Oberlin College Is Hiring Students to Be Social Justice Activists, Host Microaggression Training

Earn $8.15 an hour converting your classmates into leftist activists.



At Oberlin College, students interested in social justice can apply for a job teaching their classmates about microaggressions and the nature of oppression.

The position is called "Social Justice Education Facilitator," pays $8.15 an hour, and requires "knowledge on the various forms of oppression, including but not limited to: race, gender, sexuality, ability, class, citizenship, etc.," according to the listing on the college's website. Students chosen for the job will be expected to help run the Multicultural Resource Center's various training modules: Power, Privilege, and Oppression Training; Beyond the Binary Training; and Microaggression Training.

Note that the center is not an academic department. It's an administrative office run by an assistant dean of students. Its website makes the place seem explicitly ideological and highly partisan.

That difference matters. It's one thing for a professor within a classroom setting to teach students about the nature of oppression, or to discuss how certain people have been marginalized because of their gender or skin color. It's quite another for the college to train—and pay!—students to serve as activists outside of the classroom.

The theory behind microaggressions—unintentional insults based on race, sex, or another protected status—is woefully inadequate and lacks scientific rigor. Scott Lilienfeld, a clinical psychologist at Emory University, took a close look at the core assumptions that undergird the academic understanding of microaggressions and concluded that there should be a "moratorium on microaggression training."

"There is insufficient justification for concluding that the potential benefits of microaggression training programs outweigh their potential risks, including a substantial increase in the number of false-positive identifications of statements as microaggressions," he wrote. I am going to take a wild guess and say that students who sign up to be Social Education Facilitators won't be learning about Lilienfeld's work, or discussing whether the microaggression concept has merit.

This is activism, not education. Programs like these are how conservatives get the idea that higher education is a conspiracy to brainwash their children.

Campus Reform's Toni Airaksinen, who first reported the existence of the program, notes that UCLA and Rutgers offer similar positions. The University of Arizona cancelled its Social Justice Advocates program after Campus Reform revealed its existence.

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68 responses to “Oberlin College Is Hiring Students to Be Social Justice Activists, Host Microaggression Training

  1. pays $8.15 an hour


    1. Good catch Sparky. Isn't anything below $15 an hour starvation wages? How dare Oberlin not pay a living wage.

      1. Indeed. And for an extra few dollars, they could also learn how to detect inappropriately deadpan "satire" and help rid the web of dangerous "opinion" pieces like this:


        1. P.s. surely no one here would dare to defend the "First Amendment dissent" of a single, isolated judge in our nation's leading criminal "parody" case? See the documentation at:


    2. Waiting for the Social Justice Education Facilitators to go on strike.

      1. That would be worth infiltrating the group to foment.

    3. Sounds like their first lesson in oppression.

    4. Yes, if they're getting less than $15/hr they're being exploited.

    5. Won't being paid affect their amateur standing?

  2. I find it hard to believe that the supply of parents willing to pay $60,000 a year for this lunacy isn't going to start to dry up. Unless you just have so much money that it doesn't matter what you do with it, what kind of a lunatic would send their kid to Oberlin?

    1. Well, you'd think that, but haven't there been several court cases where parents were ordered to pay for their kids' tuition to college?

        1. In iowa at least, both parents are required to pay for kids' tuition if they get divorced. if they stay together.. no such requirement.

          1. no. thats wrong.

            ther court CAN order them to pay some, all, or none depending on circumstances.

            both parents are definitely NOT "required to pay" as you incorrectly claim

            1. OK, i didn't know that. Just knew of a few friends circumstance where that was the case.. so they "CAN" be required to pay by the court. Still think even the possibility tuition is an issue that is put before family courts..

              1. because people think kids need college.

                it's not particularly egregious to me, but you do you

    2. What do you mean "parents willing to pay"? The government will happily loan these kids $240k. Then when they graduate and are faced with the reality of actually having to pay it back, they can put their 4 years of victimhood training to use and cry that the rest of us should have to pay it

    3. I find it very easy to believe. Ample supply of Boomer-mentality tv-watching lazy idiots who still think "college good."

