Brickbat: No Bad Dog


Police dog
Joruba / Dreamstime

A St. Paul, Minnesota, woman was left with scars after she was attacked by a police K9. Desiree Collins was taking her garbage out and the cops were looking for a burglary suspect when the dog attacked her. When she asked why the dog attacked her, officers told her, "Just at the wrong place at the wrong time, ma'am." The dog ignored 10 "release" commands from its handler as well as shocks from an electric shock collar and had to be physically pulled off the woman by officers.

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  2. Look, the policeman got a 1-day suspension and a stern warning letter, what more do you cop-haters want?

    1. and the dog got a new squeaky toy?

      1. I mean I can’t speak to the woman in the story but if a K9 did that to me I’d probably be pretty squeaky

    2. If you’re going to call me a cop-hater, I may as well go Full Monty:

      I want both the dog and the cop shot in the back of the head, while kneeling in the street in front of his house, with the family and neighbors turned out at bayonet-point to watch. Then the wife gets the bill for the ammunition expended.

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  3. tastes like chicken?

  4. The dog ignored 10 “release” commands from its handler
    In the heat of the moment the officer had trouble remembering the correct safe word.

  5. When you think about it, teaching a dog to attack people is pretty fucked up.

    1. especially when they are used in the service of the public. “You aren’t convicted of anything but since I feel like it, I will release this beast we trained to be viscous that may or may not listen to commands, but will likely cause permanently injury or debilitation. Oh and if you defend yourself from this possibly uncontrollable beast, you will be charged with assaulting or murdering an officer of the law. We noticed you had a dog and as we felt threatened it had to be shot with absolutely no repercussions to us.” *tips riot helmet* all part of the service we are providing the community mam.

    2. Agree, dog needs to be shot. Officer needs to be fired.

      1. And to really make the point, the officer needs to be the one to shoot the dog. Or, alternately, the victim shoots the dog in front of the officer. Maybe they could make the officer have to obey a series of commands, and if he “disobeys” one, the dog gets it.

      2. It’s not the dogs fault. Euthanize the cop and find the dog a good home

        1. Agree in this case, it’s the cop’s fault

  6. Collins’ wounds on her right arm required dressings, but they were difficult for her to change herself. When she was an infant, she was injured in a fire and her left hand was amputated because of her injuries, Noel said.

    St. Paul officers initially helped Collins get her dressings changed and assisted her with getting groceries, but “this aid stopped once they found out she was represented by counsel,” the lawsuit said.

    You try to be nice to some people.

  7. When she asked why the dog attacked her, officers told her, “Because the dog ain’t got no thumbs and can’t operate a Glock, otherwise he would have shot you.”

    1. It’s funny because it’s true….

  8. Well, after all, the officer has less than one complaint a year, and was only caught drinking in the station once. And they did suspend him for a day on this second ‘mishap’ with the dog. So maybe just a few million dollars from the taxpayer funded insurance company will teach him a lesson.
    Or maybe he should be assigned to the chihuahua squad for the rest of his career.

    1. He should be assigned to monitor all the gay bathhouses in town.

      1. Don’t fob your problems off on us.

  9. Imagine if she had a gun and shot the dog. She would go to jail instantly and probably be sent to prison. Cops shoot our dogs all the time, most of the time they aren’t even attacking. They get away with killing our pets, but we can’t defend ourselves when theirs does something like this.

    1. If she had shot the dog, she would not have lived another 10 seconds, guaranteed.

  10. Sounds to me like the dog needs to be put down. Hell, we should probably put down his trainer, too.

    1. A Chinese-style execution would be in order.

      1. Anti-aircraft guns.

  11. That’s the painful route to becoming a millionaire, but at least she won’t have to take the garbage to the curb anymore.

  12. I can’t believe the global warming aspect of this story being played up.

    Before global warming Minnesotans were so bundled up no dog could ever reach flesh. Heck, a great white shark couldn’t come close to penetrating a true Minnesotan’s layering.

    1. AAAhhh! … is not being played up.

      1. Do you want to be? I’ll do it for free.

    2. All the good climate scientists are leaving for France

      something, something, if you want more, subsidize it.

  13. This definitely sounds like a case for having the dog put down. If your dog attacks random people on the street, it is a menace to society.

    1. Only problem is this dog has a badge.

    2. “One-bite rule, bitches,” the dog told reporters at a press conference called by the St. Paul PD.

      1. “Run-rite rule, ritches”

    3. This definitely sounds like a case for having the dog put down. If your dog attacks random people on the street, it is a menace to society.

      And that’s pretty sad…this poor dog didn’t ask to become a cop, or to be trained by psychopaths into becoming an attack dog. Any halfway competent dog owner can tell you that the dog’s behavior and attitude are more a reflection of the people they live with rather than any innate traits. As painful as it would be to put down a dog, it has indeed become a menace, because of the people who made it that way.

      So if you’re going to train your dog to latch onto people with powerful jaws and not let go, don’t you think you’d keep them on a short leash instead of a 20-foot lead? It annoys the crap out of me when I see people walking their housepets on urban streets at the end of one of those retractable things, so what made this cop think his assault weapon would be ok wandering around a 40-foot circle? Oh wait…stupid question…”cop” and “think” don’t go together, unless it’s the cop thinking he can do whatever the hell he wants because FYTW.

    4. If your dog attacks random people on the street, it is a menace to society, if the state’s dog attacks random people on the street it’s for the greater good; not unlike when the two-legged variety gets all rabid.

  14. They can totally be trusted when they react to something tat smells like dope, money, or “handlers’ cues”. Really. Or a dropped Dorito.

  15. For everyone blaming the dog the cop had him on way too long of a leash and let him get out of sight around a corner. The wrong place wrong time is pure bullshit.

    1. This is all on the cop.
      But the dog is no longer fit for service.

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