to mention both sexes KNOW that to be true just from being alive and dealing with the opposite sex! LOL We don’t think about things the same way, and it’s biological. Yet the fact that there’s a single woman out there that DOES think more like a man is supposed to make us believe there are no differences in anyone. BAD LOGIC. That simply means it’s possible any two people might not fit the norm, but THERE IS A NORM.

        3. You gotta understand I have researched this quite a bit over the years. It’s no single data point that convinced me. Rather it’s the fact that every single data point, from every single angle, ALL point to a major genetic component. Not 100%, but major. The fact that real world black incomes match up perfectly to their observed IQ distribution, as do crime stats, as do numerous other indicators, that it’s true across the entire world in every instance, including in black run countries etc. If you use whites as a baseline, all of countless random things that have been correlated to IQ matching up perfectly for blacks having lower IQs is simply astronomically unlikely.

          Also, as I said if IQ is individually heritable, which is accepted science, HOW IS IT POSSIBLE that millions of individuals that constitute a group, that all show lower IQs, would not hence make said group have lower IQs? It is cognitive dissonance to believe anything else is possible.

          There are also other points as I said. Did you know Africans have physically smaller brains than Europeans or Asians? It’s by 8-10% on average IIRC off the top of my head, and varies throughout regions of Africa. Brain size to body ratio is a well accepted indicator of likely intelligence across the entire animal kingdom. Many other unspeakable truths also lie in much of this type of research.

        4. You probably know that men and women have essentially the same average IQ right? That’s true. But did you know there is a huge difference in the distribution? Women tend to cluster tighter around the average of 100, whereas men have far greater representation at both the high and low end of the spectrum. In other words by the time you get to genius levels there are numerous men at those levels for every woman who scores that high, but also far more mentally challenged men too. Could this possibly simultaneously explain why at the top of every field in the world there are mostly men, AND why so many women seem to be dating guys that are dumber than them? Why yes it could! But it’s unmentionable, despite showing in every IQ test sample ever done, and also not being entirely favorable to men.

          Also while East Asians have a higher average IQ than Europeans, Europeans have higher instances of geniuses and high geniuses. With Asians more tightly clustered around the average they produce more “smart” people than Europeans (115-120ish IQ), but not as many Einstein’s so to speak. Speaking of Einstein, Jews in fact have by far the greatest prevalence of genius scores out of anybody… Might this not explain why Jews are also super overrepresented at the highest heights of nearly every intellectual profession in the world? I would say it does. As a non Jew, I’m not offended by the idea either, because it’s just a statistical fact, not a referendum on my very existence or anything.

        5. Those are all stats that have been discovered and verified over and over and over in large scale testing. But have you ever heard any of those facts? No. Because it’s not politically correct. But it does seem to magically explain a hell of a lot about why things are the way they are.

          As I said it’s no single data point that convinced me, it’s 1000 data points that all align with each other, and against the 100% environmental explanation hypothesis. If you really want to be a truth seeker there is a lot of very interesting info out there to find out. Hell you can start with Wikipedia if you want! It even has some interesting points, such as that no controlling of environmental factors has ever even come close to closing the IQ gap, despite decades of researchers trying to cook up A SINGLE STUDY/THEORY that would do that. Not income, not parental marital status, parental education, adoption, etc. Nothing closes the gap other than presuming most of it to be genetic.

          Even if it were 100% environmental though, that blacks have lower IQs in the here and now STILL disproves the idea that it is purely racism that screws them. Their lower IQs are why they are in such a shit situation. Environmental factors account for 20-50% in individuals, and hence likely in groups, which means we SHOULD still focus on those things to boost them as high as we can though. The gap has narrowed in recent decades, and environmental factors are probably responsible for some of this.

        6. It sucks that this is what the truth is… But I’m not going to bury my head in the sand over info I don’t want to hear. It’s not like I go spouting this shit off to people all the time like an asshole, or pre-judge people based off of this, but it’s true. I sure as shit don’t talk about this with my black friends either, who all incidentally are pretty smart folks. It sucks to come in last place in a race, but keep in mind as a white guy we basically come in number 3 out of major ethnic groups… So if I can accept Asians and Jews as being smarter, which I can, I don’t see why others can’t stomach it. Especially since it has no relation to any particular individuals intelligence AT ALL.

          Interestingly in China they pretty much openly accept all of this as fact. It helps that they’re essentially the ones that come out on top of the list of course, but most of the rest of the world essentially still accepts that different races have minor differences, just like we did until a few decades ago when ProgDerp took over the Western World.