  3. When the amateur outrage enthusiast goes pro.

    1. I'm sure the NCAA will investigate improper payments to student-outrageletes

      1. You can't make an outragelette without breaking a few eggs.

      2. *crosses fingers in hope of new NCAA sports event.

    2. "When the amateur outrage enthusiast goes pro."

      Yep, no more Olympics Whine events for them.

  4. false-positive identifications of statements as microaggressions

    As I understand the microaggression thing, this isn't even possible.

    1. Yeah, microaggression is entirely in the eye of the beholder. If you say something that another person perceives as a microaggression, your intention doesn't matter - you're just not woke, and that is Not Okay.

      1. ""your intention doesn't matter""

        They think so highly of their own opinions that they think they know better than you, about you.

      2. It also doesn't matter if the offended person is wrong, like about the word "niggardly" or the guy talking about his clan (as in scottish) tartan, or someone using "in the black" in accounting or someone daring to chalk political slogans on the Emory campus sidewalks. People have gotten offended by these things because they are idiots, but apparently we must always believe the idiot because if they say they are offended they are right.

  5. Apparently having good intentions doesn't pay well.

  6. Oberlin College.

    That's all you needed to say.

  7. For only $8.15 an hour, you too can be a victim! Let us show you how with this one weird trick!

    1. That the list not just wasn't led by Reed College, but entirely excluded Reed utterly invalidates it.

    2. Well, I wouldn't hesitate to send my kid to the University of Chicago.

    3. I would save her ear if you know what I mean.

  8. Social justice for only $8.15/hour? Why are they oppressing labor?

  9. I don't think any conservatives (or anyone else who isn't a pinko) actually believes it's a conspiracy. A conspiracy is "a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful." There's nothing remotely secret about higher education trying to brainwash students.

    1. There's nothing remotely secret about higher education trying to brainwash students.


      I think we can all agree that long division is a conditionally good or morally neutral kind of brainwashing. However, ingraining far and wide the notion that Lincoln freed the slaves or because Manifest destiny we killed off the Indians? That seems like a lot and a lot of very nuanced fingers to be asking Winston about.

  10. That'll look great on your resume to prospective employers

    1. They'll pass a law requiring you to hire whatever they label themselves as

  11. That difference matters.

    To be sure!

  12. how many micro aggression to equal a real aggression is 10 or a 100, please enlighten me so i know my limits

    1. Three microagressions to an outrage, six outrages to a macroagression.

      1. That's only in English-speaking countries where they use Imperial aggression. Everywhere else uses metric.

        1. two bits, four bits, six bits a dollar!

          1. U-G-L-Y You ain't got no alibi!

            So, cheerleaders are effectively just roaming microaggression squads, right? Huh, whoda thunk Bring It On or similar is really a hard-hitting piece of socio-political commentary?

    2. If it were really a "micro" aggression, the answer would of course be one million. Somehow I doubt the purveyors of microaggression theory will like that answer, but their terminology strictly implies it.

      1. Quit micro-aggressing the micro-aggression.

      2. If it were really a "micro" aggression, the answer would of course be one million. Somehow I doubt the purveyors of microaggression theory will like that answer, but their terminology strictly implies it.

        Are we sure microaggression is the phenomenon or artifact and microhurtz isn't the unit of measure?

        I always took it to be the signal-to-noise sense that $park? leftist poser alludes to above. Where you amp up the sensitivity to detect virtually anything including (or while ignoring) actual deafening levels of aggression as well as false-positives. If so, something more frequency-based would make more sense.

    3. Micro is 10^-6, duh. So really you can safely ignore microaggressions on the scale of macroaggression.

      It seems significant because all these snowflakes have never experienced actual aggression, so their baseline scale is probably picoaggression.

  13. I think Oberlin is just trolling us now.

  14. So many college educations are only good for teaching the same thing to the next set.

    One of my many unanswerable questions is wondering how many college courses would survive if it weren't for student loans; if students (and families!) had to actually budget for true college costs, and if Uncle Sam weren't fucking things up with required staff expenses.

