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Mueller Probe Could Set the Stage For Hillary's 2020 Return

Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian influence on the 2016 presidential election could take the blame off Clinton for losing.


Nancy Kaszerman/ZUMA Press/Newscom

Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian influence on the 2016 presidential election is both a preview of Hillary Clinton's 2020 presidential campaign and a re-run of the insider-trading litigation of the past decade. It's a preview of the 2020 presidential campaign, because blaming the outcome of the election on illegal Russian interference takes the blame off Clinton for losing.

Clinton can already point out that she won the popular vote in 2016. If her electoral vote loss was the result of foreign interference—rather than, say, a poorly managed campaign, or a candidate who couldn't connect with out-of-work coal miners, or the wrong substantive message—then perhaps a 2020 replay, without foreign interference, might yield a different outcome. It's the difference between, "you had your shot fair and square, now move aside and let the next person have their turn," and "we never even really got a chance to see what would have happened if we had had a fair election that hadn't been subject to illegal Russian manipulation."

She wouldn't be the first presidential candidate to need multiple chances to win. Reagan lost in 1976 and won in 1980. Nixon lost in 1960 but won in 1968.

Hillary Clinton's daughter, Chelsea, is out with a children's book titled "She Persisted: 13 American Women Who Changed The World." Though the "nevertheless, she persisted" phrase comes from Sen. Mitch McConnell's description of Sen. Elizabeth Warren, it could easily be adopted by Hillary Clinton as an informal slogan for a third presidential run.

It's not unreasonable that it would take three tries, rather than two, to be the first woman president. In some ways, having done it before might even help. She starts with a large donor list and high name recognition. Trying again would underscore Clinton's personality strengths—doggedness, her ability to bounce back from setbacks like her husband's impeachment and her own 2008 loss to Barack Obama.

Some might raise age as an issue, but Clinton is younger than Trump.

For a sense of how the Clinton 2020 reasoning and the Mueller investigation are related, keep an eye on the timing. If the probe delivers results long enough before the 2020 primary season for Clinton to get a campaign in gear, watch out. If findings don't emerge until later, then they won't be much use to her.

As for the insider trading investigations, some of the key characters are the same. Mueller and James Comey both led the FBI as it pursued the insider trading investigations. Preet Bharara, who as the top federal prosecutor in Manhattan led the insider trading charge, attended the recent Comey hearing on Capitol Hill and has been avidly commenting about the whole thing on Twitter.

As with insider trading, unauthorized leaks to the press about the investigations are an issue. As with insider trading, there's a risk of operating the whole thing backward—starting with targets and theories, then proceeding to evidence gathering.

In the insider trading cases, it was rich hedge fund managers who were targeted by prosecutors who had already decided that insider trading was widespread. In the Russia probe, it is the president and his circle of advisers who are being targeted by prosecutors who have already decided that Russia improperly influenced the American election. In both instances, the warnings of Attorney General Robert H. Jackson in his classic 1940 speech titled "The Federal Prosecutor" apply.

Jackson, who later became a Supreme Court justice, warned that the "most dangerous power of the prosecutor" is "that he will pick people he thinks he should get, rather than pick cases that need to be prosecuted." Jackson said, "It is in this realm—in which the prosecutor picks some person whom he dislikes or desires to embarrass, or selects some group of unpopular persons and then looks for an offense, that the greatest danger of abuse of prosecuting power lies."

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  1. Mueller Probe Could Set the Stage For Hillary’s 2020 Return


      1. k!

          1. It seems that funky days are back again.

            1. I thought I was the only one who had that CD

    1. Crusty approves of the juxtaposition of the words “Hillary” and “probe”.

      1. Y’all probe her. I don’t want to touch the bitch.

  2. Trying again would underscore Clinton’s personality strengths?doggedness, her ability to bounce back from setbacks like her husband’s impeachment and her own 2008 loss to Barack Obama

    …the destruction of the One Ring by that douchebag hobbit…

    1. Her strengths start and stop with running corruption rackets.

      1. And yet she lost. It’s perplexing.

    2. Gollum destroyed the Ring, not Frodo. Some say that the role of Gollum in 2016 was played by Carlos Danger.

    3. This is why Trump needs to quash this investigation and appoint a pitbull prosecutor to put the Clintons in prison.

    4. I’m not even a LotR fan, but this made me chuckle.

  3. If that cunt get’s back in the public eye, I really hope some angry muslims come to my house and finish my infidel ass off for good.

