Zara Pulls Not-Pepe Dress After People Complain That All Frogs Are Now Hate Symbols

Good job, internet liberals, you got huge clothing conglomerate to stop selling one of its few works benefiting indie creators!


the offending dress, via Zara

I've found it—the stupidest "social justice" controversy of the week. That's a high bar, of course, but I believe this saga of retail #resistance clears it. Ready?

Keyboard warriors have convinced international clothing company Zara to pull a limited-edition denim dress designed by Spanish pop artist Mario de Santiago, who goes by the name Yime. His sin? The dress featured two frogs.

According to the London-based artist—whose work is full of whimsical, cartoonish animals and figures—the idea for the frog dress "came from a wall painting I drew with friends four years ago." It was part of a collection of "Oil on Denim" design collaborations between Zara and independent artists, featuring images including four-eyed Japanese women, dying birds, smiley faces, panthers, skulls…and the ill-fated amphibians.

It seems that to folks on social media, the pair looked a little too much like Pepe, the innocent cartoon turned all-purpose meme turned alt-right mascot. During the 2016 election, Pepe earned the ire of no less than Hillary Clinton herself, as well as denunciation as a hate-group symbol by the quacks at the Southern Poverty Law Center.

It would be weird for a moderately high-end fashion brand to carry Pepe-themed womenswear, sure, but not necessarily an endorsement of anything (perhaps the designer's intention is to skewer the alt-right, reclaim Pepe, or simply use relevant pop-cultural images in their work). There are all sorts of ways once can read the appearance of Pepe in a decidedly non-Trump or non-alt-right-related context, and to those other than professional grievancemongers this should be apparent.

In any event, those who find the shirt distasteful are free to ignore it, thereby not heaping more attention on the offensive artist/company nor clogging up people's limited outrage capacity with things that make no goddamn material difference in the world.

The frogs on the Yime/Zara dress aren't even intended to portray Pepe, however. They don't look much like the alt-right icon in the first place, aside from general frogginess, and the artist has explicitly stated that "there is absolutely no link to the suggested theme."

Nevertheless, the social-media outrage persisted—prompting Zara to pull the skirt. While the rest of the Oil on Denim collection remains intact on the Zara website, the denim dress featuring frogs is nowhere to be found. Good job, internet liberals, you got huge clothing conglomerate to stop selling one of its few works benefiting indie creators! But at least you all got some Twitter faves, right?

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  1. Actually, they DO kinda look like Pepe.


    1. If you google pepe and go to images it's well worth 2 min of your time. Shit cracks me up.

      Also if you google pepe this article pops up at the top of the google news feed.

      1. The worst part of the whole pepe thing is if you go and look at all those images, each one is so clearly meant to be humorous, some are just racy and meh.

  2. So I hereby declare the rainbow flag, if used to express homosexual advocacy, to be a hate symbol directed at all Christians, Jews, and Muslims. (note: sequence generated randomly, no implication of priority exists or is intended. The point is that all of those religions consider homosexual acts a sin).
    Therefore it can no longer be shown, manufactured, carried, or discussed.
    (and while I am at it, I also want a pony)

    1. Well, I suppose it's no less absurd than the definition of "hate" pushed by the "hate speech" brigade.

      1. Fuck off, slaver!

        (Your name starts with the same racist letter of the clothing company and the country code for South Africa.)

    2. The rainbow was the symbol of Tiwantinsuyu, the great empire of the Inca. For any non-Incas to use it is cultural appropriation, man.

    3. Your desire to enslave and oppress a diminutive equine is not okay; bottom of the grievance dogpile for you!

    4. Actually, if the colors in the rainbow flag are not in the proper order, then it becomes an anti-LGBTQ hate symbol.

      We really need to be check that the rainbow flags everyone is using are actual rainbow flags and now subtle hate messages. Get to it peeps!

      1. Not to mention an anti-ROYGBIV hate symbol.

        1. ROYGBIV can be rearranged to spell GOY VIBR, which is a yiddish slur I'm sure.

        2. I'll be dead in the cold, cold ground before I recognize indigo as part of any rainbow... no, seriously, I have a common vision defect that prevents me from distinguishing subtle shades of color... they're called testicles.


