'Deplorable' NYPD Officer Will Spend Decades In Prison for Soliciting Pics of Mothers Abusing Their Children

Alberto Randazzo's shameless defense: He developed an addiction to child porn after the death of his former police partner.


Alberto Randazzo/NYPD

A former sergeant with the New York City Police Department (NYPD) has been sentenced to 28 years in federal prison for sexually exploiting children. Alberto Randazzo, 40, was sentenced last Wednesday, after pleading guilty in 2016 to two counts of conspiracy to sexually exploit a child and one count of receiving child pornography.

According to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which conducted the investigation in conjunction with Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and the NYPD, Randazzo sought out mothers on websites such as Match.com and Ashley Madison and convinced them to send him sexually explicit and abusive images of their children. Randazzo "targeted certain women, persuaded them to sexually abuse their children and had them send him pictures and videos of the acts," said HSI Special Agent-in-Charge Angel M. Melendez. "His behavior is no less than deplorable."

Three of the women involved have also been arrested on federal charges. One plead not guilty and is awaiting trial; the other two plead guilty, with one awaiting sentencing and one recently sentenced to five years in prison. Randazzo received a 28-year sentence, plus eight years of supervised release afterward and a sex-offender registration requirement.

At the time of his initial arrest, in 2013, Randazzo had been with the NYPD for 15 years. He was first investigated by the NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau and charged in Queens Criminal Court. But while out on bail, Randazzo continued downloading underage porn online, attracting the attention of federal investigators. HSI's subsequent investigation revealed that he had not only requested pornographic images of children—actual children, not teenagers—but also flew to meet mothers of young children to abuse the kids in person.

"He showed no qualms about drugging a child so that he could watch the child be molested," wrote U.S. Attorney Bridget M. Rohde in a letter to the judge responsible for Randazzo's sentencing.

I'll spare you any more details about Randazzo's actions, which made me literally queasy to read about (and I'm not one to say that lightly). But I do want to note Randazzo's shameless defense: that he developed an addiction to child pornography following the death of his former police partner. The former NYPD sergeant also argued that evidence against him should have been inadmissible because it was "illegally accessed" by his then-girlfriend, who had looked at his iPhone without his permission, hence seeing some disturbing texts and reporting them to NYPD Internal Affairs.

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  1. So the woman who abused her own child goes away for five years, and the guy who typed words into his computer gets 28 years in prison plus 8 years of probation plus a lifetime on the sex offender registry?

    Seems legit.

    1. HSI’s subsequent investigation revealed that he had not only requested pornographic images of children?actual children, not teenagers?but also flew to meet mothers of young children to abuse the kids in person.

      He was an active participant. Hence the conspiracy charges. The typing words into his computer is just what got HSI’s attention.

      1. Ah, I must have glossed over that part.

        1. Internal Affairs Bureau (IAB) of the NYPD obtained a search warrant for Randazzo’s apartment and found numerous images and videos of child pornography, including a number of videos of child pornography that were created by Randazzo himself.

          Randazzo’s victims ranged in age from a few months to eight years old, and he traveled out of state to watch two of them be molested in person. Randazzo arranged to have the 8-year-old victim drugged so that he would not remember the abuse.

          Get it together, Hugh.

          1. Forgive me Crusty. I shall follow your example and install the browser extension that automatically highlights every occurrence of the word ‘pornography’, that should prevent any future oversights.

          2. The longer I stay on this page the more my eyes gloss over red.

            One cut with my katana — world keeps spinning.

            Sure some would advocate torture, like being butt raped to death in prison, but I believe torture is the only thing that degrades justice to their level. Death on the other hand? Well, everyone dies, presidents to paupers.

            1. That’s my thinking. Intentional infliction of suffering says you still care something about the person.

              Instead those who have crossed beyond the pale warrant a quick and efficient expiration because they are deserving of nothing else.

              1. Feet first into a woodchipper isn’t too slow, is it? Make the women who abused their own kids for the pleasure of this sick piece of shit watch. Then they’re next.

      2. While I’m not saying that *his* sentence was disproportionate – I’d have to wonder why he got 28 while the mother, in one of those, you know, ‘special positions’ that in other areas (like student-teacher relationships) abuses her own child at this guy’s behest and walks away with a mere 5 years.

        She’s just as active a participant in that incident as he was and, frankly, her actions are for more reprehensible. Any fucker can want you to do something horrible for him – actually doing it is worse.

        1. Predator vs. prey.

          I’m assuming the court has some basis to believe that these women would not have committed these acts absent his presence – no prior history, maybe something in their situation making them vulnerable to suggestion, etc…

          1. WTF could he say to an otherwise normal mother that would convince her to do that?

          2. My completely uninformed guess is that as a police officer he had charges he could hold over them to put pressure on them.
            That in no way reduces their culpability in my book (unless perhaps he threatened their or their children’s lives), but it could explain a bit.

  2. A woodchipper’s too good for some folks.

    1. Some people certainly make me wish there was a Hell.

  3. But while out on bail, Randazzo continued downloading underage porn online, attracting the attention of federal investigators.

    Not only is he “no less than deplorable”, but he’s also dumb as a rock. If only all evil people were this stupid…

    1. NYPD seems to attract a special combination of evil and stupid

      1. Reason’s commenting system is so busted even the staff don’t know how to use it!

        1. shhhhh, no one else saw that 😉

          1. It’s amazing what a set of boobs will get you.

            1. Go on…

            2. ??? This place is full of boobs.

              Oh, you meant the matching pair kind.

              Well then.

      2. We won’t say what kind of people squirrels attract.

        1. Looks like staff get an edit/delete button. We plebes will have to settle for looking like we’re web-illiterate.

          1. The technology exists! Just like the car that runs on water, however, it is being kept from us by The Man! Or, in ENB’s case, The Woman!

      3. NYPD seems to attract a special combination of evil and stupid

        No truer words have never been written.

          1. Can’t fool me. That’s the catchphrase the nega-squirrel whispers whenever it eats a post. Consider yourself OUTED.

  4. Oh! Someone should ask PBA president Patrick Lynch about this!

  5. Is ‘abuse’ a stand-in for ‘sex’ here or are we talking actual abuse?

  6. And now I’m thinking this guy would jerk off when he got a mother to let her kid play in the backyard unsupervised or when he convinced a mother to leave her kid in the car while she ran into the store for a minute.

    1. Ew. Feel free not to share your thoughts.

    2. You must be using the CPB definition of abuse, rather than a definition that makes any goddamn sense.

  7. I know cops can’t go to jail but they should make an exception for this ‘man’.

    1. He’ll go to prison. It will just be in a segregated unit.

  8. Ew, pedophiles always have the tiniest, creepiest smiles… this whole mess was unbelievably gross though.

    1. Yep, I was gonna say the pedo-smile should have given it away.

  9. I can’t believe a monster like this became a cop.

    I would have expected him to join the TSA.

  10. I guess NYPD police officers Union claimed ‘Officer just had a bad day and this does not reflect his true self’ ?

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