    Really, when you think about it, what could be worse than listening to that shrill evil bitch for 8 years?

    Listening to gilbert godfrey banging fran dresher would be a far more palatable form of torcher.

    1. What the hell is going on with your spelling? You either need to drink more or drink less before you comment.

      1. Sorry, spelling police.

        Sad part is, I’m not sure what I misspelled.

        Was it CUNT?

        1. get’s



  4. Of course, Hillary’s biggest problem – and it’s an insurmountable one – is that she is Hillary Clinton.

    1. All politics aside, I struggle to think of a more repugnant humanoid or sub-human hose beast on earth.

      1. Meh, my vote goes to the fat guy from North Korea.

        1. Yes, but only slightly.

  5. Don’t even joke about that. Fuck.

    And is “The Russians ruined my campaign by showing the world how crooked and incompetent we were. We won’t let that happen again”, really a recipe for success?

    1. You can damn sure bet the DNC is gonna find out for themselves.

      1. Because, woman.
        That’s it. That is the reason that a known criminal, possible murderer, absolutely corruptible, Marxist leaning(the already corrupted Marxist), ugly ass old piece of shit should be president.

        That is the breadth of thought processes to be summoned by the leftist American sheep.

      2. It’s not like they have any other candidates anyway.

        1. Yeah, it’s pretty much her or an old communist fruit cake. Or a slightly younger communist fruit cake (Warren).

        2. Make sure not phrase that idea as, “after this past election it seems like the political parties don’t have any studs left on the bench.”

          Got into a row with a lesbian lefty zealot when I dropped that bomb, as you all know, “studs” is othering for women.

          1. Othering implies that you give a fck.

    2. Well, that seemed to work for the Dem base since the election. A nice conspiracy theory to distract from the incomprehensible catastrophe of Trump’s victory.

    3. At least we’ll have the satisfaction of watching her lose both the popular and electoral count this time.

      1. Right you are, Rhywun. I predict that Trump will win by a greater margin next time, should he have the good fortune of running agains Hillary Clinton. Could the dems REALLY be that desperate? Yes! Can the dems REALLY be that stupid? Hell yes!

        I can tell you for damned sure, I won’t waste my vote on that idiot Gary Johnson a second time. I hope he’s working on some more lines about how “wonderful” Hillary Clinton is. I’ve got it; let’s have an exact rematch. Everyone except Trump will be very, very embarrassed.

    4. Clinton 33 1/3 The Final Insult – Crookeder and Incompetenter is what we do best!

      It is (or would be) beyond parody.

    5. She is truly the IPA of people.

    6. And she looked like she was hanging on by a thread during half the campaign. Is her health sudden,y going to be so much better when she’s four years older?

      Here’s hoping she has an aneurysms that leaves her a drooling vegetable, trapped in her own body.

      1. I think she is already more than halfway there.

    7. No longer incompetent. Just crooked.

  6. Clinton (on election night): “It was them damn dirty Rooskies! They stole this from me!”
    Advisors: “Um, sure Madame Secretary. That’s what happened. We’ll make some calls to the press.”
    [Close-up shot of pages peeling away from daily calendar]
    Advisors (to each other): “Holy shit… it’s working.”

    1. I cannot believe the “losers limp” of election excuses actually worked for their base.

  7. Is the stage being set for a tragedy or a comedy?

    But I suppose the other potential Democratic candidates are just as much of a joke as Hillary Clinton.

    1. “Is the stage being set for a tragedy or a comedy?”

      Either way, there’s a Shakespeare play at the ready. Out, out, damn spot!

  8. And what’s to stop “the Russians” from interfering with the 2020 election, too?


      1. Winner.

    2. “And what’s to stop “the Russians” from interfering with the 2020 election, too?”

      Answer: Absolutely nothing. And this time, they’ll be better at it. Hillary is still too stupid and arrogant to use a secure computer.

  9. I proudly and happily voted for Trump and AGAINST the woman that is worse than Hel herself (at least Hel has 1/2 of a pretty face.)

    In 2020, there are very few people I wouldn’t vote for just to vote against her again.