          It doesn’t mean we need to be shitty to blacks (or other lower IQ groups), it doesn’t mean we need to bring back Jim Crow… All people deserve basic human respect/rights. But if we accepted the truth we could make a lot better policy decisions about how to help blacks do better in America, such as telling them to emulate their Caribbean brothers work ethic and not pretending it’s all just racism keeping them down.

    5. Don’t you know this is a respectable libertarian concern, where all the racism is politely couched in dog whistles?

      1. I suppose so Tony… Except most libertarians aren’t racist! Most believe there are no differences between races/genders, despite all evidence to the contrary.

        I would surely be considered racist by all on the modern left (and many on the right) for accepting scientific facts that are individually not in dispute, but when taken to their obvious logical conclusion are considered heresy… As in much of the above… However I don’t consider somebody racist unless they actually have ill will or an active dislike/hatred of people because of their race, which I do not. That is essentially the “traditional” definition, whereas the modern definition is anybody which doesn’t think every person on earth is exactly the same or something to that effect.

        1. Except most libertarians aren’t racist! Most believe there are no differences between races/genders, despite all evidence to the contrary.

          That’s not entirely accurate.

          [adjusts monocle. kicks orphan into kneeling position and puts his foot up.]

          Plenty of us fall into the ‘acknowledgely motivated by biases’ category, others fall into the ‘would be more racist except laws/mores’ category, and others fall into the ‘unable to know/effect racism based on such small sample size and variability (or exceptional circumstances)’ category. Plenty waffle between the three.

          A completely inept construction worker had my driveway blocked for an hour last week. I went out to help him (get the fuck out of my driveway) and he didn’t speak a word of English. His mannerism and speech strongly indicated E. European and/or Slavik ethnicity. I have no hesitation referring to him as a dumb Polack when telling the story even though he may not, in fact, be Polish.

          1. LOL Fair enough I suppose.

            I suppose I should have said the average Cosmotarian doesn’t believe in any differences whatsoever. Since they seem to be the current ruling clique I just said libertarians in general. I hate to paint with broad strokes, but if I’m being honest I’d say trad cons are probably far more likely to be properly racist. Even libertarian leaners like myself who totally acknowledge group/sex differences still fall back on taking people as individuals in our personal affairs, which is the right way to do it.

            I mean everybody knows dumb people exist. But that doesn’t mean that we’re allowed to treat the 80 IQ white dude like a piece of shit, right?

            As for dumb Polacks, it’s quite unfair! There’s only a couple point IQ spread across all of Europe, which means it’s basically totally unwarranted to insult him because of his nationality! Shame!!! Buuut being mostly German… I do rather like bagging on the French/Poles/Russians. LOL

            In any event you clearly should have reported him to ICE. Anybody who doesn’t speak a word of English couldn’t get a work visa or citizenship!!! You could have had some REAL revenge for your driveway being blocked if you were a proper dick!

        2. When you say “science” do you perhaps mean “warm horseshit”?

          1. No Tony, Science! Like when you do experiments, replicate them, and get the same results. There have been hundreds of studies (thousands?) that have covered various issues I talked about above. They all consistently show racial differences in tests that are used to measure various forms of intelligence, personality traits etc.

            Some of the earliest go back to the late 1800s and early 1900s, but most of the better ones are from recent decades… Where they show the same gaps they found in the early 1900s. I think it is fair to say that IQ tests DO NOT test for everything, and they’re just a proxy we have created for being “smart,” however IQ scores correlate so well with so many things we consider “positive” results one would have to be an idiot to discount them being a useful measure of some type of intelligence.

            It sucks that different groups score differently… But it also sucks that Tibetans have lungs that evolved for breathing thinner air, and that the Dutch are taller on average than the Chinese, and that Kenyans are more inclined to be thin versus fat Eskimos and on and on.

            Life isn’t fair, and different groups around the world have pros and cons physically, and the same is true of our brains. We’re all in the same ballpark, nobody is as smart as a chimpanzee on average, but there are differences.

      2. Honestly I hate that everybody isn’t exactly the same. It would make the world a lot simpler. But just as we accept that some individuals are smarter than others (or at least sane people do, not some on the left), and some dumber, we must someday come back to reality and accept there are differences between groups as well.

        Even if you are a bleeding heart liberal accepting this reality is for the best. If one group is not as smart it doesn’t naturally lead to the conclusion of genocide! Bleeding hearts may well make the argument it is in fact further evidence that we need to redistribute even more money to said groups because it isn’t their fault they’re not as smart on average. This was the common view as late as the 60s/70s, so I hope that a return to reality comes back around at some point, but is more compassionate and decent in the application of such knowledge this go around.