          1. Cluestick: Indigo is that shade of blue that is less gay than the other shade of blue.

            1. 98% of straight men can't see the color indigo do you know what color they see?

              /999,997 to go

          2. Rainbows with Purple in them are triggering, since Purple is not actually a color.

      2. What about a frog that's all the colors of the rainbow, in the correct order?

    5. What if it's Pepe the Pony?

  3. On the other hand, maybe putting those poor frogs on that miserable, worn out, ragged piece of denim is a political comment on how the designer feels about the alt-right?

  4. Pepe The Frog (now a designated hate symbol by the ADL)

    Well, if the ADL has designated it thus...

  5. Pepe was a universal meme shared across the internet for years. Then Hillary decided to label it the new swastika and only associate it with the alt-right, so the alt-right just ran with it to piss them off.

  6. I have no idea what any of this is about.

    1. The takeaway is that Roberto Soave gets his title ideas from @glamourmag's Twitter feed.

      1. Which, let's face it, is not really news to anyone.

  7. Christ, what assholes.

  8. I've found it?the stupidest "social justice" controversy of the week.

    The week's not over yet.

    1. yeah if you watch Sargon's 'this week in stupid', you know there is no such thing as peak derp for the sjw crowd

      1. Duuuuuude! I just caught on to that niche of youtube. Been enjoying RavorFist.

  9. This reminds me of the incident where the Cubs fired the DJ who, after Aroldis Chapman had a good inning on the mound, played The Prodigy's "Smack My Bitch Up" because the Twattersphere went ape. (Well, ape is the default setting, so after focusing ape at the Cubs.) The song is one of the few options with the word "pitch" actually in its lyrics.

    Of course, who cares if that Cubs DJ was a young transgender Latina single parent who eventually was deported along with her son for not fulfilling her visa's work requirement. All that matters is the outrage machine had been fueled for another few hours.

    1. went ape

      Dude, too soon. Not Okay.

      1. Gorillas are just nature's frogs.

        1. Fist Out for Harambe!

          1. Careful now, you are going to get Reason listed as a hate group by the SPLC.

    2. Deporting DJs is neither immoral nor violates NAP as far as I'm concerned.

    3. Lil more to it than that:

      "Chapman served a 30-game suspension with the Yankees this year after an alleged domestic-violence incident in which Chapman was accused of choking his girlfriend and firing eight bullets in his garage."

  10. It's gotta be miserable being a Social Justice Warrior, and all the SJWs I know are bitter, depressed, miserable people. Must be exhausting to always have some fake outrage of the day to always be outraged over, emoting like no tomorrow. Constantly virtue signalling (like some here at Reason) and projecting their own insecurities on others. Must be a shitty way to live.

    1. I don't think they are miserable. This is like rage addicts. This is there rush. Not much, since they are pounding on smart phone buttons and not emptying their lungs in rage. Maybe they jack off re-reading their rages of yesterdays?

      1. "their rush"
        fuck I'm illiterate. I should be hounded from polite society ... and the internet.

      2. Maybe they jack off re-reading their rages of yesterdays?

        It wouldn't surprise if they did. It would fit right in with their smug, over-inflated self regard.

        "Oh yeah, I told that alt-right wingnut off yesterday, didn't I! I am so fucking WOKE! SO. FUCKING. WOKE!!!1!!!!!! *sploosh*"

        1. I've literally seen that from my SJW roommate. "Oh look at this stupid X person online and how WRONG they are!"

          You really must have low self esteem or be really insecure to constantly be doing that shit. You really have nothing better to do with your life...

          1. You watch your roommate jack off, esteve?

            1. lol, yeah I guess it's a form of mentally jacking off. That'll give me a good excuse to leave now when he pulls that shit

              "Can you believe what happened on twitter today! I totally slammed a few people saying that non-white people can be racist too, because truly educated people know only white people can be racist since racism is POWER and PRIVILEGE"

              "sorry, you can go jack off in your room on your own time"

              1. only white people can be racist since racism is POWER and PRIVILEGE

                That's another good one. In addition to the fact that they are unilaterally redefining a word, it seems kind of racist to assume that only white people are in positions of power and privilege.

              2. "racism is POWER and PRIVILEGE"
                So you're saying Barack H Obama, the Chocolate Jesus to the Peeple, was racist?