    Palpatine/Skywalker 2020

    “For a safe and secure society!”

    1. Palpatine/Skywalker 2020

      “For a safe and secure society!”

      still better than ANY 16′ tickect

      Cuban/Warren 2020!

      i weep for freedom.

    2. In 2020, there are very few people I wouldn’t vote for just to vote against her again.

      Not to mention that The Empire vs. Necromonger Legion is no contest even if Lord Vader vs. Lord Marshall were more of a toss up.

    3. This is should be Clinton’s catch phrase for 2020:

      “Vote Clinton – When you’re tired of voting for the lesser of two evils.”

  10. What was that definition of insanity again?

    1. Leaking sensitive materials on Hillary and hoping you stay safe?

      1. +1 small plane falling out of the sky

  11. I can imagine a worse scenario:

    President Hillary, Vice President Chelsea.

    1. I can’t see her getting very far, she seems to have the IQ of a paperweight

      1. she seems to have the IQ of a paperweight

        Which one, Hillary or Chelsea? Or does it even matter?

        1. Door #3

          1. Good to know anal is openly on the table.

            Though with the name ‘Clinton’ in the mix it’s still going to the be voters being violated.

  12. I don’t know. I mean, even if we accept “Russian meddling” as some sort of explanation without which some electoral votes “could have” ticked Hillary’s way and just barely lugged her over the finish line against one of the biggest jokes of a candidate to run in recent memory, considering all the stars that would have to align for Hilary to run a third time and not fuck it up as badly as she did the first two (once against someone she supposedly couldn’t lose against), if I were the DNC, I certainly wouldn’t take that bet.

    But losing is the new winning, so who knows.

    1. She’s gonna try to up her game and scream even more profanities at her staff and insult potential buyers even more!

    2. The mantle of victimhood wears best if you don’t win.

    3. losing is the new winning

      Well, if you win then you have to actually try to govern. If you lose, then you get loads of sympathy from your base without the risk of disappointing anyone by, you know, actually having to be President. Especially if you can play the victim card and blame your loss on “outside Russian interference” or some such horse shit.

    4. The Democrat hacking of the Electoral College was worse than the Russians’:

      Faith Spotted Eagle and Bernie Sanders each got one vote. Colin Powell got 3.
      Kasich and Ron Paul even picked up votes.

    5. I know this is a day late and a buck short, but:

      all the stars that would have to align for Hilary to run a third time and not fuck it up as badly as she did the first two

      RE: Nixon.

  13. I’m torn between wanting her to go away forever and the hilarious prospect of the Dems never learning from their mistakes and trotting her horrible, paranoid ass out election after election even after she is just a pile of dust on a wheelchair.

    1. Do not under estimate the power of Animatronics.

    2. Don’t worry. Even if she goes away forever I still see no signs the Dems are capable of learning anything.

      I thought she was already going to be the first ‘Zombie American’ President thanks to the popularity of the Walking Dead.

  14. Will no one rid me America of this meddlesome priest shrill harpy?

  15. Mueller Probe Could Set the Stage For Hillary’s 2020 Return

    Thanks for the nightmare fuel. I swear she’s like the Micheal Myers of politics. Just when you think she’s finally dead… SURPRISE! Here she comes again clawing the shit out of some awkward teenagers who made the mistake of having sex in a horror movie.

  16. She won’t be able to physically, unless she starts drinking fetus juice or something to rejuvenate.

    1. I think I read this story somewhere.

    2. She looks like a little pear shaped caricature of Chairman Mao.

  17. Democrats still hiding their heads on the sand? At this point the only way Trump could possibly win in 2020 is if Hillary decided to run again.

    No need to resort to conspiracy theories when good old fashioned incompetence provides the answer. The Democrats went for the popular vote even though the Electoral college decides elections. Not the first time they made this mistake. In addition the Clinton campaign treated the voters with disdain, spent way too much time wooing the dark blue states, assumed everyone would vote for her because we had a vagina, kept flipping between accents at every truck stop thinking that people wouldn’t notice, could never figure out if she wanted to be her husband, or Bernie, or a generic SJW trope. Acting blindsided by the October Surprise which occurs every fourth October like clockwork. Etc.

