Brickbat: Police Action


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Palm Beach County, Florida, sheriff's deputy Jason Cooke has resigned after he was caught on security video entering a dying man's home and stealing his medication. The man's children had called deputies after cameras in his home failed to detect any movement. Deputies found him on the floor of the bathroom, where he'd fallen and hit his head, and called an ambulance to take him to the hospital. About an hour and a half later, the security system detected movement and the children saw a deputy enter the home and start going through cabinets and placing items in his pockets. Cooke reportedly told investigators he used the garage code in the dispatch log to enter the home.

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  1. I’m less offended by his avarice than I am by his stupidity.

    1. Perhaps the dispatch log failed to mention how the kids knew the old man was down in the first place.

      1. So our officer of the peace may have only been greedy? Okay, my faith in the law is restored.

  2. Before his resignation, Cooke had been suspended with pay.

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. SWP is reserved for LEO who put people in the hospital, not for traitors in the drug war.

  3. For those like me who rarely read linked articles:

    “It is our hope that the justice system treats this cop like any other criminal out there and that he doesn’t receive further preferential treatment because he is a police officer,” the family said.

    Stuart Kaplan, Cooke’s lawyer, told ABC News that the officer was remorseful and had shown “tremendous contrition.”

    Kaplan said Cooke was addicted to pain medication and was in the middle of treatment when he was arrested. He said that Cooke had been receiving treatment for “some period of time” and was working to get himself healthy.

    “It’s a very sad situation,” Kaplan said. “This is not a person who’s out there selling drugs. This is a person having difficulty with an addiction problem … This is a young man who has had a lot of strife in his life … It’s very, very unfortunate.”

    1. I wonder how many of the thousands of folks behind bars have used this exact same plea and yet still got the mandatory minimum?Asking for a friend

      1. Tell your friend that he or she needs to become as cop, to play it safe!

    2. Translation: The cop is the real victim here, because he’s an addict by no fault of his own.

      Charged does not mean indicted, indicted doesn’t mean convicted, and conviction doesn’t guarantee a sentence.

      He’ll be rehired with back pay if a few months once everyone forgets about it.

  4. …he used the garage code in the dispatch log to enter the home.
    Be careful of your permanent record.

  5. War on Drugs!

    Police have declared war on YOU to get your drugs.

  6. It seems he was extremely careless, but no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges.

    1. +1 and multiple investigations

  7. You can beat people up, run them over, shoot their dogs, shoot them, rape & extort from them, & keep your job as a cop…but not steal their drugs.

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