                1. Oh shit, did I just break the comment section with a missing end tag? Here, let me try to correct it:


                  1. "Don't you know that only white people can be racist? You see it-"

                    "Whoa, whoa, whoa, dude, really? I don't want to watch you jack off!"

      3. Some are making themselves miserable after going all in on the Trump is Hitler thing. But I think you are right in general. SJW types do it because it makes them feel good about themselves for being all righteous and shit.

        1. They are the new religious right / moral majority / etc, just now it's coming from the left.

          1. Scoop'd!

    2. Lacking self-awareness, otoh, seems to be just fine.

        1. I'm better than both of you with your insipid virtue signaling.

          1. I'm not as good as any of you, but I'm humbler than all of you.

  11. Zara is trying to make its God Emperor line great again.

  12. Am I the only one who never heard of Pepe the Frog?

    1. He did get our president elected.

      1. You mean he's the one Hillary was getting all those e-mails from?

    2. I'd never heard of it either until last year when all the super duper woke people retarded SJW idiots started claiming it was right up there with the Swastika and the Confederate battle flag in terms of "hate symbols." Apparently it had been a generic internet meme before that, but I'd never seen it.

      1. what isn't a "hate" symbol to those people? They've used the hate / nazi / racist / etc smear so often it's lost all meaning. Even a milk container is a 'hate' symbol to them

        1. "Hate" now seems to include anything from racially motivated murder to being kind of an asshole and even to simple making word choices that some people don't like. And the way people use it, you'd think half the world is motivated primarily by hate.

          It seems to me that very few people, even among actual racists and white supremacists, are motivated by hate. They may be motivated by backward, stupid, collectivist ideas. But hate is a whole other thing if you ask me.

          1. really the only people I see motivated by hate are the SJWs. They are like a religious cult. They absolutely hate anyone they disagree with and are obsessed with Republicans, Libertarians, the "Alt-Right"...

            Oh and nothing is worse than the non-white, non-male that isn't a progressive, since you are a race of gender traitor. They absolutely hate those people.

            So yeah, when my proggy friends talk about all the hate, etc, they are just projecting. That's all they do.

            1. There's nothing worse than projecting your hate onto a group of faceless others.

        2. Glamour says it's a POWERFUL hate symbol. ( Like one you'd use to put a voodoo curse on your enemy)

          1. I'm wondering how many watts of power it can generate.

        3. Apparently Che T-shirts aren't a hate symbol at all.

    3. No. And I wish it had stayed that way.

  13. Yes, we need to get a good look at it. Closer. Ah, and more of them. Perfect. Where was I, oh yes. I'm outraged by this outrage. How dare they!

    1. You're pretty obnoxious when you're high, M-Hole.

      1. I'd say he needs to get his rocks off, but I know he's nailing his hot wife once or twice every day, so it can't be that.

        1. Psh. I nail my hot wife and her hotter sister like, eight times a day.

        2. His wife wouldn't happen to be Morgan Fairchild would it?

          1. 1980s Morgan Fairchild. You won't believe what she looks like today!!!

  14. So all frogs are hate symbols? I mean, I get those croissant-nibbling wine sippers, but cartoon frogs too?

    1. University of Maryland hardest hit.

  15. Really though, all companies could avoid any future scandals like this one by just not putting stupid decorations on their clothes... there's nothing worse than seeing a cute jacket and pulling it out only to discover the back has "SASSY AND CLASSY" or "I LOVE TACOS" in big cursive letters. Just sell normal, functional clothes!

    1. Just sell normal, functional clothes!

      Exactly. I can do my own bedazzling, thank you very much.

    2. Go back to the Soviet Union!

    3. You said it. I can't wait until the only thing it's legal to wear is a unisex gray jumpsuit. Clothes shopping will be sooo easy then!

      1. Haha, you're right, I realized as soon as I submitted it that someone was probably going to come at it like that. They can design and sell whatever they want, I just personally find it annoying and probably bad business, since I can't imagine there was really that much of a market clamoring for jean skirts featuring poorly drawn frog faces.

        1. Whatever, i have three of them. For when i'm feeling pretty.

  16. I must be really out of touch with popular culture because I have never heard of frogs being alt-right symbols.
    Or maybe I'm just blessed that I don't actually have to interact with any alt-right people in real life.