    1. At this point the only way Trump could possibly win in 2020 is if Hillary decided to run again.

      I don’t entirely think so. I think Trump and the whole slewing of racism/(illegal) immigration/anti-trans/anti-gay rhetoric, not to mention the all the Russophobia, has shown us and/or any potential Trump handler that there are more deplorable deplorables than Trump himself.

      Not to mention (not that I want him to win); “Say Trump can’t win again, I dare you, I double-dare you motherfucker!”

  18. Here’s an alternative perspective = Everything in this article is wrong, from the very first sentence onward.

    Christ, its wrong from the very first *clauses*.

    We have zero visibility into Mueller’s “investigation”. Based on what little we’ve seen from the outside of it, there’s reason to suspect it will have no credibility by the time its over. The bulk of the evidence of Russian “hacking” (read: phishing, snooping, neither of which were really hacking) that was shared so far doesn’t really show what the media has pretended it did. Which makes Mueller just as much of a threat to Dem narratives as it does Trump’s “legitimacy”.

    Even if they show more details, the idea that ‘hacking’ changed the election by even a single vote is absurd. You might as well try and quantify the voter-impact of the word “deplorables”. It an exercise in magical thinking.

    And all of that put together is still completely irrelevant, because Hillary Clinton is never running for any public office ever again. The “party” which pushed her to the top of the heap no longer exists. All her legacy networks, her DNC power base? is retired/shattered/shoved aside. She’s got nothing, nobody.

    Even if you accept some of these “what if’s” as a basis for speculative scenarios, it doesn’t really even work as sci-fi.

    1. Even if you accept some of these “what if’s” as a basis for speculative scenarios, it doesn’t really even work as sci-fi.

      What if Hillary is replaced by a talking animatronic? Oh wait, nevermind. I’m pretty sure that’s already happened.

      1. If it has happened, they got ripped off on the animatronics. The Shrillary we see is, if anything, stiffer and less lifelike than the ‘international children’ in Disney’s godsawful ‘it’s a shrill world after all’ ride.

    2. Christ, its wrong from the very first *clauses*.

      Yeah, didn’t even read it. The title alone advertises it a bit as ‘The Libertarian case for Hillary Clinton (again)’.

      1. The title alone advertises it a bit as ‘The Libertarian case for Hillary Clinton (again)’.

        No, it isn’t. Not even close. It’s nightmare fuel for a possible scenario where Hillary might once again foist her incompetent candidacy on a nation that’s suffered enough. But I don’t see anything here that implies the author thinks that would be a good thing.

        1. I don’t see anything here that implies the author thinks that would be a good thing.

          neither do i.

          to be fair, i don’t think Ira is ‘wrong’ here because he wants Hillary to remain viable, or because he’s got any particularly virulent case of TDS or whatever.

          I just think he’s overdosing (like many political journos lately) on ginned-up-political-drama. the odds are that the special prosecutor will produce nothing at all remotely close to an actual charge…. and if he produces some ‘report’ that is unfavorable to the current admin, etc…. its credibility will likely be shredded before it ever even reaches the public.

          Hillary, meanwhile, will continue to do the pity-party tour and continue to try and whitewash her epic failure (and milk some speaking fees while she’s at it)… but as for actually *running* for anything? forget it. i doubt anyone even answers her calls anymore.

      2. ‘The Lobotomized and Stoned Libertarian case for Hillary Clinton’.

        Fixed. Your welcome 🙂

  19. Hillary might be younger than Trump in actual years but I think mentally and physically , politics aside, I think she is going down hill

    1. Exactly. The commentariat is getting hysterical over a minute chance that HRC will have the stamina for a campaign. She’ll be 73. Of course, after her 9/11 episode at ground zero, I’m surprised she looks as healthy as she does.

      1. The last thing left in the quivering carcass will be the mindless drive to become president.

        The stunning thing is that we can’t just dismiss out of hand that the DNC would even consider running her again. I would like to, but I just can’t.

        1. Agreed. But in three years, when she’s humming around in a box like Capt Pike from Star Trek, I doubt the DNC will have the stomach to run her again.