    I bet half the colleges today would go bankrupt in one semester. The survivors would drop tuition to 25% of today's padded prices, make a profit, and turn out better graduates.

    1. ""ACLU removes support for campus free speech from statement""

      not surprised. you can be right, or you can be popular. they probably surveyed their donors, and found most equated "free speech" with Milo/Hitler.

  15. White, hetro, Christian, males need not apply.

    1. Good. People who make such poor links should be bbanned

  16. I went to college and grad school. My wife went to college. My oldest daughter went to college. We all have careers commensurate with our education.

    My youngest tried a couple of semesters, said fuck it, and is out in the world and kicking ass without a degree.

    She may be the brightest of us.

  17. This is gonna cause trouble.

    How long before the SJAs who are hired start claiming that the freelance SJAs aren't doing it right?

    They'll need an SJA Certification Program, licensing.

    And that pay is shit. Where's the IBSJA?

    1. I think a required $15,000 course should be required peyote to warning that $8/hr. Gotta make sure they're committed to the cause. Unless they're female. Or a POC. Or gay. It would be a micro something something to make them pay.

  18. It's Oberlin. What do you expect?

    Anyway, I'm not sure this is a much bigger deal than schools paying students to act as peer counsellors or resident advisors. There's plenty of quasi-political stuff that schools already hire students to do, including sensitivity training, which has been going on for decades. It's sort of like paying a student to be "hall monitor" in terms of speech.

    And nobody goes to Oberlin unless they like that sort of thing.

  19. I am microaggressed upon by the theory of microaggression.

    Checkmate, motherfuckers.

    1. So did he become a raging nutcase at Oberlin, or did he just go there to refine it?

  20. By word laundering (calling it "social justice"), the university gets away with paying students to be Democrat operatives. Simply awful. They apparently have no idea that not everyone believes that "social justice" is 100% a good thing, especially when the package comes with bonus items like you must believe the 1/5 rape statistic, or that all whites are racist etc. There are reasonable people who do not agree with these ideas and thus this activity is not nonpartisan. Just like colleges letting their students out to protest trump and such.

  21. As an Oberlin alumnus/a quite a few years back I am deeply unhappy about having been denied the benefit of the MRC and the SJEFs it is seeking to hire. I notice, however, that even now in the age of sensitivity I would gave benefited little. The MRC web page mentions connections to a number of departments/curricula, with most of which I would have had little contact as a mathematics major. The department seems to have no offerings in Mathematics of Oppression, Beyond Binary Calculus, LBGTQ Group Theory, or any of the many possible race or culture specific mathematical disciplines. They do offer a course dealing with Mathematics of Social Choice, although from the description it seems antithetical to those more likely to have internalized "Democracy in Chains" as I suspect is pretty much true in the SJEF applicant pool. It seems slightly odd that this course is offered by the Mathematics, rather than the Economics, faculty, but a quick look at the Economics course list suggests it is a better fit where it is.

    I suspect that the Physics, Chemistry, and other real science offerings are similarly deficient, and suppose those who study them, along with the students in the Conservatory of Music, must be expected to simply absorb right thinking from the air.

  22. And here I thought College was supposed to educate young people to join the job market with actual skills.

  23. Libertardarians are too scared to be racially aware so they are powerless to fight this stuff. The other side is nakedly anti-White and you pretend your kumbaya BS and pretending race doesn't matter will win out. THEY hate you BECAUSE you are White. They reject your ideas because they are White. Wake up.

    1. If you actually want a conversation you would do well to start by eliminating the epithet "tard" from your written vocabulary. Even if you make a valid point following, you have already disqualified yourself from serious consideration

  24. Surely, they must include, in their list of migroagressions, wearing a piece of garment having the following meaning :
    - every other girl not wearing this is a wh*re ;
    - a girl is inferior to a man and should be subjected to his authority ;
    - every man is a rapist that can only be fended off by wearing this ;
    - I live in a foreign country but don't care and do not respect their traditions.

    Actually, it seems to me that could be considered a macroagression.

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