    1. No, just in your online life... amirite?

      1. Yes, one is forced to wonder if they are bots or paid russian trolls.

    2. You would never know about Pepe unless your hobby was hanging out at 4Chan to find offensive posts.

  17. Zara is selling a skirt featuring a powerful hate symbol?and it's not OK

    Glamour, biting Robby's chops

  18. I keep expecting the Progressive Left to come to their senses, realize that being raving kooks is a great way to lose friends and alienate people, and get focused on building a viable campaign to deny Trump a second term in 2020. I mean, it's only spring of 2017. They've got time, yet. Some time, anyway.

    And they keep doubling down on dada tantrums.

    WTF, people! Keep this up and not only will Trump win in a landslide in 202, but so will his VP in 2024.

    Jesus Flaming Christ on an jet powered pogo stick!

    1. WTF, people! Keep this up and not only will Trump win in a landslide in 202, but so will his VP in 2024.

      I don't think anyone cares that much.

    2. Dada Tantrums was my nickname for most of my 20s.

    3. And they keep doubling down on dada tantrums.

      Maybe you've missed all the news about Ossoff? He didn't actually win anything but he did outperform polling and, somehow, that's a good sign.

      It's funny how the party that was split and near dead is suddenly so dominant that their opposition is practically reduced to lauding schoolboard elections that fall in their favor.

      1. It's cute how the progs think that Ossoff accomplished something, when Ossoff lost that district by 1.9 percent and Hillary Clinton lost it by 1.5 percent.

    4. The progressive left is far more interested in being offended than they are in winning elections. Trump is the best thing that ever happened to them.

  19. I'm still confused. Do alt-right groups actually use frog symbols, or was that idea just a prank pulled by someone trolling a journalist (as the Wikipedia article suggests)?

    I hope it's the latter, because that would be hilarious.

    1. Answer up at 12:14.

      1. But the reason Hillary picked it up was due to an article in The Daily Beast. And the sources for that article were trolls, apparently. It's not clear to me that it ever really was used (then or now) by alt-right types, other than for trolling.

      2. Yes, Simple Mikey, Hillary Clinton Herself was hanging out on 4chan and just decided to tell everyone that a cartoon frog was the new burning cross. Of all the possible Racist Pepe origin stories, none of which have anything good to say about human intellect, of course you'd favor the dumbest one.

    2. So, Pepe was originally from a comic called Boy's Club, which was a small indie comic. There is a one page comic where Pepe is peeing standing up, with his pants and underwear pulled down to the floor. His roommate walks in on him. The last two panels is his other roommate saying So I heard you pee with your pants off. The last panel is the famous "Feels Good, Man" image.

      This floated around for a few years (The comic is almost a decade old at this point) and people changed edited to Feels Bad, Man. Then people did edits for more situations. Then people were using it everywhere one 4Chan, across every board and topic.

      One of those boards is called /pol/. Which is a completely anonymous board filled with teenage boys talking politics. As you can imagine, the discourse is pretty low. They made political related edits, with the frog smiling smugly dressed as Hitler gassing jews and such. One that got popular was an edit of him with Trump hair. (The fake Trump slogan for the board was, "Vote for me and I'll make anime real.") /pol/ is a relatively large gathering for whatever it is alt-right people are. Pepe gets labeled a hate symbol. /pol/ goes into overdrive from the attention and unanimously adopts him as a mascot. He was popular before, but the united front seemed to come after the media started talking shit about it.

      tldr: Popular running joke across the internet gets racist edits on the internet. Gets labeled a hate symbol.

      1. ^best description, tbh the pepe meme still cracks me up when used properly.

  20. Call me a cynic, but I wonder whether this allegedly spontaneous outburst of self-righteous outrage was actually an Astroturf operation by Zara's competitors.

  21. My god, nothing short of commands in those tweets.

    These people would not hesitate to execute any person they find undesirable.

    1. Glamour magazine yet. Where do they get off commenting on anything but clothes? Young women who are too stupid to even watch cable news get a dose of sanctimonious social commentary from their fashion magazine.

  22. How many times have we mentioned Zara in the comments. Hooray for marketing!

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