    2. We’ll see if her family’s favor-trading makes her the candidate again, but I suspect the party is going to start pushing identity-politics prospects like Corey Booker, Kamala Harris, and/or Julian Castro. The cadre of white shitlib boomers that have dominated the party for the last 25 years are getting pretty long in the tooth by now and, outside of Elizabeth Warren, probably won’t have the juice for a two-year presidential campaign. As Obama and Trump have shown, mastering the media cycle is a lot more important than whatever understanding of national policy you might have. Plus, the Dems have been getting smoked so badly on the state level there’s not much of a bench of governors to draw from, either.

      1. Yea I think members of both parties are tired of the old boys still running the shop for both sides

        1. Well, no. The few people who are still members of either party are okay with whatever goes on. It’s the swelling tide of independents who are getting really disgusted.

      2. Yep. I’m calling it now. Kamala Harris. She’s a woman, she’s brown, and she’s not already tainted. Plus she’s obviously grandstanding in the senate investigation for exposure.

        Good luck you dick-tripping republicans.

      3. Bernie Sanders has a better chance than Clinton or any of those guys.

  20. “She wouldn’t be the first presidential candidate to need multiple chances to win. Reagan lost in 1976 and won in 1980. Nixon lost in 1960 but won in 1968.”

    Neither Nixon nor Reagan lost the presidency twice. And neither lost to a candidate as disliked as Trump was.

    The better comparison is William Jennings Bryan, who lost the presidency three times, yet somehow remained a demigod in the eyes of a sufficient number of Democrats that they kept pushing him despite the lack of any reason to believe he’d even come close to winning.

    1. Reagan wasn’t the Republican nominee in 1976. Gerald Ford never ran again.

    2. Ron Paul will be tanned, rested and ready by 2020.

  21. “If the Devil would take her
    I’d thank him for his pain…”

  22. Kamala Harris will be the Dem’s Chosen One for 2020 in spite of Joe Biden will declaring her, at some point, to be clean and articulate.

    If someone knows how to organize a betting pool on this, I’m in.

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  24. Reason commenters will be pleased about this!

  25. I don’t see it happening. The party won’t let her throw another one away for them, especially since, in their minds, so much more is at stake with Trump being in office (recall that when Hillary effectively got the nod from the DNC they still probably expected Jeb Bush to win the primary).

    If one could get a private opinion from the big Democratic donors and politicians, I expect they’d say she’s had her chance and blew it. Plus, there’s now a crop of younger up-and-comers who think it’s their turn who aren’t liable to just stand aside for her like Biden and Warren did.

  26. It’s still early; printed off the article to read but had to place a post it note of the image first. Nasty.

  27. Late to the party but I think the Bernie Bots [or Warren Warriors] will truly go ballistic if she once again contends for the nomination and the see that the DNC is tilting the playing field. I foresee at least semi violent protests with an aim to shut it down if “their” candidate again gets sidelined. It will however make an entertaining, albeit apprehensive, shit show.

    I suggest anyone who likes what they have or can get now and can foresee not being able to get it under such an administration prep accordingly, now.

  28. Thing is, once the Mueller investigation reveals some contacts and some ham-fisted attempts to quash the investigation, but no coordinated effort between the Trump campaign and Russian agents to “steal” the election by disclosing “weaponized information”, (aka “inconvenient facts”), Hillary’s unhinged rants about 1,000 Russian agents cooperating with the political geniuses behind the Trump campaign on the schedule for releasing the hacked emails are going to make her look more and more like what she is: a sore loser still in denial.

    And the more she sucks the oxygen out of the room by running around talking about how the election was stolen from her and she actually won the popular vote (had you heard?), the less the Democrats can focus on what the party should be post-Clinton and finally Move On.

  29. When she’s 100?

  30. Well, we know Hillary is that stupid. But are the democrats really that stupid? To run, for a second time, one of the worst candidates in American history?

  31. Look on the bright side- at her age, Hillary Clinton might be dead by 2020.

  32. Only if Democrats are incredibly stupid and desperate.

  33. What are these clowns doing at the Justice Department & FBI besides engaging in illegal unmasking, illegal leaking, lying, cheating, and wasting taxpayer dollars? Name one important truth that they have uncovered. They are more interested in covering up: the DNC refused DHS help in cybersecurity, and refused FBI help after their system was hacked. Does this sound like people on a truth mission? The only important investigations going on now are of Comey, McCabe, Lynch, Rice and many other slimy members of the swamp.

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