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Border Patrol Sets Up Immigration Checkpoint in New Hampshire; Nearly Twice as Many Drug Arrests Result

The Fourth Amendment-destroying powers of the Border Patrol continue to harass Americans.


American Border Patrol agents this past weekend set up a roadblock on I-93 South in Thornton, New Hampshire (more than 100 driving miles from the Canadian border) allegedly in search of immigration law violation.

This Fourth Amendment nullification zone had been set up on a route heading south from a long-planned New Hampshire Cannabis Freedom Festival in Lancaster, NH.

The federal agents arrested 25 people for immigration status irregularities. They arrested 46 in possession of illegal drugs.

Jim West imageBROKER/Newscom

This is just one more of the absurd injustices allowed by the Supreme Court's crummy 1976 Martinez-Fuerte decision that more or less gave Border Patrol agent checkpoints carte blanche to pretend the Fourth Amendment doesn't exist. Reason has long been decrying and critiquing that decision and the constant and ongoing rights-violations that inevitably follow.

The Union-Leader from New Hampshire has many more details on the checkpoint, including that "the cumulative amount of marijuana seized totaled two pounds. Police seized smaller amounts of cocaine, psilocybin mushrooms and hash oil."

This was the first such Border Patrol checkpoint in the state since July 2012. Details from the Union-Leader on the immigration arrests: "Fourteen were from Columbia and had overstayed their visas. Other illegal immigrants were from Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador and Mexico…"

Although the Border Patrol agents have the absurd pass on unwarranted searches, local police took part in the action with agents from Woodstock, who "handled arrests for state law violations, nearly all of which involved drug possession or drug transportation."

Here's how that worked: "federal agents used three dogs and walked them alongside cars as they waited in the checkpoint. If the dog signaled the possible presence of drugs, the driver was asked to park. Occupants of the car exited the car, and a dog went through the interior….Border patrol agents would locate the drugs, field-test them, weigh them, and then turn them over to Woodstock police."

Woodstock Police Chief Ryan Oleson spelled it out to the Union-Leader. He:

said border patrol agents have "a lot more leeway," and he could not use a dog to search a car unless he has a suspicion of drug possession that he can articulate. He said no arrests were made for driving under the influence of drugs.

Reason TV profiled and reported on American heroes who document and critique these border patrol practices back in 2013:

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  1. This Fourth Amendment nullification zone had been set up on a route heading south

    Oh you!

    1. That Brian….

  2. The drugs are poisoning the blood of our youth. Like you wouldn’t believe.

  3. The drug war and the 4th Amendment are incompatible. One of them must go.

    1. I don’t know which one to shoot!

  4. Is “Columbia” supposed to be “Canada” or a typo for “Colombia?” And if it’s the latter, why is it mentioned again (with the correct spelling) in the list about immigrants from other countries?

    1. The story is not OK.

  5. I’ve never driven through a checkpoint so I still don’t believe they exist.

    Related: I hope ICE is rummaging around the Houston shelters in order to arrest and deport the illegals seeking shelter – the shelters are for AMERICANS, not freeloaders.

    1. Aren’t sheltered Americans freeloaders as well?

      1. They’re AMERICANS! They EARNED it.

        1. Mexican nationals are American also., you might want to look at the map they showed you in second grade. FYI: One does not “earn” assistance; it is given by those with a concise to help others

    2. From the Feds’ perspective, storms are welfare. Just ask FEMA.

  6. When these fat psychopaths go home after work and light up their nightly joint, I wonder if they feel bad.

    1. Why would they feel bad? Where do you think they got that joint from?

  7. What’s even more despicable is that NH just decriminalized marijuana. The law goes into effect in THREE WEEKS on September 16.

  8. Complete fucking assholes, and their supporters!

    Yes, I repeat myself.

  9. IF there was ever a place where I’d hope that people would call BS on this BS, it’s the Granite State.

  10. Roadblocks by local, state, or federal authorities that stop cars with no warrants and no probable cause to believe any particular drivers or occupants are guilty of any crimes are outrageous violations of the Fourth Amendment. Supreme Court cases that allow these illegal roadblocks were wrongly decided and must be reversed. Note that the case of Michigan vs Sitz is the one that allows illegal DUI roadblocks, but the Michigan Supreme Court disagreed – so DUI checkpoints remain illegal in Michigan.

    James C. Walker, National Motorists Association

  11. Your obvious bias and ignorance is showing. First, the checkpoint was in Lincoln not Thornton which is 2o miles further south. Secondly, the law [or the court ruling] does not stipulate driving miles. Any simple map program if you had actually used one, would show that Lincoln where the checkpoint was setup is well within the 100 mile distance from the border. In fact the 100 mile radius would actually extend to beyond Ashland which is some 30 miles further South of where the checkpoint was setup! Just more fake news and bullshit!! Also were do you get your numbers for the people arrested for drug possession??? The local media and police reports have nowhere near the number you state, just more bullshit. The actual number of people arrested for drugs was TWO! I live in New Hampshire and went through this checkpoint and finally thought that the government was doing it’s job! Your statement that it violated the fourth amendment is equally bogus as it is well established in law that a legal checkpoint [which it was] is not a violation of the 4th Amendment. Do you belong to Antifa??

  12. WOW! two hundred percent of the illegals were carrying drugs?
    Because only illegals would be under ‘reasonable suspicion’.

    Want to have some fun? (and be under close scrutiny by the county until you move away)
    After successfully getting through an illegal roadblock, send the county an invoice for $250.00/hr as a ‘law enforcement evaluation consultant’, along with a one page report saying that the roadblocks are an unconstitutional waste of time.

    I used to get caught up in this nonsense when I lived in Orlando, and they set up ‘drunk catcher’ roadblocks on roads back from the beach on Sundays and the last days of Holidays. Kill two hours in an unnecessary line with tired kids in the back.

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