        1. Agreed. Though I don’t think that I’ll succumb to gay approaches.

          1. LOL Me either man! Living in Seattle I have to beat off gay guys with a stick all the time!

            Oh wait, that didn’t come out the way I intended it :/ LOL

    6. But I’m amazed nobody has yet mentioned the fact that he isn’t actually 100% wrong on the other facts either…

      I do feel compelled to mention as well that ‘character makeup… and that’ in the historical context leaves a lot of walking room. Marijuana wasn’t exactly a problem among rural, white Quakers and Mormons. Alcohol consumption (and the prohibition thereof) was more of a problem for urban atheists and Catholics and, to a lesser extent, Baptists.

      Not to excuse the paternalism and libertarian transgressions but there’s a bit of indicting based on true/false motivations going on.

      1. Yeah totally. I personally don’t think there are significant differences in behavioral traits between races. I think the overall intelligence distribution seems to account for damn near everything. Comparing blacks/whites/Asians at the same IQ levels you get almost identical outcomes across the board. So I don’t think there are inherent “character” flaws per se.

        The only difference I have ever really read about in all the weird reading I’ve done on race differences are that testosterone levels vary between groups. Blacks are the highest, followed by whites and other caucasoids, and East Asians the lowest. Testosterone levels have been correlated to aggressive behavior, so it’s possible there are minor effects there that aren’t overall intelligence based, but it doesn’t show much after accounting for IQ alone in criminal records.

        There are also small differences in types of skills, which is to say uneven skills when compared to ones overall IQ score. Blacks have better pattern recognition, visual spacial skills etc, but lower in other areas. But I don’t see where minor variations like that would fundamentally change ones character.

        So yeah part of what he said was wrong I guess, but part could be interpreted to mean stuff that is true in my estimation.

  25. I thought the science was settled in the ’30s?

    1. Not even dude! The Nazis were going 99% off the feelz and gut instinct. And also the top Nazis never thought Jews were actually sub human, they believed they were super smart (which they do have the highest average IQs of any discernible ethnic group, 110-115 in many studies.) and the greatest competitors to Europeans… Hence take out the competition was the order of the day with Jews. They just called them sub human to get the normal folks all riled up for being dicks. They also never planned genocide from the get go, they actually just tried to deport them all, but nobody would take them… But I digress.

      A lot of the best science didn’t get done until the 80s and even 90s! It was mostly done in hopes of proving no racial differences, but every single time they try to create that result they still get large caps that perfectly correlate with all previous results. So essentially they just keep digging their hole deeper every time they do a study trying to prove no differences 🙁

  26. Hmm, I’ve never noticed black people to respond differently to weed. If anything, they keep their shit together better than white people.

    1. They don’t! Everybody gets high just the same 🙂

      Except me, because I hate the feeling of being stoned. I’ll take a a stiff screwdriver over a joint any day of the week!

        1. WHAT? It’s not like I’ve never got ripped out of my mind! I’m just a hard liquor kinda guy. I let my buddies from high school convince me to get stoned once in awhile when they visit town still!

        2. A liquor high is qualitatively better to me than a cannabis high. A cannabis high just causes some noticeable relative changes in nerve conduction velocity, which is disorienting, and mostly functions as a downer to me, while a liquor high just feels more like fun & smiles. Gamma butyrolactone may be even better than alcohol for a high in that it’s missing some of the adversity of liquor but delivers the fun part.

          1. I suspect GBL to be responsible for some of the effect of dark liquors, including the taste.

          2. Agree! I get sleeeepy when I smoke. Booze is all fun!

    2. Tony faithfully shows up to remind us that progs can be racist too, but in a whimsical and nice way so it’s OK

  27. When Alford said that in the 1930s, black people responded differently to marijuana, was he maybe referring to the creation of jazz? If so, shouldn’t that in in itself be an argument for legalization?

    Seriously, what rocks to people turn over to find politicians? Christ, what an asshole.

    1. Seriously, what rocks to people turn over to find politicians? Christ, what an asshole
      What makes you think they have to look under rocks?

  28. Nothing new here, he is just one of many imbecilic lunatics voted into office by other imbecilic lunatics! Such is life in America!

  29. I wish the people outraged by this realized that this paternalistic philosophy is no different than most other government ban and regulation.

    1. Kind of like trying to ban menthol cigarettes because they supposedly appeal to black people.

    2. ^This^

      It’s aggravating that, even at a magazine called Reason *drink*, the absurdity of his racism (which can be ‘rationalized’ six ways to Sunday) is thoroughly ridiculed but his paternalism goes relatively unremarked.

  30. +1 Umremark

    1. Unremark, whatever.

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